Spastic Force X

June 21, 2017:

Tension rises on the 6th Floor, Regan pushes her luck and Harley has a big reveal. (NSFW LANGUAGE)


NPCs: Carpenter, TattooGuy, Matador



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Fade In…

"Pretty much done for now until you guys want upgrades." The auburn haired and freckled girl lets Taskmaster know. Her coveralls paint coated, thighs and calves bare. "Bill is in the mail."

"Mail?" Taskmaster inquires, he really doesn't know what the hell is going on. He has reserved himself to just a few nights on the couch when hes training Regan or June.

"Figure of speech. Harl and Ivy know how to reach me to finish paying me off. Its gonna be expensive! Just to warn."

Taskmaster shrugs, "Not my bill, have fun, toots." A hand swats her on the backside as she spins away, giving a warning *whrr* of her drill before she is tossing it in to the workbox and bounding on out of the Gotham Arms.

"So not paying anyone to cover all this Hyena stank."

Laying in the area she as deemed as hers, Harley snuggles on the floor with her babies. She sits up when Taskmaster insults her beloved pets by insinuating they stink. "Hey! I bathe them!" she protests, but it's true, even with weekly baths, one can't truly get rid of the muskiness of the hyenas. She's wearing panties and a t=shirt, the t being long enough to nearly reach her knees. The artwork on it was originally a artistic rendition of Joker's smile, but has been sharpied to make it look more akin to Taskmaster's mask.

Regan passes through the doorway not but a few seconds after their repair-girl is through it. The heavy clop of heeled boots and the faint tapping of dangling jewerly can only mean one thing: Regan. With a dress made out of an oversized tee shirt that falls in tatters over one shoulder and knee-height leather boots made by Christian Louboutin, Regan is elbows-out. In her one-woman show of The Devil Wears Prada, one hand is jutted out to hold the heavy day bag she's got dangling from an elbow, phone in hand, and the other is balancing a Starbucks cup. "Does Hyena scent settle into fresh paint?" Regan doesn't look to them, yet, too busy finishing her text. "Because if that's the case, does anyone mind if I gate off my floors before I have them worked on?"

Carpenter walks out, and …
This bitch walks in.

A hip is shoved into the door before latches catch and security of mass proportions clicks into place. Clad in a multicolored TuTu, tattered leggings of mesh and leather reside beneath, massive boots wrap over ankles to hide the bleed out of one to the next.

Bags on bags that have bags in bags…. On her arms, not under her eyes! Her smile is far too appearing even with the face-paint, it might just hurt…Sometimes.

Waist is cinched, laced, and the top-most laces are undone… or haphazardly redone, burn holes scatter the sides leaving the boning of metal exposed in areas where inked skin is not protruding.

"I got'chu what ya asked for Tee!" A pause, a light laugh and the painted glocks bearing accustomed colors and Sugar Skulls upon the handles peer out beneath arms.
The Hoods on the way up hollered until that showed off…

Arms lower and the bags spill off appendages as if she is a magician in a show! Food. Foil wrapped Enchiladas, chile quile, churro, Jarrito in bottles, empanada, lengua, aside just for Sug's'…. As labeled.

…. Cans of Smilex roll out.

"Bitches. I got food, authentic. It even ripped my sheeiitt." A scoff as she fingers a hole in corset then shrugs, a bottle of unlabeled Tequila is withdrawn… And shoes spill out from beneath…

"Interest rate…" Shove stuff!.

Taskmaster turns to look at both Harley and Regan as they appear before the door pops open after Carpenter's arrival. "Sugar… you, really need to work on your accent. Drives me batshit." Not in a good way but then he could just be busting her chops. The clatter of Smilex canisters has him releasing a grunt of displeasure, its not too much though, at least she got them. "Knew you would find some! Good girl." He straightens up after stopping their roll with hand and boot, actually patting Sugar on the top of the head.

"Best hope so." A look at Harley but the reply to Regan, hes grinning under the mask at her. She should be able to tell. "Guy had this on the market, took it off, said he didn't wanna sell. I sent her to convince him."

"Hey! I like her accent! I think it's adorable. You just ain't got no taste for exotic," Harley teases rising out of the cuddle-puddle with her boys and letting them start to play and roughhouse together. She comes over and gives Sugar a hug. "Don't listen ta him. He's just a crabby jerk," she tells Sugar before sticking her tongue out at Taskmaster.

