A Place of Titans

June 28, 2017:

The first gathering at the Tower of the newly reformed Titans, with a brief tour… And the origin of Madame Magic?!

Titans Tower - New York City

A curiously T-shaped building on a man-made island in the middle of the East River. Contrary to popular opinion it is NOT underdecorated, honest. Industrial beige is a colour!


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Starfire, Batman


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In late June, the days are long: Sunlight still streams over Manhattan, glittering as it refracts in the water of the East River, and on the tinted windows of the recently refurbished Titans Tower. The Tower is done, or close enough to be getting on with, and alive - the master computer system is online, and the building itself is less completely empty than it has been for a while, since the brute construction work was finished. Less empty, because there's a group of youths moving through it.

Costumed youths.

Or well most of them are in costume, anyway.

Red Robin leads the others on a tour of the facilities, from the lobby to the basement areas where the T-Jet hangar and the garage with access tunnels to either bank of the river are found, and then back on up. Up through the command center of the Tower, with its conference and control room (it has a large table which is, of course, T-shaped) and its rooms set aside for labs and other workspaces. Through the training level, its gym facilities useful for both people with normal human strength levels, and the teammates who can bench press jet planes, and everything in between; another room, labeled the Mud Room, is left off the tour - 'It doesn't work yet,' Red Robin explained, which probably doesn't actually answer anyone's questions - and then finally to the top of the T, the residential level.

"So, common room, space for everybody when they're at the Tower," the caped and cowled young man says. He's left off the electronic 'spooky voice filter', at least, but he speaks in a lower, deeper voice than anyone who knew him out of costume would associate with him. "There's dorm rooms in either wing, everybody can just pick one and the main computer will assign it to you, so the door locks will only work with your Titans ID card… Uh, I think Starfire already picked one. Probably corresponds to where she stayed in the original version of the Tower."

The mention of the 'dorm rooms' generates a curious tilt of Zatanna's head as they wander through the Titans Tower, at present still somewhat incredulous that she is here. Admittedly, she wouldn't be the first Titan with a family legacy regarding superhero groups - the Great Zatara was once a member of the All-Star Squadron, a predecessor to the Justice League, in a time when the world was wracked by a series of wars, but after spending much of her life in Europe and tangling with situations that have seen very little involvement with the so-called 'capes and tights crew,' she still finds it difficult to believe that she is now, officially, one of them.

John's reaction to this latest development has been interesting, at the very least. The comments were numerous.

But after everything Red Robin has done to assist her with the never-ending problems stemming from the world's more mystical layer, it was only fair, and right, that she offer her assistance when it was time for him to come calling and asking. And whle she anticipates not really using her dorm room all too much while she is in New York, she supposes some manner of private space in the Tower will become necessary sooner rather than later.

She has met the other members one way or another already, with the exception of this Starfire. What a name, though. There's a curious glance and a lift of her brows at Red Robin at that.

"So do we get room service?" she wonders, because the facilities are impressive enough that it's actually a legitimate question to ask.

Surprising fact: when you don't have million dollar tools, repairing and integrating the pieces of a gazillion dollar company's smartphone into your million dollar suit is actually a little tough.

Which is to say, Spider-Man's been having a shockingly good time lately.

Between that and the fact that someone willingly and without prompting invited him onto a superhero team of their own volition without any sign of being affected by any kind of strange hallucinogens (never trust Tony Stark to be any kind of sober, a lesson Spider-Man has learned through bitter tears), one thing is absolutely clear:

He's definitely overdue some sort of terrible event or another. So. That should be fun.

For now, though, the webbed vigilante is just enjoying his tour with the assemblage of DANGEROUS YOOTS, interspersing the entirety of the walkabout with any number of questions, only maybe one — possibly two of them — actually relevant to anything in particular. Such as:

"So, uh, are these rooms like — super-themed? Like — am I gonna have a Spider Room? Like some kinda cool mini-me version of a secret lair? Baby's Own Supercave? … You know what, the more I think about it, the more I don't really wanna know what a Spider Room would actually look like. Nevermind. Ignore me. Carry on."

— that. Like that.

The webbed menace, perennially incapable of standing on the floor like god intended, is currently curled up on the ceiling of the room, hands crossed behind the back of his head as he just kind of… sticks there. With his back. Really. This is all just too cool. Which of course means he's totally excited. Which of course means —

"Oo! Yeah! And complementary moist towelettes! Do we get those? … Those are still a thing, right? … right?? … wait, where did I even hear that reference…"

— that. Means that.

