We Bring War

June 25, 2017:

(Forward dated to August 22nd) Magik leads an X-Men team against the Human Council's stronghold in Genosha, Installation 05; Sentinel Factory (emits by Cyclops)


NPCs: Cameron Hodge, Bishop Risman,



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Fade In…

"Welcome to Genosha, a green and pleasant land of HOPE and OPPORTUNITY where the WATCHWORD is FREEDOM." Those signs are everywhere. If not projected via holoimagery in to the sky they're painted across billboards with smiling 'Fallout' style 50's aesthetics.

There is no lie that Genosha is quite green, lush grassy fields, farmlands, state of the art agricultural machines, water purification systems, it's impressive. Cutting edge and where it isn't bolstered by technology inspired from another 'alternate future' mutants in skinsuits, bald heads and numbers etched in to their flesh drone-like wander using their gifts that have been modified from their original intents. The Genegineer as it is explained does indeed play God with these people. Steering their activated powers from raw natural to what the society requires.

Past the grassy fields, towards the southeast side of the Island the X-Men are being transported. They have left Hopewell, the mutant sympathizer strongpoint of Genosha, their transport method? A floating cart in a line of floating carts, the same size as a shipping container. These are being delivered to and from the mines that surround the Installation Facility 05, the Sentinel Factory and the Human Council's 'embassy' on Genosha. The shipping containers are carried along a rail, picked up by large hook hands that look like the claw grabbers from the cheap machines at stores on the mainland, just much much larger.

That particular container they are in right now is held aloft over a canyon, looking down in to it they can see the beginnings of mine roads and trails that go deep in to the earth where it splits open, hundreds of armored soldiers stand around posted in towers or on platforms hanging out of the canyon walls as they over look the pits below, the mutants here have all been physically modified, tall, broad shoulders, muscular and most of them have gifts meant for cutting, moving shifting and molding earth, stone, rock, the like.

Cyclops is not here, nor is Meggan and several others. A small metallic box has been given in to the care of those present with simple instructions, "Get inside the facility, introduce whats inside in to the computer systems." Simple, easy, a gift form Cypher and Shadowcat. Thats all anyone knows. Unfortunately it must be directly inserted in to the servers, one of those points is here.

The shipment cart drops, lands with a *whump* and then the rail of other cars moves past. An intentional setdown, the operator of that particular string of carts on their side, one of the rebels in hiding or a sympathizer that was bought off.

The X-Men are on their own now, directly to the north across the canyon the Sentinel Factory looms. TOWERING a shadow over the pits, a reminder to the slaves and the newly broken of human might and mastery over technology, two sentinels stand in front, either deactivated or simply unmoving. A constant string of containers go in and out of the sides, unfortunately that lift they rode here descended further or changed lanes to loop back around. It does not give them any easy way in. It is up to the X-Men on how they wish to proceed.


"This is why I never take public transport." That's Illyana's comment following the none-too-gentle dropping of the mutants' shipping container. Still, at least there's not a ring of Magistrates surrounding the cart when the sorceress sticks her head out of it. Looks like it's not an elaborate trap after all.

Illyana's feeling a bit glass-half-empty today, and it shows.

Hunkering down in the shadow of their container, Illyana looks across the canyon at their target and grimaces. This is probably not going to be fun. Illyana weighs the small metal box that's the key to their whole endeavour here in her hand, then stuffs it away in a pocket. Looking back toward the others, her grimace has likewise been stowed away, in favour of her usual smirk. "We come all this way and there's no-one here to meet us. Let's wake them up and tell them how offended we are." Illyana's smirk grows into a nasty smile as her eyes fix on Nate.

"The minute I teleport us down there, all sorts of alarms are going to go off. How do you feel about making yourself look big and scary for the Sentinels, Nate? I figure if they're busy shooting you, they won't pay so much attention to the rest of us." Somehow she makes it sound like she's offering to do him a favour. Switching her attention to the others, Illyana continues. "Once Nate does his thing, I'll port us in and then…" She shrugs. "Make some noise while I get this thing to the servers." She pats her pocket possessively. "Anyone got any better ideas?" She asks, waits for a few seconds, then grins. "Everyone try not to get killed. I don't want to have to explain THAT to Cyclops." With an intentionally dramatic sweep of her arms, portals appear before the X-Men's small army.


Hmm, maybe the gift he brought Kitty from Kenya was useful after all. An anti-Sentinel virus? Niiice.

"Lets make some noise," he states, crackling his knuckles. "Give me 10 seconds and then go!"

The young man hops out of the container and flares gold, unfolding his telekinetic forcefield in a very visible way that is going to be detected by all mutant sensors for miles. Then speeds off towards the still Sentinels at the Factory's gates. Halfway, he reaches to pick up another container with his telekinesis. One of those that were headed to the factory, and drags it for a few score yards, making sure it gets plenty of speed.

Then it launches it towards the closest Sentinel. Several tons of… whatever is in the container. Launched at nearly supersonic speed. If the Sentinel moves the factory is going to take some major damage, if it does not move, well. Like a bullet through an apple.

Come here and shot at me. WE BRING WAR.


Mattias Larsson's large, muscular body rocks when the crate thumps down. Superhero landing? Completely on accident. He falls to nearly one knee and plants a hand to the floor to keep himself up. It's as if gravity throw a spear down the center of his body, but his heavy palm slaps to the bottom of the container and, in response, he grunts.

"Sentinels are robots, no minds, right? Be careful." Mattias rises to his full height and double checks the furred bracer around his forearm. "I'll keep you covered until we can get that box installed, then after that? I don't see any reason why this place should be left in one piece." Crack. Cr-rack. Mattias tilts his head once to each side, popping the muscles there. "If you run into trouble, I'll port around and swing heavy things at heavier things." SLAP. Fist into palm. Mattias shimmies his feet and gives Illyana a thumbs-up.


Laura came in casuals, a hoody leather pants, boots.

Silent and sentinel aside from sharing orange /Dream/cicles with Rogue she seems a bit distant and in thought, only smiling when wrappers crinkled, and it was fleeting. Business mode is bleeding in and it shows as bright green eyes bear shadows at their edges.

I know that nobody's been this fuckin' ready before.

