Amazons Attack?

June 24, 2017:

Santa Prisca is attacked by invaders that appear to be Amazons. Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Wonder Girl, and Aesh help to repel them.

Santa Prisca

A tropical island paradise in the southern Gulf of Mexico, Santa Prisca is both beautiful and dangerous. Much of the shoreline is dominated by opulent tourist resorts or luxurious private estates owned by the cartel kings that rule the island. What cities exist are divided between the uber rich and desperately poor, the rest of the island a combination of dense rainforest and sprawling agricultural plantations.

The economy of the island is propped up by three things: Tourism; illegal trade in the deadly drug Venom; and tobbacco, fruit, and produce based agriculture that, unfortunately, together with the drug trade, supports a robust human trafficking network.

Between the Venom trade, the human trafficking network, and the strategic location of the island off its southern coast, the US often takes particular interest in Santa Prisca. Which means any threats to the small island nation are often seen as threats to the US itself, making it an unofficial protectorate. So, no. Nothing is as it seems on Santa Prisca.


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Santa Prisca: One of the northern-most Caribbean nations, known for its opulent and popular tourist vacation resorts and, less happily, its trade monopoly on the dangerous and highly illegal super-drug called Venom. The presence of the Venom production facilities on the island is concerning enough, to be sure. But, Santa Prisca is also strategically important to US interests, and not just because of clandestine interest in the unstable, physique-enhancing serum. Its location in the southern Gulf of Mexico makes it close enough to be a staging ground for attack on the southern US.

Thus, when word reaches American ears that the island is under attack, beyond any concern for vacationing American citizenry, there is immediate concern that the drug production facilities could be commandeered by the invading force, representing a significant and unexpected shift in regional power. Even so, that is not typically a fight the Justice League will interfere in… except that Diana finds herself called to the Monitor Womb of the Watchtower, where the attack has been noticed. "You're gonna want to see this," she's told as she arrives on the observation deck. "Are they who I think they are?"

Diana stands, staring hard at the screen for several moments. "I do not recognize their faces," she tells the hero at the console. "But that armour and those weapons are clearly Amazon. And those battle tactics are classic strategy." Her demeanour grows grim. "I need to go there."

"I'll summon the rest of the League to help," her friend replies. "In case you need backup."

Thus, a shortwhile later, Diana finds herself in the clear blue skies over the embattled Carribean paradise, clad in Eagle Armour and armed with sword, shield, and spear, in addition to her usual lasso and bracers. The sun glints off the golden wings of her armour as she sweeps over the waste of the initial battlefield, heading inland to where the fight yet rages.


It seemed like a no-brainer. Here's a free flight to the Caribbean. Here's some extra cash. All you gotta do is look over this guy's car and see if it's worth buying.

Which led to Robbie seeing an aftermarket part, then a few more, an argument, the car's owner having 'roided-up friends, and well, if nothing else… at least the "other guy" got to see the tropics.

Currently on the phone and on the way to his hotel to pick up what little stuff he brought to Santa Prisca, Robbie makes his way through the throng of pedestrians. "Yeah, Ramon, all smoke. Be lucky if half that thing wasn't built with Auto Zone shit. Yeah, I am too." He listens for a moment then smiles. "Yeah, put him on. And thanks for letting him crash." Another pause, with an accompanying smile. "Hey, little brother. Been holding it down while I'm out here?" Another pause, then a chuckle. "Yeah, there's a few hotties here, but I don't think my bank balance is what they're?"

It's at that point that Robbie hears explosions and screams. "Robbie?" the voice from his phone asks. "You there, bro?"

A corona of amber begins to smolder in Robbie's eyes. "Yeah, I'm, uh… I gotta call you back. I'll call you when my flight lands. Take it easy, Gabe."

And he runs towards the noise. Some of the locals may notice an odd smell of burning flesh if they weren't running from whatever was happening.


Wonder Woman calling for back up? That's rare. It is usually Wonder Woman who is called in for back up. Shes a sort of default heavy anymore and the most reliable Leaguer in Hal Jordan's eyes, his other go-to would be Power Girl but that's a lot of bias lately.

An emerald streak is swirling around Diana in a flashy display before it evens out next to her. Green on Black uniform unmistakable over the long bodied brunette's figure, an attempted and dashing smile tossed at the Princess of the Amazons, "You rang?" Hal teases. That colorful 'jetstream' behind him trails off to nothing but a light green field of armor around him.

"Whats the sitch?"


Cassie Sandsmark just so happens to be at the right place at the right time, in a way. With finals over and done with, she spent time further away from Santa Prisca to explore their local museums- Because why not, right? It's when she steps out that she happens to catch sight of the glinting armor high in the sky that causes her to raises her sunglasses and her jaw to drop. "No. Way." It couldn't be.

It's only a matter of moments before curiosity gets the better of her and she trails after in costume with butterflies in her stomach. It isn't until Lantern enters the picture that she gets the courage to catch up to the pair, which she does with an awkward smile, "H- Hey, what's up!"


The southern shores of Santa Prisca are littered with the bodies of the fallen — both soldiers and civilians alike. Some died with guns in their hands. Others look like they were fleeing at the time. Their bodies are stuck with arrows or pierced with wounds as from sword or spear. Empty shell casings litter the sand, grass, and pavement alike. Boats of greco-asian design are beached along the sand, emblazoned with emblems reminiscent of Antiquity, a handful of armoured women left behind to guard them.