*Most* of them in costume? That had better not be an insinuation that Cassie Sandsmark isn't in costume because if one were to ask; she most certainly is! With some extra money in her pocket, Wonder Girl had bought herself a sleeker set of goggles to hold her wig in place, as well as a red 'WW' t-shirt with very cool golden broidery on the sleeves. Not that the sleeves can be seen under her jacket but it's new! The perfect start for a new team as far as she's concerned.

Cassie has been ecstatic to meet everyone but she's been particularly eager to hang out with Spider-Man so.. He may probably notice she's been practically staring up at him in awe the entire time. Where did he hear that reference? "Dirty Rotton Scoundrels! 1988!!" she immedietly blurts. There's no way she's right.

Superboy had been mostly listening to Red Robin's spiel, absentmindedly hovering aside the crew of motley youths in his leather jacket and jeans as they gradually toured the innards of their T-shaped home-to-be. Mostly because he already had a fairly good idea of what to expect from the interior and Robin's general speech, and also because he was dividing his attention between occasionally looking at his surroundings and honing back in on the screen of his phone as he furiously swiped and tapped to unknown designs. Regular, dependable 4G was a very new thing for him since coming to the city, and he was clearly making the most of it.

"I like his thinking." Conner said, gesturing vaguely in spider-man's direction without looking up, "Individual team branding, that's definitely the way to go."

Starfire inheriting her old room perked a question in his head. "So are we doing like, a legacy thing here? Do you get Nightwing's old room? Does Wonder Girl get, uh…the old Wonder Girl's? Lady Troy or something now?"

His phone binged, and those baby blue eyes snapped right back to the screen, "Oh man, yes! I just recruited Doctor Doom!"

"Paused. Clear throat. "It's uh, a mobile game." He said, wiggling his phone around, "The Brave and the Bold, let me know if any of you have friend codes." The boy of steel pointed down the hallway, "Total dibs on a corner room, by the way!"

Caitlin Fairchild, the big ginger with the heart of gold, follows at the back of the crowd. She's already had plenty of time to crawl around the guts of the tower; helping set up the engineering bay, working on the T-jets, and generally being useful as possible during the all-critical setup phase of this little endeavour. In fact she's half in, half out of costume— she's wearing a dark green midriff-baring t-shirt that says 'Happy Pi Day' on it with a math joke, and a pair of stained mechanics coveralls half unzipped and with the arms tied around her waist. Seems she was working when the tour started.

That's not to say she's lurking or tagging along; but it's clear she wants to give everyone else a chance to gawk and rubberneck, and let Red Robin do the bulk of the tour guide work. He's clearly got the whole route picked out— probably his speech too.

Caitlin does chime in when they reach the common areas. "So… like, I don't know about everyone else," she begins, a little uncertain. She had been ghosting near Cassie so they could chat a little during the tour, but had become extremely interested in Connor's new mobile game. Her fingers visibly itch for her phone— no! Bad Cait! With supreme force of will, she DOESN'T get her phone out of her pocket.

"'Gunmetal grey' and 'industrial beige' are not my favorite colors," she gets out. "So there's a lot of paint in the storage room. I already redid my room in colors that aren't horribad depressing, and I'll help anyone else who wants to cheer things up a bit in their rooms. /Or/ the common area," she says, with a flickering grin crossing her face."

"As for food… I, um… I'll be doing a lot of cooking," she says to Zatanna, though she directs the comments at everyone. Because that's naturally the number one thing on /her/ mind. "I tend to make food in bulk anyway, so I figured I'll cook dinner a few nights a week. Cooking for ten plus myself is just about, like, roughly doubling my recipes," she offers, helpfully. "So if anyone's allergic to something, or deathly hates eggplant or the like, lemme know."

Truthfully, Red Robin will never not find Wonder Girl's cunning disguise disappointing, and indeed professionally offensive.

But he's trying to not bust her chops about it in front of everyone else.

Because she's a friend.

"There's no room service," he responds to Zatanna, in concert with Fairchild's own sentiment about doing a lot of cooking herself. "We don't have the resources for staff in the first place… Everything around here we're going to have to do ourselves, which is going to include cooking, and no, nobody is going to deliver to the island," the vigilante adds to forestall any suggestions about that, turning to look right at Conner when he says so. Of course, his eyes are hidden behind the white lenses of his cowl, so it's difficult to say just where he's really looking. With the flying, swinging and teleporting available to the group, though, takeout is probably trivially easy.