"Well, your intern is resourceful, isn't she? You're a smart man sending her, Tee. Not to give her too much credit but she came back with barrio eats." Regan turns her unsmiling lips and sunglass-covered eyes to look at Sugar, staring flatly for a few seconds, before she turns on the heel of her boot and clap-claps the rest of the way to a clean counter. Her bag is set down and the cell phone dumped inside. Regan turns to cock her hip against the counter and fold her arms, cradling her coffee and standing like the offspring of every last worst Young Republican there ever was.

"We have taste for Exotic, Harley. Nice panties, by the way." Regan side-points, then quickly gets back to her point. "But there's, you know, exotic HELP and exotic INTERESTING and then there's exotic TASKMASTER'S EMPLOYEE so…" Regan grins impishly. "Don't encourage her too much, baby. Negging is the way."

"Well then, aside from looking good in a mask, your superpower better be to have me not raised in Me-heee-co." A flick of wrist and fingers, a cease and a pause when he pats her on the head. o.o -.- o.o >.<
"Cartel and me.." A fistbump to her chest, just before she hefts her corset top back up and over her chest… Someone re-cinch her!!

"You have no idea what I had to endure before I got this….!" A shake of fist and poiner finger after she literally bites at Taskmaster's patting hand.
Fuck you and that condescending pat!

A clip of teeth in a jaw-rattling hallow sound that dies off when Harley is in for the "kill" with a hug and makes her feel all Plushie inside.
Fuck Sugar's life.
From hero to zero. Planet-eer, anti-style.
Regan's entry has Sugar's smile flipped side-sown. "If what chu are implying is I have the Lemon Pledge… Puta… I will put it in your Tequila."

"Have some of this." And a can of Smilex is hefted in one hand… The other around Harley offers her the Tequila.

The hand snaps back before said bite and Taskmaster releases a grunt, "Cartel isn't shit. That pride is wasted." Collecting up the Smilex canisters he sets them down carefully on a table in the living room. "You would like her accent, Harl. Yours is almost as equally annoying." He is teasing, its his delivery that makes it hard to tell though. "Don't play with that." He imagines no one here is immune to it except for Harley Quinn. If of course it is the real deal like advertised.

The door opens up, and in comes the token civvie for the squad. June steps in, and looks about at the assembled Squad members. "Hey, guys." she offers, as she heads over towards the counter.

Harley goes from the hug to helping Sugar with her corset. When offered the tequila, she smiles brightly, reaching for and then stops. "Yanno… I think I'm in more of a gin mood. Maybe next time," and pulls her hand away to concentrate on retying the corset. She looks at Task over Sugar's shoulder and sticks her tongue out again. "If by annoyin, ya actually mean awesome as hell, then I thank you. Don't listen to him, toots. He's just mad cause I didn't get a real bed ta sleep in and he don't wanna sleep with my babies."

"I'm not implying that you have the Lemon Pledge, but that your boss likely saved you from a lifetime of using that shit to clean toilets. I feel like I'm warm on this, Tee." Regan tilts the coffee to her lips and dips one knee in a curtsy towards Sugar. Negging score? 12.5. "But your tutu is interesting and, if it means anything? I like the accents you both have. Even if I understand one of you less, half the time."

Sip. Regan swallows the coffee and digs into her purse for a thumb drive, which she sets on the counter beside her in June's approach. Taskmaster gets a crook of a finger for him to join her, while she reaches out, fingers splaying for June. "Gift for you, Taskmaster. And you, June. How are you, girl?"

Sugar is NOT a civvie, nor a SKWADDIE, she is just a face painted…

WHEEZEE! Harley cinches her back up and Sugar feels far better, even with the reciprocal addition of defense!

"…Think you /mascara/, /es guapo/… mother cabron… 99 proof…" Slosh!

Suddenly upright by force of Harley's ministrations and forceful jerks of strings-on-me, and Sugar is feeling far better in a dressed state. Regan gets a narrow-eye'd gaze and a derisive snort. "Lemon Pledge, Windex… Perra rica…" A waffling hand and manicured nails (several chipped and burnt/melted) clip over a bottle and set it aside.

