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August 17, 2017:

Discreetly hide working alongside the Sinestro Corps to hold down a raging Kryptonian during a surgical procedure? No problem.


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Fade In…

Just off Daxam:

A read out finally comes in to the Interceptor and Aya gives the coordinates….

Kyle and Starfire have been scanning, sweeping, searching, for both Hal and Power Girl, the two of their team who departed and have yet to check in, or so much as cough over the comm system to let them know life is there. The System has been streaked in Green and Perse trails, like tracers in a rave, to bounce between stars and planets in search of their friends, as well as Kyle's own fellow Corpsman.

The blip reads in, just off of a planet that bears occupancy by people akin to that of Kryptonian's and yet the planet is empowered by a Red Sun despite the properties of the Daxamites themselves.

… A good place to look at least, but when the pause is taken and AYA can give the location, as well as information on the sector itself, Starfire is rising from her place at the control booth and the moment spared in shift rotations to head for the nearest air-lock.

"Kyle! Aya found a read, coordinates are being sent, I am on my way."

A hiss of doors to open, close, and open beyond, dragging lengths of hair along her back, around sides, and igniting them into the natural state of a burning hue that assists and trails her in her flight across the vastness of space.

… But once a point is met, the trajectory is shifted by Aya, sweeping her through Warps and Jumps until the final placement is met.

The comet-like trail of flame and burnout fades into nothing behind Starfire as she hovers just outside of breaching the atmosphere of Daxam.

Scanning…for life forms.
Scanning…for life forms. (clap. clap. clap.)

The image of Data from Star Trek sitting at a console, singing to himself about 'scanning for lifeforms' has been in Kyle Rayner's head for hours now. Despite Aya's sensor suite, he'd woken that morning to share breakfast with Starfire and depart out a distance, the belief being that two scanning suites were better than one, but damn the artistic nerd if he couldn't get Data out of his head.

Starfire's comm out to him is a grateful reprieve, as the coordinates beam in and link through his ring, forming cartographic lines in his mapping information to her very location. It's the first worthy ping he's hand in hours, as well.

"A read for HAL, or a read for something else?" Kyle chimes back over the line back through Aya, pumping the signal through the AI-assistant to the Interceptor as he alters course. "Am I coming in slow or…you know what, I'll just come in hot anyway." Kyle stretches out a hand and the ring ignites, yanking him through space as speeds the actor who played Data would never achieve.

Not unless he was visited by a ring, at least.

"For Hal." Comes a gruff and tired tone through the same line Aya, Starfire and Kyle are making use of.

Hal isn't on Daxam. He is outside of it's atmosphere and hovering near a cluster of asteroids. Actually perched upon one like it's a big cozy throne made of space rock. He looks like his voice indicated, tired.

"Over here Kori." The Lantern interrupts her with that quasi-techno-telepath that is enabled by the ring.

He has been searching for some time, he knew if Power Girl took off at the paces she is capable bolstered by a Red Lantern ring he wouldn't catch her. He still had to try. Daxam is only a place to stop and recharge, he knows she wouldn't have come here. No Kryptonian would enter the system of a Red Sun. Not unless they were trying to hide which he considered but Karen isn't one to hide.

"Ask Aya,I am just responding…" Kori is just as tired, but the mere glimmer of hope has her moving at speeds that should be left to several shots of espresso, even the lilt in her voice that rakes off the tired layer and leaves it completely alive, lit with hope.