"If you want, though, we can get a bunch of those Halloween webbing decorations for your room," Red Robin suggests upwards at Spider-Man, a small smile visible below his cowl. "Maybe some fake plastic spiders. Honestly, you can decorate your room how you want, and… Yeah, sure, the common area too," he allows, with a faint sigh of defeat. It all seemed perfectly practical to him, simple and inoffensive rather than decorating the place and finding out people didn't like it. "I did get chairs with people's logos on them for the conference room," he adds, perhaps trying to show that he put a bit of thought into decorating, the idea also somewhat in line with Superboy's comment about branding. "Uh, for those of us who have logos, anyway. Zatanna's is just a Z currently, and I wasn't sure what to do for Fairchild. Like, a little blond kid?"

See, because her name is… Ah, nevermind.

"Anyway, just to be thorough, I figured we should all introduce ourselves to the group. Nobody has to reveal their secret identity or anything if they don't want to, which is part of why only you are going to be able to unlock the door to your own rooms."

And Red Robin, in emergencies. But he's responsible with that sort of thing.

Indeed, he was the only person he trusted with that kind of discretionary power.

"I'll start. I'm Red Robin, I was trained by Batman and used to be his sidekick. Who wants to go next?"

"Well, there goes that question. No New York takeout for you, Spidey, so you probably won't need those moist towelettes that much," Zatanna says, nudging the webslinger with the point of her elbow and giving him a smile - one that tries not to look too friendly and at the very least mostly succeeds, if not just to downplay the fact that they know each other, and relatively well.

Though really, this secret identity thing, while she understands the necessity, is most definitely something that can't help but remain in the forefront of her thoughts whenever surrounded by such august company. The uniforms remind her, and magicians, if nothing else, are extremely respectful of other people's secrets. There have been some exceptions, of course, as with everything else.

Caitlin gets a nod and a thumbs-up when she indicates that she's doing most of the cooking. "I can cook too if necessary. I hope people like Italian," she says; honestly that's all she knows how to cook, outside of regular breakfast fare.

Her 'costume' is hardly one, so it isn't surprising that Red Robin had no logo to put in her chair. "I'd say do it up as an interlocking pair of Z's, but the last thing you need is the impression that I'll just fall asleep in Titans meetings," she tells Red with a grin.

With introductions going around - an icebreaker, to be sure, necessary for any first official meetings, she lifts a hand in a small wave. "Zee," she replies. "I've been a magician almost all my life. My father's the Great Zatara. He helped train Batman, on top of other things."

Saving the world for decades from mystical threats.

After a pause, she adds: "Compared to him, Doctor Strange is a baby magician."

As expected from any devoted daughter, but in this case, it happens to be true.

"What? The Steve Martin thing? … Huh." White lenses shutter in a blink.


Maybe it was…??

The mystery might be elucidated if it weren't for Red Robin helpfully cutting in with his skillful ability to ruin all things fun in life by declaring an absolute lack of room service. Spider-Man's shoulders sag, dejectedly. "Aw, man. I was getting super psyched for some kinda cool team butler or something. You know, the British ones? With the butler names? Like Joffrey, or Winston, or Walter, or Alfred… or… y'know. Something like that." This is a massive let down.

"… so much for my moist towelettes. Do we at least have streaming services? Kinda got a hankering for some Steve Martin movies now. Like, 'The Jerk' Steve Martin. Not 'Cheaper By the Dozen' Steve Martin."

Still, as the suggestions roll in, Spider-Man straightens (??) out into a sitting position, legs pulling up towards his chest as he peers up (down?) towards the others. "Oh! Uh. Hi, Fairchild. We met at the um — egg… party… thing," that's not a good description, Spider-Man, "and there was a building and it fell on you, but don't worry, you turned out okay!" That's even worse!

"Nevermind. I didn't say anything. Shut up. ANYWAY color would be great! Maybe a nice red and blue…" Maybe dissuade him from thinking painting everything Spider-Man-colored would be a good idea. Talking about plastic spider decorations, at least, seems to distract him. "I mean, I guess. I'm really not that into spiders though. This is all just kinda like a — schtick. Not like — I mean, you know, I hear the rumors and all and — I don't wanna be a gossip or anything, but…" How should he phrase this, tactfully.

"… is it true Batman is all cuckoo for bats??"

There. That was done with dignity and grace.

But. Then it comes time for introductions. The spidery vigilante blinks, and rubs the back of his head, raising (lowering?) a hand after Robin speaks.

"Uh. Hi. I'm Spider-Man. Spider-/Man/," he can't emphasize that enough.

