AoA Over a Drink and Between Worlds

October 05, 2017:

Logan and Lorna chat over drinks on the Triskelion and discuss what's going on in the world.

Above New York in the Triskelion


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Lorna came down the hall from the rather sparsely furnished mess-hall, a tray floating over her shoulder as she walked aimlessly down the hall. She hadn't left the Triskelion since Nate had been nabbed, and Jean had been knocked out. At least the good news was that Jean was at least awake. Even if she did come back from the Astral plane with news about another kid that this world's Jean Grey had had.

A conference room, the one that that she had waited for Magneto in upon arrival was her choice spot away from the usual inhabitants of this world. It was quieter than the mess hall. And was stocked with better, alcoholic drinks. She had hidden away the bottle of Jack Daniels in her otherwise spare room.

This time she went to the cabinet where, with a wave of her hand she could raid whatever booze had been stashed away. It was nice having the same magnetic powers that let her finally steal some booze from her father in a rather round about way.

She nabbed a bottle of Amaretto, and found a metal stool to perch on with her food and drink in tow.


Logan had been gone missing again for a few days. After returning to Triskellion, Logan had decided to see who he could find to inform him of recent events. After searching the place, he eventually enters the conference room. "Hey Lor, any beer?" He says as he sits perching on a nearby metal stool.
Lorna glanced up from tearing a piece of bread off the chunk she'd been given and nibbled at it between sips of her drink. "Mmm, I haven't seen any. Lots of liquor though. I think I've snagged at least two from the collection. I dunno if they're Magneto's specifically or not, but I haven't seen anyone else taking them. So." She shrugged and tapped a finger to the bottle beside her.

"Where you been? Everyone's been so scattered. Jean's awake by the way."


Logan scratches his head, "I've been… uh… around." He pauses for a moment. "Which Jean is this, now? You're Jean? Or this world's Jean?" He has known three different Jeans in his life, and with him not being around a lot and not really paying attention, it's hard to keep track of which Jean is which.

"My Jean, our Jean? The one that's still alive? You know this world's Jean is dead right? You were there at the graveyard back when we first got here." She arched a green eyebrow as she spoke, swirling the contents of her drink around once or twice before she sipped at it again.

"And apparently she was in contact with another horseman. This one is, I guess, this world's Jean's daughter." She paused as she tried to figure out if she'd said it right before nodding.

"Anyways, she's apparently made a shit offer to let Nate go and promised peace if everyone clears out of America."


Logan thinks for a moment. "Right… right." He sighs for a moment. "I've been very distracted lately. I think… I have discovered some things, that I will need to report to directly Magneto as soon as possible." He shakes his head trying to clear the confusion. "So, this horseman, let me guess a red head, right? Any distinctive markings by any chance?"


Lorna shrugged, "I didn't see her, Jean saw her on the Astral plane. She said that she was Jean's kid. And mentioned me existing here in this world. So, that's why I even know about this. Jean came running into my room to tell me about it before taking off to talk to Magneto." She shrugged and heaved a sigh, rubbing the back of her neck.

"I feel so useless sitting. I can't fight to get Nate back, and I'm not use in getting us home." She muttered.


Logan thinks for a moment. "So, Jean didn't give a description? I'll have to speak to her as well. I think I knew a version of her in my world." He pauses again. "Anyway, there's no way we can accept this offer. Especially if it's as bad as you say. Any news regarding what they might be planning? If everyone left, it would make things too easy for them to achieve their goal. Even if this is not our world we cannot let them."


Lorna pursed her lips together, thinking. "Magneto said they'd been quiet for five years. Do you think that our arrival had something to do with them starting up again?" She tilted her head to the side, considering. Her lips pursed into a thin line. She reached for her glass, sipping at it slowly again. Then ripped off another piece of bread to nibble at it.

"But yeah, I agree. Giving them space is a bad idea. But why would they make the offer at all? They can't really expect anyone to take it."


Logan strokes his beard. "Or whatever they are doing, that caused us to appear in this world. If I remember correctly Nate wasn't with us when we arrived. So, it's possible that Nate was their intended target, and we got pulled along for the ride." He pauses, "As for why make an offer it's hard to say. If they were confident in succeeding, then you might think that they were trying to keep us safe. Though, that would be poor judgement. On the other hand, if they think we could stop them, then they're trying to get us out the way. But that doesn't fit the way Apocalypse's followers typically work. A lack of confidence is not something they usually have an issue with." He pauses yet again. "So maybe they don't want us leave. In that case they want to draw us to them. And into a trap."


Lorna sighed, picking up her drink again and swirling the contents around and around. "Maybe. I dunno. Magneto agreed that someone has to have taken up the leadership role there. Otherwise, why come forward unless they had plans. Jean and I surprised them. War remarked on how much stronger I was than this world's Lorna. As it stands, I'm the only one tied to the magnetic fields anymore. Magneto isn't. And I can't sense my other self here."

She exhaled a breath, "And this world's Jean is dead, though apparently she was super strong." A shrug followed and she sipped at her drink once more. Her other hand dragging through green locks.

"I guess, if you know someone isn't going to take an offer.. you'd make it. A bluff or something like you said. A trap. But I have a feeling they didn't plan on all of us ending up here either…"


"So, we both think that it's likely to be a trap. So, we need to make sure that everyone from your world is aware. Though, they might possibly suspect already." He strokes his beard again. "On another note, are we entirely sure we can trust this Magneto? I know that we have been here a while now and everything… but is there any possible change that he might double cross us? I know that he is almost your father, but he is not. And at any rate, at least from my point of view, Magnetos seem to be very happy with taking extreme measures if they can justify their means."

Lorna heaved a sigh, and popped the rest of her bread into her mouth. "Everyone that we can get into contact with? Yeah. I don't even know who made it or who didn't. I'll see if Jean has any idea when I see her next." She picked up her drink again, this time with both hands.

"I don't know. Captain Jones did right by us, got us here and seems like a good person. She respects him. And said he stopped the nukes and saved everyone. You know, besides defeating Apocalypse.. If it was my father. My world's Magneto? There's no way he'd go that far to save anyone, much less work together with humans after. Especially since it took away his connection to the magnetic fields and .. well, his legs. I don't trust him.. but I don't entirely mistrust him either…"


Logan leans back on his stool, "So we're in agreement. The offer is probably a trap, and we cannot completely trust Magneto. Though we certainly cannot let him think that we do have any doubt about him. If he does think that, even for a second, that might push him to take actions against us. However, we might need a plan in case as a cautionary measure."


Lorna shrugged weakly, "I don't have plans with how to deal with my father in my world. And he acknowledges me as his kid there. If he ever wanted to take over the world again? Pretty sure that I can't stop him. My powers aren't there. He could quite literally knock me over and I'd be next to useless. The only good thing is that this Magneto isn't that powerful. Not anymore. But he's better trained than me." She murmured and grimaced. "He also seems to care a good deal with Jean. I saw him when she walked into the room. He went pale and actually teared up. I don't think he was faking that. I've never seen my father show anything close to that." She heaved a sigh, finishing off her drink and setting it down with a click.

"I'll see if I can't get on his good side. Maybe get him to work with me. Depends on how long we're here and if we have any time."


"Hmm, this Magneto is a bit of mystery then. The Magneto in my world, and your world could almost be one in the same, even if at different points along their timeline. This world though, is very different. We need to be careful, regardless." He sighs. "Anyway, for now. I need to go find him and let him know what I have learnt." With that he stands up, "Lorna, be careful." And with that Logan walks out of the room.

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