Attack of the Spider-Hipster

August 21, 2017:

A Monday spent wrangling people who took the eclipse as license to be a crazy person brings Red Robin into contact with the mysterious Spider-Woman. No, not that one, the one with the hoodie.

Various locations in New York

It's the Big Apple, you know the drill.


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Mentions: Spider-Man, Silk


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The eclipse brought out the weirdos.

There might even be some kind of a metaphysical explanation for that - he'll have to ask Zatanna later, assuming she's not busy fighting eclipse demons or reverse werewolves (presumably, wolves that turn into people during a solar eclipse) or something - and the worst part is that in New York it isn't even a total eclipse. That won't happen for another seven years. In any even, it's like the sort of craziness you see on the full moon; probably hospital ERs all over the city - and Gotham, and Metropolis, and probably everywhere else - are full of all sorts of craziness.

Red Robin had been at Titans Tower taking care of a few things, which is why he was on hand when various calls started coming in over the emergency bands… Which is why he ended up dealing with all sorts of weird nonsense in a city he doesn't really perceive as 'his'. He doesn't doubt that in Gotham, the Dark Knight and others are being confronted with god knows what strangeness, possibly Calendar Man related, but he's got to deal with what's in front of him. At current count:

Five broad daylight muggings ('the sun's supposed to be gone, though!')

Two car thefts, one of them was somehow an NYPD patrol car. The patrol car had been commandeered by a group of nine year olds who 'wanted to get into a fight with Spider-Man' and were very disappointed that they got the wrong Titan.

Someone's horse (???) got stuck in a bodega.

And now, another brazen daylight heist. A classic convertible with the top down speeds through traffic that barely bothers to get out of the way (it's still New York) firing at the police pursuit. Privately, Red Robin hopes that it isn't the same gang that stole that armored car on his birthday. Surely they're not still molluscs, and a decent lawyer could probably use that baleful polymorphing to get them out of custody once they were vertebrates again. Like most criminals, like most people, they don't really look up… So they don't notice the Titan until he lands on the trunk of their car, the inertrite wings of his new suit folded back so the wind resistance doesn't hurl him off of the speeding vehicle.

"Okay, Reservoir Dogs," the Gotham vigilante says. "Time for you to give u—"

Other than the driver, they turn to look at him, brandishing guns. That's not the problem. The problem is they have creepy porcelain doll masks on.


Gwen Stacy has been out and about. The costume she arrived in was dirty and slept in. However, with all her time here, despite being in SHIELD approved housing, she has managed to wash and clean it. While she has said she will lie low, well. She's a teenager and this is New York City. Not just hat, it's NEW New York City. It's a place unknown to her despite its familiarity in certain ways. She can't help but try and visit her old haunts thinking she'll see the people she knows.

They are not there.

That doesn't surprise her, but it always brings a slump to her shoulders. This afternoon, however, she's up on a high roof to take a look at the eclipse. She's not a science nerd like her Peter Parker was, but she likes to look at it and think about what he and Harry would argue about.

Most of the petty theft passes her by as it is not under her nose. She's attempted to be a non-vigilante as that's what she's been told is wanted of her and those people give her a place to live. But, then again, she's never really been good at following orders. That's not what Spider-Woman is about.

A screech of tires on the street draws her attention. Her mask was pulled up on her face as her face was tilted up toward the covered sun, but now her attention is drawn back toward the car chase. There's a slight hesitation there. There's a police pursuit. But, there are bullets being fired. There are innocent people that might be hurt. With barely a curse, the mask is pulled down and she webs downward.

The shadow of a person is possibly perceptible before one drops right down on the hood of the car just about when Red Robin does so from the trunk. "Wha—-???" She looks at the Bird-Themed vigilante with a look of, 'HEY!! I did this!' and then she looks at the procelain doll masks in front of her and she replies with, "GUH!!!" Reflexively, she webs at the driver's mask to pull it off.

That's new.

Behind the white lenses of his black, jaggedly designed domino mask, Red Robin blinks owlishly at the extremely agile person who also decided to land on the stylish getaway vehicle at about the same time he does. It would almost be enough to distract him from the HOLY CRAP THEY'RE CREEPY PORCELAIN DOLL MASKS, but there's an order to things, you know?