,Standing at the edge of the cargo container, the toes of boots hug the lip, unwavering as they jostle over the scenery below, not even a hand moving for brace or balance, her poise and demeanor solid despite the darkness seeping in further as the Towering monolith of factory is an object of targeting sights even if in the backdrop like a shadow on the horizon.

She'll get there.

The banging jostle only moves her to shift her gaze towards Illyana in the form of a low dip of chin in an acknowledging nod before lookig to the rest as she drops the hoody on the ground and leaves herself in the bare midriff leather top. Here is not the place to expose her new gear and become labeled any further, and for now, stealth is as black as what is settling into her sub-cockles.

"You know how to throw me, put me where you see an opening in their back door." Hands curl into small fists, blood starting to trickle down that back of palms and over fingertips.

Nothing more, in a sudden burst of movement Laura, X, The New Wolverine is moving into a portal!


Logan had not yet even passed a security check, before he found himself in an X-Men operation. It had been a long time since he had worked in a team, and was feeling cautious. He stumbled when the container dropped. Not so graceful anymore.

After regaining his balance he steps out after the others. He draws his SNIKT! "I'm going to give Nate backup, he says to Illyana before following the X-Man. He had met this Nate a few times previously and was feeling a little more comfortable with him than the others.


Installation 05 hangs at it's high point over the canyon, a lofty viewpoint up their from behind walls of windows. The royal treatment really, the Human Council's VIP domain on Genosha.
It's the presidential suite of all suites including indoor pool, mutant slaves and an impressive set up of monitors.
"Doctor Lang, you're here representing your father. Don't forget it's his coat tails you ride around on, I am the Security Commander of Genosha, you will obey my rules." A voice that sounds auto-tuned, a head peels forward from a wall of mechanized legs and body parts, "Understood or do I have to see if you're a ticklish man?" A round eye telescopes forward and back. The creature, the cyborg is Cameron Hodge. While he speaks to the slender brunette male a long arachnic robot leg extends and wires flick off of it menacingly.

"Brothers, we are all in the eyes of God shepards, let us behave with some diginty and compsure." The demure man near the other two applies, his hands folded behind his back. A soldier, a warrior, a Purifier. A voice of many. "Infighting will be our first poison, let us not suffer the vices and failings of our enemies."

A heavy scraping sound and the massive 'spider' cyborg body of Cameron Hodge whips past the two of them towards the window. "Speaking of our enemies. It would appear we are being attacked. Goody goody gumdrops, I get to play…playplay." A cackle, a warped sound from the digital voice.

"Perhaps they're uprising again?" Risman snaps a hand up and a rifle unfolds in a series of clicks.

"No, these are not locals." Hodge says, the excitement in his voice evident. He is zoomed in on Nate Grey who in a golden nimbus is approaching one of the guard sentinels.

The two Sentinels in the front are large, larger than usual Sentinels that the X-Men have encountered in the past, those 13 foot to 25 foot tall ones look small as Nate closes in on these colossal sized machines. 50' feet tall? Yes. Both of them and they wield giant lances. The first one is struck by the TK thrown projectile and it's shoulder hangs right, a foot lifted like it is about to fall. It takes a moment for them to boot up. They are not yet attacking.

Alarms start to sound around the mines and factory, blaring loud things that has the mutants starting to stop duties and stand in obediant lines, Genoshan guards rallying to assume protocol, secure the slaves, prepare for defense. Security teams likewise are scrambling to find the targets, the sensors? All point at Nate Grey.

INSIDE… the Sentinel Factory's 3rd floor a cafeteria? Yes. It is and people in fatigues of pure green are stumbling in all directions, clambering over eachother to get away from the appearing X-Men. At least several of them have handguns and begin to take aim. This floor is the barracks, the middle of the troop centre. It's life and probably the best place to unleash a handful of wild animals.


A glowing portal of unearthly energy opens in the factory's cafeteria, and Magik (and her self-appointed bodyguard, Siege) appear from it. When Illyana entered her portal, she was casually dressed and apparently unarmed. Now there's polished, silver armour covering her left shoulder and arm, and a long sword shining with a sorcerous silver light in her hand.

She doesn't seem particularly worried as the military types she's just disturbed first scramble to get away from her, then start to point firearms at her. In fact, she's grinning. "Hi." She says, and waves the Soulsword in an oddly-friendly greeting. She seems to want all eyes on her. "I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine." She says, in the same cheerfully conversational tone. "She's going to LOVE playing with you."

On the other side of the cafeteria, another portal opens. Illyana's refined her Laura-throwing technique, and after the slim assassin leaped through her first portal, she'd found herself falling through space. For just long enough to build up an impressive amount of velocity. The portal that opened below her -there- opens horizontally -here-, so Laura will be ejected with plenty of momentum.

Illyana's just sorry she can't stick around long enough to watch the good stuff. "Get ready." She says under her breath to Mattias.


50' tall Sentinels? Nate tsks. He had never seen robot Sentinels so large. They must have cost a fortune to build. Probably destroying them would do some damage to the Genosha war machine, so… no! Sticking to the plan. Making some more noise.

Flying back, then, and keeping within Logan's sight, but trying to avoid drawing attention to his position. Then the young man launches several bursts of telekinetic energy. Hitting easy targets. First some sensor turrets, and then the rail lines just as convoy were arriving, so they derail messily. Adding chaos.

Orders are no telepathic communication, so he can't check up with Illyana's team. No mind-linking. He is using his telepathy only to track down nearby minds, particularly the hostile ones.


X is used to this by now, even though every time it is no help to the recesses of her mind when she hits that moment of space that careens her slight form into one of a human-bullet of speed.

Black hair peels away and lashes behind her like ink to the darkness she careens thrugh and like a feline limbs start to adjust, fold and twist her into a somersault to put her head first in a change of velocity and pace that goes from falling to shooting out into the cafeteria!

No claws just yet, no, she is holding back a bit as those with readied weapons meet the sudden impact of a dark blur, rolling with one in a tactile manner of limbs that twine around his neck, hands clapping onto his weapon laden one as they roll across the floor, and the heels of any others there armed and ready are the targets of bullets.

Non lethal, crippling, and will suffice for nw as the heavy sound of gunfire opens in succession until the chamber empties!


