Sweet Release, Bitter Freedom: Gene Therapy Labs

August 16, 2017:

Dani and Darcy make their way down to the Gene Therapy Labs of Genosha to free the captive below. OOC Note: There is a lot of swear words in here. Be warned :)


NPCs: Magneto, Hawkshaw



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West Wing - G-Core HQ (Gene Therapy Labs)

The Facility around Agent Lewis and the X-Men's Moonstar is alive with alarms and weaponsfire. The outside walls of the structure itself being pelted and burst open with psychic assaults (from Nate) and the presence of a pegasus (of all things); these attacks causing the building to actually give off tremors.

In the rush past the main foyer and in to the western subwing the entire level of the structure drops, a flight of stairs that takes up a wide hallway descends to a security gate with an invisible laser grid. Beyond that gate is a row of five armed G-Core security specialists. Helmets, carbine rifles, armor and they're aimed and waiting. Apparently whatever lies beyond that point is important. Important enough to gate off and issue heavy arms.

Thick Genoshan accented English barks out a command, "HALT! Stand down and drop your weapons or be eliminated!" Yeah. They're talking to the obvious two targets in the lone hallway.

Darcy glances at Dani then puts her hands up.

"I give up," she deadpans, chin tilting up to look at the armed guards. Darcy didn'r bring weapons, because anything she could have gotten her ahands on would have been SHIELD issue. Thus, the green-eyed former intern is armed only with chutzpah and sass.

"But only if you can answer me, my questions three."

A pegasus is a wonderful thing to have. Especially when the fight is outside - indoors, however, is another story. Once inside Darcy and Moonstar are on their own.

Brightwind is sent back outside to help with what he can out there.

Now the two women are alone; well, beyond each other. And the variety of goons that they're likely going to encounter, but when it comes to back-up they're currently SOL.

That doesn't mean they're not going to try and free the people and complete their missions.

As such, Dani can now be found in that lone hallway with Darcy. When the other woman raises her hands upward Dani does similar. Darcy's last words also garner a grin from Dani, but that doesn't stop her from murmuring a warning to her partner in crime, "Get ready." And just like that Moonstar reaches out with her own flavor of psychic powers to pull forth from each guard's mind their worst fear. She's intending to paralyze the guards with their fear - here's hoping it works.

"On your faces now!" The spokesman demands. His carbine jutting forward pointing at Darcy then the floor.
"Questions three?" The redhead next to the first man speaking inquires.

As the two womens hands go up the closest man to the security gate powers it off and two step forward and immediately pause; ones mouth opening wider than it should and he lets out a quiet gurgle, maybe it was meant to be a scream. His company on the other hand stands completely still letting out a squeamish very unmanly noise as liquid trickles down his bootleg. He murmurs something incoherent, Spongebob maybe? Or sideboob? It's hard to make out.
To everyone else they simply see blurry imagery infront of the two, quasi-visible psychic manifestations. The first one a giant eel where as the second… well, it could be Spongebob or an angry refridgerator. The shape is very similar.

"Open fire! Open fire!" The three scramble, one actually opening fire as they say a bullet tearing through the man who piddled himself to richochet down the hall. One of those not firing his weapon races to turn the security gate back on. He is about equal distance from it as the two X-Ladies are.

Get ready, Dani said. Get ready. Psshht!! Darcy was BORN ready. She fucking invented being - HOLY SHIT open fire! Darcy has a heartbeat to take in the guards bringing their guns up and one falling back to the gate.

What happens next would have been EASIER there the ground were clear and she had wheels on her feet. She doesn't, and it does't stop her.

Darcy charges the one racing for the security gate. She doesn't check her speed. Not one bit. She just bodily hurls herself into him, shoulder lowered like Beyonslay, aiming to cushion what she is planning to be a very hard sudden stop into the wall by the controls with the guard's body.

"American swallow, you fucktard!"

Battlecries. Darcy has them.

Open fire?

