Enchanting Encounters: Part 1

September 20, 2017:

A disguised Enchantress checks in on Brightwind and Dani.


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Recent word on the street is there's a pegasus that now resides within the stables of Xavier's Mansion.

As such, since the start of the new school year brave new and returning students have made the trek up to the stables to try and (discreetly and sometimes not) get a look at the winged horse.

To the astonishment of most the rumors of the winged horse are quite true. Further gossip tells the story that the horse 'belongs' to one Dani Moonstar, a recently returned graduate of Xavier's. Gossip places her having left a couple of years ago to become a SHIELD agent. It's only these last few months that she finally returned to the fold.

As to the Cheyenne, she can currently be found within the stables. One of the larger stalls is currently in use by Brightwind and also Dani, as the black-haired woman deals with the reality of keeping a winged horse here upon earth. Feeding, cleaning and brushing.

The first two tasks have been completed and now Dani works upon the third. Brushing. She's currently using a bristly currycomb upon Brightwind's shoulder and side and the brave steed of Asgard can be found with his head low, eyes nearly shut as he lightly drowses from all the attention.

Helena has been here… Now day two.

An allowed visitor who was also rumored to arrive with two others who reside in a guest room, but have yet to be fully seen bystudent or alumni body enough to just take them as rumored.

In front of Xavier's at the drive-arch that leads to the welcoming doors of the Academy a black tinted window'd personal limosine slowly rolls up a back window and pulls out of the drive. From the back window a figure rises from the bend of speaking to the passengers in the back seat, fingertips peeling from the lip of rear window before in seals closed in mechanical rise.

'Word on the street', set that pale green gaze towards the stables, a hand lowering low upon hip, hooking fingers into leather belt held dangerously low on hips where over the bow of each ink rises spires of inverted stars' peaks, but hides the rest beneath denim pants held fast towards feet.

'Pegasus, they say?'. 'Winged horse, they whisper?'. 'The offspring of a Gorgon's bloodshed while her head still rolls across the Ether..Nigh impossible I say..'

Blonde hair hangs down in touseled waves, over cotton clad shoulders of a shirt that looks as if it bears labeling for a Meat Market, torn at the neck, torn off sleeves to reveal the sleeves of inkwork up arms, hang loose just at mid-ribcage.

"…so we shall see…" A narro of darkened lids and she is clearing the spanse of property to arrive within the stables, slipping between open doors like a serpent between crags.

The interior of the stables is quiet; with only the faint sound of the occasional step from the horse and the rhythmic swish of the currycomb interrupting that silence.

And while Helena steps in as silently as a snake, that doesn't stop the winged horse from hearing her entrance. Or sensing it.

The first clue that the two are no longer alone is the swivel of Brightwind's ears. They go from relaxed to forward as the approaching footsteps are heard. Then the horse's head comes upward, as well, once the blonde haired woman enters. There's the faintest of snorts from the blue-eyed pegasus as something RINGS familiar for a split second, but then that familiarity becomes elusive. A wisp of insight that has fluttered away and that feeling is enough to cause Brightwind to cock his head to the side; going so far as to give his head a slight shake, the movement full of confusion.

For Dani, as soon as Brightwind sensed someone near, her attention shifted from the brushing she was giving him to the door. So, Helena will find the Cheyenne's gaze already upon her when she enters. "Afternoon." The black-haired woman offers casually, even as she gives the other woman the once over, an automatic assessment from her time as an X-Man and now as a SHIELD agent.

It's only when that faint pull of confusion is felt from Brightwind that Dani's gaze will turn back a moment to the winged horse.

"Ay-hh.. Yes, afternoon." A roll of tongue over the roof of her mouth to fall in a click, free hung tack stroked over by fingers as her eyes rove over the kept steeds.

"Sorry to interrupt, but when I heard there were stables on top of the fact…" Helena then stops just at the corner of a stall where a Sorraia colored equine resides, the clatter against the wooden stall door coming when she stops there.

