Lantern Corps: The First Shot Fired

July 09, 2017:

The Interceptor meets up with Kyle Rayner and two members of the Red Lantern Corps. In the fighting, Power Girl escapes, the owner of a red Power Ring.


NPCs: Bleez, Antipathy, Aya, Kilowog, Galius Zed



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Fade In…


"Lantern 2814.2 checking in." Kyle sends out on a wide-band to signals with the Corps, including the Interceptor and Aya. "I am injured and am awake now. I'm heading towards homebase."

A band of green light whips out of Kyle's ring to wrap his arm and shoulder, pinning it to his chest to keep the bandages in place. With the call set out, he has minutes to get away from Beltrassus before flight paths turn their way. Bitterness sets in, but before he leaves, Kyle turns to wrap his lone, good arm around Soranik's shoulders and pull her into a hug. He cradles the hug with his arm bent behind her head, fingers in her hair, for the safest squeeze he can maintain.

"Please be safe." Kyle whispers. "I'll be listening."

The squeeze ends…and Kyle turns in a frictionless thrust off of the balcony that sends his light dissipating through the night sky and into orbit of Beltrassus.

A circular explosion of green…and he bullets towards the center of known space. To Oa.


Red Lights Blink, Antipathy returns before her on Ysmault, but the news delivered from her mission on the panet comes with the delivery of the 'Battery' drained from the planet.
"I did as you said, but there were…


The battery is gathered into a gloved and clawed grip and held aloft as the light within it casts a red glow in her grasp, painting her facdade hafl-masked and asided with the bat-like wings in more visceral shadows!

"Let's go meet these…

The space between Beltraussus and the Interceptor is vast, empty, for a moment until Kyle is headed in the tracer of Green towards the ship… But between him and the Interceptor… Tracers of Red come in contrary to intercept!

…"Why do I sense…. Another of ours?" Bleez looks down to her ring and in a blink a call is sent towards Power Girl's ring. A radiant blink of radio-active Red!

Antipathy just smiles as the trail of Green heads there way and the visceral red bubbles at lips corners.

Starfire heard the call from Kyle, and from the sector of the dead mining planet with other Corps members she turns and heads back towards the Interceptor in a comet's trail of flame!


The Interceptor has been cutting a physics breaking path through 'frontier' space sectors, its been only several hours since Power Girl was contained inside.

All power not diverted to forward movement has been directed to the energy barriers holding the Kryptonian Red Lantern.

Hal himself paces in the control deck circles, circle after circle. The dim consoles around him only lit faintly, the diversion of energy from one section of the ship to another obvious. The incoming disturbances are not even pinged by Aya's sensors but instead by Hal's ring.

"What now?"


Attacked by Red Lanterns? Run into an ex-girlfriend? Napalm-vomit melted shoulder? The last few hours of Kyle Rayner's life have been what Facebook refers to as 'It's Complicated'. So the travel point between Beltrassus and the Interceptor's position is plenty of space and plenty of time for Kyle to explain what he's learned in the last four hours. He's flying through space, repeating a script in his head, with his left arm tied to his chest by faint, green wraps.

"Okay, Hal, don't freak out, you know how Sinestro led his Corps and-" Blip. Now TWO red blurbs are ahead of position. "-that is NOT awesome." Kyle sighs and flips over to the signal he's been using to keep tabs with Hal, Karen, and Koriand'r.

"Hal you've got incoming! Two reds." Kyle signals out and checks the power level on his ring. 52 percent. "That's…not awesome either. Tell Power Girl and Starfire to not let them puke on you."


Karen's not exactly been thrilled about being locked up. And with the ping sent to her ring? That, to her, is a good reason to put what she has into it. Three beams of red hit the cell holding her, two from her eyes, one from her ring. At the same time, she starts slamming her fists into the ship itself.


The ship ~rattles~, and the call of RAGE is heard as Bleez rises, the light around her suddenly goig in a pulse of faint to a true pulse while the wings of bone form behind her in a broad splay after an unfurling and an arch of spine that puts the display of her Red Symobol upon plexus and the spanse of suit into a glow!