That's enough to start Dani moving - Darcy too, thankfully. She's throwing herself to the side of the hallway, making sure to land more upon her back, than her belly. As she drops to the floor her bow is pulled forth and while Dani has arrows aplenty, those physical armaments aren't reached for. Instead, when Dani pulls the bowstring back a shimmery pink psychic arrow manifests. Then a second. Sure, with actual arrows this trick shot would be much harder to make successful, but psychic arrows don't have to pay attention to the laws of physics. As such, Dani lets both arrows fly.

Instead of psychic illusions these ones will act like psychic tasers, and they're aimed at the two men firing at them. Especially after seeing Darcy going for that third man; the one running towards the controls.

The Genoshan at the security gate's hand is ever so close until the compacted smaller form of Darcy rams him with enough force the kevlar and plastc of his helmet can be heard clacking off the wall. A grunt escapes him and he fights for purchase to stand upright, one of his hands curled in to a fist that rams itself in for Darcy's gut.
"What the fu—- get off me rebel scum." He hasn't seen Star Wars he has no idea what the significance of that is. Close-range scuffle engaged. Those controls right beside their struggling forms.

The first man's eyes cross as a psychic arrow nails him on the brow and the second tries to move only to get hit in the neck his body slapping against the smooth floors. Two down. The only one left standing is the one trying to fend of the SHIELD operative.

Outside the west wing something else transpires, a ripple effect and a psychic scream one that belts out past not only its immediate radius but also through Darcy and Moonstar's own psyches. It's potent, sharp and gone. Not Nate Grey but someone or something else. The pain will be brief for Darcy but much more intense for Moonstar yet fortunately shes not close enough she should be crippled by it. Those guards affected by the psychic barrage of Dani not so fortunate as the thralls they're in the psychic residue erupts like time bombs, all four of the men releasing loud cries before violent spasms follow. They'll wish for death. Something else is transpiring beyond. A psychic battle in the eastern wing with their team.

Darcy's been in her share of scraps. Add Roller Derby craziness and May's hand to hand training to the mix and what happens next is a blur to her but would make May equal parts proud and cringy.

Darcy impacts, then drops straight to the floor. Seems like a bad idea, her head near where her tummy was. But she's putting her fists together as she falls, and like she's playing a game of junior high tether ball, there's a sack of balls set up for a double-fisted smack down to twirl that rope around tight for the win.

"Tarkin's a pussy bitch!" Darcy fires back.

Next up after tetherballsack: grab doubled-over dude's shoulder's and yank down into an ugly toss. Maybe he'll smack his head. Ah, helmet. Oh well. Still hurts to get hit in the helmet.

At least, that's the plan when pain smacks her briefly between the eyes. She'll cuss about it later.

While others might allow themselves a brief smile of satisfaction, when those arrows hit, Dani doesn't. Instead the Cheyenne is already rolling to her feet, her bow held before her, the bowstring being pulled back once again. A third psychic arrow flares to life within the bow and the black-haired woman is already targeting the man Darcy is struggling with. She hesitates, however, when no clear shot avails itself - it just wouldn't do to hit her teammate in this type of situation.

Though perhaps Darcy won't need help with how ferociously she's attacking.

Keeping an eye upon Darcy and the goon she's fighting, Dani starts to move. She was intending to drop the fourth man, the one still reeling from the initial psychic illusion attack, but before Dani can even think about clotheslining him that psychic scream hits. It's enough to cause the Cheyenne's knees to buckle. The psychic arrow within her bow quickly snuffs out as the woman loses her concentration and simply reels from the pain.

"Gods!" Dani partially shouts out, as a hand going to her head, even as she staggers back to her feet. "Who was that?"

Elbows, aresholes and sacks up the guard hits the ground roughly. His training decent but Darce is a lot more vicious, clearly. The security gate and its detail no longer a present threat. The fighting outside is escalating, the psychic pressure is real and remaining like constant buzz or firmly seated and content with itself migraine.
Past the security checkpoint is a lift. A keycard required. Descent looks to be the only option and someone is coming further up the stairs from where they just came, the footfalls of booted heels as determined as the man or woman wearing them.