The sudden spray of webbing into the driver's face as Spider-Woman tries to unmask him doesn't go entirely according to plan, as by sheer luck the driver's hand comes up in time to catch his mask… Which just leaves him unable to see, and also getting wrenched about by her superior strength, which results in the car suddenly swerving, taking out a fire hydrant as it takes a completely accidental detour down a side street.

This isn't good for anyone else in or on the car, either.

The other Doll Masks are wrenched about, the one in the driver seat lifting a sawed-off shotgun and firing at the webslinger on the hood, while in the back seat one drops the loot - a stash of diamonds, of course - onto the floor of the car, scattering them, and the other takes a few shots at Red Robin, who is clinging to the back of the car.

"Gah," the Titan reiterates, juking out of the way of the shots and ending up standing on one hand on the trunk and somehow (it is, in fact, a geckskin layer built into certain parts of his costume, including the palms of the hands, that exploits the van der Waals effect to let him cling despite most of the rest of physics trying to throw him off) while his free hand remains clear to throw a batarang at the gun: At the moment of impact, two discrete chemicals in the thrown weapon come into contact, their barrier shattered by the impact… And begin to leach all the heat out from the air around them, and the gun, in a rapid cryonic effect.

In a few seconds, the gun is just a big chunk of ice.

The car, meanwhile, continues to careen only semi-controlled.

"Cool costume," Red Robin calls from across the car. The webbing and general, well, Spider-Man look of the whole thing is distinctive. His first thought was that Silk had gotten a new look, but it became quickly evident (to him, anyway) that this Spider-Woman was shorter. "How are you at stopping cars?"

On the upside, the driver's mask finally comes off.

While new isn't exactly how Gwen would define herself, the entire endeavor she has found herself is not what she would qualify as familiar.

As the car jukes and swerves due to her attempts, she winces. Okay, Gwen, not the best idea, but things can be saved. With what must be supernatural abilities, she manages to keep a balance on the front of the getaway car with only holding onto the hood and the windshield. It's as if she has some strange way to balance herself.

"Yes Gah!" Gwen yells at Robin with a bit of frustration. "Are you here to comment or—-" Then a batarang is flung forward and the gun is turned to ice. Okay, so he is not just a random witness. That's helpful. Not being one for teamups, she gives him a bit of a raised eyebrow that is certainly lost in the mask. "Yeah, thanks. Didn't realize that was a thing! Though, you know, this was professionally designed. Very proud."

As she speaks, she launches herself upward and then lands in one of the seats nearby the driver and his shotgun. "You all have made very bad choices in your life. I'm sure you realize this by now, but I really want you to think about it while I figure out how to stop you."

Flipping again, she lands on the trunk nearby Robin. "Oh, you know. How good at you at jumping backward."

Even through Gwen's mask she gives what can only be described as a grin as she looks about them. First, a huge amount of webbing is tossed to the left of the car - in front of a darkened and shuttered storefront. Then, she thwips a piece of webbing at the wheel and yanks to careen it toward it.

"And here I had to make my own," Red Robin remarks, when Spider-Woman says her costume was professionally designed. He does not ask why it looks a lot like Spider-Man's in certain ways though, because that would be rude to just do out of the blue… Even if that's not the only clear, obvious similarity to Spidey that he can identify.

The Gotham vigilante himself is extremely agile, his body having been trained to the peak of what an unmodified human is capable of - or close enough, anyway - but as incredible as his own sense of balance is, it's immediately obvious that the young woman has him beat there. Indeed, he'd be willing to bet real money that the way she clings to the car is very similar to the way he does… But that she does it naturally.

Maybe she's secretly Spider-Man's sister? But then how does Silk's nearly identical abilities figure into things…?

As usual, the detective's mind is going a mile a minute, and on multiple tracks at that. Cataloguing every piece of data that comes his way, figuring out where it goes even while he tries to come up with his own plan to stop the car. He's already got a few ideas off the top of his head, but it's clear that so does Spider-Woman.

And once she starts to put hers in practice, well, the smart thing to do is to go along with it instead of working at cross-purposes.

He's done a lot of teamups.

"Jumping backwards is my one weakness," is the Titan's facetious reply, a wry grin of his own tugging at the corners of his mouth when he sees the distinct outline of such an expression through the white mask of Spider-Woman's costume. "I've never been able to overcome it." The Doll Masks are frantic - the unmasked driver is freaking out about his mask being taken off, and the one in the passenger seat is hurriedly trying to reload his shotgun after having missed the webslinger, and then having her briefly sit between him and the driver before she vaulted back to the trunk. The two in the backseat are distracted, of course, by the spilled diamonds and the fact that one of them's hand is currently part of a chunk of ice that developed around their gun.

