Not in my Shop!

September 14, 2017:

Lorna and Nate are visiting Mutant Town when one of the business is robbed by super-villains. Rogue joins the party.

Mutatoo in Mutant Town


NPCs: Griffin, Blizzard, Boomerang



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Since Lorna has not been around for a couple years, Nate offered to take her to Mutant Town to meet a few ex-students and activists that keep in touch with the Institute. Afterwards he introduced her to his theater group, which he had been neglected for months due to some ugly incident with the DEO and then the Genosha War.

Looks like Nate's hobbies include a bit of acting, some stage magic and a dash of vigilantism. He also introduced Lorna a couple local cops and they talked about the drug trafficking problems in Mutant Town. Apparently the Gothamite syndicate that was bringing cheap drugs has been driven away. Otherwise crime is still abnormally high, but not as bad as a couple years ago.

The sun is setting when the young man finishes his 'tour' around the neighborhood. "What do you think? Changed much? Ah, and there is Mutatoo, if you like those it is a great place." He points to another somewhat rundown local, a tattoo parlor.

Lorna had followed along in good humor for most of the day. Amusement dancing in her gaze as she tagged alongside Nate for his hobbies. The theater group had gained her honest interest, and she'd asked pointed questions about the different activities they participated in. The green haired girl was still borrowing Rogue's band T-shirts, but at least she'd made a few attempts to go shopping for new clothes here and there.

As they continued through Mutant town, Lorna's interest had sharpened to a critical point. One that had her inspecting every little thing that she could safely poke or prod at. Even as the day drew to a slow and the sun dipped lower, Lorna's interest hadn't waned. Though she looked less than enthused about the tattoo shop.

"Mmm, no thanks. Tattoos aren't my thing." She flapped a hand, folding her arms as she glanced up and down the street and slowly shook her head.

"Can't say that the place has changed all that much. Though I guess, it's less 'scary' now that I'm not some little kid driving through and trying to hide my hair color from the rest of the world."

Rogue had been spending a lot of time in Mutant Town since returning from Genosha, she'd asked for an extended vacation from her teaching position and was just kind of 'not around' lately.

Mutant Town is where she HAD been though, and its where she was now.

Rogue had friends here, former members of Xavier's and others who just were mutants that lived here and she got along well with. She came here to hang out with them and just unwind and forget about things…

As of right now, the Southern Belle was inside of a hotdog restaurant off the side of the street. The small restaurant had all kinds of wild hotdogs one could buy and devour and thats precisely what Anna-Marie was doing.

Rogue stands within the store near the open front door, chatting away and consuming her dinner. She has on a long brown leather trenchcoat with black X's burned into the shoulders. Beneath that is a black tanktop and dark green denim skirt that goes down to about mid-thigh with black fishnets on her legs disappearing into black leather boots.

Rogue doesn't see Lorna and Nate as of now.

Nate responds with a lopsided grin Lorna expression at seeing Mutatoo, but he loses it quickly. "There should be a guy or two outside the shop," he comments idly. Then he moves quickly towards the tattoo parlor. The main door is closed, with is odd at this time of the day.

"Trouble," he mutters to the green haired girl. Then he forces the door open with his telekinesis. Stepping inside.

A sawed off shotgun, is immediately aimed to his head, but Nate is ready and grabs the barrels with a hand. There is a very loud gunshot, but it hits the ceiling, and without a second pause he smashes the shotgun on the face of the rather large owner, a scarred thug that goes flying into the lobby of the parlor.

"What is this? Protection racket, hate crime, or just a robbery. I just can't believe you assholes are still trying to screw up people in this neighborhood," half a dozen other thugs are aiming guns at him, looking nervous. The mutant staff of Mutatoo seems to be huddling in a corner, some of them tied up, looking scared and angry.

Lorna frowned faintly, her brows furrowing at Nate's movement as he took off. The muttered word of 'trouble' only set her on edge, and she followed along behind him. Now that she was focusing on the shop, she could sense the metal outlines of the various arms and armaments within, her words cutting off as Nate charged in anyways and handled the gun pointed at his head.

A huff of a breath followed as Lorna came up behind him. Her hands at her sides as she slowly looked around at the various armed thugs that had guns leveled at Nate's person. Her lips twitched faintly and it wasn't in any true amusement. "Maybe they're just that stupid. I mean, really. Using guns here is just a asking for their asses being handed to them."

Lorna's hands lifted slowly from her sides and she pushed out with her magnetic fields, directing the guns up toward the ceiling, magnetizing the steel and iron within to the building's supports beyond.

Rogue was laughing at the antics of the restaurant's employees behind the counter, they were a bunch of goofsters and sillyfaced prank monkies! At least, she WAS laughing, until the sound of a shotgun went off. She knew what shotguns sounded liked, not so much because of any knowledge Anna-Marie had of them, but because the knowledge others had of them… that she'd stolen.

