The Hideout Builder

July 04, 2017:

Investigating a super-criminal lair Iron Guard finds out an interesting henchwoman.

Long Island building


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The not-so-fearsome Rainbow Raider had a clever plan. He would go in a crime spree in Long Island, well away from the Flash. Nevermind the density of super-heroes per square inch is actually way larger in New York. If he was really smart he wouldn’t call himself Rainbow Raider.
He had some cash, though, so he wanted a decent lair, with a couple deathtraps and colorful rooms. So he hired a lair-builder of good reputation that was not super-expensive.
Unfortunately he got caught this morning at the docks, while picking some special tech from Latverian smugglers. It was just a routine SHIELD operation and the agents were unprepared for a super-villain. They caught him anyway.
No one told Jenna, and half the lair was paid in advance. SHIELD will come in a few hours, but Nathaniel cracked the Raider’s codes first and decided to take a look alone. The possibility of accomplices being here are slim, but if so he wants to try to catch them in the Avenger’s name.
The young man wears his armor in the form of a sharp black suit and the usual bolo tie. Looking like a pretty harmless college student taking a stroll. But he deactivated the alarms and got pass the single functional ‘death-trap’ back there. He is reading a single human life-form ahead, and Jenna can soon hear his steps coming close.

Jenna Duffy is hard at work. Since her arrest for the failed bank robbery, she's applied herself to 'honest' work. Right now she's on her hands and knees, working on the framing for the master control room of the layer. Having to run wires, putting guides into the wood. A little sweaty, she lifts her overalls to fan herself a few times, and wipes her brow. When someone's coming, she calls out "Put on a hard hat. Still working."

“Good afternoon,” the voice is not familiar. Polite, odd accent. When Jenna looks, Nathaniel is by the door, looking curious. “Jenna Duffy. You are some distance from Gotham,” he tsks, reading her criminal file from the Avengers files through his cybernetic interface. It doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on.
“I am afraid your… client has been arrested,” he comments, not looking very apologetic. “And SHIELD should be here soon. Or maybe the D.E.O.” which is probably worse.

Jenna Duffy curses when she hears that. Getting up onto her knees, lowering and turning off her industrial power drill. "Well," she sighs, cursing again. Then laughing softly, she gets up. "There's nothing actually HERE yet. I havent' even run the electrical. Good thing he paid. He'll have to get me to finish it when he gets out…" She then starts packing up her tools, bending over low to put one after another into her case. "This isn't Gotham, but a dollar's a dollar, right?"

“I would not know,” admits the young man. “Some dollars can make you go to jail for a while. Looks like a foolhardy risk to me, since obviously you are competent enough not to need to work for criminals.”
And she is picking up her tools as if nothing, hah. Obviously he is too friendly, not striking fear into the hears of criminals or something. “Hmm, I am sorry. I guess I should have told you first. I am an Avenger. I am afraid you are under arrest.”

Jenna Duffy closes her tool chest, and pauses at those words. Looking up to the man. "Are you kidding? What's the charge? Assault and battery on a nail?"

“Ms. Duffy, you are working for a wanted criminal,” explains Nathaniel, not unkindly. “You are an accomplice, and I am going to bet he did not pay you legally either. Hmm, and this whole place was built without city hall authorization and…” he peers at the girl. “You already know all this.” He doesn’t seem to consider it very important either, but it is all true.

Jenna Duffy sighs, and rolls her eyes. Locking the tool chest, she then comes around so it on it, facing the man. "Are you serious?" she asks, throwing up her hands. "Every board of this project is up to code. i dare you to inspect it."

“I did, it is,” admits Nathaniel, stepping forward. “Which is why I said you seem competent enough not to need to work outside the law. Is the extra money worth the risk?” He adds, looking somewhat curious. Of course it should be… but the girl seems harmless enough. For a second he was expecting her to attack him with a power tool.