Portals. Siege is becoming more and more used to them, and when he steps through, the faded, black tee shirt he's wearing waves against his belly. The fabric, tight about his chest muscles, tightens as pistols come up and military staff start to kick over tables. He reaches behind his back and plucks an ornate axe haft, a mix of wood and metal marked with runes, and flexes one of his pectoral muscles. Yes. Mattias can manboob-flex.

"Just tell me when we're leaving or drag me wherever, girl." Mattias turns to an onrushing man in fatigues, who's running forward with a butcher's cleaver in hand. Mattias swings low, cracking the axe-haft against the man's knee, then shoves out with a hand to slam his body down through a table, which breaks the table in two and splatters the soldier with uneaten creamed corn. "Oh…" Mat growls and turns back to stand alongside Magik. "…I am always ready for this kind of shet, ja?" Mattias sucks in his breath and roars out his best heavy metal war-growl to the soldiers. "COME. GET. FOKKED."


Logan sticks to the shadows, and watches Nate move. He acknowledges to himself that Nate is a force to be reckoned with. He makes a mental note to stay on his good side. After a few moments he decides that he has done enough watching and needs to take action.

He watches as the security teams leave the complex. And when a magistrate nears he pounces from his advantage point. Sparks fly from the armour as his claws slices through. Quickly incapacitating the magistrate, before pouncing to the next. As he does so, Logan decides the best course of action is to disable ranged weaponry of the gathering magistrates is more important than actually taking the time to kill.

He feels the adrenaline slowly building up inside him, and he smiles.


According to Mar the telepathic sensors don't pick up anything beyond low-yield, such things as scanning for sentience or life, signature tracking to a degree and even the occasional brief open ended send of a thought is possible. Often the rebels work in sending just a singular image to one another in intervals. Through this they have developed their own language code, sigils. Telepathic sigils and code.
It was offered to the X-Men to learn but in the span of a few hours they don't yet have that time.

The giant Sentinels are now online. "HALT MUTANT! SURRENDER OR BE DESTROYED." A familiar voice to many X-Men even if it comes from that new colossus sentinel. It's twin actually levels a lance aiming it at Nate Grey. The light on it emits and a massive blast of energy rips through the air.

Logan will find himself claws deep in a small squad of Magistrates, they scramble to defend themselves, quite good with their batons if they close range with him but they are not Tams or Logans. He also has the element of surprise. A man on the ramp upwards to where they had been dropped off levels an autocarbine, "Die genejoke!" Bullets begin to pound the dirt around the time displaced mutant-warrior.

Cafeteria… red wash of lights strobe as men and women tangle with Laura, even going soft paw on them they're now match at close quarters. One does stab her in the neck with a fork though.

A level down. Mattias and Illyana find themselves on the manufacturing floor. It is to fit the scale of those presently HUGE, the pieces of sentinels are not small and as they begin to flash in to existence Genoshans in white full body suits and masks start to cry out in alarm. Limited to no guards here. It was not exactly expected someone would just show up inside. Plus security detail is occupied higher up with the All New Wolverine. This is not what Illyana wants with the device, server levels are a step away yet.

Human Council top floor, Risman is on the balcony now. That experimental high powered rifle situated on his shoulder as a round is chambered, his breathing slows to a calculated level, practiced, precise, in and out as a target reticle centers on Nate Grey. He doesn't yet take his shot, he is waiting for the right moment.

Hodge has scurried over to the consoles and is datajacked in. "My oh my oh my, who are you who are you FACES FACES… NATE GREY flagged by DEO as a kill on conflict? Juicy, you're a badbadbad boy Mr.Grey, What else can I find out about you… Oh, you're the one who sacked outpost 4 and cited in possible Antarctica incident. This is making sense… not alone." Hodge is rambling to himself. NO ONE but Risman and Lang can hear him.
"Shall we deploy the Smileys? Just in case."
"No no. They stay up here with us for now."
"I have this… they're inside? WHO are THEY HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS!?" Angry, happy, psycho, pleasant. Hodge is too much to keep up with. Doctor Lang looks worried.


Illyana's swiftly learning that she can always rely on Laura to be creatively violent, however she gets delivered into a situation. Today is no different, and Illyana's grin turns broad and very, very evil as the cafeteria turns into a wild melee with Laura at the center. "Told you." Illyana says, although since the words are delivered at her normal volume there's little chance of Laura's victims hearing her.

Letting Mattias deal with the soldiers who've decided they'd rather take their chances with the two of them than with Wolverine, Illyana quickly gets her bearings. If they're HERE, then then they need to be… the wet sound of a knee snapping, then the sound of its owner going through a table pulls Illyana's attention back to Siege, and she has to admit he does good work too. Even if his choice of words when he rejoins her makes her snort back a laugh.

"Maybe later, we have places to be." She tells him, and a portal flares into existence below them, dropping them into the manufacturing plant. "Damn." The words is spat under her breath. Off target. But while they're here…. "Think you can wreck their toys and give them something to think about?" Illyana suggests to Mattias, indicating the Sentinel components with a sweep of her sword, even as she's working on getting them back on track.


Nate is really a bad boy. Sometimes. Like… right now.

As Logan engages the Magistrate squad, he makes a few containers fly and crash down, trying to block the reinforcement's ways and keep the soldiers running. And sentinels talking. Who programs those things to say that?

"You forgot to say please!" He points out. And giant energy blast follows. He shields himself and moves upwards at high speed, youch. But he was out of the beam in a tenth of second. Nothing important got burned. "Try again, tincan!" He dares the Sentinel. He just put the building of the Human Council behind him. If the Sentinel fires now it is also going to hit it. And maybe a few of the human supremacists too.

Unfortunately this also means Risman can aim at his back, but his TK-reinforced body can take a fair deal of damage, even heavy sniper gun bullets. He is also moving fairly quickly, a hard target even for an elite shooter/assassin.


Mattias bares his teeth in a laugh to Illyana, but before it comes out he's falling through the floor. Floor? No. A portal. The sudden lack of floor beneath his feet has him surprised, but when he falls this time, he's ready for it. He resists the urge for another 'superhero' landing, opting instead to land with a grunt and the axe-haft patting into the palm of his hand. "No reason why can't have fun with this." Mat smirks to Illyana and tucks his weapon behind his back, leaving it to dangle from a catch.

