Chance Meeting in Mutant Town

September 12, 2017:

Kirsty Coleman aka Screwball attempts to help a young girl complete her unfinished business and ends up meeting a wonderful hero named Ann Marie aka Rogue.

Mutant Town, Stilts and Cathy Gibbs apartment complex

A old gated apartment complex in a seedy district of Mutant Town.


NPCs: Cathy Gibbs, Johnny Winters, Stilts

Mentions: Jessica Jones, Kate Bishop


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Log Commenced: 12-Sep-17 06:23PM EST


Kirsty Coleman was walking the streets of Mutant Town attempting to draw as little attention to herself as possible. Which was normally a considerably hard prospect to be sure; but, in Mutant Town Kirsty was most likely not the weirdest person about. Although talking to yourself is never normal under any circumstance. Today in attendance was the normal Johnny; but, the had a tag along named Cathy Gibbs. Cathy was a 12 year old girl from Mutant Town far as Kirsty could figure and she was sadly killed about a week ago by a drunk driver. Cathy had enlisted Kirsty to find her apartment in the seedy ass neighborhood Kirsty now wondered. The task was simple enough and Kirsty had a certain heart-string that was vulnerable to the requests of children. Dead or not this poor girl was just worried about her Mother, Little Brother, and Cat. "Pa… Pa… ." Kirsty shakes her head. "Poor thing… ."

Kirsty turns around and looks to Cathy without realizing she was also peering at a larger gentleman clearly coming off work. The man gave the short girl a stare and a snive comment. "So-Sorry Sir… just… Umm yes." she steps to the side and lets the man pass hugging her arm and smiling at the empty air next to her. "Are we almost there? C-Cathy?" their is a pause and Kirsty offers a fist bump to the empty spot and seems to smile with an empathetic kindness. unfortunately this also made others stare her way forcing Kirsty to draw inward

Kirsty sadly did not understand her powers fully and they did come with a monochrome of shame. She always had the passing thought she was just insane. But, it was always absolved as the spirits that approached her did indeed have ties in our world. Kirsty sighed and signaled her tag alongs to follow as she continued to wander the streets trying to find Cathy's apartment from it's vague description. Twelve year olds should really learn their addresses.


"Let me get this straight." A husky female voice said, laced thickly with a Southern accent. "You wanted me t'come aaaall the way down here from Westcheste'ah… just so you could tell your landlord that Ah was your girlfriend?"

Rogue was walking down the sidewalk, wearing a brown leather trench coat and a green tank top beneath that, with a black denim skirt and some fishnet stockings on her legs that went down to tall leather boots that made her stand several inches taller than she already was naturally.

Beside Rogue, walked a tiny man… couldn't even be four feet. She towered over him. He threw his arms out wide at her words. "Look, Rogue." He said in a higher than normal pitched voice. "My landlord has been ridin' my ass all month about rent. 'When are you gonna pay your rent?!' 'The rent is due, you know, Johnny!'" He threw his hands up in the air. "I told him my girlfriend needed the rent money for an important surgery! But he KNOWS that Sally left me last month!" He looked up at Rogue and pointed up at her. "So thats where YOU come in, ya tall drink of sexy sweet tea."

Rogue laughed softly and she shook her head, her hands coming out of her long coat pockets to lights a cigarette and place it between her lips. "Ya neve'ah cease t'make me laugh, Stilts." She said down to her old friend.


Kirsty Coleman found herself walking the sidewalks and coming to an ally way her eyes darted to the ally and she winced as if catching the sight of something unappealing. Kirsty then darted cross the busy road, j-walking between two cross walks. She managed it with ease as if it was not her first time doing such. She took a couple deep breathes when reaching the other side and turned to look just behind her "I-is it?" Kirsty would look to an apartment complex where a tall beautiful woman and a rather shorter man seemed to be enjoying each others company. There is a brief pause and Kirsty was on the move again.

