The Girl From The Sky

September 04, 2017:

An alien crashes in the worst place on Earth.

Gotham City

Gotham City's bay area.


NPCs: Government Armored Units

Mentions: Lex Luthor, Batman


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Fade In…

Barbara Joan Gordon is the lovely daughter of Comissioner Gordon, a veteran of the war in Gotham City. Unlike her grizzled father the redhead is a bright and lively woman, known by friends and family to be jovial despite the recent hardships she went through and the three years she spent bound to a wheelchair.

Like any Gothamite her age, Barbara needs to worry about the time spend on the street after ten o'clock, her grades and her future, if her clothes are out of fashion and who is running for mayor. She for sure doesn't have the added pressure of wondering if her enemies are after her and her family, if the bullet wound she is nursing will heal before the party next month or if the bruise on her neck is showing too badly.

Nope. Not The Babs!

Hence why, as she is talking to some of her friends and a comet crosses the nightsky to fall on the waters of Gotham's bay nobody thinks it is strange when Barbara runs away. She is going home and so should they!

- Gotham Bay

Batgirl arrives in the scene in all her dark glory, scarlet dresses flowing in the wind behind her cowl along with her long cape. The armored figure watches as something burns bright under the water, and some suspect flying objects zip above the clouds.

"What is happening here…"

Using her binoculars, the vigilante can see some strange, LexCorps armored suits roaming the skies and a vaguely humanoid shape inside the sinking vessel. With a frown, she looks at the water. "Well, if I wasn't one to do do rash and stupid things, I would have never gotten this far, I guess," she murmurs to herself before Batgirl hooklines herself to a streetlamp by the docks and uses it to propel herself into the water.

She can see the object. A ship, like she thought! It must be flooding. Swimming a little faster, as fast as her armor will allow, the redhead reaches the vessel. Nope, she isn't strong enough to pry the doors open, but she can… place plastic explosives on the joints.

The first explosion, with a moderate amount of the stuff, does nothing with the small ship. Barbara frowns, and looks above. The armored suits are getting closer. Wasting ALL her explosive gel, Barbara destroys the door. Time to rescue!
You paged Emery with ‘Oh? Why so?’

Dreams. Bad dreams. They are all she's brought with her. Dreams and memories of a place that hasn't existed for three decades, but to her seem only a moment ago. Unconsciousness, and then…

"Wake up, Kara. … Kara, it is time to wake up." Her father's voice. Her eyes slowly open, adjusting to the bright golden light all around her as her vessel rocks back and forth. Muffled noises from outside as the Kryptonian teenager sits up a little, and then bolts upright. Her father, Krypton! What was…

The light dims and the world opens up to her. The world is water, and water comes rushing in. In the shock of the moment, the young blonde barely has time to gasp a breath in before the cold… mildly cool water rushes in to smother her. She's kicking, reaching for the surface. Odd. She breaks it almost immediately. She must have been close to it in the first place, as the bare form of the young woman is already pulling herself up onto the docks.

From Barbara's perspective, the instant she blows the door open, a blur barrels past her, knocking her easily aside and is gone again in an instant.

Kara hauls herself out of the water, staring at the dark, menacing, alien city. «Rao… where am I?» The Kryptonian uses her arms to hug herself, despite not actually feeling cold. She feels like she SHOULD feel cold, but its more for comfort than warmth. «Father, what did you do? Krypton, oh Rao… My home…» A hand comes up to wipe wet hair away from her face, and smear away the tears as well. There are people on the docks. They are staring at her. Men. They are staring at PARTS of her, at least.

Confusion and despair quickly turn to anger.

As something rushes out past Batgirl the woman barely has the reflexes to get the hell out of dodge, and the vigilante spins on her axis just quickly enough to grappling hook a line around the figure's le-


Although Kara might barely feel it, the human joyrider can almost feel her shoulder pop from th dizzying speed with which she is yanked out of the river. In a ridiculous scene nobody will ever see, much to Barbara's happiness, in the time the kryptonian spends mourning her planet a bat vigilante rises up in the sky with the momentum of the blonde's flight and gets yanked back down by virtue of being tied to Kara.

