The Beachhead

June 16, 2017:

(Forward Dated to August 22nd) The X-Men arrive in Genosha and meet up with Genoshan freedom fighters in the town of Hopewell.

Township of Hopewell, Genosha


NPCs: Mar, various others

Mentions: Meggan, Iceman, Nocturne, Psylocke, Phoenix

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Fade In…

North of Madagascar and to the east of the Seychelles Islands lies the thriving country of Genosha. At one point in time, two years ago they often claimed to be one of the world wealthiest and most advanced societies, the X-Men upon discovering refugees last year turned that all upside down. The world was made aware of Genosha's reliance on mutant slaves.

A failed assassination attempt by Genoshan hired assassins and a public clash with metahumans the independent African country was soon forced to step down it's assaults and deal with security leaks, a changed economy due to the trade embargos and civil-social unrest.

The country of Genosha is their target, rolling grassy hills barricaded behind the Ridgeback Mountain spine, pockets of cities, compounds all spanning out from the central and guarded point of Hammer Bay. There in lies the Citadel, the X-Men's target. Currently visible by means of a mobile projector, this is for Magik and Gateway's benefit, largely.

It's a grim gathering, the X-Men assembled are in number just about everyone of them that could be rallied, Meggan, central focus to the plot is present, long hair, pointed ears, somber. She has been practicing Madame President Reneau for weeks now in preparation for this.
Remaining out direct visual of Illyana is Pixie, always making sure to keep herself and Magik separated by at least a few peopel in between them. Scott has paid it no mind, he simply assumes she is in business mode like the rest of them.

Iceman, Phoenix, Psylocke, Nocturne, all as well present but silent as Cyclops pulls his cowl over his drawing it down behind the clasps of his goggles.

"This is what all of the past three weeks of constant Danger Room drills have been for, team. It is /that/ time. We are likely to get split, no matter what Meggan must get to Madame Reneau's room undiscovered so we can make the swap. If our hand is forced we are to take down the Human Council members as well. They are a secondary mission only, not our primary. We don't need to make them martyrs."

An exhale and Gateway begins to swing his bull-roarer causing a portal to appear. "Teams begin to insert. We're being placed down in a nullzone, the Genoshan Resistance has set up a safehouse for us thre. This is going to be an absolute blackout for us, if we get separated we cannot risk telepathic communication, they can sense that. It will reveal us all. No comms, no phones, no telepathy. Eyes, ears and mouths. Designate a battle-buddy, keep your eyes and self next to them at all points, Meggan is my ward. Those who can assemble around us do so… " He stops talking, that red visor sweeps over everyone present and he nods to Illyana. That is encouragement to open a portal to the nullzone on the display, right where Gateway is also dropping X-Men.

Gateway being the dark skinned man in a loinclothe sitting cross-legged on the ground. Eyes closed, a smile on his aged features while he whips that cord around.

The man will not be coming with the X-Men. He is but a mode of transport.


Mattias Larsson has changed. A few extra pounds of muscle and as many less in fat, he's tightened up and gone grim. Eyes low and blonde hair framing his face, he's jerking at the leather of a fur-lined bracer about one forearm, where two bone spurs have been slid in like hidden shivs. Dressing civilian, he's worn brown cargo pants from which a belt hangs a four foot wooden handle of some kind of mix of metal and wood. A haft to an unfinished weapon.

"Understood." Mattias replies with a final knotting of the leather cord. He brushes his fingertips down the front of a black tank top, where a circular bite too large for a dog peeks out on one shoulder. His eyes sweep the others as he steps for the portal. "Who wants a battle brother?" He holds up four fingers, then points to himself. "Or a third. Rogue?"


Rogue is waiting for the fireworks to start, so to speak, she's wearing a black bodysuit with no insignia on it and its zipped up to her collarbone, she has some dark green gloves on that hae loose cuffs, ready to be yanked off at a moment's notice, and she's even gone so far as to dye her hair a solid shade of dark brown making it all match (no more white streaks, but the dye will wash out in a day or so anyway thanks to the quirks of her mutation and stolen durability).

Rogue would look over to Mattias and she'd offer a small smile. "Ah'm just ready t'punch what needs t'be punched, smash what needs t'be smashed…" She said softly. "All for help though, sugh."


