August 27, 2017:

Aesh and Hal Jordan help with a fire and discover a technologically advanced arsonist.


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Downtime, thats what coming back to Earth is supposed to be, downtime. Who really wants that though? Space is vast, troublesome and full of plenty of creatures that would put human kind on it's Saturday Market Buffet line. Hal enjoys it like that. Funny enough, he hasn't found Earth to be that much different over the past few years. 10 years and counting this planet has ramped up it's game from an A planet to a AA planet. And where is some of the most action on Earth? Metropolis. Metropolis has for that reason become Hal Jordan's home away from his Coast City home. He checks in time to time back West but work and the business end of both jobs keeps him pretty steadily ground here.

It's a nice day out, good breeze, chill but not so much it makes someone want to wear layers. A sweater and jeans kinda of day. Which is pretty much what Hal Jordan is wearing at the moment. He isn't smiles unfortunately, scruffy stubble, hair unkempt, its been a trying week for the 'space cop' and it's about to get worse. How does he know this? The ring is alerting him to an explosion several blocks away. A geyser of fire just erupted off of Smithson Lane. The plumes of dark smoke can be seen for blocks and the smell is a quick and easy catch.

Aesh's week has not been easy: Managing a milion dollar buziness and being a hero (without a secret identity) can be difficult at times, especially when people start to recognize who, exactly, you are.. He spent most of his week eiter in meetings, meetings that would usually end with Aesh explaining to a few old bastards why they couldn't sell his technology to the government and why the few cybernetics that used it didn't had weapons installed in them.. Top that with a week that made Metropolis feel a bit more like Gotham and you have a slightly pissed youth. But not today.. Today, Aesh wishes to relax.. He punches a few codes in a keypad in his house and enters his lab.. Today, he'll just drink soda, watch television and play video games.. Today he will.. Aesh blinks, his Hud's feed showing him news about the explosion.. With a resignated sigh, the youth stands from his chair, puts his soda back into the fridge and quickly flies of, towards the explosion.. Whoever said being a hero is easy is a liar.. The youth quickly flies through the city, his back slightly bent as the hidden propulssors in his body make their job.. These below would probably be able to hear a zooming noize, a mix between the sound of a speeding racing car and a spaceship..

Smithson and White are awash in smoke, tendrils of the wicked black release climb for the heavens and what appears to be an apartment complex, car wash and gas station have all caught ablaze. Next up appears to be a corner market. A very fast moving fire. Yet nothing about it looks unnatural, just large and quick. A thirsty blaze that is leaping from structure to structure, screams for help can be heard in all directions, a siren somewhere in the distance blares loudly. Keening in a wail as it races towards the disturbance.

Metropolis is one of the most state of the art cities in the world, this fire is unfortunately in a location that has old structures clustered beneath renovations that LexCorp has ignored or simply stopped working towards. Who knows what could have happened there. What is apparent is the fires are claiming the old city blocks now and people are in danger.

Hal Jordan takes only a moment to make sure no one is the wiser and then wraps himself in the Green and Blacks of a Lantern. His costume sheathing his clothing and it's powers launching him in an emerald streak towards the event. He'll arrive just behind Aesh at this rate.

Aesh Looks at the fire intently. Fortunately, his vision isn't affected by the smoke, due to his cybernetics. He looks at the fire, a frown is given towards the flames. Fire are always difficult for him to deal with.. As Green Lantern arrives, Aesh sighs in relief. "Can you help the people who are outside? I'll try and see if anyone inside is still alive." He asks the lantern. He'll hopefully recognise Aesh from the battle against the fake amazons.. He scans the fire once more, his eyes glowing red for a moment, the youth seeking the cause of the fire..
Green Lantern does arrive in fashionable timing, a nimbus of light around his tall form and he is looking down at Aesh, "Can I do what? I'm… wait, I recognize you. You're… oh nevermind. Sure, kid. If you can stand the flames hop on in and I will play some crowd control for you and see if I can't dowse some of this."

Ascending Hal's constructs start to spark to life, a line of water getting piped in to certain points as he begins to float around above the fires. His autoshields won't feel the heat, they're capable of withstanding much much more than this fire has to throw at him but thats not to say there are not others around here who couldn't use some help.