"T-This is too much," coughs Barbara, river water coming out of her mouth as she shakes her head and quickly unhooks herself from the alien woman, falling on the cement on her back. "He-"


The large, armored suit falls from the sky with a LexCorp logo printed on its back. Two more follow, each at least twice Kara's size, illuminating the alien woman and pointing their cannon arms at the Kryptonian.


"Woah! Hey!" Without much option, and unable to communicate with the alien blonde, Barbara grabs a few explosives from her belt, and makes sure to throw them all at the back of the knee of one of the armored soldiers. As it explodes, thing fall to its knees, and the three of them turn their guns at Batgirl, still at maximum potency.

"Well. That worked. I guess."

Cannons flare and huge laser beams carve the cement in a batdestroying display of power. As the pavement boils with the heat of the weapons, Barbara needs no more incentive to get out of the way and quickly grappling hooks herself to a warehouse. A small missile later and Barbara gets exploded into the warehouse through the wall, screaming as she falls down. One armored man goes into the warehouse to finish the job, two remain with Kara.


The sudden introduction of giant robots from the sky prevent the inevitable confrontation between a naked teenager and a few late-night dock loiterers. When they come tumbling down from out of seeming orbit, bystanders likely make themselves scarce. She can't understand what they're saying. She can't understand what the weird woman in the odd outfit is saying.

She tries talking to them, pleading if the motions of her hands and expression seem to be any indication. She spreads her hands wide and motions to the armored suits, then at herself. None of it seems to help. The odd woman in black is attacking the things. She has no idea who any of these people are. Are they criminals? Is the woman? Would she help by interfering, or make matters worse? Most of all… what could she do?

Weapons discharge and one of the armored suits pursues the fugitive. Why were the others pointing weapons at her? What did she do? Confusion and fear momentarily lace the woman's face, and its soon replaced by anger and resentment, she shouts at the armored hulk. The armored hulk shouts back.

So she tries to run, she tries to run in a measure she knows will be futile, pushing one of the armored creatures aside as she darts between them. Just a light shove to allow her room to get between them and run away.

That light shove sends the armored giant halfway across the bay as the blonde darts past, and when the other one inevitably rounds on her, she turns to swing a wild, desperate punch that she knows will do her no good.

She might be in for a surprise on that count.

The punch is a wild, untrained thing and yet it connects.

Metal plating thick enough to withstand a tank bends like plastic and ripples in unto itself while circuitry and pistons break under the ungodly pressure of the Kryptonian's unholy strength. Inside the metallic suit of armor, a man screams as he fears for his life as all systems of his armor beep, signaling irreversible, unsustainable damage.

Even as the gigantic robot falls to its knees, chest cavity destroyed and systems ruined, the one who got shoved aside half a pier away manages to get Supergirl in its sights. As the targets lock on the Kryptonian, twin missiles fly off its back and seek the startled girl, hitting her squarely on the back.

Although Kara should be nothing more than a pile of dust by now, she only feels her back aching and her strength barely sapped by the explosion once it is all said and done. For some reason these primitive weapons, which should be vaporizing her time and again, don't do much more than annoy the blonde woman.

But there are more lights in teh sky, descending at a rapid pace. As they land, one after the other, it becomes clear this is not going to end soon. Just in time to see the Kryptonian surrounded, Barbara leaves the warehouse where she left a defeated soldier. This is not going to end well, and right now Batgirl is more worried about the pilots in those suits than the blonde herself.

A batrang flies by Kara's foot, and a shockwave washes over the area. Lights go out, and so do the robots, all of them going limp around the Kryptonian. This should buy them some time!