Laura is silent through it all, seated and leaned over, elbows prop on knees, booted feet are planted, bearing buckles up to calves that wrap around and cover the laces that are firmly tugged and fitted over legs and the formed fit of black denim pants. Tatters, tears, faded washing, hanging low on hips but in place by a leather belt that is held together by criss cross lacing, the tie at the front hanging in the same lacing that is remnant, tipped in silver beads like a cat of nine. Abdomen is bare, a leather top strapped over sinewed shoulders, laced up the sides, but the moment of display is covered as hands drop back and shrug up a black hoody.

X does not speak up on a battle buddy, she tends to work best solo, so finally emerald eyes roll up to look over those present, waiting.
For the invasion Nate has shifted navy blue and brown to dark grey and black. No insignias, but he has picked a few weapons from the armory. Heavy handgun, combat knives. Maybe useless, but this could be a long mission and his powers have failed him before. No techno-virus attacks recently means that stupid alien thing in his head might have built up a charge for an inopportune moment to strike.

He is looking more like Cable every time he checks the mirror. That is probably not a fun thing to look forward.

"Want to be my partner, Illy?" He asks the Russian teleporter. "At least for the first few skirmishes. I am going to draw a lot of fire, but you can sneak in and out."


On the surface, Illyana is her usual self. Infiltrate an island built on the back of mutant slavery, with the aim of bringing down the government, where a single mis-step might mean death or worse? She seems just as unconcerned as ever, aside from one telltale difference that betrays her:

She's not giving Scott a hard time.

When Scott's visored gaze finds her, Illyana's blonde head turns smoothly a dips in a swift nod, acknowledging his silent command, and she steps forward. A little theatrically, she raises her arms, and a large circle of light materializes before her. Looking back over her shoulder, she grins to the assembled X-Men, the unearthly white light from her portal chasing strange shadows across her features. "All aboard the Limbo express. I don't recommend making any stops on the way." Not much chance of that, anyone who chooses her offer of transport will be dropped right through a second portal into their target before they even get a look at her domain.

Illyana tilts her head to one side when Nate makes his offer, as if she needs to think it over, then smirks at him. "Sure, you can catch bullets for me, Nate." The sorceress is dressed in civilian clothes, and for once there's colour. Blue jeans, decent boots, a white tee. She almost looks innocent. It's definitely a disguise.


"Enough real names. Use your mutant names from here on." Cyclops says firmly as they step through. "Reveal to the Genoshan's nothi.. " Cyclops still looks rather X-Men in his garb despite the lack of any X's or yellows. His suit a black sleeveless uppersuit and equally dark cargo pants, with combat boots. For a man who was never a soldier he does like to appear as one more often than not.

Perhaps not what to be expected when the X-Men arrive, they find themselves in a cul-de-sac of nice homes, blue, pink, yellow, picket fences a dog runs by chasing a skittering ball. Green grassy yards, a beautiful blue sky with limited cloud cover the Ridgeback Mountains in the distance and opposite of that the sprawls of a city.

"X-Men?" A woman's voice, the source of it a bald woman with the numbers 2991 across her forehead. A skin tight suit wrapped around her muscular body, shes very tall and wide shoulders. Almost impossibly so. "Hello." She offers.
Beside her are two men, neither of these dressed as she is. One a brunette the other a darker man with an afro. The first of the two dressed as a Magistrate guardsman. The other wearing a button up shirt, slacks with suspenders. It is a diverse little group and scenery, just as the team that has arrived.

"Welcome to Hopewell. We are the resistance." The bald woman motions behind her towards 'Pleasantville', a flying car that looks like an old 58 Studebaker drops to a hover and lowers in to the front of a house.
"Do not be alarmed. Our entire town is sympathetic to the cause, we have been helping you from the inside."

Scott nods and steps forward to shake each of their hands, "We're grateful. You've been a big help. Can we go somewhere to talk?"


Stepping through the portal, Mattias nods to Scott. With a jerk of a finger across his chest, he waves off the idea of names. Once he's through, the instinct to look back to the portal is strong, but after a quick glance back, he's turning in a circle, looking to the homes that look right out of the 50's. Brow flexes, perplexed, and he's moving to a step behind Scott, flaking the man.