But when that vaccuum opens, spews her forth into the outer ring of atmosphere, and leaves her hovering there in a stance that belies the dart of pupiless emerald eyes - to and fro, and then upon the planet akin to Earth, but where ground seems tanned, it is far more red. A hue which causes eyes to narrow and form tracers from the edges as she pivots like a ballerina from an age olde childs jewelry box, her mirror?
…The stars…
The asteroids that have one specific forming a seat for…

"HAL!" Just as he responds in his own tenor before Aya even can, leaving that trail of heated energy in a path behind her, but instead of coming in hot for an embrace, his expression has her stopping just outside of the asteroid, a glance to either side awaiting Kyle's own arrival. "Any… Luck…?" Though she knows the question is fruitless she still asks in her pause while she scans Hal's reflection for the answer she already knows…

Come on Kyle, this is out of my league…

"We have been looking for you both… For days…"

"Hal just got a hold of me, Kori, it's Hal." Kyle calls out over the line, while doubtless Hal hears, but open lines make for awkward communication like that. "Hal, shit, man…boy is it good to hear from you." Kyle angles forward and puts on the speed.

High above the planet, a puff of green that mushrooms into an alien flower of cloudlike energy spits Kyle out of the warp and on a bullet path for the asteroids Hal's signal is reading from. Kyle continues, catching up as his body races closer, but why wait until his feet touch down on the rocks?

"Days, literally, Hal. We were starting to get worried the Fellowship of the Communist Ring got you, but man…we've got some pretty good news for you." Kyle is about to pass the Interceptor on his way down. "You want me to grab something for you from the kitchen on the way in? Have you eaten?"

Hal pushes off from his makeshift seat and floats out towards Kori, "No. None at all." Gloomy as he is he does look relieved to see her.

"Rayner." He offers as the other Lantern arrives as well, a slow headshake, "Food won't sit well. I prefer to drink on an empty stomach anyways."
A look at the two of them and he is taking the lead to rejoin the Interceptor. He is having a hard time on deciding who he is happiest to see, his friends or his ship. "Whats the good news?"

Kori is restraining herself, it can be seen by the spread and curl of fingers, she wants to hug Hal in an elation that… Upon watching him may just sap the last breath from his chest.

A shift of eyes towards Kyle's arrival, and the small smile shows the concern. She tried to hug a Kryptonian Red Lantern, but is keeping her distance here, but even in the look shared to the other two her own dispute is blatant. Kyle's mention of good news is a welcomed distraction, one that has Kori smiling, a brighter path taking over the foreshadowing that started around her eyes and now bled away.

"Kyle has a friend who may have answers…!" But spoken to Hal's back as he moves back towards the Interceptor, so then he could not see that pause that also came with those words, a dart of gaze to Kyle and then Hal. "This was his to answer, truly, but her prelude was all she could say without losing her own train of thought.

Kyle slows down near the airlock of the Interceptor. Once they're headed his way, he hangs from a handhold and cycles open the outer airlock, waiting for them to arrive. Dangling, in theory, sideways in space, which truly has no up or down.

"Well don't drink too much or your ring will shut off on you," Kyle breathes and tugs himself into the airlock when they reach him. Entering first, he waits by the controls and casts a hopeful look to Kori, then reaches out to squeeze Hal's shoulder. "I've found a way to get the ring off of Karen, but it's going to be a little dicey, so we're gonna need your strength."

Kyle swallows and closes the outer air lock. The inner opens with a WHOOSH. The blast of air has him giving Koriand'r a nervous look.

"So…the ring can be surgically removed without Karen getting hurt too bad, so I tracked down the best surgeon you and I both know." Kyle pauses a beat, leaning against the wall. "She says she thinks she can get it done. Which…is the good news."

There's always bad news.

Hal's touchdown inside of the airlock is as quiet as he is right now. Staying just inside of it until Kori and Kyle are both within, the ring shutting off on him for drinking too much would be nothing new.
"What friend? Where are they?" A small amount of renewed energy at this news and the added way to get the ring off. "Lets go there now. It will take my mind off of trying to find her if we at least have a solution."

"Surgery? How in the hell are we going to perform surgery on an enraged Kryptonian who wants nothing to do with us and may try to rip our heads off if we show ourselves?"

