Colony 14

June 30, 2017:

Investigation in to a barren planet goes horribly wrong for Hal, Karen and Kori. (Language, Violence)


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Colony 14, Forgotten Sectors of Space

"Thanks for coming with me, ladies. normally I would hit up Kyle for these sort of thing but he's busy with civilian life." Hal for once seems level, even and not being a jerk or even joking around. It happens. What can he say, he has it good right now, climbing out of debt, a girlfriend, a promising career, good publicity going through the League right now, heck, he is even on a somewhat complacent workable stretch with Batman. It's bizarre.

The Interceptor screams through the atmosphere. The noise not the vessel itself but the burn off from entry and the distortions there-in.

The AI of the ship so far has been pleasant to Starfire and Power Girl, Hal's mispronunciation of the onboard system has it named 'Aya'. It's ocular piece swiveling around in the center of the deck.

"We're only here to investigate some oddness. Doubtful you'll recognize it out here but one of our guys, or gals, I mean, I can't tell with some names went missing and this is his sector." The planet they're descending too is a red thing, rocky terrain, winds that are warm, lots of volcanic activity under the surface but also a terraformed growth spread, the natives, Colony 14 are a hardy race capable of survival here. If anything they prefer it.

"The Kotheki talk with their eyes. Be very careful how you blink, okay?" Hal stresses this as he looks over his shoulder from the captain's seat at the Kryptonian and the Tamaranean. "Also eyedrops are in that front console, we may need them. Lots and lots of staring and flapping of the lashes. Translator is only good so far when it comes to a species that is reliant on body language."

Landing gear ejects from the underside of the ship and it slowly descends to the landing pad. "So girls, what do you think of my partner? Gorgeous right? Sleek body, tons of power, that voice… "

Power Girl looks amused. "And here I thought I was your partner?" The woman in white asks. She frowns a little. "Uhhh…I don't speak blink. Am I supposed to blink, or not blink?"

A small smile is offered the Kryptonians way as Starfire steps forward, and plucks up a small bottle of lubricating eye drops, shoving it beneath a strap of attire of amethyst.

A wink to Karen and Star just pauses and stares at Hal,
deadpan. "Civilian?" She is still trying to hack through the mans humor and sarcasm, but what Star was told was not a warrior's equivalent of 'civvie'. But just as quick there, it is gone, the ship's singular

'Aya' (eye) is smiled to… "I like her. 'Aye-ahhi' is everything a ship should be!"

"No no I mean… the ship, Aya. Not you or Kyle. Don't make it weird." Hal says loudly to Power Girl.

"Don't blink. Like, try to blink as little as possible. Thats why the eye drops but yes, don't blink unless you mean it, it could be invitation to get married or kill each other. Might be the same thing really, I don't know."

Kori gets a nod and a smile, "See, someone appreciates you." A hand reaches up and pats the ramp ceiling as he strides out on to the planet. "Oxygen here is thicker and dryer than Earth's, not good for humans prolonged but we should be okay."

The sun is yellow as well so they're fortunate there. They will taste ash, volcanic is just a way of this planet. "Now… next question, where is everybody." They should have been greeted by now.

"All right." Karen drops a few drops in her own eyes, before tucking the eyedrops into Victoria's Secret Compartment. She moves out the ramp with Hal, and considers. Super-hearing checks for any sounds of people, and she'll take a look left and right, letting the vision powers do their thing.

It is a good thing Kori is not human, the shift in air and space a thing that takes her a moment when the doorto Aya opens and leaves them to the face of the planet, a lowering of lids in a narrowed stare, but no binking! Kori will not *blink*! Despite emerald colored eyes glossing over in the adjustment, making her flicker her eyes -wide-!

The surface of the planet is skimmed and Hal's question gets a glance to him and Power Girlwith a look up and across the scape of the planet. "Who can read vibrations? Some hide… With this air… I would.."

"No, this is their planet, they're used to it. If anything they go underground at times but they still should have caught us entering their airspace and sent someone out. They're not primitive just… Spartan in their tastes. Huh, weird."