June is given a level stare with a loft of brow that also yugs upon the smear of black on white face paint.

"Pene digs hembras with accen~ts." A smile back to Harley as she sides with the woman whose facial paint is almost reminiscent of the labels on the canisters of Smilex she delivered….

The complex….


"Ohmigodyou estupido!…" And Task is under a barrage of second language curses.

June sets a laptop bag on the counter, and turns, leaning against it to look over the others. "I'm fine." she says. That might be a lie; her tone is a little curt, and she looks a little tired.

Poison Ivy was out tending to the plants she has been setting up, it takes work to get a garden just right after all. The green woman comes in talking to the big man in the green house.
"No. Leave them be, Matador. Just use your hands to break up those dead things I showed you add to the compost box." Turning to the others, "Hello all."

"Gin, since when do you drink gin?" Taskmaster questions and he approaches Regan to take up the thumb drive, "Whats this?" He takes it of course.

"Doc. Where you been lurking, lady?" A tease. It's almost like the dead have awoken today, the 6th FLoor's residents crawling out of the woodworks and speaking to one another instead of just existing around each other.


It's when Sugar begins he points a finger at her, "Stop. Stop it. Don't come at me in Spanish. You're in a room full of English first language, have some manners you mongrel. Slower and explain what the hell is stupid?"

Now that Sugar is properly cinched, she lets the other pale-faced, heavily-accented maniac with a gun yell at Taskmaster. She‘s not sure what he`s done, but if he’s being yelled at in Spanish, it has to be bad." She bounces over to Ivy and slips her arms around the woman, in a far better mood then she has been lately. She presses a kiss on Ivy's cheek. "Sorry if I've been a poop lately. Waller's changed my meds and I'm having trouble coping."

Harley Quinn says, "And I drink gin when I'm in a gin mood! What? A girl can't want variety?"

"Oh that's right, you claimed Matador. How's he been around the greenhouse?" Regan grins in sudden memory. She lifts an wrist lined with bracelets to wave to Ivy while she walks, angling to slip behind June and wrap two thinly muscular arms about her shoulders in a hug from behind. "And that, Taskmaster, is a bunch of videos of highly trained people stabbing other people, martial arts tournaments in Indonesia. Highlight reels, really." Regan beams and resumes her attempt at squeezing June.

"See, Sugar?" Regan calls out. "Speak AMERICAN." Regan sneer-whines at Sugar, laughing under her breath, seeking to get under her sugar-skin. "Gaaash…this fucking city. I swear."

"Here in Gotham." June answers. "Been studying some, and consulting with some people." She answers Task, and gives Regan a hug, but it's one of those one-armed, "society polite" kind of hug, rather than things more energetic. She heads to the fridge to take out a bottle of water.

Poison Ivy looks a touche surprised at having Harl bound over to her. The green woman's arm enwraps Harley and she kisses her back on the cheek. "It's fine Harl. I've had something distracting me as well. And I don't have medication as a good excuse. Just working on my plants. And something I think is wrong down south." Which Harl would know means South America not like 'Georgia' south. She answers about Matador, "He's loyal. Stupid but loyal. Strong and good enough with a blade. Healthy so it's fun to experiment on him. Working on some of my 'cross pollination' if you will." What that means most may not want to know. "June, do you still do archaeological work? Need anything if I take a trip. I'd ask the others but I know what Harl likes, and they don't have Tiffany's where I am going for Regan. If I find something for Taskmaster I'll have to figure out how to get it rhough customs."

'Ahh." Tss!

A click of teeth clipped together and a waffling wve of hand and Sugar is gathering her bags, a fallen wedge, a pair of something lacy, something else shiny, and a tiny bag is stuffed like a clown car with her objects, the bottle held in her hand, laid over the top like Red Riding Hood's basket with a sticking over the edge and hanging the footy towards the floor.

"What. I. Said…." Beat
"You beautiful motherputos…. Issss…"

Those hazel eyes lined in filigris'd eyes of noir land upon Taskmaster.
"You have got to be stupid putting me out like yesterdays whoretrash for cans of something this amiga can obtain in a heartbeat." A gesture to Harley in a flurish of fingers.