The warriors that wreak havoc further inland are also women, inhumanly strong and fast, highly skilled with the archaic weapons they wield. Their shields are strong enough to stop bullets, though none of the warriors are as fast as Diana, to be able to stop bullets with their bracelets. So, they depend on numbers, speed, and surprise to take down their foes — who are mostly cartel militia and the island police force, such as it is.

Most civilians flee before the implacable invading force. Many die, though some are smart enough to surrender. Those are rounded up and placed in holding areas, surrounded by well armed guardswomen, all of them wearing armour reminiscent of Wonder Woman's own, albeit without the wings and eagle motif, and carrying swords, shields, and other archaic weapons superficially recognizable as being of Amazon design.

These are not women that fall easily, nor are they easily cowed or frightened. Indeed, they, themselves, are frightening in countenance and purpose, clearly bent on subduing all threats on the island and pacifying the population by whatever means necessary.

Diana's expression is troubled, as Lantern asks for a sitrep. "People are dying," she tells him, glancing to Cassie as she, too, arrives. "And it looks as if my people are to blame. But, I do not recognize any of the sigils they wear, save as simplistic replicas from our history. But, my mother's standard is not here, nor Phillipa's or anyone else's I recognize. These may be rogue Amazons. But, I cannot fathom where they may have come from, if not Themyscira." She regards the pair grimly. "We must stop them. We need to find their leaders, and make them stop."

The man with the flaming skull is not yet readily apparent to the Themysciran Princess.


Green Lantern flips on to his back so he can see Cassie, a voice that has just joined his and Diana's, like the Amazon he has yet to see the Ghost Rider. The Power Ring might pick up on his signature if Hal concentrates but right now he is not, "When did you, nevermind, hey there! Not read your file, pardon me if I don't know what your called." A wave of acknowledgement and he is facing forward again.

"Crowd control has been my jam lately. I'll focus on getting the civilians out of there and putting up some barriers." Hal's ring flashes brightly once and the sky fills with green 'steel' girders. Enough to build a building or two. It's not creative like an artist and they're likely all differing sizes as he's not an architect but they'll work and it's the first easiest thing to come to mind.

A 'boom' of air around him and the Emerald Warden rockets forward with a streamer trailing behind once again, seeking a vantage point to begin his work.


Robbie makes his way through the fleeing populace, those that managed to not get murdered by the Amazons, and finds his way near a recently abandoned garage. He hunkers inside, looking through a window at the captives and the bodies scattered along the beach.

Innocent blood. Lots of it. Within him, something howls with rage.

"Okay," he says to someone. "Okay, I get it."

After summoning his courage, Robbie looks around the garage and finds a three feet length of tow chain. As he takes hold of one end of it, his flesh begins to smoke, char, and finally burn away, replaced by bleached bone engulfed in flame. A flick of the creature's wrist wraps the chain around his torso, and the Ghost Rider leaves the garage to avenge the slaughtered.

He pauses upon seeing the Lantern as he greets him, but otherwise continues unabated at a steady yet purposeful pace.


Diana's expression quell's Wonder Girl's flustered excitement pretty quickly, but once she's addressed by Green Lantern her entire face flushes red and her goggles briefly fog up. He may not recognize her, but she most certainly knows of him! "I- Uh.. S- Sorry.." she mumbles, completely forgetting to introduce herself and a bit overwhelmed by how laid back he seems. The other worry are the 'leaders'. Fairchild's told her how tough the amazons are, and she's a bit worried that she won't be able to easily handle the head honchos but.. She won't know if she doesn't try, right? "Stop the leaders.. Ok, I'll follow your lead!… If that's ok?"


Diana nods to Hal as he takes on the task of minimizing innocent casualties and collateral damage. She watches him streak off and regards the young Cassie beside her. "Mm," she nods. "Yes. Stay with me." That way, if the kid gets into trouble, Diana will be there to bail her out.

As for the Ghost Rider, it will not be long before he confronts Amazon warriors intent on their task of conquest. His flaming, demonic appearance startles them, but only momentarily. Then, they rally and he will soon find himself in the fight of his life. That said, these warriors are not wonder women. They display a range of fighting styles, and not all of them are classic Amazon. One or two, in frustration, perhaps, are even willing to pick up the weapons of the enemy and use them. Remarkably, enough, they seem to have no learning curve at all to understanding and using modern firearms. They are as deadly accurate with bullets as they are with arrows. But, they are just as vulnerable to damage as anyone else, it seems.

As that fight begins, Diana, high in the sky, does take note of it, if only because a fiery demon is as much a surprise to her as them. That said, she can't fault the locals for using whatever abilities they have at hand to combat her people. She knows just how formidable Amazons can be in battle.

"Come," she tells Cassie, now. "The leaders of this invasion will be near the front lines, or they are no Amazons." And, with that, she unseats her spear and soars towards the clear point of the warriors' push into the island.

It doesn't take long before the warriors on the ground notice the winged, golden-armoured warrior and her companion above them. Indeed, Green Lantern's appearance is a clear clarion call to them. The Justice League is here, which invariably means Wonder Woman as much as any of the other heroes on its roster. So, Cassie and Diana soon find their sky full of sailing arrows and, occasionally, bullets as well.


The Amazons Hal faces in his efforts to redirect and aid civilians are clever, as much as strong and capable. Some of them even take initiative to try to climb his structures to get beyond the barriers the green beams represent. Perhaps, they do not truly understand the nature of the lantern ring's power.