Batgirl drapes her cape around the naked woman, acting quick. When Supergirl eventually turns towards her with murder in her eyes, Barbara is quick to raise her hands in a non-aggressive gesture. Gently, she takes the woman's hand in hers, looking into the blonde's crystal blue eyes, trying to build some rapport, even if briefly, before she tries to snake that hand around the alien's waist. Once, or if, Kara is firmly held by her good arm, Barbara shoots her grappling hook and takes off.

As her punch obliterates the giant mechanoid creature, which she suddenly realizes has a person inside, a person she can hear panicking quite clearly, the blonde recoils in shock and horror. She looks down at her hands, speaking more in her alien mumbo jumbo. That's when she feels something knock her off of her feet.

It felt like getting tackled by a very large man, something that knocks the wind out of her momentarily, leaves her muscles sore and aching, but very much intact as fire and smoke billow around her. She should be dead, but already she's getting back to her feet, teeth gritted, and really pissed off. Really, REALLY pissed off.

By the time she turns around to growl and scream at the one that's shot her, those pretty blue eyes are glowing red, and twin beams of light fire out from them. Almost immediately, the blonde screams and covers her eyes, feeling extreme heat against her palms, trying to blink the strange red vision away. Somehow she can still see… see through her hands. Were her hands not there anymore? No… No, they were, she can see her own skeleton.

Kara Zor-El screams again, a curse or a plea, it's known, but it's loud enough to shake the docks she's standing on. That's when a sudden flash debilitates her attacker, and his newly-arrived buddies. That's when that strange woman is slipping some primitive textile over her shoulders and trying to pull her away. She doesn't trust this woman, doesn't know her, but some here were attacking her, and some weren't. She goes with the one who isn't.

Her voice is choked up, in adrenaline-fueled anguish and rage, as they are zipped up into the sky. She panics, flailing her arms, grabbing onto the Batgirl with on hand and her the piece of cloth covering her nudity with the other. They don't stop. They zip into the sky, past the point where Barbara had intended them to go, overshooting that building, flying higher and higher as the blonde babbles more in her incoherent Space-Tongue, until she finally reaches wildly for a stone gargoyle perched atop a skyscraper.

She rips its head off, but at least she catches onto the side of the building, fingers sinking into stone, with Batgirl in tow, as if afraid that if she lets go of the stone wall, she might float off into space.

Okay, Barbara. You've got this.

First thing is to calm this girl down. Get her out of the public eye, dress her up, let her breath a little. Then, she could get to either finding a way to translate the blonde's words or just call Batman.

No, Batgirl doesn't love the idea of running to Bruce for help anytime she finds some problem, but the problem at hand is a eyelasoring Kryptonian girl who really almost killed some dozen guys with no control over her powers.

So much for finishing her essay tonight!

Speaking of finishing things, Batgirl watches as she doesn't finish her arc towards the warehouse roof. She just goes, and goes, and goes, and calmly Barbara checks something. Yep, she cannot budge the blonde's arms from around, and if this girl decides to keep flying, she is very, very dead.

And dead girls don't finish their essays.

Thankfully, they stop at a building, and even as Kara desperately clings to a skyscraper, Batgirl cups her cheek, very carefully, and even more gently she turns the woman's gaze towards her, for as long as those eyes are not burning red.

"I know you can't understand me, but I know you are scared. Here," she says and calmly reaches for her cowl to take it out, revealing a young woman just as young as Supergirl, even if with a serious case of racoon eyes. "I know you are scared, but you need to calm down…"

Tentatively, Barbara reaches to hug the alien, hoping that, even if the woman is invulnerable to machinegun fire, she might still enjoy human contact enough to calm down. Just to be sure, Batgirl also tries to keep those arms from wrapping around her, as the young Kryptonian could squish her like a grape in a fit of emotion.

"There, there… now lets not fly up into the sun, all right? Earth isn't that bad…" 'You just landed in the worst place in it.'

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