The Devil is Back

September 21, 2017:

After a year absence Satana is back to New York and visiting 'friends'.

Dr. Stange's Sanctum


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It's been a while. Not that the world has changed sufficiently that she cannot locate the Sanctum anymore. The decision to stop by is calculated, after all… the promise given that restricts her predations is an annoyance that hasn't been forgotten now that she's walking the surface again. If there's early warning wards, the chime of them no doubt proceeds her approach to the front doors. The choice of a comparatively demure (for her) pencil skirted dress suit is probably deliberately provocative in and of itself. Black as sin, with just the hint, for her, of the assets contained within if there was any doubt that the daughter of Satan still has much to learn about life on Earth it's betrayed by the curl of her smile and the dancing amusement in her coal black eyes where she knocks on the door of the Sanctum with false primness.

Somewhere inside the labyrinthic deeps of the Sanctum a man sighs with annoyance and fatality. Then he remembers his duties and promises and tries to forget about missing books and the dangerous curves.

Wong was a monk for a long time, he has the patience of a saint and a strong will.

"Mistress Satana," greets the caretaker of the Sanctum and bodyguard of the Supreme Sorcerer. Pause. Satana in a business suit. Cognitive dissonance for a second. "Er… I have informed the Doctor of your visit," as if he needed to be informed. "He will join you at the living room in a minute, would you like some tea? Or a glass of wine?"

The look on Wong's face makes it worth it, that moment of pause. It can't help but bring the hint of canines in the incandescent smile she gives him,"Wang." she purrs, it's not that she doesn't remember, it's that one doesn't always get those opportunities to aggravate. The redhead breezes by with the flutter of her finger's. It's not that touching him is necessary, but that if he is stoic enough to stand still for it she's quite content to brush those fingers across his chest,"Wine, of course. And where has the living room wandered, today?" she enquires without particularly stopping, after all, a little exploration hasn't hurt anyone important. To her at least.

Of course offering tea first was Wong idea of subtle sarcasm. She might have managed to shatter his mask of stoicism if she had picked tea. "Straight ahead, you can't miss it," he responds, following her and going to the liquor cabinet to pick a suitable drink for the time of the day.

Two glasses, as Doctor Strange appears by the door at the other side of the room, wearing his usual two-piece suit. As if he just came back from a business meeting at an important hospital or something.

Even Strange does a double take at Satana's relatively conservative attire. "Ms. Hellstrom, welcome back to my house, young lady. It has been a while." If he is not genuinely pleased to see her, his acting has improved in the past year.

The prowl is definitely more in line with Satana's usual mode, with no effort to hide the sway or pretense of being other than a predator. She's not concerned about Wong behind her, not so much as a glance spared as the length of her vitae-hued tresses are flicked over one shoulder. The outfit might have been an attempt to convince him that she's 'reformed'… or just the sheer shock factor.. but the brightness of her smile is liable to remove any doubts regarding the former for all the way it seems like she's fully intending to step into his personal space for a European kiss of the cheeks.

"I was a little… busy." she opts for,"But you're looking…" the choice not to finish the sentence as deliberate as the smile as she opts for,"Old man. I see that little has changed here."

Strange is looking maybe a little tired. Which given the intense supernatural activity on Earth the last couple years is to be expected. He accepts the kiss on the cheek without flinching, and invites Satana to sit down on the couch with a gesture.

"It has been little more than a year, not much changes in a year," comments Strange. Although that is not true. In a year he lost an apprentice, got a new one (also a half-demon) and a daughter too. But the Sanctum looks the same. "Although you do seem somewhat changed. If nothing else you have learned to blend better. How has been your life the past year?"

"Only a year?" Satana repeats indifferently, prowling over to the couch to set herself up with little concern about maintaining demureness when she crosses her legs, examining her nails briefly,"I told you, I've been busy." she offers with sidelong glance his way,"Blend… such an offensive word." she offers with a curl of her lip,"I've been a little… busy. But I was in the area and thought… why not stop by and see my old… friend. So many… interesting… things have been happening in the world lately… and who better to ask about them." she can almost say it with a straight face, too.