"Fuck me," Darcy says of the pain in her head as she drops the guard. It's a scramble to her feet, and just in case, Darcy loots the 'body' before moving onward.

"Yo! Dan-dan? You chill, girlfriend? We gotta blow this popcicle!" Darcy calls out. There's a headforming. She's not immune to the psychic pressure. She's just not sensative to it, so for the moment it and the spike of pain from earlier are written off as adrenaline spikes.

There's a ringing in Dani's ears, a pressure upon the eardrums and behind the eyes. It's enough to cause the woman to give her head a quick shake. Enough to cause her to work her jaw, trying to 'pop' her eardrums for relief. Not that it's really any type of earthly pressure causing that particular sensation.

"I'm good." The Cheyenne calls out, even as she finally makes her way to Darcy's side. "Good to go. You okay?" Dani asks, as she looks at the downed man and then Darcy. "Good job too." Then her attention shifts to the lift behind the security point, as Dani says, "Let's get going. People are coming." And just like that, Moonstar begins to hot-foot it to the lift.

Dani will wait for Darcy to go forward first and once the other woman moves, Dani likewise does too. Only she's keeping herself half-turned so she can target anyone coming in from behind. Her bow is (again) raised upward, but instead of a psychic arrow this time a steelhead arrow sits nocked and ready to go.

Common Sense step is the keycard Darcy acquired from her smash and grab victim. The lift itself is a secured heavy thing. The options are only down. As the lift doors are beginning to close they can see a man at the very end of the hall they had just excited, long haired, crook nosed and carrying to firearms that look charged with energy, he is staring right at them and proceeding to stride past the fallen guards, guns opening fire to blaze forth a barrage of rapid shots.

They have distance on their side but this guy unlike the 'Stormtroopers' they just dropped is deadly accurate. His shot grouping pounds nice little circles on the outside of the lift's door. The odd thing about the noises, not metal on metal. It is metal on plastic? The sound is very off.

The music chimes in as the lift descends, a low jaz music starts up. Hopefully theyre fans they seem to be going down rather deep and there are no options to get off earlier.

It's the thunk above them on the elevator that alerts them that their pursuer is also now descending only hes not in the lift, hes in the shaft itself repeling down like some very convicted and eager to maim Terminator. 80's rockstar long hair included.

Crooked nose long haired discount Kylo Ren is saluted, Darcy style, just as the doors are closing. Her bravado collapses with her back against the far wall as the doors close and the shots splatter with their weird sounding selves. Darcy looks up at teh thunk.

"Well. This sucks. If I climb up and open the hatch, think you can nail his ass to the wall?" Because that's the only idea she's got.

Even when the two are within the elevator and the doors are closing, Dani still keeps her bow raised, her attention focused down that hallway. It's likely a good thing she does, as she sees that man suddenly seem to appear at the end of said hallway. When he begins to open fire, the black-haired woman curses, several times, and flattens herself against the wall of the lift. She's making herself as small a target as she can, even as the shots cluster so close together.

The noise of metal upon plastic is heard, but Dani can't quite place what that means. Not yet, at least. Perhaps later she'll be able to.

Either way, going from the harsh realities of fighting to the soft strands of jazz is an almost jarring juxtaposition, though her expression doesn't necessarily reveal that. Instead, the woman will look upward when the clang and bang of the man following them is heard. Her response closely follows Darcy's own disbelief, as Dani says, "Are you /serious/." Then her gaze is dropping to Darcy, the Cheyenne considering the other woman's plan. "Yes, I should be able to. Let's try it. Hopefully he'll be less likely to shoot while he's busy repelling downward. If it doesn't work run as soon as the doors are open - I'll keep him busy."

And just like that Dani readies that physical arrow to shoot, but also, along side it is another one of those shimmering pink arrows. It seems the attack will be a two for one combination.

