Fox Hunt

September 29, 2014:

Melinda May taps agents for an unusual field mission in Manhattan

Hell's Kitchen

A montage of Manhatten from the Triskellion down the busy streets to the Hudson River


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Fade In…

A select handful of people were pulled from their normal non-field mission routines and told they were to meet in this small conference room on the grond floor of the Triskelion. May is already there, the informational screens on the wall and set into the conference table displaying a screen saver of sorts. She waits and watches as each person arrives and settles in, then starts the briefing.

"SHIELD has received reports that an unidentified power source has been detected in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York. We have been tasked with locating and securing it." The screens around the room change to show a rather average looking city block with three-story brownstone houses lining both sides of the street. Most of them appear to be in the process of renovation and are boarded up or otherwise closed off to the public.

"In case you're thinking this is going ot be a cakewalk, stow that here and now. Intel has also come down that Cadmus has learned the same things we have, and will be sending a team of their own to retrieve the power source." She looks at those here as the screens shut down again. "The cars are waiting. You have five minutes to gather your equipment and be in the motor pool. Dismissed. Logan. Trent. A minute more of your time." Please? Pfft. May never says please.


Despite being pulled in from their assignments, Simmons argues with Fitz on her way into the small conference room. "Yes, I know Fitz, but if we don't stabilize the solution before injecting it into the thrusters, we could have quite the messy situation on our hands. We don't want a repeat of the gravitational bandoliers again, now, do we?" Taking a seat, she gives those assembled a polite smile.

The argument on her end, however, ends as May starts her briefing. She's stubborn, but she's also not foolish enough to try and continue it when Melinda May is talking about an assignment.

"Five minutes?!" Simmons is quick to stand up, all but ready to sprint out of the room.


The only thing lacking from Sam Weiss (Spade for those at home) is the fresh new car smell that should emenate from his rather lost expression. The wandering that had occurred for a good amount of time even before finding the meeting room is a good reason to show up late, but hardly one he feels like justifying, hence the hiding in the back with silence approach during the entirity of the briefing. However as it closes, the orders given, it takes him only a moment to raise his hand in the air.

"Not to sound utterly lost but, just what do you mean by a unidentified power source? Is that… well nevermind that. What is a Cadmus, and do they need to be, is this a bring a gun with thing?" The questions of course are not directed right at May, that would be a scary prospect, rather Spade seems to be inquiring them of the nearest object just outside his line of vision, only realizing after a moment he's been questioning a water cooler.


"You worry about the bloody solution," Fitz is whisper-arguing as he trails along behind Simmons, face half-buried in a notepad, with a pencil in his other hand scrawling out equations. "I'll worry about the injecting, and the thrusting, and all of the…" He realizes just how awkward that phrase is when he looks up and sees the other. "Briefing. Hello." He looks around and goes over to a seat, plopping down and stuffing away his notepad, pencil getting stuffed into the pocket of his lab coat.

Fitz becomes suddenly attentive when May begins. And ends. And gives them five minutes. "Five minutes. I'll need the seekers, and the micro-scanners, and the…" He looks up in time to see Simmons disappearing out the door. "Simmons!" The chair is thrown back, and he goes rushing behind her. "Simmons, wait up!!"


Jericho Trent, a man whose voice should be familiar if not his appearance, nods as May asks him to stay back, straightening up from where he'd been leaning against the wall. His amber eyes gleam (actually gleam, which is new) a little as he watches Fitz and Simmons head out and Spade look a bit lost. "You should probably get below." He murmurs to the new guy. "There'll be time to ask questions on the ride over." Turning then he goes to see what May needed.


Melinda May looks at Weiss. "I've seen your file, Weiss. Prepare as you would for any in-and-out retrieval mission. Fast and quiet. The amount of resistance we might encounter is unknown, so plan accordingly. Go."

She returns her attention to Trent and offers him a tablet computer. "You're going to run the nest, Trent. That's normally Coulson's job." By her expression, that last statement carries a LOT of weight behind it. Then she's headed for the door, ready to lead Weiss by the elbow to make sure he doesn't get lost again.


Perhaps still annoyed at Fitz for his comment about the solution, Simmons only pauses at the doorway when he calls after her to wait up. "Well, then, come on," she huffs, knowing that May is not kidding around and they truly do only have five minutes to pack all that they'll need for the operation. And then the doors slides shut behind them. Presumably, she is carefully, but speedily, stuffing whatever she thinks she'll need from the lab into a bag to bring along with them.