Mattias looks over his shoulder to the others, pointing quietly between Nate and Illyana, signaling them as a group, thus, he looks to Rogue and Wolverine, giving them a questioning look.

"Split her?" Mattias asks Rogue with a smirk, then folds his arms across his chest. "Hopewell. Interesting choice."


Rogue, once through the portal, sees all the houses and she looks around. "Hashtag Nuclear Family much?" She said to no one in particular before catching the ball that the dog was chasing with the use of her 'seventh sense'. She rolls the ball over and then smiles at the dog. "Heya, Miste'ah Tailwag." She said to the pooch before tossing the ball underhanded toward one of the homes.

Rogue glanced back ato Mattias, then to the three people who Scott was now talking to… she stood quietly now and just waited.


"I'll buddy with whoever keeps up." X states while she rises, the hood tossed up over her head casting shadows and forming a small cloth wall over her pale profile, the long strands of black spilling out from the mouth of the hood over shoulders and chest. Hands thrust into her pockets and shove the hoody to a close while Illyana opens her portal, unconcerned by that and her warning. Laura is aware of what Limbo and passing through can reveal, what seems to have her look lingering is her attire.

Slow blink. Captured. Held for eternity.

A pause on Nate, still nothing said aloud as it passes on to the rest of the team. Rogue, Siege, Cyclops and those who fall from view in Gateway's mode of transport. Silent notes are taken, the final words spoken by Scott heeded, and just like it was as normal as walking down a sidewalk /Wolverine/ steps into the portal…

Deposited on the other side, ground level of Hopewell, she stops, remaining close enough to the other X-Men but just to the side, a diminutive figure in comparison to all of them and as part and parcel of her teeny mutant "charm" she manages to even make herself look smaller, unimposing. Tiny movements though are tells from Laura, the tilt of her head and the way her chin lifts ever so slightly, a couple steps turn her about-face and towards the direction of their eventual target, her focus lost for a moment with Sieges' gesture to her and Rogue. "Not as easy as it looks."

For a moment the deadpan look seems like a challenge, a dare, even as she shuffles a turn to face them both squarely…

Like the Thankgiving Camp Play in Addams Family, when Wednesday smiles… The same happens here. If there's a scream in the distance or something dies… Touche.


"I am always catching bullets for you," replies Nate. "Love your 'uniform', do you have Girl Scout cookies to sell the Magistrates, too?" And… the Limbo express is on. To a town that looks right out from a 50s sci-fi movie. He could almost laugh.

Instead he gives the whole setup a very slow and methodical examination. Looking for anything alarming. Lowering psi-shields an inch to passively sense nearby minds. "Nice place," he murmurs. Then looks at the tall woman with the tattooed forehead and his mood goes south. But at least she seems free of mind.


Illyana's aware of Laura's scrutiny, and if circumstances were different she might even give the dark-haired assassin an ironic twirl for the full effect. Then again, if circumstances were different, she wouldn't be dressed like this in the first place. And where Laura is subtle, Nate… isn't. "If I do, you can't have any." She tells Nate tartly, and shoos him through the portal.

Once everyone else is through, Illyana takes a last look around, as if expecting stragglers, then walks through, the portal winking shut behind her.


"Yes, absolutely." The bald Resistance leader extends. "My owners garage works best. It's large enough for all of us and secure but really it is unnecessary. Don't worry, the scanners for the central city are not connected here. They all go to the nearest outpost which is safe." Safe because their people have insiders who monitor it. Keeping it set up as it is.
"And no one is going to interfere. Not anyone in Hopeville."

"I'm glad you reached out to us before we got too far along, this gives us a better point to stage our operations from. My previous plans were a lot more… foolhardy." A grin, grim one from Cyclops.

"We have been trying on all channels, we are the lost contact with our forces out on the islands and just yesterday in the Ridgebacks. We don't know how much longer we are safe here but we have at least a couple more days. Your timing is impeccable." She carries on, "I am Mar. Sorry, for not saying so earlier. I am just enthusiastic about you all being here, all of us are. After what you had done last year many people have started to view you X-Men as heroes and saviors. Liberators."

