The Adventures Of Slate And Doyle (Part I)

July 09, 2017:

Two SHIELD agents interview Captain Marvel about Themyscira.

Hall of Justice

Built in the same architectural Art Deco style of buildings such as the Empire State Building and Union Terminal in Cincinnati, it harkens back to a simpler time. With its wide open rotunda as the lobby and carpeting gracing the marble and granite floors, the Hall of Justice seems to embrace the concepts of Liberty, Freedom and the Rights of all Humanity.

It is a practical building; a front desk is manned 24/7 with a less-than-obvious security force, ready and able to help any who may seek aid from those within. Beyond, down massive lines of corridors, lies the inner workings of the JL. High tech labs that mix both alien and earth technologies can be found there, conference rooms, and even some living areas.


NPCs: Slate & Doyle (spoofed by Wonder Woman)

Mentions: Wonder Woman


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The Adventures of Slate & Doyle: Part I… Meeting Captain Marvel

The director was very clear when Karen Slate and Mairi Doyle were sent out. Go to the Hall of Justice. Speak with the heroines there — those, specifically, who have been close enough associates of Princess Diana to perhaps have been granted access to the Isle of Themyscira. Why? Because the recent attack on Santa Prisca by the Amazons (or not-Amazons… the international jury's still out on that, no matter what the Amazon Champion may insist) has the international community worried. And, they want to know where the threat is actually coming from.

Thus, when the pair of agents enter the Hall, they have their SHIELD credentials at the ready and questions on their lips. Slate, a 5'9 blonde with short-cropped, tousled hair and a slightly too-tailored looking black pantsuit, takes the lead, asking the desk clerk which heroes are on duty today. Doyle, a 5'6 brunette with long brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail high on the back of her head and an a-line skirt-and-blazer combination, hangs back just enough to scope out the place, blue eyes missing nothing, hands loosely on cocked hips.


"We don't often get many on duty here in the Hall, depending on the day." the receptionist answers, as he types on the computer and brings up a report. "However, it looks like you are in luck. One moment, Agent … Slate." He then taps his earpiece. "Excuse me, Ma'am. There are two SHIELD agents here who would like to speak to someone. I've scanned the badges, they came back legit." He listens. "Yes, Ma'am. Of course." Then he taps the earpiece again and looks up. "Captain Marvel is in. She should be out in a minute." He then gestures towards a cunningly concealed doorway that is opening, revealing access to a conference room.

Less than five minutes later, the tall blonde powerhouse Carol Susan Jane Danvers, Lt. Col, USAF ret., otherwise known the world 'round as Captain Marvel comes through another door - even better concealed - into the conference room. "Good evening, ladies. Agents Slate and Doyle, I understand? How can I help SHIELD today?"


It's Slate that takes the lead, Doyle moving to flank her automatically. "Captain Marvel," the agent greets the heroine with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Colonel." Yes, she switches between hero and military. It happens. "I'm Agent Karen Slate, this is my partner, Agent Mairi Doyle. We're here investigating the recent attack on Santa Prisca, and are looking for additional information. We were hoping we'd run into you. We're hoping you can help us. You have been to Themyscira, have you not?"


Carol is polite, firm, and professional, just like the military officer she was trained to be. She nods to Slate. "Yes, Agent Slate. I have been to Themyscira, in the company of Princess Diana of that same island nation. For the record, I was not in the area of Santa Prisca at the time of the incident, and unfortunately I cannot elucidate those events in any specific manner. I wish I had been available to respond to the crisis."


Slate nods in response, demeanor growing serious, but remaining professional. "In this instance, we don't need your firsthand account of the crisis. Instead, we need your military assessment of the island and its capabilities — particularly its long-range capabilities. Do you have the coordinates for the island… even approximimately?"

"I'm sure you can understand why we might be concerned," Doyle adds, her accent containing hints of the Irish her name suggests, though not overtly, "Despite Wonder Woman's assertions that the attackers on Santa Prisca were not her people, it has highlighted the fact that the world may indeed one day be threatened by the nation of powerful metas the Amazons represent. SHIELD only wishes to be prepared, in case the isolationist attitude of the current regime should unexpectedly change. We aren't after all, privvy to Themysciran politics in the way we are to the politics of other super-powered states."


Carol listens respectfully and as dispassionately as she can, but it's not easy to avoid taking serious offense at some of what the two agents are implying. She realizes they are doing their jobs, and that pushing her buttons is actually intentional, a means at delving for information she might not otherwise let slip. But that doesn't mean she's pleased about it.