They'll thaw out fine, though. Red Robin is very careful about using Mister Freeze's tech.

As the car is wrenched to the side by Spider-Woman's clever webbing, Red Robin's inertrite wings spread, and the geckskin holding him to the trunk releases, creating a parachute effect as all his forward momentum is bled off. He lands deftly in the street anyway as the wings lose their tension, turning into long strips of what look like fabric… Which reel into the backpack on his costume, leaving him capeless.

The car, of course, crashes into the webbing cushion, jostling the Doll Masks around something fierce.

And then about two seconds later the airbags suddenly deploy, leaving them pretty incapacitated.

Gwen flings herself backward at the appropriate moment, ensuring that Tim manages to do so as well. He seems able to manage by himself, but she can't help but ensure he'll be fine. If she can help by a minor webbing or a hand pulled in the proper direction, she will do so.

Instead, there's an easiness to Gwen that has never been accessible to her since she arrived. This give her a sense of purpose. She has felt lost, adrift, separate since arriving here. This moment of helping, however? It felt like her and not SHIELD or anything else dealing with this strange world that is the same but different. For a moment, she felt like her old quipping self again.

With a perfect acrobatic air flip that would - once again - remind Tim of Spider-Man without her knowing that it would, she lands on the sidewalk, perfectly balanced.

To her right the getaway car careens into a webbing she created, the silk she used to force the wheel already gone. It's defocused to the side of her vision, though still completely there. "You seem fine," she tells Tim as they both land perfectly fine. The smirk is easily heard in her voice.

The airbags deploy and, perhaps out of spite, Gwen looks to the side and her left hand outstretches. A movement very akin to Spider-Man occurs and a large amount of webbing coats the top of the convertible to trap everyone inside. Just in case. It's a thin layer, but something they'd have to get through nonetheless.

A sputtering sound happens afterward and the masked woman in front of Tim curses. "You've got to be kidding me." Malfunctioning tech is the last thing she needs right now.

Fortunately, Red Robin has trained for this sort of thing.

Maybe not the lady with spider-powers part, but you never know. Batman is thorough.

"I like building up a little extra tension sometimes," the young man explains when Spider-Woman smirks audibly at him, after his comments about not being able to jump backwards. "Keeps things interesting." It was, really, far from the first time he'd ever had to jump off of a moving vehicle. That's honestly one of the hazards of his job… He's just glad he had the wingsuit to do it with, this time. It beats the hell out of the ol' tuck and roll, or having to get fancy with a grapple gun.

Brows lift over the domino mask when the young woman in white and black sprays even more webbing over the convertible, to make sure the criminals and their creepy porcelain doll face masks can't get free. But then, something clearly goes wrong.

He's only seen glimpses of Spider-Man's webshooters in the past, though he was really itching to actually figure out how they work. Some kind of pressurised fluid, he figures… Though given the variety of things he can do with the substance, there's got to be some kind of miniaturised 3D printer built into the mechanism, rearranging the webbing into different forms.

He's not very good at shutting off. Not when there's something he doesn't know.

"If you were a guy, there's definitely a joke I would make right now," the Titan comments instead. "Under the circumstances it would just be inappropriate, though. Police should be here in about thirty seconds," he adds, seemingly apropos of nothing - but the sirens are indeed getting closer, and he has other ways of following the positions of the authorities. It's a useful skillset, when you're a vigilante.

Since that is, technically, a crime.

"We should probably get out of here, the cops in New York don't seem to be big fans of people with webs on their costumes. Do you, uh… Need any help? Escaping, or generally with the the web thing. Web shooter?"

Gwen hits at her wrists where her web shooters attach, rotating it about as she does so. "That seems pretty sexist," she tells Tim dryly about the fact that he wouldn't make a joke about her web shooters due to her being a lady.

"Especially after telling me you like extra tension to keep things interesting. If we're going to talk inappropriate stuff, I would have totally started there." The sirens cause her head to tilt automatically toward their direction, a bit of a curse on her lips. Without webbing, she's not as mobile as she should be. That makes beating a hasty retreat after a devastating comeback all the harder. Dammit.