"PEOPLE!" Mattias yells out, crooking a finger for Illyana to follow as he starts towards the workers in their white suits. "THIS FACTORY…" Mat stops at one of the workstations, where a cell-powered bar is lowering, cutting excess plating off of Sentinel arms. With a growl, the metal shrieks and is pulled free. Oh. Hey. Now Mattias has a LASER AXE of some kind. "…IS SO FOKKIN' CLOSED."

And, lo was it entered into history that the Swedish export, Mattias Larsson, came to Genosha to do two things: Kick ass and eat kotbullar. Unfortunately for the factory and the equipment he starts to slash through, snarling and terrifying the workers…

…Mattias Larsson is all out of kotbullar.


Blood sprays across the floors shot out from the scattering heels of those taken by surprise and moving to get better vantage, followed by their bodies making writhing outlines as they are without Achilles tendons, and/or a few bones necessary to walk on both legs.

Laura shall love one and name him George, but that is… after she finishes choking out the one clenched between thighs by his neck.

Once he flops and quits floundering in her hold the assailants are back on her, the empty gun not even clicking, she knows how many bullets are in clips and chambered. One man comes over her and her body is rolling back, kicking the limp body towards another with a heft that has it looking like a ragdoll aiming to hug! The pistol is flipped in her gri and when legs kick up in the backwards jujitsu roll her hand snaps up and a jaw is cracked with a pistol whipping before it is thrown at another!

The stab to the neck though has Laura stopping, for a moment, gripping her neck and crumbling. Still
One heartbeat.

The people start to gather closer and in a small spatter of blood the fork is ejected and SLAMMED down into a nearby foot but the fist holding it slowly ejects those adamantium duo sets of claws.

"Let's play, then!" Her burst upward is one that has her jumping a height above their heads, claws flashing in exposure and reflecting the sudden surprised herald of gunfire in her wake.


"You first bub!" Logan mutters, knowing there's little chance the ma Logan takes out two magistrates in the way by swiping at the legs as he slides by. He quickly gets up, leaving the group of magistrates behind, and runs up the ramp. Logan ignores the bullets as he rushes at the magistrate, as he nears he slices auto-carbine in half, with a downwards swipe of his claws.

He looks up at the man, and sees the fear in his eyes. He roars before tearing open the magistrate's suit. With his adamantium claws it does not take long. Logan makes eye contact with the guy again, before stabbing him in the chest. Blood pours out of the wounds, and he kicks the guy off the ramp. He topples off and lands on the ground below.

He pauses momentarily to watch Nate combat the huge sentinels. Before scanning to see where the rest of the magistrates had gotten to.


Illyana will find the server womb. Surrounded by coolant machines; its one of four on this island. The Genoshans picked the most defensible points to set up their own personal internet that hosts an impentrable firewall. ALL internet and data is monitored in to and out of the Island of the Free. It is unguarded or so it appears at least until she sets foot on the ground, then a swarm of small ankle high 'spider' creatures start to scuttle out, armed with stun talons and scorpion tails that host lasers.

HUMAN COUNCIL VIP section… "Someones in my… someones in the server! No, bitch get out, bitch get out! Intercom depressed, "BITCH GET OUT!" That voice of Hodge is loud. It goes through the whole factory. "I will eat your guts you filthy mutants."

The workers begin to run, doors opening and closing with each as they exit the floor. Mattias and Illyana are terrifying alone without the added yelling of HODGE over the speakers and the red wash of alarms. Instinct inspires run away. The mutants inside do not run though, the bald, muscular factory workers just stop and stare, blankly. "Should we run as well?" One asks Mattias as he (or she) it is hard to tell with the modifications sets down a sedan-sized internal component.
"DO we continue to work?" Another will ask whether Mattias or Illyana linger or not.

The giant Sentinels are slow due to their size but their aim is not off and nor will they attack the factory or those around them, programming doesnt allow them to hurt humans. The slaves? Sure. Humans. No. More shots from the lances are fired at Nate, magistrates rallying on the ground are taking flight in two-man speeder style hoverbikes armed with rockets and lasers. They are going all out. Turrets that spring up are in full number about fourteen.

Risman hasn't fired yet, at least until Nate's back exposes, he inhales, exhales and on that final release of breath goes entirely still the railgun/sniper rifle kicks like a mule, bucking his whole upperbody back as a round tears through the air at airbooming speeds. "Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight." A whisper of a prayer that escapes Risman once he is breathing again.

Logan's actually inspired fear in the magistrates down one of the men is pointing at Logan, "You, slave." He commands a mutant, "Kill that man!" The bald muscular androgynous mutate looks at the man then Logan again, "I am a miner. not a killer… I have not been trained."
"I… should not kill, I am just a miner."
"DO it."
"Yes… master." The mutant replies quietly and then extends hands out, rocks begin to levitate around the OG Logan, lifting up in ripped chunks and swirling around him, picking up speed. Soon they will start to rip and tear a flesh, soon meat beyond if Logan doesn't ract. "I am sorry. I must obey."


Illyana doesn't usually trail along after someone at the crook of a finger. But when terrifying slavers is the payoff, she'll make an exception. Sauntering unhurriedly after Mattias, Soulsword still glowing in her hand, cold blue eyes sweeping across the workers, expression set, judging them and clearly finding them wanting. She stops when he does, grounding the Soulsword's tip before her and resting her hands on the hilt, as Mattias gives his little speech. Only then does she allow herself to smile. Raising a hand, she opens a portal to Limbo, visualising her scrying pool. It's harder from Earth, but the waters ripple and…. "Got it." She tells Mattias, the portal snapping shut and another opening to the server room. "Finish up here and then find me?" With that, she vanishes into the portal, leaving it open behind her.

Illyana drops back into existence outside the server room, and almost as soon as she does someone's roaring at her over the PA system. "So I'm getting warm?" Illyana calls insolently to the nearest speaker grille, and takes a step forward - only to be confronted by a horde of spider-constructs. "Thought it was too easy." The demoness says to herself, and a portal opens on the floor ahead of the spiders, and another in the ceiling - and suddenly it's raining spider-drones. Unfortunately, they can shoot back, and Illyana curses as she's forced to throw up a mystical shield.


