Door in the Basement

July 16, 2017:

A conversation about a high-tech gateway in Stark Tower's basement and some other Avenger issues

Stark Tower Basement

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Stark Tower is a place of many secrets. Labs. Underground bunkers. Systems of tunnels carved out under the building that can go on for miles.

And of course the ARC Reactor system itself. The bright light that warms all mankind.
Right now though, Tony isn't intrested in any of this. Right now, down in the depths of his building, near the reactor is a gaggle of SHIELD agents. All guarding a slapdash object of alien machinery.

A portal to a different world.

Thats what he's worried about. More about if this thing will reactivate on its own, or explode.
So he's here, in one of his suits. This one blue-tinged. Sleeker and lighter than some others, and loaded down with every bit of high-tech sensory equipment that he could pack into a metal frame.

"So!" He calls cheerfully to his companion as he trains the sensors on the machinery /again/.
"What do you think?"

“It was a quite impressive piece of technology,” replies Nathaniel. He has been studying the gate in his spare time the last week. Right now he sits on a comfortable-looking spinning chair at the center of a large table he brought down to the chamber, circuitry spread all over the surface, the young man is armored but helmetless.

“Thor smashed the controls and some critical systems, though. It is completely inert.” He explains. Not likely to explode anytime soon. “But the power source, a modified ARC Reactor similar to the one you use in your armors, is still functional. I am quite sure it uses quantum tunneling to fold space. The reactor only starts the tunnel connection; it was linked to a larger power source, probably at the other side. If we repair the controls, which I am not sure we can with the limitations of modern tech.” All that work on the table shows he is trying, though. “We would need to connect it to this building reactor, and maybe some capacitors, to open the portal.”

"I'd rather hook it up to come capacitors rather than my reactor. That thing goes up and it won't be pretty." Tony replies as he crosses his arms and stares at the tech laid out before him. "…I'll get Jane in here to help. She's the expert on quantum tunneling using this era's tech." He adds with a nod. "So I'm sure she'll have something to say about it."

A glance then towards the other armored figure. "So the question I have then is can we create a tracking system for this kind of tech? I want to know if anything else from the other side is going to pop up in town. Its just rude to drop by on your neighboring dimention without calling first. Don't they have rules against that somewhere…some kind of dimentional UN or something."

He pauses for just a moment then…

"…ugh. I don't even want to consider the paperwork involved with something like that."

Nate gives Tony a sharp glance. “I… do not believe there is anything at the other side anymore.” He is not sure, though. Can a whole dimension be gone for good? “I can probably design a sensor to detect dimensional incursions with a decent range, but operating those worldwide would be best left to SHIELD, not for us.” He adds. “The question here is: Do we want to repair this device? I have to admit the possibility of having an operational teleporting gateway able even to reach parallel realities is intriguing. It means pretty much instant deployment anywhere on Earth for the Avengers - Possibly anywhere in the Galaxy if we can get enough processing power.”


"…so the theory I had it true. The whole dimension is gone…" Stark just sighs and shakes his head. "They were running from some kind of machine god they said, but how can something like that kill an entire dimension without…I don't know. Someone showing up and telling him to shove it. Sounds like its a bit much…"

He stares at the dead portal for a long moment before spinning back towards Nathaniel. "…so! Whats the downside? Because that sounds way too good to be true if we get this thing working again. There is always a downside."

Nathaniel shakes his head. “It will be expensive and a massive energy drain,” but that is not a real problem for SI, right? “No, not such a big deal, Mr. Stark. Many spaceships built by alien races have teleporting systems. It is only slightly above the current Galactic standard technology.” Actually, “even the Justice League has some teleportation technology, although theirs is point-to-point. But those starships do need powerful engines. Even an industrial ARC Reactor might not be enough. And of course maintaining this device using modern Earth tech is quite the feat.”

"You know it always bothers me to find out that my tech is at least a hundred years behind Galactic standard. I just hear my dad judging me in the back of my head." Tony replies with that rapid fire conversational tone of voice he has as he smirks slighlty towards the plans.

"If we aren’t trying to maintain an entire starship it shouldn't be as big of a drain on things, and I might have to build a second big ARC reactor to dedicate to it. But I like the idea of instant deployment. Though yeah, SHIELD should take care of the sensor net itself. Lemme get Jane Foster on this too, she's the specalist on Quantum Tunneling tech so she might have a bit more to add about just how to power it effectively."

Nathaniel chuckles. “All the more reason to bring Earth technology up to par, right?” Comments Nate. “ And the main problem is this planet industrial base is primitive, and mostly obsolete given the technologies people like Luthor, Reed Richards and yourself have already developed. Unfortunately there is going to be intense resistance by the powers-that-be. It is not just a technological, but also a political and social problem.” A discussion for another day, however. Back to the gateway.