Jenna Duffy laughs softly. "I have a record. The only people who will hire me are outlaws, on either side. People who don't care about papers and procedures." She curses again.

Nathaniel loses the faint smile he had since he saw Jenna, grimacing briefly. “I see… yet you are not wanted right now.” He seems to consider the situation for a few seconds. “All right, pick up your tools. I hope your fingerprints are not all over the complex, because if they are the agents might want to interrogate you. My name is Nathaniel, by the way.”

Jenna Duffy sighs deeply resting her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes. "I'm not wanted no. I haven't done anything since the bank in Gotham." Rubbing her eyes, she pauses when he's ready to let her go. "Thank you.. I'm fine with an interrogation. He didn’t pay me to keep secrets. Nathaniel, thank you."

“You are welcome,” Nathaniel is not as optimistic about the interrogation going perfectly well for Jenna, but she probably knows how to take care of herself in cases like this. “So you build places like this? Maybe I will need your services at some point, how could I contract you?”

Jenna Duffy gets up slowly. Still shaking her head. This day went from perfectly fine, to really uuncomfortable all at once. But she finds the brighter side. Smiling, she goes into oer overalls and pulls out a card, stepping up to Nathaniel to hand it to him. "Here you go. I'm not in the phone book."

Suspected as much, yes. Nathaniel glances and memorizes the card, giving it back. “Thank you. I might be able to secure you some legitimate work that just needs to be discreet,” hesitantly, because does he really want to keep things secret from other Avengers. It is a slippery slope for a boy that is trying not to become a criminal. “Apologies for the hassle, although I imagine it happens to you often enough.”

Jenna Duffy grins "Please, keep the card. If you dont' need it, recommend me to someone else." Her hands go up again, and she spins around, showing off the project. "Who else would do this good a job, under these sucky circumstances?" Then a nod. "I Do appreciate the understanding. I am trying."

Nathaniel nods and pocket the card. No, not likely he is going to give it away, although he might mention Jenna to Tony Stark. “I suppose many costumed criminals have contacts with people able to build operation centers. The name of the Tinkerer has been mentioned in some reports. Some use robots, I am sure AIM does.” He looks at the young woman and smiles faintly. “And you, I suppose. Recently.”

Jenna Duffy goes back to grab her tool chest again, grunting as she hefts it up. "You know a lot. Say, mind giving me ride? This is heavy, but I expected to leave it here all week."

“I like to keep up, it is my job,” Nathaniel looks vaguely surprised the girl is asking -him- to help moving her tools of semi-criminal trade. This… probably never happens to Captain America. Still, no (more) harm done. Except maybe feeling like a sucker. “Alright,” he decides, picking up the heavy tool easily. “I think we will need at least three trips out. You have a van outside, right?”

Jenna Duffy snickers at his boast, and nods. "Thank you Nathaniel," she grins to him. Very upbeat even after all of this. "No, he brought a van to pick me up and lead me here. I took the ferry this morning."

“You better call for one, you do not have long,” mentions the young man. No, he is not hauling a truckload of power tools to Gotham! He can be nice, he is not -that- nice. In fact being nice does not come naturally to him. He is practicing. Jenna would need to offer a huge bribe or something.

Jenna Duffy nods. "Well just helping me get this chest out of here is a huge help, thank you again." She chugs right along, as though there's nothing unusual about going from getting arrested, to getting a hand getting out. "You have my card if you have questions, or need a deck built. IT would be kind of awesome to build a deck instead of a secret lair, for a change." She then pauses, while getting her phone out. "On the other hand it'd be pretty easy too…"

Nathaniel chuckles. Not a deck in his plans, no. It would hardly need a semi-clandestine contractor for that, anyway. "I will take your request into consideration," he replies, nevertheless. "Ah, another thing. If you do more work for costumed criminals, and you get betrayed. And you will. Call the Avenger's hotline. I will setup a voice recognition mechanism so the call is directed to me instantly."

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