Antipathy smiles something Cheshire as the red bubbles and spills from between her teeth as Kyle nears and comes to a cautionary motion of incoming towards the Interceptor they are between!

"Let me…"
"I still can -taste-…
"I SAID HOLD!" But Bleez is turning periphery towards the ship as it moves through space and pivots in her flight to head for the rattling side where PG is held in a blazing light of Red! "Let me get our -other-!"

Antipathy is the body between Kyle and the ship, her feral sneer one of a predator half-fed and unsatiated… Eyes framed in the lining of blck bat-like framing of 'mask' narrow. Oh… she is Ready!


"Karen… thats no way to treat my ship." A hiss escapes Hal as he frowns, "Kyle, you mentioned Sinestro. Thats going to have to wait but I do want to know what you're about to say, the suspense is killing me just like POWER GIRL IS KILLING INTERCEPTOR!"
"Stop already… you're better off in here. You just need to listen to that little voice inside your head thats telling you to behave." Hal insists towards the enraged Kryptonian warrioress.

"I… shit…. " The interceptor hatchway opens, airlock hissing and Hal flies through it to stop between the Interceptor and Bleez. "Starfire, you're it on playing babysitter… "

He can't anticipate how long the shields will hold Power Girl but he knows at this rate not long.


"Let. Me. OUT!" Well, at least that's actual words from PeeGee, but she's not letting up on her assault one bit. Ring, heat vision, superstrong blows, all at the cell holding her.


"Hal whatever you did, APOLOGIZE TO HER. These red rings are no joke and we're gonna need everyone." Kyle, not up to date on current events, angles his body to a forward lean in the final thousand feet leading up to Antipathy. Letting out his most Bushido-inducing breath, Kyle extends his fist towards Antipathy on approach, the lantern symbol flaring to life in preparation to defend himself.

"I don't know who you are or what you're here for, but there's no reason to fight this out!" Kyle lifts his voice to carry it the distance. "Just take it easy and we'll work this out, whatever it is, but we WILL defend ourselves!" Kyle…the romantic, tries option number two first.


The belly of the Interceptor is met with repeated force and Aya can only handle so much….

…She wants to belong, be a part, eventhe green mesh over her cracking hull shows it, but she is not.a.Lantern!

The metal gives in a buckle of Red beneath Powr Girl's assaut and oens like a banana peel into the cosmos for Karen to be let loose!

"On her!" Starfire responds and in a sudden rush of heat and solar powered flight she is swooping beneath Hal, Kyle, Antipathy and the interrupted Bleez to meet a freed Power Girl.
"I like you. I DO. PowGee, but…." A flash of flame and Star is trying to fight a vacuum from the ship and Power Girl's arrival and fredom to push her back! "…irl's gotta do what…!"

Antipathy is met with a fist that arts her already gaping jaw and sends the Napalmic spew across the vastness beside her in a rabid scream! to send her ass over elbow before she regains and that empty glare is set upon him!.

Razed flesh beneath the deadly salivation upon her lips is only lofted into a smile before she casts a counter towards him, in fact a flurry of them! To pitch Kyle away!
How is that arm??? By the way?! A hammoc is netted in construct before her like a sling shot in attempt to drive…

Bleez stops before Hal as PG busts out behind him and is met by Koriand'r in a blaze of light.
"Where did you get her?" The smile is malicious as it grows beneth the masquerade of half covered facade andthe bat-like wings that extend from either point upon temples' placement of the woman, those bony spires splayed behind her back in a flaming glory of unadultered Red light!

"No matter…!" And as if moving in synch, Bleez seeks to impact Hal…

While Antipathy meets Kyle again…

…and Star meets PowGeeRed!


"She's one of them, Kyle." Hal says seriously. "She turned one in to shepard's pie and it's ring sync'd up to her."

