Sweet Release, Bitter Freedom

August 16, 2017:

(Forward Dated to August 22nd) G-Core or the Gene Therapy Labs is assaulted by the X-Men it turns out a win and a loss. (emits by Cyclops)

G-Core HQ, Genosha


NPCs: The Press Gang, Madelyne Prior


Mood Music: The Resistance by Skillet

Fade In…

The X-Men's assault on Genosha so far has been going relatively close to plan. Installation 05 is down and sanctuary with the rebels has been maintained. The Human Council's lofty foothold having been destroyed has scattered a large portion of their influence and injured relations between them and their Genoshan sympathizers. In addition Magik was able to introduce the X-Virus in to the closed network systems of Genosha which in effect is wreaking havoc on their data resources and surveillance capabilities.

As far as the X-Men's strike team is aware they are accomplishing their goals. Cyclops, Meggan and the infiltration team yet unheard of however. The next point of interest being the Gene Therapy Labs or G-Core. This location is not quite as secluded as the Sentinel Facility and mines were, which, struck less than twelve hours ago can be seen exuding smoke from the distance.

No, the Gene Therapy Labs are one suburb of a city outside of Hammer Bay, the gleaming capital of Genosha and security forces are on heavy patrol. The ride was not in cargo containers running along giant monorails this time. Their allies using stolen Genoshan flying tri-speeders have offered suitable transport.

The G-Core building looks unassuming, a tall squat structure shy of being a skyscraper by a few floors and covered in glossy reflective windows. It looks modern, conservative and very 'normal' like any office you would see in any major city of the world.

A security gate, guard booth, parking lot… very expected. It's actual purpose hidden from even the Genoshan citizens. The X-Men know otherwise. This is perhaps the most vile location on all of the island and their final stop as far as the team is aware.


Mattias Larsson, still without X-insignia or identifying clothing piecing him as an X-Man, is looking beat up everywhere but his skin. His leather jacket is cut in a few places, dirtied in others, and while it's wholly by accident, his 'rocker' look has added a few extra tears in the knees of his jeans and scuffs to his big, black boots. The long, wooden axe-handle is strapped to his back, but it's only an axe 'handle'. So he's brought with him a souvenir: A long, metal bar from the Sentinel factory that ends in a tritanium cutting saw.

"Same plan as before?" Mat calls out in his blend of thickly accented English. He hunkers low, holding the saw behind him, hair whipping in the wind. "Get in, get people out, because bringing this place down will bring it down on innocent test subjects?" Mattias glances behind his body to make sure he's the last in line, then spits into the wind. "Liberation of innocents and leave them with less teeth than they had when we came?"


Wolverine is driving her tri-speeder at a breakneck pace, one that finally peels the blooc caked strands of hair from her face, leaving pretty little lines of Maybelline's Horror across pale features. The two pieced body suit is bearing some holes from bullets that still push out and hit the pavement speeding below her as the wounds heal and seal in the openings of black leather.

Her weapons are her hands, and booted feet that are placed on the rests while wrists twist to kick up a gear. "We get them out, keep them safe. What it takes…" Wolverine is/was X-23, a test subject once before and this part of the mission is very close to home for her. She was made this way afterall. "… Try not to kill them." But her tone says if these Genoshan 'Breeders' die it won't hurt her one teensy bit.

"Alarms are already going, trying for stealth now is moot. We're distraction and extraction."

So when they reach the gates her speed slows. "Flip for it. Charge, or try to talk."


Nate got some injuries from the Sentinel Factory defenses, and is not looking as energized and impatient like he tends to be just before a battle. He has tried to meditate the pain away (of course he failed) and get some rest (ditto). His left arm is in a sling and he looks in pretty bleak mood, but he has stated 'I am fine' more than once.

Once the adrenaline is pumping, he -expects- to be fine. "We need a teleporter to get all the prisoners out. I hoped Magik would be here, but perhaps Gateway will help."

And then Laura speaks and he grins. "The girl knows Cyke's plan, so lets follow her lead." He does exactly that, shielding himself with a telekinetic force-field.

His 'uniform' remains black when it was blue and dark grey where it was brown. Tears and bloodstains are telekinetically gone. No X symbols anywhere.


While Dani Moonstar may not have been around for all the initial carnage she's here now. That's what matters.

Her team, family and the lives of innocents needed her help and that's what she's hear to provide.

While she doesn't necessarily sport a costume Moonstar is wearing something that dark and anti-reflective and a bit thicker than your average everyday wear. Like Mattias she too has a variety of weapon strapped to herself. A quiver of arrows is slung over shoulder and back and her bow sits secured in one hand. For now the real-world arrows that sit within the quiver are ignored, as the dark-haired woman watches the guards and those guard booths. There's a quick side-eye to those near and gathered and at Mattias' words Dani says, "I think that's the gist of the plan, yes." Sardonic humor tinges her tones there, even as she listens to the chatter of everyone else, "Sounds like everyone is ready to go in hot and loud, so let's go with loud."

And while Dani isn't quite the 'leader' here she can't quite stop herself from 'issuing orders'. "Guards first then we breach the building. We free everyone we can find."


