AoA: Unwelcomed Confession

October 06, 2017:

AoA Quicksilver brings Rogue and Lorna to his father's house so they can see his brother Charles, who is related to both. Then he explains about AoA Lorna. It does NOT go well. (Emits by Nate Grey)

AoA Mutant Town


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The morning brought cold rain to New York, and the city, already half empty due to the evacuation, was almost deserted. There is a shroud of fatalistic gloom over the New York. War came again after desperately hoping for five years it was over.

'At least it is not radioactive anymore, Thor's blessing', commented one of the soldiers at the mess hall of the Triskelion, drawing some chuckles. Italian accent. He must be one of the Human High Council soldiers that became a refugee when 'Eurasia' was annihilated by Apocalypse counter-attack.

Apparently some people worship Ororo -and- Thor in New York. It is weird.

Halfway through the breakfast, however, Lorna got a note from Quicksilver. He wants to talk with her and with Rogue. But when the young women got to the garage where Pietro asked them to go they are ushered into an old electric car by an old scaled-skinned mutant. "Yes. I will drive you to him," is all he said.

He drives them to the West Side, to Mutant Town.

Lorna had been keeping more or less to herself. She'd enjoyed the hospitality, meager as it was, by swiping booze when she'd had a chance and chatting with Jean and Logan from time to time. But otherwise? Lorna didn't particularly venture beyond the areas on the Triskelion that were clearly marked. Not that locked doors meant much to her. But she figured Magneto, or this world's Magneto, wouldn't approve of her trashing the place.

So she sat tight.

The message from Quicksliver had her curious, and she went willingly along to visit. Though as she finally got off the airship and they started driving to Mutant Town, her curiousity grew. Green eyes glanced toward Rogue and she arched a brow upwards. "Soo, did I tell you that supposedly the me from this world and the you from this world apparently have issues?"

Rogue had spent the better part of her time here simply watching over everyone as a whole. She'd stay away from the group, only so far as the perimeters and watch from high places or shadowy spots where she could just keep to herself. But thats not to say she was in a sour mood or wanted to be alone, she just was doing her best to keep them all safe and watch for threats.

Now though, with Lorna, Rogue looked over at her after hearing this. A grin slipped across her lips then at Lorna's words and she just watched the green haired one. "That so?" The southern belle asked. "What happened, did we fight ove'ah the last fudge pop?" Rogue looked forward again then and went to pull her cigarettes out of her brown leather trenchcoat coat with the black X's burned into the shoulders… her favorite jacket!

That is probably Rogue's last cigarette. Tobacco is one of those luxuries lost when most of the world went to hell. Tobacco, not smoking. People will smoke the weirdest things.

Mutant Town in the Age of Apocalypse is actually quite impressive. This area of New York was rebuilt by the mutants for the mutants. Nearly 25,000 live here. Streets are relatively clean, streets are broad, there are a few large buildings and many smaller ones, often with small vegetable gardens attached.

The chauffeur drives them to a large townhouse. There are guards at the gates. Obvious mutants with automatic weapons and army uniforms. They let them pass. Quicksilver is waiting at the door of the building. "Thank you for coming," he says, opening the door and helping Lorna out. "This is my father's place. He lives here with his wife and his youngest son, my brother Charles."

Lorna cracked a grin at Rogue, "I dunno, sounds pretty possible to me. Magneto never said. Just that she has half of this world's Lorna's powers. Which explains so much why I couldn't sense her." She shrugged and continued to chat aimlessly until Mutant Town came into sight. As the buildings came into view her jaw dropped in surprise. It was quite possibly on par with some of the structures in their world. At least, they just looked more… real. More fitting. They weren't the ramshackle buildings that made up Mutant Town in her reality, dotted with crime. It looked so much more impressive.

When the car came to a halt, she whistled, eyebrows shooting upwards as she considered the townhouse with guards out front. "Holy shit." She glanced back at Rogue and blinked when Quicksliver appeared in a flash to help them out.

"Yeah.. it's not like I was too busy or anything." She murmured, glancing around. "Magneto named his son after the Professor?" The 'wait, what, he's married?!' She managed to keep back from speaking out loud, though her expression conveyed the thoughts more or less.