Nate dodges the first few Sentinel blasts, letting the energy bolts follow their natural curse. He laughs, and reaches for one of the lances, pushing it telekinetically to try to point to the other Sentinel's head when it fires again.

And then a railgun bullet hits him from behind. He is moving quickly, so in the fraction of second the bullet moves a few hundred yards, he has moved about two feet. It hit his upper left arm, not the neck. It hits telekinetically-reinforced Kevlar and flesh, but with such force it cuts half an inch deep into his biceps, tearing muscle and skin and ending up flattened and red hot, imbedded there.

Painful as hell; and Nate loses balance a second, allowing the second Sentinel hit him full on with the energy lance. He is sent reeling back, and barely manages to crash land a few yards from Logan. "Ow," he clenches his jaw, pulling the remains of the bullet off his arm, along a good deal of blood. That one is going need many stitched and leave a scar.

"Lets trade targets?" He offers Logan. Shielding him from the stone-controlling mutant with a TK-wall and pointing to one of the closest Sentinels. Then offering his good hand for a telekinetic launch/fastball special on the robot's face.


"BITCH, YOUR FACTORY IS BROKEN!" Mattias yells upwards. Sparks rain down around Mattias. It's like being in a 90's heavy metal video, the ones where the bands seem to simply be putting on a concert in a factory that produces…sparks. The cutting tool makes quick work of the conveyor belts, severing them in half and crackling with energy as they slump into uselessness. "Do your thing, I'll catch up!" Mattias turns towards a pair of guards coming from around the corner. He reaches out, grabbing a 'hand' of a sentinel, and throws it into them. Both guards and then hand disappear through a glass wall. Shatter. "Just another second."

Mattias looks back to Illyana and hard-blinks at the portal to limbo. Come to think of it? He doesn't know where her armor came from, either. The Swede smirks at the shorter woman and turns back to the mutant slaves.

"Run if that's what you want." Mattias points to their faces. "Fight back if that's what's in your heart. If you don't have the stomach for either, then get the fokk' out of our way and get the innocent people away from here. Your slavery is ending soon." Mattias narrows his eyes to them, then steps back through the portal, gently bumping into Illyana's shoulders as he steps through backwards.

Mattias grunts and turns to see the spideresque robots beginning to swarm. "Place keeps getting better and better," Mat growls and prepares to fight the swarm.


Logan Loan notices Nate's gesture, "Shit, you really think that it a good idea at my age?" Logan rises an eyebrow. "It has been a long time since I've done that manoeuvre." He looks at the mutant as he watches him levitate rocks, and then at the sentinel. "OK, fine but you owe me a two-four after this. Deal?"

Logan braces himself and grits his teeth. Suddenly his is flying through the air at the sentinel, he roars, and with effort moves his arms out in front of him. The claws make the first contact as they pierce the sentinel's metal hide. He hangs from his arms, and feels a burning sensation in his shoulders as he pulls himself up. He roars again. Logan eventually manages to position his feet against the sentinel, and pulls his right arm free from the sentinels. Then he sinks his claws back in, over and over again, each strike causing more and more sparks to rain down on the aged mutant.


With Laura ravaging the barracks many of the response teams are incapable and the outside installations are a ways off. Nate's show of force is rallying enough to the front that many of the X-Men's actions inside are being overlooked except for by Hodge. The portals swallowing Hodge's mini-mes are throwing the micro-monsters all over their Star Wars style microlasers shooting in every direction to try and slow Illyana and Mattias.

"WARMER!? Your insides will be warm in my mouth you squishy mutant slag." Hodge's ranting. He is pissed. Broken. He will show them broken. Scuttle… No longer is Hodge in the VIP lounge with Risman and Lang.

As Mattias had departed the factory level he did see one of those large slaves heft up a torso of a sentinel and set it down neatly ontop of three guards. Just almost casual. No roars, no rallying cries. Just methodical and others started to do the same.


Outside the mutant rock thrower looks perplexed as Logan is shield and then sent towards a Sentinel, a curious look up towards Nate. Logan is not viewed as the primary threat here, not even as he Berserker Barrages his way through the head of one towering machine-man. It starts to topple, wavering back and forth, it's body plummets to the canyon floors below, Logan still upon it. Hopefully he can leap far.
Plumes of smoke rise from the Factory outside as lasers had pounded through several floors, causing fires inside and explosions around it. Damage is being done. Hopefully enough to bring the place down but it doesn't look at that point just yet.

Nate's presence is drawing a swarm of two-man hovercycles, they are swirling around him and firing, perhaps a little over a dozen. They're good, theyre obviously fearless and they are unrelenting.


The bump against her shoulder tells Illyana that Mattias has joined her, and the portal she left for him obediently vanishes, its work done. Despite the swarming spider-bots and their incessant laser fire, Illyana risks a moment to glance back over her shoulder and shoot Mattias a grin. "I think someone doesn't like us." She says, in a sarcastic tone intended for their ranting audience, then raises her voice to be absolutely sure she's being heard. "Shame all he can do is yell at us. COME DOWN HERE AND TRY IT, I'LL GIVE YOU INDIGESTION!" After all, angry people make bad decisions… or maybe Illyana just likes being a brat.

"I'm going to leave you to deal with these things." Illyana tells Mattias brightly, and with a brilliant flash of light, engulfs the whole corridor ahead of them in a portal to Limbo, hoping to grab up a decent chunk of the spider-swarm. No sooner has that portal closed, than Illyana's dropping through another, to reappear beyond the remaining mini-machines. She's aiming to dart into the server room proper while Mattias deals with her playmates!


Definitely in trouble, Nate jumps and ducks, seeking momentary cover behind one of the detailed containers, trying to wrap his outfit tighter around his left arm to slow down the bleeding. Then the hovercycle swarm is on him, firing rockets and lasers that he can barely stop with a shield.

"Illy, you better hurry up," he grunts quietly, a nosebleed starting, and his head is pounding with stabs of pain. Just a little more.