When Kirsty drew closer to Rogue and Stilts she tried to slink past them unnoticed as she did with most people and she stared at the apartment complex. "W-which… f… ." she paused rubbing her temples. "Which floor." she said in a hushed tone as if trying her best not to draw unwanted attention. Kirsty just stood there and seemingly listened to the busy streets and people around her oddly nodding every so often. She would walk up to the gated apartment complex and found she would have to be buzzed in. "F-fuck…. ." she gulped and began to run a finger cross the nameplates near a buzzer. She did indeed seem to find the one she wanted to push. one "Samantha Gibbs" but, she hesitated. What would she even say. What could she say. Kirsty looked around almost hoping some stranger that lived there would be going through the door soon.


And its precisely where Rogue and Stilts were going.

"You know you're not my type, right?" Rogue said down at her much shorter friend who in-turn, looked up at her. "You're too tall." Rogue finished her sentence at him and flashed him a grin.

"Real funny." Johnny said up to the Southern Belle. "You're not my type either… Too short!" He pointed up at her and then flashed a big smile. "Ahhhh!?"

Rogue shook her head at her friend and then they both looked at Kirsty when she said the F-bomb… the two of them just stared at her.

"Something I can help you with?" Johnny (Stilts) asked while Rogue just took a puff on her cigarette and then let the smoke cloud flow out from between her red lips toward the street.


Kirsty Coleman blinked looking to the shorter man and shook her head as if to say no at first. She stops and looks down and to the left. "Yes, you…. you knew. Know… the Gibbs right sir? I… I need to speak with Ms. Gibbs. But," she pauses. "But she does not know I'm c-coming… and I. I well d-don't want to use the buzzer. Could… could you let me in. Cathy… Cathy says your nice. And would most likely do it." Kirsty seems to palm her own hands a bit nervous to hear the mans response. Taking the advice of the twelve year old was hard because people tended to act differently to kids then adults.

Kirsty looks to the tall woman taking a drag of her cigarette and forced a smile as if trying to feign normalcy. She really was beautiful. "S-sorry if it's a bother… I." she bites her lower lip. "I don't mean to be it's just important." she sighs and half expects the worse.


Rogue shared a look with Johnny and then they both looked back at the woman asking for entrance into the building.

"Nah, sorry, dame." Johnny said, moving up toward the doorway. "No can do. Too many damn thieves around here." He used his keys to open the door to let him and Rogue inside…

Rogue stepped up and opened the door for her AND Kirsty then. "Just let'er in, Stilts. She's fine."

Johnny stepped into the foyer and spun around, pointed a finger up at Marie. "You didn't have someone come ina nd steal your doormat, -Rogue-!" He said up at her, rarely using her alias to refer to her.

"Just go on in." Rogue said to Kirsty, smiling at her and nodding her into th eopen building.


Kirsty Coleman looked to the woman and smiled speaking a rather quiet "thank you." before moving by her. Rogue would notice that Kirsty moved in a way to have considerable space between herself and her. But, before any speculations could be made she seemed to do much the same with Stilts. "I, I'm not a thief. No worries. Just… have a message for Ms. Gibbs." she pauses and seems to place a finger to her lips and look sideways. She would look to the mailboxes in the lobby and almost ponder for a brief moment before sighing in frustration. She would return her gaze to the pair. "Thank you again. Have a pl-ple… good evening." she shakes her head and begins walking too the stair well


Johnny threw his hands down and out in disbelief that Rogue just defied him like that. "Ahhhh!" He gasped at her with his mouth all open and upset at her. "Marie!" He shouted at her while Kirsten walked past him.

"Oh, pipe down." Rogue said, stepping into the building. "I'm your girlfriend remembe'ah? Ya gotta do what I say." She grinned at her shorter friend as they stepped into the foyer and closed the doors behind them.

"Thieves always tell you they're not thieves!" Stilts added in Kirsten's direction as she walked on into the building.

Rogue put her cigarette out and dropped it into a waste-bin next to the front door, she watched Kirsten for a moment longer, something about the woman seemed a bit odd.. but hey, they were in Mutant Town, everyone here was odd in unique ways!


