Report for Darcy

July 18, 2017:

Illyana takes Nate back to the X-Bunker for patching up. (This scene happens during the Genosha War plot, so the IC date is vague).

X-Bunker, Xavier's

The medical area of the X-Bunker


NPCs: Nurse Anne Ghazikhanian

Mentions: Logan, Phil Coulson


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

Although the Genoshan Resistance no doubt has good doctors, there is actually not an excuse to rely on them when Illyana is a world-class teleporter. And Nate is slightly paranoid, not entirely sure it is a good idea to let the allies to see how badly wounded he is.
Laura was distrustful too, and the girl has good instincts.
So Nate sits on the med lab, shirtless. Nurse Anie just sutured his injured arm and bandage it the best she could, but it is a nasty wound and the bandage already shows a red spot. He has also told him to stay put while the receiving a blood transfusion.
Naturally Nate is not happy staying still for long.
His upper body shows a lot of brushes, too, from the Genoshan rockets. Also an alarming number of old scars. Entry bullet wounds, exit scars, too. Burns. Some deep cuts from blades and claws. 8 years of constant fighting and he is ever the reckless one.
His right shoulder and arm to mid-biceps is covered with a tribal tattoo. A gift from Rose when he turned 20.

Darcy was just checking in when she heard something what going down with Nate. Not that this is a surprise, mind you, but Mate was a friend and so down she went. Into medical, which she moved into like she owned the place.
"What the fuck did you do now?" Darcy quips the moment she walks in and her eyes land on Nate. No preamble, no care that there's a school over head. Nope. Straight into fussy mother hand Darcy mode.

Illyana, the world-class teleporter in question, can be found perched on the next bed in the medical lab, legs dangling off one side, hands braced either side of herself, apparently keeping an eye on Nate. She's still in her combat gear (shorn of all X-Men related identifying marks, of course) but that's the only sign she was anywhere near the same war zone as Nate. Compared to him, she looks pristine, with barely a hair out of place.
She looks up when Darcy marches in and smirks. "He forgot to duck." She says, putting on a long-suffering tone. "AGAIN." She adds pointedly.

Nate waves to Darcy as she burst in, a weary smirk in his lips. “Not much. Got hit by a really powerful sniper rifle. But hey, we won. I have to wonder what are the news saying about our attack on the Sentinel Factory. Genosha is supposed to have free press,” although it is unlikely to be really true given the fascist turn the country has taken the last couple years.
He glances at Illyana and pfffs. “If you look so pretty is because Logan and I drew out all the dangerous people out. As always.” And as planned, really.

"Well, that would do it," Darcy snarks as she makes her way over. She stops infront of Nate, arms crossed like she's scolding the man.
"Duck next time, dombass," she tells him smirking before her face falls toward more serious.
"Not a damn thing, far as I can see. Everyone on this side of the pond's been fucking quiet about it."

"Are you sure you didn't get hit in the head, as well as everywhere else?" Illyana asks Nate, tartly, "Or do I have to tell you about the giant cyborg scorpion thing I had to deal with, maybe with pictures this time? You didn't draw THAT out!" She adds a too-sweet little smile to the end to show she forgives him for that, though.

Darcy's order gets an approving nod from the sorceress. "If enough of us tell him he might listen." Illyana remarks lightly, while a snort greets Nate's concern about how he's being reported. "Let's be happy we're not in the news until we've actually won, how about that?"

“Eh, I can’t believe Nick Fury is not watching, damn guy is omniscient,” comments Nate, a certain (uncharacteristic) respect in his voice. But how much should they tell Darcy? Scott said nothing about not telling to the mansion folks, and Darcy is a X-Men, so he will leave up to her how much she reports to Coulson.
“Illy, 50 foot tall super-Sentinels, nuff said,” he points out with a smirk. “Also, I don’t know how many Magistrates. Over a hundred, for sure. You dealt with just one ‘scorpion guy’, lazy witch.” He is teasing, of course. Illyana’s task was the important one, Nate was the distraction.
A brief pause, and then he looks at the SHIELD agent, more seriously. “Hmm, Darcy. Tell your boss Genosha has some kind of anti-air defense system that is really powerful. I am pretty sure it is overkill against normal aircraft and it is probably designed with helicarriers in mind.”