Balancing work and extra curriculars was never Darcy's strong suit. Not when she was the kind of person to throw herself into things, but having told Scott she would see what she could do and then end up hitting a figurative brick wall in SHIELD wanting to do anything with this stopped sitting well with her right around the time that… well, classified.

So, Darcy Lewis, once intern for Dr Foster in New Mexico, put on her normal not at work today so fuck all of you up the ass attire of leggings and a long tshirt dress and a beat up army surplus store jacket that's at least twenty years old and she took from an ex girl friend's older brother for being a dick face, Darcy's caught up to the group.

"Puente Antigua, take two," she quips to herself, hair held out of her face by a dark red beanie. Her good luck beanie. Her best way to lose a v-card beanie. Darcy loves this beanie. Nothing better happen to this beanie, or so help me Zombie Jesus, Darcy will make what happened to the pathetic Man Thief Apocalypse look like a summer vacation in Hawaii.


Much like Hopewell the surrounding suburb beyond the Gene Therapy Labs looks like something out of Fallout before it was destroyed by a nuke. A very 1950's retro mingled with hidden advanced tech. Genosha boasts being one of the most progressive and future ready countries in the world. Flying cars, helper bots, slave citizens, laser weaponry, these are all everyday things in the day and life of a Genoshan citizen tri-speeders passing by is of no concern. Magistrates are not generally to be questioned and those vehicles are very much specific to them.

With several attacks having taken place around Genosha high alert is underway, many who would be out have taken up sanctuary behind doors while 'rebels and invaders' are being handled by the armed forces.

The guards are clueless to the presence of the X-Men. Their interest lies in side a view screen of some sort. Beyond those two inside the booth there are several others roaming the grounds inside the fence. A quick count of perhaps six. Meager defenses compared to what they just dealt with but also enough it won't garner any unwanted attentions to the Gene Therapy Labs.

How the team proceeds now is entirely up to them. Scott only outlined this as being a point of interest on that needed approached while they have the opportunity. They very likely won't get another opening like this again.


"Ja, fair Darcy. Whatever Puntay Atagua is, we're going to do it to them." Grim in the eyes and a battle-lusted quirk at the corner of his lips, Mattias has had that which is Asgardian screaming through his blood for the last hours, and it's only getting better. Add liberating an entire country of their oppressed mutants to his own list of personal stories to tell. "We'll get them all out. Unplug the IVs…"

Mattias crawls past Dani on the speeder, hefting the heavy saw behind his shoulder on his crawl past her, and halfway over Darcy and Nate, eyeballing Laura's speeder with a keen eye. "Wolverine!" Mat barks. "Be ready to move, let's open this FOKKED UP PLACE UP!"

Mattias leaps through the air and lands on the back of her speeder. The tail end WHUMPS down as both explode in a flash of fire.

And reappear fifty feet above.

With a hard twist of his hips and Asgardian strength, Mat throws Laura and her Speeder towards the forward gates of guards.

Fastball special.

"I had forgotten Siege is actually a 'porter," comments Nate to Dani. Wait, did he knows Laura's bones are not adamantium? Hopefully they practicing that move in the Danger Room last month!

"I guess frontal assault it is," he decides, "but maybe you two would prefer to sneak in and make sure the prisoners are not attacked while we take out the guards." Up to the SHIELD agents, he takes flight and charges against a couple of the patrolling guards, intent to hit them hard enough to break some bones and put them out of the fight quickly.


A glance upward towards Nate, chin-dip offered in a nod towards his flight above them and the visual of the shield set in place. "Remember what Illy and I said. Stop bleeding."

A glance back and Dani, one she has yet to fully meet of know is regarded, the 'orders' issued gaining acknowlegment with an affirming nod and her speeder revving up to go back to a speed that is considered wreckless after Darcy and Matti are brought into count with a lift of hand and a curl of fingers wrapped in fingerless gloves laden in tears….. "I got the guards in the booths. Nate, get the gate out of the way for them to go in lo—-…" But the interruption comes with the battle cry of Mattias, one blink and the weight on her speeder lifts front wheels from the ground, a spark of ass-end on pavement before an explosion of flames!

If anything, Laura is used to this with Illyana and her portals, so when the sudden pressure and shift is felt with enough time to blink and see where she needs to be.

"ALWAYS!" A bark of the single word and when the toss towards the booth is calculated she draws out claws, piercing the tank of the speeder to spill gas among the sparks, 'surfing' the seat as she rises and when just above!

… Kicking off of it sends the leaking speeder into the booth with a sudden collapse of the tiny outpost of boredom, igniting an explosion upon the roof while her body follws behind to land upon the tarmac behind the gate in a roll that does not stop until she is on her feet again and heading for the next in line.


That fastball special - it's enough to earn a look from Dani. Approval from the Cheyenne.