Kirsty Coleman looked behind herself too Stilts at his comment and smirked in mild bemusement. "T-then… perhaps to settle your nerves I should say I am a thief then. Since… no thief would admit to being a thief." she chuckled a bit under her breath. She wasn't getting any weird dangerous feelings from either of them so she felt confident that a joke like that would be okay. She paused for a second and looked around a moment as if she had dropped something. "S-shiiitaki mushrooms." Kirsty would look to the pair. "Have to r-r-run now… bye." she offered a meek wave and bolted up the stairs.

The building was old and Kirsty could tell. Some of the paintings and walls screamed at her telling their tales and causing a sharp pain near Kirsty's temples. But, Cathy had run off. The eager 12 year old elated at the thought of being home and seeing her family. "Delusions…. always… delusions." she turned to Johnny. "Johnny could… could you find her for me… t-tell her to wait. If.. if she gets to emotional she could." their is a pause in her speech and she smiled her eyes following the carpet down the hall. Kirsty took the moment to hold her brow with an open palm. "I hate… o-old things…. ." she groaned and turned to look at a painting of a an Irishman and his dog. "SHUT UP!" she let out an exasperated sigh. "I don't care!"


Rogue was on her phone texting someone while Johnny and the girl exchanged more words, the little man just smirked at her 'i am a thief then' bit and he waved a hand at her…

But when she returned and spoke of the 'old things' and then had a shouting match with a painting on the wall, Stilts looked at Marie with wide-eyes! "See what you've done, Marie!?" He said at her, walking over to her to slap her across the leg! "Ya let in a crazy person!"

Rogue looked up from her phone then, first down at Johnny and then down the hall to Kirsten… Marie ignored the slap to her stocking-covered knee and then started to walk toward Kirsten…

"You alright, sugah?" She asked the distraught girl, Rogue's voice was calm/husky and careful.


Kirsty Coleman held her head and looked to the tall woman. You could see the sudden realization dawn on her face. "I was yelling again wasn't I?" she looked down at Rogue's shoes and spoke quietly. "I am sorry… it. I am being a bother." she looked to the painting again and seemed to hold a flat palm over her ear closest to it. "I need to… ." she looked down the long stretch of hallway and realized she had no idea where she had to go to find Cathy or Johnny. Seemingly a bit more panicked she speaks again. "I will… be quiet. I'll be good. W-wait in the lobby for… I'll wait for Ms. Gibbs there." she nods as if to affirm her weak words. "Your… f-friends right I am crazy; but, I… I do need to be here. please… don't c-call the cops on me. They'll take my job and apartment from me and I c-can't handle that again. I'll be good… promise." she says as collectively as she could while resisting the foul temperament of the Irishman painting. Or rather the foul temperament of the artist…. what a sick man was all Kirsty could think as the memories flash.


Johnny was stepping into his now-open apartment doorway and he was muttering stuff inside of it.

Rogue watched Kirsten closely and she shook her head. "I ain't gonna call the cops on ya, darlin'. Ya ain't done anything wrong."

"Yet!" Johnny shouted from inside his apartment.

Rogue shook her head softly and offered a gloved right hand. "I'm Marie." She told Kirsten. "That little bastard is John. Though everyone calls him Stilts. Don't eve'ah believe a word he says t'ya, he's just out t'steal your money." She gave Kirsten a sly grin.

"Waitin' for them is probably a good idea, if ya got some business with the Gibbs. I don't live here, so I don't know'em, but if ya can't leave'em a note or something, may as well hang out until they come back, right?"


Kirsty Coleman looked to the hand and seemed wary. "I… I can't. Do hand shakes sorry." she says her eyes darting between the woman's eyes and neck as if to unsure of herself to look at her proper. "But, I think… well Cathy is pretty sure that she would be home. I'll know soon enough. I'm gonna get a call… from a friend. I'll ask'em if… if they know what floor and room number too. I should have got more information before bothering you and Mr. John. Thank you for being understanding and nice… I know how odd I am. I just, c-can't change it." she says with a slight souless smile as if admitting it to herself hurt more than any words another could dish out.
It was a well known fact that Cathy Gibbs was killed by a hit and run four days ago. A possible connection for anyone in the apartment. She was a sweet little girl fond of chalk art just outside the building. She apparently got struck while going to buy her little brother and herself icecream instead of pizza as their Mother had advised before leaving for work. At least that is what the papers reported a few days ago.


