Taming a Wayward Kryptonian

July 12, 2017:

Kyle finds Power Girl, locked in her red-ringed rage, but not before Bleez catches the scent. Bleez makes an offer. (Emits by Starfire)


NPCs: Bleez

Mentions: Atrocitus, Soranik, Hal Jordan


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Fade In…

Forty-eight hours and counting.

Oa, the center of the Green Lantern Corps has been rippling with activity in the revelation of Red Lanterns let loose within the sector. Some with agendas unknown, and one…one is Karen Starr, Power Girl, a recent recipient of a red ring. She is an untested theory; an unknown factor in the equation.

Kyle Rayner is exhausted on multiple levels. He's spent the last two days meeting with the blue-skinned Guardians of Oa, giving account after account to them about what he's witnessed with the Red Lanterns. With six hours of his own life disappeared off of the radar to explain to more important sources than the Guardians…he's about ready to claw his eyes out.

So much to think about. So much to process.

When set free, Kyle sets off alone back out into the cosmos, running a search pattern for Power Girl that draws towards the more intensely burning stars in his flightpath. He's been out for hours now, freshly shaven cheeks and black hair slicked back with some alien kind of hair product with a name he cannot pronounce.

Plenty are out looking for Karen…but Kyle is betting on finding her near a worthwhile source of food.


Antipathy returned after 38.4 hours, the news relayed to Bleez has those eyes set into narrow slits of pale yellow light, the half-mask still resting over her face and bearing those bat-like winged protrusions just behind each temple. Hands laden in red gloves tipped in claws curl as the whispers pass between the two and with a few simple steps towards an opening she steps out and is gone in the trail of red light tracer and a flash!

Now to find Power Girl. The newly made Ktyptonian Red… A danger and yet one highly desired for by the Green and the Red… Bleez had to find her first…


Not surprisingly for a Kryptonian, Karen's gone to ground on the nearest life-sustaining planet in orbit around a yellow sun that she can find. At the moment, she's in the upper atmosphere. Drifting. She's floating among the clouds, letting the wind carry her. It's doing what it can to calm her, as her body drinks in the sunlight.


Kyle is on his eleventh star when his scanner picks up a lifeform in the upper atmosphere. The arc of emerald-colored light bends down towards the planet, and the closer Kyle approaches, the tighter and darker the field around his body forms, preparing a shield for the worst. No need to send in the call until you know for sure, right? Kyle swallows down the urge to call for backup before his closer peek is taken.

"Power Girl…" Kyle calls out, his voice smooth and softer than the surprise that forms with his tone. Summoning up the origins of his 'Sensitivity Lantern' nickname, he slows to a stop a distance from the blonde, watching her closely. "…Are you…decent?"

DECENT? Kyle nearly palms his forehead.


The hunt is not that hard for Bleez, but she has to keep her altitude on the radar low, as well as what is truly going on. Atrocious wants her… And having her… would ruin everything!

So when Power Girl is detected and Bleez sweeps in towards that planet the visual laid out before her is one that has her pausing, and waiting. 'Meddling Lantern', is more like it. Whie she waits and watches with a caution Bleez is positioning herself to come in from behind Kyle if necessary, but in what method or means is what is being held off for.

No more Corps, just them… for now.


Karen's head snaps over at the sound of a voice. But thankfully, the drifting's helped. "The jury's out." She answers, looking over to Kyle. "Where's everyone else?" she asks.


So focused is Kyle on not angering the newly minted Red Lantern that he doesn't notice the other Red Lantern in the distance behind him. His pulse is pounding in his neck as he holds up his hands, palms out, showing he's not carrying anything. It's the human symbol for surrender, or at least, please don't shoot.

"Some are out looking for you to make sure you're okay. Others are out trying to make sure everyone else is okay." Kyle replies, hovering in place. His smile is weak, hopeful, no teeth. "Do you want some company?"


Let him remain distracted. Bleez is not here to fight and draw attention, not unless Kye decides to push the issue. Hands bearing the clawed gloves curl into fists, but rest upon her sides just over the exposed skin of blue that is evident in the high-rise of body suit that is more like a swim suit of high-cut, strips of garters dropping down front and back in black to clasp over red on black stockings that quickly disappear beneath thigh high boots.

"I can vouch for that. Hal and my other (Antipathy) came back empty handed. If you want a job done right though…." A waffle of her hand in a rise and teeth flash in the smile framed by dark lips, and darker shadows of space.