"Y'know. Does whatever a spider can?" He scratches the back of his head.

"Uh. Like… spin a web? Any size, really. Uh… usually I'm just catching thieves, y'know, just like — Zee, what, you don't have a super alias yet?"

Thank god something distracted him there.

"We really gotta fix that. Like, seriously. And a costume. Like… one of those giant capes and big yellow gloves magic people like to wear. That'd be cool, right? Huh?? 'Watch out, here comes the Mysterious Madame Magic'!"

He's really good at this.

Wonder Girl furrows her brows at Conner following the mention of his mobile game. That's probably one of the few things he's into that she hasn't gotten into- She's heard horror stories about those and browser games sucking peoples lives away (not literally) and it's bad enough having to keep her baby in check. Her baby being her website forums. But she can't really complain; her biggest fear was the idea of him drooling over Caitlin- Look she gets overdramatic about things sometimes ok- she's far more relaxed about getting on his case. "Go Team mom!" she pipes in response to said ginger taking cooking responsibilities. "I can help too if you want!"

To Zatanna's comment about multiple Z's, Cassie quite quickly aknowledges the joke with a forceful, but clearly amused, "HAH! I see what you did there." Speaking of aknowlesging, with Spider-Man doing so toward her guess on top of knowing what she's talking about gets her eyes to sparkle and a bit of an exaggerated gasp to pass her lips. From the very moment he rolls off the movie specifics there is no doubt in her mind they are going to get along. She claps her hands, "Yeah! *Yeah*; Madame Magic is a *great* name!" Which distracts her long enough to forget boldly boo-ing at Red Robin's joke.

"Uhh, I'm Wonder Girl! I haven't actually been trained at all by Wonder Woman *but* she let me use her shield once and that was *incredible*! It was like being a legitimate amazon, so that's sort of kind of close? Uhhh.. Well, anyway I'm getting there. Baby steps? I… Am super strong and super fast and I can fly." her hands and eyes are all over the place as she babbles. "Anyway I just want you all to know that I am *so* excited to get to work with all of you, like.. This is seriously totally crazy for me so.. Like.. Thank you? Eh-heh.."

The junior kryptonian could only kind of a stand in mute awe as Spider-Man and Wonder Girl seemed to operate on the same sorta crazy wavelength of obscure references to things, "Holy crap, it's like you're both channeling the not-so-grateful dead." He comments, his head turning instinctively towards Caitlin when she brings up the matter of food, "Wait, so cooking for us plus is you is…/just/ double what your normally make?" He asked.

Conner never went to a real school but he's pretty sure that was a hell of a lot of food for one admittedly super tall, super strong-looking girl. Then again, given what Cass told him about her (Gym partners, honorary amazonian), it probably wasn't so hard to believe. "Well, I can promise I'll eat whatever the three of you can cook!" The clone offered with a big smile and two thumbs up, seeming more prepared to drool over food than curves right now, likely to Cassie's relief.

"Though yeah, I agree with Spider-Man, which is a /great/ retro name by the way." He said, turning towards Red and acting totally ignorant of the fact that he had been in the midst of trying to order from Pizza Hut on his phone when the crushing reality had hit, "It's too bad we don't have some sort of robot butler or ghost maid. What about Red Tornado, huh?" He asked, as if they weren't lucky years spent handling Impulse hadn't convinced the android that humanity was better off destroyed.

"Whoa, shots fired!" He exclaimed at Zee's own bold claims-he didn't know much about the magical side of the business, but knew enough to recognize smack talk when he heard it. "I'm feeling the costume angle Spidey's pushing though." He said, making a square with his hands and setting Zee's face in his pantomimed sights, "Maybe add a mask…no, a domed helm! Yeah, that would be the finishing touch." Hahaha is he getting in on the joke or is he serious no one can tell.

Okay though, right, intro time. Conner hovers over in front of the group when his turn is up, cranking out both thumbs and turning them inwards to the world-class smirk written over his face, "I'm Superboy. I'm Superman's clone. So i'm kind of like him, but hipper and cooler. Flight, super strength-I've got most of the package, and a few extra features." He said, waving his gloved hands around until they began to glow with a zany blue energy, "Tactile telekinesis in the house!"

"Oh.." He zeroed in on Spider-Man before letting the next teammate have the floor, "And Batman is /totally/ cuckoo for Bats, just so you know."

