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September 20, 2017:

Jamie goes to the mansion to recruit, gets Polaris



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Lorna came out of the kitchen, the smells of fresh baked cookies drifting up around her. She had spent another afternoon baking, a tablet in one hand as she watched something on a it for entertainment, and a doctored coke that had had rum added to it, floated around her. The green haired mutant had only returned to the mansion in the last few weeks after years of absence.

She looked like a punk rocker, ripped jeans a chain belt, a ragged band T-shirt, and pair of steel toed boots completed the look. Of course she'd been raiding Rogue's wardrobe, but that was only a minor detail.


Jamie had decided to finally make his return to the X-Mansion. He had been working on setting up the detective agency in mutant town and all that wonderful stuff. Now came the next stage of the plan, trying to recruit people to work with him. Yeah it's been a while since he's been at the mansion as well, so well things have probably changed, and well people may not even know him these days.

He is in his full detective gear as he comes to the place, meaning his full trenchcoat, have to wear that no matter what, it's the rule you know. As he gets closer to the mansion he sees at least one person, and clears his throat. Can't startle the other mutants, "Are those cookies that I smell?"


Lorna glanced up from her tablet, shoving the rest of the remains of a chocolate chip cookie into her mouth as Jamie came around the corner. She grinned, plucking the coke can with added rum out of the air to sip at it. "Yep. You want one? Because I'd suggest hurrying. I was on my way to tell the kids that the cookies were up. We have a standing deal. They stay out of the kitchen and the path of flying utensils and I bake them cookies." She glanced over him again.

"I haven't seen you around before. Return student or new guy?"


There is a smile as he shakes his head, "Nah let the kids have them. I'm not going to be the one that has to deal with mutant kids on a sugar high." Oh that is just going to be a dangerous combination. "An old associate returning actually. Was never actually a student here, though I have known some of those that were." He moves just a little closer to the lady and extends his hand.

"Hi I'm Jamie Madrox. I am here to try and see if I can convince some of the faculty, or adults to help me with a little endeavor in Mutant Town."


Lorna laughed lightly at that, "That's me, bringer of sugar-highs and bringing caffine to the kids. I don't have to deal with 'em. It's not like I'm a teacher." Her grin widened at that, and she turned off her tablet, and with a wave of her hand, set it floating over to a nearby table.

As Jamie offered his hand she took it, shaking it firmly. "Lorna Dane. Nice to meet you." She paused, considering, her brows furrowed. "What are you up to in Mutant Town? I was just there the other day. A few thugs were trying to rob a tattoo shop."


"Nice to meet you Ms. Dane." He watches the tablet float on over to her table. "I am going to start up a detective agency there. Try and see if I can help people and stuff. As you have already discovered, they can use a decent amount of help."

There is a slight pause from him after that, "I figured some of those that are her would like to help in their free time. Willing to offer to help them back if they need it." Sure he won't go into all the skills and stuff he can do to help them. "Just had to get some all the legal stuff done, before I could recruit."


Lorna blinked at him, tilting her head to the side curiously. "Detective agency? And you're looking for recruits here?" A dry tone to her voice as she stood there sipping her drink. Her other hand jammed into the pocket of her jeans. "I assume since you're working out of Mutant Town that you're looking to recruit, mutants. But doesn't it take like.. I dunno skills to do the job besides powers?"

She shifted her weight on her toes, considering. "Because I'm sure some powers would be useful and all.." She trailed off, looking down at the rum and coke in her grip. "Well, some more than others."


"Well considering I would be dealing with mutants a lot. I figured having other mutants around would be a big help. I'm not sure what we can encounter there, so want people who are just interested in doing it. I can teach the skills involved if they are needed on top of the powers." He glances at her drink, and at her some more.

"I have picked up skills that are needed. It's amazing the stuff you can pick up when you have tons of time on your hands, you know? So right now it would be setting up the shop, and teaching those that are interested. A lot of detective work is mostly just sitting and waiting anyway. That part is easily covered." A little smirk from him, see it's fun when people don't know what his powers are exactly.

"Also I figured that having some extra income if the people want wouldn't hurt, would it? Still working on what other benefits they'll get. But definitely going to pay them."