But Mattias isn't the only one with tricks up their sleeves, it seems, not when Dani briefly glances upward to the sky. "Air support incoming." From the sky a large white shape hurtles downward, wings tucked and body streamlined. When Brightwind, winged pegasus lands, there's a loud *BOOM* from the shock of his weight and speed. That boom doesn't stop as the horse pivots upon hooves and KICKS the nearest free roaming guard. The poor man has a moment to look shocked and surprised before he's hurtling through the air. The winged horse doesn't stay there long, not when there's other roaming guards about. With another movement Brightwind is moving for a second guard. This time a head-butt, or ram really, and again with the horse's strength the poor militiaman goes flying.

To Nate's words Dani nods, "Get the area clear as quick as you can and meet us inside." A look is turned to Darcy, "Ready?" And even if Darcy doesn't necessarily say yes or agree in some way Dani is already moving.


"Baby, I was born this way," Darcy sings at Dani. Either she's got Gaga in the brain or her iPOD has badass timing. Whatever it is, under cover of all the superpowered monkeys blowing shit up, flying into people, and "holy fuck is that a flying horse? bitchin'!" Darcy moves with Dani toward the interior of the compound.


The element of surprise is definitely on the X-Men's side. A tri-speeder erupting in to an explosion of fire and living claws coupled with a horse that is now dancing around on top of a guard like that majestic beast on Tangled. It's chaos and adrenaline.

Gridwide Genosha's systems may be buggy but localized alarms are now going off. The parking garage emitting a loud whine as the speakers in their bounce off cement walls.

East Wing - The Psionics Examination Lab

"We are bonding this skinsuit to your flesh. In effect it becomes your skin. All muties have this process done upon them in our lovely country. It will mark you as what you are." The scientist explains as he stares down upon the redheaded woman laid out upon a futuristic operating table.

"Moreover it protects you from the elements, injury. It is completely self-contained, totally reprocessing all bodily wastes. A marvel of engineering really."

The alarm going off causes the man to look up, his head motioning with a nod to one of his assistants, "Go make sure this isn't another exercise."

Elsewhere Inside…

A form lifts its head and pale white hair falls over raggedlyworn and bearded features. There is an inhale and an exhale in the darkness, "About time, my old friend."

The guards reeling from the initial assault are trying to retreat towards the windowed building. Genoshan carbines firing at the attackers as they rally towards the front door. A door that swings open and a bulky figure standing almost eight feet in height steps forward, a band around it's bald head that covers it's mutant number and a skintight suit that hugs its overly muscled frame. A magistrate flanking the behemoth points at the X-Men, "Take them."

A slow blink as if the creature is taking a moment to process before he releases a bellow and throws his shoulders back, a roar of a challenge. The only thing its missing is beating on it's chest like a drum. The nearest two? Darcy and Dani.


Siege skids through the dirt on his landing, kicking up gravel and loose dirt as the saw bats the ground behind him in his landing. His sweaty, oil-spattered blonde hair sticks to his jaw as he rears up and shouts to the guards, despite the assault being well underway.

"This operation is CLOSED!" Mattias starts forward in a stalk. "Put down your weapons. Go HOME to your famil-" Blink. Blink. Mattias' lower jaw drops at the sight of a Pegasus of all things.

Back to the fight, idiot. Fight now. Dio album covers later.

It's the emergence of the brutish mutant that gets Mattias' attention. The universal symbol for 'kick their ass' comes when the mutant is pointed towards them, and with the bellowing run? Mattias has all he needs to know. With a roar of his own, Mattias throws his saw forward towards the door and hunkers down, knuckles hooked in preparation to crash headlong with the human wrecking ball.


Wolverine may not have Adamantium bones, but what she lacks in physiology she makes up for in the sheer drive and adrenaline that courses her forward in a run that has her zig-zagging from retreating guard, to guard.

The Kin of Pegasus is only acknowledged in a manner that she has to dodge when its wings splay out in a tirade of trample-monkey-stomp/kick. Sliding beneath it, her side grates over pavement, cheek feels the brush of feathers, and… Sensation and confusion foregone… It's on their side.

Springing back to feet her path is akin to Rikki-Tikki-Tavvi while the carbine fires leave pock marks in pavement, kicking up chips of assault that do now slow her in the approach. "I'm going in… low…"

The massive mutant screaming challenge back and forth with Matti is almost twice her size and she is about to dive for it between his legs if distraction is had enough, those claws only seeking the one who issued orders behind him. The Magistrate.

"Make another entrance, alarms. Time is limited!" Stated as she tries to clear one path for them in an upward sweep of claws and the rise of body pressed between.


Nate kicks a surprised guard against the building wall, and restrains himself from punching his face off when the man drops unconscious from the impact. Not as tough as Magistrates, but where is the real security, then?

And then the behemoth appears. "Shouldn't have asked," he steps forward, but Mattias is closer. And so is Laura. Good, in that case he blasts the wall closer to Dani and Darcy down, trying to make a hole through which the women can sneak into the lab. "My thoughts exactly," he replies to Laura. He will follow in a few seconds, after verifying there are not more super-powered defenders joining the huge mutate.


It's all about the end game. Get inside. Free the captives. Destroy the labs. It's a simple plan really. It's always the simple plans that usually work best. Only now there's a wrinkle within that plan of theirs. That wrinkle is the behemoth of a man that stands in Darcy and Dani's way.