Hating that she has to ask for the help, Gwen frowns and glances about, looking for an exit. "Web shooters is exactly what I call them," she tells Tim with a bit of a surprise at his guessing the name randomly. Maybe it's not really rocket science, but she wasn't expecting the parlance so immediately. "Look, I'm not really a team player here, but without that," she gestures at the web covered car they just leapt from. "I'm a little bit of a fish out of water. You guys have a subway, right? Yeah, of course you do. New York without a subway would truly be insane. Anyway, I could try that. Unless you've got something better in mind."

"See, that was a perfectly innocent joke about intentionally making things harder for myself," Red Robin retorts, having one of those days were he can't help but meet sass with sass. Maybe she really is Spider-Man's secret sister, he thinks to himself. She's definitely got the verbal stick-and-move down, even if she isn't quite the chatterbox the more familiar webslinger is. "I don't see why you'd have to go and turn it into something inappropriate."

But the cops were getting closer. He wasn't entirely unwilling to cooperate with the police - he was used to working with certain elements in the GCPD, after all, and the Titans were at least somewhat recognised by local law enforcement, when it came to turning over captured criminals and making a terrible pun while doing so. But what would he go with there? 'They thought it would be a different kind of stick-up'? 'Sorry,we had to give them a crash course in what happens to thieves'?

"Well, I can fly," the Titan says, the cloth strips of his suit's wings in their inactive form unspooling out from his suit's pack. "You're… What, a hundred and fifteen pounds?" he wonders, making an estimate at the weight of a young woman he just met, because he is cool and suave, and offers a hand towards her.

"Beats the hell out of the subway. The air doesn't smell nearly as much like pee up here."

"Yeah, everyone thinks it's an innocent joke until they hear it repeated back to them," Gwen quips back. Maybe she is Peter's sister (shiver). There certainly seems to be similarities between the Spider-Woman and the Spider-Man. "Hey, you're the one that brought up sexist jokes, Bird-guy. I'm just working with what you give me. I'm a Spider-Woman, not a miracle worker."

The cops are moving closer and the internal need to get away form them starts to kick in. In fact, without the web shooters, she already starts to move toward an alleyway to slip away. She needs to be away. It's not just how she deals with the police on her Earth, but the fact that Coulson will most likely not be very kind to the fact that she just crashed a car into a building - no matter the cause.

"You can fly," she states back to him. "Why didn't you fly off the car?" she asks him. That observation makes her distrust him for the moment as she keeps her moving toward an unassuming location. "And, rude. You should know not to ask about people's weight. I'm sure this is some sort of mathematical thing, but that doesn't make it any less intrusive. What's the max you can carry?"



"It's Red Robin," the vigilante explains. "Sorry, I should've introduced myself. Those weird doll-face masks still have me creeped out." And he's been fighting crime in Gotham City for years now, so that's really saying something. Creepiness is one of that city's major exports.

With Spider-Woman moving towards an alleyway to avoid any contact with the authorities, Red Robin follows; he figures she probably just has a bad relationship with the local constabulary, much like the clearly closely related Spider-Man, who has been a little bit of a PR problem after the pictures of him getting manhandled by a group of mind-controlled preteens ended up everywhere, thanks to a certain newspaper.

"There wasn't much point in flying when I could just use the wings as a brake to get myself off of the car safely… It's not like I was just going to fly off before making sure people were okay, you know? Which includes you. I know a fair bit about vigilantes and superheroes in the area, and I've never heard of a Spider-Woman." Spider-Man yes, obviously. Silk, sure, even worked with her once. But this is a new wrinkle indeed. "So the easy assumption would be that you're new, but you obviously know what you're doing…"

She's right though, that was pretty rude of him to just go and guess her weight like that.

Still, she asked a valid question off of it.

"At full thrust the wings should be able to handle another two hundred pounds or so, at least for a minute or two. Something might burn out, though. I haven't tried carrying more than… Eh… One thirty five?" He figures that's about what Zatanna weighs. "At least on this version. I carried someone heavier with a prototype but then we almost died."

Surprisingly matter-of-fact about a near death experience, there.

"I'd offer a drive, but my car's parked under Titans Tower."

"A robin's a bird, right?" Gwen facetiously asks Red Robin. "I didn't introduce myself earlier, either, but Spider-Woman seems pretty intuitive. If you went by Red Bird that would make a little bit more sense." As for the porcelain masks? She shivers a bit. "Yeah, that was all kinds of creepy. They deserve an award for that one. Creepiest dudes apprehended by a bird and a spider themed person."