Cyclops nods and looks at the assembled team, "This isn't a vacation as pretty as this is. We are now behind enemy lines and from the sounds of it they're closing in on the Resistence. Take us to your… owners… garage and we'll begin."
He ignores the woman's statements about being safe to talk out in the open.

The man with the suspenders takes the lead walking them up a ramp to a garage door, it opens up to reveal the insides. A two car garage, no cars, a simple, garage, tool rack to the left, extra freezer, extra washer and dryer. Nothing spectacular until he makes way to the middle of the room and opens up the floor, a bag of rifles and explosives drawn out to set down, a munitions case, another and then a pedestal rises up out of the floor. A projector like the mobile one by Gateway sparks to life, presenting an image of the island.
"Everybody in." The magistrate guardsman says, his own rifle motioning them inwards. "I mean, sorry, please, everybody in so we can close the door." Shouldering his rifle to look less threatening as glares are felt. Once they are all in the garage doors will of course slam shut behind them.


The twitch of brow Mat gives Laura is simple, at best. Not as chatty as he once was, there's an itch in his fingers, a tension lined up the contours of his back. When bidden, he walks with his weight on his toes, ready, if not somewhat hungry for the fight to come. He brushes a hand up and through his blonde hair, splitting it, and belting out a slow breath on the short slope to the garage.

"Liberation is what we came to do." Mattias comments quietly, looking to Scott with a grim look in his eye, hooded by lowered brow. He nods upwards to the man, half in apology for overstepping his place, which ends with the group of his peers. "Feels like a good day to be someone named Siege. I like this." Mattias smirks and tucks a thumb in his belt.


Rogue glanced back to Nate, X and the others, seeing Illyana come through last. She looked back then to Mattias, smirked at him a little… but she was more concerned with the three people who were here to 'greet' them.

Rogue's eyes would continue to scan around this idealic little neighborhood they were in, it felt off to her, it felt wrong somehow… When they were instructed to go to the Garage, she'd simply follow Scott's lead though and would go in if he went in… and as it happened, Marie ended up standing next to the freezer in said garage, and with the curiosity of a housecat, Rogue just kind of reached a green gloved hand over and popped the fridge open to look inside…

… entirely hoping to find some fudgecicles!


Laura's smile falls, faster than it took to rise to the surface. A more natural thing, to look placid. No twitch, nothing, she watched as they all moved when told, and the trail of her own booted footfalls comes silent, save the small *tic-tac-tick*ing of those beads with every step. It's natural, it's human to make noise, be noticed somehow.

Filing in behind though, the man who is waiting for them all to seal inside is paused beside, a pack of cigarettes tugged from her pocket with a light jerk to wrench it free from the folds of fabric, staring inside the space and then to him with a small innocent smile. "Been a long flight, can I at least have one and you let me in after?"

Big. Doey. Green. Eyed. Blink.

Laura does not like this. One bit. But she is trying to make an Option B.


So they arrive in the middle of a crackdown on the Resistance. Impeccable timing, or… coincidences are always suspicious. Who could have told the Genoshans something? Maybe a mole in SHIELD?

"Do you have evacuation plans or are you making a stand?" He asks. They have weapons, light weapons, but they would need anti-tank ordinance to stop a Sentinel. Hmm, explosives work, but super-risky for a normal human to get close enough.

He noticed Scott said he had a new, less 'foolhardy' plan. That is news for him. Not that he could recognize a foolhardy plan if one punched him in the face. Or maybe he would, he is trying to learn.


Illyana's eyes narrow a little at the word 'owner'. She's not one to let her emotions show as much as some, but that word rankles. She remembers a certain demon lord who thought he owned her. She disabused him of that notion, it sounds like it's past time for the Genoshans to learn a similar lesson. Illyana keeps silent, content to appear harmless - or as close to it as she can manage, given her portal brought them all here.

The gruff instruction to get inside has Illyana flicking a look toward Laura. Enter freely and of your own free will. She said it to Laura once, and wonders if she remembers. From the cigarettes and the big-eyed look, maybe she does. Illyana hides a smirk and follows the others into the garage.


"We're on a time table, Mar. We're not here to make friends, please, give us your plans and all the information you have." Cyclops presses as his arms fold up over his chest in that typical imperious posture. A habit at this point.