Lorna listened to him with care, green eyes narrowing faintly in thought, gears twisting around in her head. Then she smiled again and shrugged, "Well, since I don't actually need experience and don't need to worry about that whole pesky college degree thing yet. Then I'm sold. Full time too. I showed up here for lack of anywhere else to go. I've got one last class to finish up this fall and I'm done with college. It's all online." She offered up freely.

"So I need a job. And as much as everyone here wants me to rejoin the team and suit up.. and play teacher.. That's not me." She grimaced faintly, "So yeah. I'm your girl if you just want unskilled man power."


Well okay there, wasn't expecting to get someone that quick, figured he would have to wine and dine some of them, "That's great. The building I have, has the office downstairs. I have setup living quarters above it though. There is plenty of room there if you need a place to stay as well." He pauses once again, and just does a snap of his fingers. Suddenly there is another Madrox. "Okay we need to celebrate. Go and make the lady another drink, and make me one as well, please?" Let's hope this is one of the nice dupes that is actually willing to help.

It takes a moment but the dupe heads off to make the drink, "Oh and try and make it like we learned in that bar in Puerto Rico." Madrox prime calls out after said dupe. "It's not much, it will just be a bedroom. Shared kitchen and everything. But there should be enough Bathrooms at least. And well I find it roomy enough. If your interested, that is. At least this way you don't have to worry about commuting back and forth to Mutant Town."


As Jamie snapped his fingers and another of him appeared Lorna jumped faintly, blinking repeatedly as the double went off to make drinks. She stared for a moment, gaping, before she caught herself and took a sip of her coke, downing it. "Done and done. I'll take a bedroom and a paying job. Don't get me wrong. I love this place, it was my home.. but living on my own for a few years really made it hard to come back to the whole kids under-foot all day everyday thing." She paused.

"How many of those double can you make? Can they think on their own? Cause that's really fucking useful if they can."


The dupe returns and gives both of the mutants their drink. Jamie takes his, and takes a sip, before touching the dupe and well he's gone. "I'm not sure how many I can make. Right now I have several out there doing and learning things for me. They are able to think for themselves. Sometimes that can be a problem though. Like the time I was in Chicago and got into a fight. All the ones that I made to help me, didn't believe in violence."

"They are how I was able to learn to be a detective though, as well as doing some other things. I got to a point where I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, or focus on. So well I tried a little of everything. I even had one of the dupes become a lawyer." Another sip of the drink after that, "Well the bad thing is I also live there, so you really won't have much alone time."


Lorna laughed and shook her head, "Well considering I have no idea what I want to do? Sounds like a sweet deal and I can't make copies of myself at all." She took the accepted drink, crunched the coke can in her hand and bounced it up with her powers into the air. A glance was spared his way, slow and measuring as she always did when it came to people she didn't really know.

"I'm a Magnokinetic." She offered simply, and the crushed can floated out of the room for the trash. Her gaze not leaving him fo a long moment in thought. "I can do a lot of useful shit beyond crushing metal. Unlocking most locks, frying electrical systems, clearing electronics, levitating.." She shrugged.

"I can deal with having a roommate."


He watches her, "See that would be very useful for detective work! I had to learn how to pick locks the old fashioned way. I can make many copies of myself, but they are still just regular people." Of course the dupes can also make dupes.

"Welcome aboard Ms. Dane, or should I just call you Lorna? Just don't erase the Skyrim saves on my computer, really need those you know. And the Inquisition ones as well! I still need to do the Trespasser DLC." He thinks for a moment, "So I am still trying to name the detective agency though. I have been told my first choice of XXX investigations wouldn't sound good."

He reaches into his trench coat, and pulls out a card, "I had a few of these made without a name though. It has the address of the office, and both the office and my cell number. If you need to contact me."


Lorna snickered softly, seeming to relax about something regarding her share and tell about her powers. "I will leave your computer alone. Promise. You can call me Lorna. Though my code name here is Polaris, or at least it was. I dunno if it's exactly useful for a detective to use a code name, but whatever." She sighed briefly and raked her free hand through her hair. A laugh followed his possible name and she shook her head.

"Yeah, I doubt you'd get the kind of business you want then." She took the card, glancing it over. "Thanks. Easiest job interview I've ever had." She tucked it away and offered him a two fingered salute.

"Well, I've gotta go give some kids cookies. See ya around."

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