The descent is an easy one at least and sounds even smoother to the classy sounds of Genoshan jazz. Which, its jazz its all inspired by one source so at least they are not completely uncultured on the island of pro-mutant-slavery.
The sounds of the man bounding back and forth above like a graceful jackrabbit carry on, as the hatch opens he will pause and stare down as if in anticipation. Dani being the measure of psychic she is can feel a similar resonance off the man, just enough, much like Highlanders sensing another of their own.

"You bitches are not coming out of there alive." Genoshan accent in there but clearer than most they have met. This man gets some travel outside of the country in. His guns are aimed.

Insert Smoking Aces style graffiti name banner //Meet Hawkshaw, a mutant gunslinger with the power to 'sense' and track other mutants. His psychic perception powers are potent enough to make him almost precognitive. Almost. (thats a stretch) // Scroll off.

"Of course not. I'm Darcy. May's serious," Darcy retorts. With her partner agreeing to the Mickey's Divorce Reason of a plan, Darcy uses the side of the wall and a good hop to haul herself up so she can brace herself just high enough, she hopes, so that she can shove the hatch open fast and hard then hope down and away soe Dani cna get her shot.

"Sucks that you're the only bitch here then," is Darcy's retort. Because as noted earlier her mouth is the only weapon she's got.

Get him, Dandan! Cuz you can-can! You're the man… man…. Fuck it! It rhymes. Let's run with it!

Dani is definitely the straight-(wo)man in this unlikely partnership. That's for certain, but that doesn't mean she can't appreciate Darcy's humor. She can. It's seen in the flash of a grin the black-haired woman allows, even as she readies that shot.

Much like Darcy, Dani can't quite help the sarcastic words that leave her mouth. Or rather, the challenge that she now issues. "Come get us then." Calls out the Cheyenne, even as she finally lets loose those arrows. The steelhead shoots out with an audible *TWHIP* and *TWANG*, but the psychic arrow is all but silent.

And don't think she stops there, no, should both arrows fail Dani will once more reach out with her psychic illusions. It's going to be fast and dirty thanks to their need and also the psychic maelstrom that's still around. Like before, Dani will pull greatest fears, should she need to.

It is almost pretty how well Hawkshaw backflips and twists away from the first arrow yet the second arrow buries itself in his backside, adrenaline or hes just that much of a badass he lands opposite of the shaft, aims down and opens fire.

"Bitch? DIEDIEDIE OH FUCK DIEDIE!" The first shot was on spot. Those additional shots are ascending, following the glowing object that is flittering upwards towards the man. His mind opened up to whatever terror Dani just let loose.

"RAWRR come at me, come at me. I'll break you!" He is… yelling at the object of his fear. Wild crazy man like the string of profanities is likely something that would be censored around most parts of the world. Yet, even as he unloads an entire clip he is reloading and taking aim again, past it at them. "Psychic skag, I'll put a bullet in your fucking mutant face."

BANG they're at the end of the shaft and the door opens to a room lit in only red. Empty nothing is in this room except a turret facing the wrong direction, inward towards a cell door. It's light on and active. The interesting thing about the weapon system is it's clear, see through and plastics or glass like everything else around them. This entire floor, the shaft, it sits well below anything touching G-Core.

"Suck my big fat dick, pussy-bitch," Darcy shouts back, flattening herself as much as she can against a wall. He'll fire down at them. She knows he will. She just has to trust that Dani can drop him before that.

He was a baddass, then he took an arrow to the…

"You missed his knee! What-the-hell?"

Now mor etime for chatter. Dani said when the door opens bolt. So, bolt Darcy does, like a good jammer whose blockers slammed a hole open for her.

A turret? Okay. Darcy moves to it and …fuck it. The turret thing looks important. So, boot to the head! UNless there's a convinently marked OFF switch. Assuming there isn't, Darcy will choice the brute force method of disabling hte device.

Gosh, I hope we were't supposed to bring it back in one piece.