The quick and gritty to his sector partner and fellow Earthy Lantern.

Hal winces as the ship is torn free of, "Oh man… "

"None of your business, lady." The Lantern's attention now fixed upon Bleez. Familiarity with the Red Lanterns is limited, very limited and Bleez is a noted officer but nothing much is known about her, the most prolific of course being Atrocitus.

"Let me guess, Cupid's gothic sister?" This said just before she collides with the man in green. His response at this range? A headbutt.


Power Girl's feeling her red at the moment. And there is no /way/ she's going back into the ship. She raises her hand with the ring, and releases a gout of red energy to contest Starfire's, while she puts her boots up against the hull of the Interceptor and /shoves/ hard. Can't go back in the ship if the ship's not there.


"Oh frak their rings hand down, too? Universe is getting mighty colorful," Kyle grits out in his first few punches, all from one arm, trying to keep Antipathy at bay. "Let me guess, Anger?" WHOMP. Kyle makes a pained sound as his shoulder is punched squarely, forcing Kyle to fly back on the defensive, ducking and weaving the assault. Another punch hits square point and Kyle yelps.

If one could dig their heels into the void of space…Kyle just did.

"Star! Don't let them vomit on you! I'm alive…by the way.0" Kyle catches Antipathy against his hip in a headlock, then swings her in a throw away from the Interceptor. A hard-light studded club forms to swing and bat her further away. "God, this hurts," Beat. "Any idea how we're getting the ring offa her?"


Bleez and Hal are toe to toe, the headbutt snaps her head back and sends her body craning while blood spills from her nose where the bridge is concaved by the forece of forehead, the arch of vitae standing still just above the bow of her body, but enough to show th slow flick of tngue over the droplets that descend to upper lip and bring forth a smile worthy of hunters and beasts!
"ForePLAY! To Heart!" Bleez cries in tandem with PG busting loose and returns a blow of her own towards Hal in a sweep of body while is snaps back and rebounds, those wings //flaying
forward to seek impaling and a blast back!!
But wait? Is, Bleez… talking?

Unlike Antipathy, but she forms constructs and is trying to nearly herd Kyle into a pin with massive blades of Red that are cutting that Green path in twine with every snap of her teeth laden in a hellish red!
His counter is met with her own, until she spirals back and a grand display comes with a spread of arms that draws the razor'd edges WIDE! …

Starfire is meeting red with Perse in an explosion of olor between herself and PowGee! Eyes narrow, emerald nearly slits…"I have been looking for hours…" Starfire's words to Kyle sound nearly exhausted while a field is generated before her and CRACKS! beneath the blow of PG's RED.

Interceptor… however is kicked aside in the blow and spirals into the distance,
lights flckering…
Aya powers down for repairs, her voice digitallizing to them as they fade into an 'Abyss…'


With the moment of freedom, Power Girl soars off at a perpendicular arc to the fight, soaring a ways out, before stopping, as she tries to clear her head. She bobs in space, closing her eyes a moment as she tries to handle all the confusing feelings.


"You're one of the smart ones. The ones that can somehow talk… " Hal gets an idea. Like all of his ideas its crazy, "How?" The blood spray is deflected by a green shield that looks identical to a Captain America style round but instead has a Lantern where the Star would be. The stabbing wings are bounced off the rim but one shoots past, cuts through the meat of his shoulder.

A noise of pain escapes the Green Lantern and he throws a right hook, a kick to the stomach that is meant to send her flying back. All the while a green semi-truck is conjured in space that should be speeding by about the time Bleez is bumped backwards.

"We need one of them." He states to his teammates, "Or… we need to negotiate somehow. We have to find out how to fix Karen."
Who Hal is warily keeping an eye on, hopefully Starfire can handle her for now or at the very least stall.


Kyle's having a hard time keeping everything Antipathy throws his way at bay. His construct of the studded club arcs and blocks, but a slice reaches through that cuts a superficial line around his ribs. Another grunt of pain from the exhausted lantern to match new blood, his blood, shed.