"Huh." Was Rogue's simple answer to Lorna. "Well, Ah promise not t'steal your powe'ahs, sugh." She said back to her friend with a sly grin before placing her last cigarette in her lips and leaving it there unlit until they were to get out of the car.

Rogue let her eyes look around over Mutant town as well, but she didn't really comment on it… she'd gotten over being shocked by this strange alternate universe… but part of her was wondering if this is where her friends had vanished to also, Logan and Nancy… were they here somewhere?

When Lorna got out of the car via-Quicksilvered Car Services, Rogue smirked and let herself out. "Maybe he named the kid afte'ah Charles Barkley? Maybe Mag's is a closet 90s basketball fan." She grinned at her own joke and went to light her cigarette now via the use of a pilfered bic lighter she found in a box back at their base.

Quicksilver flashes a brief smile to Rogue, and shakes his head, "no, it was named for Charles Xavier. Charles was his best friend before Apocalypse, was he your Professor?" He did hear something along the lines when they met last time. "Charles is my brother, he is seven," a pause, "my father married Anna-Marie about twelve years ago, 'our' Rogue, didn't you know?"

Pietro lets Rogue digest that, and opens the door. There is a handsome blonde boy there, who was shamelessly trying to hear what was being said outside, but jumps back quickly and waves, grinning. "Hi. I am Charles Lensherr," he greets, waving, his blue eyes peering at Rogue with intense curiosity.

Lorna flashed Rogue another cheeky grin, "See? I was right. Called it. Yes, Charles Xavier is our Professor." She offered in a sing song voice. Of course, that faltered utterly and ground to a halt when Quicksliver mentioned just who Magneto had married. Her eyes snapped toward Rogue and she blinked repeatedly, nearly tripping over herself and then she released a yelp as she caught herself almost falling over her own feet.

"Holy shit! No way. Well, that explains so much about why there was a—" She broke off at the sight of the cute little blonde boy standing there shamelessly at the door.

Lorna couldn't help herself. She gaped. Her jaw dropped and then her gaze swung back to Rogue, to the boy and back again. Finally she clapped a hand over lips to keep from swearing outloud again. She didn't want to be the one caught swearing before an impressionable seven year old.

"Why does everyone have alternative reality kids but me? Do I never have offspring in any dimension?" She finally muttered under her breath, as she caught herself staring and coughed lightly into her hand.

Rogue's eyes were just scanning around the exterior of this place when she heard this news bomb that she and Mags ahd wedded-up. This, of course, drew her green eyes back over to Quicksilver's face and she just stared at him with lit cigarette between her lips… It took several seconds for her to process it, but when she did she just let her eyelids close and her head slowly shake.

"I really hate my choice in men…" She muttered around her cigarette. "Legit, I gotta stop myself fro—"

When the door opene dand the kid was on the other side of it she just looked over at him… Rogue stared at the boy… She wasn't dumb, she wasn't STUPID… this was 'her' kid. Or at least whatever f'd up version of her existed here that would marry a monster like Magneto.

Rogue just reached her half-gloved left hand up to her mouth, she plucked her cigarette from between her pink lips and spoke to the boy in a flat and serious tone.

"Clean up your room."

Charles gasps, "you sound like my mommy too!" He looks up at Pietro, as if asking him if he should obey or not. Pietro seems highly amused, but controls himself quickly. "That sounds like good advice to me." Charles deflates, withdrawing into the house. Maybe to clean up his room. Probably not.

"Come inside, please," invites Pietro. "You are family, after a fashion. Erik and Anna-Marie won't be here until the late afternoon, but I have a few hours to spare and…" he sighs, "some things I need to explain to Lorna."

Lorna blinked as she looked back to Rogue and broke out into laughter at the other woman's words. "Oh my God. I am so telling the Professor all of this when we get home. I think I could get him to laugh. No, no, I know I can get him to laugh over this. It's too crazy. Did I hit my head on the way over?" She grinned as the boy took off into the house and she arched a brow.

But she stepped inside slowly, glancing around with a faint frown on her face as Pietro sighed and mentioned speaking to her. "Wait, are you on baby-sitting duty? Is that why we're being brought over here? Why do you need to.. what needs to be explained to me here that can't be explained at the Triskelion?" Her brows furrowed as she stopped inside the door, her arms crossed.