"You still fight it. I applaud you…" A rise and hands clap slowly together and only twice. "There may be hope."


"…I don't know, not to be honest. I—" And then she hears Bleez. Her eyes glow red, as she glares over. "What do you want?"


Kyle's neck muscles tighten at the familiar voice from behind him. His forearm tightens, ring-hand balling into a fist, but it's the glow from Karen's eyes that has the Green Lantern sucking in a slow breath and holding his zen as best he can. All-white eyes over metal faceplate drift closed and open slowly in his turn to float a hundred feet to one side, putting the three of them at edges of their own triangle.

"Let's all keep cool, okay, please?" Kyle asks politely, waving both hands to the two women. "I'm not here on any official business and…I have a friend wearing another ring than mine. Consider me open minded." Beat. "I'm here as her friend…" Kyle blinks, not knowing Bleez's name.


The hands met in applause stay parted and splay fingers to be held palm out with fingertips tipped down to expose emty-handedness, although for Lantern's that can change in a heartbeat, all based on that tiny. glowing. pulse married to fingers.

"I want what everyone else wants. YOU." A sigh and an eyeroll that only shows in a flash of yellow that is her eyes in entirety until she settles them back upon them both and they flicker to that of a deep blue in iris framed by black lashes. Almost human, but offset by the paler blue skin in the tiny rimming before the mask takes hold.

"Yes, let's keep our fingers off the triggers, even the comms." A snip of verbatum towards Kyle as PG's flare of red gets a small wave of Blezz's hand, any introduction bypassed.

"I want you to keep your wits about you…" Or that ring will have to be forcibly removed… That will not end well. "Because if you do not, it may step on my toes." May.


Karen's eyes stop their glow, though she clenches the hand with the ring on it into a fist. "Look. I didn't steal this thing, if that's what you think. It…glommed onto me." The Kryptonian says, looking from one to the other.


"So long as we don't light up the sky, I'm off the comms, lady," Kyle holds his hand up, but taps the side of his temple. She may or may not know it's on mental command; "But I'm faster at it than I am dialing out for deep dish." Kyle wiggles his fingers and folds his arms about his chest, kicking at a floating pile of dust in the upper atmosphere.

"I imagine it was the same for all three of us. The rings come when you least expect them, but you are chosen because the ring sensed great emotion within you." Kyle continues to speak softly, head on a swivel to watch their two faces. "But, for the record, Power Girl, I'm truly not here to collect you. There is no need for this…violence."

The last, Kyle says pointedly to Bleez.


Bleez chuckles and shakes her head at PG's admission, floating closer, slowly, letting her form drift closer but stopping when there is an small sign of offense. "That's not how the rings work…" An offhanded gesture towards Kyle in his own words and Bleez just levels a stare at him, deadpanned.

"You don't want this sky to light up, trust me." The former Havanian, now Red just lets those words settle in the Space between them while they hover in that triangle of positioning and readiness.

"I want you off the charts. So… Hakuna your tatas," A flick of gaze towards them BOTH. "Either you need to let me help you all, or you need some very deep medical advice." A look now is resting upon PG.

"Timer is ticking, but you do not want my Lord to find you, being calm… Is your safest route…. For now…"


Power Girl replies, with some steel in her voice, "NO ONE is collecting me. If you have something to say, say it." The hand is still clenched, the ring faintly glowing. "You two are both harshing my mellow."


Once again, Kyle holds up his hands, head ducking down in a tilted nod of resignation towards Power Girl, even while Bleez approaches. It's just another way to free up his hands, just in case, but the frowned apology he gives to Power Girl is careful, if not sincere.

"Your Lord?" Kyle speaks up and looks over to Bleez. "Who is he and what does he want?" Don't do it, Kyle, you always do this. Why do you always do th- "Whatever the trouble is, Miss," Kyle shakes his head gently. "Perhaps I could help."


Bleez's lip curls only at one corner to them both, the Tsk evident in her exhale while she remains unmoving. "Whatever you say…" A slide of gaze from PG towards the planet behind herand the sun encircling it, the flash of teeth only more cheshire in growth.

"Do not forget, the rings choose, and you had no choice then…" A lift of brows beneath the mask as if those hint of words need to be thought upon. "I am here to help, not to harsh your mellow, so Atrocious does not take over for the loss of one of his and reap such a gain.." Answers are had in her words even if not totally -direct-.