"Coms on?" Hal questions as he dodges a javelin. "These ladies are not nice. You can't just tell them to stand down, Princess?" Those green girders are slamming in to the earth, creating lopsided barriers and walls, even warning drops near Amazons assaulting him with ranged attacks. He's not fighting back so much right now, just divvying up the battlefield.

"It's kinda unfair, they send me the SensitivityLantern and you get a cute cheerleader for a sidekick? I suppose it beats having a Robin." Green Lantern is bantering. It's what he does on the field. Diana is no doubt used to it by now. "Incoming fire… ball.. what is that? A friendly or not?"

Ring Power Levels at 87%

A small troope of Amazons preparing to take aim on Diana and Cassie find themselves being kicked in all directions by a giant green cowboy boot. It's cheezy but it works.


The Rider is swarmed by a number of the female warriors and, to his credit or his folly, the Spirit of Vengeance shows no sign of reticence. The first of the women runs him through with a spear, causing him only to passively look down at the polearm impaling him. He looks back up and roars, firing a plume of hellfire directly into his assailant's face. As she staggers back screaming, the Rider pulls the spear's shaft the rest of the way through so it falls behind him and pulls the tow-chain from his jacket, whirling it over his head as his hellfire begins to coat the tarnished metal. He then lunges at his attackers, alternatively punching them or whipping the chain to either trip them or just smack them in the face. A few of them fall, but one manages to kick him in the torso hard enough to send him flying into a storefront window.

They carefully advance, weapons at the ready. The burning chain then sails through the window, wraps around the neck of the Amazon that kicked him through the window, and hauls her inside the store.


"Right!" Cassie quickly consents and forces herself to keep focused, to refrain from looking around to get distracted by the chaos below. It isn't long before the first challenge is faced, and even with the wind against her the speed of the projectiles appears slow enough for her to react to, and of course there's plenty of space for her to make wide sweeps to avoid the brunt of them. The bullets prove trickier, so she eventually decides upon falling behind Wonder Woman whom she knows is better suited for dealing with the metal objects. "I'm right behind you!"


Of course, Diana's coms are on, although that doesn't necessarily mean Cassie and Ghost Rider can hear them. But, the Lansinar Crystal in Diana's tiara can fix that. "That is my intention," Diana tells Hal, bullets pinging off her bracelets as she defends both herself and the young woman that flies with her. "We are encountering resistance." Probably not a surprise, that.

Her attention is briefly diverted to Ghost Rider, at Hal's observation of him. "If it is holding the warriors' attention, we will call it friendly… for now." She doesn't know its true source or intent, yet, after all.

The Amazons reroute to find ways around Green Lantern's barriers, and to reinforce their sisters facing the Ghost Rider. They become more direct and aggressive with their tactics, hoping numbers will prevail where finesse fails.

Diana slings her shield off her back and says to Cassie, "Do you know how to use this?" Because, if so, she will hand it to her to use. If not, then she will use it for both of them. "We're going in."

With that, she angles her dive to land in the midst of the front lines. "Stop this!" she calls out to the women she believes are her sisters. "What are you doing? Stop this madness, now! Where is your general?"


"A lot of incoming fire… " Hal admits, was that a ballista? Sure was. The Lantern is actually forced to dodge in stead of put up a barrier on that one.

"Civilians are mostly out of harms way, we're down to the well… badguys and badgals."

Ring Power Levels at 83%

A pair of green bulls appear and ram their way through a throng of the Cartel members.

Jordan is actually descending to hover near the Ghost Rider, "Ease up, pal. Lets not kill anyone!" Not exactly sure this helll-reaper creature speaks or how flame resistant these Amazons are.


An Amazon leveling a trident at Ghost Rider gets punched by a giant hardlight fist sending her ass-over-elbows in a tumble.

The Rider flails his flaming chain in an arc that takes three of the charging Amazons out at once, just as the Lantern's construct subdues the one attempting to run him through a second time. The Rider looks upwards towards Hal, and simply silently nods. Whether it's a show of thanks or an acknowledgement of his caution against killing the invaders isn't clear.

At that moment, one of the Amazons fires a flotilla of arrows, two of which pierce the Rider's torso. Staring at his attacker as though to question the woman's sanity, he grips both arrows, pulls them out with the same care as pulling off a pair of socks, and advances towards her, striking the chain menacingly against the ground, sparking the concrete upon impact.


"Defensively? Yes!" Cassie quickly replies. Obviously she doesn't have skill nearly at the level of Wonder Woman, but there's both a wave of relief and excitement to have it handed to her. There's a 'thank you very much' sheepishly mumbled, but she's far more confident with handling the projectiles at this point. The crystal's activation catches her by surprise, but is ignored in favor of following orders.

After touching down, she stares in awe at the army before them. SO these are amazons, in the flesh. It's truly incredible, but what in the world is going on? Hopefully Wondy can get some answers.


Aesh had decided, after a long week of work, to take a couple of days off. He really needed a break from his day to day life. The Caribbean islands had always been a place he'd like to go to so why not now? After all, the youth wasn't sure of when he would be able to have another day off. He had been enjoying his trip: Meeting new people, sight seeing.. He learned about the invasion from his HUD's information feed: The police's radio communication being picked on by his system. He quickly flies to the place he believes to be the center of the trouble.. As he flies, he surveys the scene bellow, a smile appearing on his face as he spots Diana. At least, one familiar face. He quickly change his direction, landing with a *thud* besides her and Cassie. "If I said I was surprised to see you here, I would be a liar." Its the first thing that he says, his eyes taking on the army in front of them.