Helena's eyes slide from a long pause on Dani to Brightwind, and only hen does she step closer, chin uptilting, revealing the tattoo's also riding upward along the bow of her neck. "… That there is a myth hat is very well, real…"

That final word of real falling flatter, an incredulous stare given to them both.

"If my studies are correct," A swing of index between Brightwind, then to Dani… "Only one kind bond with kin of Pegasus? Or is he a 'gifted', too?" And right there, the phrasing tilting knowledge to ignorance.

Dani's attention will stay upon Brightwind until that initial confusion settles within him and then, when all seems well, the Cheyenne returns her gaze to Helena.

At the other woman's apology for interrupting, Dani lifts a hand to wave it aside. "You're not the first one to find their way here today." A corner of her mouth is quirked upward, even as the black-haired woman gives Brightwind one more pat, before she's moving to put the currycomb away. "And I highly doubt you'll be the last. Just please, don't feed him anymore sugar cubes. He's going to get fat." And with those words of Dani's the winged horse in question gives an indigent little snort. He'll even go so far as to lip playfully at the sleeve of Dani's shirt.

The Cheyenne turns an affectionate look upon the pegasus, before she's stepping out of his stall and towards Helena. The woman's last questions are considered by Moonstar, and after a moment of thoughtful silence, the Cheyenne finally answers. "No, he's not gifted." And while she could confirm what sort typically bonds with a Pegasus, she doesn't answer that question. Instead, Dani continues with, "I'm Danielle Moonstar, most just call me Dani. New student here?" Her hand is now offered to the woman with all the tattoos.

"He(a)ven forbid…" A connotation from Helena on the 'heartiness' of Brightwind, the reflection in her eyes showing the shoft between the two as Dani speaks and sets to moving closer, leaving the beast of Vakyrior within walls.

There is a slow roll of throat in the swallow that bites back a form of venom, but "helen" does not know everything of the Ways of Midgard… While a Midgardian woman holds the thrall of a Valhal steed. Somewhere confusion and a slight mote of ire buries itself, stomped beneath 'cloven hooves' when Dani confirms that this beast -

… This offspring of Olympus…

- Is indeed … Not 'Gifted'.

"Helen. Helen Eve. I am a visitor of a student." The hand is not regarded, instead taken, and with the reach a few braids entwined in pale hair fall over shoulder blade. "Matters of Court."

Brightwind keeps an eye upon Helena and Dani, his attention a watchful thing, even with the three supposedly within friendly territory. It's not a look that screams suspicion, just something that shows the beast for what he is. A winged warrior. Being attentive to any situation is never a bad thing.

It also doesn't help that Helen pinged against his otherworldly senses for a split-second there.

"Nice to meet you, Helen." Dani says simply, her handshake firm, but not crushing. "Which student?" She'll ask curiously, even as Helen offers that last bit about 'matters of court'. That odd phrasing earns an eyebrow raise from the Cheyenne, as she drops her hand to her side, once the handshake has been completed.

"Matters of court?" Moonstar echoes now, "Sounds serious."

The firmness of their shared meeting is met with….

Amora wanted to push the issue… Test this Cheyenne..

But instead the smile barely splits lips to flash teeth and meet her eyes when hands clasp and pressure is met with an near equal. "I would say, but I will let him disclose that information himself. Security…" The final word lingering on the air just like the musk of equine stalls and unspoken barbs between them that have yet to come to full daggers.

"It is nothing to be taken lightly," One more glance to Brightwind, a pause that could birth a whole new Epic Edda - Then Dani as the hand used to shake hers leans back and unbolts the door to the Sooriai's stall, that rattling of pawed hoof agitatedly coming to halt as well. "It is why I wanted to ride. Helps me let go. Feel free… You know?" A tilt of Helen's head and the door is slowly pulled open.

"Care for a race cross the pastures?"

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