Air Hugs and Telepathic Friends

June 27, 2017:

Rachel visits Scott and meets Bobby Drake.


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A breath. A deep one. Let out through gritted teeth creating a kind of hissing sound. That is Rachel's current contorted face and expression as she makes her way through the mansion. Oh sure, she's been here a couple days now, she's unpacked, got a room, settled in, but has completely avoided addressing the bigger issue. That being, of course, do the X-Men need another red-head telepath and telekinetic? Or more importantly, do they /want/ Rachel on the team again?

Today, however, today she's managed to get a meeting with the leader of said X-Men, Scott. And Rachel's insides are rebelling against this moment. She feels like a child getting ready for a scolding.

Clearing her throat, and attempting to calm her wayward nerves by once again breathing in through the nose and out through gritted teeth, Rachel knocks on the doorway leading to the room Scott should be in. Her voice sounds - awkward - even to her, "Hello?"


The door creaks open at the knock, Scott Summers is inside bent over a ripped up string of carpet, a hammer in hand. The voice is familiar yet unfamiliar and he manages a, "Yeah?" Pausing to look up at the entryway itself. This room was once a faculty members bedroom but after an extreme amount of water damage much of the electronics and carpet needs replaced. Just being who he is while the repair crew is away and the old carpet is up Scott decided to step in and do some of their work for them. It keeps his mind free anyways.

The ruby quartz glasses settle on the half open door, "Come in."


The door swings the rest of the way open, or at least as far as Rachel can get it, as she steps inside, closing it back to the point it was before. Her gaze flickers about the room, taking in the water stains as well as the slight mildew smell that such places always have. It offers a slight feeling of reassurance, for some reason, things change, but some always remain the same. The mansion is always in need of repairs.

As for Scott? Rachel's gaze flickers there and remains, her hands linking behind her back as she stands awkwardly just inside the door. "Thank you for agreeing to see me." She begins, wetting her lips as her stomach gurgles slightly from her nerves.

Clearing her throat, Rachel just gets down to business. "I am." A pause a beat, good God is it really hot in here? "I am back from my - vacation." She searches for the right word and simply settles. "I would like to rejoin the X-Men, sir, if I may." There. She said it. She got the words out.


The door won't swing in all the way as there is some rolled up foam in the way but it budges enough to allow entry. Scott stands up, his clothes were brand new before he came in here now they're coated in old carpet rub off and torn at the knees. He likes this sort of thing though, clears the mind and allows him to focus on other things.

"I almost thought you were Jean at first. Yeah, so I noticed." He teases or thinks he does at least, flat tone no smile. The hammer being set down on the window sill behind him. A step forward over some of the debris on the ground and he motions outside the door, "Lets walk and talk."

He caught her mention about the X-Men and rejoining. Not approaching it yet or simply needing fresh air first.


Idly pushing the foam to one side, at least at first, Rachel inclines her head slightly, an almost wry twist of her lips given a moment. "I'll take that as a compliment." She begins. "I always thought Mom…" Rachel bites her tongue to the point she winces, then clears her throat. "Jean and I looked nothing alike..other than the hair." NOT Mom. Jean. Why the hell can't Rachel get that straight?

As the foam is gently put in another corner of the room through a slight telekinetic replacement, Rachel steps out of the door, hands now resting at her sides. "How have things been since I've been gone?" She inquires, not bringing up her question again. Scott will do so - when he's ready to, and Rachel's smart enough to know not to push it. So. She walks. And she talks.


Scott's features do break from his stoic usual, a small smile forms when she calls Jean 'mom', "There are similarities and it is a compliment. Good genes." He half-puns while getting clear of the room, now in the hallway where they can make way towards the back balcony. "Things have been… interesting. I've pissed off our friends at SHIELD, we're about to engage in an act that could be considered war against Genosha. An incredibly powerful metahuman apparently flipped a light switch on reality several times… " Scott casually waves these things around and is soon throwing open a tall windowed door to let the outside world spill in.
"Mission logs are updated. Might be easier to browse those than fully update you right now."

