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August 26, 2017:

Juno Hart calls Jessica Jones because she wisely suspects Grymalkin might be telling her a fib.

New York/Wakanda


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Juno's number comes up on Jessica's phone. Ring ring!! "Hello? Jessica, can I ask a question?"

Jessica Jones is 16 hours ahead of Juno, which can make for taking calls at some interesting times. Juno has a specific ringtone…

"My Little Pony! My Little Pony!"

So she knows who it is. She rolls over in bed, smirking faintly, gropes for the phone, and gets it to her ear in time to hear: "…ask a question."

"Sure kiddo," she says, keeping the groggy out of her voice with an effort of will. She rubs at her eyes, feeling a stab of guilt. She hasn't even checked in with Juno since the girl came to ask about 'being real', about all the things Grymalkin had said.

Then again, Juno Hart does not sound too much more the worse for wear.

Juno might be feeling a little urgent, mostly because she is trying to ignore the cat whispering into her ear. She may have dropped her backpack, cat inside, on the ground so she can talk. "The money in ATMs belongs to other people, right? So it's /not okay to take it if you don't need it/." She pitches her voice to carry a little bit.

Yeah, so they ended up disagreeing. In the background, the noise of a crowded city street filters through.
For a moment Jessica just takes her pillow.

She shoves it over her own face. She's not really trying to smother herself. She's not. She's just…having a moment.

"Yep," she says, just as she removes the pillow. "It is definitely other people's money, it's not okay to take it even if you need it, because it's not yours. That's stealing, it's grand larceny, it's a felony, and you don't want to do it. Who the Hell is trying to sell you on the idea that it's okay to stick your hand in an ATM?"

She can picture how Juno would do it, phasing her little paw right inside of one. And picture the SHIELD or DEO team sent out to go pick her up, too.

Juno, on the other hand, sounds vindicated. "See, I told you it was wrong," she tells someone on the other side of the phone, not bothering to try muffling her voice. "Jessica agreed with me. So we're using my money."

Why wouldn't you take something if you really needed it? If you were going to die and needed money to buy food, would it be all right to take it then? Juno frowns and considers a new library search she'll do tomorrow.

"It's Probation Cat," she replies simply, because of course it is. "He wants to go out to Times Square and eat food that isn't McDonalds. I said yes, but not to stealing money. He said that the money in the ATM was already stolen and that we would be redistributing it to the people it really belonged to. Like a waiter." There's a shuffling sound as she closes the flap on her backpack. "I told him I didn't believe him."
Jessica Jones rolls her eyes. She can sort of see what Grymalkin is getting at, but whatever deep sociopolitical statement he's making is of way less concern to her than the fact that he knows damn well he's going to get the kid in hot water.

"As a policy, I think you should pretty much avoid taking advice from that cat ever. He's going to get you thrown in jail. Tell him Jessica says he's being an asshole and to cut that shit out right now."

Not exactly eloquent or deep, but she thinks it will do. She considers adding in a threat to skin him alive, but the truth is she's not sure if she'd be able to manage the follow-through, other than to remind John Constantine that he exists.

Now that she has been declared the Most Correct, Juno seems pleased as punch. "I thought so too. Besides, there's a camera." She doesn't have any idea that Grymalkin has enchanted it to show nothing but a repeating scene of the street, sans cat and girl. "Even if I broke it, nobody keeps records onsite. The picture— the data all goes somewhere." This may be for Grymalkin's benefit. "So we would be seen."

"He's usually wrong," the teenager continues, uncaring that said cat is no doubt listening. "She says you're being an asshole and to cut this shit out right now." A returning murmur is inaudible against the backdrop of Times Square noises. "No, she's right. Get back in my backpack if you want to come eat with me."

The sound of leather on something gritty - gloves on brick, maybe. "I can't see from down here, so… Jessica, where's a good place to eat? And where are you? I looked in at your office twice but I didn't see you." Stalkery, perhaps, but she'd meant well.

"I'm out of the country again, working on a case," Jessica replies. She hesitates— but ultimately decides not to get into the Wakandan Details right now. A girl who has to call and verify, just to double check, that ATM robbery is probably bad is not someone who needs to be in this kind of a draconian security state. Or to be talked down from trying to get to said draconian security state. "Um…Times Square…I don't really eat at Times Square. Just Google 'restaurants near me', look for the Zagat dollar signs, one dollar sign being cheapest and 5 being the most, to see what the budget looks like, look at the review stars to see if it's any good, and use their website to check the menu before you walk in. That ought to shake out something decent enough."