There's a roll of her eyes that is somehow still articulated in the mask that she wears. "It's all about presentation, Bird." It seems like that nickname is not going away anytime soon. "Flying brings things to a whole new level. Makes people respect you. It's totally why I sling everywhere. The respect." Is she being sarcastic? It's hard to tell. Possibly.

As for where she comes from and how she knows what she's doing, she conveniently never even brings that up, instead keeping to the light and breezy parts of the conversation. "Well, I'm certainly below 200 pounds. And all we gotta do is get a couple more blocks away. Or to whatever a Titan Tower is. Are you some investment banker by day, vigilante by night? That totally doesn't work out well, just giving you a spoiler alert."

There's a faint, resigned sigh from Red Robin, at Spider-Woman's comments about his codename. Hers was a fairly obvious guess though, at least… Coming from a city that has a Batman, and a Batwoman, and has had different Batgirls at various times, sometimes more than one at once, the theme was an easy one to extrapolate. There was a 50/50 chance on it being Spider-Girl, he supposes, but she doesn't seem like the type who would roll with Spider-Girl. Call it intuition.

Of course, the last person who had insistently referred to him as 'Bird' wants to murder him, so that's a fun reminder.

"I dunno, I've been swinging around cities on a line since I was fourteen, and it mostly just got me shot at," the former Boy Wonder notes, while also mentally making a note about… Well, everything about this mystery woman. Particularly the way she intentially keeps herself more of a mystery, breezily ignoring his comments about her possible newness and apparently contradictory experience at the whole masked vigilante gig.

It's not that he minds, per se. He's all about remaining infuriatingly mysterious to people.

Besides, what does a detective love more than a mystery to solve?

"Seriously, you've never heard of Titans Tower? It's the T-shaped building, on an island in the middle of the East River? You must be from out of town. West coast, maybe? Are you hiding a California girl tan under that mask and fashionable hoodie?"

For now, at least, Spider-Woman doesn't seem to be angling to kill Red Robin. Of course, with how things go in Gotham and otherwise, who knows if this isn't just some sort of long-term nefarious plan. However, she makes no move on the other man. In fact, she seems just as wary of him as he does of her.

"I thought birds flew and didn't swing." The hoodied face tilts just slightly as she studies Red Robin a bit more. As for being out of town, she can't help but laugh. It's genuine and amused. "Yeah." That's her response. "I'm from out of town." As for what she's sporting under that hoodie, there's a shake of her head. "Yeah, no way, there, Red. It takes more than a leap off of a car and an awkward ask about my weight to fly me out of here to get me to reveal those goods."

The sirens approach ever closer and she seems all the more agitated as they do. "Look, I love a quip as much as the next person, but if we're getting out of here, now seems better? Toward your T Tower. That sounds all structurally unsound, but I'm a vigilante, not an architect."

Getting a laugh out of Spider-Woman, at least, brings a bit of a grin to Red Robin's face. He's not entirely sure why she thinks it's that funny - unless she's from really out of town, maybe she's an alien or something? - but genuine laughter is genuine laughter. It's just one of those things.

"It has to do with the materials used in its construction," he says offhandedly about the Tower, once the webslinger makes a sensible reminder about the need to get out of there, obviously agitated by the approaching sirens: With a neural impulse, he tells his suit to run a low-level electric charge through the strips of cloth that dangle like a cape, a reverse piezoelectric effect causing them to become rigid, turning back into wings. "And the structure goes deeper underground than it rises aboveground, it's a whole… Well, nevermind. I haven't gotten the hang of doing this without a running start, so uh… Give me your hand?"

She probably doesn't want to get held close by a guy she just met, flying or no flying, but if she moved closer it would be easier.

The hand he's not holding out to Spider-Woman holds a gas-powered grapple gun, and once she hopefully does take the offered hand, he fires the grapple at nearby roof, switches it over to start reeling them in while the repulsor jets in the pack fire, the wings catching the air to provide lift, so when the grapple releases…

Well, then they're flying.

A laugh is a laugh and Robin certainly got one out of Gwen, though it's more for the reason's he's thinking rather than anything else. Maybe she is an alien.