Hal ascends in to the air and starts to drift towards the 'homes' in the distance that only Power Girl's vision can see, "Their capital is that way. We'll go see if anyone's around who can tell us what is happening."

"You're in charge, space cop." Power Girl quips. She takes to the air herself, and will start to soar off towards the homes.

Thankfully, volcanic isn't likely to bother either a Kryptonian or a Tamaranean overmuch. She'll make sure to take it at a "friendly" rate of speed. No sonic-booming in to scare the locals.

Starfire pauses even before Hal's words. It does not make sense,and while eyes search the surface of 'Spartan' planetary bearings there is something unbearable /wrong/…. Feeling..

Starfire is clad in her usual Tamaranean regalia, the amethyst hue of straps almost glisten beneath their suns light, showing an armor where it seems nly that of fabrication of straps and strips of fabric that keep the Amazonian woman covered. Her skin of tawny coloraion is a mate to the plantet's landscape, a pause while finger meld and /sift// through the dust of the surface.

"Lead the way…" A look to PG's and Hal's back….. Are they in hiding?

Hal lifts his ring up and starts to scan now that he is closer, "There is… no life out there. No one." The man says not trying to sound ominous or anything, "I'd say split up and check but thats not necessary, babe, er Power Girl, can you fly up and look around? Use those super ooglers of yours to see if anything outside of my range is even moving."

Looking at Starfire he points at the home city, "You and I will go check there real fast. Look for clues if we can't find life."

"Not a problem." Power Girl takes off, straight up. Once she gets to a good high altitude, a combination of telescopic and X-Ray vision will sweep the area, as she looks for any signs that look like signs of life. Or bodies.

"Bebe?' Starfire remarks with a smirk, one placed there despite the fact of the matter.

There is nothing here. No one. The only traces lay in bare remains of some form of rubble, a boot covered toe pushing up dust and shrapnel as they head for the Capital.

A tilt of head as Power Girl launches upward, trying to regard if she even flashes them any form of signal while fingers strapped in that purple looped formation, riding along forearm in a gauntleted fashion pluck of a remnant…

"There wont be. You are right… not even underground…" Starfire had held up hope, but the piece she found is handed to Hal in their trek.

"When was the last signal?

Hal ignores the jab from Kori about his field slip Power Girls' direction. The only response is a sidelong glare before he is flying off circling, "Good question let me look that—"


A giant red BEAM of energy has just descended from above and slammed in to the Green Lantern, burying him in a crimson wash of light.

The source high above, a spec from this far away. Power Girl can make it out clearly, it's a man, with white skin and a large rotund belly. Like Hal his costume is a specific and stylized red and black only the ring on his stubby fingers is red. Not green.

There is a second figure beside him, slender, too slender, almost simply bone thin, it's face a stretched beak, its ears tipped to points very long dagger points. Teeth wide and grinning set that way permanently. Also in the same red and blacks.

Power Girl can see the beam easily enough, as it lances through the sky. "Right." She says. Well, the problem just fell into the list of things you keep a Kryptonian around for: hitting things really hard. She aims at the beam-blaster, and launches herself at him, this time pushing to full speed, as she winds up for a full power punch; she's hit Hal before with one; she knows the shield can take it, at least for a bit.

"Hal!" His rise has Kori watching, but now that no life of the cultural difference is here, she blinks….

In that blink there is green, and the RED! The meld…? "Power…—-!" The follow up streak of Power Girl in reciprocation to the strike upon Hal is one that Starfire desires, but in her walk she has not surmounted, but it takes nothing for hr to start to lift from the ground, that long trail of hair twisting from red ombre to a flame hue in illuminations, a parse glow emitting around hands as they form into fists with a *clench* that only brightens the formation of energy into bolts as she rises and backs Power Girl up while thrusting back to where Hal Green once resided!

"At your back, checking status! Who are we dealing with…What are we dealing with…?"