He jumps, rocketing upwards at high speed. A few lasers leave burn lines on his uniform, but most of the Magistrates need to spend a few second to notice where he went. And by then he is two hundred yards in the sky. Then he gestures a 'come here' with his good hand to the Magistrates, daring them to chase him.


"Oh, we've definitely shit in someone's oatmush." Mattias sarcasms back to Illyana, tongue sticking out and fingers twisting into the classic 'Dio' horns. Ironic, really, as so many parents years ago believed that Dio was the king of Hell. His giggle is deep and rich, laughing upwards as he avoids looking directly into the portal to limbo. "Whoever we pissed off is clearly some FAT FOKK WITH TOO FAT AN ASS TO GET OUT FROM THE FRONT OF WORLDS OF WARCRAFT." Mattias taunts, accent rolling the Rs. "Probably plays Dungeons and Dragons."

Because, it's very true, those people are serious nerds with no lives.

"My pleasure. Don't die or leave me sucked into Hell, please. I only like that shet on my posters." Mattias calls out after Illyana as he wades in towards the spider creatures. Careful? No. Mattias swings his laser-cutter in one hand is quickly swarmed, 950 cuts shy of death by a thousand cuts, but the grab and stomp, smash and club, shatter and twist, is very much his own personal bull in a china shoppe.


Logan hangs onto the falling sentinel as it falls. He braces himself, until it has fallen to the appropriate position. Then with all the strength his can muster, he launches himself off the sentinel. He falls clear from the sentinel; however, it is still a great height. He attempts relax his body in order to minimalize damage. He lands with a loud audible thud. The wind is knocked out of him, and he lies there for a moment until he recovers.


Logan gets a view from his back of Nate Grey soaring in to the air like some bird on the blue sky, only it's a hawk that has pissed off a dozen sparrows, angry ones equipped with missiles and lasers. It's a dogfight now. Unfortunately for Nate Grey he is high enough in the sky that weapon systems and defense blankets over the entire island can begin target acquisition. Guns that are powerful enough to sink warships and knock aircraft in to oblivion. He has just appeared on their radar.

It is perhaps the loud THOOM of a foot that lets Logan know that second sentinel is still operational, a shadow cast over him as it's foot hovers where he was just seeing the world from on his back. It is yes, about to step on him.

The tremors shaking through the factor are by large explosions and it's fallout, others are now Mutants in the factory having the worldest most metal concert and Cameron Hodge, that giant spideroid body descending straight down in a wall run/skuttle at high speeds. Elevator shaft being used, openings not there? He creates them. This is a mad dash to the server and he isn't slowing down.

The spiders around Mattias are well, bugs to him. His Asgardian nature means they swarm him and try to dismantle only to find his hide too thick, the cuts dont hurt, the bites dont hurt. If he was human he woulda been pulled in various directions but the lasers burn. They smart.

Illyana finds herself in the server matrix, the centra hub location now. Its warm in here even with the coolant systems operational. Some of them going down now though with the facilities damages. This is where she needs to insert the cyberjack prepped by their friendly X-Men techsperts. Hopefully it activates quick too… several of her comrades are in dire need and not at this facility alone. There is another assault going on elsewhere from another team.

While playing with the spiders at the end of the coridor something explodes in to the room in a shower of debris, a massive mechanical body lands with screech of metal and clatter of legs. An extended neck of spines ejects out and the grinning face at the end of it levels eyes on Mattias, "Potty potty mouth. Get out of my way, you're tresssspassing." He hisses, autotuned! "Touching my things, going to touch your things now." From those arms extend blades, spines, saws, one would think they could count his appendages but there are so very many. His head weaves and he tries to look behind Mattias, "Where is my girly with the edible guts? NO GET OUT OF THERE!!!" Charging. FAST faster than should be ccapable right at Mattias intent on going THROUGH him.


Play time is almost over, the final slide of blades exits through fingers, severing them and sending them to fall and roll like marbles across the floor, leaving the thumb and that 'vein' so there is not too much bleed out, X has been careful despite the flurry that leaves her painted in visceral smears of red that is dying to black. Hair is even melding into the drying end upon her skin, stuck along her neck, down the exposed span of shoulders, even a whisp glued beneath her eye in a cut of darkness across the tanned skin that resembles a child having finished playing in mud.

Above it all, those green eyes are nearly luminescent once more, the hunt and survival began and as a final form pauses to aim a weapon at her from the seated position while cradling an arm hanging limply at his side from dislocation…


The three legged crabwalk away it is! Gun clattering across the floor to show the beast he is unarmed and smells of fear.

That is when she hears him, that crashing to head south in a straight line towards where Mattias and Illyana went, a race towards the wall that is passed by Hodge and in a clawed impact her own hole is made, looking down….
…and then up.

Nostrils flare as a silent passing moment has her deciding. Aid Matti and Illy, or trust in their skills, and head to Heaven, where Hell is taking place? A tilt of her head to listen, a dart of eyes and with a push she is leaping into the tunnel forged and ascending, the claws from toes and hands aiding in her ascent to the peak of the Tower where Riseman and Lang are prepairing.


"Do my best." Illyana says before she vanishes. "And if I take you to Hell I promise to bring you back. Eventually." And then she's gone.

Illyana reappears in a combat-ready stance, Soulsword raised. Despite the flippant way she reacted to the threats over the PA - to most of the threats she's encountered so far, to tell the truth - she's not an idiot. She's close to her goal now, and she expects something nasty to be waiting for her.

She frowns when, after quickly scanning the room with her eyes, she seems to be alone. She doesn't trust the anticlimax, but she doesn't have any time to waste. The Soulsword is shifted to one hand, and Illyana's digging the cyberjack out of her pocket with the other even as she's moving forward to get it plugged in. For a moment she hesitates, as she looks across the advanced systems surrounding her. She rarely admits when she's out of her depth, but… "Where are you when I need you, Pryde?" She mutters under her breath, then sets to work. Her racing fingers still for a moment at the explosion from outside that shakes the room. A glance back over her shoulder gives her a glimpse of an insane riot of machinery confronting Mattias. She feels a genuine flicker of concern, and it jolts her out of immobility.

"COME AND GET ME!" She yells, then swings back around to make the final connections, moving as fast as she can.


