Call me Prestige

July 18, 2017:

Nate and Illyana return to Hopewell, the Resistance enclave in Genosha, bringing Rachel to the war. (This scene happens during the Genosha War plot, so the IC date is vague).

Hopewell, Genosha

Hopewell looks like a town from a 50s sci-fi movie. They even have flying cars.


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Mentions: Cyclops, Logan, Siege, Meggan


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Fade In…

A few hours ago Illyana brought Nate to the school infirmary for medical attention. A high caliber bullet wound in his left arm has left him with a sling and a grumpy disposition. But it gets positively surly when he learns they are also to pick up Rachel to get her to Hopewell, the Genoshan Resistance enclave. Protective brother mode, it seems. “Cyke insists the Resistance should know our code names only, so… are you going to use Phoenix? I am going as Scion, by the way.”

One Rachel Summers - just returned a day? Two? Oh who the hell knows, from having a fun celebration with Illyana - is not exactly in the best of moods herself. Her emerald eyes scan Nate with a disapproving look. High caliber or not, getting shot shouldn't happen to a telekinetic. While she's not a doctor, like her mom, Rachel still knows a chart and is scanning the information there with a deeply rooted scowl. "You shouldn't be going back." She states and is fairly taken off-guard by the question of 'codenames'.
The surprised expression writing across Rachel's face shows her slightly taken-back expression. "Ah." She states. "Isn't mom… Miss Grey using that?" BLOODY HELL! Rolling her eyes to the heavens, Rachel settles onto one of the swivel chairs, setting the chart back down to twist her lips from one side to the other. "It's actually something I've been pondering for awhile. A new codename, a new look, a." Rachel's voice fades, she doesn't want to get this about her, so instead, she just states. "Prestige. Call me Prestige." And with that.. well.. she now has to think about a costume. God willing, no one will ask her for it. Yet.

"Pity they couldn't give you something for your mood, but I guess some things are beyond medical science to fix." Illyana says under her breath as Rachel studies Nate's chart. Her tone's as surly as Nate's expression, but in her case it's just for effect, as the dazzling smile she shoots Nate to accompany her words shows. Illyana's firmly of the opinion that since Nate wanted this war, he shouldn't sulk all the way through it. Illyana snorts when Rachel gives her considered medical opinion. "That would be sensible so… no chance. Besides, if Nate's not making a target of himself, someone might shoot at ME."
Illyana could probably continue to give Nate a hard time without feeling a shred of guilt, but his question to Rachel has the sorceress instantly switching targets, blue eyes fixing on the redhead expectantly. She even manages to plaster an insincerely encouraging smile on her face as she waits for Rachel to get to the big reveal. "Prestige." Illyana says, as if she's testing the name out. "Yep, that's DEFINITELY what I thought when you lost your shoes in the club." Illyana grins, then folds her arms and tilts her head to one side, expectantly. "The costume had better measure up. Let's see it."

“So what? There are like six Spider-Men or Spider-Women. Two different Hawkeyes and…” hmm, he is sure there are more examples. Also, he takes away the chart. No snooping. It is just a bullet wound. Like the fifth nurse Annie has to stitch in three years. Telekinetics -do- get hit when they are using their powers like Nate does: to give himself strength and limited invulnerability instead of forming shields and tossing stuff around.
“Prestige? Okay.” Nate looks unconvinced. Well, fine, it is not as if it is worse than Magik with K. Uh, shoes lost in a club, they have been going to clubs without him. Not fair. Then again, he has not been very fun the past couple months.
“Are you planning to use a real uniform or just regular clothes? Because I am trying to get you people to wear real armor,” which some X-Men actually already do, but here is Illyana, who thinks leather hotpants are good for fighting Sentinels.