The rotund creature with the tusks and single horn doesn't actually put up shield, he takes the hit full on from Power Girl and disappears over a volcanic rise, a tuft of smoke then blazing molten fire bursts free of where she sent him.
The slender man glides backwards cackling as it's comrade is sent to the planet, the back up starbolts are met with red pulses that collide together in a flashy show.

"You not Lanterns or lizards. "He must mean the locals, "Mistake."

Translator is what is allowing them to understand him. He is apparently using one. The rings are good for that also but he is a Red Lantern… very few of them speak much if at all. Those rare ones that do… are special.

Hal Jordan has not gotten up.

Power Girl wants to dive down and check on Hal. She really does. But this is a moment where you have to trust your teammates.

Starfire's down there, she's up here. She lets out a growl as she looks at the slender man. "You have no idea who you are messing with." She'll put on a burst of superspeed, trying to get behind him. If she does, it's going to be a full-power kick, to send Skinny here down to the planet's surface; she's trying to kick him near where Kory is.

"… PowGee… He is not mov—-" Sarfire's bolts are returned, her concerned lower towrds Hal is interrupted and suddenly the grim, becomes a flash of teeth and the fire-fight of stellar proportions begins, rocketing her in an arch away from Hal and giving PowGee birth to do as she is doing… It is like a game of Basketball, but not the Bulls or Cavs style, it is another form of defense that could only litrally shoot for the stars!

Even if the lightshow is one that is a flashy Epicenter Starfire's grin is a grimace now as she thrusts forward and seeks to defy until the slight opposition may be sent her way by PowGee! If he is there is a sudden twist of Starfire's body towards him as she rockets through the air to spike that Red son of a motherhater back to Peeg with force.

The strange display of back and forth fire interrupted by Power Girl's side kick, Slender Man is launched towards Starfire struck and sent backwards, a groan of pain interrupting what he was about to say, snap or snarl, the upwards pound sends him in to an end over end flop through the air at the Kryptonian.
Lava expels in a shower as that Rotund Alien reveals itself, snarling, lips peeled back all teeth showing, no words from it just an outpouring of RAGE, it's a raw pressure that can actually incite such feelings in others. Shoulders through back and it screams loud. Power Girl pissed him off it appears.

Hal Jordan is still not moving.

Hal's going to need an assist. And it's time to bring this party back together. So with Skinny tumbling her way, Power Girl kicks it back into gear. She streaks down from the sky, to intercept Skinny as he comes up from Star's hit. As she does, she'll grab for the best spot…the /ring/. She keeps accelerating, and as she does so, she's going to squeeeeeeeeeze that ring with all the power a Kryptonian can muster. If the ring gives out pre-impact, she'll pull up and dump Skinny's butt on the ground. If not? She and he are gonna make a new impact crater on this little planet. She's aiming for about a quarter mile off from Hal and Kory; enough to be so close that she can get there almost instantly with superspeed, far enough to not catch them in the shockwave if that happens.

My Perfect Future!
Starfire is a comet in the sky here, fighting gravity unknown to give PowGee the rebound and boost! that has her streaking overhead on impact and sending him into the cyst and below if their velocity allows here.

But then the Rotund rises like a floatation device and with his grimace and snarl Kori is greeting him in a solid plant of her body that streaks around him in an arch of light and fire to make him hopefully turn away from Hal, but her heat, her proximity aims to ring lava-heated figure to a roiling boil beyond *hardboiled*!

A distraction for now, a Space-Siren's call before she will join the other in a brutality that is commendable!

There is a demeanor shift in the Slender Man-Alien as Power Girl wraps fingers around the ring on his finger, his eyes bulge out and veins visible travel along the right side of his body, puffing out to the red artifact itself. This might perhaps be one of the very first times in Karen's existence where she finds herself unable to crush something. The ring is solid.

The fingers around it less so, her grip starts to smash his digits, his pain gives way to more power from him, rage, it's pouring in to her. <

The crater is what happens. The explosion a muffled boom away from Kori and Hal.