Johnny appeared back in the doorway with a beer in his hand and a glare on his face "Kitty Cat Gibbs is dead." He said toward Rogue and Kirsten, rather bluntly and carelessly. "Was playing out in the street. She'd been told not to, like a thousand times." He took another sip of his beer and went back into his open apartment.

Rogue glanced back to Stilts and then back at Kirsten and she just went kind of wide-eyed at the woman. "You… talked to the Gibbs family at all lately…?" She asked, her dark eyebrows now lowering down in an inspecting stare at the young woman again, something seemed really off about all of this. "I mean, if… what he said is true, they may not be around here any time soon afte'ah all, if they're dealin' with… that tragedy."


Kirsty Coleman pauses and takes a few tentative steps back, "I mean… it's possible they aren't here and I'm wasting my time. But, it's important I talk with Ms. ." Kirsty pauses and seems to listen for a moment as her hand goes into her pocket and she pulls out her phone.

She brings it to her ear and holds a hand ever so slightly over the mouth bit as if to keep the conversation private. "Good job, do you know which floor?" she pauses, "5the, 239.. okay thank you. umm." she looks to Rogue and where Stilts was. "Freddy, is she waiting? She is… good. She's a sweet thing… for listening. Okay… ." she pauses and speaks as if to rush the conversation to a close. "Okay gotta go now, bye." she sighs and hangs up the phone shoving it in her pocket as quickly as she can. "W-well guess I don't have to be a bother…. a-anymore… k-know where I'm going now." she says with a brief smile.

Kirsty takes a few more steps back, "It was n-nice meeting you M-Marie… please ex-c-cuse me." she somehow manages to get her words out between all the noise from the Irishman and his dog and the nerves of how awkward this situation was.


Rogue just stood there between Kirsten and the open doorway behind her to Stilts' apartment. But her eyes were entirely on the troubled woman and her phone conversation… Rogue didn't have super-powered hearing though, so she didn't hear nothing that a normal human's ears wouldn't pick up…

When Kirsten hung up and explained herself vaguely, before excusing herself… Marie just nodded her head. "Alright." She told her. "Good luck then, MIssy." The Mississipian said to the other woman. "Hope ya find what you're lookin' for." She'd give a slight smile then before turning toward Johnny's place and moving toward the open doorway. "Ya bette'ah have more beer in there!" She shouted in at her friend.


Kirsty Coleman sighed in relief as the gorgeous and kind woman went back to her friend. "Sorry." she muttered. Kirsty hated lying; but, the truth was worse. It always was. How do you explain your being dragged across the city by a lonely and miserable 12 year old who just want's to apologize to her mother with all her heart. Kirsty turned and went to the elevator taking it all the way to the 5th floor where she met back up with Cathy. "Cathy… listen you c-can't do that… you a-almost got me in trouble." she sighed and knelt down hugging the empty air; but, to Kirsty she was hugging the frail and less than savory looking girl. "I-It's okay… I got this." she knocked on the door and waited.

It took a moment but soon Ms. Gibbs came out and looked very worse for ware. Kirsty could see little Benji in the back watching t.v. looking like a regular kid except with a cloud over his head. "M-Ms. Gibbs."

"Yes?" The rather well dressed woman asked, "I'm afraid I have no intre." Kirsty cut the woman off and spoke plain and allow as to not stutter. "I apologize for interrupting your home at the eve of your loss… but, I am a psychic… and I have spoken with Cathy." the door begins closing and Kirsty shoves her foot in the door way just to have it slammed on. Kirsty's Danger Sense began to tingle as the woman, Ms. Gibbs, looked furious

"How dare you… what are you looking for a hand out… you filthy little reprobate?" Kirsty shook her head as Cathy's spirit became emotional and the lights flickered. Kirsty tried to shushh the poor girl and the lights settled. "It's okay Cathy." Ms. Gibbs whether because she was depressed or simply just wanting to believe on some level opened the door. "Speak, or move your foot." Kirsty swallowed, her Danger Sense still showing her sights of Ms. Gibbs punching her face in. "Ms. Gibbs… Cathy is sorry."

