Cheer up, Charlie

July 30, 2017:

Rogue finds Nate brooding like a Summers and tries to help, or maybe she just wants free steak and booze

Xavier's Mansion Pool


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Fade In…

The pool at Xavier’s backyard is a good place to spend the evening after a grueling day of Danger Room sessions and preparing for Genosha. Usually there would be too many students for Nate to hang out, but it is summer break and there are almost no students left. He is currently alone, enjoying the fading sunlight on a deck chair. A couple bottles are on the floor, at his side. One, tequila, is half-empty already.

The young man has just climbed out the pool, he is wet, his still short hair plastered against his skull and wearing only red swimming trunks. He probably needs a shave, but that is rather normal in Nate Grey.

Rogue comes in out of no where!

She lands on the hard floor surrounding the pool and just releases a heavy sigh. She's wearing a sheer green robe that is cinched around the waist and as she starts to move toward the lounge chairs she spots Nate getting out of the water and offers him a big grin.

"Heya there, sugah." She said to him in a soft and calming tone of her southern-hued voice.
A moment later and she drops the robe, wearing a green and yellow bikini that she'd specially ordered off of the interwebs at the start of the summer. She drapes the sheer robe over the back of the lounge chair that she claims for herself and then walks toward the edge of the now empty pool, all that dangerously deadly skin on display.

"One thing about my life that I don't mind?" She said to him, her toes wiggling. "Ah always get the pool all t'myself." She grinned and then did a dive into the water!

Being a telepath is likely Nate felt Rogue coming. At least he doesn’t react much to her arrival besides a muttered ‘yeah’ about having the pool for herself. Except he was here before, damnit. It is late, he expected to be able to swim and maybe get drunk quietly.

Not that he doesn’t give all that ‘deadly skin’ an appreciative glance.

When Rogue resurfaces, he is leaning forward to look at the young woman. "Anyone else coming?" He asks, looking ready to retreat if they do. Nate is usually sociable, but he is a Summer, and he does his share of brooding too. Lately far more than a few months ago.

Rogue's head pops up out of the water and she swims her way toward the other side of the pool. It takes her a second to recover, letting the water sheet off of her face and then her hand comes up to stroke her soaked hair back over her forehead.

She turns around when she hears Nate's question and she grins softly at him and her wet head shakes side to side. "No idea." She says at him. "Was just up in my room all day, doin' stuff for plannin' ahead for the school year, once we're back in full-swing here. Wanted t'get outta there though and just figured a swim would be nice 'fore I go 'nd grab some food somewhere in town."

She swam over to the edge of the pool and put her wet fingers up onto the side, staring at him with her green eyes. "You okay?" She asked him after a second. "Ya look… all manner'a mopey."

Nate tsk. Mopey? Him? He glances down to himself and grunts. Too many scars for someone in his early 20s. “Hah, I guess I am. Life has been shitty lately. I can hardly wait for the X-Men to hit Genosha. I will feel better when I am fighting for something worth fighting and being useful.”

He leans back on the chair and takes a long wing to the tequila. “Fucking Omega Shift crap has put my whole life upside down. Too many things don’t make sense anymore. Too much lost for good, again.” Mopey indeed. But he offers the bottle to Rogue anyway. Because sharing alcohol is better than sharing misery.

Rogue sat there with her hands folded ontop of one another now and her forearms up on the edge of the pool while she just floated in the water. She placed her chin down ontop of her hands and watched him as he talked, she was well aware of how much stuff troubled Nate and how it wore him down so hard.

When he offered the alcohol she reached a naked hand out and did the wiggly fingers until the butt of the bottle was placed into her hand and she pulled it over to take a big swig from it. Then she sat it down on the floor around the pool in front of her and smacked her lips together in satisfaction.

"Cheer up, Charlie." She said to him with a big smile, blinking her eyes to get pool water out of them. "Ya got lotsa good things t'be happy about too, right?"

"Uh huh," Nate looks up. "World is still spinning, that’s something," but it seems too little after three years of fighting in this world. "My sister is back, except she has changed, again. The younger Rachel I loved is gone. My girlfriend, the woman that has been my constant companion for the last four years, thinks it is too dangerous to see each other right now, which makes no sense. My memories clash with reality and the memories of others. I feel as if I am starting again from scratch for the fourth time in my life." All of that probably makes no sense to Rogue, which of course is part of Nate’s problem.

It doesn't make any sense to Rogue in that she's not a direct influence on most of Nate's life, as the two of them are mostly just co-workers than anything else, friends, yes… but they don't spend a lot of time together.

"Maybe all of that." Rogue said softly then, chin on her hands, eyes on him. "But ya got your health! And… ya got this nice place t'call home when ya need it… And… you're a good lookin' fella! So thats nice, for ladies like me who like good lookin' fellas." She grinned a little then. "Plus, ya always got tomorrow right? That means that it can be bette'ah than t'day! But ya gotta forge it, like a sword… or somethin'!"

Rogue kicked her feet gently in the pool, then planted them up on the pool's wall and pushed off, gliding backward across the water toward the other side. "It could always be worse than it is, Miste'ah Nate." She said before disappearing back under the water for a half a minute or so before she'd resurface again.

“Damn right,” agrees Nate. Oh… she went underwater. “Being alive used to be enough, when did I get so greedy about life?” He asks no one in particularly.

Although his health is at the mercy of an alien technovirus. And Xavier’s is a refuge for him, never a home. His home is with Rose, the woman he can barely see. But it is true tomorrow he can start fixing his problems, and it is fully his responsibility to do so.