Casting a glance at Illyana, first, Rachel offers an almost pout. "They were my only pair of Louis Vuittons too." With a sniff, Rachel offers a fake abused sense of pride, though it fades just as fast when Illyana OF COURSE, asks for a costume.
As Nate offers his own unconvinced comment, Rachel just laughs. "I'm not Phoenix, and I'm most assuredly not Marvel Girl. Time to make my own way, Prestige is it. As for a costume.."
Standing up, amused slightly that Nate snagged away the chart Rachel had been viewing - the red-head gathers her inspriation and the ideas that had been waving in her thoughts for some time.
As an aside, leather hotpants are terrible for fighting Sentinels! Great for fighting anything living - as the advantage for distraction is huge, but terrible for AIs that have no emotions.
With a show of telekinetic manipulation, the outfit Rachel is currently in switches, fades, and soon a costume is shown - mostly all black, with a crimson design starting at her neck, sliding down across her chest, to end at the waist in a 'V' shape. The fabric is thick and designed to take a beating should her telekinesis fail her. It has long sleeves that end in red gloves, red knee-high boots, and the final thing? A bomber style black jacket with an 'X' design over the pocket. "A little me, a little inspiration from the past." (Her dad's old style.) "And voila."

Problems with leather hot-pants? Laura is sitting in a chair in that home within the Genosha Rebellion's tiny town, practicing stealth in trying to silently unwrap an orange dreamcicle without setting the plastic wrap off. Fingers move carefully.
Black leather pants rest low on her waist, lined in silver accent, topped by a belt with a black on steel hued X. Abdomen is bare and a matching top hugs over her chest in the fashion of a sports bra, also… Leather.
The Wolverine style mask is beside her on a table, no need to be worn here. Just like this newcomer, Prestige, is it? Its something old, something new, something of Logan, nothing blue. But green eyes flash upward towards the group as she offers silence save a slight *crinkle* and a sigh.
"Comfort and mobility. Leather hot. pants. Provide that."

When Nate snags his chart back from Rachel, Illyana figures the medical lab has outlived its usefulness. "Hold that thought." She tells Rachel, and summons a stepping disc to transport the three of them back to their Genoshan bolthole. As the trio appear, Illyana looks toward Laura, just as if she knew she'd be there waiting for them, and raises a finger to her lips conspiratorially. No distractions from show and tell quite yet.
Illyana doesn't deign to reply when Nate talks about getting 'you people' to wear 'real armour'. Instead, she just stretches out her left arm and looks critically at it, while the shining silver of her eldritch armour materialises around the limb. She gives the precisely-articulated silver fingers a wiggle, then draws her hand closed into a fist. Her eyes flick up to Rachel, and then ostentatiously roll toward the ceiling as she shakes her head. Banishing the armour once more, Illyana folds her arms again to show she's still waiting for the big costume reveal.
When it finally comes, Illyana maintains an absolute power face as she studies Rachel's creation, even going so far as to take a couple of slow steps to one side to get a look from another angle, before returning to her original position. For a couple of seconds longer she still says nothing, then she quirks a single blonde brow and asks, in a teasing tone, "No cape?" She finally allows a grin to break through. "Not bad." She says, which is about as high as her praise usually gets. "I'm almost disappointed." She has, after all, seen some of Kitty's creations.
Laura's comment gets a nod of agreement from the sorceress, who wanders over to a table and boosts herself up to sit on it, legs dangling. "See? Wolverine knows best. You just have to not get hit." Illyana looks pointedly at Nate's sling.

Nate gives a slow glance to Rachel’s outfit, giving it a nod of approval and a brief grin. At least that outfit it will protect her from some scrapes. That jacket should be Kevlar and bulletproof, in his opinion. Maybe he will try to get her one next time they visit the mansion. “No X symbols, though.” He points to the X and makes it vanish telekinetically. “Nothing to ID us as X-people. Cyke wanted to avoid associating this operation to the team. I guess plausible deniability in the case of total disaster. Also, no telepathy allowed for now, they have some kind of anti-telepathic net all over the island.” Scott probably already told this to Rachel, but he reminds her just in the case he forgot.
Flash through Limbo and… Hopewell. Who is around? “Wolverine, good morning.” He moves his left arm, supposedly in the sling. “All patched up and ready to kick ass,” he smirks. Illyana’s armor is barely given a glance. When she shows him she can do more than cover her arm and shoulder he will stop teasing her about the hot pants.