"Sorry to scare you. I was unconscious for hours," Kyle's construct becomes a much larger samurai with two swords, who rushes forward to Antipathy in Kyle's stead. Kyle flies back, letting his construct guide through his hand to go full yojimbo on Antipathy. Remote control helper. "I'll explain when we get out of this alive. All of us." Kyle frowns deeply, lowering his voice. "…which isn't going to be the best conversation ever."

Kyle quickly rubs his face and grits his willpower into his contruct.

"Think, damn it, think…" Kyle whispers. "KAREN!?" Kyle calls out. "THEY'RE TRYING TO KILL HAL." A beat. "WELL, ONE'S TRYING TO KILL HIM AND THE OTHER SENT HIM NUDES."


Bleez snarls towards Hal as he deflects her acidic attack, but the snarl is warped into a malicious grin when she draws back a wing with a single bone-tip laden in his blood!
"One?!" Bleez seems almost insulted, a single leg pulling up in her backpedal from Hal! Clad to the thigh in coated boots that aint her to mid-thigh like a Picasso of Red-on-Black but perfection to the warrioresses' figure, unattached to the high-rise arch of body suit over her hips, leaving them exposed.
"Try only! I am not a PAWN!" Bleez's words seem almost made to -prove- her point as she thrusts forward into the kicks and punches from Hal that double her over, send a spray of that Red SPIT into space between, and then sends her back enough to regain and charge his way!
"Get out of our way, SHE IS OURS!" Bleez scrambles and in a sudden BURST she seeks to rise! and strike a form of illusory hatred before Starfire so she cannot take PG from them!

Antipathy is Hammered!, a pivot back that has her feet bracing in arc-lights across the spanse of space between before she charges back in towards Kyle like the predator who smells blood while the locks of blades click upon the metal of green hammer in arc's of countered light and forming sparks across space!

Starfire nly follows PG so far, but not too distant to not see her moment… Starfire knows it, that look, that moment…
.. She pauses to let PowGee have her's..
"There is no need to explain, you are…." Star is looking towards the fight with Hal and Kyle and her hands begin to glow brighter…. Heated with the Solar Absorption that remains….
"… Here!" Perse becomes a firelight as her back is turned side-long to PowGee and seeks to aid her team-mates! Not ignorant but distracted in blasts that seek to hesitate while PG find herself…

Star will not interfere there… Not feed a beast, but give faith in a friend.


As Bleez distracts herself with Starfire she'll find that Emerald Spacetruck wearing her on it's grill. No sounds in space but one could imagine the horn being honked as it nails her and vanishes leaving the woman in a daze, Hal rockets forward giant green fists extended out in front of him start to rock'emsock'em robot her back and forth doing his best to defend against her counter attacks as they clash.

It's a lock up of one of her wings and him holding what appears to be a green gardening shear that has him speaking, "We can keep doing this the hard way which I promise you're going to lose or… " Hal frowns and looks over at Power Girl, "We can make a deal."


Karen opens her eyes back up. She looks at both sides. She isn't moving to assist either. But she isn't moving to attack either. Instead, she's listening. For what kind of deal this is supposed to be.


43 percent…
40 percent…

"Stick around, Kori, Hal and I are gonna be explaining for days on Oa once we get out of this!" Kyle floats backwards when his opponent comes in. His construct shatters into the image of a quarterstaff that bops and bangs and parries the blades. Another cut slices into his forearm before Antipathy and Kyle crash into each other. Face to face, Kyle grates his teeth and holds her back with one arm.

Kyle's eyes go wide when Antipathy's cheeks puff out.

The punch comes in with a palm-strike, shoving the woman's face upwards with the crack of his palm. The gout of red, napalm-like blood bursts over Kyle's head. Not wasting any time, Kyle slams his knee into Antipathy's belly, steps past her, and kicks both feet into her back to use her as a springboard to escape her.

