All the Meats

July 03, 2017:

Rogue, Jhiao and Logan have a quiet meal out by the Pool.

Xavier Mansion backyard swimming pool


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Rogue is out by the pool table, but she's not swimming, she rarely ever did get into the pool because it scared most people out of the damn thing, and that made her feel bad. So instead, the young southern girl is simply lounging on a chair in the sunlight with her sunglasses on over her eyes and her head back. She's got a little radio on the table beside her lounge chair and she's listening to some classic rock tunes. Rogue is wearing a green bathing suit / bikini and she's not too bashful about it, she's young and proud to be in good physical shape. Plus, hey, its summer!

With the scent of cooking meat wafting away from the patio beside the pool, there are those with a natural inclination to drift in that direction and check things out. Were Jhiao in her natural form, she might have slunk over to the pool sooner, but as it is she has been trying to spend more time on two feet than four; she has noticed several others here find that preferable. Hence the admittedly tiny Chinese young woman making her way across the grass, sniffing out the scents, dressed in a pair of loose-fitting Xavier athletic shorts and a matching t-shirt. Her wardrobe is still quite minimal.

"Good afternoon, Rogue." Jhiao murmurs, in that lightly accented English of hers. She sees what the other woman is wearing, but thinks nothing of it; she hasn't yet figured out what clothing is 'normal' and what is not. And it wouldn't matter to her in the slightest, really.
Logan comes walking out of the mansion carrying a cold beer in his hand. For a change, he is not wearing his shirt and jacket, but is instead a string vest. He walks around the pool but making sure not veer to close the pool's edge. As Logan gets closer he sees Rogue lounging, "Rogue", he nods, "Nice weather." He turns to Jhiao, "Err… Hey, we haven't officially met yet, but I did know a different you. If you know what I mean."

Rogue looked up from her head-back position when she heard Jhiao's voice and she smiled at her. "Well heya there." She said at the other. "Where you been hidin'?" She asked then. Rogue's sunglasses covered eyes looked to the grill to see that Scott hadn't come back… So when Logan appeared, Rogue pointed over at it. "Logan, you're a manly man. Go tend to all of our suppe'ahs ove'ah there, before it all burns up. Scott said he had t'take a short phone call, but that was like… one -whole- minute ago!"

Rogue flashed a grin at the older man then and sat up on the lounge chair a little taller.

"Hiding?" Jhiao inquires softly of Rogue, uncertain. She wasn't hiding, honest! She's a leopard; if she were hiding, she'd have known. The diminutive young woman drifts closer towards the grill, but slows up as Logan addresses her. She sniffs at him, looking him over curiously. "I … I do not know what you mean. But I have caught your scent here. You are the male with metal in his flesh. I am Li Jhiao Ting. And Rogue said that you were called 'Logan'?"
"Yeah, you can't count on Slim for anything." Logan places his beer down on a table, "Yes, call me Logan. I see that is it early days for you, Jhiao. Do you mind if I call you Jhiao?" He smiles warmly, but there is something in his eyes, as he remembers the fate of the Jhiao he once knew. "OK, it's like this. You see all this?" Logan gestures with arms at the surrounding environment, "This world? I come from another just like it. Except time had carried on past this point." He hopes his explanation clears things up.

"Any way, how do you two like your meat?" He says as walks towards the grill.

Rogue just smirked at Jhiao. "Don't mind me. I just say things that don't always make much sense." Rogue slipped her feet off of the lounger and then picked up the light sheer green robe she had draped over its back to go and put it on while Logan did his little explaining.

"Still freaks me out that you've been displaced from your reality, and now Nancy is gone… and Bobby's goin' through the same damn thing… Somethin's broke, and ain't nobody seems t'know a damn thing about it."

Rogue walked around to the Grill and stood beside it. She stared at the food being all prepared-up.

"Cooked t'the point where it ain't gonna kill me, thats how I like it." She said with asmile at Logan.

There's a tiny rumble from the small Chinese woman, as she considers Logan's explanation as the scent of the grill wafts over her. "I usually prefer my meat … still running. But two-foot stomachs do not care much for that." And at the temple there generally wasn't any meat to be had. As a two-foot, she has usually been a vegetarian. "Perhaps I will have mine however Rogue wishes hers? If that would be alright?"

Jhiao clasps her hands before her and bows her head a bit to Logan. "I do not mind if you call me by the name my Sifu gave me. Thank you." She still looks perplexed, but she's clearly trying to understand. She remembers something about 'different times' and 'different worlds' during the crisis. Perhaps this is what Logan means? "Then … in this other world … you know a Jhiao like me? But older?"
"Well, it's not easy on me either Rogue." He puts down the spatula and turns to make eye contact with Rogue. "I knew another Rogue who was just like you, you look the same, you smell the same. But still, you're not the same. It was me and her, and for you it was a different me. I don't know where he is either. But I'm here, and I am going to do everything I can so you don't go out like she did. And that goes for all of you." He picks up spatula and flips the food.

He looks up to Jhiao, "I did know another Jhiao as well. In fact, most people here, I knew a different version of. And yes, she was older, well until… until the end." He shoots a look Rogue, he does not want to scare Jhiao with the knowledge of her possible future that he possesses. So, he tries to change the subject. "Right it is, the same as Rogue. And trust me your two-foot stomach with love this. There is no Slim in any world that can cook better than me."