"You're of course welcome back to the team, Rachel. Especially if you're willing and able. I'd li, well, I'd like to have you with us." He adds in an unaccustomed hitch of speech.


With her arms hanging at her sides, occasionally her hands will turn into slight fists, then release, showing her nerves are still very much on edge. Yet, Rachel's head swivels just enough to listen to Scott with the appropriate consideration, eyes on him - then occasionally the room to make sure she isn't going to run into anything. The 'good genes' offers a wide smile, as her nerves begin to fade away. She isn't acting like a teenager, at least, anymore.

A slight incline of her head is given to the mission log updates, as Rachel offers a quiet, "I will do so." As far as a war on Genosha - and pissing SHIELD off? Well, Rachel can only shake her head. "Things are never simple."

She almost says more, but Scott then goes and makes Rachel's day, and she almost offers an uncharacteristic hug, she refrains, but the desire to do so is quite there, a step towards Scott, her hands lifting then falling again as she stops herself.

Instead, Rachel's smile is wide, as she grins from ear to ear. "I'm honored, and happy and quite willing and able! Thank you, Scott."


"No. If things were simple we wouldn't have a purpose." Scott agrees, awkward gesture from Rachel gets an up tilt of one of Scott's brows, "Were you just about to hug me?" He asks directly, some part of him even teasing her.

Scott's arms fold up over his chest and he leans back against the balcony rail, his hip up against it.

"On your vacation where you keeping up on training and exercise? Rather not have you get out there and be exhausted in the first 5 minutes." The young woman's smile is on the side of infectious, a little, his lips are set in that tilt that some would call a smile.


BUSTED! Rachel laughs it away with a shrug. "What can I say, Kitty's an infectious person and my best friend. She rubbed off." There's a pause as Rachel offers a more serious, "And this means a lot to me, Scott. If I learned anything from my time abroad - it's that I do not ever want this world to become like mine, so being there to help save it? That's what I have to do."

Linking her hands behind her back, then, the smile turns into a crooked grin, the left side of her mouth twisted upwards more than the right. "I'm a Summers, Scott. Even on vacation you can't really get away from the insanity that exists for us. Trouble always has a way of finding you, or you finding it."

Tilting her head to one side, Rachel offers another wry, "Though if you don't believe me, I'm game for a danger room test against anyone you want to throw at me." Cocky Rachel there, complete with the same twist of a smirk to her lips.


Scott's smile remains a moment longer before fading and he is looking down towards the back yard or inside yard of the mansion, "Kitty's great." He says offhandedly, "I'm glad, maybe you'll be able to help with Nate. He's a hothead and you around might keep him in check." There is a serious note in there. Valerie Cooper is pressing on Scott fairly heavily and he is aware the DEO has 'shoot to kill' orders on Nate Grey if he comes in conflict with them.

"You are very much a Summers." He looks back over at Rachel, "Which means the Danger Room is like a second home and you're definitely going to be in there very soon. I will be testing you." That smirk of hers gets small lift of his chin, he's almost proud of that response. "How many of the others know you're back?"


The 'Nate' issue, Rachel listens to, then passes on for the time being. He had mentioned he was in trouble and close to being kicked, so it's something she files away for right now, brows furrowed together. Moving to the railing herself, Rachel settles her elbows there, leaning down to cast a gaze out, eyes there for a moment.

Finally, her posture turns to once again face Scott, as he speaks about the danger room and testing. "I look forward to it." Rachel offers, the smirk still there, though maybe not quite as pronounced. "I haven't had the opportunity to catch up with Kitty yet, but I have with Nate and Illyana. Nate let me in when I arrived the first day. And he mentioned he was in trouble, but we haven't had the opportunity to really catch up on everything that's transpired."

"That's it as far as anyone else goes." Rachel answers, she kept to herself - for the most part.


"Nate means well." Scott says quietly, "The rest, they're all around somewhere, I'm glad at least you're catching up with a couple of them." An exhale and his shoulders shift enough that while on the balcony over looking the backyard he can see the direction shes staring, its a pleasant day, warm with a nice breeze that isn't too cold. A good day really.