The lesson about the tower is actually well received. Either she's interested in that or is interested in pretending she is in order to get them the hell out of dodge before the police arrive. "Yeah, but the T part of the T, you know the branches. That seems like they'd fall off if you breath at them wrong," she counters, unable to help herself.

Robin is quite right that she's skeptical about getting close to a bird themed vigilante she just met that leapt off of a car and then told her he could fly her to investment banker island. However, she knows that some form of contact is necessary for him to get them out of there. Stepping forward, she gives him her hand. The outreach is hesitant, but when she actually puts her hand in his, her grip is incredibly strong and firm. It makes sense in the context of what he's already seen her do.

"Really? A grapple gun? Is this the s—-" And then he fires it up to the nearby roof and they are flying. The sensation is not all that different from webslinging, she finds. However, there was the matter of the surprise of the start. Usually she can brace herself for that sort of thing. "A jetpack?" she calls out. "What, are you the Rocketeer? That's something you've heard about, right? Vintage movie?"

Part of why Red Robin is sure that just the hand would be enough is that he's entirely certain that Spider-Woman has superstrength.

Really it wouldn't make sense if she didn't.

As to how he manages to do things like that trick with the grapple gun without pulling his arm out of its socket is a question best left to the wilds of imagination. The answer is almost certainly 'training', and lots of training, and probably some sort of quasi-mystical things that Batman learned when he trained with the League of Shadows, or with any of the various other teachers who molded him into the frankly implausible paragon of human accomplishment that he is.

Lessons that he then passed down to his sidekicks, that they supplemented with their own unconventional teachers.

"That's a pretty old movie reference," Red Robin calls back. "I had you pegged for what, maybe eighteen… Are you secretly in your thirties? Or do you just go through the classic movies section in Netflix a lot? Probably not much to do back in… Oregon? Montana, maybe, spinning webs across the badlands…"

Red Robin doesn't fly them too high, instead keeping between the buildings of Manhattan, until finally they emerge into the open air over the river between that island and Queens… And, sure enough, there's that man-made island, and a tower that does look pretty much like a T.

"Have you seriously never heard of the Titans?" he asks, as they move over the open water. "We're like the Justice League, or the Avengers, but younger and cooler."

"Hey, there's a reason why I called it vintage," Gwen scoffs at the implication that she's in her thirties. "I'm not old." Why he thinks she can hold onto his hand despite angle and math is not something she ever thought about. She tends to be the sort of person who flings herself forward and then deals with the consequences. While she's trying to be better about that, it's just something she does.

"People keep bringing up Netflix. I don't really see what the big deal is. I got a Netflix account, it's pretty great, but I miss Blockbuster." She's really not doing any favors of putting herself in her proper age bracket. As for where she's from, she scoffs. "Please, if I came here from Oregon you'd have seen the newspapers about how there was never an crime in Oregon. Ever again." There's bravado there that she can't help, a clear indication of defensiveness.

There's a long silence about the Justice League and the Avengers, too. She's learned far more about them after coming here, but that's a different thing. "Oh, cool, then. That's good for you." It sounds flippant, but she really doesn't know how to respond to that.

Naturally, since he's the sort of person who fully embraces shiny new things, Red Robin is slightly horrified to meet a young person - younger than him, even, he's pretty sure - who actually misses the absolute dominance of physical media. Which isn't to say that he doesn't find a use for an optical disc now and again, but a video rental store?!

Is she a Spider-Hipster?!

But he tries to not be judgmental. Maybe she also has a Discman that she uses to listen to her music on. Where would she even buy CDs from, nowadays…?

"Are you from space?" he wonders. It doesn't even sound like a sarcastic question meant to be insulting. It's a legitimate query. "Is there like… A planet where Spider-people come from? It's cool, if so… I know some aliens, my best friend is an alien. Well, part alien. It's complicated."

Everything is complicated, in Tim Drake's life.


"Not much for superhero teams, huh?" he says, taking her seemingly-flippant remark about the Titans in stride, as they come in towards the roof of the Tower. It has space for landings, of course… And Red Robin's wingsuit doesn't take that much space to land. Flight turns into a hover as he lets Spider-Woman get her footing before he lets go of her hand and then lands, his wings returning to their cape-like state.