"Retrival mission, alright, see now we're speaking good ol' Queen's English." Spade offers with a nod, turning and starting for the door with steps that aren't running but definitely of a quick pace. As he moves, the man speaks to himself, "Alright, retrival mission with possible resistance. Alright, this we can handle Sam." With the force of a man on a mission, he jams his hand into the door to the storage area his focus on the mission at hand. Abruptly he walks back out of the storage facility, "I'm sorry ma'am, I got lost." Looking at the door and the image of a female imprinted upon it, he opts instead to follow others rather than attempt to strike out on his own.


"Seekers… micro-scanners… nano-destabilizers… oh, oh!" Fitz slams a drawer shut and goes over to a storage locker, ripping it open. "Do we have time to pack the Selective EMPs? They take a long time to program, but… ah, bollocks!" He grabs a handful of the devices and haphazardly spreads it all out on a table, only to begin packing it away into a pair of reinforced containers in a meticulous manner.

"How much time, Simmons?" he asks, while eyes dart around the lab, looking for other toys. "Bloody hell, we're out of time, aren't we? We are." He snatches up the cases and goes rushing for the door. "Which way?"


Jericho's voice sounds in May's earpiece… and the earpiece of anyone else who has one. "Can you hear me? Good. Okay, so Agent May asked me to provide Overwatch for this mission. With all of my copious access to SHIELDs computers and databases." His voice is dry, given that, you know, he's an outsider and doesn't have much. Just special access granted to a limited handful of databases for this mission. Because Coulson's busy. The tech next to him is probably going to be fielding a lot of questions.

"If you guys wanna beat Cadmus there, I suggest you get to the cars pronto. Oh, and if any of you die, I have dibs to feed your remains to my pet demon."


Somehow, May manages to refrain from rolling her eyes at Weiss, but then leads him to the closes weapons and armor supply room to spend a grand total of thirty seconds getting him outfitted with body armor. But, no weapons. Guy's still a recruit, after all. He'll be lucky if they let him have a water pistol before he's completed all of his certifications. "Let's go, Weiss. Clock's ticking." She leads the recruit to the motor pool to keep him from getting lost again and claims the driver's seat of the SUV that's been assigned to them.

"Stick to business, Trent. Fitz. Simmons. Ninety seconds," she says to her comm-link.


"2 minutes!" Simmons tells Fitz as she gently places a black case into a duffle bag. "Uh, uh, oh, no, Fitz, not the Selectives, if we don't have the time we'll cut the power for half of Manhattan." Then, 30 seconds later they get the warning from May. Fierce zippering happens as Simmons is quick to toss her two bags over her shoudlers before moving over to help Fitz with his. "We've got to make it to the cars or she's going to give us that annoyed stare," she warns. "And now apparently we have to worry about demons?" Since when did SHIELD allow demons into their operations? Dashing to the door, she starts to pull it open so she can hold it for Fitz. "Did we remember the particle emmiters?" It's most likely too late now if they did.


"Did he say feed us to Demons?" Spade asks towards Melinda as he gets into the backseat of the SUV, figuring that riding shotgun might be a bit presumptious since he is just a body in armor at the moment. Settling into the seat, and even putting on a seatbelt. "Are those other two the Fitz and Simmons that are talking? The… well the nerds?" The questions keep coming from the man, directed to Melinda as she's the only body nearby.


"Yeah, and she'll write us up, or put us on latrine duty, ugh!" Fitz finishes packing his things and goes running along. "God, I'd rather be dead before scrubbing the loo after some of these meatheads dump their… nevermind!"

Particle emitters? Fitz almost goes back for them. But no. "No time!" he blurts out, and goes careening toward the motor pool.

Its a mad dash for the SUV, but Fitz throws his stuff into the back and turns to help Simmons to do the same. "We're coming, we're coming!" he says, and heads to grab a seat.


"Fine fine." Jericho sighs. "Okay. Now that you're all actually in the cars, let's get this show on the road. The power source in question is coming from the Hudson river bank on the Manhattan side in Hell's Kitchen. Given the readings it's probably underground so I can't give you a precise location but I can put you within fifty meters. Actually, hang on, let me synch you up to the SHIELD mission network for this." There's a pause and any electronics and network capable devices, including phones, that they have blur and blink before being hooked up to the classified agency's network.