As if she was in Salsa class her skirts of multicolor /fringe/ are puffed, gripped and clutched.

A look to Regan. "Hire someone else. You got dust all over your little vi/ll/a. He don't pay me enough." Kiss blown to Task.

"Love you. But you're an asshole. I did not even get satisfied and you had her!" Another bout of under-the-breath cursing and she is hitting the multiple locks, watching lights flicker and shit not work right.

"OHMIGAWWDD!!" From beneath bosom comes the set made to undo mechanism. She WILL break things!
"He is a zombie now, right? All dead and shit." Taskmaster inquires of Ivy.

"Why would Satan change your meds? Shit you're on meds? I can't tell." Imagine her not on them? Maybe shes just making things up. "Nice, appreciate it toos." A hand pats Regan on the hip, "I'll put these to good use. Right? Fucking AMERICAN, speak it! Thats what I am saying here. Oh, well, she never offered and I am not used to just asking." He replies to Sugar, "Besides, its a training point for you. You get to kill anyone? Just… "

"What's in those cans anyway? Is this some kind of party thing we're gonna pop off?" Regan asks, bewildered. She looks up to Taskmaster and brushes a hand down the center of his chest, patting his breastbone while she looks down from him and over to June. She murmurs something quietly to Task, then tilts her cup, once more. "Look, I was about to make a joke about how Ivy can bring me back one of Sugar's cousins, but now I'm totally brain-zeroed on those canisters."

Regan pauses, then centers her gaze on June, watching as she pets Taskmaster.

"June?" Regan asks. "Did Satan put you on meds, too, babe?"

Harley leans her head to look down at Ivy's leaf covered crotch. "Problem's down south? Yanno, they got creams for that these days," she says with a playful grin. She continues to cuddle with Ivy, resting her cheek on the other woman's shoulder to give her the human contact she so rarely gets.

She watches the interaction between Sugar and Taskmaster with amusement. "I usually am when I'm in Belle Reve," she answers. "Keeps me pliable so I don't harm the guards," she answers. The question about the Smilex causes a roll of the eyes. "If B-Man can't kill him, you think Sugar is gonna manage? No offence, but you gotta admit that imagining you actually managing ta kill Joker is pretty silly."

Teeth harbor some of the lock picking utensils. Metal, slender. A card, and putty. If all else fails, Carpenter gets paid more?

"Keel? No…nooo… But dis man has a bow and arms like … Saludo maria madre de…" A sign of the cross. "Whoa… In American… WHOA…" Her smile flashes her real teeth, those silver slivers of metal lock picking devices like tortures and threats from lips of skull-paint.

"I intend to kill something…. Especially if someone does not fingerprint this shit and let me out?!"

Pause, something clicks.

"If he is a Matador, for reals… He would not be weeding your garden. As where he has his cocaine…" A long and slow sniiifff, with a hesitation with Harley's words.

"Kill… Joker? HA! No, but he got some really nice looking followers. I'll take mine to go." A wink and a thumb-point to the door.


"No. We just had a meeting, that's all." June says to Regan. "Just a matter of putting things in perspective, I think."
Poison Ivy shakes her head. "No. He's not undead, he never was dead. Well maybe brain dead. So, parrdon the pun, a vegetable. And I tinkered a bit and so he's a bit more so now. He's like those trained dogs to help paralized people. Smart enough to train and do simple trasks." She looks to Sugar and asks, "Who are you mad at now?" She continues to hold the bouncy blonde Arkham Alumn while they stay close. Fingers trailing lazy paterns in the hollow of Harl's waist. "Funny enough Sugar I think that Columbia may be somewhere I am lookig to visit soon." She considers, "Where did our witch call home? Geographically I mean."

"Who said anything about killing the Joker?" Taskmaster says while he stands there beside Regan, the petting for once not taken as condescending. Just the way 'Princess Peach' shows her often demure affections. Hes learned to accept such things. Many things he would normally not tolerate he has come to cope with around these women, these 'skwaddies'.

"I sent him after some of Joker's followers. This… is Smilex. Drives a person insane, that shit you seen on the news with the Joker? Real deal. Harley can huff it and tell us if its a lie or not." A grin inside of a grin, like always.

