It's Electric!

September 23, 2017:

Lorna goes out to deal with the strange magnetic signature she's picking up in Mutant Town and runs into… Aquaman?

Mutant Town


NPCs: Titus

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There aren't many quiet evenings in Mutant Town, honestly there's usually some sort of violence happening, but tonight, planetary alignment, drugs in the water supply, grand ghetto wide spell, whatever the reason, it's peaceful.

Unless of course you have some sort of odd genetic connection to a fundamental force of physics. Then the night is less peaceful and more… on the verge of being potentially fucked at a catastrophic level. So you know, a Tuesday.

There's an odd charge in the air, a tremor that hums at just the frequencies that touch upon magnetics. It's not as if someone were trying to rip the metal out of the neighborhood or anything, but something is making anything with an atunement shiver ever so slightly. The peaceful night has been feeling less and less peaceful over the last hour and more like the calm before the storm.

Walking down the street Arthur closes his eyes for the tenth time and inhales deeply through his nose, feeling the slight flutter of his gills against his upturned coat collar as they filter the air. Sharks can smell fresh blood in the water at nearly a mile's distance, his senses are nothing it not comparable, though to be honest he's never really used them in this manner on the surface before. It's a bit… overwhelming. He pauses, inhalling, hold, exhale, and turns to look down a dark allyway, his expression hard to read in the darkness. "Titus?" he calls, his voice carrying in the quiet night.

The King of Atlantis is all but unrecognizable tonight despite his fame. His beard and close cropped hair carry more gray in them then people would remember from his time in the Justice League, and the lack of armor or a trident and the addition of a puffy quilted jacket, jeans, and knit hat all make him look more the dock worker then royalty or world saving hero. He turns to head down the allyeway, noting the way the hairs on his arm sudden stand at attention. "Oh no." he whispers, his hand coming out of his pockets as he begin to run down the alley instead of walk.


Lorna had just finished what little she had brought with her from the mansion to the little room she'd gotten out of the deal with Madrox. An apartment was an apartment. And if she was going to get paid, well, it was a job. The young woman had been quick to take the offer. The scent of any kind of organized governmental program, even if it was SHIELD, having oversight on the Mansion made her skin crawl.

Perhaps she was more her father's daughter in that regard than she ever wanted to admit.

She had tried to stay below the radar of most people. Not playing hero when she could have. Keeping quiet. Taking college classes.. The world didn't need to know that Magneto had a daughter that had inherited his powers. Which was one reason why she'd turned down Nate's ideas about playing hero before.

All of this, of course, compounded matters as to what the hell she was doing out late at night, alone. In Mutant Town. Her head was pounding as she tracked down the shifting frequencies in an ever shifting pattern. Her senses practically screaming at her and driving her out of bed and out into the musty scented night air. The green haired muant wore an outfit that made her look more punk-rocker than would be detective. Chains hung from her belt, steel covered the toees of her boots and an over abundance of rings and other cheap jewelery covered her hands.

Of course, given the state she was in, she didn't expect to run into another person out in the middle of an alley way. "Hey! Watch it!" She cursed under her breath as she nearly collided with the speeding figure.


"Titus!" calls a voice from the other end of the alley as the figure moves past Lorna, dipping low and to the side a fraction of a second before it would have run right into her. The movement is graceful, dancer like, and fast. Very fast. Lithe and tall something about it is reminicent of a whip cracking, and as the quick figure darts around her, time slows. Because for just a moment, every nerve in Lorna's body gets the pins and needles tinglies. Not the little ones like when you sit on your hand to long and it falls asleep. The bad painful ones, like you /slept/ on your arm the whole night and woke up just in time to get the blood flowing again before it had to be amputated kinda pins and needles.

"Titus!" the voice is less worried this time and more authoritative. Time moves normally again and the dark thin figure it already at the end of the alley, bursting out into the cracked pavement of a poorly tended parkinglot that used to belong to a pharmacy but now is the staff entrance for a seedy strip club. Another figure, this one no shorter but bigger and with a sense of /mass/ behind it whips past Lorna just as fast as the last one did, moving with the same sort of preternatural grace as he darts around her in an effortless twist, chasing the lithe darker figure into the open ground, "Stop!" there's no mistaking that. Authority. Capital A. The kind that most people obey without even realizing their doing it, as if the words had weight to them, and sure enough, the thin dark figure seems to freeze in place, hessitating.