The source of the fire not so easily tracked while it's blazing as it is. Yet, the speed at which the flame has spread says it's not natural or was an intentional arson. Either way, Aesh finds himself near the apartment complex, where the blaze is the the newest, evactuation in process there is a lot of people in dismay and shock standing just outside of the immediate vicinity, a portion of the building folding in on itsellf as black smoke bursts out, a gout of fire shooting free then ripping upwards from that location. Fire doesn't move like that. Even children know this much.

"I can stand the flames, at least for a while." Aesh repplies to Green Lantern. "We can exchange life stories when this is over." The youth comment before he rushes towards the apartment. While he has a water launcher, he simply can't produce enough water to douze the flames.. "Excuse me." Aesh says softly to the people who stand outside of the apartment, quickly rushing in. While his skin starts to boil, the heat isn't enough to damage his cybernetics.. At least, not for the time being.. Trying to not think about the burns that start to appear on his skin, Aesh starts to make his way towards the building. As part of it starts to fall, his sensors show him a small girl: She seems to be frozen in place, even as a piece of the seiling is about to fall on her. Aesh rushes forward, blocking the large piece of debris as its about to crush the girl. "You have to go!" The youth says, quickly pushing the girl towards where the other people stand, before making his way deeper into the apartment complex..

The apartment complex is a maze of fallen debris and running tracks of fire. The only reason Aesh can make out or sense anything is due to his advanced cybernetics. If not for those he would be a loss, if anyone is left inside of this building at this point they are likely lost as it is far too hot and the smoke is too thick, not even Superman would have been in time to save some of these people. It is simply the way of things when dealing with metahuman threats.

Which is now something the cyborg should be entirely aware of, a heat signature, a searing molten figure stands on the third floor, hands outstretched blasts of fire pumping out streaming free of him in large projected pillars of intense flame.
"I knew it.." Aesh murmurs to himself as he stands close to the stairs to the third floor, his enhanced vision showing the figure clearly. If only he could contact Green Lantern.. Fortunately, the figure hasn't noticed him just yet, so intent is he on his fire-throwing and destruction.. It is then that an idea ocurrs to Aesh: He raises a hand, the limb quickly morphing into a grappling gun. From where he stands, Aesh aims it carefully, being helped by his Hud. He fires it at the figure, his metal has been able to withstand the heat so far.. He fires it at his legs, atempting to end it quickly.. Or, at least, take the fight outside.

The fire-projecting figure so caught up in what its doing isn't paying mind to the grapnel line tethered around it's leg, perhaps it doesn't feel it. It turns though and casts what could almost be a fireball towards Aesh, yet not at him. Up and over it lobs only to explode against the wall like a medieval catapult hitting a castle only this one spews fast spreading fire. It is then that it realizes it has an audience and turns it's head towards the cyborg, no eyes, no real well to tell its looking but the motions are there. human motions and that sensation of 'being looked at'. The grapnel line so close to the creature amazingly remains intact, at least for now and it has no idea its there. It would appear, Aesh might have the initiative on it.

Aesh starts to pull the line, using all the strength of his arm to pull the figure towards him. The 'man' stumbles and trips, probably trying to regain some footing. As the grapple brings him closer to Aesh, the cyborg rears his left fist back, throwing a punch at the figure's face. Aesh will them leap through the hole on the wall, hopefully bringing the figure with him. This apartment complex has suffered enough.. If pocible, Aesh will take the fight helcewhere..

The fire being does go down, a crash through the floor actually forces Aesh to exert power enough to tug him in for the swing. There is a sensation of contact past the burning flames, the sheath of fire gives way to connect with a solid casing. A helmet is underneath the fiery nimbus. The leap and yank has them ejected from inside the apartment to crash in to the cement outside, two stories down. The crunch noises beyond the fireman say hes wearing more than just a helmet under there, perhaps an entire suit of armor.

As they connect with the ground there is a roar and woosh, the entire man is releasing a burst of flames that start at him and expand out like a bubble, it would appear hes trying to roast his attacker with a radius assault, one that is blasting the earth to black underthem and searing the ozone.

"Suit of armor.." Aesh murmurs, as the two hit the ground. His cybernetics allow him to survive unscated, if not for his roasted skin. No matter, this all can be repaired when this is done.. Aesh leaps back, retracting his grappling hook. As he sees his oponent's attack, he acts quickly. He sends neural commands to his Hud, a bright blue energy shield appearing infront of him. The shield should be strong enough to leave Aesh undamaged by the attack.. Noticing his oponent's suit of armor, another idea occurs to Aesh. He expands his mind, trying to connect it to his oponent's suit. If successful, he'll try to disable it through the use of his hacking and technopathy..