It was an odd sensation shift to see that change in the Red Lantern, from semi-coherent to feral. The emotions it poured out were pure, red hot, burning, anger, rage, fire then she dowsed it. So hard was her grip on the Red Lantern that she minced his hand around the ring, it is still intact and quivering in her hand, stringy tendrils of vein hanging from it down to the unconscious alien at her feet.

It's warm, promising, more power for a Kryponian, hot in hand. What would happen if she just maybe… put it on? No doubt that thing at her feet would probably die. Not that she knows how Red connects to the heart of them. Almost becoming their heart.

The Rotund alien is not hard to distract or annoy, hes fueled by the Red, its pure energy in the crimson hues, it lunges at her, opens its mouth and spews blood and fire for Kori, a spray that will launch out like. Its hotter than the molten substances this planet spews.

Hal Jordan groans and pushes himself up on one hand, his it feels like hes been hit with a truck, then backed over again by it. "Red Lanterns… shit." He launches up in time to see Kori sweeping circles around one, "Stop! Just fight it don't try to be nice with them! Fight it Starfire!" He looks around quickly, looking for Power Girl.

Red Ring in hand, Power Girl will take it…but not put it on. Not YET. Her super-hearing picks up Hal's voice, and she breathes a long sigh of relief. The Kryptonian woman soars up out of the crater, zipping towards Hal. "You all right?" she calls to him. Since Chubby's got his attention on Starfire, Power Girl lends her own assist there, twin lances of red searing out of her eyes as she aims at the Red Lantern while he's distracted.

The Red impacts and makes a trench of her body across the face of the expanse that is half- a football field in length to drag Starfire's body along the surface, while skin is blistering and burning, a sub rattling scream as flames illuminate her form and reciprocate a rage entwined with pain!

The red lances at the Red's back might be enough, or not? Either way Starfire is lifting and blazing a path towards him and while the burn-offt shows how the blistered flesh is mending beneath the solar flare that aids her in a force to slam into the ground of the planet just before the Red. So from below, Starfire lifts the severance of land from beneath his feet in an attempted hoist that will bring with it flows of lava and a crash course into a Kryptonian Woman's angry-eyes!

The Red Lantern is enveloped in an explosion of dirt, debris and ground only to find the earthen rocky floor of Colony 14 uplifting below him, hoisted in to the air where he is indeed an easy target.

"I am fine! Are you all right?" Hal calls out to Karen. She will feel that warmth searing in to her hand still, that Red Power Ring. It's connected to her now. A whispering can be heard from it, hatred, rage, anger, vengeance, hot, blood. It's a drumbeat, its a heartbeat its hers. The pulsing thrum of the Red Lantern, a heartbeat of strife and a promise of empowering flame and berserk power.

Hal Jordan ascends in a green nimbus above the fighting trio, the Red Lantern distracted by Starfire's stunt.

Power Girl doesn't answer. She's more than a little distracted, and her eyes are on her target; the Red Lantern. She's always had a temper, and the ring is doing nothing but stoking it higher. She launches herself at the Lantern, a loud crack rippling out as she breaks the sound barrier in her charge. When she gets to him, she's going to hit him. And hit him again. And again. And again. And again. Somewhere in the flurry of hitting there's an explosion, hot and red and full of fire, obscuring them both.

Hal said not to be nice, to not hold back and to fight.

Fight she will!

Her 'stunt' is one that creates crevices into the Colony-face, the impact blasting her a path beneath enough to hoist him upward and targetted for the blaze of red-lasers that come from PowerGee's eyes, lining it up like the game upon the planet where, for a night they split it between the couple's night after a game of Kyle and Hal VS. Kori and Karen…

Starfire is smiling as the launch seems to go as planned, but floating there beneath the impact shatters that severance of ground, and in the explosion it all turns to lava-like slag and falling embers of superheated turf.

No sound from Starfire, but with the rest of the falling flames away from the explosion, she descends.