Lorna's head throbbed angrily, well beyond the worse migraine she'd ever had. Her hand lurched up to press against her temple as the dark figure blurred past her, her powers reacted to her pain. She screamed and her own magnetic fields twisted violently in response. Her powers shot upwards and outwards, beyond her control in the split second that all she felt was the searing pain of her nerves lit up on end.

The fire-escape above screamed in response, a twist of metal that rolled through the immediate area, shoving the dumpster further down away and into a crushed pile of metal. Cars down the block had their alarms set off as they were bumped enough that their sensors were triggered.

And then of course, that voice was calling and larger figure was striding past her and out of the alley way. Lorna groaned, peeling herself off the damp brick as she lurched in a staggering step after it. A string of curses falling from her lips. "Hey!" She didn't stop to think about how bad an idea this was.

"Hey! You! What the hell is going on with that thing?!"


The 'thing' in question, hearing Lorna's voice, seems shocked into motion once more, and it's head swivels back and forth in rapid arcs before picking a direction and snapping off towards the seedy strip club's entrance. Arthur's eyes go wide, "Titus!" he shouts, "Don't!" the authority is gone, in it's place is something like real concern. He gathers himself and leaps, ignoring Lorna for now, and the unholy racket made by all the twisting steel in the alleyway. Bigger fish or something like that. Whatever else the bigger guy is, he's clearly not 'ordinary', as he leaps a full twenty feet in the air and in a shallow fast arc that takes him over the thin creature's head and into it's path.

His landing causes the ground to shake slightly and the concrete cracks and buckles around his feet, sticking up in odd ways as if he impacted like a cannonball and not a person. He holds his arms out wide, his knees bent as if he were bracing himself for a wrestling match, "Calm down Titus! Stop! Talk to me!" the only response if a snapping blur of motion from a lithe limb as it whips out at the blond man's face, fast enough the coat sleeve trailing it actually makes a popping noise in it's wake.

Whatever is going on, it's clearly not 'normal' fair. And no ones answering her, of course. So helpful.


Lorna exhaled an annoyed breath, cursing as she massaged her aching temples as she was promptly ignored. Whatever was going on? It was so very much over her head. But she wouldn't get any sleep until this was handled. And even then, the pounding behind her eyes was proving to be the sort that would linger at this rate. Even so, in a foul mood, she couldn't help but gape faintly as the large man jumped into the air and covered a good distance in a single lurch.

"Holy shit." She shook herself back into motion as the ground trembled and concrete of the parking lot cracked and the ground rumbled beneath her feet. Enough at least that Lorna lifted herself up off the ground by an inch or two automatically to save herself from face-planting.

After a moment though, she was back on her feet, and moving toward the two figures. "Hey! What the hell is that?" She reached out with her senses again, knowing it was going to hurt, even as she reached out to magnetize the door to the club shut. And threw out her hands, reaching for the bits of metal she'd damaged in the alley-way and tugging them toward her in the air.

And who said that grown women were too old for security blankets? She thought steel made for a wonderful security measure.


The blond man moves, fast, but not quite fast enough, and the lithe whip like strike lands a glancing blow, across a bearded cheek and around the side of his face. There's a blink of light and a cracking noise to accompany the blow and the blond man is launched sideways from where he stands as if he were shot from a cannon, cartwheeling ass over appetite into the side of a parked van that, until a moment ago, was the proud owner of a sick air brushed painting of Ironman riding a unicorn in space. The 'dock workers' impact however instantly renders the parked van into so much scrap metal, the large car crumpling inward and then around the human projectile before the force of the impact actually sends it into a roll up onto it's own roof.

It was fast. So very /very/ fast, but it's no longer a mystery what's happening. The flash of light, the sound, Lorna's seen the like before, and it explains the tinglies. Whoever the thin dark person is, they have command over electricity, which explains why it was messing with her. The relationship between the two has always been shockingly close, scientifically speaking, though what's really concerning is trying to figure out what sort of battery has enough juice in it that it's residual bleed off is enough to make Lorna's skin shiver entire blocks away. <Leave me alone!!> the voice is high pitched and reedy, spitting and zapping at the hard consonants.


The light, the movement and the crashing sound of twisting metal all grated against Lorna's ears. Her senses already on high alert, the migraine that she was getting only made everything worse. But the light gave her enough of an answer to figure out what was going on. Electricity could be created a number of ways, alternating currents quite popular of course, which.. given how fast the thing was.. clearly was giving her a head ache as her senses picked up on it.