Rogue listened to them both as she reached for the mini fridge near the grill to get a bottle of water out of it. She uncapped it as they talked and sipped it while watching one of them and then the other. "I guess in different realities, we get different things happenin' t'us and it makes us just… slightly veer in different directions." She surmized, setting her drink down onto the counter near the grill she offered a smile to the older Logan. "You're just as nice as the Logan I knew, though, a bit scarier lookin." And it was here that she grinned.

At Jhiao, she'd give a look to now. "Just don't ask howe we died in 'his' reality, cause I don't wanna know… thats way too weird. Well, I mean… if Othe'ah Jhiao died… Cause apparently it sounds like Othe'ah Me did!"

Clearly the idea of Logan's 'other world' confuses and bothers Jhiao, but she says nothing, asks nothing. In the end, she is her own self, and she will do as she will do. However he uses his own life experiences to judge her or the world around him is Logan's choice. She does find it curious that she apparently ended up here in that other world as well, but perhaps that is where she was needed.

"It is good to meet you, Logan. I hope that we can learn to be friends." Jhiao offers the short, hirsute man with the metal inside. At the least he already knows of her nature, and isn't bothered by it. That helps.

"I shall not ask." Jhiao promises Rogue quite solemnly, with a nod. "I have no desire to know how I may die. I will simply live my life to the best of my ability for as long as I can, and try to face what comes of that with honor." That's her philosophy.

"Rogue!" Logan exclaims shaking his head, "I was not going to suggest that I know a possible that Jhiao might pass. The whole thing about me being from different world is probably confusing enough." Logan chooses to ignore the previous comment about him being scarier looking, "However, at least you're warming up to me. It's good to have someone on my side." He pauses and looks at Jhiao, "Make that two people on my side." He puts a hand on her shoulder.

"And no I will not reveal how you might die. Besides your futures won't be the same as my past, there was not another me. That alone must count for something." Logan grabs three plates, and serves the food on the plate, giving himself, a double helping. "Well, took in."

Rogue turned and went to a nearby patio table where she sat down in a chair and then sorted out that robe she had on before crossing her legs at the knees and smiling at the others. "Hey." She said back at them both. "I ain't gonna sit here n'act like I ain't curious about what finally did me in in whateve'ah world you're from… cause I'm hella curious, but… I also know that it'd lead t'me havin' all manner'a trouble gettin' t'sleep at night… And I already deal with enough problemse with that as it stands!"

Rogue took another sip from her bottle of water and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm warmed up t'ya, Logan. I just… I had some unfinished business with the one from here… and I don't know if he's gone for good or if he's just down in some dive bar somewhere, drinkin' 'nd fightin'."

For herself, Jhiao looks between the other two, and says nothing. What can she say? She barely gets any of this, and all she can do is what she's already doing. So she pads barefoot - naturally - over to settle on another chair at the patio table with Rogue, watching Logan at the grill. When it arrives, she bows her head again. "Thank you." Even before she tries it, she gives thanks. Then she will wait for it to cool before taking a sample bite.

Cooked meat. How strange.
"You're welcome Jhiao." Logan grabs his plate, and moves over to the loungers. He sits down next to the table where he left his beer. He takes a bite, before saying "I just don't know where he is. It's possible when I arrived here, he went to my world in my place. Although if he is still here, I can probably go looking for him, there's no body better at finding me than me." He takes a sip of beer.

Rogue smiled at Jhiao and she turned to the table to accept her plate of food as well. "Guess Scott got pulled away… he's probably all grumblin' at someone." She said with a light grin before setting her water bottle down beside her plate and moving to tend to her foot. After a short moment though, she looked up to Logan again. "I'd appreciate the effort if you did try'n locate him. I wouldn't even know where t'begin, but… I mean, who better t'hunt'im down than you?" She said with a grin. Rogue looked to Jhioa then and smiled at her. "So, you been havin' any fun lately?"

Jhiao looks at Rogue, considering her question. "I usually enjoy hunting and exploring." she answers, honestly. "And I enjoy keeping company those who need it. Need me." Rogue might remember Jhiao making a point of spending time with her, and the leopard has done so with others at the mansion, including students and NuHumans. "I have what fun I can have. Learning new things is something I enjoy as a two-foot. And there is so much to learn."

Logan considers for a moment as finishes his food, and his beer. "I can certainly try. There's a few places in the city he might be hiding out at, I loved to get away from the mansion at times for a drink. However, if that turns up nothing then I'm going to have to go further afield. However, I will not stay gone from the mansion for long. OK then, I'm going to go find Slim and see if I can borrow a motorcycle." With that Logan walks back towards the mansion with beer can, and plate in hand.

Rogue smiled at Jhiao and nodded at her. "I remembe'ah." She said back at the two-legged version of the Jhiao. "You'll have t'take me on one of your exploration adventures then, its been awhile since I went on a hike or whateve'ah."

At Logan, Rogue would smile too. "You also. If ya need any help with the search, just let me know. Scott… he'll probably shake his head about it all, but thats okay too… we'll just use his car." She flashed a grin then and sipped some more of her water.

Jhiao considers. "You say that the other Logan smells as you do? Then I could probably assist as well with hunting for another Logan. Though that would be more difficult if this Logan were with us to cross trails."

- END -

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