Darcy headshakes at Nate's melodrama. Darcy calls it that, even if it's not really all that overly dramatic. She looks over at Illy, smirking.
"You'd think, but his head's denser than unobtainium," she quips at the magician before rolling her eyes at the mention of Fury.
"Yeah. I'll lemme know. Kinda glad we got benched on this though. SHIELD aircraft shot down over there would not be a good thing at all." Especially helicarriers.

Illyana catches Darcy's gaze when it's directed at her and rolls her eyes theatrically. "He WOULD want to make it about size, wouldn't he?" She says, taking the moral high ground and ignoring Nate's accusation of laziness. Besides, it seems like the conversation's turning to serious matters. Never mind, she'll have another opportunity to scold Nate, she's sure. It's not like he's going to learn to avoid being shot any time soon.
"As much as it'd be nice to have backup for once, that might start World War Three." Illyana glances back at Nate, "And that would be a bad thing." She says, mock-sternly, as if he really needs to be told.

“Why would be a bad thing for SHIELD to make a stand against a nation that uses slaves in the goddamned 21st Century?” Grumbles Nate, pulling from the iv needle. Ugh, Annie will chew on him if he removes it now. Looks like he needs to be still at least fifteen more minutes. “That sure would send a strong message to all the assholes that constantly experiment with mutants, metas and regular humans to create living weapons and servants.” Like Cyberdata. But Fury knows about Cyberdata, too. “I don’t know the details of those weapons, Darce. But they sure light the sky on fire just behind me, felt like hellfire missiles but anti-air, but… hmm, I wonder if Kitty and Doug pulled some information from the network. We could ask.”

"It would totally start World War Three. It's not going to happen. I've been grounded too. Any trace of me in that cluster fuck and Siberia's could to look like a fucking tropical vacation," Darcy retorts. "I've been looking best I can, but my clearance aint the fucking best. Sorry, guys. I've got a history of rushing in and last time I lost a whole SHIELD tacteam inside of four seconds." Her head shakes.
"I dont' think anyone's ready for me to repeat that on this sort of scale.
"We could ask. Or I could ask, and when you've sat still like a good puppy you can go back in and punch more things while forgetting to dudge some more," she tells Nate giving Illy a sly wink on the side. Because it is always time to tease Nate.

Illyana fixes Nate with a flat stare and takes a deep breath… and then lets it out because Darcy's doing her job for her. She smiles a satisfied smile at Nate, then remarks mildly, "Siberia's not that bad." Because she was born there. "And Genosha is our tropical vacation. Just with more explosions and less beaches."
"She knows you so well, Nate." Illyana observes, the wink drawing a wry smirk from the Russian, because it's all too true.
To prove she's capable of taking things seriously, Illyana adds, "Leave the rushing in to us this time, and don't let Nate make you feel guilty about it. If we screw up at least SHIELD can pretend to be an honest broker."

Yep, teasing Nate is like the X-Women’s main pastime. Even Laura has managed to sneak in a couple sarcastic comments in her time. And she barely has any sense of humor. But fortunately Nate has no shame whatsoever, so he endures.
“Hey, we won. No casualties,” the injured do not count, and Logan was fine like 15 minutes after having a fist-sized hole blown up on his chest. “Rescued a bunch of mutants, too,” he grins to Darcy. “You can tell Coulson we are winning.”

That SHIELD keeps its nose clean with the only 'good' thing about this and Darcy is ready to argue that point of 'good'. This sticks in her morale and she's not happy. About to say more, her phone rings and she smiles apologetically as she takes and steps just outside the door to answer the call.

As Darcy takes her call, Illyana offers her a wave and slips down from her perch on the bed. "You're more positive than usual." She tells Nate. "Maybe I should shoot you next time you tell me things are bad, if it cheers you up this much?" There's a gleam in her usually icy blue eyes, she's not even pretending to be serious this time. "I will admit, it's nice to win. Feeding racist scorpion-men to my pets was just the icing on the cake." She smiles at the memory with a slow nod, as if she's satisfied with a job well done. "Since we're here, I'm going to reward myself with a real shower." She tells him, her priorities abruptly shifting. "And you are going to stay here until the nurse tells you can leave!" With that, she grins, turns on her heel, and walks out of the medical lab with a bounce in her step.

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