"It is not a matter for you to dabble in." A slashing line of gaze that starts to pale yellow on Kyle's offering, but not so much as a flash of Red Light in reaction. "Just keep her will and wits about her, because there is only two ways to fix this o a permanent basis. But it's going to take time."


Karen looks from one to another. "Well, since you seem to be the expert, how about you grace us with an answer." She tells Bleez. "And as far as your "Lord"…I'm not worried." Let's face it; a Kryptonian's a top-tier powerhouse /without/ the ring.


Two ways that keep her alive


Kyle looks across the distance to Power Girl. In turning his eyes away from Bleez, the blue-skinned woman gets no such motion of surrender. Instead, Kyle marks a mental note over the name of her 'Lord' and takes the time to visually scan Power Girl, looking to her face, the ring, the differences in her body that have changed with it.

"This is about what you want, Power Girl," Kyle mumurs over to the woman. "I'm not going to interrupt anything unless you ask. So-" Kyle floats an extra foot back…doing his best to keep from chumming the upper atmosphere for the two sharks to go beast-mode his way.


"You should be, but…" A pause that has Bleez still smiling, nothing exchanged here right now is going towards fruition. " I am not here to warn you, I am here to offer options without War."

Another pause and Kyle's motons are regarded, heeded, and given a faint tip of her head of gratitude. "Where you choose, is up to YOU." yes, what PG wants.
%R "I will give you time. Two days." A flick of finger that now traces in red lining upon rotation, forming a timer-shape that twists and red granules of sand begin to filter through one end to the next through pinched middle.

"Keep the ring and tun risks of levels unknown, or have it removed… But living through that…. I hope you know someone adept." A pause and the smile finally starts to go fleeting upon dark lips.

"How well do you want to get to know me?" Kyle's foot back is matched with Bleez's own float back and away.

"If you want to keep it, I need to know and fast. To let you remain you," a tap to temple by barbed tip. "It requires more of me."


Power Girl frowns. She unclenches her fist, and looks at her hand with the ring on it. "Explain. Is this thing dangerous to my health?" she asks, X-raying the ring, as she watches it. Her body hasn't changed, though her uniform has.


Karen's X-Ray vision scans through her flesh and down over the ring, where her blood courses through the point of contact where it has locked upon her finger. Blood coming in…and blood coming out. For when enraged, one has no heart. The heart in her chest no longer beats. The ring, itself, has replaced the unnecessary organ.

"We should try to avoid war." Kyle finally speaks up. "We've done nothing that I know of to provoke your Lord Atrocitus, but whatever the case is, I am willing to hear, and listen." Kyle floats upwards and looks down to Bleez and Power Girl.

"Karen," Kyle offers. "I know the best surgeon this galaxy has ever seen. If anyone can help you, it's her and…" Kyle's voice slows. "…she's saved my life on more than one occasion."


"48 hours." All that Bleez offers them. "The answer you give me, will give you more."

A wary glance towards Kyle and those eyes slowly becoming more and more cast in a gold hue slide back to PG. "Your rage is dangerous to your health." And as Bleez floats -back- those wings shoot fom her back in the spires of bone laden in flame of red like her body is encased in with a sudden flash!

"No, you have not…. Yet." But the look towards PG says miles. War could come from this, and time…

… Filters through the red glowing timer in granules…


Power Girl glares at Bleez. "Go. While you still can." She tells the alien. She looks to Kyle. "Call your doctor. I'll talk to them, at least. But I'm not making any decisions on anyone's clock but my own."


Kyle rubs at his face. The green gloves smear down the plating of his mask and over his lips while he floats away, out towards the last layer of orbit. "I'll get on that right now. I don't know how I'm going to find her, but I have a few ideas. I'll be going into hell to find her, but I promise, I will. With time to spare." Kyle presses his hand over his heart and lifts it in a wave to Karen. "If Hal comes by, be easy on him, please?"

When dealing with Rage…always say please and thank you.

Kyle turns to look at Bleez as he begins to fly off, already dialing in a call to Beltrassus. "Do me a favor and let's not start a war before we can work this out, alright?" Kyle tries in exit, then punches it.


A trail of emerald light, and Kyle is gone.


A scoff from Bleez and the smile returns. "I like you already." The threat is seemingly unheard nor bothered with, it only fuels something deeper seeded.

A glance cast to them both… "48 hours." A rotation of hand in time's tandem and Bleez is gone in a trail of Red.

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