Happy Death Day

July 14, 2017:

The date is July 14, 2011. A certain hacker ends her stint in juvenile with a job offer and a new name.

Highland Residential Center

A juvenile detention facility in Hudson Valley.


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There is only a week left for Rin, one more week and she gets to go home and resume her life. Her record will be sealed, no one is going to know about this stupid mistake that she made. Most of the paperwork has been filed and there is little more for her to do than wait. Though part of her worried, some small is gnawing at her stomach that somethhing was going to go wrong. She did piss off that company, and maybe the second she gets out they're going to actually take their revenge.

Today she was told to meet with her 'lawyer' in one of the visiting rooms. She figures she has more papers to sign, more red tape to cut before she gets released. SHe's dressed plainly in a white will fitting t-shirt and jeans. Her hair is long hanging past her shoulders and it's obscuring her face, she's slouched down in the chair behind a stark cold metal table. Her leg is bouncing impatiently, even if she's only been waiting for less than two minutes.


The man who sits there doesn't look much like a lawyer. There's no paperwork. No briefcase. Nothing but an understated man in an understated grey suit. He's smiling, a sort of vague, non-descript, Cheshire-Cat smile that looks vaguely amused with all of life. He has a very vague air of authority about him, but nothing too big or too deep or too intimidating. In fact, if he walked out to get a soda it would be easy to forget what he looked like, seconds later, other than he seemed kind of friendly, or kind of dorky, or kind of bland, depending upon one's own personal filters.

Still, he stands when Rin arrives. "Kimura Shiori? Phil Coulson," he says, holding out a hand for a shake. He doesn't say who he is with, but there's something that says this isn't the county public defender all the same. For one thing, every last guard melts away as if by silent signal, as if he had dismissed them by the simple act of standing up and offering an introduction.


Rin sits up in the chair when she hears the door open, but when Phil walks in instead of her lawyer she looks very confused. "You're not Bob." She states flatly. She notices how forgettable he is, how he doesn't even have a briefcase and she idly wonders if he's even brought a cell phone. Still he offers his hand and she leans forward to shake it. "Coulson? I can't say I've heard of you. Are you here to present another hoop for me to jump through? I thought I had done enough of that while I've been stuck in here."


"I'm here to present you with an opportunity," Coulson replies, sitting back down as she rejects his proffered hand. If this bothers him, it doesn't show in the slightest. Indeed, that smile never wavers.

Instead, he reaches into his jacket and withdraws a wallet. He flips it open and lays the badge on the table.

Agent Phillip Coulson.

SHIELD, Operative.

And, it being 2011…Level 7.

"You have heard of SHIELD, I presume?" he asks, lifting one eyebrow.


Phil appears to be immune to her teenage angst and takes her handshake refusal in straide. It seems she wasn't taught any manners while spending time in Juvie. Still she narrows her eyes at the badge and leans forward to read what's on it. It takes a second to rifle through her brain and she looks up at him. For a moment, she considers playing dumb, but something tells her not to.

"SHIELD, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. You handle various threats to the United states, but I highly doubt that it's all that you do." Granted she hasn't had a lot of access to computers lately so her information may be incorrect. "An opportunity? Why me? Surely there are enough capes out there that you could easily turn your attention to."


"We recruit talent from a wide variety of sources," Phil replies, putting the badge away. "As it happens, your efforts created some inconveniences for an enemy of ours." Later, he'll tell her all about Hydra, and what she actually did when she chose to hack that particular company's servers, but today he merely leaves it at that.

"And most 'capes', as you put it, make terrible agents. I'm not trying to find a new candidate for the Avengers Initative. I'm here making a job offer to a promising potential spy. You could be quite formidable…if you can make it through the training."

He slowly tilts his head to the side. "Unless you've got other prospects lined up that I'm not aware of…?"


There was a lot on those servers that she didn't understand. She remembers what was there, but time has faded some of those memories. Still she shrugs one of her shoulders. "Well I'm glad to have been of service in my early career." She replies in that same dry tone as her dark eyes dart over the room. "I have a feeling you already know the answer to the what I have lined up question." She has a feeling that this is the sort of man you don't try and bullshit, because he already knows the answer to the question. She doesn't like it.

"Well, I can't accept what I don't know. What's expected of me? What does training involve?"

She continues to let her leg bounce under the table, mostly just to keep herself from fidgiting above the table. "So why now? You could have come sooner, and kept me from rotting in this place."


"I could have, but there are laws about child labor," Phil says dryly. "It was the safest place for you. And it made them think that they'd neutralized you. Now you can drop right off the grid, take a new identity, a new name, and they won't realize that they didn't break you in here."

There are reasons for everything, even if they're not pleasant.