A grunt sound escapes the man, his arms fold over his chest. "Aya, we still have any of that uh… flower booze we got from that uh… " His mind fails on recalling the planet.
No response right away. "I'm still plenty strong enough. Rings at sixty percent give or take twenty some odd…"

"So, that's where it gets complicated." Kyle ruffles through his hair, preparing himself for the hard sell to come. "Because it's gonna take a lot of us to hold her down, maybe even more to sedate her, but I've got some friends and some favors called in. Iolande's in. Kilowog doesn't have any details, but he's a mensch."

Kyle brushes a hand down Starfire's back and slips past her towards the kitchen, leading Hal along and reaching out with a ray of light to tap an order for some alien form of top ramen for the heartsick Hal Jordan.

"On the downlow?" Kyle sighs and turns to deliver the worst of it to Hal. "Soranik Natu is the surgeon waiting for our call." Kyle begins to chew his lip. "She's..uhm…how do I put this?" Kyle coughs into his hand. "She's…leading the Sinestro Corps now," Kyle speeds up his wording. "ButShe'sStillGoodIt'sNotLikeShe'sHerDad, Man."

Hal is rummaging through a cabinet that unsealed from the ship's wall, a decanter being drawn out and the cap unsealed, a long slow drink of it and he looks from Kori to Kyle. "Wait, you're going to enlist your ex-Girlfriend in this who is now the … wait, what?"
If he was going to spit his drink out he doesn't. He manages to choke it down and just give a long stare at the younger Lantern. "Say that again slower. With some impact so I can believe you."

No wonder Kori is being silent right now.

"He's not lying, Hal." yes, Kori is being silent, but he is backing what Kyle says, her eyes going from the distant draw upon the latch closure to that of the two Greens, who have become the best of friends to the Tamaranean woman. One in League, the other, in Court.

There is no hunch to her shoulders, despite the tight draw of lips that comes upon the snap-release of lower from between teeth. She bid her silence,took her mental check-in moment and slid her gaze from Hal to Kyle.

"I attacked her, and she rose no hand to me, and is still willing to help." Kyle and Soranik's history and present unspoken, that is theirs. "She wants to help PowGee. And Us."

Pause. Pregnant.

"She seems real nice for a Yellow!" Glass half full for the win!

"Sinestro Corps." Kyle bites down on his lower lip, leaving his upper teeth in place for view as he scowls over the word. "She took on her dad's position and is trying to make them something better than Sinestro tried to make them. I don't know if it'll work, but she's on our side, and she's offered to help save Karen from this." Kyle's words muffle through his teeth until his lip flops back into place. "Which is better than her dad, right?"

Kyle slowly wraps his arms about his chest and tilts his eyes to avoid Hal's stare, searching out Koriand'r to gauge the look on her own face. "God, everyone knew about her and I didn't they?" Kyle chuffs and sighs through his nose. "But the point is that we've got an answer, one that won't have the Guardians putting Karen in quarantine or starting another war against the Sinestro Corps."

Kyle motions to Starfire with a wave of his fingers, then to Hal.

"See? Unconventional, requires some lying to the Guardians, and is on paper crazy as hell an idea," Kyle tries a smile towards his partner in crime-fighting. "Right out of the Hal Jordan playbook. I thought you'd approve."

"Reform the Sinestro Corps? Not going to happen but at least shes ambitious… or dumb." Hal mumbles, he knows better Soranik is by no means dumb or inept in any way. "Wouldn't even fight you back? Hrm." His dark eyes travel from Kori to Kyle. Another drink slugged back.
"Worth a shot if you trust her. We go in force though, Kilowog and the others come with us."

"It's definitely unconventional. Gets shit done though." Hal swishes his drink around behind his teeth, savoring the taste. "Okay. We need to widen our scope to find her or methods change. Put a word out to the other Corps members on what we're after." He isn't putting up too much of a fight in this, the man is obviously exhausted and soon drunk off alien brew. If he has his way.

"I do not like the Yellow either, but she held back," A shift of pupiless emerald gazr to Kyle. "For him, and to understand." Kori needed to as well, but that is a story for another day, if ever.