Again. Straight-man here. Dani is definitely the straight-man.

Even as both the man and Darcy drop a surprising amount of expletives, Dani is already moving. She's flattening herself against the wall, much like her partner, as some of the shots end up in the lift with them. And by this point, the man above has likely popped out of her line of sight, which allows the fear vision to dissipate. Good for him, not so good for them.

"Then come down here and try it." Shouts Dani, another challenge easily heard with those words, within her voice. She's striving to keep him focused on herself, especially as Darcy exits stage left and out of the elevator.

And should the man drop down into the elevator with Dani, he'll find the Cheyenne already swing. The only surprise with that swing of hers? There's another psychic arrow held within her hand, though it's really shaped more like a dagger. She's going to unload as many of those taser-like attacks upon him in this closed space.

The turret does have a connected console that allows for easy off. Even without SHIELD training or familiarity the system is fairly intuitive; its an off switch. The red light remains on a disembodied voice chimes up, "Warning. Weapon System Offline. Weapon System Offline. Auto-Systems will engage in 180 seconds." Along the walls panels unlatch. "Authorization required."

"Big fa… I hate fucking Americans." Hawkshaw can be heard muttering, his movements having slowed as he fends off the psychic assault. It appears he is trained. The man is the leader of the Press Gang after all. "Sounds like you triggered security. I just get to wait now and you whores will flush right on out. I'll be waiting." Of course he knows what or who is down here, there is some shake to his voice. Bluffing perhaps.

Alone with the console, Darcy lets herself be sad that she can't rar-smash the thing, seeing as the off-button was so clearly marked.

Wait. Auto-system. What the fuck is an auto system? She heads to teh wall panel, hoping she can figure it out before whatever it is does what it does.

"Liar liar, pants on fire!" Darcy sing-yells as she works.

"You wish you got chicks so fine. You jealous, baby. Sofa King Jealous. Imma call you Welch's, sugar-prick. Waiting for shit do your job for you, like a good little prissy weak-ass bitch. No wonder we're kicking yo' ass so bad. Fuck, my vibrator's a better fuck than you are!"

Darcy ain't bluffing. She's shit-talking. It's an art.

When the man doesn't drop down into the elevator, or allow their taunts and threats to bother him, Dani quickly tumbles out of said elevator.

She's moving over to help Darcy at this point, looking at all the tech, the various buttons, the systems. "Remind me never to get into a verbal fight with you." Is all Dani allows to Darcy's shit-talking skills, then the dark-haired Cheyenne is turning towards the wall panels as well.

"Dammit. This would be a great time to have Cypher here with us." Mutters Dani, even as she too looks for anything that might tell the two what they need to do.

"Or we should have brought some explosives. Next time." Continues the muttering Cheyenne, as the two try to figure the system out.

The panel wiring hanging out like spilled intestines triggers something, a click, a pop, the door that is before the turret rolls open and a weathered hand reaches through, a long limb in one of those Genoshan slave suits gives way to an older man, yet a not unattractive man despite how gaunt he is right now. Hollowed cheeks framed in the shadow of white hair that falls down around his features, crystal blue eyes yellowed from lack of nourishment or sunlight peer around and settle on Dani and Darcy. A small crack of a smile appears on those long angled by mistreatment features, "Hello, children. I knew Charles would eventually send someone."

It's then that the bullets and shell casings littering the elevator shafts open floor start to hover in the air then wildly bounce around the entire bottom floor, shredding through the turret and the walls, spiraling around in a mini-tornado before sucking back in towards the aged man, hard to recognize now but there is no mistaking who he is.

A new alarm sounds out, "ALERT ALERT SUBJECT ALPHA RELEASED ALERT ALE—-popcrack."
There is a huffing noise from the elevator and Hawkshaw retreats back up and quickly. As the walls fizzle and systems are torn free Magneto staggers towards the two women and collapses in to them, whether they wanted to support his weight or not, they now are.
"Let us leave this wretched tomb and bury every single Genoshan in it."

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