"Right, there. Okay, May's should already have the fastest route there. Given what these readings look like, you're looking for something similar to arc reactor technology but not the same. It's putting out a lot of power, but no guesses on how big it is. If it's too big to carry out, just secure it long enough to call for extraction."

There's a pause. "Not much data on the Team Cadmus is sending to get this thing, but they do have a jump on us. Three to five people. Capabilities unknown. They're already in the area too so keep your eyes peeled."


"Figure of speech, Weiss." May watches the two sciencey types scramble to make it to the SUV on time, and doesn't mention that they're technically about 15 seconds late. But, without further ado, the moment Fitz and Simmons are settled and belted into the car, they're off. She lets Trent give them the additional information as she drives, New York traffic being its usual self and giving her lots of stuff to concentrate on. "Fitz. Are those ICER pistols ready for use yet?"

Spade looks from his backseat at the two arrivals and offers a nod of his head. "Howdy." Such a true Texan greeting right there. "Name's Sam Weiss, most folks call me Spade. Figure if we're off to do whatever it is we're doing, I'd introduce right?" He pauses and clears his throat, trying to let the awkwardness wash off before looking up ahead, "Did he say three to five of… unknown capabilities?"


Though May technically asks Fitz, Simmons can't help but interject, "I've narrowed down the dendrotoxin solution to what I believe is its most stable form."

"Yes," Fitz interjects, "but she hasn't managed to make it stable enough to keep from exploding when hit with a forced air discharge."

Tilting her head just slightly, Simmons puts up a finger, "That is, not in any of the tests that we've run so far. But, I'm not completely convinced that it's not due to the force of the air compressor that's been installed."

"Well, I'm working on that," argues Fitz. "And I do have a prototype that—" He pauses, looking to Spade. "Oh, hello." A hand is offered. "I'm Fitz." He jerks a thumb. "She's Simmons."

"Oh! Yes, of course, sorry, quite rude of us. He's the tech genius, I'm in charge of biochem," Simmons smiles at Sam before turning right back to Fitz. "And I have a prototype as well. We both have prototypes. That we cannot assure won't explode under pressure. How important is it that everything remains…intact?"

Fitz smirks ruefully. "Right, because—" He reaches into the back seat and pulls out a case, opening it. "This." He wields a rather hefty looking rifle, complete with all the sci-fi gadgetry. "Is the prototype. It throws slugs, that break up under the subcutaneous tissue and deliver the dendrotoxin." He smiles winningly. "I call it the 'Night-Night Gun'."

And that, my friends, is why the people back at the academy call them 'FitzSimmons'.


"Sam Spade and the Brain Trust. Sounds like a YA detective novel." Jericho mutters over the comms as he presumably works the overwatch console. "You draw the short straw on this one, May?" Before she can tell him to shut up again he breaks in, more urgently. "Hang on. I'm detecting odd network activity on the city grid. Someone's overriding the traffic routing protoc- MAY! BARRIERS IN FRONT OF YOU! LOOK SHARP!"

Sure enough, the traffic flow barriers are rising, rather quickly. "We've got a hacker in the municipal grid. I'm trying to lock him out but he's good and the grids got a lot of places he can break in."


"Hang on," is all that May utters before executing the sort of handbrake turn that would likely give Jeremy Clarkson (of BBC's Top Gear fame) a 'crisis'. If one is unaware that May is nearly as good a driver as Coulson, they might panic just about now, because she's set the SUV to sliding sideways to try and avoid hitting those barriers. Problem is, the barriers are approaching the vehicle — FAST — on the driver's side.

Maybe she's having an off day. Maybe Trent's warning was just a split second too late. Either way, the vehicle stops VERY abruptly when it hits the barriers squarely side-on, and the crunch of the car against the barrier is accompanied by the sounds of the airbags deploying and the thunk of May's head slamming into the side window.


"For goodness sake…how many times…we are not calling it that," Simmons rolls her eyes as Fitz pulls the Night-Night Gun out of the back seat. A pleading look turns to the others to help override it.