"I. Have. Experience. With Realms, Magik!" Mattias' shirt burns and the scent of scorched cotton fills the air around him. He steps onto a spider, crushing it under his boot, and plucks another two from his chest and throws them down into the floor with a frustrated 'YAWP'. When the ceiling crashes in, Mattias twists to face it and hunkers down, shoulders risen up like a cat's hackles, weapon in one hand. The other hand? Mattias Shatners. He tears the scraps of the shirt free, baring his teeth in challenge to something his eyes don't quite seem to understand what he's looking at quite yet. He's never seen anything like it before in his life.

"Whatever the fokk you are, you just chose the wrong things to try to touch." Mattias spits back at Cameron Hodge, the first thing that comes to his mind. Blue eyes narrow into slits as Mattias takes a step back, fingers flapping at Hodge to come and get him. "MAGIK?!?" Mattias calls back over his shoulder. "HURRY. UP. WOMAN. He wants to touch things!" Ahem.

Buzz saws? Blades? Snapping claws? Mattias gnashes his teeth together and swings his laser-cutter to the side in an arc, freeing room for a strike as the metallic walls echo the roar of his charge into combat with Cameron Hodge.


Nate curses when he sees the second Sentinel still moving. Logan is in trouble… but he is in trouble too! He is, however, faster and more agile, as well as more durable than the skycycles. He puts all his power into reinforcing his body and dives directly into their formation, punching one off the sky, tossing another against a third, and making sure they can't shoot recklessly without hitting each other.

He takes hits, more bruises and burns for later, but he takes the vehicles at a steady pace. Those Magistrates better have parachutes at hand; he has not time to save them from the fall.


Logan watches as the big foot comes into view. He roars before rolling out of the way. He barely makes it clear of the foot. He rests a moment before getting to his feet. Logan looks at Nate as he is chased. "Well no helping him up there." He looks up at the sentinel, "Only one thing to do".

Logan turns to leg of the foot that nearly crashed him. He sinks his claws in and begins to climb. His muscles ache, but he grunts through the pain. He continues to climb until he reaches the knee. It at this point he begins his attack. He begins striking at the knee joint, repeatedly.

Eventually after believing he has done enough damage to the joint, he drops down to floor. He hopes that amount of damage to the leg joint will cause it break in half. That way with a partially removed leg, it would unbalance the sentinel causing it topple over with minimal effort.

Logan lands onto the floor and rolls into it letting the momentum carry him. Again, he is his on back for another time. He quickly gets up to run away from the sentinel, the last thing he wants is for that sentinel to land on him. Logan is sure would be immense, even if it did not kill him. As runs he takes a few swipes at any remaining magistrates on the ground.



As Nate descends several of those sky cycles do as well, chasing after him. Where Nate JUST was the air is filled with light. Blaring hellfire fired from across the island that sings everything around it and fires off of the isle itself in to the heavens beyond. Wartime artillery, Genoshan defensive grid. That is just the first of many to come and what remaining cyclers had been too slow are now cosmic dust. What direction did it come from? Who knows. No doubt it is not the only one.

The Sentinel teeters, its leg being diced in to the other one still aloft in it's step. A sideways wobble and it collapses the opposiny way with a thud, hitting the ground so its body is half lurched against the foot of the factory, its arm swatting out to try and grab at Logan, its mission is not over yet and it didnt fall off the lip of the cliff like it's 'sibling'.
Its size at least inhibits any impressive speeds.


Risman is readjusting after having shot Nate once, "Faulty round, my brother, be calm." He tells Lang while his sights readjust, he had spotted Logan down there, seen him earlier fighting the Magistrates and now he is watching him tear down a Sentinel, "Lo and behold, unto thee I do grace… " He whispers again, charging another round in to the chamber and taking aim upon Howlette.
"What was that in the sky?"
Risman exhales, "Defense grid. They're taking out air targets, these mutants are being delivered. Consider it… God's breath. Speak less, I am concentrating."
"And the factory is on fire… you're a madman." Lang turns on his heel to depart as Laura springs in to the room from the exit down the elevators that Hodge had created, "… hello." He whispers to her.

Hodge cackles, "IM THE FUCKING BOSSMAN, the mammer jammer,the eradicator, Im everything you need to shit your pants over!" Then while Mattias swings HODGE extends his legs and walks around/over him, the shadow passes, wind around him from motion, big whiff. Robots perk! Though two 'spindle-legs' get cleaved off, "Thought I was playinig chicken huh? Meat. I want the girls not yours first. Whatwhat, wait… " Hodge is skidding to a halt, sliding along the ground between Illyana and Mattias, "What did you do? WHAT IS THIS? YOU infect… you infected my systems, you shits. You repulsive shits." Blades sling out and off of his limbs at both of them, the twitching legs on the ground clatter across the floor but don't look to be controlled now. ACROSS THE ISLAND…
The massive anti-vehicle cannons lock on to Nate Grey and begin to charge up, then abruptly their systems scramble. Visuals blur and the target becomes a null spot.
"What just happened?" A Genoshan combat engineer asks a gunner, "Not sure. Lost visual on our target, he just… isn't there. Its static when I try to reacquire. Orders?"
"Try again. Makes no sense."
"I can't the systems won't fire with out a target."


As Hodge bypasses Mattias (despite his best efforts), Illyana turns to confront him, Soulsword burning in one hand, a bolt of magical force conjured and ready to be unleashed in the other. Against a huge mechanical killing machine neither of them are ideal weapons, but she'll be… more damned than she already is… if she's going to show any fear in front of this thing!

…and then the virus package does its work, and Hodge is no longer charging, more… crashing. As he falls in a flailing heap before her, a dreadful smile spreads across Illyana's face, and she begins walking casually toward the fallen biomechanical monstrosity. "Temper, temper." She tells Hodge, ducking aside from one of those poorly aimed blades. "I bet you're regretting saying such nasty things about us now, huh?" She comes to a halt, cocking her head to one side as if she's expecting an apology. "No? Well, I can fix that."

A half dozen portals appear around Hodge's body, and… things spring out of them. They're the size of huge dogs, but that's where the resemblance to anything found on Earth ends. Their skins are tough, leathery, hairless and the dark red of dried blood, and their mouths are oversized and filled with sharp teeth. They hold position for a moment, almost vibrating with bloodlust, and one of them whines a question. "Go play." Illyana tells them, and they lunge for Hodge as one. Illyana nods, and says to herself, "Good boys."

