Green Peace

September 06, 2017:

Lorna and Rogue meet for the first time in years next to the pool behind Xavier's School.

Xavier's School


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Some of the new students had a pool party out here earlier today and they'd celebrated a birthday. The party had ended though and most of the kids were either out in the yard at the sports fields or they were inside playing video games or doing homework (hah!).

Rogue is at the pool cleaning it up with a big net on a pole, she's flying/hovering over the pool and scooping stuff up out of it. Balloons and toys and other pool junk that the kids ahd put into the water.

Rogue's phone is on her hip and its playing some classic rock music as the French Teacher just does her work and hums to the music all chill-about it, used to this kind of thing since taking on a job here after college.

Lorna hadn't been to the Institute in years. Not since she'd graduated and done a short month's stint as an X-man and then promptly applied to a college out on the West Coast. She'd claimed she wanted to be closer to her folks, and given that they flew her out every holiday and any chance they could get, it was a pleasant situtation for her.

That certainly didn't explain how the green haired young woman came to be trudging up the back, hands shoved into her black skinny jeans, a roughed up band T-shirt with a logo for AC-DC on the front and a pair of steel toed boots on her feet. Never mind the chain link belt on her hip. She looked less like a college student and more like some punk rocker.

She slowed her step as she spotted Rogue, her brows shooting upwards. "Uh… Hey.."

When the voice announced Lorna's arrival to the fancy pool and patio area, Rogue looked up from her floating pool-cleaning and she saw the girl with the pretty hair and it made her grin nice and big.

"Well hey there, Green Peace." She said in a friendly a tone as she could muster before slipping out of the sky and landing silently on the edge of the pool holding her net horizontally in front of her thighs. Rogue was wearing a tied-off green plaid shirt, some jeans shorts and some sheer black stockings beneath them, her feet were encased in some floppy leather boots.

"Needin' some help with somethin'?"

Rogue is 25 years old and has been with the school since she was 18. Was once a student, before going to college and coming back to teach now.

Lorna reached up a hand to scratch at the back of her neck, a grimace pulling at her lips faintly. Though Rogue's greeting earned a bit of a smile. She dropped her hands back into her pockets and shrugged. "Uhh, maybe something to eat and maybe a place to crash for the night? I was sorta hoping to find the Professor or someone, I guess. I dunno." She exhaled a breath, and shrugged.

"Uhm.. nice to see you're around still.." She rocked her weight back onto her feet.

Rogue flashed a big grin at this response and she tossed the net down onto the ground like she didn't care a lick about it and then started to walk around the pool, her right motioning for Lorna to follow her. "They couldn't get rid'a me around here even if they wanted to." She grinned at her some more. "Come on then, sugah. Lets get you hooked up." She said at her. "We had a birthday party here about fourty five minutes ago 'nd there's still a buncha food…"

Rogue would lead Lorna toward the tables area and she'd pull a white cloth off of a silver tray and within it was a massive amount of BBQ and cheeseburgers still warm and untouched.

"Plates are there, some drinks in the coole'ah right by the grill."

Rogue grabbed up her own bottle of sweet tea and she drop down into a patio chair with a heavy sigh.

Lorna all too happily followed after Rogue, even if her smiles were all just reflexive reflections of Rogue's own. "Oh yeah? Well I hope they had a good birthday." She murmured, helping herself to a plate and loading it up with a cheeseburger, then snagged a second patty and tossed it on top of her first, effectively making a double stacked burger.

That task accomplished she nabbed a soda and flipped the top, guzzling down several gulps before she tore into the cheeseburger. It took a while before Lorna spoke again, and at that point she'd already chowed down on half the burger. "So what's been going on? Have I missed all that much in the last few years?"

Rogue heard the last question part and it actually made her laugh and leaned her head back as she slouched on the chair. "Yeeeeeeees!" She replied, kind of shouting it up at the gods.

A second later and She sat up again and looked over at Lorna with a big grin on her crimson red lips. "Its been a veritable shit show, Greenie!" She told the other. "We really coulda used that magic that you do so wonde'ahfully well." A slow headshake later though and the southern girl continued. "I won't hold it against ya though, ya had t'go be you, right? But yeah… there's been one horrible crazy thing afte'ah anothe'ah. So much so that you might wanna think about bailin' before you DO get pulled inta it all."