Ah - Illyana's transportation, through Limbo and out to - well, where ever here is. Rachel's gaze takes in the young woman present, this must be Laura! Rachel's head inclines towards the girl, offering a greeting, "Prestige, nice to meet you."
As Illyana takes in Rachel's costume, the redhead's attention returns to the Demon Sorceress. One eyebrow quirks itself upwards at the compliment. "You were expecting a mutual friend creation, weren't you?" The teasing note is there, as Rachel twirls around. "And no cape, you are correct. I have watched the Incredibles enough to know the disadvantages of capes."
Settling down onto the nearest chair, Rachel's head inclines. "I was given a briefing concerning things so far." Well, Rachel was told where to find the information which she did!

"I was." Illyana admits, not even slightly abashed at having been caught out, and a grin creeps across her lips as Rachel twirls. She raises a hand and snaps her fingers. "And here I was hoping you'd get caught in at least ONE door." Illyana's not even bothering to feign disappointment any more. "But like I said. Not bad. You can definitely come shopping with me when we're done here." Illyana, as always focused on the important things!

Nate peers through the windows warily. Where are all the rescued mutates and the captured people? Clyclops, Siege, the old Logan. (He needs a new codename, Old Man is lame). Maybe Gateway took them off. “La… Wolverine, has the evacuation started? I heard something about going to Muir, but I can’t remember.” After all he was busy bleeding all over the floor, so not paying much attention, really.

"I am honored." Rachel offers with a note of sarcasm at the 'you can come shopping' that Illyana offers. "Here I was afraid I'd be going shopping with the mutual friend, and you -know- just how boring that can be. I can only stomach so many electronic shops before my brain explodes." The teasting aside, Rachel does settle in on the fact, well, they are in dangerous territory. Her smile fades into a line, as her gaze follows Nate's, staring out through the windows, half expecting an attack at any moment, and feeling a bit better when nothing suddenly leaps out and attacks, at least right now. (Being head blind for the moment is not appealing at all!) Rachel's tone falls a bit more flat and to the point as she inquires. "Muir? Muir Island?" She's spent some time there, and for the most part - Rachel loved it. Except Moira's coffee and the sludge she made for breakfast, those Rachel does not miss.

*Crinkle*… Tsshi..
Laura looks up once more and remains holding the stick of the wrapped popsicle, unmoving while there is a light tic to a corner of her lips. She had taken out the sniper, but not in perfect timing, but it was just her up there while Illy and Siege we handling a slice of insanity that reminded her of the warped baby head in Toy Story, except past puberty. Still… Disturbing.
"I have not heard call of locations. It is best anything detailing ind pinpointed remain unspoken, even in radio." A tilt of her head and long black hair sweeps over her shoulder.
"The other phase plans are here. A tap to temple. And if we do not hear back in enough time we must move forward. We wait and bleed… and they get more time. We cannot allow that." A pause at Nate. "So stop bleeding, will you?" A flare of nostrils and she looks to Illy and Prestige once more.
"Shopping, again?" The final word falling flat to taper, ruefully. Nope, no dresses for Laura.

"If only she knew the sacrifices we made for her." Illyana ruefully remarks when electronics shops are brought up.
Swinging her legs a bit, Illyana pays attention as Laura brings them up to speed. "So we're at 'hurry up and wait'?" Illyana asks, rueful tone still in place but now with most of the amusement leeched out of it. Laura's admonition to Nate brightens Illyana's expression a bit, though. "We've all told him that. He just doesn't listen."
Illyana sighs and rolls her eyes for the second time that day. "It's not THAT bad." She tells Laura, in a disappointed tone, although there's the hint of a smile lurking at the edges of her expression. "I even tried shopping as an exercise in camouflage and team building." Illyana tells Rachel, and shakes her head. "It didn't take." Slipping off the table, Illyana moves to glance out of a window, restlessly, then turns her attention back to Laura. "How long do we wait?"