The floating chunks of metal fell into the pavement to surround her as she herself floated up into the air to replace them. Her hands outstretched and at the ready to command her scrap metal at need. But she kept her distance at least.

Electricity was something she could absorb, but she didn't particularly want to shove her finger into the socket and deal with that overload of power juuuuust yet. "Hey, hey. Woah. Calm down. You want to be alone? Cool. All for it dude. But the city really isn't a good place for alone time."


The thin dark shape snaps around to look at Lorna, it's face shrouded away beneath the dark hood of it's coat, <City izzzz perfect.> the shadowy figure responds, and the light over the staff entrance to the strip club flickers and dims before dying away completely. <Zzzzo perfect.> in the sudden shadows cast by the lack of light, it's hard to tell completely, but it appears the thin figure twists and makes another break for it, this time towards the street beyond.

The crumpled can, rolled over and very dead looking, begins to shake of it's own accord for a moment before the metal screams and a hand appears, fingers gripping the edges of the twisted steel and forcing it away. The man that was just shotput into the can like a human bullet is now… um… birthing himself out of it? "Titus!" he calls, his voice a little echoy and metalic, "Dammit, son! I don't want to do this!"


Lorna had been ready to be attacked.. not necessarily have to deal with a fleeing figure instead. As the light went out above she cursed, reaching out with both hands toward the figure, hoping to pick up some manner of metal on them. Or at the very least, grab at the metal in the direction of the street and hopfully dislodge enough to make a few obstacles.. Not that she was counting on that to do much.

Even then she was unhooking the chain from her belt as she touched back down to the pavement, casting a look to the figure clawing its way out of the crumpled car. She frowned as she charged after the fleeing figure, calling back "Wait, is that your kid or something? Cause he's giving me a huge migraine and he really needs to learn some manners."


The figure clawing it's way out of the van curses and seems to surge slightly, the vehicle starting to be torn in half, "Stop him!" he shouts at Lorna rather then answering her questions, "Don't let him get out of here." there's a jerk and the man seems to kick at something. A large engine bursts out of the front of the van and skips merrily across the parkinglot. bounce bounce roooooolllll.

Seeing the street beyond is somewhat abandoned, the dark figure makes a break for it, hurteling itself down the open path and accelerating quickly. No. Seriously. Like a car. It's hauling ass.


Whatever Lorna would've said to the groaning figure that was currently escaping from the damaged car was lost to the clomp of her feet against the pavement. Lorna groaned even as she ran after the fleeing figure. Of course, once he was on the street and started to really move? She was out of luck and out of breath, running wasn't going to work. Another string of curses fell from her lips as Lorna lifted back into the air.

She was rusty at full on flight, but with the amount of metal in the city for her to play off of? She could alternate her own mangetic field rapidly enough to pick up speed. Like a magnet train on a track, she flew down the otherwise empty and abandoned street. Her hands out stretched, even as she knew she was going to regret this, and reached out to try to grab at the running figure.

She braced herself for the pain, gritting her teeth.


It's not unlike trying to put one's hand on the third rail. The /power/ contained inside the deceptively thin figure is exceptional, and reaching out to touch it was perhapse /not/ the best of moves. The figure isn't wearing anything metal to use, sadly, so it was likely the only option, but Lorna may as well have stuck her tongue onto a powerline for the feeling she gets from the interaction.

It also has the added side effect of causing the figure to jerk and stumble awkwardly, which at 35 miles an hour isn't exactly advised. The single moments distraction causes the shadowy person to hurtle into the street and begin a long floppy rolling motion that lasts for a good hundred feet and looks, frankly, exceptionally painful.

Arthur for his part, is cursing old american made vans. It's not that he can't get out, it's just that it's like being wrapped in layers of cling film. Sure, he can punch through, but it just sort of bends and twists and is generally annoying. Eventually he grows fed up and his hands punch upward, through the floor of the van and out the other side, he grips the frame, one side in each hand, and pushes, his mouth twisting into a snarl, "I don't have /time/ for this!" and the van ends up on opposite sides of the parkinglot, one half of it slowly spinning on it's top, creaking gently in the night. He sighs and turns, his eyes narrowing as he inhales deeply. Giving up on a foot race he merely gathers himself and leaps again, launching himself through the air, up high enough he can get to the rooftops and at least get a view of the area…


Lorna was her father's daughter. For good or bad. And at least, that meant she wasn't going to be fried to a crisp when she stuck her finger into the super-charged battery that was the racing figure. Prepared as she was to handle the electricity, shifting her own fields to expand and absorb what she could, helped. But it was still more than she could effectively process all at once while being ripped from the air and sent tumbling to the ground.

