Bird House

August 19, 2017:

Rogue and Aesh meet in the Bronx Zoo within the bird house to chat.


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Since it was still early in the day the bird room wasn't filled with kids and families just yet, though they probably weren't that far off from this point. When Aesh appeared, Rogue looked over at him with her green eyes and she laughed softly at the man finding her in this state-of-being. "Oh my god, I must look terrible." She said at him, not seemingly recognizing him as it has been months since they crossed paths with one another. "I love them, but I gotta them off'a me or they're gonna poo all ove'ah me!" She said with a little more laughter. And upon seeing Aesh with food, a lot of the birds did indeed abandon her for him, leaving the top of her head and flying over to Aesh's arms and tray to try to get his food next! "Looks like their loyalty goes no furthe'ah than their stomachs." Rogue said with a little grin.

"Calm down, calm down.. There is enough for all of you." Aesh laughs as the birds fly and land on him. He stands still, allowing them to walk all over his body, a bit of laughter escaping his lips. "Well they sertainly know how to make a first impression.. Most people don't think they'll be swarmed and attacked when they first look at these little devils." Looking over Rogue for a bit, Aesh shakes his head. "Just so you know, you don't look uggly. I'll repeat what I said when we last met: You are beautifull, Marie. Some birds won't change that." His tone is honest as he talks. He trully has no ill intentions. He tosses some seeds at Rogue, some birds leaving him to land on her, eagerly looking for the seeds. "If you want their loyalty back, the least I can do is help." Aesh comments with a chuckle.

It was about a second or two after he used her name that Rogue realized she knew him, that they had met and that she'd found him to be an amusing, if not intriguing man back then… was it in May? She couldn't quite remember.

Rogue closed her eyes and scrunched her face up as the seed was tossed at her and landed across the dark green tshirt she was wearing, with a few bits landing in her brown and white hair that was draped down her head and shoulders.

Her eyes opened again and she was grinning at him, birds flying about them both now. "Ah remembe'ah you." Rogue said at him. "Can't… quite place the name… so ya got me on that. You're a lot bette'ah with names then I am, clearly." She held her smile. "And thanks for the compliments. Can't eve'ah go wrong with payin' someone a good one'a those, sugah."

"Well, what can I say? I try." Aesh grins, a hand moving to touch some birds. "I'm Aesh.. We met a while back when some friends of yours thought it would be a good idea to beat you.. I helped you, we talked about our lives.. Do you remember?" He asks, hopping she does. "Technically, I can't ever forget anything." Aesh comments, still smilling. "Sorry about that." He says, pointing to the little seeds on her hair. "Didn't mean to hit your hair."
Rogue grinned at him and her head shook lightly. "I grew up on a farm, so don't worry about it. I'm used t'have filthy everything." She would then offer a light nod. "And yeah, I do remember ya, Aesh. Those men were card buddies'a mine, and we were tryin' to settle a… well a disagreement. They would'a regretted layin' their hands on me even if they'd managed t'do it though." She didn't remember if she explained her mutation to this guy or not, she'd explained it to so many people in her life… it was hard to keep up. "Glad t'see ya again though. You were dealin' with some business problems last we spoke, right?" Rogue asked, while turning to look at the birds crawling all over the cups and seed on the tray.

Aesh nods at Rogue. "Yes, I was and still am." He comments, straightening his body to make the birds's lives a bit more difficult. "But these problems should end soon, fortunately. By the way, its good to see you again. I was starting to wonder if all the preparations and research I have made would be for nothing." He hmms for a moment, not knowing how to broach the next subject. "I don't know if you remember, but I promized." He looks around. Fortunately, the place is still empty. "To help you with controling your abilities."

Apparently she had told him, which made her quietly laugh when he said this to her about helping to control them. It made her gently dip her in in a nod and then she looked back up at him. "Oh really?" She replied in a soft and amused tone of voice. "Well ain't you sweet as can be." She added quietly while eyeing him closely. "Had a lotta people take swings at that same very thing… with differin' degrees'a success. Like, I know there's these collar things out there that cancel out a mutants mutation… and they're used for like slave trade and such, but.. yeah, those things are pricey and kinda creepy at the same time. Stigmas, I suppose.."

shaking his head, Aesh chuckles. "Well, I bet the people who tried before didn't had to rebuilt their own bodies almost from nothing, modifying their brain almost completelly along the way." He says softly. "What I'm getting at is.. I won't use any usual technology.. Neiter hypnosis nor that sort of thing.." Now he blushes, realizing that he probably overstepped his bondaries. "I really mean it, Marie. I'm just trying to help."