Having passed her shield to Cassie, Diana uses her bracelets to deflect bullets when necessary, now. She wades through the fray, using her spear to redirect blows and disarm opponents when she can. She is obviously trying not to harm, maim, or kill, but she is decisive when she puts down those who oppose her. "Sisters! Stop this!" she calls again, sparing Aesh a quick glance as the youth joins her and Cassie. "Aesh. We must get them to stop fighting!" She keeps an eye on Cassie, as well, to see that the girl is handling herself — and the shield — well. Satisfied enough, Diana reaches out to grab one of the Amazons close to her. She disarms her and pulls her close. "Your leader! Who is it?" She demands. "This will stop!"

Meanwhile, an enterprising captain is working on planning a counter-attack against Green Lantern and Ghost Rider. She has ranged archers at various heights in the surrounding terrain and buildings, and is bringing a larger war machine to bear. Several of the warriors have formed up into phalanx-like squads and, shields before them, create an effective barrier to protect the archers. Then, a dozen spearwomen use the shields of a secondary line of warriors behind the shield wall, as launching pads, leaping over their sisters to attack the pair en mass.


"I think Batman just lost the Spooky nickname. We got a new contender." Yeah, Ghost Rider takes the cake in the freaky department. Does he have a neck or is he just a flaming skeleton? No time to play curious. The troops are rallying.

The additional incoming isn't noticed, the Amazons are bulking up for their war against Spirit of Vengeance and Peacekeeper of Sector 2814.

"Don't be alarmed!" Hal shouts to Ghost Rider and the ring flares around them, suddenly spiked armor starts to appear over both the Rider and the Lantern, archaic and medieval, some added protection. They look like something off of a heavy metal cover together now, in one hand Hal has a shield and in the other a hammer.

Ghost Rider's flames are not staunched if anything they get a neat added translucent green effect over them.

"You sure you want to do this!?!" The Lantern shouts at the Amazons, "It's about to get ugly!

—Ring Power Levels at 71%

Not that Ghost Rider doesn't already look like a death metal poster. ;)


The Rider looks down at the ring-construct armor as it forms upon him, then looks towards Hal and nods again as if approving. He slacks out the fiery chain in his hand, preparing it for any incoming attack. As he notes the Amazons leaping towards them, he breathes a geyser of hellfire in a tracking arc towards them, not necessarily to cause harm, but mainly to scatter them as they approach.

This would make a great vacation story to tell Gabe, if Gabe knew about Robbie's alter ego.


Wonder Girl is rather oblivious to how well or unwell she's using the shield, on the forefront of her mind is how absolutely *badass* she feels carrying the thing. Ok actually the forefront is sharing space with studying Wondy's attempts to find answers and attempt peace, which is shaken by Hal's wisecracking- Cassie draws her lips inward to try to fight back a smile, 'What are you talking about?' she really REALLY wants to ask.

Aesh proves to be an excellent asking deterrent, and quickly raises a finger to her lips, then gestures for him to lean in closer. "What she said- but I don't exactly excel in interogation- that's more Red's thing. How about you?"


"All right!" Aesh exclaims in response to Diana. He looks at the army in front of them, thinking about his attack options. His eyes run over the army once more and Aesh finally acts. His body starts to sparkle, electricity being channeled to hidden circuitry within his hands. He gauges the electricity carefully, his attack not meant to kill his targets. "Ready!" His electricity is released, hitting the amazons with full force. Some of their scores shiver in pain, before they fall down, unconscious. The youth is then charged by a single amazon. "Why are you attacking? You've always been a pacific people."" Aesh asks, his hand morphing into a sword to combat the woman. He easily disarms her, his real focus on the still coming army. A quick glance is Given to Cassie. His curiosity will have to wait. His 'sword' starts to change shape now its not needed anymore. It reconfigures itself, Aesh's whole arm turning into a tube-like launcher. He uses his HUD, marking specific targets. With a loud *riz* the launcher fires hundreds of finger-sized missiles which detonate upon impacting the army. Good thing he programmed them properly to not hit with enough strength to kill.. The launcher then transform again, this time returning to its original shape, Aesh's left arm and hand. A group of nearby archers fire a cluster of arrows at him, the arrows piercing Aesh's skin. They fall to the ground, bouncing of of Aesh's metallic body. "Well, interrogation isn't one of my strong points.. I guess we'll just have to improvise."


The Amazon offensive against Lantern and Rider quickly devolves into an all out brawl, as the hellfire and hardlight scatter their number and break their lines. Their numbers, however, are not inexhaustible. So, the enterprising captain, picks up a discarded AK-47 from the battlefield and fires it into the air to get their attention. Then, she aims for a cluster of civilians her troops have gathered. "Lay down your weapons, heroes," she sneers, "or you'll have more blood on your hands than you'll ever want."

Meanwhile, where Diana and her two young companions stand, warriors are moving to divide the two youngsters from the more experienced fighter that is Wonder Woman. And to divide them from each other.

The woman Diana holds, however, gives her a fierce, ugly grin and, even without the lasso of Truth wrapped about her, points deeper into the battlefield where a woman with more impressive armour and a greater stature is slaying cartel men as if it were naught but a stroll through the park. "Meet your doom, princess," she sneers.