He snorts when the young woman resurfaces. “When did you get so wise, Roguey? I thought you were about punching people and looking pretty and that’s about it,” his tone hints he is teasing and maybe in better mood. Where was his second bottle? That one is rum. He grabs it and forces the cap off telekinetically.

Rogue wiped her face off again as she backswam to the other wall and then put her arms up on it and stared at him from across the pool, a smirk and a headshake following. "Noooo…" She said in a mocking way back at his words summarizing her. "I mean, well, yes. I am all of those things. But I'm deepe'ah than that!" She huffed out of irritation and then glanced away. "Ah'm like the deepest end'a the deepest pool, located in the deepest part'a the planet!"

Rogue sank back down into the water and started to swim her way back toward his side of the pool again. "People just don't bothe'ah gettin' t'know me, cause they know they can't 'hook up' with me as easy as they can with some othe'ah broad. So I barely get the time'a day outta folks." She had her own jaded outlook on life as well, it would seem.

"Really? I thought you and the Cajun had something pretty serious going," mentions Nate cautiously. And he eyerolls about the lack of interest of guys at knowing her better. "That is silly. Friendships are not about ‘hooking up’. Except sometimes."

He has many close female friends. Lunair, Illyana, even Laura, who is close to be family. Not hooking up with them, that would be… weird. "Hey, did I tell you that you were like the queen of mutankind back in my homeworld?” He grins. “You were also a married woman."

Rogue reached the side of the pool again that he was on and her fingertips came up to rest on the edge of the pool once more. "Remy?" She asked, her head shaking side to side. "I haven't seen him in months… He's flirted with me here'n there, but nah… I had… started 'soemthing' with Logan. But he's gone now too, been replaced by the old guy who, doesn't seem t'have any recollection'a me'n him." She shook her head and exhaled.

"I was a what?" She asked then. "A queen?" She had a smile creep up across her lips. "Who was I married too?" She'd ask then, quite curious by this and it was clear on her face.

Nate takes a long swing to his rum bottle before responding. The looks down at Rogue with a mischievous glint in his eye. "In my world Magneto led the X-Men. He was the main leader of the resistance against both the mutant supremacist and the Sentinels. And Rogue was his wife and second in command, they even had a little kid."

Take that, Ms. Deepest End. "I have never met another Magneto that wasn't a creep, though. And I have seen a few parallel Earths. But the Rogues? They are always scrappy, sexy and kind of amusing."

Rogue knew of Magneto, but she'd never met him. "Oh." She said after hearing this, a distant look on her face there-after while she thought it through some. "Huh." Her tongue pushed at the side of her right cheek making it push out a little bit while she continued to mull things over in her mind. "Ah didn't think I could even have kids… Guess they figured that out somehow." She slowly shook her head side to side then. "Trippy. Sounds kinda cool though… would love t'see how that all worked, but eh. Whatevs." Her bare shoulders shrugged then.

Rogue's green eyes refocused on him then and she looked up at him. "Are you wantin' t'go back t'your home?" She asked him then. "Ah mean, like… is that what you're goal is? Or is that, not possible t'achieve?"

Nate pales slightly when Rogue asks that. “No. There is nothing to return to,” he states bleakly. Then he offers her the bottle. “My world was already a hellhole when I… joined the fight,” he explains. “The war had started in the sixties. Mutants and against humans. The X-men fought very hard to stop it, for peaceful coexistence. But most of them died. The good guys lost, Rogue. And the whole world went in nuclear flames as the humans and mutants killed each other in the final missile exchange. I escaped and survived by sheer luck alone.”

Rogue accepted the bottle from the edge of the pool that she was in, head up out of the water and arms on the side of the pool.

"Oh." She said after hearing his rundown, she looked distant for a moment. "Guess Ah didn't fully understand what ya meant." She glanced back up at him then while putting the bottle up to her lips. "Sorry." She said to him before taking another drink from his alcoholic beverage. Her head shook side to side. "Figures though… Ah'm a Queen and then the world blows up." She showed a sly smirk at him then and there, offering the bottle back to him.

“Pretty much,” confirms Nate, looking quite serious. And that was the first time he lost everything. He sips from the bottle and leans back on the chair again. “But hey, there are ways around your powers for sure. Sooner or later Xavier or someone else is going to figure out one. Don’t let them keep you away from people. Those who are staying away because they can’t ‘hook up’ with you are not worth your time, y’know?”

Rogue grinned at him after he said this last bit and she nodded her head gently at him. "Yeah, I know." She told him softly in response. "I'm mostly used to it by now. Mostly." She showed a sly grin then before she pushed off the wall again and started doing another backward stroke swim across the pool.

"Now I'm gonna demand everybody call me Queen Rogue." She said to him while tipping her head back to look skyward while she glided across the water (partly with the use of her flight power too).

"Queen Rogue demands a steak dinne'ah tonight!" She added with a little silly laugh following it up. "And lotsa booze!"

Nate uh huhs quietly. He is not even sure if he has enough cash in his wallet for another beer, much less a steak. He has not done a stage magic show since his trouble with the DEO began. Wait… there is the money he ‘liberated’ from the Gotham drug dealers in that scuffle with Spoiler.

"Fiiiiine," he grunts, standing up. "I am not yet drunk enough I can’t fly to Harry’s. Let me grab a shower and I’ll get you a big steak or something. And you can finish this bottle." He leaves it on the floor. "Meet you in ten minutes or so, oh queen of muties."

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