"Isn't he a big one." She states more to herself than Darcy, but it's likely Darcy heard that. "Looks like we're -" Huh. She was going to say looks like we're up, but their number isn't quite punched. Not when Mattias runs head long for the large man in front of them and then X-23 and finally Nate. "- well, the more the merrier."

That doesn't stop Dani from continue her run though instead of straight forward she now starts to streak sideways. Her brow furrows as she reaches for that bond she shares with Brightwind. "One new door coming up -" She shouts and with those words the pegasus raises his head and moves. There's a flare of wings from the horse and then he's airborne again. While he doesn't gain much altitude he does gain speed and that speed is used to ram a portion of a wall. Far enough away to not be seen by the large man and the magistrate. The wall crumbles against the force of the horse and with a shake to dislodge cement and dust the winged horse returns.

He lands daintily (because he can be light-footed) near Dani and with a toss of his head he offers a whicker to her. "Got our way inside." Dani pulls herself up into Brightwind's saddle and then leans downward, an arm extended to Darcy. "Come on. One way ticket inside. They can handle the big guy over there without us."


The collision of Mattias and the giant mutant is like two trains ramming one another. A shockwave actually ripples outwards around them as Asgardian brawn meets engineered Mutant brute. No witty banter from this slave. It's meaty fists begin to swing as it starts a barreling forward push, the others around it ignored, Laura with ease passing by him.

The Magistrate behind the mutant hefts up a shock baton and takes up a defensive stance, a smile appears under the visor that covers just the eyes. "Wrong person to fuck with, genetrash." With a rather swift move the man snaps his foot out in a round house at Laura's chest carrying on with a swipe. Looks like melee was ordered.

Nate and the Pegasus pocket the walls of the Gene Therapy Building, not one gouge but two appearing in the structure as Brightwind creates passage for Darcy and Dani to get past the scrappers outside and inside towards the west wing. Security will get heavy on that side as it leads to the sub-levels. Where the more dangerous subjects are held.

The opposite hole torn open by Nate is directed towards the East Wing, windows showering glass everywhere as the wall peels free. An entry for him he can access if he wishes to skirt around the brawl. Though, there will of course be threats.

As the skirmish proceeds something new happens beyond the building, inside of Hammer Bay, a red flash of light shoots in to the air. Rips across the sky and fades out. A recognized sight for any X-Man. It would appear Cyclops' team is active inside of the capital. This is the first contact they've managed to have with the man since before Installation 5 was set off for. If it can be called contact.


After the initial CRUNCH of contact with the brute, both Mattias and the larger mutant become an exercise in guttural growling and monosyllabic war cries that, in truth, is gibberish that means: Fuck you. Palms to the brute's shoulders, Mattias's heels skid back in the dirt at the first press, leaving the Asgardian to glare daggers at his…slave of a foe.

"GO! I'll catch up!" Mattias calls forward, gritting his teeth and hardening his brow as the first punch lands on the side of his head, catching it on the cheek. Another punch lands and…Mat gets angry.

When the brute reels back again, Mattias shoves forward to slam his forehead against the bridge of the larger mutant's nose and uses the grip on his shoulders to leap up, slamming his knee into its stomach. He tries, tries to ride the upward momentum to swing around and sleeper-hold the beast…and begin the rodeo ride while trying to choke the monster into unconsciousness.


Is there ever a right person to -fuck- with?

Laura is lifting just as the Magistrate lays out his words of self-justification. The shock baton is only given a flick of gaze before his foot comes in contact with her sternum, the oof of air expelled is like a sharp exhale that forces her back!, but in a fall to ones ass you flail!, grab for grounding!, lack grace to keep from injury… If you're not genetrash made to be tactile and efficient. The claws that swept up and missed the Magistrate in his motion react in a deadly feline manner, sweeping to stab into his leg before it can fully pass her by in the landed kick.

A kick she took to form resistance and slow him enough…

There's a sudden feral cry to mimic that of the massive collision of bodies behind her and the explosion of brick, mortar, and glass. That yell that brings back the year she was gone, the lessons learned.. and blacks them out, because behind him, there are people like she once was.

Her other hand snaps up in a flurry and if contact is made the claws will catch him through his collar, using his shoulder bone as the weight to lift him and carry him back into the bowels of the building until she sheds him free of her.

Nothing truly fatal, but point(s) proven.


Nate gives Laura a considering look. Dani and Darcy went the other way. He could go alone and make some noise to draw the defenses out. But the rule of no telepathy allowed means he can't scan for enemies or innocents to rescue. They really need Wolverine's super-senses.

Then he sees the flash of red. "That is an optic blast. Scott's team." Actually he not sure if that blast is good or bad news, but it probably means the Magistrates will have fewer reinforcements to send to the lab.

But they could still be too much, so he decides to follow Laura inside, "we need to find where the mutant captives are kept. Maybe underground, out of sight" he suggests.