She hit the ground hard, rolling for several feet before she came to a halt.

That hurt. A lot.

A pained groan escaped her as her world continued to spin around and around her. Her body aching, but at least nothing seemed broken. That added to the fact that she was wearing a leather-jacket and boots seemed to help protect her to some degree. She laid there, stunned as she tried to make everything stop spinning, stop hurting. But she had no healing factor. No super strength. And everything just continued to hurt.

"Fuck me."


The ground ten feet in front of her explodes as something heavy lands, splattering her with small chips of concrete and asphault, "I'm married." the blond man says, his attention on the downed lithe figure from before, his back to her. "Thank you." he says finally, "I'm not sure how you made him stop, but thank you." he moves slowly, first stepping out of the crater and then moving towards 'Titus', his steps careful, guarded. "You should go." he then says as he continues to advance before freezing in place, "Titus…" the word is drawn out, slowly, cautiously, "You can't play unconscious with me, come on son, you know better."

The figure seems to flow upward more then stand, though there seems to be a slight hitch in the way it moves now. It was once all sinew and grace, but somewhere in all that grace there's now a jerky motion. It's not constant, but seeing how it moved before it's clear now that 'Titus' is injured. <I know you will dezzztroy uzz!> comes the odd high pitched reedy crackle, <You will zell uzz to them like cattle!> it waves an arm Lorna's stunned direction.

The larger man straightens a bit, his shoulders squareing and his chin coming up. Being her father's daughter, Lorna recognizes body language like that when she sees it, and how anyone could think that man was a simple dock worker is suddenly very unclear. He's a leader, maybe something more, because when he stands up, the thin figure seems to shrink slightly

"You, of all of us, know me better then that, Titus." the blond man says, his voice hurt and disappointed all at once. It's like the worse kind of Dad Voice. "But," he says, shrugging, "lets say, for the sake of arguement, that Rath was right about me." he says, his fingers flicking dismissively to the side as he says it as if he couldn't stop himself from making the gesture, "Let's say I was planning on selling you out. Who would I sell you too? They cannot reach out home, they lack the technology, the power. For what profit would I sell you? A bigger house? More … what? Gold? Power?" he sounds slightly incredulous and makes a scoffing noise, "And even were I going to, all of his lies were truths and I was the villain he casts me as… what would this accomplish?" he asks, waving his hands around, "You would murder women and children in their beds, sleeping, attacking at night in darkness, and for what? To show them your strength? To prove your resolve? Not the strength to face them in open battle, not the resolve to stare them in the eye, surely!" he shakes his head, "He's using you Titus, to spread fear and hate, to sew discontent and I will. Not. Allow. It." the last few words are hard as steel

"And I think, neither will you." those are softer, warmer, "Because unlike Rath, I believe you're smarter then this. I believe you're /better/ then this. Then him."


Lorna was slow to roll over onto her side and watch the now, obviously, family drama unfolding before her. She kept her pained groans to herself, as she struggled up to stand, electricity still running rampant through her magnetic fields and causing her hair to float about her in a green corona. She hissed as her body protested, and she managed to at least get one foot under her, her other knee bent as she struggled to catch her breath.

Green eyes flickered over the two, to the crater and then back up to the tall, imposing figure in front of her. She mentally cursed, not interupting the long, drawn out speech. How had she managed to stumble on a pair of heavy weight power houses like this in a city the size of New York was just her luck.

Another struggle and she managed to make it to her feet, her hands held out in front of her in a way that could easily be to catch herself if she fell, or to grab at the magnetic fields around her. She cleared her throat, wincing faintly.

"Hey, hi.. yeah.. uhm, if you could take your kid home so he doesn't try to kill people in their sleep that would be great. I really don't want to drain him and redirect the excess into the city's power grid and fry everyone's cell phones that are plugged in right now. I'm also pretty sure it would bring down all kinds of cops and government-y types to Mutant Town, and this part of the city really doesn't need that." She coughed, rubbing her bruised side and trying to look less injured and banged up than she was.