Rogue just shook her head at the kid's reaction and then looked over to Lorna with a grin when the green haired one started laughing at the order she'd laid down on the kid. "I don't deal well with stuff like this…" She said softly before putting her eyes back on the boy when Pietro invited them inside.

"Sorry, kid… That was just my gut reaction t'seein' ya. I look like you're mothe'ah cause she'n me are relatives, I guess." Rogue stood outside a little longer while enjoying her last cigarette, but she'd follow them in lastly.

"If its all the same, I'd prefer t'get the hell outta here before the two'a them get home. If Mags is plowin' me in my olde'ah years, I don't wanna see him creepily eyein' my younge'ah and hotte'ah body up'n down."

The southern belle, who'd been through a lot lately with Genosha and now this… was kinda short on restraining her mouth.

Rogue glanced back at the kid then, hoping he hadn't heard any of that.

Charles seems to be gone, but Quicksilver heard and looks a little cross at Rogue's words. "My father is an honorable man," states tersely, not adding anything until they are in a living room. Only then he responds to Lorna's words, "I am not exactly in baby-sitting duty, but I of course do check with Charles a few times a day because I can do it, I am pretty much everywhere all the time. Superspeed," he explains.

As if to show off, he has drinks on the table in the blink of an eye. Being the vice-president means Magneto has a well-supplied minibar. Most of those bottles are not going to be replaceable for centuries, if ever.

He waits for Lorna to sit before speaking more. "This is a better place for a confession, Lorna. I know this is important for you. Erik thinks our Lorna is not his daughter because I falsified the genetic tests."

Lorna hmm'ed and followed along, "So who's taking care of him? You said Magneto and his wife," She wasn't going to say Rogue. The thought still made her grimace, the age difference alone! She coughed, "Weren't going to be around for a while." Then Quicksliver was back and fetching drinks and Lorna reached for it, her brows climbing upwards. She didn't know Quicksliver in her world, not really, so she was out of her depth as she sat down and he waited before launching into the truth of the matters.

When he did the drink dropped from her hand, her grip going slack as she stared. A beat. Then a second. A third. And the house trembled from whatever metallic structures were inside it. She was on her feet instantly. "You did what?" Her voice was quiet. She didn't know this world's Lorna, but there was something there. A kinship to a woman who had been written off as mentally unstable. A version of her that had been screwed over and didn't even know it.

Rogue was in a mood now, not exactly a bad mood, but not exactly a good one either.

She just nodded at Pietro when he seemed offended by her words about Magneto, but she didn't give a shit, whatever, she had her own experiences with Magneto and they made her feel different. Rogue finished her cigarette and flicked it out into the front area, leaving it as refuse for her 'alt reality married to magneto self' to deal with.

Rogue would follow along then and catch up to be near to Lorna, when Quicksilver told her this, she just sighed as the place started to shake. "This is going from bad to way worse…" The southern girl murmered then. Rogue leaned over to Lorna and whispered. "Don't bring the whole place down on us, sugah, we probably don't wanna start anothe'ah war."

Pietro sighs when Lorna makes the house tremble. Yes, of course it has a lot of steel in the walls, all very sensitive to magnetism. It is Magneto’s house. “Calm down, please,” he says, sipping from his drink. “She was nothing like you. Lorna Dane was unhinged, and dangerous,” he starts. “When I met her I was… twenty five, or so. Anna-Marie was a couple years younger and just getting seriously involved with my father. Lorna was her age, too.”

Lorna didn't seem to calm down any, though the trembling didn't seem to shake the whole of the house anymore. No, now it was much, much more focused as she stared at Pietro and he continued to talk. "So that's what the fight was about, between her and Rogue. This world's Rogue wanted to bang her father and she knew it, and Lorna called her out on that shit, right? And let me guess, the more that she claimed she was Magneto's daughter the less the world believed her because of what you did. So whatever 'crazy' this woman was, you were more than happy shoved her off that ledge." She snarled, her hands curling into fists.

Her eyes narrowing into a glae. Her temper spiking hot. "You're an asshole." She spat, inhaling a shuddering breath. Was she taking things a bit too personally? Likely, but she had been written off as 'crazy' before and didn't particularly enjoy the thought of another version of her being given the same moniker.