Caitlin waves at everyone, when her turn comes around to join the little circle-dance-confessional. "Caitlin Fairchild, buuuut I think everyone knows me already," she says, glancing around. "'cept for Superboy, I guess," she amends, thinking about it. She smiles at him winningly when he volunteers to eat hearty; clearly, the two of them are going to get along famously. "But! We'll work on that."

She transfers that smile to Spider-Man when the Webbed Crusader (that's totally a thing, right?) recognizes her. "Don't worry, Spider-Man, I remember you," she tells him fondly, and flashes a million-watt smile at the inverted fellow in the corner. "You were very sweet to worry when the building fell on me. I'll try not to knock any more down," she says— in all seriousness.

"Er, I don't have a super alias either," she adds for Spider-Man (everyone)'s benefit, when he starts needling Zatanna. "It's just Fairchild. Or Red, if we're in a hurry. But I /do/ have a logo," she tells Red Robin, digging for her phone and flashing the case at him— a stylized CF in swooping green, set over purple. "Branding's important. Oh!" she blinks, remembering the actual /point/ of the conversation, dropping her phone back into a cargo pocket. She puts a hand to her red hair, thinking, though a scrunchie and black hairband are strained to their breaking point to keep her hair back from her face, which has at least one grease smudge already.

"I've been with the League for threeee years? Captain Marvel mentored me, but I've trained with Captain America, Lady Sif, Diana, Power Girl — wow, I know a lot of Kryptonians—" she switches hands. "Uh… Thor, Supergirl, Artemis of Themyscira… …and that's everyone," she says, clearly thinking better of continuing the list.

She beams at Cassie and gives her a one-armed sideways hug, clearly appreciating Wonder Girl's offer to pitch in and trying to lend her a bit of sisterly moral support.

"Wait, were you making a joke, Robin?" she blinks at Tim, as if it only /just/ occurs to her that the logo thing was an aborted sense at humor.

What about Red Tornado, huh?

"I tried, he hung up on me," Red Robin tells Superboy, with a hint of genuine disappointment in his voice. "I think he's still sore about that time Impulse stole his cape and wore it everywhere for a week. He was convinced it was gonna let him fly," the vigilante explains to the rest of the group, who beyond Wonder Girl were (fortunately?) not familiar with the 30th Century Speedster. "What I've never been able to figure out is how Max Mercury got the thing away from him."

Some mysteries will elude even a prospective World's Greatest Detective, it seems. Not that he's too fussed about the how, really: He was just glad at the time that he was once again the only cape wearer in Young Justice.

"So no, no robot butlers or… Ghost maids, what? Why would you even want a… You know what, nevermind. We do have internet, obviously, this isn't the stone age. Big tv over there, all the dorm rooms have televisions too in case you just want to chill out, so you can watch Roxanne or The Three Amigos to your heart's content, Spider-Man. If you need stuff, just let me know and we'll see what we can get - within reason. That includes if you want lab or workshop space, if you do those sorts of things."

He looks at the others who aren't Superboy or Wonder Girl, at that. Fairchild's definitely made herself at home in the garage, but he has some suspicions about Spider-Man and those webshooters, and maybe Zatanna will want some kind of wizardry workspace.

Assuming she doesn't start turning people into newts for the 'Madame Magic' thing.

"Yeah, that was a joke. I do make jokes, I'm just not all Nightwing about it," Red Robin says, a bit defensively. "And it's Red Robin. Robin is someone else. He's shorter, and stabbier."
"And I'm totally gonna tell Batman what you said about him and bats," he informs Superboy.

At Spidey's clarification of his actual lack of liking for spiders, there's no surprise there on Zatanna's pale features. Not just because she knows precisely how he got his powers in the first place, but rather because, while spiders have very ancient links to magic, are pretty hideous creatures. Really, who could ever love them?

When the spiel reverts back to her lack of an alias, she splays her fingers out defensively. "Look, I'm new at this, I never had to before. Besides, you know my full name, what sane modern-day person would ever assume it's real?" She's surrounded by people with normal names - Tim, Peter, John, Jane, James…and there she is, the lone Zatanna. Even as old as he is, her father hasn't lost his flair for the stage and the dramatic. He is literally the only person on Earth who would ever name his flesh-and-blood something like that.

But then he goes on with a costume and suggestions and the resulting expression is indescribable. What. What??

"But I like black," she says instead. "And giant yellow gloves remind me of those ones that you wash dishes with. The last thing I want someone to do after my dramatic entrance is to tell me to go back to the kitchen! I won't be responsible for what happens after!"