Lorna blinked, lowering her cheeseburger to her plate. She hesitated, and leaned back in the chair that she'd taken up. "Sometimes I wish I could do magic.." She muttered, and shook her head, reaching for her soda and finishing it off. Her lips twisted into another grimace and she crossed her arms.

"I'd say 'it can't be worse than what I've been putting up with', but I know that when shit gets real around here.. people have a tendancy of dying or something worse. So." She arched a brow as she glanced back over Rogue.

"Wanna lay it on me?"

Rogue grinned lightly at this from Lorna and she nodded her head a couple small times. "I don't knwo if I should be the one t'lay it all out there on ya, ya know?" She said, running her right hand through her hair to straighten it out some across that shoulder. "Scott's probably the bette'ah one t'get the real details from?"

"But…" Rogue sighed heavily. "We got back just recently from a terrible… mission… lotsa… death. Bad stuff." She glanced at the green haired beauty then. "Real bad stuff." She added.

Rogue's tongue pushed at the side of her cheek as she thought about other stuff. "Prior t'that, it was a lotta dealin' with people in disgusting… bug-like pods… and gasses that would kill mutants. That kicked off right around the New Year and got pretty messed up before it seems to have cooled down again."

Before Christmas, though, Rogue's memory had been wiped by Charles… on her request, after she was made one of the four horsemen of Apocalypse.

"You'll just wanna sit back and soak it all up and try'n do what ya can t'help, but not get killed. Thats my pro-strat anyhow."

Lorna's eyebrows climbed higher and her jaw fell open. She gaped for a long moment, blinking repeatedly before she managed to regain some form of thought and register all that the redhead had said. Much less process it. Death. Bad stuff. Gasses killing mutants. "Damn." She breathed, shaking her head as she shoved her half finished cheeseburger aside.

She reached up, rubbing her temples and then dragged her hands over her features. "Wonderful. Is Scott home yet, or is he out and about somewhere?" A tilt of her head following before she dragged her hands through her hair.

"Tell me at least that the Professor has been home, yeah? I kinda have my own issues that I need to uhm.. discuss with him about."

"Scott is…." Rogue considered the proper way of saying it. "He's dealing with it in that Scottlike fashion. Ya know, 'get colder and more detached'." She grinned a bit at Lorna but then shook her head once. "He'll come around though. He always does. Warms up to a nice 'room temprature level' just like the Scotty we all know'n love."

Rogue lifted her tea up for a sip before nodding her head again. "Professah's inside. I brought him his coffee this mornin'. He's right as rain, as eve'ah. Ya know, long speeches, morally sound high ground. Rollin' ove'ah kids toes and pretendin' like it was an accident." She grinned playfully at the other then.

Lorna made a face at the sound that Scott was being Scottlike again. "So you mean acting like he's got a stick shoved up where the sun doesn't shine. Lovely. He'll be so pleasant to talk to. I can't wait." She forced a manic like grin and shook her head. Though it slowly warmed as Rogue spoke of the Professor being home and okay at least. There was one hallmark that wouldn't change at least.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that he's still here." And some of the scarasm dropped from her tone, warming to actual cheer. Then it faded as she glanced down at her partially eaten food. She sighed. "How have you been at least? You're .. whole.. yeah?"

Rogue grinned at the stick part and nodded her head in silent agreement with it. At the posed question then… Rogue just raised her dark eyebrows up over her head and shrugged her shoulders inside of that green plaid shirt she had tied off overtop of a tanktop. "As much as I can be." She responded. "Had some trouble last fall, but its all just… in the past, ya know?"

Rogue took in a deep breath and she lifted up her cellphone. "Shoot me your numbe'ah 'nd once you finish up with the Professah just text me and I can set ya up with a spare room so you'll got a place t'crash and hide from all the kids in." She grinned. "Bein' on the third floor above the students is pretty good livin'."