However, the sudden interjection from Jericho causes Simmons to quickly grab for one of the handles on the roof to brace herself. As the car spins sideways and crashes into the barrier, the scientist slams both toward Fitz and then whiplashes back toward the door, shoulder jaming against the passenger side door.


The slam of the car against the barricade reminds Spade momentarily of just why he is glad he put on that seatbelt. The deep oof from his voice as he is jostled around in the vehicle has him disoriented to say the least and the biting of his own tongue leaves a warm splash of iron flavor in his mouth. The silence after the crash is what gets his attention however, the moments when he becomes used to feeling alert and feeling the aches that jolt over his body from the whiplash and the impacts. Groggily, he attempts to speak but instead gurgles a bit, requiring a quick splatter outwards of spit and blood before attempting once more. "Anybody else dead?"


"Well why not!?" Fitz counters, and shoots a rueful look at his phone, from which the voice of Trent is coming. "I'd read that novel," he mutters, dejectedly, while eyeing his prototype fondly.

Suddenly, he has a Simmons in his lap. "Oy!" he cries out, and reaches up to grasp hold of the 'Oh, Shit!' handle upon the frame above. "Simmons!" He reaches for her in an attempt to hold her back, but it's too late, and the slamming of the car sends him bursting against his seatbelt and into the airbags. He goes utterly silent for a moment or two, the force of impact knocking him senseless.

When he comes to, the world is spinning. "Mmmrrh," he manages to mutter, but everything is still a blur. He's still holding on to the Night-Night Gun, and he's got a nice bruise to his temple, but the poor scientist has gotten himself rattled quite a bit. "Not… dead," he mutters drowsily.


"May?! MAY!" Trent's voice comes out over the car's speakers, having had the bluetooth link activated. "Crap. Her vital signs are waaaay off. I'm calling for medevac. Chopper will be there in a ninety seconds." Or less. The Triskelion isn't that far away by helicoper despite the fact they've been going for a bit by car. "Listen, you guys need to continue mission. Cadmus can't get this thing, got it? Pull yourselves together. I'll work on routing you a vehicle." By which he means, probably helping them steal one.


Yeah. May isn't responding. She isn't moving. So it's a good thing that Trent is still with them via comlink, right?

Oh good, voices. Sam shakes his head and reaches down to unfasten the seatbelt keeping him in place. "Good… I'm hearing voices in my head that aren't my own." A glance is given to attempt to see how the nerds are doing before he leans forward towards Melinda, reaching to touch against her neck with his hand. "She ain't dead… I don't think." A quick glance over the team leader and Spade turns to his own door, unfastening the handle. The earbud thing has him touching it, bluetoothing in. "This is Spade. Ain't got no idea where we are and we banged up." He staggers around some trying to get to the door where the techs are kept to help them out. "So, instructions beyond continue mission are needed since ain't got no clue what direction that is in."


"Fitz?!" As Simmons flies at him and then against the door, her first thought is for her scientific other half. When he mutters she takes a deep breath, putting a gentle hand out to put on his shoulder. The other arm she gingerly attempts to roll, wincing as she does so. They'll all have matching bruises on opposite sides of their head.

Seeing that Fitz is rattled but relatively okay, Simmons is startled by Spade's turn of phrase. "Else?" And then at Trent's voice over the speakers calling out May's name and calling that her vitals are off, she is fumbling at her seatbelt, fingers clumsy. "May? May?? We can't just leave her!" she tells Jericho. "I can stay with her until the Chopper gets here. I'll catch up."


Fitz shakes it off, regaining some clarity to his vision. He and Simmons are SHIELD trained, dammit! They know the protocols, in spite of what others might tend to think of them. "No," he argues, looking directly at Simmons. "You go. Spade can look out for you. Sides, I've got the Night-Night Gun to protect me." He grins a bit lopsidedly at her, then goes to unfasten his seat belt.

Soon as Slade opens the door, Fitz is climbing out. The large rifle looks a bit funny slung over his shoulder, but he does have the stones to shoot it if it comes down to it. He walks a bit slowly around the back of the SUV, going to open the rear hatch where they can access their gear. "Seekers. Micro-scanners. Nano-destabilizers." He hands the gear in their smaller containers to Simmons. "I'll catch up," he assures her, then looks toward Spade with a firm nod. "Don't worry. I got this."