Benji now looks over to the pair and stands meekly behind his Mom. "She just really wanted Ice Cream… Benji was feeling bad about Dad and she remembered when you use to bring home icecream to cheer everyone up when he first left you all. She thought she would be a good sister and daughter if she got it. It would make up for Hitting Benji with the firetruck…. and make up for saying she hated you before you went to work." Ms. Gibbs eyes widened and she covered her mouth now crying. "She… s-she… ." Kirsty struggled to speak. "She drew you a p-picture…. h-hid it in her drawer under her swimsuit you b-bought.. last year." she pauses, "S-Sorry last Month. B-Benji… sissy is sorry for hit hitting you. She want's you to watch out for." Kirsty looks beside herself. "Sebastian… really? Sebastian… he will be your.. b-best friend… ." Ms. Gibbs seemed speechless and Kirsty's Danger Sense died down. She could only stand there vulnerable hoping something good would come of this


Rogue spent the next several minutes in Johnny's apartment until her little friend was able to call the landlord and tell him to stop on by. When the landlord did, he made Rogue answer the door, to which the landlord was summarily stunned to see such a woman of this calibur inside of John's apartment. The old fat landlord stammered several times and said he was just looking for his money…

Rogue gave this sad sob story about how the money went to help her get brand ne implants and that she was just so happy to have them! She made overly flirtatious looks and giggles just emphasize her story and told the landlord that Johnny would have the money within a month, and that he'd never have to worry about it ever again!

The really sad part is, it worked. The old landlord just stumbled his way back to his own apartment and closed the door while Rogue smirked and went to grab her coat off the sofa, and take a fresh beer to leave with.

"You owe me one." She told Stilts before stepping out of his apartment with her long coat slung over her shoulder.


Kirsty Coleman stood silent till Ms. Gibbs broke the tension. "Can she hear me… ." Kirsty nods and Ms. Gibbs speaks again. "Ohh baby girl… Mommy forgives you. Mommy is sorry." she began to weep. "You will always be my baby girl. Please, I don't want you to feel sad about our fighting… ." Kirsty looked beside herself and found herself crying as her eyes trailed to Ms. Gibbs the tearful Mother just knew and crouched hugging the air. Kirsty didn't have the heart to tell Ms. Gibbs she was half way through Cathy; but, the thought was all that mattered.

the lights throughout the apartment complex became brighter for a time and no matter where you were it was rather odd to say the least. Kirsty turned to leave; but, Ms. Gibbs stopped her. "Wait… please, what's your name? And, do you know who took my baby girl away from me… what happens now?" Kirsty pauses and speaks in a stutter as the lights returned to normal and she watches a smiling Cathy fade from sight. "S-she… lives happily ever after." she looks to Benji who also came out.

"I d-don't know who took C-Cathy; but, I can try to f-find out." Ms Gibbs hugs Kirsty and Kirsty shudders and gently pushes the woman off of her. "P-please no…. i-if I find something I'll come back." Kirsty begins walking away again.

Ms. Gibbs calls out, "Your name?" Kirsty turns and smirks, "Screwball… ." she waves and heads down the stairwell and seeing the lovely Marie again. She almost looks confused as if she should address her. The thought was stopped as Kirsty turned to the Irishman painting just outside of Stilts apartment and turned it around facing the wall and lent against the wall and floor. "Shussshhhh… ." Kirsty shook her head


Rogue was putting her coat back onto her otherwise bare shoulders (as dangerous as those are in that state to others) and she then noticed the flickering strength of the lights, but she just chalked it up to someone running their microwave in this shitty old building, and it made her smirk.

When she heard the quiet "shhhhh'ing" down the hall a bit behind her, Rogue glanced back over her shoulder and saw the strange woman from earlier. "Figure out whateve'ah it is you were huntin' for?" She asked her, while moving toward the front door, taking a moment to open the bottle of beer she liberated from Stilts' place and then going to open the front door to the place again.


