A Hint of Bribery

July 20, 2017:

Phil Coulson gives Nakano Rin a new mission. They both bribe one another with some of their favorite things.

//The Triskelion, New York //

A place where the Employee Health Initiative is going strong.


NPCs: Nick Fury (Cameo)

Mentions: Isa Reichert, Rusalka Stojespal, Melinda May


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Fade In…

Phil Coulson rarely calls Rin up to his office. Instead, he makes his way through the labrynthine hallways of the Triskelion to find hers. Given what he usually wants her to do, it just makes more sense to leave her in her own environment, among her own things. And he's got a doozie of a project to dump on her desk today.

He's dressed in his ever-present suit, though today he's forgone a tie in deference to summer's heat. A few buttons on his crisp blue shirt are open. He also comes bearing an energy drink. He has learned that this particular agent really doesn't do well if she's not properly fueled up.

Thus, the Yellow Jacket is placed softly on her desk seconds after his gentle knock-knock on the door.

Rin's office is very bare. There are no personal pictures, or little bobble heads of popular characters. It's really just her desk, and all of her computer equipment and some motavational posters left over from the 90s. Rin is in her 'work' uniform, which is dark slacks, a bland v-neck shirt and her blaser is draped over the back of her chair. It's the absolute minium of business casual that she can get away with.

When she hears the knock at her door, her eyes flick toward Phil before returning to her computer screen. She's furiously typing away as he puts the energy drink on her desk but pauses long enough to hold up one finger. She only keeps him waiting for a minute before she finishes whatever she was working on and fully turns toward him.

Seeing the energy drink she raises a brow as she reaches for it. "To what do I owe this bribery?"

Phil takes on that amused half smile that he gets sometimes. "I never bribe you, Agent Nakano. I simply bring forth that which it takes to help you do your very best work."

With that clarified…

"I have a big project for you. We've got a nasty company called Icarus Dynamics creating some dangerous aerospace technology with the help of smuggled alien fuel sources. We've shut down what I hope was their only source for the fuel, and we're closing in on a prototype that might be able to match them, but I don't think that's going to be enough."

He gestures to her computer. "So I want you to launch three distinct types of cyberattacks against them."

Rin continues to stare at him as he claims it isn't a bribe, but none the less she opens the can and begins to consume the evil liquid with in. Taking out a small note pad, she starts scribbling down a few notes before she furrows her brows. "I've seen the name in passing, but I can't say I've stopped to read much about them." Still of they're on SHIELD's radar, than she's going to have to.

When he mentions that he wants her to do three seperate attacks she snarfs and shakes her head. "I hope you bought a case then." Than again it all depends on timing, but she's listening. "What flavor of cyber attack?"

"The entire case file's in your inbox. I sent it over on the way down," Phil replies. Though he's not sure how much she'll need to really delve into that to do what he wants her to do.

"Phase one: I want you to get into their systems and quietly snatch every last shred of intelligence you can get me. I'm especially interested in locations where they might be doing any kind of manufacturing or business so we can hit them and raid them hard and fast. I also would like to know about banking information."

He pulls over a chair, makes himself comfortable, folds his hands. "Step two, I'd like you to do whatever you can to tank their operations all at once. I want you to simply make it impossible for them to get anything done. I don't really care how you do it. Freeze their accounts, make every machine think it's broken, DNS, all of the above, it simply doesn't matter. The more you can launch at them, the better."

And then he offers a grim smile. "Phase three, there's a whole list of names in your inbox. I want you to go after them personally. Get all their accounts frozen. Make it damn hard for them to move anywhere at all, to operate, to do a thing. I don't think they'll be making too many planes if they can't even pay their bills. You'll set the stage for us all to go in and mop up, and they'll have to make do with what's left."

Phil is gearing up, at this point, to simply wipe these people out on every front.