Laura's fight is just a short, the use of the blades has the favor on her side. Past the Magistrate the she drags and deposits aside the buildings inside is rather textbook, spartan but cleanly, elevators leading up, the kiosk in the front has a woman hunched down behind it clutching her knees. She's already called the authorities and just rocks back and forth. Terrified.
As are the employees of the Gene Therapy Lab, white lab coats everywhere, business suits, these are evryday people and they're now trying to surge through the rear exits, some of them actually slipping past the X-Men up front and running, a car peeling out of the lot to race away, jumping a cement slopes and going through the fence. Non-combatants.

The East Wing… "What is happening? Shes supposed to be neutralized. Up the Baffler's output." The lead scientist yells at his last remaining assistant. The young woman reaches out for the redhead on the table only to release a shrill scream, her eyes rolling back in to her head as she then clutches her scalp, wailing in pain.

Her boss soon doing the same. A full force Psychic Shriek emits, an assault on the mind of everyone in close proximity. While telepaths beyond the closer ranges will also feel the immediate hit of this. It's powerful. Insanely powerful. As quick as it happens it ceases but two life forms have just been snuffed.


"Isss Okay, brother. Rest. Get out of the fight. You don't fight for them. I will fight them for-" CRASH. The lumbering brute stumbles their bodies into a parked SUV, which results in shattered glass, framework, and the vehicle skidding into another vehicle. Mattias grunts and tightens his arm's hold over the brute's carotid artery, weakening the bloodflow.

When the brute finally slumps to unconsciousness, Mattias unfolds from the man's neck and brushes his hands free of glass shards. He steps over the powerhouse, glancing to the debris field of knocked over cars in their impromptu rodeo.

Mattias turns for the building. The saw, lifts from the ground into his hands as he passes it.

"I am back!" Mattias yells over the fleeing labcoats, stepping out of their way with no attention on them. "Where is everyone in here? What are we doing? Which walls do we need kicked in? Oh-" Mattias stops by the front desk and reaches down for the cowering woman, pulling her to her feet and shoving her towards the door. "GO. It is not safe for you here. Go somewhere safe."


The run that has Wolvering basically "crrying" the Magistrate down the hall by the hook of claws in his shoulder is a speed of force, her eyes going from the subdued hue to that of the virescent light, a spark in them one that comes with her purpose and meaning. So sliding him along thewall with the light tension that sings muscles along her arm into tension where small contours in the honed skin now form valleys for the blood before she hits the opening and uses both hands to throw the Magistrate from her skewer like Bar-B-Q'd meat from the kabob, burnt. Overdone. Not worth it.

Nate is not looked to when he speaks, but her head tilts his way as nostrils flare and fingertips of her left hand drip red to the floor. "I am aware." The kiosk is the focus, and before she can take one step, Mattias passes, lifting the smell of fear from behind, keeping Wolverine at bay. "Wait!" A pause and the bloodless hand rises towards them. "Unlock the doors, all of them…" A finger points to the woman, one of those claws extending over it. Not meant to be a threat (fully), but again… "Then go."

One eye tics then though and her head snaps towards the hall to the East Wing. "There."

A look back to Nate and Mattias. "Stay loud, if you saw Scott's sign we need to keep pushing and give room." No room for pause as fleeing people are brushed through with pivoted footsteps that are picking pace back up.


Nate looks around at the lobby. All looks surprisingly normal. Maybe they can afford to be a little bit optimistic about these 'Breeding Pens'. But Nate is not much of an optimist.

As if to make sure he won't be optimistic, he hears the psychic scream and instinctively peers into the telepathic plane. Much to his surprise, he finds no resistance.

Oh good! He will be trying to protect Wolverine and Siege too if they are too close to the shriek. "I need to investigate… I heard a telepath screaming," explains Nate, smiling in greeting when Mattias returns triumphant. No time to fistbumb, sadly. East wing it is. "I think I can also form a mind-link so we are in touch regardless." He is trying to while he runs!

Assuming no one hits him too hard in the head it should hold.


The woman Mattias ushers out kicks off her flats and races at top speeds to join the herd of escapees. Fight or Flight survival instincts working wonders for her pace.

Inside the Gene Theraphy Lab building the X-Men are now faced with no opposition, oddly enough. At least right this moment. The East Wing open to them as Moonstar and Agent Lewis have taken to the Right. A split in a building this big logical no doubt.

A few stragglers push past and outside.

The telepathic scan will reveal several lifeforms still present, most unmoving but the most alarming one is in the room where two have just been erased. A familiar presence. A touch of the Phoenix and one of the most powerful minds on the planet. A familiar yet unfamiliar one. That redhead in the now gore covered room lays inert, almost lifelessly partially wrapped in one of the skinsuits. The process interrupted.

Security is en route from the top floors. Their clanking armor and weaponry heard down the stairs to sharper than normal hearing. They'll be upon the X-Men within a few minutes.

As they're getting their barrings something new happens, something strange. A complete and sudden blanket of NULL envelopes them, all paranormal powers have just been shut off. It would appear backup has arrived.