Lorna's gaze settled on the redhead as she spoke abut having her own trouble. She rubbed her upperarms, her own gaze sliding down to her lap briefly. "Yeah. I know how that goes. Trust me." She muttered, her shoulers rising faintly. Something was troubling the girl, but she was remaining just as tight lipped about it. Still, Rogue at least was being friendly.

So Lorna reached into her back pocket, pulling out a junky looking flip phone and bringing up her contacts list. She held the phone out toward Rogue. "You'll have to put your number in. My old phone got uhm.. crunched a while back. This is the replacement till I can find the time to actually get something nice." She murmured, another faint tug at the corner of her lips following.

"And yeah, being on the third floor would be way better than having to listen to teenagers and their crappy taste in music these days."

Rogue leaned over and accepted the phone with a big amused grin. "Oh nice… a Burne'ah Phone. Like a drug deale'ah." She teased Lorna while taking the phone into her gloved hands. She started to thumb around on it with a little too familiarity because she used to have phones like this when she was living on the street.

"I totally dig your shirt by the by." She added before handing the phone back over to her. "Classics are the best. None'a this modern shit has any god damn heart to it." She tilted her head to the side and smiled though. "Maybe I'm just a softy for the oldies though."

Lorna exhaled a breath as Rogue at least looked amused at the clunky old phone. "Yeah.. sure. It was cheap and I wasn't exactly looking to hit up the Verizon store when I was trying to get back over to this side of the states.. That and it can survive being dropped a half dozen times." She mumbled, and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Her voice dry and somewhat hesitant. Still, the redhead's compliment set her off balance and Lorna plucked at the hem of her shirt to look down at it.

"I've had this thing for years. It used to be big enough to be a nightgown when I was in Middle school." She shrugged and grinned as Rogue handed the phone back, she accepted it, tossing it in the air once and catching it.

"I don't even know what's been on the radio these days. Couldn't tell you the name of a song or artist for the last few years to save my life."

"I love phones like that." Rogue added. "I dropped mine my beer once. And anothe'ah time I dropped it in the toilet. Thankfully that happened in that orde'ah though…" She grinned. "Damn things keep workin'. These expensive phones break if ya set a feathe'ah on'em."

At the tshirt talk the southern gal just kept grinning. "I got some shirts like that from concerts I went too awhile back. Love'em. Use'em as sleepin shirts mostly though, cause some'a the content on'em isn't appropriate for wearin' around the school." She smiled softly then. "You eve'ah need someone t'talk to around here, just seek me out. I like t'be an ear for the team, ya know? I'm not as good at it as the Professah is, but… I've got a lot more free time than he does."

Lorna relaxed at the lighter topic, crossing her legs and settling back in her chair. She propped her chin up with a hand, her elbow resting on the arm of the chair as she listened. "Yeah, never mind having any hope of keeping them from getting fried if I have to use my powers. One wrong move there, and I can kiss my five-hundred dollar phone good-bye. This thing was barely twenty bucks. If I fry it, I fry it. Doesn't bug me." She shrugged and glanced down at her shirt again.

"I think this is the only one I've still got that hasn't disentegrated into the laundry." Besides the fact that it didn't look like the young woman had any luggage whatsoever either.

She fell silent as Rogue talked about being an ear. Green eyes flickered down and away, and Lorna rubbed the back of her neck again. A soft exhale following. "…Uhm.. thanks. I'll .. I'll keep that in mind." She dragged her lower lip between her teeth, and shifted in her chair. She trailed off, hesitating.

"You know what? I don't think I want to bug the Professor this late. Why don't you just help me find a space to crash? Maybe one of those spare band shirts you've got?" She asked sheepishly.

Rogue grinned and bobbed her head in a nod of understanding. "I hadn't thought about the phone-ruinin' thing before. That makes sense though… very wise, you are." She said that last part in a terrible yoda impression.

When Lorna makes that request though, Rogue would stand up and cap her tea bottle. "Sure thing, Greenleaf. Follow me, I'll hook ya up. The room next'a t'mine belonged t'Nancy, but… She disappeared back in March and we ain't seen or heard from her since…" Rogue showed a frown then as she started toward the double french doors that lead into the school's east wing.