"Are any of you medics? No. You are not. Look, the choppers thirty seconds out. You can probably hear it. I'll come down there myself if I have to." By which, if any of them have read his file (probably not Spade) he means actually sprout wings and fly down there. "But if you don't move now Cadmus will recover whatever energy source we're picking up. It's west of you. Just follow the street. You aren't more than half a mile out. I suggest running. I'll work on getting you a better fix while you go. But go now!"


Melinda May flinches and blindly throws a hand out at someone touching her neck, likely Spade, though she probably either misses completely or ends up swatting Simmons a good one. Of course, all of the com chatter is right there for her to hear so she mutters lowly in that tone that would make even Logan hesitate, "Finish the mission. Now."

"It's noble both of you want to stay, don't know if it's your supporting your friend or I forgot deodorant." Spade comments it towards both the Techs before he inclines his head. "I'm going on. Could use help… you can argue about who it is, or isn't coming with later." Starting to move with a mildly limp on his left leg, Spade heads down the street not looking back. Ok, he does look back hoping that at least someone is following him.


It's May's remark that has Fitz moving. He looks to Simmons, the look clearly telling her 'an order is an order'. "Come on," he hisses to her, and turns to run off after Spade. Meanwhile, he's patching in the earcomm to Jericho on Overwatch. "Look, we just got our bloody heads bashed around," he defends. "Things got a little confusing, okay? We're moving, we're moving. Oy." He glances up. "There goes the chopper." He looks back to the street as they head westward. "Overwatch, you want me to hotwire a car?" he asks, because really. Give him anything, new or old, domestic or foreign, and it's done.


"Actually, I am a medic," Simmons replies with a bit of snark, the crash having both scared her and boosted her adrenaline. She's finally unbuckled herself and starts to check on May's vitals by hand, gingerly attempting to assess the damage in a short amount of time as she's still speaking. Her voice starts to rise to a higher pitch as she continues, "I am properly qualified to assess and stabilize victims of multiple injuries - including supernatural. At least diagnoses for supernatural." It looks, of course, like she may say more however she is helpfully interrupted by Fitz and May. She sits back at the order.

"Half a mile?" Simmons looks back to their bags - there is no way they'll be able to bring them if they're supposed to run that far. "Are we allowed to just hotwire cars?" she asks even as she gathers up what she can easily carry, and all but stumbles out of the SUV. "They'll be here shortly," she assures May, even though she knows the Agent doesn't need such reassuring.


"Yeah, do it." Jericho confirms after a moment. "That corvette to your left looks nice and fast." The medevac chopper is already setting down. "Just hurry. That was a delaying tactic and we've been delayed enough as it stands. If Cadmus is pulling stuff like that, it means that they're close. Every second counts now." There's a beep in the background. "Got an address for you. Forwarding it to your phones. Look for basement or maintenance access. Looks like it's some kind of high rise."


Spade listens in on the conversation and looks at the techs, especially when the news of stealing a car is made. He actually looks like he's hesitating at that for a moment before nodding, "That works. You two, can you load up some of the equipment? If I take off on foot, half mile or so, and you bring equipment I should get there a little bit ahead but we won't be completely unprepared." The man runs a hand through his hair, "That… that work?" He asks it half to the techs and half to the voice inside his ear. "Sooner we get eyes, the better."


A corvette? "Boss," breathes Fitz, and rushes over to the hot rod. Out comes a small device, which scans the vehicle's remote lock codes. "Of course we can, Simmons," he snips. "National Security!"

The car's alarm system chirps, and the doors unlock. He watches for a moment as Spade takes off on foot, and blinks his eyes. "Oy, bollocks," he breathes, then decidedly climbs into the driver's seat, throwing the seeker-filled box and Night-Night Gun into the back seat.

A few moments later, the engine is hotwired and growls to life. "Okay, clutch, six speed, check. Hold on, Simmons!" Once she's in, he hits the clutch, and the corvette tears off into the street. "Heading west!" he reports.


"//We're stealing a car, Fitz." Simmons is practically vibrating with adrenaline and nervousness. She wants to scream out, "it's okay! we're from the government!'