"Or we can test it on Matador… hes not fully dead right? Witch call home, what?" He isn't sure what Ivy means right there or he is just distracted. "Ya'll are the most unlikely fucking team. SOme days… " League of Losers has nothing on them.

"Mad? No… nooo…Not mad at all. You have a wanna be gardener, and I out there with captain Jack Arrow, with the arms. That got me this…" Cans of Smilex… And her heels, and her little spree of zerofucksgiven!

'Plus there was this chick, BIG SMILE, BIG Tatas…" Shall Sugar go on in detail or is someone going to enter the fingerprint code in the damn door??!?!

"I'd kill the Joker." Regan lifts a shoulder and thwaps a thumb against Taskmaster's chest, the words an afterthought. "Harley? Is it safe to be within a mile of you when you huff that stuff, though?" Regan calls out, turning to plant a hip against Task's while she sips at her green straw.

Then, Regan clears her throat.

"Let's not worry about the witch right now. It looks like June's got everything under control." Regan turns her head to look straight at June, eyes peeking out over the rims of her glasses. "But, hey…don't let that perspective take away the only friends you've got, June." Regan offers lowly. "We love you. We give you a home. Don't let her turn you into her favorite power tool, okay?"

At the mention of Joker having good looking followers, Harley stands up straighter with a frown. "He's got… he's replaced me? Why that low-down, dirty, good-fer-nothing, two-timin', rotten to the core, sassilfrassin' jerk!" She lets go of Ivy, crossing her arms over her chest as she scowls. "Replace me, will he? I'll show him. I'll fill him full of holes and feed him his tongue! See if he's still smilin' after that!" She stomps off to her area, Snicker and Doodle looking up from their beds. She flips open her tickletrunk and starts figuring out what she's going to wear. "I'm gonna kill him. Replace me. I'm irreplacable!"

June seems to tense up a little at Regan's comments, and looks to Ivy. "I'm still an archaeologist, Ivy, but not a traveling one right now. I'm here in Gotham for the duration. Getting some treatments done." She shakes her head. "I know she sees the witch as a tool. But right now, I think things are all right on that front."

Poison Ivy laughs at the idea of Smilex, she looks at Harl, "Salsa, cheese and Joker 'venom' quesodillas? Matador is my toy, yno testing poisons on him." He is her toy right now. Til she tires of him and breaks him. "Some new flunky in the goon squad, Sugar? Some of us showed up late and are missing details." Ivy clairfies, "I'm not worried about the witch. I am curious what part of the planet she used to call home. There are some very old plants, and maybe they would remember her." Ivy just had a thought was all. "Harl, he's probably doing it to get under your skin. You know you are irreplacable right? But when you do go after him I'll help you reload them."

Regan Wyngarde whispers "Waller's fucking with June and I don't like it."

Taskmaster lifts his hand from Regan's hip as she re-adjusts. his head cranes forward as she murmurs, something is said in return. "Harley, I didnt send her after your replacements, just those Joker Elites. They've got your old boy's stashes still hidden around the city. I want to find them."

Still a touchy subject, "Come out here and appraise this Smilex, I wanna know if it's legit." He doubts they need to be too far out, shes only cracking the seal a little.

"All right on that front? Never, not with Satan. Doc." He finally understands what Ivy is after in regards to the Witch. A noise escapes his throat.

"We can if it makes you feel better, little clown, go hang some of these chumps up by their ankles."

"Am I even coded for that door?" Regan pats Task's chest then points to where Sugar is pointing, lowering her glasses enough to make eye-contact with the Latina. "What's got you so jumpy right now, Skulls? I tuned you out because everything for a minute there sounded like complaining." Regan cackles. With one final clap of her hand, softly, to Taskmaster's chest, she pushes free and turns, heading for June.

"Hey," Regan murmurs in approach, setting her coffee out on the counter and offering both hands to the woman. "You look like someone injected black and white into your color television, and…I don't like it."

"Maestro de tareas…" The words are uttered lowly to Taskmaster. "… Dominar."

A clear of throat and fuggit. If no one is letting her out he is letting herself out!

Putty-4 is put on the handle of the new high security entrance, one of the latches wedged in and a Zippo is flicked to superheat the metal to a burning red… And then…

BANG! (If no one stops it!)