"That's too bad. The Titans are a good place for younger people, you know? We fight bad guys, we learn to be better at superheroing, we help each other out. And you seem… I dunno, isolated? I don't blame you for being defensive, you don't know me from Hawkman, but there's something else…"

It is totally likely that Gwen Stacy has a walkman that she misses back on Earth-65. The question about whether she is from space is met with a very surprised and amused laugh. She can hear the fact that he is generally curious, but she can't help herself. Her reaction to his question starts as a giggle until it is a full out laugh. It's only a minute or so, but it's enough. "No, I'm not from space. I'm just…not from here." Her forehead crinkles. "Wait, your best friend is an alien?" she has to ask. That's not something she is at all used to hearing.

His life certainly seems complicated. Luckily for him, being a vigilante from an alternate universe makes her own life complicated straight from the base, so she's understanding. If sarcastic and sassy about it.

"I'm not used to teams," she agrees. There aren't much - if any - of them where she's from. It tends to be everyone for themselves if they're not controlled by the government. Once on the roof, it doesn't take her very long at all to get her footing and step back from Tim. She has a supernatural balance that helps her out in that regard, though she - again - does not call attention to it. Much like her strength or her origins, despite the strange references.

"Wait, you have some sort of young costume sorority?" She's genuinely curious, perhaps unable to wrap her head about it. "That's a thing?" Also, equally confused, she asks, "Who is Hawkman?"

Okay, not a space alien - probably, there's always the chance that she isn't telling the truth, or doesn't know herself. So he'll put 'planet of the Spider-People' on the unlikely list.

Maybe it's something like the Speed Force, where different people get a similar powerset through a connection to it? Like a… Spider-Force? No, that's ridiculous.

Maybe she's an alternate universe version of Spider-Man where everyone's the opposite gender to this one, somehow trapped in this reality with no way home?

Maybe she grew up in a bunker…?

"Superboy, yeah," Red Robin answers Spider-Woman's bewildered question. "There's also Miss Martian, who uh guess where she's from? And Starfire, she was a Titan from way back. You'd know her if you saw her, she's like six and a half feet tall and orange, and I think she might be allergic to clothes." She is also a hugger.

The admission that she isn't used to teams gets a curious look from Red Robin, while he reels the 'cape' back into his suit's pack. One downside of this version's cape: It gets in the way a lot more than his usual one. He heads towards the rooftop access to head back down into the Tower, though, gesturing towards it so it doesn't look like he's just trying to ditch Spider-Woman on the roof now that he's got her here, or something.

"I guess there are enough girls on the team that it could be a sorority, yeah," he says, unbothered by the choice of phrasing. "Zatanna doesn't have a costume yet, though, and Wonder Girl's barely counts, anyway. But it's… A superhero team. A lot of the original Titans were sidekicks… Robin, Speedy, Kid Flash. They worked together when their mentors weren't around, and they tried to help young people with exceptional abilities when they needed help. None of us now are really sidekicks, we're just younger heroes who want to work together independent of SHIELD's influence, or without having Superman or Batman looking over our shoulders. And we still help others when they need it. And Hawkman is a guy who wears a hawk-themed mask, he has big bird wings and a mace."

As if that explained everything.

Gwen goes through everything that Robin has said, not speaking quite yet. Superboy, Miss Martian: these are all names she has never head before despite her attempt to assimilate. There's a bit of a look at the cape reel in - skeptical but possibly also impressed. It speaks to a level of planning ahead to think to have a means to retract a cape - even if it is a semi-cape.

Most of the names sound a little familiar from her research, but not in any capacity that they spark a light of recognition in her eyes. "I don't need either of those guys looking over my shoulder right now," she states firmly. Of course, she is officially being watched and sheltered by SHIELD, so her own admissions might actually be false, but she plays it off pretty flippantly.

Instead, she easily attempts to shift the conversation. "Gotcha. Hawkman is another Bird Guy."

Something he said earlier starts to bug her. She tried to ignore it, but she can't help herself now. The words simply spill out of her mouth. "You talked about a Spider-Planet. You know other people that can do what I do?" It doesn't exactly sound fishing, but she is certainly curious. Who wouldn't be?

The cape on his current costume, such as it is, isn't very good for most cape purposes. It isn't particularly swoopy, and he can't wrap it around himself like an ominous shroud. Between that and the lack of a cowl on this suit, Red Robin has shed a lot of the grim and intimidating mien that he'd gotten used to applying in the Work… But it wasn't really suitable to being on a team, he felt. So, for Titans work, he has this. For his constant one-man crusade against evil and various personal projects, he has his other suit.