Rogue listened to this and she nodded two quick times to him, a calm expression on her face. "I believe ya, yeah. And I appreciate it, whole heartedly. Its just stuff that I gotta approach with a certain level'a caution, ya know?" She asked, showing a faint grin for just a second before she wiped it away. "So… how do you propose t'solve this problem'a mine?" She asked him then. "Don't really know if I wanna go inta some kinda brain surgery or nothin'…"

"This isn't the ideal place to talk about this but lets go.. I'll explain the theory. I'm saying this based on what my research has found out.." He takes a few steps forward, thinking about how to best explain it. "The x-gene, no matter where it comes from, works by modifying your fisiology and brain.. It gives your brain understanding of estimuli in a different way then the brainss of other people.. In your case, your brain probably understands that whenever you touch something, it must react to it. Thereby, your powers are activated: All based in a simple command sent from your brain. Now what I could do would be to give control of this part of your brain to your conssious mind, so to speak.. You would be able to use your powers as normal, only they would only activate when you told them to." He looks at Rogue for a moment, inspecting her expression closely.

Rogue would separate herself from the birdies by stepping away from their food source and she'd follow Aesh and listen to him say all of this stuff. She wasn't a very science-y girl, she'd droned out a lot when Hank was telling her similar things, but she was also 25 years old now and she was a teacher at the school, so she'd gotten a lot better at listening and understanding this stuff… sort of. "Ah see." Rogue said to him with a small smile. "And how exactly do you propose t'alter my brain like that?" She asked him then. "Ah mean, don't get me wrong, it sounds like a nice arrangement… t'be able t'just shut it off wheneve'ah I wanted, but… sounds kinda 'too good t'be true', ya know?" She looked back at him then.

"As I said, all this I'm saying based on research and theory.. Basically, what I would do would be to implant a small device in your brain.. Its something I call a neural bridge.. It would work as the bridge between the x-part of your brain and your will, so to speak. I'd need to do exams and see if everything checks out.. The bridge works, thats confirmed.. I say this because I, myself, have one.. Its what allows me to interface with my cybernetics." He moves a hand, landing it on Rogue's shoulder. "I'll understand if you say no.. I just want you to know that there is a chance." He steps back. "As for side effects, we would need to see if something comes up in observation.. But one that you may encounter is that well, you need to think to activate it.. But in theory, strong emotions like hate and anger could activate it, too.. You'd need to learn self control and start to take therapy sections."

Rogue was wearing a dark green tshirt and it covered her shoulders so they were safe to be touched by bare hands, she also had some black gloves on that went up to her mid biceps leaving on a bit of her arm exposed between tshirt sleeve and glove's top.

The southern girl listned to this and she grinned at him softly before she drew in a breath. "Sounds… kinda scary." She told him before looking back at him. "But it sound fairly logicl, Ah mean… far as I know!" A little laugh later and she shook her head. "There's a problem though." She lifted her finger up and poked at her head. "An can take a bullet t'my head and it won't do nuthin' but bounce right off, won't even hurt me in the least bit. Not sure how anyone would plant somethin up inside'a my head if they can't even get in there. Ya know?"

"No, no.. I'll need to do a few exams but surgery may not even be needed. That is, not if I manage to use nanomachines.. They alsso work, as they are what repair my body. If I use some to put the chip in its place, it may still work." Aesh smiles hopefully, touching Rogue's shoulder once more.

The southern girl would listen closely to this and she'd bob her head a couple small times to him then. "Oh, well thats good too." She said at him. "Ah mean, yeah, if its something that can work and I don't gotta worry about it doin' like a buncha harm or whateve'ah. Then I'd be all for it." She glanced over at him and showed a small smile. "This has been kinda difficult ya know, since it first showed up inside'a me. Wouldn't mind bein' able to flip it off like some kinda light switch…"

"Hopefully, we'll be able to make the switch." Aesh grins at Rogue. "I know how it is living with something you don't want to.. When my body was destroyed well, lets just say things weren't easy." He repplies, closing his eyes for a moment.

Rogue nodded at what he said, a somber look in response to it on her face as she watched him while they walked along the pathway weaving through the zoo. "I can't even really imagine. But yeah, there's lotsa horrible things happenin' in this world. Which is why I think we were all gifted these strange… sometimes horribly annoyin' abilities. Whether we like them or not, we're bein' given a chance t'fight back against all the bullshit. So thats what we have t'take pride in, right?" She asked him with a slight smile.

"Oh, I agree.. Now that I look back, I understand why things happened to me.. It was bad but it allowed me to learn a lot both about the world and about myself. I find its just a question of looking at it through a different point of view." He grasps her gloved hand as they walk, glancing at a bright sign that reads Cafeteria "Would you like to go grab something to eat? Its on me." He offers softly

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