Smoke, a hail of ash, and Sugar is gone..
But that is not to say she is not leaving a PATH for the Harley queen to follow.
Good thing Jack passed out elsewhere, because shit is about to get REAL!

Taskmaster steps forward, several feet actually in a smooth glide fingers close down on the zippo before she blows the door away, "Nuh uh." He'll set to unlatching them for her. Politely. Since she was that insistent on getting out and he was not paying ti mind. "Use your words, I told you I can't understand your ass half of the time."

Harley is trying to put on her skintight leather pants. The same ones she was wearing at the Madripoor mission, only she seems to be struggling to get them zipped up. She frowns, trying to suck in her gut, grumbling and then looks over to the others. "So… he ain't replaced me? Cause… it ain't like I care. I'm the one that broke up with him!" Which is far from the truth and the whole SKWAD knows it. Joker made a deal with Waller, his freedom for handing over his honey.

Returning to the group, her leathers undone in the front and her t-shirt hanging over it, she looks down at the Smilex and frowns. "I can't. It might.. interfere with my new meds."

Poison Ivy arches a brow at Harley not fitting in her pants. "Give me the gas. That ham of a psychopath's juice never did anything to me and never will." She will head for it and take it if she is able. "And I hope we don't have something that requires human oils for the fingerprint." She sometimes doesn't have the cleanest of prints however.

June gives a faint smile to Regan. "Just a lot of things I have to consider, Ree." She'll take one hand that's offered to her, but not both. "Trying to make some progress with my life." She shakes her head, and looks over, giving a sigh at the demo attempt. "This is not my life. And Ivy, I know it was Mesoamerica. If that helps any."

BOOM! … Or not…

Sugar stares at Taskmaster now in that proximity. There is a pause and when her lips seal, those painted-on teeth seem to fang in the withdrawal. There is almost a bend of respect, or something and when the door *clicks* open she is stepping out of it, but with a fisted grip on the door edge she now looks over Task's shoulder to the group and then Harley. "Hey. Clown-girl!" A brief up-nod. "Tareas… Task… Give it two weeks, but you need to -move- to fix it." A turn and she draws down a night stick from between the slits of mulit-huen tutu, the fittings aligning to the extension with a flick of her wrist. 5r
"I am just here to do 2AM curb-side cleanup. Just leave mine alone… We square." A wink to Harley..

//I fink you freeky,

and I like you alot!//

"I sure hope in this group you can die with a smile like your masquerade… Tarea…" Want help in Columbia? … Connections galore!

But for now there are people to go play with!

"If you can tell the difference between his quality ones and knockoffs. By all means, test away. Just uh, " Taskmaster encourages Ivy, watching Regan and June only momentarily, Waller toyiing with any of them is expected. She has to keep them all in line somehow. "Harl, you're acting weird lately. Ever since Madripoor. You and your freakshow of an ex didnt have an anniversary lately, eh? I mean, takes certain things to trigger in folks like you but you're exhibiting some odd beyond your usual odd.

Sugar gets a stare from Taskmaster, "Next time we buzz you in and you use the door, Sug, cmon, I told you this at Constrictors place too. Folks dont like their shit blown up." No comment on the dying with a smile, its bound to happen to him and he really doesn't plan on dying anytime soon. Not until he is out of Task Force X.

Regan looks over her shoulder, judging the distance from herself to the others before frowning into a moment of lesser-facade. She chews at her lip and then sets it free, turning back to Dr. Moone with a squeeze of her hand. One eye winces closed, like a slowly building headache is needling away at her. "June, it's not my life either. I want what you want, too." Regan frowns to the woman. "She had me beaten." Regan lowers her voice, hissing in pain. "She told me if I tried to-"

Regan, mid-sentence, begins to convulse and falls to the floor. Her forearm grows a pale yellow color, and her body begins to jolt as if being shocked.

Harley takes a deep breath as Task calls her out for acting weird. She bites at her lower lip and lifts a shoulder, looking like a kid caught red handed with their hand in the cookie jar. "Well… remember three months ago? You know, that big thing in Columbia where Bane ripped off the guys head? And… then like a little while later, me and Reggie and Rose had our night on the town with the tattoos and the fun with Abs? And… you and me?" She starts to fidget with her hands, making little itsy bitsy spiders with her fingertips. "Umm… well! The meds Satan has me on? Are… umm… pre-natal vitamins." She looks to Task and gives him a weak smile, plastered on her face like a mask. "Surprise!"