Diana smacks the woman hard enough to stun her and drops her to the ground as Aesh and Cassie fight. She loosens her lasso from her belt, slinging her spear across her back and sprints towards the mysterious general, slinging out the rope as she nears. It coils around the woman, whose gaze snaps immediately to the Champion of the Amazons, and Diana pulls, pulling the woman closer. "You will stop this, Sister. Now."

"Your lasso can't compel me to your will, Princess," the general says. "My soldiers will fight until this island is mine."


"Since when do Amazons… nevermind, just yeah." Green Lantern's hardlight constructed armor dissolves from himself and the Rider. He makes sure there are no female warriors too close to him and then puts both hands up in the air, "Not generally one to negotiate with terrorists." Unfortunately he knows he isn't faster than a speeding bullet.

"Standing down but I'm not sure my pal here even speaks or can be stopped." A headtip towards Ghost Rider, "Good luck." Come up with a plan. Come up with a fast plan or hopefully teamwork gives way to some options.

"Whats the deal anyways big and beautiful? I mean, you get something sour from a foodcart here? Never ask for today's special. Rule of thumb. They cook it in bulk, a lot less love." Stall, stall, stall.

Mouth is moving. Arms are in the air - palms exposed.


The Ghost Rider lowers the chain as his armor dissipates, and he stands where he is, not moving. As the chain drops to the ground, the glowing eye sockets scan their surroundings for anything the pair of them can use to get the drop on the Amazon holding the rifle. He spots a fuel truck that someone left parked with the doors open in a mad dash to escape the initial onslaught. The truck is located some distance away, enough that if it exploded, the civilians wouldn't be in danger of taking shrapnel, but close enough that it might make a decent distraction.

The moment he notices that Hal can see him, he surreptitiously tilts his head upwards towards the truck in the hopes the Lantern has roughly the same idea.


"Improvise it is," Cassie agrees with a weak smile, and instinctively moves closer to Aesh once she believes she realizes what's happening with the opponents movements. Her skills might end up being a little more useful for her new ally. "WHOA!" she's caught by surprise by the electric blast, then the barrage of missiles. "I think they're trying to split us up; we both know Wondy can hold her own. If you focus on the back lines to make things easier, then I can keep the front lines off of you, deal?" she offers, shield raised as she fends off yet another longer ranged assault. She manages some clumsier throws with the assistance of the shield, but her kicks prove to be far more effective in sending her opponents flying back!


Aesh Continues to fight against the amazons. Two tentacle-like limbs sprout from his chest, the cyborg using them as extra limbs. The tentacles whip nearby amazons, sending them to the ground. Noticing their tactic, he remembers to always keep an eye on Diana and Cassie, tough he is too busy to help Diana. The woman is more experienced then him, after all. "Block your hears!" He says to Cassie. The tip of one of his tentacles change, the tip now sporting a small, square device. "Here we go!" He exclaims, activating his sound generator. The device produces a low frequency that, when heard by humans causes intense pain. It works, the amazons that try to attack him starting to clutch desperately at their hears, some of them screaming and falling unconscious, vomit trickling from some open mouths. Aesh deactivates his device, glancing at Cassie. "Yes, they certainly are trying to split us up." He rotates his tentacles around the two, attempting to cover all possible blind spots. "You fight well." He comments to Cassie. Despite the situation, the youth finds a second to smile at her. |Energy at 70| Flashes across his right eye.


"Tell the rest of your League to back off," the captain tells Lantern as both he and Rider appear to surrender. "Or we start killing hostages." Lantern's right, of course. This is not a typical Amazon tactic. It's more of a mercenary tactic. She has not yet clued into the danger that is the fuel truck.

As Aesh and Cassie team up, the Amazons facing them start using more ranged and heavy-weapons assault tactics on them, rather than trying to get up close and personal. They've realized pretty thoroughly, by now, that Aesh is a wildcard they hadn't counted on, with his ever morphing tactics and technology. One of their captains, likewise, calls for prisoners to be brought in closer, beginning to use the innocents as not-so-easily overcome shields as they attempt to take the pair down. Again, this is not a typical Amazon tactic. But, it is a mercenary one.

Meanwhile, Diana holds fast to the lasso around the Amazon general. "No," she agrees, hearing the truth in both statements the general makes. "But it can compel you to speak the truth."

"Only for so long as it can hold me," the woman replies swiftly, before Diana can ask question. Even bound, the general knocks her gauntletted fists together. There is a flash of light and she disappears from within the lasso, the golden line falling slack.

"No!" Diana spins, looking for her adversary, but the general is nowhere to be seen. Her soldiers, however, rally with renewed purpose, a nearby lieutenant, shouting, "Capture the princess!"

The next thing Diana knows, she's being swarmed by dozens of warriors at once.


It's a subtle gesture from Hal, a turn of his wrist so the ring flashes. Just once and a 'streak' of green light, almost like a bullet shoots off hits the ground before the truck and ricochets up in to it. About all it takes. Obviously Hal caught the Rider's nod. Good thing too because Jordan wasn't figuring on that one. The eruption of fire, smoke, gasses and shrapnel creates a loud BOOM. Hopefully Skeletor can take advantage of that; Hal's no speedster.