Hal's words have Kori pausing, the ghost of the sweep of Kyle's hand along the bare spanse of her back still lingering, but right along the ridge of spine that would come with a tension she will not show in her face to face. "Maybe she needs this as much as you do… For her ambition." A lift in one corner of her lips and Kori looks between the two, but her exhaustion is differing in ways that are fading away, her concern is waning, she is slowly moving to a more tactical mind - to break the chains that bind.

But the shift to and fro of her gaze is evident. What about the Reds?

"She's mentioned Arkillo and numbers. I think she's done it, Hal." Kyle breathes and comes to stand beside Starfire, leaning forward to brace his hands on the back of a chair and loom over the table. "I don't like it, but whatever it is, she's still Soranik. Even if there are…a few issues to iron out."

The muscles in Kyle's neck tense in his spared look from Hal Jordan to the woman he's currently dating. A strained place in the awkwardness of the ex coming to the rescue, while being tied to one of the greatest villains the Green Lanterns have ever faced. His eyes lift up then down to the table, where he paints out a battle map with his own imagination.

"The reds will want Karen. They're expecting her to join them, and I don't think Sora's going to be bringing her team along to get this done; I think this is on the sly." Kyle ponders. "We might get one shot at this, and if Appa Ali Apsa finds out we're dealing with the Sinestro Corps to get this done," Tsk.

"I'll get a search pattern started with the other reds, but we'll need to scout a site for the surgery with a sun that'll keep Karen alive." Kyle points to the wall. "Asteroid field could work."

"Arkillo and numbers? You sure she has done it?" Hal doesn't sound as if he believes it. Maybe once hes seen it with his own eyes.
"You two have been busy. At least we have something to work with and yes, we need to scout a location and find her. Lets just hope we can trust you friends and we can get this done before the Reds make an example out of us."

Starfire spoke all she knew… //Witnessed/, in this that could help either side. She knows truth and fallacy when she sees it, and there are a few things she cannot deny or ignore.

This is how it has to be.

It does not have to be good.

"Busy?" A lift of those eyes towards Hal, a tilt of her head and the slow smile is forming upon plum colored lips. "Worried, is a better word." A step back does not cme until after she places a palm between the shoulders of Kyle's, a press of lips to the back of his head in departure, but when she reaches an opening that leaves nothing between herself and Hal… She takes it!

Hal is embraced in a grip of endearment, a hug that has a moment of pause before withdrawal and she is heading for her alloted room within the Interceptor. "For our friends, risks are worth taking. Or no sleep." A smile then, genuine before she is muttring.

"Wind down game of pac-man Aya? I owe you one…"

Kyle's eyes drift closed as he leans up and into the kiss from Starfire, taking it like a beloved canine seeking attention. The tension lightens from his shoulders with the worst of the plan come to light. The ex. The ex now technically a villain. The work isn't Kyle's element; he's normally his own breed of straight-shooter, but times are tough and inflation is up.

"We were worried about you, Hal. Karen, too." Kyle admits with a gentle frown towards the alcohol. With a shove, he nudges the noodles towards the man. "And we're going to be until you're not, because she's right, we've lost sleep, too."

Kyle rises and looks over his shoulder to Kori. His knee nudges the chair around and he begins to sit.

"I'm going to catch up with Hal and see you back at the room later?" Kyle smiles to the woman and waits until her footfalls disappear down towards the bridge before he turns and drops his head onto the table.


"Dude…" Kyle grunts towards his knees. "…wait till you hear about this…"

"I'm not usually big on hugs but… Tamaranean space babe hugs I can go for." Even at a time like this! The embrace is returned only briefly then makes way towards a seat, "I'm fine. Karen and the Reds are our concern right now, I should have been more careful… " Hal stops himself, hes not about to whine and complain about his choices. It's a waste of time right now and energy. "Rest up, Kori. We won't be long."

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