Hal Jordan looks down at his ring and then back towards the destruction being wrought around Power Girl. "I think we might have gotten a little carried away here. Are you okay, Starfire?" The Green Lantern asks while hovering there. A rub at the back of his neck squeezing it tightly as if that will make him feel better for being ambushed. "POWER GIRL! ENOUGH!" He shouts loud. "ENOUGH I THINK YOU KILLED HIM…. KAREN!" His yelling increases until he swings a hand forward a green wave being used to brush the lava aside to reveal the center of the fighting.

Power Girl is punching a body that no longer resembles a living creature. Pulp. She has slain both Red Lanterns, the first, it's ring now shines on her fist. The other it lifelessly remains there it's ring still on hand. Perhaps it will recover?
The planet itself actually quakes with the violence inspired by these outsiders.

As the red flames die down, they've left Power Girl looking…a little different. She's had a palette swap. The white bodysuit is now blood red, while the boots, gloves, and cape are all black. A red domino mask covers her face, with white lenses, and instead of the ever-famous cleavage hole, there's a black oval with the Red Lantern symbol in white in the center.

She hears the yelling, and her head snaps over to look at it.

There's a moment where the fallen molten /earth/ cools and begins to darken, then is when Starfire surfaces, cracking that shell that covered her body and emerging like a hatchling birthed from Colony 17 itself. There are evident burns upon her but to keep heating the already superheated was not a way to see this planet through.

Hal's words however draw her attention, pupiless emerald eyes directed towards Power Girl the Red with a long. slow. blink. A soft sputter of the planets dust comes from her lips, a wipe of palm over her face in a smear to clear the dust away, and Starfire is watching.



This does not look good…

"Oh yes. Peachy. But I think I need some better information…"

"Oh… fuck… me…" Hal whispers quietly as Karen reveals herself. That black, white and red costume unmistakable. The shine of a Red Power Ring on her finger makes the Green Lantern feel a slight quake in his willpower.

"Situation is, Starfire… we might be royally screwed." A swallow and he point a finger at Power Girl, "She just went to the Dark Side, nothing about that is peachy."

A slow almost lazy drift towards Power Girl has Hal, extending his hands, palms out towards the woman, "Karen, sweetie. It's me, Hal, Hal Jordan. How about we not carry on with whatever violent urges you're feeling right now and you come back with us to the Interceptor with out super kind Tamaranean friend here?"

A cautious look is shared with Starfire and Hal is looking back towards Power Girl. He's seen that look before. Just not so… vibrant.

For a simple moment…it starts to look like Hal might get through. But then he mentions the Tamaranean. Normally, Karen likes Kory, a lot. The two have more than a couple things in common.

But now?

Caught up in the grip of the red Ring, her head turns towards Kory. "Get AWAY!!" Yep. Anger leads really easy to jealousy. Twin searing beams sizzle out from the eyes of the mask, lancing towards the Tamaranean.

On the plus side? Anger clouds your judgment, and she's busy launching twin beams of /solar/ death at /Starfire/.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion..

If Kori had not spent nights binge watching Star Wars with Kyle, she would have no cue what Hal's Dark Side reference means… But she did and it turns those emerald slits to saucers. A purse of lips into an 'O-hhh (shit)' and she is rising to lift between Hal and Power Girl Red, but more close to the ally… Hal.

Through Passion, she gains strength…

The mantra she booked up reigns through her head like the whispers the ring likely gave Karen. Starfire is a fighter to the core, and so much akin to Karen it causes an easy like of the other alien woman… But now she is left no choice and when the beams fire forth from her eyes, the comet-trail of fire from the long threads of Starfire's hair light up once more and cast her in a zig-zag motion of flight before she sails towards Power Girl!

"Sorry! You guys are stuck with me 'til the end!"

Through strength, I gain power..

"Hey! No. NO fighting you two!" Hal yells, the ring starts to create a wall of bricks between the two of them where they would collide and connect.
"Power Girl, shes not your enemy. Your mind is clouded… " A pause. "Goddamned deja vu." Flies up above them and makes a call to the Interceptor. It will need a moment to power on and find them, hopefully it's containment protocols can handle a Kryptonian Red Lantern. Hopefully. Thats a big wish and want.
"Don't fight her Starfire, you'll just make it worse! Defense only! FULL DEFENSE!"