And upon liftoff, Kyle generates a hard-light basketball that he throws into the back of her head with all of his might.

"Power Girl!" Kyle snaps his head in the 0.2 seconds he has before turning around to defend himself. "We need your help! These are the kinds of things you and Supes protect the Galaxy against and if they get past us, EARTH is next. Now…come on, let's get this cleaned up, Hal and I will dive into an endles pile of paperwork and…I don't know. We'll all binge watch Fresh Prince reruns or something!"


Bleez is snapping attentions, Starfire fires from above in a blaze of exertion and the truck hits her with an impact that puts Christmas to shame with Red and Green in a crash course! But through the semi gril, and the rg something burns and rips it's way through!
only to be impacted by the rebunding blows that itch her to and fro until Bleez has had enough!
Wings splay, and just akin to what happened with Hal's arm, Kyles limb…

"You speak of //DEALS!!!"// Bleez is now spilling blood and those toxins over her lips as she speaks, with every syllable it is venomous, but even Antipathy heeds her!
/"Speak. Fast!"

Antipathy is so close, and yet the blows send the gout of Napalm-Fire into the -Space- in an rainbow arch of impact that bleeds Red and Green alike!
That does not stop there, the blow to her midsection is one that doubles her over and sends her back, but when she grates to a stop it is like the crouch of an animal regrouping to pounce!
The Ring-Laden hand reaches out to regroup as well, shatter shears are piecing back together in fractured glass-like splinters ((so much like the-El Caverns!))

Starfire fires her blsts, ones to interfere, to deter, a ficker-flack of gaze between Red PowGee and the Greens with the -others-, but …
"I am not going away from you guys! Not when Fresh Prince is on the line!"
Now let's tell a story all about how,
my life got flip-tirned up-side down!..


Hal straightens up one hand aimed out curled in to a fist aimed at Bleez. Its like a loaded weapon placed between the two. His posture upright his stare hard on the woman, "We stop this fighting now and you can take her but you have to make her like you, aware, coherent… not… whatever is happening now."
This is a seriously blind leap of faith on Hal's part, he imagines Karen can overcome anything the Red Lanterns put on her if she only has that option to do so. "As insurance though, we keep her." A thumbjerks at Antipathy. "Since you're taking one of us… "

He doesn't spare a glance to the others or try to key on too much of what is transpiring. His focus right now is Bleez and Power Girl


"What?!?HalNo-" Kyle's ring forms an oversized kitchen table, which he kicks over and slides behind. The shrapnel th-th-th-thuds into the back front of it. He huffs quickly and punches his fist over the top of the table, firing a blast at Antipathy.

35 percent.

A glowing, green beacon forms next to Kyle Rayner, pulsating on sudden release.

30 percent.

Kyle's voice pings out through space: «Lantern 2814.2 and 2814.1 requesting assistance at grid reference 3301.34. Requesting assistance and recharge for code Theta-One threat.»

"I've already given someone up today, not twice." Kyle says vaguely, bursting out from behind cover with a sudden eruption of a large construct, a dozen metal cords with clamps at the end, snapping and buckling to try to immobilize Antipathy at, one would assume, a dozen points as well. "Backups on the way!"


Bleez's visceral sneer is aimed at Hal, the snap of teeth come in an audible click even in space between!
Lines of the venomous spew are severed and she is watching Hal with a narrowed gaze, but one that shows coherence in eyes framed by the shadows of wings once-hadupon cranium laden in the sleek mask as well as what spans behind her in a bone-configuration.
PG is given a /look// and her Ring BLINKSm a call to bring the woman to her side… But of her own -Free Will-.
"She is not to be BARGAINED WITH!" A hiss of words and Bleez is stopped. Who? does she speak of? PG, or Antipathy…?

Antipathy is laughing now! A glee of battle-borne ire when straps lash over her form and pin her, leaving her writhing and nearly going nuclear in glow while she bucks into restraints and claws to get free…
But when Bleez speaks there is a respectful pause, a moment of patience in the fellow Red while razor'd edges slide along the restraints and seek to sever threads.
… Awaiting her moment as a bargaining chip, but if Kyle comes anywhere near she will thrash!