Alas no fudgecicles but the freezer is host to Oreo Churros and frozen orange-creme bars.

"Okay so… "Mar starts to see who is paying attention or not, Cyclops is. That is important, "We're running out of places to hide. We were going to start up an encampment in the mountains but we've lost contact there. We have no options but to pull down to the beach and unfortunately there is another outpost and barracks there, we don't have anyone on the inside. We… " Cyclops cuts in, "Mar, we're not here to rescue your town and the people in it. We're here to do something much larger. Give us two points, the quickest most direct route to the Citadel and the most likely point on this entire island to cause a big distraction."

The Magistrate guardsman headshakes, "No smoking near the houses. We have a lot of kids here and its not good for your health." He is being serious and blunt. He does, however, smile warmly at Laura, "Don't worry, I'm on your side. I'll just leave the garage open a little and you can walk out that way. " He points out towards grassy hills, "Smoke over there join us again when you're done."
Doing exactly as he said the fit soldier drops to his chest and stomach only to slide underneath the garage and pop up next to the others while they're mid dialogue, just as Nate is asking about plans.

Mar frowns, "Well we did… " She seems to be struggling now with some inner confusions, "But we were assum… this was an evacuation for us."

Cyclops headshakes, "You're going to have to hold out just a bit longer, ma'am."

The woman is frowning, the numbers on her forehead creasing as the man with the afro gives her shoulder a squeeze. "Dun worry, Mar. We are going to be okay. Hopeville will get out of here, we can trust the X-Men."

Mar nods, a hand suit-gloved hand pats the man's own, "The Installation 05 the Sentinel Facility or the Gene Therapy Labs also known as G Core. The Sentinel Facility is the most obvious target though and they're always expecting assault, lot of defenses and G Core is our largest holding facility, a breeding pen for mutates and… its just not a good place. What you'll see there can change who you are." The bald female warns quietly.

"Okay, we can work with this. G-Core, Sentinel Facility and of… " A look to Meggan, slightly more than a cant of the head but the team by now should be learning to read his body language. He's not being exactly open about that part with the Resistence Fighters.


"Breeding pen?" Mattias blurts out in a low, bitter tone. Like John Bender in the Breakfast Club: CLAAAAAIRE? There's nothing fun and fancy free about the question Mattias asks, nor is the look of distaste left on his tongue as if he'd just gotten done giving a tongue bath to Bill Cosby. "Fokk." Mattias whispers with a shake of his head and a lift of his wrist. He rubs at the bracer on his forearm and clears his throat to get Cyclops' attention.

"I'm comfortable with either." Mattias flexes his fingers, knuckles turning white as they curl in. Apparently, Mattias has a preference. The large man shrugs his shoulders and looks to the cache of weapons. "What I see there won't change me, Mar." Mattias looks to the woman. "But after I see it, I have no doubt Genosha would be changed, shortly after."


Rogue's green eyes spotted the orange creme pops inside the freezer and she just slowly reached inside all non-chalantly and grabbed two of them. She then shut the freezer door and offered one to Laura. "Bette'ah than cigarettes." Rogue said with a little smile and her voice barely above a whisper while the others talked.

As they talked, the southern belle would go about trying to very silently open the orange creme pop's plastic wrapper, but it was irritatingly crinkly and every little noise sounded like it was a full symphony orchestra falling down a staircase.

Once she was done opening it though, she offered a sweet smile to anyone who looked at her and then put it in her mouth and listened to them talk about plans.


Correction. They need anti-tank ordinance or people like Rogue (and Siege! But X hasn't a clue on him) to get their hands on the Sentinels physically and buy them a bit to start disarticulating…

But that is Wolverine's head, she had her own plans and ideas, hopes, dreams, nightmares and picnic—- Okay not the last, but she's getting there? She will do as told when put on her mission and execute it fluidly until stopped or it is over, but some things she goes on that animal instinct, even if wrong and distrusting - Laura knows what it is like to be a number or barcode and nothing more. Bred, created, and molded into a living plaything… That has very sharp claws.