The mention of electronics shops and anunnamed female has Laura looking between Illy and Nate, a slow blink and the interest of who is gone just that quick. Not her business and not here and now which Illy brings her back to with a snap.
"It took, just not as planned, but things never go that way with us." Plain and simple. Truth. A rock forward and the leg slung over the arm of the chair drops a heavily booted foot to the floor.
"Not hurry up and wait. Scott is in the capital with Meggan, the pens are being found and outlined, staked.." Laura's voice lowers at that, the mere mention bringing a new-found tension to her posture that seems to go poised and predatorial, but careful.
"If I hear no word by tomorrow night, we move in the morning." A pause and Laura smiles lightly, looking to Nate and Prestige, then Illy. "So more team building may be good between."
The popsicle is brought to lips… Unwrapped, no crinkle until the plastic folds on impact upon the ground between her feet.
Distraction and focus. Key.

Scott gave Laura the operational details? Uh. Okay. Coming to think, it is not actually a crazy idea. Laura probably has all the training to understand those plans. “Okay. Yes. We need to keep hitting them,” Nate would agree anything that involves hitting the Genoshans, of course. But it is absolutely necessary now they are crippled by the computer virus.
“I promise I will try not to bleed too much, sheesh.” He grumps. But getting hit was Logan and his job, and he is the one without the healing factor.

Illyana scrunches up her nose, looks for a moment as if she'd like to argue, but in the end has to concede Laura's point with a shrug and a nod. Laura wins that battle… and they have a different one to focus on right now, anyway. Illyana finds a wall to lean against, across from Laura, and listens as she speaks. It's notable that she doesn't seem to have any problem with Laura running the operation.
She might be hopeless at shopping, but Illyana's under no illusions, this is the sort of thing that the former X-23 was built for.
"Good enough for me." Illyana says, when Laura sets the timetable. "We can wait." She adds, sliding her eyes over to Nate, since he sounds… over enthusiastic. Laura's smile, though. That causes Illyana's eyes to narrow slightly. "Have something in mind?"

"I need more leather hot pants." Laura states as she -bites- into the popsicle that reveals the icecream center encasedin frozen orange, no eye contact for now, she is focused on the treat. "This place is peaceful, a retreat, rose-colored. I do not like it." Ever suspicious, but even if it is exactly what it appears to be, Laura doesn't have to like the suburbian hell of advanced tech. The women probably drink sugar-free red bull through a straw with pinkies up… At the same time.
None of them are good at sit. stay. behave. She caught that look from Illyana and her pause of words in her repose. Laura didn't want to enact anything in this matter, but she listened well enough, looked over shoulders when attention wasn't on her distance, and harbored it all for 'just-in-case'. Like now.
"I'm open to suggestions." On the plan, or the pants, whatever. "But I am bored and my other outfit looks like swiss cheese."

“I have worked with you three plenty times,” notes Nate with a grin. Rachel is maybe the one that needs to learn to work with Illyana and Laura. “Siege and the Old Man not so much. But we got plenty of Danger Room time before coming here, hmm?”
Laura made… a joke. Nate stares. Then grins. Progress.
“The Pens, definitely. Cyclops wanted to hit them at the same time the Factory. We didn’t because I guess not enough firepower.” In fact they almost didn’t have enough for the Factory alone. “Those places are… well,” glance to Laura, Rachel, Illyana. The sad truth is none of the girls is going to see anything much worse they have already seen. “Lets get the people out of there, and show the world what Genosha really is.”