"She was my best bestie around here, so I'm pretty bummed about it. Most of her story is in storage now, except for her cello, if ya don't mind a giant… priceless… instrument in the room?"

Rogue grinned and bobbed her head in a nod of understanding. "I hadn't thought about the phone-ruinin' thing before. That makes sense though… very wise, you are." She said that last part in a terrible yoda impression.

When Lorna makes that request though, Rogue would stand up and cap her tea bottle. "Sure thing, Greenleaf. Follow me, I'll hook ya up. The room next'a t'mine belonged t'Nancy, but… She disappeared back in March and we ain't seen or heard from her since…" Rogue showed a frown then as she started toward the double french doors that lead into the school's east wing.

"She was my best bestie around here, so I'm pretty bummed about it. Most of her story is in storage now, except for her cello, if ya don't mind a giant… priceless… instrument in the room?"

Lorna shrugged, "Hey, it's from a life of frying electronics when I had a bad day or two." Never mind the computer she'd destroyed her first week at the Institute. Her mother hadn't been happy to get that phone call. Still, she got up to follow along after Rogue as the young woman stood to head inside. She followed along, shoving her hands into her pockets as she walked.

"I'm sorry to hear that." She offered, softly. "That must've been rough." She trailed along after Rogue, her boots scuffing against the floor as they moved.

At the mention of the cello though, she shrugged. "I'll never accidentally knock it over or destroy it. Promise. Wood and I get along great that way."

Rogue moved down the hallway on Lorna's left and slightly a head of her by a step or two. Rogue grinned back over her right shoulder at Lorna then. "Shit, girl, the thing probably weighs twice as much as you. IF you do knock it over, run like hell!" A little laugh was released then before they made their way into the foyer and were moving up the stairs.

Some students were moving around inside of the school, some of them glanced at Lorna and her awesome hair, while others paid no mind to it at all.

"It'll honestly be a relief t'have someone in there, ya know? Helps me feel like its not just the ghost of a missin' friend lingerin' in the empty spaces."

The two would reacha the second floor quickly and be up to the third in no time.

Lorna laughed softly, "Okay, I promise then to run like hell if I knock it over." She grinned, even as her fingers curled over the bannister's railing, smoothing over the polished and well worn wood. It was familiar and she'd been gone for so long. The scents of home. Of safety. It all lingered in her memory and now in her reality. It was almost enough to make her tear up.

Instead she blinked back the wave of homesickness she had and swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yeah, I get that." She coughed, clearing her throat. "Man. This place. Things happen outside, time goes on and this place really does stay the same." She murmured, as they climbed the stairs. As they came up to the third floor she shrugged, dragging her hand through her hair.

"Dunno if I'll hang around for long though.. kinda depends on a few things.. people.. I guess."

The third floor had a different air about it. It had deep burgandy carpet that was thicker and nicer than the stuff on the student level on the 2nd floor. The place had nicer furniture too and it was just quiet and calmer up here.

Rogue lead Lorna down the western hallway and past the door to her room, she tapped hers open. "Mine." She said and then stepped on down to the next and after a second she turned the old brass handle and opened it up. "Nancy's… now Lorna's." She said, looking to the other with a big grin. "And yeah, I totally unde'ahstand if ya bail in the night. I won't hold it against ya… I'll mourn your loss, sure, but hey… I gotta keep livin', right?"

"Take a look around inside, I'll go grab ya some stuff, shirts and othe'ah stuff, looks like you're a bit light on luggage?" Rogue would start back toward her own room.

Lorna glanced around, running her fingers along the side of the wall as she walked. The plusness of the carpets. The dullness of the sounds from below. It was muted and instantly seemed to send Lorna's shoulders to a more relaxed state. She stopped in front of the door that Rogue gestured to, glancing inside and flashing a brief smile.

"Thanks.. yeah.." She sighed, glancing down at herself. "I kinda had to go the travel fast and travel light route.. Didn't really have a chance to think about stuff.." She wrinkled her nose.

"Seriously though.. thanks for the help." As Rogue turned to head back to her room, she stepped toward her 'new' room as well.


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