"It is true it has been an eventful year," admits Strange, taking a seat at the armchair in front of the couch. Wong brings them the wine in a tray with two glasses, leaving the bottle on the low table between them. "Old Gods are stirring, both the living, the fallen and the dead, and reality itself shifted early in the Spring. Some things became lost, others are being found, and the veils between words are thinner than ever, as I am sure you have noticed."

Trust not the smile Satana gives the monk as she leans forward to collect her glass, at least making a pretense of listening as she settles back,"Yes, the last I noticed." she finds no qualms in admitting, even if the concept of Old Gods can't help but make her eyes flash,"Which is part of why I decided it might be time to come and see you. And perhaps…" the pause is deliberate, the swirl of the wine unnecessary in the glass,"talk about… amendments… to certain… contracts." she elects to put forth before raising the glass to her lips, watching him over the rim of the glass with curiosity.

Strange sips from the wine while Satana talks. See? It is not poisoner. Unless it has holy water or something akin. But that would be an unthinkable breach of etiquette and could affect the wards of the Sanctum.

"Well, you are still welcome here," replies Strange. "as for the rest… we can negotiate everything and talk about everything." Which does not mean Satana can eat everything or everyone. Tsk.

Satana's reasonably confident that he wouldn't try to poison her, she's just not in a hurry to polish it off,"How kind." she offers with a dip of her head,"It's the thinning of the veil that I am, admittedly, most concerned about. Claiming souls is one thing… having humans stumble into my father's realm on their way to the kitchen… quite another. Though I suppose there's things to be said for it." there's contemplation in the tone as she takes a sip from the wine, content to make herself comfortable for now at least.

"Well, you have to admit it is more likely the other way around," comments Strange. That is, demons from Hell (kitchens included) trying to escape to Earth. Not that clueless occultists won't have much easier to end up in some alien dimension by performing poorly understood rituals.

"It makes travel easier, and also alliances with the more friendly entities," he adds, perhaps as reminder Earth is not lacking some friends among the mystical realms. But in general having magic and supernatural beings more prevalent can't possibly be good for the science-based human civilization. But Strange is not sure Satana realizes this, since she has been on Earth only a year or two.

"Certainly." but that's acceptable, to her,"But that is also the… nature of things. As entertaining as it is to have… guests. It upsets things." demons that haven't been summoned in centuries finding free range humans on the plane? On one hand… a thrilling opportunity to hunt, on the other hand…

"Alliances." the word is tested with a deliberate, slow blink of her eyes,"I like travel being easier… under certain circumstances. Easier overall… well. You tell me how wise you think that is."

"And maybe a chance to find a better place to live," points out Strange, "for those able to adapt to a world with different rules, that is." Satana's last comment brings a faint smile to the sorcerer's lips. "Go on and travel, by all means, there is much to learn and much to explore for those with few responsibilities. It might be the only chance you have in your life."

"You've been singing that song since we first met." Satana points out in return,"I'm curious as to what exactly you think I'm going to learn? That I'm going to… have a change of heart? You seem… remarkably unconcerned at the idea of the veil becoming thinner. Friendly entities aren't the only thing that are going to find it easier to move about, as you well know. And I am certain not even you believe that all demons are capable of, or even… desire… to adapt in the way that you're suggesting."

"Oh, I am very concerned and I am very busy lately," Strange will let Satana guess why he is busy. "As for you. You are very young even as humans measure time, you will change quite a bit during the next decades; it is unavoidable." He adds, no unkindly. "But youth is no disadvantage, as you can change, grow and learn much faster than the older beings. So I would advice, Miss Hellstrom, to keep your mind open to all possibilities."