"We know, Nate." Illyana says, her usual, flippant tone entirely absent for once. "We've all been there. One way or another." She falls silent, then after a moment, she nods. "You're right, though. I don't trust these bastards not to go all scorched earth if they think they're losing their grip." She thinks back to the cyborg creature she faced, so full of hate and so utterly insane. The thought of leaving the mutates to creatures like him doesn't sit well with her. It should be reassuring, to know that she's not as far gone as that, but somehow it isn't.
"Someone has to hit the pens, but not yet. We stick to the timetable." Illyana nods, as if confirming to herself that she's making the right decision, and then shoots a look at Laura. "But it you're bored already, we can't sit here for a whole day. Or at least, I can't. And if you get that outfit shredded as well, we'll be showing the world something ELSE." Illyana's back to her usual self, as if someone's just flicked a switch. "So." She says, and a stepping disc opens behind her, illuminating the room with a stark, silver-white light. "Shall we go and acquire you some replacement equipment, and maybe hit a few targets of opportunity on the way back?"

"I trust Scott's strategy, even if it is not my own." Laura states as she pushes to a stand in the resounding moan of leather attire, the Wolverine stylized mask plucked up and tucked through a belt-loop to hang from hip. A tallmove for a petit as Gambit called her while they worked together. But not thinking about that right now…
Laura was gone a year, and some things shifted a bit, but not changed fully, pieces are fitting in a new puzzle that was X-23 and is now Wolverine. "Just don't make eye contact if that comes to pass. Awkward." Laura states lowly. No smile. But another joke! Is Limbo freezing over? Better check, and on time that disk opens to cast the luminescent glow over the space.
"We have time, for now, I'd like to enjoy it." Afterall, somewhere in there is a soul that has wanted more than just empty walls spattered in blood.
"Don't even try…" A fading reminder about the bows and frills before Laura steps through.

“Yes,” admits Nate, glancing the blonde witch. “Morning in two days,” if Scott gets back, all the better. Otherwise, plan whatever and improvise the rest. That is his way of doing things, anyway.
Nurse Annie said he should take things easy and rest. But Nate will rest when he is dead. Probably not even when he is dead. “Lets go, and enjoy… hmm, whatever Wolverine has learned to enjoy when we weren’t looking. I gotta admit I am quite curious.”

"Deal." Illyana tells Nate. Having him on board with the plan makes things a lot easier.
Illyana's head twitches toward Laura, eyes narrowed. Was that… there's no smile from Laura, but that doesn't matter, because a slow smile is spreading over Illyana's lips. She likes this new side to the former assassin. She almost says as much, as she follows Laura toward the portal, but the warning that floats back through makes the sorceress just laugh instead. "Hey, I learned my lesson!" Illyana calls back to Laura, managing to sound affronted even as she lies through her teeth. She pauses on the threshold, looking back at Nate. "You're not the only one." She tells him, and steps through.
Illyana's castle is much as it usually is, stone floors and walls, guttering torches, shifting shadows that may or may not hold demons. But today it's only a transit stop. "Hold still." Illyana admonishes. "I need to work a little magic." Her fingers flow gracefully through the air and she speaks a few words under her breath, and then she squints a bit at Laura who seems unchanged. "Good. Now we won't attract any attention." She grins. "Unless we want to." With a wave of her hand, another portal swallows them in a burst of light, delivering them back to Earth… and somewhere other than Genosha.

Laura could have picked New Orleans… But that… Too soon.
Chicago it is! So when they pause in Limbo and she is getting a look from them both that gets a deadpan return from Laura with not so much as a single tell. They get what they get in glimpses if they pay attention!
Blink. That's it! Sorry not sorry.
The disk opens and the destination is one they materialize into within an alley layered in graffiti, dark here save an old lamp pouring a V of blacklight over the intentional paintings that glow in their splay across brick. Over and under a skull, 'The Alley', names the strip they come out in.
People that walk past the alley are clad in dark attire, heavy boots plated in metal, platformed 3 inches and above. Gothic, metal, industrial. But once they step out into the busy street of Clark where Belmont intersects the glass panes reveal the attire of leather, band names, botiques of local Designers, head shops, and Igor's Dungeon, just to their left that displays a neon sign that flashes 'XXX' and a hunched over Quasimoto-esque mannequin, gothed out and holding… Well…
Laura doesn't make eye contact there.

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