Cassie's remark about the Z's has her grinning, but her endorsement over Madame Magic has her groaning. "I don't know! Don't you all think I have enough alliterations in my life?" The domed helm crack from Conner has her grousing again as she rolls her head back. Because there's barely any top-dog sorceror that she doesn't know about. "Now I see what you did there and the last thing I need is that guy thinking I'm a fan girl of his. I'd rather jump off a building with Red again than do that."

A pause. "Not this Red," she says, pointing to Caitlin. "That Red." To Red Robin.

"Oh. Uhhhh good. That you remember me. I have one of those faces, y'know? Just kinda… blend in… with the faceless masked crowd…" There is no one smoother than Spider-Man in the entirety of this earth.

Spider-Man seems to mull over this, scratching the side of his head and white lenses squinting in towards slits with the sound of a mechanical whirr. Eventually, he just awkwardly clears his throat, and forges onward. Ever-boldly. "U-uh!" That's not boldly, try again. "ANYWAY! Wonder Girl's right! This is like, totally amazing. A team. My very first team! I mean like, tema team, not random team ups. I've done tons of those! I mean — not like — some of them were more kind of an 'I'm sharing the same general airspace as Captain America' kinda thing but that still counts, right? I'm still counting that." You might remember them from such Daily Bugle headlines as, 'SPIDER-MAN ATTEMPTS TO MUG IRON MAN?!' and 'SPIDER-MAN SUPER-BULLIES SUPERMAN - YES, WE'RE SHOCKED TOO'

So, you know.

He gets around.

"So uh — what's the policy on like, working with other teams, or whatever? Are we in a committed superhero relationship here or is it more just a casual kinda thing or — I mean, not that I'm thinking of joining any other team, but you never know when the Avengers might come ringing at your doorbell." Never, Spider-Man. The answer is never.

Still — this is a big opportunity for him. Especially when the notion of labs and workshops come up. His mind is working at a mile a minute, quietly thinking just what he can get away with here in these facilities with his already miniscule amount of free time when Caitlinn mentions lacking an alias too, Spider-Man pauses. He finally — finally — drops from the ceiling, flipping nimbly through the air to land on his feet as he tilts his head in consideration. "Yeah! I guess that's — yeah, that's true. But Fairchild just kinda fits, right? Just like Madame Magic!" And here, he jerks a thumb Zatanna's way. Who's currently staring at him. Indescribably.

"Uh," he begins, gracefully, "is that a yes on the name? Madame Magic? Yes? — Okay I didn't really think about the gloves thing so that's on me, totally my fault, but I think in -principle- it works out, and black's like, I think Gotham might have 'brooding black' copyrighted already, and they seem extremely litigious — no offense, Red Robin — sooooo-"

He's really persuasive. Really.

But, as his sentence slowly trails, he looks towards Superboy. Tilts his head. Lenses squint, in quiet thought. "… 'tactile telekinesis'? … So you move things with your mind by touching them with your hand? Isn't that — I don't wanna say oxymoron but I mean — … I'm not not saying oxymoron?"

He tentatively offers a fist to Conner. For bumping.

"I still got your back on the robot butler thing though. … Mmmaybe the ghost maid, we'll have to hash that out."

"Haha, you think so?" Cassie asks Connor, though she can't help but chuckle behind her hand in response to his 'shots fired'. But following Red Robin's counter, she cringes a bit. "Wow.. Sucks to be you." And she finds so much charm in Spider-Man's seemingly-shared excitement to being in such a large group. However she is ever so slightly bothered by one part, "W- Wait! You're not writing that off entirely now though, right? I mean.. I've totally always wanted to team up and get razzed with you in the Daily Bugle! … Not *specifically* for that reason, by the way. I just.. I *really* like your work."

She awkwardly rubs the back of her neck then, "Ooooh, that's so cool!" Cassie fawns over Caitlin's phone, and while she isn't the least bit against her ginger friend's embrace, she is mindful of grease. Please don't.

'Don't you think I have enough alliterations in my life?' "… That is a fair point. And It isn't like Zatanna isn't a cool name- In fact, considering Caitlin doesn't have one either, it's like an *even* number of codenameless people… And who am *we* to take that from them, right? I say she *stays* Zutara!" beat "uh, -tanna!"

Crap. Well, now everyone might know she ships Katara and Zuko. But maybe they don't. It's time to make a great escape before someone asks. "… I.. I need to powder my nose. So.. I'll see you all later? Yeah; just give me the cliffnotes when I get back." Zoop.

