Therapy Pets

September 03, 2017:

Cloud wakes Rogue up after a long and tough mission.


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Fade In…

People are back from Genosha! The best part of this for some lucky leopard is that now there are more adults around the school, which means she has not had to endure transforming to her two-foot form, or being a 'responsible adult'. And that is without a doubt the way she prefers it. The funny thing is that she is very responsible; she's just not used to doing so in a modern - or hyper-modern - setting like the school. So it was stressful.

Now that people are back, Cloud has been checking in with her returned bipeds, one at a time. This morning, she has made her way to Rogue's room. Mistress of four-footed stealth, Cloud has managed to get the door open - don't ask how - and is shouldering it open to pad in on soft cat feet, checking in on the Southern Belle with the heart of gold. At this hour, she can often find Rogue abed, which could mean snuggles with a still-sleeping Rogue. But anything is possible.

Rogue is definitely in bed, it was a long trip and it was filled with strange stuff and sad stuff. Rogue is just laying there on her bed with her blankets half on and half off, she's got a dark green tanktop on and her bare legs are sticking out the bottom of the blanket while it lays over her mid-section… Her right arm is hanging off the bed and her eyes are covered over by her dark aviator sunglasses while she just lays there and snores with her hair draped over her face in a mess of brown and white locks…

Rogue is just quietly snoring, while wearing sunglasses to keep out the daylight.

Seeing this, Cloud turns and gently gets the door closed again, laying her shoulder into it until it snicks closed. Then she pads over and climbs up onto the bed, laying down her soft, furry body over Rogue's legs, especially covering her feet, and laying her head down on the edge of the blanket, close to one of her hands without laying on it. She knows many of those who went and came back are tired, even exhausted. And that some are hurt inside, emotionally spent. In her view, it is her job to help to restore them. And this is her way.

It took Rogue a few minutes before she even register the presence of the leopard-changer having joined her on the bed and when she did it came after a stretch and a yawn.

"Heya, fuzzy." She said down to the leopard with a small smile on her lips. It felt nice to have the warm big cat act like a blanket over her bared legs like that. "How've ya been doin?"

Rogue rolled onto her back then and reached up to take her sunglasses up and rest them on her forehead while her eyes opened and blinked a few times before she just stared up at the ceiling of her room.

Of course, Cloud doesn't speak; Jhiao does, but Cloud is staying on four feet right now. She nuzzles up under Rogue's hand and flips her tail negligently, apparently quite content; in this way, she expresses that she is well, while doing the thing she feels built to do: comfort friends. Wide amber eyes watch the green-eyed woman as those eyes become visible once more, taking in her demeanor.

Rogue didn't really expect a response from Jhiao in this form, she knew that the cat didn't talk and seemed to entirely be a leopard when in this state and that was just fine with her. Rogue felt her kick her hand up under her head and it made her smile. She started to rub and pet the fur atop the cat's head with a kind affection, the fur was soft and the kitty's head was warm so it was always a treat to get to pet the leopard. "I figured as much." The southern girl said with a little smile. "You're ontop'a any trouble that comes your way, right?" She softly said, still in her sleepy-state. "I'm thinkin' about stayin' in bed all day myself, if ya couldn't tell already."

The leopard takes a moment to lean down and nuzzle at Rogue's blanket-covered tummy, and then back up under the hand petting and brushing through her fur. Sure, she's 'on top' of anything that comes her way. See? She's on top of Rogue, after all. And she can tell Rogue was planning to sleep the day away. No reason why she shouldn't, but Cloud figures she'll spend a while here; her sense of Rogue is that the woman could use the comfort of her presence. So here she shall be, at least for a while, until she is needed elsewhere.

Rogue knew full-well she needed to get up and get her butt in motion to help with the school and get back to the daily routine that everyone faced here, but after freeing so many mutants that were being treated like slaves and… worse, she just wanted to lay here and not move.

It did feel nice to have Cloud there to help, the physical contact of a 'pet' always helped, and since thats how Cloud acted in this form, it was soothing and stress-relief for the southern belle.

"You're the sweetest." She muttered down to the leopard morph and kept softly petting her head.

That's what others need, right now: sweet, snuggly leopard. So that is what Cloud will be. There are more than enough telepaths and empaths amongst the Mansion; if they need more of her, they'll communicate with her and she will provide. She's like that. Always supportive.

For now, she lays over Rogue and starts purring, a soft, thrumming sound more felt than heard.


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