Aquaman sighs when Lorna speaks, his head dipping ever so slightly, "Well, it almost worked." he mutters to himself. The shadowy lean figure across from them was shrinking away from the blond man's words, as if they were striking home closer and closer, but when Lorna speaks he snaps back upright, something very aggressive and combative in it's body language, <You zee my King!! They have no rezzpect for uzz! They belittle uzz! They /threaten/ uzz!>

Arthur shakes his head, "She didn't threaten you," he points out, "and to be fair, you /did/ sort of threaten her people first." he eyes the thin figure for another long moment as seconds tick past, "Titus…" he says, his voice wary all the sudden, "Please don't make me do it. You know I hate that."

Titus makes a noise that's far more animal then human, something high pitched and stuttering, cracking, whatever it is it's intent is clear. Warning.

"When he falls," Arthur says softly, never taking his eyes from the target but clearly speaking to Lorna, "I need you to ground him out, a pole through his arm into the sewer would be best. Preferably a small one. Keep the damage minimal…" as if that was some sort of plan and not the strang words of a stranger told to a young woman in a dark street in the middle of the night, the fingers of his right hand clench into a fist and he seems to suddenly grow tense. "I'm sorry Titus, you've let me no choice."

Titus tenses suddenly, and there's a feeling as if he were trying to build something up inside himself, or set something off, a sort of pregnant pause, then…

*SLEEP* Arthur says the word with an odd weight behind it, finality, as if it were a passed judgement. One could /swear, were they close enough, that they thought the word the same time the blond man said it, even had a faint urge to yawn maybe, but whatever anyone else would feel, the effect on the lanky Titus is undeniable. HE just… falls over. A puppet with his strings cut.

Followed by the blond man, who's suddenly down to one knee, wiping at his face with a forearms who's jacket sleeve comes away crimson.


Lorna's eyes narrowed at 'Titus' as he started spouting off about her threatening him. There were few things in the world she cared enough to drag her sorry butt out into the roads and alley ways of Mutant Town alone at night, but she did care about the lives of those that lived there. Enough that she was willing to risk a whole lot more than just a few bruises. So when the tall blonde guy started in about shoving a pole through Titus' arm? Oh yeah, she was paying attention.

But she didn't need to grab a pole. She had a chain clipped off from her belt and at the ready. So as soon as Titus went down, Lorna was directing it to him. Making to wrap the chain from her belt around and around his arm and tugged tightly. One hand out stretched directed this, as the other was busily pulling up metal and wires from below the street to make a more effective grounding to disperse the electricity. it all happened in a breath. A moment.

And then Lorna was moving closer toward the blond that was down on one knee, cautiously moving to look over at the otherwise still Titus. At least he wasn't going to be setting her senses into over drive again. She exhaled a shaky breath.

"Uhm.. So I take it you're really uh.. Aquaman.. right?"


Aquaman raises a shakey hand and stares at it, the blood from his nose having already started to slow down to a trickle. He shakes his head as if to clear it and then turns to eye Lorna, "And you're a ferrokinetic." he says, "Sorry, don't know your name." he offers a somewhat bloody smile and wipes at his face again, this time it clears most of the blood away. "You should get airborne." he says, turning to look at the downed form, "Without his will to contain it, he's about to pour two thunderstorms worth of power directly into the water of the sewer and the ground around here will get… sparky. It'll be harmless in as much water as the city's sewer system contains. Just so long as he's not touching anything that could reach the grid it should be fine." he double checks by looking at her, making sure she did as he asked.


Lorna didn't move, stubbornly perhaps, but she was still standing right there. "Magnokinetic, actually. Electricity won't be able to hurt me. Give me a headache when it's in high concentrations and someone is alternating the currents enough to generate a low level magnetic field that won't stay put.. Sure.." She shrugged, shoving her hands into her pockets. "I'm going to stay right here and make sure that it does what it's supposed to. If you don't mind. Not that I don't trust you, being uhm.. Aquaman and all.. but this is kind of my thing. And I live here." She grimaced faintly as she noted the blood and came closer toward him.

"Uhm. Are you okay? Do you need some help or something?" Her brows furrowed, pinching together. She dug into her coat pocket, pulling out a few take out napkins that had been left behind there, she held it out to him.


Aquaman smiles a bit at her, the expression warm and he nods, "Fair enough." he says as she speaks her bit, not bothering to argue with it at all. It's not worth it and he can respect the stance. "Arthur." he says after a long moment, then points at himself as if he wasn't sure he was being clear, "Arthur. Never much cared for the whole 'Aquaman' thing, I mean… it's basically just saying 'water guy'." he shrugs as if to say 'what the hell is that?'.