The moment the truck explodes, the Rider grabs his chain off the ground, immolates it, and flings it towards the captain once she takes notice of the explosion, aiming it towards the rifle in at attempt to disarm her by striking the weapon with it.


"Erk." Cassie quickly covers her ears, turned to the side to keep herself shielded as best as possible then, seeing the results, can't help but cringe. Pretty effective tech, that's for sure. "Glad he's on our side," she murmurs to herself, and it's far easier for her to deal with the weakened 'amazons' that continue to press forward. His compliment is responded with a sheepish grin, "Th- Thanks.. I've got a long way to go though. Especially compared to you, Mr two-fifty hit combo."

Sick MvC 2 reference. Would Hal be proud? Actually, would he even get it?

Just before she's about to suggest a shift in tactics of her own, that's when she notices that the prisoners are being used as meat shields, which causes her jaw to drop. Is.. Is she *really* seeing this? "N- No way.. You can't do that!" she protests as uncertainty creeps into her lowered confidence.


Its not an usual situation at all. "Whoever these people are, they are not Amazons." Aesh comments to Cassie as he sees innocents being used as shields. "They would never attempt something like that." He points to a group of prisoners. Arrows and bullets tear through his skin, the metal underneath is what saves his life and makes him impervious to all the wounds. He winces in pain, certainly noticing his injuries. As he sees Diana being swarmed, he frowns. "We have to help her!". His mind thinks feverishly about how to take care of their current predicament. That's when it occurs to him. His eyes glance at a nearby parked vehicle."I'll need you to cover me for a moment." He tells Cassie as His eyes close for a moment and, through the use of his HUD, sends a quick command to the vehicle's internal electronic system. It starts up, racing towards the group of amazons that currently faces him and Cassie. He has programmed its path so it won't hit innocents, the vehicle being only a distraction for him and Cassie to rescue the prisoners. As the vehicle approaches, Aesh glares at the amazons who fire at the pair. "You want to have a long-range fight? All right." The tip of his chest tentacles morph once more, this time becoming two small but fast laser guns. His hands morph too, leaving him with 4 weapons. He aims carefully, once more marking targets with his HUD. Then, he starts to fire, firing each pair of guns once, his shots being all aimed at the larger, obvious targets. The amazons who are hit by the lasers simply fall down, no sound escaping their lips. The youth shoots carefully, hitting objects near the amazons, making the objects (like a piece of wall) hit them and knock them out. He hasn't forgotten about Diana but he knows that if they are to help her first they have to take care of their current problem. "I'm Aesh." He introduces himself to Cassie, his words being spoken in a calm tone. He really isn't surprised with the situation. "Calm down. You have to keep your focus. If you don't, you'll be falling into their trap." If he wasn't too busy with his weaponry, he'd probably pat her shoulder. In response to her joke, the cyborg grins, well-aware of the reference.


The truck goes up with a WHOOSH. The captain's gun is knocked from her hands by a flaming chain and she automatically reaches for her sword, dashing toward the hostages with murder in her eyes. Her troops move back into the fray with the two heroes, trying to subdue them.

Aesh will quickly find himself the sole focus of much of the remaining Amazons' attacks. Despite the careening car, they realize the constantly morphing, crazyfast cyborg is a bigger threat than either Cassie or the swarmed Wonder Woman, at this moment, since there seems to be nothing he can't do. They are nimble and tough. Most of them avoid the car fairly handily, their honed reflexes and speed giving them an edge. But, the result is that Aesh may actually find himself to the point of quite possibly being overwhelmed. His energy, after all, isn't limitless, and he's expended a lot of it. The electricity grid on the island is not that robust. There is a limited amount he can recoup.

Of course, all this allows Cassie to move fairly freely. Diana is heavily embattled and although she is holding her own for the moment, there is no doubt that the true Amazon is under definite threat.


The Rider sees the captain lunge for the hostages amidst the Amazons renewing their attack on him. He points Hal towards her and launches himself towards their attackers intending to draw them away from Hal and enabling him to safeguard the hostages if he's able. The chain out of his reach and the hellfire engulfing it doused as a result, the Rider has to rely on bare-handed tactics, punching one, hurling another towards a parked car, lather, rinse, repeat… all he can do to let the Lantern, the better equipped of the pair of them to do so at the moment, take the captain down.


Hal's ring directs a new salvo of retaliation for the Captain as she makes for her attack, this time? It's him. Engulfed in that green autoshield he using the speeds at which he can fly to shoulder ram the woman away from the hostages, the ram will become a grab on to her hair and a 'launch' of her roughly towards the wreckage of the burning truck, if he manages to strike her. Rather deliberate and cold an action on his part but his focus zeroes in when she goes for innocent blood. Plus, shes an Amazon right? She'll survive it.


"Right. Yeah, you're right, sorry for losing it.. Do your thing!" Cassie concedes to Aesh's pep talk, but while she's convinced now that this group can't be real amazons, she's still heartbroken by their new tactics which compels her to want to free as many prisoners as she can… After she assists her new partner as requested. The time spent charging is her circling him to repel projectiles with astonishing speed or knocking them away until he unleashes his plan. "Wonder Girl. And it looks like you're drawing some *serious* aggro; hope you know what to do with it." she notes between time.

Her plan after that isn't so brainless a choice though; it really does appear that Wonder Woman is having trouble now. "I'll be back!" She loses her cool again then breaks formation to blast forward like a missile- Almost literally since she holds the shield in front of her like a shell, then blasts passed Wonder Woman's side, which hopefully sends the 'amazon' wave flying back.