Kirsty Coleman says, "Yes, Ms. Marie. I-I did. I fixed the issue and d-did good." she smiles. Kirsty thought to herself, Who cares if this woman thinks I'm crazy at this point. "M-made a promise… I might not be able to keep though. Well not a prom-ise. But, I said I'd do something. Just… it's going to be hard.. to do I think." Kirsty looks up to Marie. "You, you are real nice… th-thank you for taking a leap of f-faith you may not b-believe it but you h-helped me save a little girl from suffering." she said rather bluntly as if giving no regard to how she sounded. From the rather matter of fact nature it was either the wild nature of a crazy girl that she believed in 100 or it was truth."


Rogue spent a fair amount of time in Mutant Town, she'd seen all kinds of things in this area… So she was just all-smiles that Kirsty seemed to be happier. Stepping back outside the building, Rogue took a sip from her drink and nodded back to her. "Well hey, I'm glad t'hear it." She said with a small smile. "Ya didn't seem like much of a threat t'the buildin'… Johnny is just a terrible judge'a character." She grinned at the other then.

"Anyone who's goin' around tryin' t'help people though? They're good in my book." Rogue stepped out toward the street and pulled her phone out of her coat pocket, using a gloved thumb to navigate its screen while taking another sip from her alcoholic beverage, Rogue was looking up Uber drivers in the area.


Kirsty Coleman tilts her head and fallows Marie out, "It's okay if you d-don't believe most people don't." she pauses. "C-could I b-borrow your phone? Mine has been out of service for about a month. Disability does not always leave me enough to pay my subscription when I'm d-dragged cross the city. N-need to look up cheap PI's… c-can't keep my word by myself. Think Ms. Gibbs needs closer about Cathy." Kirsty looked to Marie half expecting her to shoo away the crazy girl.


Rogue didn't even consider believing the woman or not. She lived in a house with telepaths and firestarters, icemen and teenage warheads… If this woman said she was doing what she was doing, then it was probably true!

"One sec." Rogue told her after hearing about the phone. "Just gotta…" And a second later and Marie looked over and up at her with a smile. "Here." She offered the device over.

"I got a burne'ah phone with about five hundred minutes on it that I don't need. If ya want it ya can keep it?" She pulled it out of a different interior pocket inside the right side of her long coat and held it on display. It was an older styled flip-phone. "The minutes go fast, but ya know… bette'ah'n nothin'." She said with a flirtatious grin.


Kirsty Coleman smiled brightly, "I will happily t-take it." she wraps her small hand round the phone and briefly touches your gloves. Her eyes take on a distant look as if she was not even looking at Marie any more. When she came too she simply blinked at Rogue with a thoughtful expression. "T-thank you… ." she pockets the phone and uses your main phone to look up PI's. She would call up a couple. The first was a Jessica Jones of Alias investigations. "Darn… o-out of town." the second name she looked up she just wrote down on her arm in capital letters, "Kate Bishop." she hands the phone back and smiles again.

"So, m-mind if I w-wait here with you… there is a city bus that stops. C-c… ." she groans and just points at a bus stop on the other side of the street at the corner.


Rogue watched the woman work with her phone. She then accepted it back and nodded her head. "You're more than welcome t'hang here with me." She didn't seem to pick up on any oddities about having her gloved hand brushed over, since she had gloves on she wasn't expecting people to get weirded out when touching her, she was used to it working the other way around in fact.

Rogue glanced toward the bus stop and then looked back at the girl. "Sure thing, sugah-pop." She said back at her. "I'm just waitin' for an Ube'ah." She grinned. "I love flirtin' with the drive'ahs and watchin'em squirm in their seats. Much more personal of an experience than a smelly ol' bus."

Rogue motioned Kirsten to follow her. "Come on, lets get a coffee while we wait. My treat." She'd walk toward a coffee shop next door and tossed her barely touched beer into the trashcan beside the shop's front door. "Tasted skunky anyway, and I would know!" Rogue grinned, making a self-depricating joke about her own hair.

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