Starfire is paused, her brows furrowed… "… twice?" A whisper more to herself while the Lanterns handle their bartering trade of tete-a-tete, PowGee approached by eyes first before she seeks to fly closer with a hand extended, palm out…
"Power Girl…? PowGee? We need you…" Star states lowly, almost a whisper…
"… they need you. He needs you… to be okay…"


Power Girl looks at Starfire, as she draws nearer, her red ring pulsing like a heartbeat. She looks over to Bleez, and to Kyle. Finally to Hal. The Kryptonian's expression is hard to read, especially behind the new mask. But finally, she raises her other hand, palm out, to push it against Starfire's. "Star. Can't /think/ straight." She manages. "Everything…just feeling so /much/." Amplified by the ring.


"Only option. One for one." Hal asserts and loses focus on Bleez momentarily to look over at Karen, he is trying to look stoic but some shred of emotion is bleeding through. She is struggling in there and there is next to nothing he can do about it except maybe this.
"Kyle, can you take her?" He isn't about to look not at him or Starfire. He won't divert that much attention away from Bleez.

"It's /her/ or you. Simple as that."


"It's been a long day, Kori." Kyle sighs and hardens his brow in concentration on the strands that seek to keep Antipathy in a prison of his design. The more she struggles, the more his ring continues to telepathically set off warning bells in his mind. On queue, Kyle flies closer to the Interceptor, looking through the torn hull at the power battery within. "But, yeah, this is just one in a bucket of problems."

Kyle looks over to Hal, then to Karen and Starfire, all-white eyes wide in consideration before they turn to focus with all of his might on Antipathy.

"Hal, I believe I can do anything when I put enough faith into it. So, I'm absolutely disagreeing with this." Kyle half-argues, though too busy to stop the course of action set forth. "But I'm looking at this really pissed off lady right now and I can tell you, it won't be a trade in our favor." Kyle frowns. "Please tell me we're not actually considering this."



Starfire is at a pause when Karen pushes palm to palm….!
A solar heat bursts free in an eruption of perse and the lancing of supernova, but between them? It could be nothing, if allowed!
"… Feel…. what…?" And on a dare, on a chance… Starfire does the only thing she can /think/ to do when she see's Hal's gaze Karen's way, and that -look- while he bargains life for life. It is war….
But PowGee is her friend, and so in a sudden move forward despite the pulse of Red Starfire hugs the infernally conflicted woman!

Heartbeats define whether they light up the cosmos or the exchange is…

Bleez's lips recoil from teeth, flashing pinkened canines that look to be stained in blood as a hand -snaps- upwards, and with it the draw of a thin red (unseen) line between their rings is snapped, unthreaded to give Power Girl her moment while it is all laid out, her other hand held aloft to cease Antipathy in her seizure-like thrash against Kyle. "That is not the only option. You barter with me?!? A power in my grasp, and think for one moment I will give it up for…"
A slide of that reddened pale gaze towards Antipathy and Bleez seals lips over teeth.
"We need her…" Those few word feral, a snarl unbidden as she looks towards PG and Starfire in their friendly collision…

Antipathy stills at the gesture, but is glaring hot red daggers Kyle's way, especially to the arm on the mend and unfinished until it falls off…
For now she is still and giving no fight, but that pulse is lifting to wait for it…

The Interceptor is dark, as if an abandoned husk floating through space, but Aya is hibernating, and in her slumber at work…
There's a pulse, and with every slow-and-steady beat the torn open side is sealing, unseen unless looking closely.


Conflicted is not even close to sorting this. The ring is pulling her one way. Her emotions are pulling her every way. Karen shakes her head, and a red burst comes from the ring, blowing her and Starfire apart. Confused and full of emotional trauma, she picks a spot in space not near /either/ group, and launches herself in that direction, leaving a red streak behind her.