Confronted with a wall? Hit it. Of course, right now, confronted with almost anything…hit it. Power Girl slams punch after punch into the green wall, trying to shatter it. At least for the moment, it's tied up her attention.

Starfire flies at PeeGeeRed with an intensity, as before Hal told her not to keep them alive and now…


Right in the feels, huh?

"MAKE UP YOUR MIND! X'HAL!" A sudden slam and reverse in the brakes actually causes something akin to fireworks just before the green wall slams into place between them and through it she can bear witness to PGR laying into the division, all the while Starfire is building up her own ammunition and heat.

"You better put a rush on it, Green H. She gets through… It is on ike Nintendo Monkey Bananas!" Yes, Star forgot the name of the game.

Hal's wall doesn't last beyond several hits for Karen, the outpour of green brickwork in all directions.
"I am working on it, Kori! It's not exactly in any text book anywhere." A green set of manacles fires off at Power Girl fired by a bola, the manacles high the bolo at her upper body. Like the wall they wont hold her long.

"Just stall her until Aya is here. I can siphon enough power to at least hold her myself for a few if we have to.

"Karen! you have to focus away from the rage. Think about things that don't piss you off… progress reports, Sushi, the lake, ice cream… shit, me?! I don't know just… that rage you're feeling is NOT just you."

No wonder Kyle and Kori are together. They start talking and he can't understand much of their gamer nerd speak.

Progress reports are pretty infuriating. The manacles also wrap around her chest, fired at her upper body, and /that/ isn't going to make her any calmer. She growls, and flexes…and this time it's not just Kryptonian strength; the red ring glows and bathes her in a caustic red aura, eating away at the green chains, as the combined efforts snap her free.

Through power, I gain victory..

"Then create that book!" Starfire is nearly shouting to the comm unit as PGR bursts through in the shatter of Green and Red to be manacled and attempt her own freedom.

Hal told her not to hold back, so Starfire does not despite her knowledge of the woman behind the Red!

The gauntleted fist, encased in emerald begins to glow just before impact upon PGR!

"I keep hitting, you keep wrapping!" This is like Red Vs. Blue… But Red Vs. Green….. and a 'Fire.

"Come on, don't you remember the beach?" (Hit attempt!)

"How we won against the guys?" (Another in the form of an uppercut!)

"Don't…" (Make me do this…!)

But if she has to…

"Maybe I'm really not a good choice for this." Hal murmurs as she only gets more pissed and Starfire engages with her, "THATS NOT DEFENSE KORI!"

The Green Lantern would smack his own forehead if they had the time, the expel of red aura and superhuman might makes short work of Hal's constructs, they like the brick shattering.

"Hurry it up Aya! The Tamaranean is going to get herself hurt!" He really doesn't want to explain all of this to Rayner.

"Right! The beach, oasis… try to say it without punching. Shit she is worse than me."

Elsewhere… the interceptor powers on fully.

Nope. Not Defense. Normally PG might actually fight this out. But right now? Nope. She takes the hits. One after the other. Not only is Kryptonian invulnerability a thing of legend, but it seems like that red aura is just getting brighter and brighter with each hit. The uppercut snaps her head up a moment, but she just GROWLS again, a hand shooting out at superspeed as she tries to get a grip on the alien princess.

Through victory, my chains are broken…

Oh, Starfire heard Hal. But a woman never listens (like a guy), when it counts!

No touchy!

Every blow seems allowed by PGR, and so Starfire lays it on thick enough to garner attention singularly!

"Stop yelling at me!" Star responds to Hal and is now forming a streak across the cosmos, but one that has *points*, points easily read if watched or traced!

"… Is the relationship this bad? i know Greens are kind of…" A dodge to the right…

"… Poor at the truth in their affection… But his eyes say so much more…"

A hint and Starfire is headed for the Interceptor, but if PGR is not hindred her path will change!