"I do not have the coordinates for the island." Captain Marvel answers, forthrightly. Not lying in the slightest, either. "It is my understanding that access to the island can be made anywhere over open ocean with the right will, permission, and magic. Hence why it is that even those on the team have only been there in Diana's company."

The retired USAF Lt. Colonel considers the question of their military capabilities. "I would say that, if threatened, the Amazons could pose a significant threat. They have access to magical and legendary beasts, like hippogriffs and griffons and giant eagles, which could carry their warriors hundreds if not thousands of miles in a single day, with near-zero radar signature, and drop them in coordinated strikes. Every Amazon is an immortal warrior with thousands of years of constant training and practice, and with physical potential that alone puts them head and shoulders above unenhanced troops. And I have reason to believe they have at least some manners of magical attack, though I have never seen those in action." All the truth, as she knows it.

But Captain Marvel is not done yet. "However, what you need to understand - and what Fury and the rest of the Council need to understand - is that the Amazons exist as warriors for peace. They live where they live to guard a thing more terrible than I care to imagine, to make sure it never gets loose. That no one ever finds it, or sets it free, and that it remains contained for all time, for the sake of the world. They have no desire for anything we have in this world. None. And all they want is to see us leave them alone, and someday progress to a point where we too can embrace peace and honor and mutual respect as they have." Beat. "It's a good thing they're immortal. That part's going to take a long, long damned time."


The two agents glance to one another as the Colonel speaks. And, although they don't take overt notes, there's no doubt they will be recording all of that the moment they walk out the hall. "So, you do consider the Amazons a significant threat," Doyle says, jumping in before the more considered Slate can. "For all that their current attitude, according to Wonder Woman, is that of non-interference and isolationism. They could present considerable threat."

Slate lays a hand on her partner's forearm, saying with somewhat more patience, "You're sure that the island can be accessed from anywhere in the ocean, providing the one desiring to enter has the right 'will, permission, and magic'." She echoes the Colonel's words as flawlessly as she might. "Who provides the permission and magic? I would assume the 'will' is simply the intention to reach the island — or is it something else?"


Doyle is lucky her partner holds her back; Carol is controlled, tightly, but she leans in a hint, ready to let loose on Doyle as she tries to label the Amazons as Public Enemy Number One. "What I said, Agent Doyle, is that if threatened the Amazons could represent a significant threat. Were you planning to threaten an island full of women dedicated to peace, who have done no harm to you or anyone you know? Were you? Because if so, I would strongly advise you to re-think. Immediately, and irrevocably." Carol's fists aren't sparkling, but it's a close thing.

"I am sure that was my impression the times I have travelled there, Agent Slate. As far as I know, the Patrons are those who grant permission. The magic comes from the island and the traveller, connecting. The will comes from the traveller's embrace of Peace." Carol answers. Sure, it doesn't all make perfect sense. It's f-ing magic. Zatanna always breaks Carol's brain with that stuff.


Slate nods to what Carol says. Doyle gives her sharp smile and shifts her stance in a way that suggests 'bring it on' without saying the words or actively gesturing. Slate shoots her a dark look, silently suggesting she 'stand down'. Doyle takes a subtle step back, running her tongue along her teeth behind closed lips.

"Thank you, Colonel," Slate says calmly, now. "We appreciate your candor. I assure you, no one at SHIELD is considering war with the Amazons. As I said earlier, we only want to be prepared. I'm sure you understand." She gives the heroine a placating smile. There is truth in her words and demeanor, despite Doyle's beligerance. "Is there anything else at all you can tell us about Themyscira that may be helpful to us?"


Carol's eyes smoke dangerously, but she says and does nothing more to rise to Doyle's antogonism. She nods to Slate, and gives the woman her undivided attention when she takes command of her partner once more. "I can tell you that they are ruled by a matriarchal monarchy with a council of advisors, and that they hold open votes on any important matters, an absolute referendum of direct democracy. Their government has remained stable for over three thousand years. So I see no reason to consider any rapid change on their priorities or intentions."

That said, Carol gestures to the door through which the agents entered earlier. "If you ladies will excuse me, I need to get going. There's a plane in distress over Bali, and I have to get outside the territorial waters limit before I can break the sound barrier." Captain Marvel escorts the women out of the conference room and back into the custody of Justin, the receptionist, before she then blurs into a golden sparkle of trailing energy and flies out of the Hall.

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