"We're stealing a car, Fitz." Simmons is practically vibrating with adrenaline and nervousness. She wants to scream out, 'it's okay! we're from the government!' practically every second that Fitz is moving through the security. Tossing her own back into the back seat, she drops into shotgun and is quite sure to buckle up. "Oh God, I'm going to die in a corvette," she mutters, clutching at her seatbelt. May driving is one thing, Fitz? That's completely different. Closing her eyes, she attempts to take deep breaths, telling herself that more people survive car crashes when their limbs are loose and flexible.


Rollovers in soft top 'vettes though? That's another matter. Simmons can do the math on survivability in that if she wants. Jericho wouldn't recommend it. Or maybe he would. Apparently he has a pet demon to feed or something. Or he's a troll.

He's totally a troll.

"Get moving. It's not far. I'll clear the lights for you… if our hacker friend doesn't fight me on it. He's still on the grid messing with the police response to your area. Don't expect any backup. The chopper takes off behind them, May on her way to Medical… or the ER. One of those.

Half a mile a way (a little over, actually) there is what looks like a high rise office building… under construction or rennovation or something. It's empty looking. "Okay. It's gotta be in that building. Nothing else has sewer access close enough." Did he say Sewers? Yes he did.

"You're gonna need to get down there and secure the energy source I'm patching through my tracking algorythm to your phones. Shut if off, if you can so that it can't be tracked by Cadmus anymore. Hopefully it'll be portable and you'll be able to move it. If not you'll just have to sit on it until SHIELD can route back up from the helicarri-" Whatever he was going to say cuts off as an energy blast pings off the driver side door. The paint is so totally scratched.

"Contact LEFT! On the roof! Sniper!"


Melinda May is whisked away by the medevac chopper … so far as Fitz and Simmons and Weiss can tell. In reality, the chopper lifts off, she swaps out comm links with one of the people on the chopper, and they drop her off again on a nearby (out of eyeshot) building. The new comlink is on a different channel from Team Science down there, so she can talk with Trent without them hearing.

"All right, Trent. Ready." At this point, she's fully expecting K'Nert or Illyana to appear, drag her through one of those weird teleportation things they do, and drop her off where the hacker is currently hiding out. "What's their ETA?"


At the intel from Jericho, Simmons opens her eyes and pulls out her phone. Easier to not believe Fitz is going to crash the car when she has her mind focused on something else entirely. "Got it," Simmons confirms on the tracking algorithms sent to her phone.

"Fitz, quick, take a right!" While other teams would be able to sniper back or hang someone out the window to cover fire for Fitz, team science has only Fitz's driving skills and luck to ensure that they will make it through. Well, Fitz's driving skills, luck and some science. Swinging about in her seat, she rummages through the bags they tossed in the back. the Night Night Gun is out of the question - she's no shooter - but she does snag a small round ball out of one of the cases.

Rolling down the window, she twists the round ball and tosses it upward and out the window. "Get ready for the party ball, Fitz," she says. As the sphere gets carried off by the wind, it shoots upward, then explodes into harmless, but incredibly bright explosions of light.


Rather than K'nerted away (K'nert is presently out of comission) May finds herself surrounded by purple light and transported to a small room in a basement. Jericho is leaning on the wall, twirling a rather high tech looking handgun. "Just in time." He tosses May the ray gun and a device that looks like a belt buckle. "It's locked to stun, just remember to give it back. I have to return it where I got it from. The other things a holo-projector. I'm just giving Simmons fits with the remote stun turrets. Speaking of Fitz…"

A second energy blast lances out and strikes Fitz in the chest, while another kills the electrics in the car, shutting down the engine. Fitz, poor Fitz, hit by a stun bolt won't be able to do much for a bit.

"Simmons?! Hey, you with me?" May can see Jericho grinning though of course his hapless 'operative' can't. "Damn it. Fitz is out. Hopefully he wakes up soon. Looks like it's all on you. You're not far. There's gotta be basement access in the building nearby. Hopefully you're not already too late."


Melinda May shakes her head at Trent while accepting the 'ray gun' and holo projector. The former and presumably the holster to carry it gets attached to her belt on one side and the latter to her belt on the other side. "I'll go get into position, then. And if you've honestly hurt Fitz, we'll be talking again later." She is only mostly joking there, but she does turn and leave the 'operations center' quickly enough.

As she's heading toward where the others should soon be entering the underground complex, she tests the different settings on the holo projector.