"Just be mindful of Nate right now, I think Illyana does well on keeping him in line.

"These are the sort of things Jean usually figures out and helps sort, shes been away updating us on changes she can see that our Steel City issue inspired. I think shes also just getting out for a bit, shes had a long rough year since we got back from the Savage Land."


Currently; Rachel and Scott are having a discussion outside, complete with scowls, frowns, and even a few smiles. (Though certainly neither would probably admit that.) Leaning on the railing, looking out over the grounds, Rachel's turned around enough to offer a respectful 'eyes on the person speaking' posture. The idea of helping like Jean does so well? Rachel isn't exactly the best when it comes to heartfelt, personal speeches. That's Kitty's realm, or Jean's. Not…really Rachel's forte.

"Sometimes getting away and clearing ones head is the only way to really see what is the most important." So speaks Rachel from personal experience. Ray's certain Jean will be back, some day, when it is right - for her.

As for anything else… Rachel's expression darkens. "I'm not much of a calming influence, da… don'tcha know. Yet, I'll do what I can to help, as well."


And just to make things as awkward as possible, Bobby's doing something on his phone and not even noticing that folks are standing pretty much right in his path as he heads outside. There's a blink and a little jump before he nearly runs into the two, blue eyes looking between Scott and Rachel (does he know her?). "Uh. Sorry. Guess they're right about that whole Walking and Texting thing…"


"It's Nate, he doesn't need a calming influence so much as a smack to the head most of the time." Scott says, its hard to tell if hes serious or not there. No added commentary on Jean for now, she's in touch at least by telepathy and the phone. Technology is a wonderful thing in this day and age after all.

"Bobby, have you met Rachel?" Scott smiles at the young man's reaction.


An incline of her head is given about Nate, noting with an internal thought, that sometimes the direct approach is more preferable. It's certainly far more Rachel's style at least. She can do the smack to the back of the head far easier than she can attempt calming words and a 'good' influence.

Bobby's entrance is given a wry smirk, as Rachel swivels to face the young man. At the introductions, Rachel extends her right hand outwards. "Rachel Summers. Pleased to meet you." She offers politely.


Bobby Drake glances first to Scott and then to Rachel as she extends her hand and introduces herself with her full name. He'll take her offered hand and give it a shake, returning with, "Bobby Drake." But then, "Summers? Are you two related then?" Does he know about Nate's relation to them? Who knows? He then puts his phone in his back pocket so as to not be rude.


Scott's lean back against the balcony still hosts the arms folded stance. At the question from Bobby he looks at Rachel then nods, "We are." More open about it than he is with Nate, as Nate is very resolved in his anger and desire for separations. Scott was orphaned long enough himself he can respect that but also understands the need for family and home. It is important, especially when you're an X-Men with the threat of death always looming.
"Bobby Drake is Iceman along with Meggan the team's current elemental experts."


Casting Scott a glance out of the corner of her eye, Rachel very much appreciates those words and the tone offered with them. It just gives all manner of warm fuzzies. Meggan's mention is given another glance, though Rachel doesn't ask. It could be the same Meggan she knows, and maybe it isn't. Given everything is a messed up time frame of could be's, and you may know one person, or you may not? Rachel just goes with the moment and hopes it is.

"We are, yes." She repeats, because she -likes- being able to say that. Especially as Scott said it first! Thus, Rachel grins wide, before taking a step back. "I'm going to see if Kitty's about, and do some good old fashioned celebrating." Cause, hey! Rachel's back on the X-Men. She's very happy to be able to say that! "Thanks for the talk, Scott." And for Bobby, Rachel offers a grin. "And it was nice to meet you, Iceman!" With that, the redhead turns around and takes slow, purpose filled strides towards the door. Once inside, and out of ear and eye shot, she will dash upstairs to see if Kitty's about. If not, she will grab the next best person to celebrate with.