"Wh-whoa now, there's no need to do that. It was just a joke, right? Haha!" Conner tries to goad Tim off the route of telling on him to Batman, suddenly looking very much like the class clown who just caught the terrifying eye of an actual authority figure. The ridiculously titan-sized hug Caitlyn offers Cassie provides a nice segway from /that/ uncomfortable conversation to something far better-the superyouth simply tilts his head at first, then nods approvingly.

The workshops and stuff sounds cool and whatnot if you were a geek, but Conner wasn't so much into that. The gym sounded pretty boss at least, though! "No no, it's like…a forcefield that covers my whole body at all times. I use it to fly, enhance my strength, that sort of thing. It's tactile!" He says to Spider-Man like it all makes perfect sense, though he may be confusing 'tactile' for 'tactical'. Even so, that's still what it was called. The boy of steel certainly won't turn down a fistbump, and meets Spidey in a knuck-to-knuck contact that will surely be remembered for ages to come.

"Nice landing, by the way." He offers, "9.5."

He'd been about to launch into a canned spiel about how, as a veteran of such sterling teams as Young Justice, he was more than happy to help newbies like the webslinger navigate the difficult and often hectic environment of team leadership and politics right up until Caitlin unwittingly crushed him with the mother of all resumes. "I…well, uh. Wow." He said, blinking once, then twice. All that /and/ a bag of chips, if you know what I mean?! "Well, I guess you must know which way the wind is blowing." Superboy decides with hands planted on his hips, "Otherwise, you wouldn't be joining up with us!"

Cass has to sidestep out at this point, and Conner waves her out. "Hm, I think our first team mystery should be figuring what the heck she's running off to." Second job? Volunteer work? Ghost dad?!

"Aww, Spidey," Caitlin says, sticking her lower lip out and frowning with genuine sympathy. She pats Spider-Man's back and gives his shoulderblade an affectionate rub with one palm. "It's okay! I don't care what other folks say about you, /I/ think you're A-okay," the big ginger assures him.

It's hard to say if it'd be more of a zinger if she actually meant it as such— the cutting edge of her sincerity!

Connor gets another beaming smile, though, at his accolades. "Well, I mean— Red had such a great idea, y'know? And being honest, it kinda sucks being literally the youngest person on the League these days, 'specially with my other friends going off to school and stuff," she admits. "I just wanna help out however I can, get out of Metropolis a bit— I've got a preeeeetty good machine shop set up in the bay now, too, and the vehicles are pretty easy to keep running with the schematics I've got on hand."

Zatanna gets a sympathetic look, and Caitlin leans towards her a little. "At least you've /got/ a heroic identity. I spent my first year of heroing running around in spandex from the thrift shop and no superhero name /at all/," she mutters, conspiratorially.

"Er, anyway, I've also got the gym all set up," she tells Connor, Robin, and Spidey. "Not sure what you guys think of a 'heavy workout', so I just imported all my settings from the League, and we can always do some weight training and Crossfit over at the Hall of Justice if you're not getting enough hustle in your bustle on the gym mats," she says, cheery, doing a little hip-and-arm swinging motion encouragingly. "But there's regular weight lifting equipment for you too, Zatanna," Caitlin says, clearly not wanting Zee to feel left out of things.

"It lets him extend a telekinetic field around anything he can make physical contact with," Red Robin explains clinically, because of course he has detailed, thorough files about the strengths and weaknesses and skills and capabilities of his friends and allies. Who wouldn't? "So it's not necessarily a question of being physically stronger, more like… He can use telekinesis to make whatever he's touching weigh less, from his perspective. It also keeps things from breaking apart when he lifts them, since, you know, physics. In theory he could impart momentum onto something just by touching it, without having to go through the physical act of throwing it… But it also means he's weakened if he can't concentrate on what he's doing. He'd do badly against a smart speedster."

He's also run simulations pitting his friends and allies against each other, as well as enemies whose abilities he's been able to analyse. Again: Who wouldn't?

Cassie beats a quick retreat due to her accidentally outing herself as a shipper, though her excuse about needing to use the powder room would be perfectly reasonable if she didn't run off in the wrong direction. Well, it's probably fine, right? Right.

"As long as you keep in mind that the Titans are unaffiliated, it should be fine," the vigilante says to Spider-Man. "Fairchild and Starfire are both involved with the League, though they're in a bit of an advisory capacity with us anyway," since they're older, he doesn't say, because he's a genius. "And like she says, the gym facilities are designed to accomodate a variety of levels of physical ability. Once it's done, the Mud Room will let us run combat simulations. It's a prototype of an idea I had, and it almost certainly won't gain sentience and try to kill us."