With half a hotdog in her mouth pushing her right cheek outward, Rogue looked out to the street with her green eyes, she saw the Tattoo place across the street… something was up there.

Rogue turned to the front door to the Hotdog Palace and stepped outside, to get a better look.

"Truth is the cops here are still too few," replies Nate to Lorna's statement. But good, she disarmed them more peacefully he would have. Six thugs, counting the one with the broken nose trying to stand up. "There might be more, they keep the money in an office". He turns to Lorna and then he is hit by an energy blast. He was ready for it, at least for bullets, he wasn't ready to be encased in a block of ice, though.

Nate and the ice block hit the wall a few inches from Lorna, and a couple colorful clad figures come running the hallway. "Hah, muties are not the only ones with powers. Did you see his face, Boomerang?"

That comes from a guy wearing a nice white and dark blue outfit. His mate, in the same colors, looks somewhat stupid due to an odd-shaped (boomerang-shaped) mask. "You are getting good at this, Blizzard. I'll take care of the green-haired chick." He throws a white boomerang at Lorna. An electro-boomerang, actually. Which is nothing more than a glorified taser.

Lorna scowled faintly, "Yeah well, I don't trust cops anyways." She muttered under her breath as Nate explained about the money being kept in the back. Her hands lifted, her focus narrowing as she prepared as best she could for whatever came out of the back. Her brows furrowed as she tried to stretch her senses wider and figure out if there were more guns for her to pluck up into the air.

Of course, it was then that Nate gets blasted back into the wall with an ice beam. She wasn't ready for that.

She yelped as Nate was flung back, her brows shooting upwards. Still, as the ice-blaster's buddy came out, saying he'd handle her; Lorna's features twisted into a scowl. "Oh, so sure about that?" She snapped, and as the boomerang came flying her way, she pushed on it hard, sending it flying back toward the man that had thrown it in the first place.

It was the ice blast that really confirmed the 'wicked shit' going down in the Mutatoo parlor… and it just made Rogue sigh and roll her eyes. "Here, Charlie." Rogue said, turning and giving the rest of her hotdog to the homeless mutant who was seated out front of the restaurant (He was better fed than most of us!).

Anna-Marie started across the street with her leather longcoat flowing around her heeled feet…

Once she got closer she eyed the woman inside… green hair?

"Lorna?" Rogue said from behind Polaris as she was dealing with whatever was going on… Then Rogue looked over at the ice-blasted— "Nate?" Rogue's husky voice called out. "You just wantin' t'die again, sugah?" She asked while stepping inside the store - eager to see if anyone challenges her, cause she feels a beat-down coming on all of the sudden.

"Uh. It shouldn't have done this," comments Boomerang snatching his electro-boomerang as it comes close. Blizzard snorts and sends a freezing ray to Lorna just as Rogue steps in. "Another of those X-types, I am telling Griffin to come down." Boomerang nods, and this time he throws three boomerangs at once at Lorna.

Nate grunts at Rogue's comment. It is cold in there! But cracks are appearing on the ice block as he pushes back with telekinesis.

There is a loud thumping sound behind Rogue, and a huge creature lands behind her. Ten feet tall, but barely humanoid. Red skin and a yellow lion-like mane. He growls at Rogue and then pounces. Too large for the door, Griffin pounces through the wall.

"Performance issues." She offered as Boomerang snatched his boomerang back as she sent it is way. She flashed a cheeky grin, ducking as a beam of ice shot her way. She had been prepared for that at least. Even if she hadn't been prepared for three boomerangs that didn't catch in her fields to come flying her way. She got smacked and smacked hard. She tumbled back onto the ground, her breath knocked out of her briefly.

A groan and then Lorna was pushing herself back up and flinging her hands out. No witty one lingers were offered this time, as she scouped up all the loose metal in the room—the guns from the ceiling included.

Rogue swept her eyes off of Lorna, because she knew damn well that there were few people in this world that could really mess up Magneto's daughter when she was on the attack. Nope, Rogue had a different target… she walked right over to Nate in his ice cube and rolled her eyes at him before PUNCHING the ice to shatter it!

And thats about the time that she heard the thudding behind her and turned to see that 'thing' coming through the front of the building at her!

Rogue's green eyes momentarily went wide and then she was collided with! But what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Rogue didn't know, she slept through Physics classes.

"Ahhhh… honey, if you wanted a kiss, all ya had t'do was buy me dinne'ah first." Rogue said at the beast that was ontop of her. A second later and she kicked her feet up, sending her immense amount of strength right up at the Beast's crotch!