A flash of light, and she's at Mattias' side. "They can exist here long before discorporating." She tells him. "But after what we've seen it's the least I owe him. Let's find the others and get out of here." She calls another portal, ready to begin the extraction.


The sky turns into fire just behind Nate. He feels the heat even through his telekinetic defense. Admittedly, he is weak from blood-loss and pushing himself, but that was a serious warning not to fly to high. Or at least do not fly high and remain subsonic.

Still some skycycles chase him. He turns in the air, giving the magistrates a brief salute. Brave guys, for racist assholes, that is.

Then a large telekinetic shield forms between them and Nate. Harder than steel, and barely visible. Butterflies against the windshield. That is how those Magistrates end.

And the other giant Sentinel goes down? That old guy still has it. Wait, not yet.

Nate charges, slamming against the Sentinel's back, bouncing off, and crash-landing (again, he does that a lot). "The hell…" he groans, trying to stand up. "Almost out of juice," he tells Logan, dragging his feet to grab one of those fancy Magistrate laser rifles.


X crests the lip and for one moment is crouched, listening, observing… And when Lang turns and spots her she is rising to a stand. The (Un)imposing figure of 5'3 sniffs and sweeps the back of an empty palm along the bridge of her nose that is back in place already after being kicked in, the trickle of blood something forgotten.

No words, one hand rises and makes a silent flicking motion of 'sparing Lang' if he moves out of her path, the smaller woman camoflaged in blood has her sights on Risman whos tands there with a massive Rail-Sniper Gun aimed to her team.

"Godbye…." Laura whispers while the claws extract once more, a quick gymnasts leap of actions rebound her from floor to wall, a silent force of speed and alacrity with honed and ingrained skills hoping one would be smart and the other…

Would meet the slide of blades on his trigger hand!

No sound, just silent efficiency in hopes Lang does not try to make himself an obstacle.


Yes. Mattias really did think it would be a head-on fight. The swing is enough to cleave through a Volkswagen, cutting through a few legs, but the tons of force exerted into the swing are left wanting. The Swede skids to a stop and turns around, reaching out to try to halt Hodge from going after Magik, but she comes to the fight willingly. "You don't get the girl," Mattias snaps, grinning and letting Illyana take lead on the taunting. "And you don't get Genosha."

Mattias gets his cutting tool up in time to block the slash from Hodge's blade. It strikes the half of the makeshift axe enough to snap it and force Mattias' body back in a slide, which he ends with fingers dragged on the floor. He grabs one of the falling leg and starts to run towards Hodge, but NOPE NOPE NOPE. Demon dogs.

"Impressive," Mattias stops next to Magik, throwing the leg at Hodge's head and giving the hellbeasts a once over. "Yeah, let's let the dogs get their eat on and rally. Good idea." Mattias turns to follow her with a shove to her shoulder. "Lead on, Joan of Darkness."


Seeing the sentinel is still function, even if barely, Logan changes his path towards the sentinel. As he does so he sees Nate crash into the back of the sentinel, but not before he sees the flying magistrates explode on their skycycles.

"Yeah I can see that", Logan replies to Nate. He is about to get to sentinel when a gunshot rings out. He stops, and looks down. He sees a bullet hole in his chest, with blood pouring out. "Not yet," Logan mutters to himself, "must complete the mission". He stumbles forwards, but manages to gain balance. He tries to run again, but he is losing blood, and is worn out. He legs gives out from underneath him, and he twists his ankle. He grunts in pain. "Not another failure," he groans. He continues to limp towards the sentinel, if only he could get there, if only could make it.

Suddenly, Logan falls to the floor, and bashes his head. His brain strikes against the adamantium skull. His head swims, his vision blurs, before darkness comes. Logan is out for the count.


Hodge sputters, "You all, you don't exist. HOW DO YOU NOT EXIST everything exists everything… you filthy fuckfuck… " A swivel of that head to look at the summoned beasts then Illyana and then Mattias, "Genosha is mine, your lives will be mine." He tries to stand up but is a tad lopsided due to having appendages removed, a weave of his body and he is scuttling to the side trying to back away from the Limbospawn. He actually sticks his head out and hisses at them, "Who wants to be my fuckboy!?" He challenges a demon, his mouth snapping at them violently in a klak of teeth. Buzz saws and blades slashing out wildly, "Cmere, I'll mash all you little putrid monsters then I'm coming for you TWO, YOU TWO I WILL REMEMBEGAh get off me, GET OFF ME, arghth. COME ON THEN BITChesragh." Muffled cursing and Hodge goes underneath the swarm, fighting the whole way, buzzing, screams, taunts, hes very talkative even as they start to peel off his metal components. Last visuals are of him actually biting one of them on the face, chewing and growling. Then, its just blotted out in Limbo inspired craze, smoke and fire.

Risman doesn't hear Laura come up behind him, doesn't notice a thing as he inhales the scent of his last shot, Logan down now to take another shot at Nate then his hand is gone. Part of his rail gun cleaved with it. He stops, stares a moment as if it hasn't sunk in yet then screams a blood curdling scream as pain receptors kick in and the stump is clutched, eyes wide and tear filled turn on Laura, "Abomination… my service to God is not yet done… taketh the hand Lord thy will still shall be… shall… " Faint. Slap.

All across the Genoshan databases the X-Men and anything related to them ceases to exist. Null points. They native computer net everywhere is now corrupted with a virus, one that will spread and erase any reference to the mutants involved, even slight ones, it just erases anything. It also just corrupted scanner systems across the island, feeding misinformation, this is going to be a hell of a tas for the computechs to sort out and they best work fast. Plans are being enacted.

The Sentinel that Logan and Nate are fighting is obliterated from Nate's continued assault. It ceases movement. The skycyles all having as well been destroyed when they strike against a TK 'windshield' those riders at least having parachutes and leg thrusters. They're not engaging though. Not even as Logan goes down and Nate begins to cover him. They're hearing the retreat calls. Installation 05 has been lost until resources can be diverted.

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