Outside… The Press Gang or members of it begin to appear, spit out of nothingness in digital form before their flesh is solid. The first one through the a spectacled man in an orange jumpsuit. "They should be powered down." He tells his comrades. The tall and dark muscular woman Punchout and Hawkshaw, the longhaired leader of the team. "I sense five of them. Pipeline you secure the girl, I'll go after the bastard in the basement. Wipeout you keep doing what you're doing. They come at you make it permanent."
Acknowledgment from the other two and Pipeline is heading to the east. Hawkshaw the opposite direction, each going for the holes created in the walls of the building. Direct approach. Always fun.


"I don't think she had the door codes!" Mattias calls out to Wolverine and Nate as he bangs on a few buttons at the security desk…which splits a keyboard in half. With a grunt, Mattias boots the keyboard over the top of the desk and through a glass window. "Fokk it, mind link or not. I can open doors just fine. I've got my-" Mattias humps the large, metal saw over his shoulder. "-skeleton key."

The null-feeling of his powers peeling away from their synapses brings Mattias a pause. He looks to Nate and Laura for explanation, eyes slightly bewildered, but a glimpse of a teleportation outside of the building snaps him out of it.

"Let me get the ones outside. You two stay safe in here and get people out. They want loud? They're gonna get loud." Mattias bends down to pick up a pack of cigarettes behind the desk, slips one in his mouth, and lights it on his way out to intercept the Press Gang.

"I'm in the god damned club, aren't I?" Heft. Pat. Mattias heads out for war.


A pause as she realizes Matti is not joining them, the breaks applied come with a screech of heavy booted soles to leave black tread on the tile, but it is not just that… She cannot smell the death anymore, the people, the path of life, not /hear// the rapid heartbeats, the perfumes, the whispers. It all takes a haunting filter of words that whisp out of range and scents that are vaccuumed from her senses as if torn from her leaving her….

A light tic to one corner of her eye as pains bocme suddenly acknowledged because even the healing comes to a dead stop, a curl of fingers, claws wont retract. But no other sign given aside from a jump in skin that is puffier due to sleeplessness. "We shouldn't…" Separate.. "A look to Nate then as a mental link fails to form and with an owlish tilt of her head she looks from Nate to Mattias' back.

"See you in a few if it's like the other guy." Words of assurance, for them and self before she is moving forward again, a pivot on heel in a path that is a guessing game.

If Matti isn't coming with his Skeleton Key, each door they pass is hit, the claws wedged into the doorjams to wrench them free if able, one-by-one. Innocents (if ANY with knowing could be called that) are let pass, but any charge is met with a brutality that leaves caveman like imprints on walls!


Nate pales slightly when he feels the 'damn space firebird' presence in the building. In that woman, which could be Jean, Rachel, or Hope? He runs faster. Then the null field hits him.

His powers are very hard to neutralize, he is an omega-class, after all. But they are also what keeps the technovirus from killing him. So just as he stumbles into the redheaded woman room, he falls down in agony as IT stabs his brain, biting his tongue not to scream. The mindlink goes down hard.

NOT NOW. He pushes back with all his will, and his powers respond, barely. A flicker of telekinesis and his left eye glows weakly.

He rolls over, trying to focus on the readhead in the room. Vision bloodshot. He is definitely bleeding through eyes and left ear. The young man still manages to crawl to a wall and lay his back against it, pushing against Wipeout power desperatedly, catch his breath, wonder what the hell is going on. Someone is coming?

No power left to even move a paperclip. All he has is combat knife. Jesus. Maybe this is why Cable has so many guns all the time. Guns. Next time.


Mattias comes face to face with the Amazonion built Punchout. She smirks at him, "Still think you're tough even with no powers? Don't worry. I won't go easy on you." A lunge forward at speeds that people would have a hard time catching, not superhuman speed, no, this is all just her strength and the propulsion offered by the push of legs off the ground. Shes far more skilled at fighting than the slave he choked out and just as strong.
Behind her Mattias can see the Mr.Orange Jumpsuit with his glasses. He is frowning and looking the young man over, "I… am not sure this one is a mutant. Be careful."

Inside, Laura's trek down the halls has her peeling open doors, the blood on the walls following her not all her own as several of those security forces men and women have closed in to engage with her. Inspired by the Press Gang's presence they're a lot more bold but still, just as squishy.

The room Nate sequesters himself inside of is covered in gore and debris, it all centers out from the woman laid out on the techno-bed along the wall. Jean Grey. Or so she looks to be. Asleep or sedated and appearing peaceful as she lies there amidst the bloodshed. An actual intestine falling off one of the desks near him.

Wipeout doesn't appear to be phased or even capable of noticing Nate's push back. He laid it out, applied concentration and let it do it's work.

The redhead's eyes flutter open and she begins to stare at the ceiling. A sudden creeping sensation begins to wash over Nate, the closest and most open mind, like doom. A storm of the worst kind. The source? The woman. She is building up psychic force… enough to bring this entire structure to the ground and destroy everything inside of it.