It's good for compartmentalising.

"Fortunately the building's superstructure is lead-lined, so Superman can't just look into it," he comments, on the topic of the Man of Steel or the Dark Knight looking over their shoulders. "There's still windows, though. But yeah, another bird guy. He definitely got there before me."

Which is a serious understatement.

The question about whether he knows other people who can do 'what she does' is actually a surprise to Red Robin, who had avoided specifically asking about her connections to Spider-Man. He stops, and turns to look at the white-clad young woman; his expression is fairly unreadable, his eyes fully hidden as they are.

"Yeah, I know Spider-Man. He's a good guy, whatever the Bugle says about him. He's in the sorority," the vigilante adds, with a wry turn to his mouth. "And I ran into another one, Silk? I don't really know her, but she helped save someone important to me. Her abilities seemed a bit different from yours and Spider-Man's, though."

"That's not what I meant," Gwen tells Red Robin. By the tone of her voice she assumes that he knows that, too and is being facetious.

Everything else, though? That is what catches her attention. Peter is apart of this place, as is the woman that followed her about on the roofs. The body language change is immediate and easily read.

"Yeah. He is," she says. There's conviction, yet doubt there. She doesn't know this Peter Parker. This one is alive, is a superhero, does what he always wanted to do in her point of view. "That's great. Having a person from Spider-Planet's a great idea. You should do that."

Despite the fact that she just was flown up here due to the fact that she has no webbing, she starts to run for the edge. It's only at the last moment that she realizes, 'wait, no, that way lies a plummet to your death'.

"I'm sure they are. I haven't really done this around here," she says truthfully. "Look, I was about to jump off a roof. Do you have an elevator or something? I really need to get going."

It doesn't take an expertly trained detective to read the sudden change in Spider-Woman's manner. There's a weight there, the kind of weight you expect from History, and… Conflict. Red Robin can see it, in the way her body language changes. The topic bothers her, leaves her troubled, even though she was the one who broached it. Whatever hesitant openness might've developed closes off in an instant.

Also, she starts running for the edge of the roof, which is a pretty big giveaway.

"Yeah, c'mon," he says, when she decides to not take the plunge, and instead asks if there's an elevator; he gestures towards the door he indicated before, rooftop access. Inside is a stairway leading down into the tower itself - there's stairs all the way to the ground floor, of course, because of the importance of fire safety - and he leads her inside, through the residential level, to the elevators.

It's currently empty, the other Titans all somewhere else at the moment, maybe off enjoying the eclipse and the attendant weirdness. In the elevator, he hits the bottommost button. All the way to the subbasement.

"Whatever's bothering you isn't my business, and I'm not going to pry," he says, waiting until they get into the elevator to continue an akward conversation. Also he'll probably pry, just secretly. There's too much of the Batman to him, now. "If you're secretly Spider-Man's long-lost sister, or an alternate universe version of him who's a girl, or if there's just some awkward history there… Well, like I said, not my business. But, you seem isolated, and I know that can eat away at a person. The Titans are here to help young people… Capes, costumes, whatever you want to call people who do this sort of thing. To help those sorts of young people when they need it. So, I mean, here."

The doors open as they reach the bottom level - it's kind of a garage or motor pool, but there's two large tunnels as well, one leading towards each bank of the river. There's also a sleek black car, definitely custom built, with red windows.

Also, he's offering her a business card. It has the Titans logo, a T in a circle, on one side, and a phone number on the other.

"You're always welcome if you need it. Manhattan's that way," he adds, pointing at one of the tunnels.

Beneath the mask would be quite a laugh at being called multiple versions of Spider-Man. There's some form of amusement at Tim's assessment that is not easily accessible, even to the master detective. "I appreciate that, Red Bird," Gwen tells Robin in the elevator. While she sounds flippant, there is something else there…something approaching appreciation.

The business card is taken and then hidden somewhere. "I still think your building is going to fall over if you sneeze on it." That's her form of a a goodbye.

Actually, scratch that, this is, "Thanks for the ride. You know what they say about your guys calling my guys. Maybe we'll be in touch."

If she had her web slingers working, this would be a totally smooth and awesome exit. She'd sling out. As it is? She just walks down the proper tunnel indicated.

"So not cool enough," she mutters to herself in a chastising manner as she does so.

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