Bobby Drake looks over to Scott, "Along with? Oh, you mean for the elemental stuff? Yeah, I guess so…" he lifts a hand to scrub at the back of his head. Has he met Meggan? Maybe he should, now! As Rachel makes her exit he gives a brief wave before looking back at Scott, "She seems nice." What else should he say? "Sorry if I interrupted you guys," but at least Scott seems a little less stressed than of late? Rather, he hasn't seen the older mutant smile in a while.


"Anytime, Rachel." Scott says to the young woman as she departs.
"Much better spirits than I remember her in. Vacation did someone some good." A look towards Bobby once shes back inside and through the balcony doors, "She is. You didn't interrupt, I was actually just talking to her about the rest of you, seeing who she has met or reconnected with on and off the team since she got back. It actually is different atmosphere around Scott right now, Rachel's presence might have given him some small amount of joy. At heart the man is quite familial. It bleeds through at times. "How are you today, Bobby?" Addressing him in that teacher to protégé tone.


"I'm pretty sure I haven't met her," Bobby offers, "But I'm glad she's here too," if she helps to lighten Scott's spirits like he seems to. As far as how he's doing, there's a shrug. "I'm all right…nothing new or exciting to report, which is kind of sad, huh? I should probably figure out how to change that."


"She'll be good for the team and close to your age." Scott encourages. No bias. "Only all right? Doesn't mean things are sad, I'm finding a little bit of some down time cathartic. The Genosha angle is overdone in my head, Jean isn't around to discuss it with and nor is Charles. Its spinning in circles so I've been busying myself… " A pause, "How do you think you'll change it? I mean, whats your idea there?" If anything Scott can be a good sounding board for Bobby. He's feeling surprisingly social.


"I'm happy to discuss it with you if you want, Scott…" not that he knows all that much about it, but he's more than happy to listen and offer his thoughts. "I mean, if you ever need an ear or something." It's summer and it's too early to think about going to college later. As for making things not so boring, Bobby shrugs and gives a grin, "I'm still working on that. I'm open to suggestions though, if you have any."


"No offense Bobby but I wouldn't know how to approach it with you. You're not as," Scott stares, red glasses settled on Bobby's face. He can feel his eyes on him. "Close as Jean and I. Half of what I say or feel she already knows and usually knows just how to respond." A light shrug of his shoulders but Scott also seems to be off, something is bothering him there. Unlikely he will talk about it though. The man is a fairly closed book most days. "Suggestions are simple, meet the others, when I was your age I had others. Its what kept me going. The team, the family, you have that opportunity with the New X-Men you age." He motions where Rachel just was, "You and Mattias seem to be hitting it off well. Laura could use a friend… Kitty can always find something to talk about." He goes quiet and considers.


"Not everyone has a telepathic friend to talk to," Bobby points out. "It's probably good to figure out how to say things to people who -can't- read your mind, you know?" Since, well, most people can't. "But if you'd rather not, I get it." And he does! Bobby does a lot more observation than he does chatting and he knows some people just aren't very social. He likes being -with- people even if he isn't the life of the party. The mention of his age gets a lifted eyebrow, "Does age really matter all that much? I mean, we're all a team, right?" Last he checked? There's a glance in the direction that Rachel went off as Scott motions to it and he blushes some…maybe at the mention of some of the others? "Friendship is two ways. Does Laura -want- a friend?"


"Perhaps." Scott says in regards to the telepathic friends. A look at the door then back to Bobby, "No, age is not a big factor other than its easier to relate. Much easier to find a common bond and you're more likely to enjoy the same things or shall I try sharing some of my music playlists with you?" A brow inches up daringly over one shade. "Laura, from what I have seen so far, she does. Shes trying to find her humanity." A hand reaches up and pats Bobby on the shoulder, "It's 6, I need to go to the garage and put on a new coat of paint. Hit me up later. We'll talk some more."


Bobby Drake gives a shrug, "Sure, hit me up with your old-people music," he can't say that without a grin even though there may not be much more than a decade between them. At the mention of Laura he nods, "All right. I'll keep a lookout for her and see what I can do. No promises since you can't force friendships, but I'll do my best." The pat gets a lifted eyebrow of his own, "Sure, go have fun with your cars…"

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