The Prodigal Daughter Returns

August 19, 2017:

Professor X's favorite student returns from her vacation and has some face time with Scott.


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At some point before Genosha…
Xavier Mansion Subbasement.

Scott Summers stands in the center of the Danger Room. It is vacant, empty, a globe of a room with little to be entertaining. At least while it is turned off like it is right now. No simulations active. A session with some of the all New 'younger' X-Men has just ended.

Over that the golden ruby lensed visor Scott's glare is obvious. He's being broody which means the Danger Room sorte wasn't up to his standards. A good first guess at least. It could be any number of things. The tall familiar man is dressed in the navy blues and yellow X-uniform that is several years out of style but its one of his favored.

Scott was likely unaware of the newly returned Jean Grey who stood watching the training session from the control room, not interrupting or making herself known until the session was finished and all of the younger x-men had departed.

Stepping into the danger room, Jean smiled easily at Scott, looking over the uniform from years ago and the man who was wearing it, "Hi, Scott." She tried her best to hide any hint of nervousness in her voice after leaving on such uncertain terms, "That uniform always was one of my favorites."

Scott's focus on nothingness looks broken at the sound of Jean's voice. A slow turn of his head and that red sliver of light settles upon the redhead.

"Jean… when did you get back?" He knew she had departed, just later than he feels he should have and in a state that inspired a measure of anger. Maybe it was his fault or maybe she just needed some personal time. "I know. It's nostalgic I suppose… " Simpler times. When things didn't seem so grey or chaotic.

"The new team is scary. They're all so powerful and harder to predict. It's not like it used to be with us."

"Only a couple of hours ago." Jean said as she walked towards Scott, the sound of her heels clacking echoing through the danger room, "I came to see you first, but you were already with the scary-powerful new team."

When she was close enough she wrapped her arms around Scott in a tight embrace, immediately words spilling out as she tried to contain her own tumultuous emotions, "Scott, I'm sorry for leaving, I thought I needed time alone, but what I needed was to be here."

"Hearing it out loud from someone else's actually makes it sound kind of silly." Scott interjects about his observation of the new X-Men. The close in and wrap of Jean's arms has the man's demeanor lighten up, rigid and straight backed visibly eases off like a shed layer.
"I… well, you're back and that is what counts. We need you here."
A long arm drapes around the woman's shoulders to tighten her in to the embrace, "Where did you go? Leaving like you did without information or proper channels could have put you at risk." That's the Scott Summers way of saying he worried. One doesn't need to be a telepath to decipher that one.

Jean's head leaned on Scott's shoulder as she found the solace she had been seeking, right back where she had started her journey, "It was selfish of me, I'm sorry…" She was clearly bothered by her own actions, but at the time what she was doing had seemed like it was for the best.

"I saw my parents, my sister, I did a little travelling. Nothing dangerous." There was a pause after she spoke, the guilt rising at the way she left, "I should have said something though, talked to you, let you know how I was feeling." Jean's voice was on the verge of cracking, "You know how I feel, right?"

Scott cants his head and stares down at the woman against him, the arm still around her he ventures fingers up to rake them through her hair, "I know. We share a connection remember." His tone now completely free of it's initial edge. "It was just concern. We're at war and about to do something incredibly bold." Some would say stupid but this has been a two year fight for them and it's time to act, not much choices have been left to the X-Men's leader.

"Your family doing well?"

A sigh of contentment escaped Jean's lips at Scott's fingers through her hair, her worries melting away as she tilted her head ever so slightly to look up at the stoic leader of the X-Men, "You'll have to fill me in on everything I missed, but I'm sure whatever plan you have in mind is going to be for the best."

"My families fine, my mom kept asking about you. They didn't need me there though, not like the family we have here." Jean tried to imagine Scott's eyes from rare and cherished memories as she stared into the visor that obscured them and contained the destructive force within, "

Scott's hand reaches up and gives her wrist a squeeze, "You can tell them I said hello." He offers before motioning out over the Danger Room, "Load simulation CXM-098."

Around them the island of Genosha's lush rolling fields appear, in the distance a conveyer machine on a lift runs moving ore from one side of the island to the other. A monorail system crisscrossing it. A cities skyscrapers in the distance. It's a lovely place, it looks like some sort of Utopia. Which, it is, for humans.

"Hard to think these are our enemies, huh?" A tip of his head and the entire room 'zooms' from where they stand towards the city, Hammer Bay where the Citadel stands high above it all. This is as close as the X-Men can get within the simulation, they don't have the additional data for further in yet.
"For the best, we'll see. I could be leading everyone to their death and that won't be for the best. I've done just about everything I can though and… I might be having second thoughts about this entire thing. Which is why I am glad you're here." One those gloved hands lifts up and places to the small of Jean's back. A reassuring touch and a small smile given to her.

Jean's attention turned towards the simulation as she did her best to take in what Scott was showing her. Her green eyes rested on the citadel before narrowing a bit, "I can see why you might be having second thoughts, whatever is waiting for us might be our greatest challenge we've faced, but.."

Looking back to Scott and arching her back subtly at the touch, her lips parted as she considered her words briefly, "We have you though Scott, whatever is waiting for us, you'll lead us through it."