He takes the napkins though and wipes at his nose, "Yeah, I'll be fine. Been awhile since I pushed those muscles so to speak, I don't like using that on people, especially not my people. Feels like a violation, getting inside someone's head without their permission." he makes a face. "Thanks." he holds up the napkins to his face.


So much for wanting to avoid the big named heroes like the Justice League. Nate will surely get a laugh out of this story. Lorna grimaced as he made a comment on his hero-name and nodded. "Okay. Arthur then. That's fair. Uh.. I'm Lorna Dane." She rubbed her bruised side then, a hiss escaping her between her teeth and she offered her other hand out to shake.

She fell silent after a moment though, considering his words. "That's what the telepaths I know say. Which is uhm.. nice." She winced, glancing back to Titus. "Uhm, do you want to keep the chains? Because I can bind him with some more metal if it helps." She offered lamely, internally smacking herself over the head. Way to go Lorna.


Aquaman reaches out to take the hand in his own and he gives it a firm shake, "Lorna, it's nice to meet you." he offers with a small grin, "The chains?" he asks, turning to shake his head, "They're almost useless honestly, Titus is a somewhat uniq-" he stops talking as his teeth suddenly slam together in a rictus. There's no warning really, save the sudden blast of energy that travels through the ground around them, like being tased for Arthur, it's not painful persay, just causes some minor jerking an annoyance. It'd be less but he's been out of the water for hours now chasing Titus down and it's starting to wear on him a bit. "Ow." he mutters after the wave passes.

He blinks adn eyes the figure on the gruond again, "He's unique. Chains won't help." he finishes lamely. "But thank you for the help. Mutants in Atlantis are… hardy, Titus got in with a bad crowd. I thought I'd reached him before but…" his expression grows sad and he sighs.


Lorna was ready for the wave of electricity to hit this time, and as it exploded outwards she exhaled sharply through her nose. Her hands splayed outwards at her sides and for an instant, the outline of her natural magnetic field was visible as the eletricity rode over it in arcs. Her hair sparked at the tips as it whipped up around her and then like the crashing of a wave, she redirected the energy back to where it belonged.

Another exhale followed and she staggered briefly, rubbing at her side. Those bruises were going to be hell to deal with for the next few weeks.

"Right, super strength, I'm guessing?" She made a face, but then as Arthur spoke of a bad crowd, her expression turned more sympathetic. "I'm sorry to hear that." She hesitated for a moment, glancing back at the fallen boy.

"Don't give up on him, if you can manage it. Sometimes good people do bad things. And they just need someone there to pull them back." She laughed weakly at that and shook her head, a yawn escaped her.

"I should uhm.. head home. Glad you've got him handled, and good luck."


Aquaman raises a hand and sort of waffles it, "Not so super as far as my people are concerned, but for you, yes. There's a small degree of that. Amplified by what he can store inside himeself. But no, that's not what makes him unique." he stands and walks over to the figure and reaches down to unzip the hoodie. He then lifts it, gingerly, and what comes from inside the clothing takes a moment to identify.

At first it looks like he's been blown into wet sloppy bits, but after a moment it makes more sense. Sort of. Eels. Or serpents. The thickness of Lorna's calf and the length of her leg. Dozens of them. "He's a sentient colony." he says, reaching down to tenderly stroke one of the eels, "Which is facinating. They don't congrigate usually and they can't breath air and yet…" he shrugs and waves around them. He grins widely over at Lorna, "Unique." he begins to gather the creatures, using the hoodie a bit like a sack after he ties off the hood part and the sleeves, "You did a good thing here tonight, Lorna. Thank you, for…" he looks down at his impromptu sack of Titus, "everything. Be safe."


Lorna gaped some what at the sight of the eels squirming on the ground. Her lips parted as she pressed a hand over her mouth in silent shock. Unique was certainly the word for it. Her green eyes lingered and even then she was coming closer to look, before catching herself and glancing back to Arthur.

"That's amazing. He's.. amazing." She murmured, and blinked repeatedly back to Arthur as he thanked her.

"Uhm.. ah.. you're welcome." She managed, some what automatically. More than a little stunned at being thanked for just trying to stop her headache. It had seemed such a small thing to her, after all.

"And er.. you too. Be safe that is." She bit her lower lip and nodded, before turning around and making to head home.

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