Rogue listened to all of this and she reached up to put a reassuring gloved hand against Lorna's right shoulder. A second later and she looked over at Pietro. "So… what… Rogueneto didn't like Lorna's attitude and she what? Absorbed the poor girl? Where is she now? In a ditch somewhere? Is that how this place works, ya'll treat it like some kinda organized crime mafia kinda shit?"

Rogue would shake her head left to right. "I'm gettin' like… serious -sick- vibes from all'a this, Lorna-loo. I think we should just get the hell outta here." Rogue would start to pace then, getting a feeling of great discomfort passing through her whole body now. She was eyeballing stuff inside the house and just picturing her and Magneto out at 'Home Depot' doing shopping for household wares, it was making her sick to her stomach.

Quicksilver tenses, and he leaves the glass on the table. "No. We all wanted to believe her, at first. I had lost my sister a few years before and this was… a second chance," he pauses, clenching his jaw. "Lorna was strange, moody. But we missed the signs. My father was also like that often, something about his powers." Beat. "One day Lorna tried to murder Rogue. Just… no reason I could see. She waited for her to be alone and nearly killed her. Jean saved her, but during the fight Rogue touched her and there was some kind of power circuit. Permanent draining, and Lorna was in coma for months afterwards. Rogue was hospitalized for a month too. She still has scars from the shrapnel."

Lorna's glare didn't lessen. In fact it only seemed to deepen as he mentioned her powers having some kind of a tie to her mental state. She'd confessed that fear to Captain Jones. That it had played a part in why she'd run away from being an X-man. "I don't believe you. I don't believe a damned word out of your mouth." She spat, and turned to go, her jaw clenched as tightly as her fists which were white knuckled.

"You disgust me." She snarled and turned away at Rogue's suggestion about leaving. At least the two them could be disgusted together by the whole thing. "We're leaving. And I'm not getting involved in this sick family drama." Her lips twisted as she amde to depart.

Rogue stopped her pacing when she heard Pietro's words, he just sounded like he was placating them… lying to them, telling them soemthing that had been rehearsed, or maybe she was just reading into it that way.

"Yeah…" Rogue agreed with her Lorna. "Polaris isn't gonna just attack folks for no reason, that doesn't add up. Ya'll are eithe'ah hidin' somethin' or you're too dumb t'see the truth for where it is."

Rogue glanced around a bit more and then just shook her head. "Whatever, I've lost interest in this place." She'd make for the front door with Lorna, she wasn't 'upset' as much as Lorna was, but she was definitely headed in that direction.

"You are not like her, she was insane, that is why I am telling you," the white-haired man looks tense, maybe sad. What was he expecting? "I just wanted you two to meet Charles," he adds, looking defeated. "I wasn't there, but Jean show me… there was no mistake. Lorna was psychotic and I didn't want her near us anymore. That is why I told Magneto she was not her daughter. I am telling you, Lorna, because… you seemed upset the other day." And he has a guilty conscience, obviously. Some lies haunt a man forever.

Lorna twisted around, her lips twisting back as she struggled to hold back the white hot streak of anger that bubbled up at the back of her throat. That constricted her breathing and turned her cheeks ruddy. Her powers didn't make the house tremble, but sparks lit up every electrical outlet near her. She wasn't happy and was barely holding onto her temper.

"You're damned right I am upset! I have those same fucking powers Pietro, I am genetically the same as her. I have been written off as crazy by plenty of people. Don't tell me that I'm any more sane than another version of me that you screwed over. The only difference is, in my reality, you aren't my damned brother. So guess what? You got your freaking wish in at least one world! Stay away from me, and the other X-men from my world. I want nothing to do with you." She seethed. Her frame shaking as she exhaled a short gust of breath.

Rogue would stay back and play shadow to Lorna while she and Pietro had their shouting match. She looked around at the light fixtures when they did their explodey thing and then re-focused her gaze onto Pietro while she opened the door for Lorna and her to go back outside.

Rogue gave a firm chin nod at what Polaris said and she'd move to leave the place. But before going, Rogue would lift her right hand up and give Pietro a gloved middle finger. "Tell Rogueneto that her boy's haircuit is stupid too." And with that she'd go outside and slam the door shut hard enough that knob would break off on both sides and clatter to the ground.

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