At the shot to Fitz, Simmons drops everything. The car may shut down and stop, but that matters little to the biochemist. "Fitz?! Fitz?!" Tearing at her belt buckle, she springs over to check on the Scot, checking life signs and breathing patterns. Jericho's urging her forward matters little to her. Only once she's ascertained that Fitz is unconscious but stable does she take regular breaths again.

As the car is dead and is the best place to keep an knocked out agent, she unbuckles Fitz only long enough to drape him over both seats and then buckles him in again. Hopefully no snipers will get him while practically hidden under the dash. And the seat belts will keep him locked in should a car crash into him.

Snagging the Night Night Gun and the smaller of the two bags, Simmons opens the car door, steps out and then closes it gently. With a worried look behind her, she runs forward to complete the mission, dashing toward the building marked on the phone.


"There. On your left. That's it. Down that access. There should be a long hallway. It's got to be down there, close to the sewage access. There's got to be a maintenance room or something. Be careful. I've lost the hacker. It's going to be down to-" The comms abruptly cut off. The SHIELD network goes dead. A message shows up on Simmon's phone. 'Naughty, Naughty. SHIELD can't hog all the toys.'

Lovely. SHIELD's been hacked.


Melinda May offers to Trent very quietly as she reaches the prearranged 'first ambush' point, "In position. Does Simmons have anyone with her at this point?"


Taking deep breaths, Simmons swings left and then into the sewage access. "Iiick," she mutters in a soft voice as she searches for the maintenance room. As the comms shut off and the network goes dead, the biochemist abruptly stops. "Jericho?" she says softly intot he com. Then, the message shows up and her breathing gets quite a bit more ragged as she realizes she's in a seweage access, looking for a maintenance room and all alone.

"Keep it together Simmons," she says softly as she slowly starts to search for the maintenance room.


"No. Spade took off on foot and Fitz is out in the car. I'll have to go wake him up when this is done. So we need to cut it a bit shorter than planned."

Jericho shakes his head. Good exercise but clearly the agents need work to be ready for field duty. The 'first ambush point' is actually in the maintance room. If Jemma remembers to clear her corners, she'll see May. Well, disguised May. If not… well… May has a stun gun that she might use.

Melinda May is, sure enough, hiding in that corner waiting for Simmons to step through that door into the maintenance room. She's hoping and hoping that Simmons remembers that rule to clear the room.


Nervous and shaking, Simmons finds the maintenance room by navigating the map Jericho had previously sent. She doesn't need tracking or a 'you are here' button to do such a thing. Putting her back against the wall, she edges foward toward the door on the side, clutching the Night-Night Gun as she does. Peeking her head around the corner, she quickly sees the concealed May. However, the poor startled Simmons gives a bit of a squeal, the gun going off with an electrical buzzing sound and hitting harmlessly into the ceiling. "Bullocks!" she cries, quickly backing up once again.


Simmons may or may not squeal again when she back right up into Jericho who puts both hands on her shoulders. "Well…" He says dryly. "At least you saw May. I think I owe her ten bucks. She has a lot more confidence in her fellow SHIELDies. Apparently at least some of it is well founded." He grins over to May. "Though we only ended up with one at the target point, May. One out of three… I guess there are worse batting averages, but yeesh."


Melinda May does her best to pretend to be a Cadmus mook, ducking a bit and moving to get clear of Simmons' line of fire, but before she can pretend to fire back (badly), Trent is there ending the training mission. She straightens up and turns off the holo projector. "You did good to get this far, Simmons." She offers the strange pistol and belt… thing back to Trent. "Let's go check on Fitz and Weiss."


There is, indeed, another squeal as Jericho puts his hands on Simmons' shoulders. Keyed up and terrified, she immediately elbows backwards and attempts to flail her way out of his grip. It's only when she recognizes his voice that she stops her fighting and then looks between May and Jericho with a flabberghasted expression. Really, she should expect this sort of thing, but she truly didn't. "Wh—" She blinks, looking between the both of them. "Was everyone in on this?"


"No. Weiss and Fitz didn't have a clue. And won't unless we go find him." Jericho catches and holsters the odd looking pistol and the other strange device that seemed to project some kind of holographic field.

"Come on, you two. Lets go pick up our strays and then May can debrief you all to death." He grins and turns, motioning for the other two to follow. Seems like they'll need more training… and he has a few ideas for May…

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