The fire starter's attack having no effect causes the man to double up, hands pushing out to fire off two streams of the rolling jets. As Aesh tries to interface with his systems he is met with a firewall, sophisticated, top of the line and quite possibly something Tony Stark would have used years ago. Years ago is a long time in the world of advanced tech though, soft or hard.

"Get out!" A voice can be heard. A panicked voice. "Get the hell out!" It's the operator of the suit. The man inside is finally shaken by what is going on. "I'll roast you alive, get out of my systems!"

"Its easy.. Surrender and I will.. Believe me, if you could melt me, I'd already be gone." Aesh says defiantly, strengthening his shields to take on the man's flames. Meanwhile his mind is buzy as he starts to hack the man's systems, his technology simply not enough to stop Aesh. He quickly creates a virus, using it to open a back door into the man's armour.

The vent system is the first thing to shut down on the Firebug suit. Plasma projections dying out with a whine as steam exudes, hissing from the armored body to reveal a silver full body power armor. No tanks on it says it has some other method of creating the fire that isn't from a fuel.

A 'klicklick' sound escapes the palms of the suit and the silver man is suddenly rushing Aesh like a football player. Armored feet pounding on the ground with loud clacks. "Doesn't matter! I'll smash you with my bare hands." It would appear he is going to try to tackle the hero.

"Bad idea, mate." Aesh says as he prepares to receive his oponent's blow. His body starts to sparkle, electricity being channeled through it.. Electricity from the nearby powerlines is pulled to Aesh, increasing the strength of his attack.. His right hand turning back into just a hand, Aesh extends both of his hands, throwing all the electricity he gattered at his oponent, hopping to stop his charge before he touches him..

I"ll show you a bad ideaarrghhhzzt" The silver clad pyromaniac skitters to a stop just before connecting with Aesh, the protected suit will keep him alive but with the systems haywire after the hackjob hes not able to fight this particular attack. A loud crash comes from the body armored criminal, the smell is the next worst part of this. Ironically he'll be a little fried in there but the firebug suit is out of commission.

Water in jets and shots of compressed air are fighting down the flames that have taken over Smithson and White. Metropolis Fire Department and the Green Lantern at hand are making for a good containment crew.

As the officials start to take over Green Lantern flies over to descend and land next to Aesh and the arsonist. "So this wasn't just a freak accident. What kind of jackass attacks people like this… " The domino mask over Hal's features does little to hide his rage or the glare at the downed powersuit.

"Thats a very good question." Aesh says in responsse to Green Lantern. All the exposure to the fire has left his skin burnt: Several chunks of flesh have disappeared, leaving several metal bits exposed.. As he walks towards the man, his nanomachines start to work, quickly healing his damaged tissue. "This man thought it would be a good idea to kill a few dozen people. He alsso planed to take care of any resistance by the use of a very old powersuit." Aesh reaches the man, easilly pulling him out of the now disabled powersuit.

The man inside the suit is burnt from the electrical charges, skin peeled and fried here and there and completely unconscious from shock. It is unlikely he will wake soon and probably requires medical attention.

"We can question him later. Let the paramedics do their job, we have done ours." Hal pauses, "He is alive right?" A curious look given to Aesh. A studying one that says the Justice Leaguer is weighing Aesh right now. "It's old but he still did plenty of damage. Good thing you were here."

Aesh nods, smilling softly at Hal. "Of course he is.. His heartbeat is regular, breating even.. He'll have a long, productive life. I hope." Aesh says, pointing at the man for a moment. "I'm glad he has been stoped.. He could have done a lot whorse." He points to a group of nearby paramedics. "Here!" He exclaims, pointing to the unconssious man. He moves towards the suit of armor, starting to collect its parts, his eyes on Hal.
A slow nod from Hal and he begins to lift up in to the air again, "Thanks for the backup." He says, "The League appreciates it and I know Metropolis does too. We'll be in touch I'm sure." A wave of his hand and the Green Lantern is soaring away quickly shooting off in to the atmosphere.

Hal will have to ask Diana her thoughts about Aesh next time, a potential recruit or someone to be wary of? Guess they'll have to see.

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