Rin side eyes her screen looking at the email that's was waiting for her. Her handwriting is horrid, but she apparently knows what it says. "Phase one, no problem." Though Phase three seems to get her greatest interest, screwing with people's lives? That is goign to be the fun part. "Question, can I recruit help, or do you want this to be a solo project." Her help, at least in the past, has been non SHIELD employees who are only midly sketchy.

"I can do this, it will take time, but I can do this. When are you planning on moving in?" AKA, how quick does she need to work.

"I care more about getting it done right than getting it done fast. With that being said, I really don't want them getting to a phase where they're putting those planes out on the open market. They've honestly built in quite a few hard stops on their own operation, and we did just manage to slow them down, but."

She asks about outside help, and this time he shakes his head. "Too risky. Hydra's taken an interest in this project, may even be financially backing some of it, and I don't want to risk any of your outside people getting approached."

Something about saying that deepens worry lines on his face, but he keeps mum with it, instead noting, "Agents May, Ivanova, and Stojespal are the primary agents who have been involved in all of these efforts; let's make sure they get any intel. Prior to Phase II, I want you to ask each of them what they think might pose a particular hindrence to Icarus just so we can be very sure we're targeting high-priority systems first, just in case they manage to shut us out at any point in this process."

Rin's fantastic at what she does, but Phil Coulson never likes to create plans without contingencies. He always goes in assuming his enemies are just as smart as he is.

"I can take my time on it, to be sure that it is done properly and with out a trace." She's definatly learned how to do that over the years since that was her huge slip up in her teen years. "Right. I'll keep others out of it then, no need to get everyone in trouble at once, right?" She says with a smirk though it falls as she sees those lines on his face deepen.

Returning to the task at hand, she writes down the agents names and nods. "I'll email them." Since that's usually the best place to start when you want to track someone down in an organization this large. "I'll do my best to leave myself a few back doors, incase we do get locked out."

Leaning down she opens one of her drawers and pulls out her own form of bribery. One pristine package of Pinwheels sits is laid on the desk and she slowly pushes it over with a pen. "So, what has you making the worried face?"

Phil's hazel eyes light up, and he reaches for the package. For a moment? Well, he's just going to enjoy this. He opens it up, bites into that marshmallowy, chocolate-covered goodness, and closes his eyes. That's the stuff. Sugar right to his blood stream. Pure processed crap of the srot that could make him fail all his physicals if he has too much of them.

"You're the best," he says, when his mouth is no longer full, real warmth on his tone. But the shadows are there, and he glances around. "Later," he tells her, sotto voice. "Later, and not here. We'll have a chat about it at our Thanksgiving spot."

That is something he doesn't think too many people know too much about. "But we will, cause I can probably use your help with that, as well. That one will be harder."

While her bribery doesn't have an immedate pay off, she nods her head. "I'm sure that could be arranged." Not that it's all that hard to get into the Denny's, but it's always busy enough to keep conversations private. Besides, no one does a Grand Slam breakfast like they do, and it can happen all day. All. Day.

"Well I think I have everything I need to get started, and at least get some pliminary information gathered and shared. I'll be sure to keep you and the others posted."
"Good," Phil says. He knocks twice on her desk. He also steals two more pinwheels and salutes her with them. "Agent."

And, as if he weren't acting like a 5 year old stealing his very favorite treat ever, he walks out of the office with dignity. So. Much. Dignity.

He'll wait to tear into those things when he gets into the security elevator, the one that needs really really high clearance to get into, just so he reduces his chances of being caught.

(One floor up)…

Elevator dings. Nick Fury steps inside. Phil pauses in the act of licking chocolate and marshmallow off his fingertips.

Fury narrows his eye.

"Getting into the Pinwheels again, Coulson?"

"No, sir."

"No sir? No sir? What's that on your mouth?"

Coulson touches the tip of his tongue to the corner of his mouth. Gets the last bit of chocolate.

Ding. Elevator goes to the next floor. Fury gets off again.

"Tell me, 'No Sir.' I know someone having themselves a Pinwheel when I see it.'"

Elevator doors slide shut. Phil clears his throat as the thing makes its way steadily up to the top.

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