"Noted Kyle but we're limited on our options here and she can't remain like this but we can't just yank that damned ring off. She'll die. If shes torn like this without any way to think for herself… shes going to snap…. shit, I… just like that. Snap." Hal puts both hands together and a wrecking ball swings through at Bleez. Just a distraction.

"Karen, wait, stop! Come back! " Torn is a good word, stay and assist in fighting off these Lanterns with Kori, Kyle and a damaged Interceptor or chase down Power Girl who…

"I have to go after her." He says.


"SSSSSSSSShhhh-" Kyle tries to shush-calm Antipathy, shushing as if he's trying to calm an angry puppy at a Veterinarian's office. His power level is already dangerously low, and his arm still hurts from being melted (and surgered). His lips purse, holding the shush until Power Girl breaks off with concussive energy and sends the whole dealmaking process into disarray. "-it."

It was a Ballroom Blitz.

"Do what you gotta do!" Kyle squeezes his hand to double-down on the intensity of his shackles around Antipathy. "Star!? Like the Space Pirates, this just got real!" Kyle calls out and looks upwards, in the direction of approaching green streaks of light. Distance + Velocity, carry the nine…

"As a representative for the Green Lantern Corps I am placing you under arrest!" Kyle thrusts his force of will into his constructs, trying to maneuver away from Bleez. "For the attack of a peaceful mining colony under the protection of the Green Lanterns. You. Bat-head lady, you have about thirteen seconds until you meet my friends. You're free to go. I've seen no crime!" Kyle makes a pained sound and flies in an about-turn to make chase towards the beacon left as a landing point for their backup.



Starfire went in to embrace PowGee Red and got BLASTED back!
A spiral streaks flames and into darkness as Starfire is pushed back in the back-fire of her attempt which is like a dying comet…
But at an bleak end there is a sudden spark and Starfire is shaking it off enough not to go into a vaccuum of unconciousness.
"Go after her, Hal!" Whether or not Kori heard him is unseen, but she is blatantly pitting herself between him and Bleez, a flicker of concern towards Kyle in that pupiless emerald gaze, where outr corners fall downcast in an untold sorrow.

Bleez looks toward PG and curses in native tongue. "Call off your people or you bring in WAR! Let her GO!" A cast of fingers towards Antipathy and in a trigger of light, a beam of Red seeks to shatter her binds and set her free if strong enough!
The look to Antipathy says enough even in silence as their rings of Red ignite. "Find her, with him." Set loose like a Hound if Kyle let's Antipathy go… She is Hal's aid.
"Cancel it, or we…FIGHT!" A level glare towards Kyle even penetrating through the Tamaranean that pitted herself in the way.
"Don't make me you unsanctioned welp!" Spoken to Kori to move aside!

A glow in the backdrop fires up!
The Interceptor goes back live, the hull only a fissure now as the thrusters fire in flames of


"Didn't you get the memo that these sectors of space are under the watch and guard of the Green Lantern Corps?" Kyle strains beads of sweat, trying to hold onto Antipathy. "You come in peace and we can ta-"

The lance of red energy through Kyle's construct shatters it into pieces. The red energy, too strong for so low a power yield from Kyle's ring, overpowers the cabling. Shackles disappear.

It feels like dropping something precious off of the side of a building.

A snap of red, and Antipathy is gone, chasing off obediently on a search pattern.



Kyle sighs with relief as the Green Lantern backup arrives, though without a Hal Jordan, nor an Interceptor, to be found. Bleez races off away from the incoming Lanterns, hissing threats and curses for their next meeting.

«Five percent…»

Kyle rests a hand on Starfire's shoulder for balance and slumps his head low, shivering through the pain of a newly upset and seeping collection of bandages. A Green Lantern in the shape of a beach ball with tiny arms and legs floats over with a recharge lantern for Kyle Rayner…as the Green Lantern Corps forms a perimeter.

For now…they are safe.

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