The guard is given a small nod, a smile (less terrifying!) and starts to head toward the hills he gestured to but slowly, not daring to wander out of earshot (which is a distance for X's senses), or where if she is needed it would take too long.

The cigarette is held, unlit while the slow pace is set and it almost looks as if she is 'sightseeing' while she meanders.


"I have been 'breeding pens' before," comments Nate bleakly. "If they are anything like what Apocalypse set up… seeing one will change you. 'Cause it will really hurt your faith in humankind. Mutankind. Both." He gives a sympathetic glance to Mar. He would like to be there to stop it.

On the other hand the Sentinel facility will have stronger defenses, and he is one of the big guns. Destroying a good number of Sentinels and preventing more to be built, or repaired, would seriously cripple the Genoshans. No, he will let Scott decide where to send him.


"Then we have three days." Cyclops says, "X-Man and Magik will lead a team against the Sentinel Factory. Cripple it, make a lot of noise, get out. Regroup here.

A point at G Core on the map, "Gateway is on standby for team 2, your task will be G Core. Take out it's security and release as many prisoners as possible. We will synchronize both attacks for a suitable distraction. DO NOT linger, when you start to lose retreat." A look over at Mar and her two companions, "I am asking for your trust in the rest of this, can you leave us?"
The bald woman frowns, she caught the looks of sympathy and the words from the other X-Men but has been intent on the plan, "Yes… as you wish." The guardsman and SupsendersGuy all step inside reluctantly. This leaves the X-Men to discuss in silence.
"Quick sweep of this room everybody, make sure we're not bugged. If we are find it and just open up more loud ass popsicles by it… " A glare is gifted to Rogue on that point. Yes. She was crinkling wrappers over dialogue.


Crinkle. Crinkle. Mattias releases some of his surliness when he looks over to Rogue to see her snacking. The skin around his eyes hardens, working in time with his mouth to not smile, and when the bough breaks and a smirk form, he turns away to hide it with his hair. Looking at Scott and the resistance again makes it all the easier to kill the smirk. "We won't lose." Mattias nods his head sharply. "We'll leave when the time is right."

Because, like Goonies, Asgardians never say die until they're killed with treachery.

Alone with the X-Men, then, Mattias lets out a long breath and runs his hand over his shirt, fixing the tank top as he looks looks through the tools on the rack for bugs. "That's if they didn't poison the popsicles, knowing we'd want some." Mattias throws the black humor Rogue's way. "If it doesn't kill you, Rogue, save me one?"


Rogue watched their guests go back inside and she stood there with the orange pop inside her mouth just watching her team mates move around. She pulled the ice cream treat out and flashed a smile. "Ah can't help it… these things are divine gifts from the gods, ya'll." She said then to them as people started search for Listening Devices.

Rogue still held the one extra one she'd gotten out of the freezer in her right hand and held it up for anyone to have while she put hers back into her mouth, but a second later she popped it out again. "Ah don't wanna see the breedin' pens, by the way. Might make me so mad Ah'll crush this whole damn island, pure Godzilla style." Cremecicle goes back in mouth then.


A pause then, yep, a crap! Cig dropped. Pause. Pick it back up, dust it off…

Who is Laura kidding, she doesn't smoke, she pilfered a pack from the aircraft on their way in, Rogues? Who knows!

But she is just taking her sweet pimp time, listening to the team and watching, even listening towards the hills the guard had sent her towards, nostrils giving a light flare while her eyes sweep the cookie-cutter outlines.

She's Freddy, where's Jason?


"Destroying Sentinels is more fun," offers Nate, smirking to Rogue and joining in the bug-hunting. In fact, he goes to check the gun crates. "We should ask the Resistance people about the kind of weapons they carry within Genosha. I doubt they are armed with grenade launchers and flamethrowers for deployment within their cities. Then again that Human Council has some monsters. Yeah, we better find out." He shuts up to keep searching, there are a good number of guns to check, it is going to take him a while.


As Cyclops talks he starts to pan through local Genoshan media feeds, a campy 'Hallmark' style commercial they've all seen of a happy kid running with his dog on grassy fields is displayed, "Welcome to Genosha, a green and pleasant land of HOPE and OPPORTUNITY where the WATCHWORD is FREEDOM." A tourism commercial, one thats been on the air for over two years now. "Godzilla style is what we're trying to avoid here, Rogue. Then Siege or other brick will be a part of G-Core's team, you will lead the Sentinel Factory strike or go with Meggan and I to Hammer Bay."

