Seekers are not puppies

September 08, 2014:

While Simmons is simpering around Steve Rogers, Fitz accidentally lets his Seekers loose in the Triskelion. He manages to get them back before anyone notices. Almost.

SHIELD HQ, The Triskelion


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Note: This log is incomplete, having been captured from May's OOC arrival. Sorry about that.

Steve deftly ducks his head to one side as a seeker whips past him, turning slightly to watch it go. Not quick enough to pull the diodes off. Not that he thinks Simmons would truly hate having to reattach them if he did. Still, he's well-behaved and he sits shirtless with his hands in his lap while he watches Fitz chase after the wayward robots.

"Looks like they do their job pretty well?"


"Oh Fitz, you shouldn't let them out in the Trsikelion." Jemma gives Fitz a warning look. Ever the rule abider, the very idea of sending the seekers out in their base is off limits. "There's plenty of everything I sent the seekers out to look for here, but they're meant to be here." Pulling her hands back from Steve's sculpted torso, she picks up a pad and starts to examine the readings.

"My God, Captain Rogers. You are in the most peak physical condition I can imagine." She blushes. "Not that I'm surprised, of course. Just, that, well, they're doing well. That is, you're doing well. Um. You seem to be fine."


"Bloody hell," comes Fitz' nervous voice. He rushes back over to the control decide and quickly punches up a file. Simmons' DNA signature. "I know that, Simmons!" He keeps tapping. "I just— well— hold on!!"

The command sequence is completed, sending the new instructions on an encrypted tight beam blast. Soon enough, one by one, the seekers whiz back into the lab from wherever they'd gone, until they are hovering around Jemma, 'staring' at their prize.

"I sent them your genetic code," explains Fitz, proudly, before squinting to see if they all returned in one piece. One, two, three, four…


Melinda May is walking down the hallway when a Seeker whizzes toward her. And, just as it goes to whir past her, she snaps one hand out to catch the little …. thing. She's managed to catch it so as to cause its structure minimal damage, but there's no way it's getting away from her. Frowning faintly, she stops in the middle of the hall and studies the tiny device for several moments.


"You're missing one," Steve answers, finishing his count quickly when the little things return and hover around Jemma. He once more leans to the side so he can look past the little floating things at her, offering a commiserating smile. It mustn't be fun to have machines glaring at you like you're some fugitive.

"So, I'm fine? Do I get to put my shirt back on now?"


Simmons blushes. "Yes, you're certainly fine. And, um, yes you can put your shirt back on. If you wish. It seems you have passed your basic physical, Mr. Rogers, though I doubt you worried about that." The biologist grins at the superhero. To Fitz, she shakes her head. "You're going to get us in trouble! What if someone intercepts them! There's no denying that those seekers came from us!"


"Five." Fitz comes to the same conclusion as everyone else. "Five," he repeats, and snatches each of them to put them away, counting them all again even though he knows damn well he's missing one. "Five!" He pulls up the command pad again, revealing a schematic of the Triskelion and pinpointing just where the last one went off to. "It's operational," he remarks, color draining from his face. "Someone has it. Blimey!" He turns away once he's sure the others are secure, and rushes out the door. "Simmons, keep an eye on them for me!"

As Fitz goes off in search of his missing seeker, he couldn't possibly have imagined just who captured it.


Melinda May is leaning against the wall next to the door down the hall from the one Fitz just rushed through, still holding the little 'wayward' seeker in her hand. She's changed her grip on it though so it can at least try to get away by spinning its tiny propellers. She knew someone would be on their way to try and find the small device, hence why she's simply waiting.

Fitzy, you have some 'splaning to do.


Fitz nearly skids to a halt when he sees May holding his wayward seeker. "I - Agent May! I see you located Higgins." Really, Fitz? A Magnum PI reference? "I'm… terribly sorry. Bloody thing got a mind of it's own and took of without me." He holds out a hand, hoping she might let it loose.

Are… are those puppy dog eyes?


Melinda May keeps a hold of 'Higgins', practically making Fitz reach for it. "Do you know what would have happened if someone else had found it? Like, say, Hill?" She's immune to puppy dog eyes. Part of level 7 certifications.