She opens her mouth to say something about tourists, but then remembers she's talking to the ancient cat-thing and the Russian girl who was raised in a murderbox. Yep, nevermind. They still technically qualify as tourists. Not only to the city, but to anything like normal.

"Oh, okay." Juno does not need to be within a thousand miles of Wakanda, let alone inside its borders. "Good luck, whatever it is!"

Normally she might ask after the details, but Juno is pretty sure she's not going to have any frame of reference for whatever Jessica is working on right now. Plus, cat.

"I'm not worried. I thought that if there was something you liked I would try it." But if Jessica's not really the Times Square type… to be fair, Juno isn't sure that she is, either. There's a shuffling noise and a scrape, followed by an electronic background hum. "Ah! Better view now." That's a lot of steps. Juno may end up going with her old standby, 'look for what has the most people'. "Are you okay? Wait, what time is it where you are?"

It's FML-o'clock.

"I dunno, I'm not looking at the clock," Jessica lies. "About time for breakfast I think. Was just getting up."

She burrows. She burrows deep into the burrow mountain of her covers. So nice. So comfy.

But she doesn't want Juno to feel bad about calling, and she did say call any time.

"What have you been up to anyway? Besides babysitting that dumb cat?" After all, as of last conversation Juno had some thoughts about trying some new things, might as well check in with how that's going before she hangs up the phone.

Jessica is clearly a great liar, because Juno doesn't question it. "I hope it's something good. See if you can eat 'huevos rancheros'! I had it last week, it was delicious." On top of a giant electronic TV screen-slash-billboard, Juno swings her feet back and forth. Some poor lady is getting clonked in her gigantic digital forehead, over and over. "I've been skating some more. That's really fun! Thank-you again for showing it to me." She has still not achieved glittery spandex status, but that's okay too.

If she actually knew that she'd woken Jessica up in the middle of the godforsaken night, Juno might be less enthusiastic about life's smaller pleasures. …Or maybe not. It's hard to tell, sometimes. "Oh, and I built a model tank from a kit! I don't know what to do with it now that it's done though. You can't take it apart like a puzzle to do agai-" A distant shout interrupts her.

"…Why does that man look angry at me?" A muffled reply. "But it can't be illegal to climb buildings! That's stupid!"

"They think you're trying to commit suicide, probably," Jessica says, with warm amusement. Skating, model tanks, and…climbing buildings.

She decides to impart another small tidbit of wisdom.

"If you wanna climb, try one of those rock climbing places. You can climb all you want there, and you won't alarm anyone. They'll make you put on a bunch of safety equipment because they're afraid if you hurt yourself you'll sue them, and you have to let them put it on you, but you can climb as long and as high as the wall goes, and there's really challening walls for good climbers."

But all this strikes her as good. The kiddo's out there having fun, exploring, and not capping people in the head. All positives. Well, maybe she's capping people in the head. Jess supposes she has no real way to tell if any more little 'missions' have been assigned. But she'll at least happily imagine that the guns are mostly unused for the time being.

What kind of person kills themselves by climbing up a building? It strikes Juno as being way too complicated for such a simple matter. She doesn't know if she'll /ever/ understand 'real people'.

"Rock climbing… okay!" That electronic hum starts getting fainter - Juno's on the move again, now that someone has called her out. "That sounds great, I was getting tired of exercising in my room." Pull ups, push ups, kip ups… She doesn't bring up the subject of 'missions'. People seem to dislike them, despite the fact that Juno is doing what she's /for/. Even if they say she doesn't /need/ a purpose or a reason, or that she has another one entirely, some things are bone-deep in a person… they can't be cut out, no matter how much anybody might wish.

But if you try long enough, maybe you can tease them just out of place.

Juno slips through a wall, carrying Grym with her in her backpack. "Thanks for your advice. I'm glad I called. Sorry if I woke you up, though…"

"What? I'm an International Woman of Mystery now," Jessica teases. "I'll sleep when I'm— " Whoa, bad phrasing, bad phrasing, "home! Don't worry about it, kiddo. I've been waking myself up at all hours to make phone calls back home as needed. Have a good lunch. I'm a phone call away if you need me again."

She rolls over into her pillows. It is nowhere near breakfast time. The International Woman of Mystery is going to conk right back out four seconds after she is off this phone. But she isn't too put out, for all that.

When she's…? Oh! Home. Home is a good word. Her bedroom is home. The apartment she shares with Pearce is home. New York City is home. All of them, and in ways that Kindergarten never was. Juno smiles.

"Okay! Enjoy your breakfast. Remember, 'huevos rancheros'!" She passes a man in coveralls pushing a broom and waves as she walks right through another wall. "Bye Jessica! Call me when you get home!"

Kids these days…!

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