Hal frowns at Starfire's reply, "I am going to yell because you're not helping! Defense I said not piss her off more… " A headshake and he puts up a mesh of green netting between the two women again, alien warriors each one battling each other viciously in a way that would rock the very heavens. Its impressive really but Starfire is no Kryptonian with a Power Ring she'll run out of juice before the Red Lantern that is Power Girl. At least as far as Hal has assessed, "You're not mad at her, Karen. She's just trying to distract you." Which shes done a good job of as the Interceptor is closing in. The green bulb of pure energy shining brightly.

Hal is about to tap in to that.

Actually, while Starfire is making her angrier, she definitely has her focus. As Starfire heads for the Interceptor, Power Girl snarls, and throws herself at the netting to get through it, to Kory. It slows her down, at least, which is good. She's tearing through it, but also getting snarled in it, as both Kryptonian powers and red energy shred through it to try and follow Kory. Straight towards the Interceptor.

Starfire is moving, bobbing and weaving!

Every direction has a reason, one that when noted can be a teel-tale sign to Hal that she IS in fact, being helpful, but due to ignorance garbers far less fear of the Red PG and seeks to poke at her like a challenge that is deserving of being ribbed…

The net beginning to capture and ravel, every tail streaking in an arch up-up-and-away as bait with yet another poke.

"… I mean, he is the Earthling comparison of smokin' but I already have…" A pause…

"Just the ticket…"

Jealousy can also be turned into a flurry that can tap the mind before the body… PokePOKE!

Hal Jordan aims his ring at the underside of that glowing green orb of the Interceptor. Light shines bright from it and then lances out to snare at Power Girl, past Starfire's aerial display.

Hal Jordan at the same time emits another tethering green beam and starts to fly around Power Girl… "I guess if you can keep her distracted, that's one way to do it too. This is going to seriously drain the Interceptor but we should be able to hold her until we can get her someplace safely." He hopes. This isn't exact science or even practiced theory working here. This is just a lot of Jordan guessing. Trick is to keep her sedate during all of that…

Power Girl manages to get an arm free, and launches a gout of Red Ring Energy at Starfire…then gets snared by the dual beams of the Interceptor and Hal. That, plus the net…she's getting good and caught, though she's doing her best to try and thrash loose.

Starfire grins at Hal and winks. "One way to pet a cat…" (Never tell Star the /real/ wording, she'll get upset!)
As she pits up against PG Red, the sudden twist and trn warps into something like a fire-work!

Flame is to spark..

Spark is extinguished…

The Force shall set us Free!

A sweep upwards in total darkness to PG Red's jaw and Starfire is hoping with a sleuth approach she can stop the terror and threat….
.. and save a friend..
… Or many friends!
"Skin… its skin a cat and that is not a cat you want to even pet the wrong direction." A groan and Hal forces his concentration to zero in on the Interceptor and their combined efforts to contain Power Girl even as she struggles and breaks an arm free. The thrashing doesn't' help causing the vessel to lurch, to shake and more energy to divert and then Starfire is trying to knock Power Girl out in a patented Mortal Kombat uppercut. A goodnight kiss? Maybe it will work. Hopefully.
"Sorry, Karen." Hal is the worst at planning trips, dates and getaways it appears.

The thrashing is tiring her out some…and it leaves her in a poor position to resist that uppercut. She's not even looking, and while she's gouting energy out, the shield isn't as strong. It hits her…and thankfully, her head lolls to the side. They have peace and quiet. For the moment.

"That… was a little impressive Kori." Hal remarks, not sure how he should feel about watching another woman punch out Karen like that. An exhale and he along with the ship form a protective green orb around Power Girl, the bottom of the ship opens up admitting her in and he nods his head after, "Come on. We have some serious shit to do now… " Like find out how to cure a Red Lantern from 'feral' as far as he is aware there is a very limited number of intelligent 'sentient' ones and he doesn't know where to find them or how to make any of them talk.
"Ganthet might be our best hope. I have to find Kyle immediately."

"Aya, maintain full lockdown on Power Girl. Divert all auxiliary power, dim the lights in here if you have to but she CANNOT get loose."

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