Chin lifting a little, Jean leaned in towards Scott to silence any worries of a plan gone awry with a deep kiss.

"The Citadel is said to be their command central for security. It is a priority target to soften them up but it's just one obstacle we face." An uplift of both Scotts brows at the encouragement and his lips twist at the corners slightly, "You really did miss me, huh?" Its then she is kissing him and his surprise is short-lived. The press of her lips is returned and he draws her in close crush, lingering only a moment before drawing her back by the arms.

"Jean. You're making me lose focus here, I'm trying to brood." He teases while studying the woman's features, she is a lot warmer than before she left. More so than she has been in a long time and it's catching him off guard. It's unexpected but he doesn't seem upset about it. More curious than anything.

Jean was positively glowing as she withdrew from the kiss, a warmth to her cheeks that made her look almost radiant in the lighting, "You've had more than enough time to brood, we both have."

Slipping away from Scott and looking back to the simulation of Hammer Bay and the Citadel she asked, "So how are we going to get inside the Citadel? And what can I do to help, I'm at your disposal." Arms crossing over her chest, she studied the images intently as she paced around the hologram to look at it from different angles.

Scott's look remains fixed upon her while she withdraws and stays until she asks about the Citadel, it's as though he was in a brief daze. "Huh, oh, I don't plan on going inside of it just getting close to it. The real target is Madame President Reneau, the Sentinel Faculty and the G-Core Labs. We think they're holding someone important in one of those and through the Sentinel Factory we can introduce Kitty and Doug's virus. That will give us some elbow room while we do what we can and hopefully, if this is timed right tear down their firewall and let the rest of the world have a peek at the real stuff happening. It's sketchy and it relies on a lot of what ifs, not my most solid plan. The vote of confidence is a first."

Scott states. He's met a lot of resistance in this. As the Danger Room shifts around Jean and she overlooks things Scott observes, hes always enjoyed watching her. Now is no different even when hes still seething over her disappearing act. Though, guilt exists even in that anger making it hard to hold.

Jean's attention went between the simulation and Scott as he laid out the plan for her, a hand reaching up to brush stray hair away from her eyes and behind her ear. The plan was quite a bit to take in, the boldness of it had not been what she had expected earlier but she hid any surprise that she felt, "My vote of confidence still stands, if anyone can make this work, it's you."

Pausing mid-step between the simulation of Hammer Bay and Scott, she tried her best to pretend that everything would just go back to normal; even if she knew she was going to have to work to make amends.

Picking out the locations of the gene-labs and sentinel factory, she smiled before she resumed her circle around the simulation back towards Scott, "Other than planning this killing blow on the Genoshan Regime, how have you been keeping since I left?"

Scott closes the simulation off letting it's glow fade out and return the room back to the sparse Danger Room lack of any beyond 3D Shi'ar reality graphics.

"Not a killing blow, babe." He says casually, "Just the start. We're attacking the supply lines and inserting our own wildcard, one that will play out overtime and hopefully inspire change." He isn't correcting her. He is just trying to affirm what it is they're doing for himself and her. It's yes, bold, reckless, possibly foolish but it is his call and his plan. He'll make it work. Her confidence in him a boost in his convictions, "The garage, a lot of coffee, a couple meetings with Emma Frost and SHIELD. I'm not entirely sure where I stand with Miss Frost but SHIELD is not overly impressed and training, a lot of it. Our newer members are raw and none of them are all that geared for teamwork."
A pause, "It's been something and we do need to talk at some point, I'm just not in the mood for that right now."

Jean watched the simulation dissipate as if it had never been there, the Shi'ar technology always impressing her with how realistic it could be, sometimes all too realistic for her own tastes.

Her head nodded at the affirmations from Scott on what the plan would accomplish, "I'll do what I can to try and help prepare the new X-Men, I may not be able to turn them into fighters, but I can help them with their powers and focus."

Reaching out to place a hand gently on Scott's arm and giving a reassuring squeeze, she said, "Whenever you're in the mood, we can talk about things. I promise, I'm not going anywhere." She could only hope he would believe her, because even she wasn't sure she believed herself.

"I figured you would say that." Scott replies easily to the woman he has known most of his life and been infatuated with. It's almost a give in they are on the same page, its how they've operated for years.

"Sure, when we're done with this mess overseas." The squeeze on his arm has Scott lifting his hand up to take Jean's. Larger fingers curling in around hers to drag her in against his side playfully, "Lets take a walk and talk about something else for now, just for a little bit. Nothing serious for at least an hour." A grin appears, a first from the man who's picture might exist in a book somewhere next to the word 'Serious'.

"That's one of the reasons I love you Scott, you know me without having to be a telepath." Jean said of Scott anticipating what she would say. She wondered if he had known she would come back and thought with a quiet certainty that the man before her had.

Perhaps it was one of the reasons she felt so comfortable running off in the first place, because she knew Scott would still be waiting.

Jean curled her own fingers back around Scott's before reaching up with her free hand to tousle Scott's hair a little bit, a carefree laugh escaping her lips at the sight of Scott grinning, "Just an hour? Let's try to make it two, for old time's sake, then you can go back to being our stoic and very serious leader."

The hair tousle gets a headshake of it's own, "I am going to count and give you a running head start for that." Cyclops declares as they depart the Danger Room.

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