Aesh curses. The distraction with the car didn't work,unfortunately. Noticing the focus of their enemies seems to be changing to him, he would quickly point to where Diana is being swarmed. He nods as Wonder Girl leaves. "I'll figure something out." He says, almost as an after thought. He pulls all the surrounding electricity to him, the electricity boosting his total energy. "I'll try to hold them here.." Glancing at the ground between him and the amazons, an idea occurs to him. Through the use of his tentacles, he channels kinetic energy to the ground. The amazons, noticing he has stopped shooting, charge him.. Then he puts his new plan into motion: He stomps down with his foot, sending a large shockwave downward. He hopes to create a hole for his enemies to fall on. Before he can see the results of his work he leaps back, putting some distance between him and the amazons. He takes to the sky and as he flies he starts to kick at the amazons bellow. His goal is, after all, to free the prisoners and he seeks their guards.


So, Amazons are going down at Ghost Rider's hands and the captain Hal charges and throws rolls through the fire and keeps going out the other side to put out the flames that might have caught her. (Someone actually knows 'stop-drop-and-roll'… or, at least, the roll part.) She's then back on her feet, scooping up a discarded shield to go with her sword.

Aesh's manoeuvre doesn't cause the ground to collapse; the earth isn't that fragile, here. But it does cause enough of a localized quake to make footing uncertain. More effective are his aerial attacks, since the Amazons can't fly. But, they do soon begin to protect each other with projectiles and shields. Again, though, it's a numbers game, and theirs are falling.

Cassie's shield strike, however, is effective at giving Diana room to breathe. She is thus able to bring her own abilities better into play and plants herself firmly before slamming her bracelets together in a cross. A wave of power flows out from the Aegis that her bracelets once were, throwing the other wall of warriors back. Then, like Cassie, she is airborne. She has new orders for her companions. "Disarm them. Subdue them. These are not Amazons. And this ends, now." Because she's fed up with this charade.


"Not Amazons? Could have fooled me." Hal doesn't relent on the woman as she stands and hefts up her shield, the Captain is assaulted with flurry of chains with balled ends, they fly in form all directions. She is skilled, very, managing to deflect and evade a majority of them but all it takes is one to slip past that defense and cause her to reel.

Sweeping inside while shes staggered Green Lantern unleashes a savage right hook followed by an uppercut to the chin from his left when her upperbody swings back in guided by that force. Like a boxer the League member dazes and wrecks her, that hit to the chin so hard it actually makes her hover on her toes before she collapses. "You sure they're not Amazons? These women are brutes." Yeah, her gender didn't slow Hal in the punchypunchy. He's too experienced and respectful to pull those punches these days.

"I think we're good over here. Flamey Reaper guy is mopping up the rest… " Those who go down will find green handcuffs enwrapping wrists all of them tethered to chains that connect to Hal's ring. At least for those in his near vicinity.

-Ring Energy Levels at 62%


Disarming and subduing are two things that Cassie considers herself particularly talented in, though the way Diana unleashes her power with her bracelets does make her cringe a little as she thinks 'Oooh, they're in trouble~.' However rather than take the complete offensive, Cassie sweeps back toward Aesh, deciding to instead take advantage of her speed to focus far more on the disarming and hostage to make it easier for him to counter attack.

Maybe its the adrenaline from her frustration, but she doesn't think she's ever moved so quickly before; firearm barrels are crushed, bows snapped at the top and swords collected, with the occasional joint-strike to weaken others enough to give those that managed to bring hostage close enough a chance of escaping.


"I've had it!" Aesh exclaims, anger flashing across his eyes. He continues to fly, waiting until he flies right above the center of the group he's been dealing with. While they had been using prisoners as shields, this part of their formation has no innocent. The projectiles that hit him only serve to anoy him further. The youth channels most of his energy to his feet, his whole body starting to get warmer, sweat starting to drip from his skin. "That's it… No more using innocents, you are done!" He releases his pent-up energy from above, the energy being released in the form of a large-scale explosion, a large Boom echoing through the island. Shields and amazons are flung everywhere, even as the youth's energy levels drop rapidly. Fortunately, the prisoners weren't hit. It isn't difficult for Aesh to incapacitate their guards. To the women who had been commanded this group Aesh has something in store.. As she charges towards him, he simply swings his fist. He hits her jaw with a loud *twack*. The woman's expression is one of surprise then its blank as she falls unconscious. All his victims, when found, would be wrapped up in nets, wrapped and bound. Aesh then flies to where Diana and Wonder Girl are at. Perhaps, if he is fast enough, he'll still be able to help.. Tough with only 10 of energy he won't be able to do much.. Still, he flies as quick as he can, managing to meet up with Cassie, steam coming of of his body.


It takes little time, after that, for the heroes to wrap up the fight. What Amazons don't retreat, either surrender or are subdued. The general is nowhere to be found, which annoys Diana to no end. And every so-called Amazon she interrogates with her lasso tells the same story: No, obviously, they're not Amazons. They're mercenaries hired, enhanced by some sort of super serum, and trained to fight like Amazons. No, they don't know by whom; they only know it is financially well worth their while. And, really, who wouldn't want to be as strong and fast as an Amazon? There is no shortage of volunteers. As for why? To draw Diana out, of course. And to show the world just how vulnerable it is to an attack by her people.