Hopefully, that's also a joke.

"But I'm not old enough to be a Madame!" Zatanna exclaims from where she stands…right before she goes to the nearest reflective surface to check whether she looks old enough to be a madame. "….why do I look it? No, don't answer that question. I don't wanna hear it." Addressed to everyone in the room. She might actually faint dead away if someone actually said she did.

Cassie's reply has her snap-pointing in her direction. "See? At least Wonder Girl's on my si— " And then she gets her name wrong and she deflates. "Alright, alright, I get the point, I'll nnrhggrhhbllrghworkonitshutup," she mutters. Her hand lifts to wave at Cassie when she leaves the meeting to go powder her nose.

The question regarding outside team-ups is a fair one, though Zatanna suspects she already knows the answer to that. Still, she listens intently, brows perking upwards from the domino mask she wears - at least she has one of these, courtesy of Red Robin's engineeering talents.

With Caitlin's generous remark and Red's reply, talk about garages, gyms and combat simulations has her reeling somewhat internally, the enormity of everything suddenly sinking in all at once.

She falls quiet at that, glancing around their environment once more.

"Well, there's that. If nothing else, it should be interesting at the very least in the name of doing something good," she offers.

A sympathetic pat on the back. Spider-Man is briefly, awkwardly, transfixed between feeling humiliated or touched. The figurative kind. He already knows he's literally touched.

It makes the shoulder slump a very strangely honored affair.

"Uhhh… thanks. I — yeah. Thanks. I think. Yep."

There. That ought to cover his bases.

Still, as Caitlin starts talking about a machine shop, Spider-Man's head tilts towards a thoughtful angle. There's a lot of things here he's going to have to do some ill-advised poking around and/or tinkering with, it seems. He's lost in that train of thought, making a mental checklist of all the things to take a closer look at, when Conner explains how his powers work. "But uh — I mean, you know that's not how-" A second passes. Spider-Man considers. "Okay yeah sure why not." Who is he to argue? He got his powers from a bug biting him. And as Red Robin explains further, in distressing detail, Spider-Man looks at him. He squints.

"That's a…"




"… really super duper uper crazy thorough explanation. Huh. Welp. Okay then!"


… Yep.

"I guess I do some of that too, with the wall-crawling. Maybe I have tactile telekinesis?" No. No he doesn't. He just wants to say it. Alliteration: learn to love it. "Spider-kinesis, maybe… Sensory spiderkinesis? … Doesn't have the same ring to it. Damn!"

Oh well. At least it's somewhat reassuring he's pretty sure Red Robin can't fully analyze him when he doesn't even know how some of his abilities work. He thinks.

… He hopes.

A simple nod along follows in the wake of Robin's talk of teams, a simple, "Good, great, awesome," following because after a certain amount of time has passed the webbed vigilante's become reasonably sure the Avengers don't want him anywhere near them anyway. He's going to blame Mister Stark. It's probably his fault. More importantly!

… why do I look it?

"Uhhh, well I mean, if I had to quantify it-"

No, don't answer that question.

"Yeah I was just thinking that's probably for the best."

Awkward silence lingers for a long moment.

"But if I had to-" NO SPIDER-MAN NO.

"- uh I mean I think I'm gonna go take a look around for a bit and see if there's any… interesting walls to stare at okay bye."

And off Spider-Man bravely goes, extricating himself before his poor impulse control on banter leads to his certain demise.

Crossfit at the Justice League, possibly with Wonder Woman in attendance? That does seems to grab Conner's attention for a hot minute, but Tim launches into an uncomfortably well-researched breakdown of just how his abilities worked (and didn't work) before Superboy can really try to cash in on Caitlin's suggestion. He seems to edge between nodding in agreement as if Tim was saying exactly what he was talking about and twisting his lips at some the more uncomfortable truths of the explanation, and ultimately settles for mild indignation. "/Dude/!" He shouts, throwing his arms up, "Don't just…give everyone the download on my bad match-ups like that! Not in front of the new girls!!!" He pouted out, "And spider-bro."

In any case, all the general questions seem to be handled, and Conner's interested in finding his own ways to wile away the rest of the day before having to answer any questions on his own. "Anyways, good meeting and all I guess. I'm gonna…go size out my room or something, yeah!"

"Oh, and i'll do a grocery run or something later, so just put a list of stuff you need on the fridge!" He tossed out after the fact, already speeding down the hallway to claim that much-touted corner spot.

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