Leopold draws his hand back, not about to snatch it free. He's not that type of guy. "Well, uh, yes. I suppose." As brief pause. "But they're programmed to avoid sensitive areas in the off chance that they're ever deployed, intentionally or unintentionally, within a registered SHIELD or otherwise government agency." It's true. Fitz had thought of every precaution!

Except, of course, setting the voice activation command to a word much less commonly used.

Fitz fills a brief silence with the rising and falling of his shoulders. "Of course, I could easily add in a dual control protocol to be enabled within such areas, sir."


Melinda May nods at that, and now offers Higgins to Fitz. "That would be a good idea." She'll let him take the little device away, straightening away from the wall she's leaning against so she can follow him back to where ever the rest of the little flea circus might be hiding. "So, what set them off this time?"


Grateful to have the seeker back in his clutches, Fitz easily leads May back to the lab, where Simmons was concluding her examination of Rogers. "Voice command," he explains. "Designed for quick deployment in a pinch. Just need to find the least likely word to be used in a tactical scenario."

He glances toward May. "You'd be surprised how bloody difficult that is."


Melinda May follows Fitz to the lab and nods to Rogers and Simmons even if the latter is distracted. "Are the devices encoded to respond to only a certain voice imprint?" If not, is clearly implied, they probably should be.


"Naturally," answers Fitz, as if this were obvious. "For now, myself and Simmons, along with Directors Hill and Fury. They'll be re-encoded to accept voiceprints based on current assignment, of course, but since they aren't yet cleared for field use…" Well, the rest is obvious. No offense, Agent May!


Steve is in the process of pulling his shirt on as May and Fitz walk in, offering her a nod in return as he attempts to pluck one of the seekers out of the air around Simmons. It's often presumed that he is a caveman with little understanding of technology, but he actually has quite the keen interest in it. He's careful, though. Who knows what kind of nasty counter-measures those things have in place.


"And what word do you currently have in place to deploy them?" May could be asking out of simple curiosity, she could be asking so she can point out to Fitz exactly how much of a moron he's been. The jury's still out on that one. She watches Rogers try to catch one of the seekers, suspecting he'll have it in hand momentarily and trusting he'll either handle it like spun glass or prove that he is not at all the neanderthal that some people expect.

Fitz just might have developed a concern that May was cornering him, if he weren't so enamored at watching Steve handing one of the wayward seekers. "V…" he starts to say, before looking back to Agent May with a rueful grin.

"Nice try." He walks over to the control device, calling them all back to their homes. Once the devices are in place and their yellow glow extinguished, he shuts down the control unit and secures them in their ballistic box. Only then does he turn to face May, arms folded.

"Voila," he finally answers. "The command word is… was 'voila'."


Steve looks at the seeker and then lets it go, smiling as he does so. "Those are … " he obviously searches for the word, " … cool. What else do you make?"


Melinda May simply nods at Fitz, especially now that the little devices are safely stowed away again. She looks at Rogers for a moment, then returns her attention to Fitz. "You might want to work on some evasion protocols for them while you're at it. They're too easy to catch."


"Oh, plenty of stuff!" Fitz is positively preening, though he maintains his smug demeanor and forces his arms to remain crossed. "Let's see, scanners, both handheld and transport-mounted, anti-jamming devices, task-specific specialized munitions rounds… I haven't yet figured out cloaking devices, but, Simmons and I are close to finishing an extremely sophisticated tactical rifle called the 'ni-"

"Fitz!" comes a voice from the lab.

Fitz, however, looks right over to May. "Evasion protocols!" He snaps his fingers, growing excited. "Brilliant idea, Agent May!" He promptly gathers the box, only to have his name called from the other room again. "One bloody moment, Simmons!" he calls out, before muttering under his breath, "Impossible…" He stuffs the box under his arm and walks over to offer a hand to Steve again. "Sergeant Rogers, I can't begin to explain what an honor it is to meet you." He turns toward May, grinning and pointing a finger at her. "Evasion protocols!" he repeats, and shakes his head at her in passing, as if she were made of so much brilliance that he can barely believe it. Fitz then promptly scurries off to the lab, saying as he goes, "Simmons! We've got to work on evasion protocols for the seekers!"

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