Mattias' lips suck without the aid of his fingers to take a long pull of the Midgardian tobacco. Out comes a snort of gray smoke from his nose and a puff of his lips that sends the cigarette flying in the air, to the side. "Sentinels, robots, machine guns." Mattias brushes his hands off and stabs his saw into the ground, leaving it in place like a flagpost. "I was wondering when a real fight was going to come along. I like you and your smart friend, already. Come. Test yourself."

Crack. Crack. Pop. Mattias swings his head about and twitters his fingers as he moves to walk towards Punchout, frowning over her shoulder to the man in the glasses.

"What is happening here…needs to end."

With that, Mattias launches forward to meet Punchout toe to toe. She leaps? He digs in, meeting her forward assault with a hand that seeks to plant against her collarbone and drive her down into the dirt at his feet.


When Nate collapses into the room, Wolverine stands over him, the shadow she is even in slight proportions, one that exudes a more animalistic protective stance, down to the way her shouldersrise and fall with measured breathes, her hands tense and curl into fists that are guarded by coated twins of bone spires from the backs of each.

The red head is regarded, nothing left here, nothing holding her down, nothing stopping her, and the sensation that is purely survival rises goosebumps over her skin that is exposed and painted in the path they have cut through to get this far.

"We're on your side, we're the reason for them running. You're free. You're safe." A pause and she looks down to Nate she is standing beside like a tiny guard, but there is a mission, a purpose, and more than one to save and free, and she does not know about how Darcy or Dani are doing in the other wing.

"But it's not done yet, there's others." The look to Nate lifts to the woman on the table. It says enough. If she harms him… "Nate…"

Booted footfalls of more arriving militia-guards has her pivoting. "Stop bleeding! We have to keep moving." A body clad in kevlar is impacted, legs wrapping a torso while an elbow cracks down into the point between neck and shoulder, single toed claw latching into his hip to lift her over him towards the others behind.

She is not as fast, her hits are not as strong, and bruises seem to stick, but the wolverine is not stopping in a flurry of motions that still show the training that was her life, even as she tears a path down hallsand once she reaches a computer console a shaky hand goes to work, pushing keys, buttons, following prompts and searching for a way to open the wing. Door by door is too slow and the way that red-head made her feel….

Was revenge. Time's ticking.


Nate groans when he finally manages to focus his vision on the readhead. Jean! How the hell did they got Jean, she left the school only recently!

And Jean is easily a match for him powerwise. Blowing up the whole building is perfectly possible for her, particularly with the minimum backing of the freaking, hated spacebird. No, this can't be their end. Jean's end.

"Sorry Laura," he must be feeling really bad. 'Sorry' is not something he says often. But he did say he would try to stop bleeding!

He crawls to the technobed and then manages pull himself up, at the redhead side. "Hello, not-mom. F-fancy to meet you here, uh? And they can't neuter you even now. Nice. Maybe we can walk out of this together." He leans forward, reaching for her temples, and pushes. Mind-link.

There is nothing there. No Jean in there. Only power. Unbridled. So much like his own at his worst moments. Nate latches on it, attempts to guide it away from the incoming destruction. It burns through his mind, but he can use it, if nothing else it pushes the technovirus back.

«Laura! Matt!» He sends. Still weakly, but getting better. He is feeling the minds around him again, too. Someone called Pipeline is coming? A mind to scan, and perhaps control. «Give. Me. A. Target.»


A fist connects with Mattias and a chop before Punchout is driven to the ground, her hands retract and lock around the man's wrist as both legs wrap, one around that arm the other underneath. A Juijitsu move many ground grapplers are familiar with. "You're right, you rebels have done enough damage. It's time we break you." She grunts.

Wipeout staggers, his hands coming up to his head and he looks towards the Eastern Wing of the building. "She is awake and shes unhappy. Pipeline needs to hurry. I don't think I can put her down this time."

No recognition for either Laura or Nate is given by the Jean-Not-Jean. "Free. Safe." The woman mouths like an automaton. Then Nate is trying to link with her, close proximity breached. "No." She whispers. Then Nate is using her like a conduit? Trying to direct her powers? HER powers. "NO." She says louder. Then the image of Pipeline comes to mind as he digitizes in to existence within the room as well, to the side of Laura.
"NO!" She screams and telekinesis ripples out from her, shards of matter being ripped up and the room begins to desintigrate in pulsing waves. Not just the room itself though but the hallway outside also and the people.

Pipeline screams out, skin and meat on his forearms beginning to flake off, turn ashen and then to particles.

Laura likewise will be stricken with this but Wipeout has lost his field's control, fortunately for her that regeneration gift is keeping her from looking like Pipeline is right now at least to an extent.

Nate being the closest the least unlucky and Jean-Not-Jean is unreasonable, there is nothing but fear and rage boiling forth. A tsunami of pure psychic force all emiting from the powerful mutant.


The slam of Punchout's body down into the gravel is satisfying. Satisfying enough to not feel bad about the split to his eyebrow and the sting in his eyes as loose dust erupts from the little crater he's made. It's a short-lived victory. Armbars…are uncomfortable and dangerous.

Hunched over, Mattias snarls down through his sweaty hair to Pipeline and flexes his arm, testing her strength in trying to pull against her body and keep upright. "Break me?" Mattias hisses. "You're fokkin' with things you shouldn't. You're about to break yourselves." Mattias tenses his back muscles, pushing with his feet.