Thus, Diana is more than happy to hand to clean-up over to SHIELD when the time comes. She looks at her companions. "Thank you for your aid," she says simply, her expression reflecting her disappointment in the day's events, but not in their performance. "I wish we had been more successful, but we have stopped this attack, at least." And, for the moment, it seems that's all they can do.


This part of the gig Hal is used to and is quick to avoid speaking to SHIELD, DEO, any of them. It's just not worth the paperwork. Making his way to Diana's side he places his knuckles on his hips and looks around, "Not your gals, I mean, you know this but it is clear this is going to be an issue for the rest of the world. This could seriously spill over and make YOU and possibly the rest of us look real bad." Public relations, it seems to be required in part of the Justice League operations.

"I trust you, Wonder Woman." His brown eyes travel over towards Cassie and Aesh, "Press conferences and a meeting with the United Nations I will not be there with you though, I mean, you really don't want me in on those anyways." A smile offered to the statuesque woman. "Who is the new kid? Another one… "


Wonder Girl doesn't even have a feel for how much longer her new partner can hold out, the visual queues simply aren't obvious enough for her. Thankfully, the group manages to work efficiently enough to the end. She feels a similar bit of dissatisfaction with the overall results though, at least until Diana speaks; she suddenly stands straight as she cries out, "N- No, thank *you*, it was such an honor to fight by your side! I'm sorry I couldn't do more…"

She pauses a moment before she hands the shield back, at which point Cassie's then alarmed once Aesh lands near her. She quickly raises her hands near her shoulders in surrender. "A- Ah! Hey, you're not going to explode, right? D- Do you need to be dunked in water or something?"

Finally Green Lantern's back! Sadly with not the best news, but his words make her feel a bit uncomfortable. "Wait.. You're kidding. You can't trash a groups solid reputation just by spending *money*, right?"


"It was a pleasure to help, Diana." Aesh says as he lands. Now the fighting is over, his nanomachines can start to repair the damage that has been done to his body. His skin starts to repair itself, his gashes and wounds visibly closing. "This mystery isn't over.. We'll see this person again in the future, no doubt about that.." He turns to Green Lantern, giving him a greeting smile. "My name is Aesh, sir." He introduces himself for the second time today. "The person who organized this plan.. They are really intelligent.. They were wanting to send a message and it'll be received by the rest of the world.. Unfortunately, some will believe it. You can count on me whenever you need, Diana." As he sees Cassie, he shakes his head, extending a hand towards her. "I'm ok, Wonder Girl.. My body just got heated as a result of my last attack." His wounds finish being healed, Aesh releasing a soft sigh of relief. He nods at Cassie. "Yes, of course you can.. The rest of the world has no idea of the Amazon's customs.. People will, very probably think this attack was done by them. Unfortunately, that's how things work." His tone is still calm and soft. "I think we'll just have to wait and see how things will turn out.. I myself will see if I can shed some light into this mystery." His body has cooled down and sweat dries on his skin.


"I believe she's called 'Wonder Girl'," Diana tells Hal. "And the young man is called Aesh." She doesn't know much more than that. "Where is your flaming friend?" Doubtlessly, Ghost Rider slipped off somewhere when SHIELD and the 'real' authorities started to arrive. Probably safer for him, really.

Nevertheless, she must agree with him. He is not the one to have at a press conference. "Unfortunately," she tells Cassie, "yes. Enough money can be used to tarnish reputations. However, I will be proactive about this, and do my best to ensure the damage is limited."

She glances to the 'space cop' again. "It would help, however, if we could find out who is behind this. And why."

She shakes her head. "Come," she tells them. "It's time to leave this place." She has lots of work to do back at home, now.


"Name of the game." Hal says to Cassie pleasantly enough though it does look like he is eager to escape before more SHIELD officials show up and start hammering them for questions, "Tip one. Don't linger beyond a few quick shots! The headache is not worth it." A nod to Aesh and a hand pats the man on the shoulder in a friendly, thump. "Thanks for the assist, I'm sure we'll catch up soon. You're kind of hard to miss." So are Lanterns though.

Then he is off! Jordan isn't trying to be rude but he really doesn't like paperwork!


"They wouldn't if they did research…" An annoyed sounds passes Wonder Girl's lips as she glances to the side. Obviously she doesn't want to believe that, but eventually she'll have to come to terms with the simplicity of corruption. Of course it's unrealistic to believe everyone is as big an enthusiast as she is.

She sighs, then raises her hand to her chest. "All right." She wants to help Diana, though it isn't clear to her at the moment how she can.

That said, Lantern has some pretty sound advice, and she isn't in the mood to go back to any museums today- time to head on back! She looks at Aesh again, only now he's far more repaired than when she last looked, and takes a step back in surprise. ".. Whoa, so you are. It was nice to team up with you; we should do it again sometime. Preferably in a less downsville scenario, ahhah hah.." she gives a quick salute before she opts to follow after Di like a pup; at least up to where she left her backpack.


Aesh Isn't a fan of SHIELD… Neither of the government, for that matter. "Oh I'm sure we will.. I live in Metropolis.. Feel free to visit. Hopefully next time we'll be able to talk without people trying to kill us." He replies to Cassie. "I should also be going.. I'll research and see if I can find any new info about the person who planed this.". He doesn't follow Diana, instead flying away rapidly. And here he was hopping for a day off…

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