"Most ancients can't change, no," and most demons are old by human standards. The most powerful are old even by the immortal standards. They do not change or adapt.

"There we go then. We maybe have mutual interests. I mean… if you want to deal with them all by yourself… far be it from me to get in your way." she's content to focus on the wine, draining the glass and willfully pretending she doesn't hear the suggestion, or at least, translates it in her own way,"There's a lot of very ancient beings in my fathers realms, sorceror. There are things I like about this little playground that I'm loathe to… share. Especially when we're talking about potentially.. unfettered… types."

Strange nods, and Wong mysteriously steps forward to fill Satana's glass. He was, apparently, lurking around out of sight. "Ah, I am dealing with unwanted visitors almost daily," mentions Strange. "In fact a good number of the so-called heroes of Earth are currently dealing with visitors from your father's real as well as other even less friendly places. I should warn you that some are overzealous."

There's that flash of red from her. It's not fair, though whether or not the jealousy might be clear in the way she narrows her eyes and the imperious way with which she ignores Wong this time. Crushing the glass is tempting, but restraint, restraint,"Unrestrained and hungry," just in case that was somehow missed,"see? Mutual grounds. You don't want them to come… and I don't want them here." glutting themselves on souls that should be hers.

Probably detecting Satana's displeasure Wong is quick to vanish again, while Strange seems unperturbed. If Satana getting territorial with Earth amuses him he is smart enough not to let it show. "I don't want them to be unrestrained, this is true. Do you know of any of those ancients stalking the region?" He frowns faintly remembering the spirit bear that attacked him a few days ago. Maybe Satana ran into him/it too.

It's her playground, damnit, they can't have it. Satana bites back her first comment in favor of taking a sip of her wine,"I do know that Kthara has been sniffing around, looking for cracks." she opts to let him know,"But what about the one's that are already here? There's… no reason I can't help put a few rogues back where they belong." and deny their opportunity to feast when she has to be restrained. Hmph.

Rogues like her? That is amusing because Strange is not sure Satana has her father's leave to be around Earth. Still… "that is an offer of alliance, isn't it?" The sorcerer finishes his glass and makes a small gesture to prevent Wong bringing more wine. "Your help would be welcomed, certainly. And of course I would assist you sound one of those 'rogues' harass you."

Totally different. Satana doesn't count herself as a 'rogue' even if she did slip the proverbial leash. She's… uh… entitled to! Yes,"If you want to call it that." she opts for,"They wouldn't dare." well, okay, they would. But she's not about to admit to that, given the way she raises her chin and sets it, eyes closer to black cherry than coal at the thought of the audacity,"Though one wonders what I get out of such a deal." other than the opportunity to curtail potential threats to her own power. She'll conveniently overlook that part.

"Oh, I am sure you can see the advantages as well as I do," replies Strange evenly. "If nothing else I could tell you about potential threats in this side of the country and get you in touch with other people interested in keeping rogue demons out of Earth. That is if you wish it to become known."

Damn. There's the wrinkle of her nose as she sips the wine,"Ugh." she can't help but utter at his suggestion,"No, I've no particular interest in people summoning me in the thought that I might /save/ them." hell forfend,"But if you hear of any… I'll cheerfully hunt them down." she drains the wine and sets the glass on the tray before shifting to rise to her feet,"I'm certain we'll speak soon, in either case."

Strange stands up, looking amused. "Summonings are overrated, I hear the people nowadays uses cellphones to ask for aid." And Satana has been on Earth enough to know this. She probably knows her brother Daimon has the kind of business when he gets called to help against demon problems. "Regardless… I have other ways to contact you. That is, if if you are not hiding. If nothing else perhaps I can leave a note at the Oblivion Bar?"

The delicate sniff she gives certainly suggests she knows them, even if she doesn't consider her point refuted,"You do have other ways to contact me. And because I am speaking with you doesn't necessarily mean I want to be bothered by everyone. But you can certainly leave a note for me if you wish."

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