"They are not slaves. Not dogs to be…" Mattias sacrifices his wrist with a loud POP that slackens like jelly in Punchout's grip. With his free hand, he lifts her and CRUSHES her down into the gravel, then twists, sending her flying towards Wipeout."..PUT DOWN!"

All that the cost of one painfully broken wrist.


Laura at least catches things, but it was a wing and simple lucky curses muttered that got her through and the succession of unlocking doors through the wing goes unheard as she races back towards the room she left Nate in only to stop at the sight of the Red Head rising. She looks like Jean, but the way she is reacting has Laura reaching forth to grip Nate on the shoulder and pull him back. "What'd you do?" No accusation, no anger, that monotone in her voice there as behind them out the door the others in gowns, trailing tubes, slapping wet footprints across the floor are evacuating.

"We need to go. Now." As Pipeline appears though there is a waver in the air, a rippling effect that has eyes widening, nostrils flaring, and the final yell of NO from the Red is deafening. It all rushes back and bruises flourish deep to pale and gone, the knife left in her thigh to keep her from bleeding out is now yanked free so the skin could heal, but she does not drop it. Laura pivots towards Pipeline and goes to throw it at him, end over blade, but as it cuts through the air the waver dematerializes it bit by bit, Pipeline's skin hit where the blade should have impacted, but instead by that force, chipping away like old paint and just as open wounds of her's begin to heal her skin razes, inflamed and reddened, going from burned in appearance to normal in surreal ripples.

Healing factor returned as well as senses. "Target is outside. We need to go." Laura won't run, this woman deserves her peace, and she will let her have that as well, as long as her team and friends get out safe.


"Free and safe would be good… aaargh!" Nate found something in there, and it is not friendly! For a second his skin begins to flay, then his own power is back, and he is much harder to damage. Golden light flows from him and the room stops disintegrating. Pipeline maybe will still survive, armless.

For a few seconds it looks like Nate can match not-Jean power and keep the empty woman in check. But the clash of psionic energy sets the Astral Plane on fire. And it keeps growing. Cracks appear in the walls of the room. "Laura. Run!"

Nate can't contain the redhead's power. He realizes. There is something -beyond- giving her too much energy, too much fire. She is going to destroy the building and maybe a good chunk of the city too. His hands are already burning.

He can't contain the power, but he can perhaps redirect it, to himself and through him to the Astral Plane where it won't harm anyone. "Fine, come to me," he says, smirking for the last time.

Maybe better to go this way. Saving lives and not just fighting.

He is positively flaring with light those last moments. Gold and Red. Burning. And fading into nothingness at the same time.
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Punchout's flight is unexpected by both her and Wipeout. She very much underestimated the Asgardian's strength and now her teammate is paying for it. The clap of their forms together has him dashed aside like a floppy bowling pin as she carries on with the throw, twists in the air like an aerialist then plants a hand and both feet in to the earth, trenches formed from fingers and toes to aid her in her stop. "I'm going to rip your head off!" She belts out but there is hesitation. It appears shes weighing her odds despite her tone of conviction.

Wipeout is down, one arm bent at an odd angle underneath his unconcious sprawl.

The Gene Therapy Lab/G-Core building is trembling and quaking. A low rumble at the very base as the psychic barrage continues, Jean-Not-Jean levitates with her own power as psi-flames sheath her form and that of Nate Grey, swirling outwards only to rush back in on him, just shy of splaying over Laura as well, Pipeline in shock goes down the knife would have just been added insult to injury. Not that it would matter, hes a mutant-human trafficker and a Genoshan patriot. Much like the rest of the Press Gang.

The Astral Plane is seared, a gout of pure disembodied energy razes through it, the material world likewise around Nate still peeling away, crumbling in to non-existence as matter is broken down to the point eyes can no longer make it out. The room is gone. The hallway is vanishing. The gold and red fire roars as the two psychics battle for control their skin, meat and bone shredding away layer by layer. Reality quakes and then there is a searing flash of light, a blast of concussive force and the entire East Wing implodes then explodes LAUNCHING Laura from one side of the large building to the other. Others around here are thrown about, tossed like ragdolls and the world becomes a blackened wreckage as the eastern side of the building begins to topple in on itself.

Nate and Jean-Not-Jean are seen only briefly, the woman's eyes are locked forward and her mouth moves once as if she whispers something and then she collapses as all of her energy has just been funneled through the young mutant X-Man. It's contained force glowing underneath his skin, channeled through him and in to the Astral Plane. So much psychic power had the potential to wipe out this portion of Genosha, Hammer Bay included, perhaps even the island itself.


It is all Nate can do to ensure not-Jean lands gently on the ruins of the East Wing. She survived, but he didn't. His consciousness, and an afterimage clings to the physical world only out of the raw power he absorbed, which is now fading into the Astral Plane. Psychics all over the world will have felt that, and his death.

He vanishes in a flash of psychic light. Only scattered ashes touch the ground.

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