“I can work in a new control module. You should tackle the energy requirements, I suppose… but how many resources should we devote to this matter?” He asks. They really have too much to do. “We have some pressing matters. I have been following the situation in Transia, for instance. I am exploring the possibility of an intervention with our friends in the UN. I am quite sure Transia’s uranium is being diverted to criminal enterprises.”

"Money, power, and idiots that don't want to admit they are wrong." Tony smirks slightly. "Thats not gonna change, humans are kinda a stubborn bunch of assholes really." The inventor calls out his entire race with a casual kind of dismissal as he glances at the plans.
Then a sigh.

"Not much really, I mean its a side project right now. If whatever is on the other side is gone we shouldn't poke at it too much till we know more about what happened on the other side. Transia's problem is more pressing, since I kinda like the US not having large holes blown in it. I'll get Jane to poke at it, since thats outside resources. And we can deal with Transia. And Genosha. Since its shaping up to be bad there." A glance at the other inventor. "…are /all/ mutants problem children or is it just the X-guys?"

Nathaniel nods vaguely at Stark. Yes, side project. He looks at the spread circuitry longingly, though. He needs days of 48 hours, pity he can’t time travel to have those anymore. Damn Kang.

“Genosha? Ah… yes, I have been keeping an eye on the situation there too,” he muses. “But I think we should follow SHIELD’s lead in that. No, the X-Men are right. Genosha is an aberration and the current fascist government needs to be toppled. But the mutant issue is a Gordian Knot. We are damned if we tackle it and twice as damned if we do not. We should go only with plenty UN political backing if we are dealing with the mutant race issue. At least as the Avengers team. As individuals we have more freedom. If Wanda goes, then maybe we should discreetly follow.”

"I'd rather build this thing, but if someone blows up New York we won't have anyplace to work on it will we?" Tony just shakes his head slightly before he blows out a long sigh. "Oh the X-Men are right, they are just /really/ bad about how they go about it. Refusing SHIELD aid, doing it themselves, its gonna terrify half the countries of the world into thinking that anyone with powers can do that. But what do I know I'm just a genius."

He shakes his head slightly before he sighs. "Phil asked if I wanted to go, if SHIELD had to go in. So…figure I'd just give you a heads up before things started exploding."

“But Mr. Stark, it is true anyone with powers can do that,” points out Nathaniel. The smart politicians already know; which is why they are constantly either trying to ‘control’ the super-hero teams or trying to keep good working relationships with them. “Which is part of the reason the Justice League and the Avengers exist,” he adds with a small smirk. Yes, they can also topple nation-state governments, and they will. But they can also prevent criminal groups from doing it.

“It is going to be a few centuries before technology is widespread enough a nation-state can field an army able to stop a large group of super-humans with a diverse powerset,” speaking of the future history again. “Which is why so many governments invest in super-soldier programs, and why the Eugenic Wars may yet come to be. Ah… but let Agent Coulson know to count with me to support SHIELD’s intervention, please.”

"Yeah but you know how people are, Nate. Its one thing to /know/ something, its a different thing to see it happen. I'm sure this will scare most of the nations into upgrading their teams or super-soldier programs, or whatever they are trying to design to keep up with powered people. Its basically a public relations nightmare any way you slice it, and I'm just glad someone else besides us caused it." The inventor replies with a smirk towards the other Avenger before he nods. "But sure, I'll tell Phil. I mean its always good to have someone else there to soak up bullets." He adds as he claps Nate on the shoulder with a grin. "I'm sure SHIELD won't mind one more person along that can deal with whatever they have."

Of course Stark is right. One thing is ‘knowing’ and another seeing it happen. But Black Adam and Doctor Doom already conquered their own little countries. The average American won’t pay much attention to something happening in a small island near Africa. Those who will pay attention are already demanding more funds for their weapon programs.

“Hmm, maybe we can spin this so SHIELD comes on top, solving the situation,” he suggests, standing up. Probably not, but he will think about it.

“I will upload all I go from the portal to JARVIS on my way out,” he offers. “It was an interesting side project. But now I think we owe Spoiler an armor, hmm? The 3D-printers have all the grapheme scales finished, so I will put the outfit together tonight and run some stress tests. We can add the sensors and weaponry next weekend. Have a good evening.”

"That works for me, then I can modify the systems for my intern's armor so she'll have something for when some self-styled supervillian targets her. Which always happens." A shake of his head as Stark starts to close down the screens with the plans. "I'll get the weapon systems and other toys over, and we can get it all put together."

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