"Training will be hard. A lot of people wash out. Combat. Infiltration. Language training. Stealth. A dozen other things I can't even name. It's a four year program. By the time it's complete you'll be one of the most skilled and competent individuals in the world. You'll have one of the most dangerous and most fulfilling jobs in the world. And you'll be called on to protect others. You might be able to stop things before they kill people, instead of having to enact vengeance upon them later."


"That was sort of my plan." Well not the international spy training, but dropping off the grid and becoming someone else. Granted it was going to be rough, every which way she's planned it. "I suppose you are right though, it would be very hard to for them to reach me in here and get away with a clean break. Maybe they have enough of a soul not to murder a teenager." Than again, it's just her nature to still think ill of that company.

"There is nothing wrong with revenge. It didn't go perfect, but it was done and that's all that matters. Someone had to pay for what happened to Miu." She says darkly.
She says they maybe have enough of a soul not to murder a teenager.

"They don't," Phil says simply. "They have murdered teenagers. Children. Men. Women. The elderly. They pursue a dark and twisted agenda. They reach their tentacles into governments, corporations, even philanthropic concerns. They have their roots in Nazi Germany and dark occult groups. They pursue an agenda of control, and fear. And they're only one of the threats we fight. What you touched on was bigger than a company's malfeasance, bigger than one life. You touched on a true threat, and you could keep right on fighting it."

A pause. Intense hazel eyes seek to capture hers.

"You could become a hero, Kimura."


"Oh." Rin says as she thinks that over and she realizes that she was probably way in over her head, and she'd likely remain to be if she keeps working on her own. She gets very quiety as she thinks about his offer. If she falls off the grid, than perhaps the rest of her family will be safe. She still has a younger brother, and while it might hurt for her parents to lose another daughter, they still have him. At their very core, buried down deep under her layers of teenage angst, she does want to keep the rest of her family safe.

"Alright. When do we start?"


"Right now. Congratulations. Acceptance of this offer means getting out of juvie one week early. I'm afraid Kimura's going to suicide in her cell. I've also spent the past three years slowly swapping out every guard, administrator, and officer of this place with my own agents." The Warden, in fact, changed 3 months into Rin's tenure.

She has not gone unwatched.

She has not gone unprotected.

Phil stands and taps the wall. An exit she's never even seen before slides open, and he leads her through that one. He looks down at her, and allows himself a private hope, a wish that he won't share with her today.

That SHIELD will be the family for her that it's been for him. It can never replace what she's having to walk away from, nor what she's lost…but it can still be a source of support, and friendship, love, laughter, care. A home. A cause. A purpose. She'll give up much, as all Agents do…

But he rather thinks she'll gain a lot, too.


Rin seems gung ho until he gets to the method of her disappearance. "No." She says firmly. "Don't put my mother through that. Her daughter wouldn't end her life a week before freedom, she'll ask too many questions." It seems Rin wasn't the only smart one in the family. "Make it an accident, something that can be blamed on a bizarre twist of fate. Besides, wouldn't that lead your enemy to believe that they succeeded in breaking me?" Rin says, though hearing all about what they've been doing, by keeping an eye on her causes her to pause.

"Do you really have that much faith in my skills?" The young woman asks, finally pushing her hair out of her face to look at where they're going.

She's standing on the edge of a cliff, she knows when she walks out of this room, seeing her family again isn't an option. But in that same instance, the real people behind her sisters death have not been dealt with, and working with SHIELD will help her get closer to that goal.

Rin doesn't look back, she walks through the door with a stiff nod of her head.


"An accident," Phil agrees, grimacing faintly. Nothing is going to make it less painful for the woman's mother. But the young lady is also right. Mothers know their daughters, and nothing will stop her from asking dangerous questions if it's not very clear what happened. He makes mental notes. Stunt double, prosthetic mask that mimics the girl's face, bad camera angle, black and white, fuzzy resolution, and an accident caught right on tape. A slip and fall in the cafeteria, a head hit on a table.

On the matter of what Hydra believes or doesn't he remains silent, but…he has to admit, privately, that he'd just as soon not hand them another win.

She's led through a long hallway, and from there into a waiting vehicle in a garage. A black SUV with tinted windows, no markings, regular plates. Phil opens the back passenger side door for her, habitually a gentleman.

He slides into the other side, letting the driver take them. It's only really when they're on the road in truth that he speaks again.

"So," he asks, as if it's of no consequence— though, of course, it absolutely is. "Thought about what your new name is going to be yet?"


It's going to be very hard for both of her parents. Loosing another daughter is going to devastate them, but she figures it will be for their protection. Shiori Kimura will be gone so there will be no reason for any of those enemies to bother her family. She's in a haze as they walk to the nondescript black SUV and part of her can't help but to snort out a laugh. It's cliche, her life is about to become a cliche, but it will be a life.

When he asks what her name will be she frowns. She's only had a minute to realize she's about to metaphorically die.

"Rin Nakano." She blurts out, saying the first thing that comes to mind.

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