Outside of the garage Laura can see it is stupidly pleasant. An automated mower is circling around the yard across the street, an elderly man reading a tablet looks up in time to catch Laura's looks, a hand waves in greeting to her.

That Spaniel dog running back up the street to drop a ball at three kids feet, kids who are drawing with chalk on the cement.

Another car flies in, lowers to the ground and rolls in to a parking lot. An oldsmobile redone as a hovercar. Not unusual. Generally only the rich outside of Genosha has such things but Genosha presents itself as the wave of tomorrow. Even the stupid birds look happy. At least the birds that may not be mutants. Although the large black object in the sky descending towards Hopeville is no basic bird. It's a Magistrate Security patrol ship it's shadow casting over the sidewalk as it hoverslowly.

"Right, we'll get down to the specifics once we break from briefing." A consideration from Scott and he looks around at all of them, "Do not speak of team three. Meggans involvement is classified to the X-Men." It's not necessary he repeats this but he is. Just for safe measure.


"I don't need faith in humanity, X." Mattias says to Nate, ticking his head towards the man, suddenly going cool. "I just need faith in me." Mattias adds with a thumbing of a pendant around his neck while going through the tools. "I can get as many people out of there just fine without losing my nerve. If there's a bigger fight, I'll use it, then. I can do this one, Cy." Mattias flops the last tool down and waves his wrist in a cut over the tool area, finding nothing.

"I won't speak of that team, but…I am curious what the plan is if this turns upside down." Mattias looks from Rogue to Scott, thumbs tucking into his belt. "The risk of landing in the breeding pens is pretty high, here. I'm not liking the idea of leaving anyone behind."


Rogue furrowed her brow into an intense stare of annoyance at the thought of… stuff. "No Godzilla, fine fine." She said, halfway done with that first cremecicle. She glanced back at the garage door. "I'mma go find Laura, I bet she wants this second one." Rogue would then move for the garage door that was partway open and she'd 'float' her way underneath it and out to that creepy Nuclear Neighborhood beyond, she looked up to the suepr creeptastic security ship floating toward the neighborhood.

"That can't be good for anybody." She muttered, just outside the garage door now.


Laura pauses, the wave from the man returned, a hesitation in the lift of hand and to return the gesture. So maybe her suspicions were wrong, her instinct amok when it comes to moments like these - dealing with things like this. A small smile forms, true for once in its small expression that slowly wilts away at the edges when she turns to head back, looking at the garage door and Rogues appearance coming through.

A whisp of dark hair lashes across her face and it turns up towards the aircraft, her head tilting. The foot that pitched forward to have her head towards Rogue settles back, and there she stands, unmoving and watching. It seems simple, a sweep, not moving with any intent other then to look for anything suspicious.

Keeping it that way Laura stands there and watches it, but a flick of those eyes to Rogue is a 'ready if we need to be'. Or 'Ohhh, creamsicle…', hard to tell.


"To no surprise the details about G-Core are not readily accessible. Genoshans don't use breeding pits the same way Nate has spo… " Cyclops trails off in his reading, "Good, Siege. I'm counting on you to do just that. Safely. Gateway will be assisting you and /Team A/ has Magik." A teleporter, brick, telepath for each. Which leaves Betsy or Jean to accompany the Breeding PIt team.

"Two hours. We break, get back together and then we're off. We're going to make this as quick as we can. We'll be like lightning." Cyclops attempts to be motivational.

That patrol ship outside only slowly hovers by, a man on it in green armor actually catcalling to Laura and Anna Marie before it zips on past. Off to the next burb.

For now, meeting adjourned. The X-Men are in Genosha. Behind enemy lines and about to start a war.


The catcall earns a lift of the same hand from Laura, but instead of a wave four fingers fold down, leaving the middle highly extended, then it crooks to grip the strand of black off her face.

No change in pace she walks to Rogue and takes the popsicle in one hand, holding her the pack of smokes when the other fishes them out of her pocket. "These are yours." Crinkle crinkle.

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