"Not in my shop!" Cries a burly mutant with small arms growing from his normal (if large) arms. The thugs and the mutants run away when Griffin brings down the wall. The monster is easily as strong as Rogue, but his bulk works against him and he gets kicked out by the Southern girl. Outside a van gets crushed.

Nate, meanwhile, stands up grimacing. "Thanks, Roguie," he mutters. More boomerangs fly at Lorna and him, but they bounce off a telekinetic barrier. But the young man ducks when a freezing ray comes pulling Lorna out of the way. The corner behind her becomes something akin to an igloo. "We need to stop them before they destroy the whole building."

Nate is not doing much, though. His powers have been erratic since Genosha.

Lorna was busily trying to rain down metal at the two attackers, hoping to cause enough of a distraction to get some kind of a plan together. She could bring the building down around their heads, but she had a feeling the shop keeper wouldn't approve. Then of course, Nate was tugging her out of the way of icy blast. She yelped faintly, the metal she'd been slinging about flew wildly around at her distraction.

As Nate glanced her way, speaking about what to do exactly.. she grimaced, glancing back over her shoulder.

"I can try to restrain them. There's enough metal here that I could do it. But I'd need some head space to concentrate a bit." She murmured, and clenched her fists tightly, sending all the loose metal up into the air again and flinging it about in a swirling pattern around Boomerang and Blizzard.

With the beast launched off of her and back out of the front of the store, Rogue shot up off the ground and hovered about two feet off the filth covered floor…. She glared out of the demolished storefront and could hear Nate and Lorna discussing tactics, but she was kind of in a mood now…

Rogue leaned forward and flew right out of the building like a bullet out of a gun, she flew right at the lion-maned-creature and went to slam into him like a hammer. "What say you 'nd I take a bit of a flight, huh, love'ah boy?" She said at the creature then, moving to wrap her hands around his neck and lift up off the ground to fly upwards toward the clouds.

Inside the parlor Boomerang and Blizzard finds themselves dodging chinks of metal (some are guns!) and the first gets hit on the head pretty hard and knocks him down. Blizzard pulls him away, towards the back door, leaving a wall of ice covering their retreat.

Outside, Rogue grapples the much larger Griffin, but when she pulls up, the monster wings prove to be useless to counter Rogue's wingless flight. However he claws at the young woman, trying to eviscerate her, or at least force her to release him.

As soon as Lorna felt clear enough to stand up, she was manipulating the metal in the room into a giant ball of twisted scrap. It was clear she was getting ready to try to put her plan into place. Of course, that was when the two robbers fled out toward the back door. She sighed, and with a twist of her lips, directed the various bundles of metal (including what was once guns) to scoup up the other nonpowered robbers, attempting to wrap them up in nice, neat little ropes of steel and iron alloys.

Her gaze flickered toward Nate, her brows shooting upwards. "Did you want to go after them? Because I got these guys here. And judging by the sounds outside, Rogue likely has her hands full."

Rogue did have her hands full, quite literally in fact… She was trying to deflect the monster's swings at her, because she didn't want it to A> Thrash her clothes 2> Leave her indecently exposed and D> find out if his claws could actually hurt her, so she was forced to swap hands that she gripped his neck with and bat his arms away in arm locks and deflecting swipes!

Rogue had every intention of letting the beast go, once she got up high enough… She released him and would fly off, hoping that the creature would follow her away from the city!

"Lets help Rogue," suggests Nate. Since cowardly super-villains are less a problem than a rampaging monster strong enough to cause the southern girl trouble.

But it looks like Rogue has taken the fight up and away already. Good for her, since it won't wreck more of Mutant Town. But she put herself outside Lorna and Nate's sight, too.

Griffin is rather happy to get rid of Rogue. His claws aren't hard enough to do more than scratch her skin, but her clothes are pretty much shredded where they got hit. Indecent exposure or not, the monstrous Griffin flies down to try to hide among the darkening alleyways instead of trying to chase down the obviously much faster Rogue. There is still a spark of human intelligence in his brain.

Rogue turned around to see that the monster had ditched her and she just sighed. "Like every man in my life." She muttered under her breath while floating up benath the clouds. Rogue looked down at herself… reached to close her leather longcoat that now had ripped up sleeves. She just released a heavy and dramatic sigh and shook her head side to side. "Why does this always happen t'me?" She said then.

Rogue would fly back down toward the city with her jacket buttoned-up and would land ontop of the Mutatoo parlor roof to look around and survey the area and the goings-on in the wake of this weird and random attack that she got caught in the middle of.

The police has arrived, and Lorna has sneaked out. Nate is talking with the cops and trying to calm the enraged shop owner. They saved his money, but actually fixing the wall might cost more than the money he had in the safe. Insurance does not cover super-powered damage in Mutant Town.

Nate won't return to Xavier until the morning.

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