June looks immediately concerned and tries to catch Regan as she falls. "What's going on?!" She says, looking over to Ivy and Taskmaster. One's a biology and botany genius, and the other one is a skill rolodex. "Do something!"

Poison Ivy gives an honest smile to June, "It does, and thank you." That was all she was after, for now. She has the canister and will be careful to not open it near others. Then Harley drops her thing, "You went to that excuse of a woman in a suit before me Harl? You know none of her hack doctors know your biology as well as I. I want to see what she has you on." She would leave to test the drug but Regan's reaction of course takes precidence and the Green woman kneels near her and studies that yellow color and is careful about how she touches the woman, diagonisis is always best. "I already told our love bud to open if she needs help."

The Starbucks cup falls to the floor in a splash. Regan slumps against June and the sensation of electricity shoots out from Regan's skin into June's, shocking her. Legs give out and Regan's teeth grate against her lip, splitting it open. "Sor-sor-s-" Regan chitters as convulsing fingers try to slap at her arm. Nerves firing on end, the heels of her boots scrape the floor and Regan begins to rag-doll.

Sugar called it! BuddyChrist, exitstageleft.

"I didn't tell her before I told you. She told me. After Madripoor, when I woke up nearly dead in that coffin. They gave me a physical and… Hell's Bells! Reggie!" Harley's news is forgotten and she runs over to help the other blonde. She looks to Ivy as now Regan and June are both being shocked, not wanting to add to the chain of the circuit. "How do I help?"

Taskmaster is about to say something else and then Regan hits the ground, while at the same time Harley is mentioning something about a surprise "Pre-natal? The hell are you on about, Regan is having a seizure and youre… oh… " A straight shouldered press back and Taskmaster stares down at Harley Quinn, "Joker got you pregnant? Good job on that one. No wonder Satan is pulling you off duty rosters and feeding us lines of extra shit."

A rather cold push past Harley and he is moving over to kneel down next to Regan, tipping her over on to her side. His fingers gouging in past her teeth down to her throat and he just holds Regan there. Letting Ivy diagnose away. "Whats going on with her?" His question is at Pamela ISley not the others, maybe the Smilex is leaking?

"Help by just staying out of the way for a minute." Taskmaster says roughly to Harley.

Regan's mouth cleared his fingers of course pull away to not cause any further obstruction. "Maybe get her to bite down on something."

Electricity means it's nothing medical. As June starts getting shocked through her connection to Regan, there's not much she can do; muscles are seizing up. Through gritted teeth, she plays her trump card. "Enchantress!" She grates out, hissing.

Normally Enchantress tends to be more subtle or creepy. THIS is more like an explosion of shadows from inside June, wisps of the good doctor's appearance fading into smoke as the witch appears from inside her.

"Give her something to bite on that braces her tongue so she doesn't choke about being a great aunt." Rose walks in returning a text that sends an electrical chime on Regan's phone.

"Or what he is doing…" A wave to Taskmaster as he lodges fingers into the path of…cleching teeth? I wish you luck stubby?

"Who was the rainbow vomit of death?" A thumb off and leather moans as Rose is bending to slip a gauntlet laden finger between Regan's teeth that meet metal in a *clip-clatter*. But one other hand knots into blonde and cranes Regan's head back to clear air-passage.

Enchantress' appearance now brings a narrow of eyes that is directed towards others… or the space between.

Harley looks up at Task as he yells at her and starts giving her the cold shoulder. If looks could kill, he would be dead on the floor. She pulls away from the group and goes over to her bundle of dogbeds on the floor to cuddle with her babies. Let the others deal with Reggie, Harley's in a mood because Taskmaster is an idiot.

A lot is happening is happening at once. "Hold her tight Taskmaster," as she lunches to steal a knife of his. "Something is electrocuting her in the arm." She knows the real danger is in the muscles tearing at themselves or the heart going into arhytmia. Wetting her lips Ivy leans in and kisses Regan on the shoulder, hiting the woman with a powerful muscle relaxant to help calm things down. Soon as the arm is less with the jerking around, she uses the knife to cut deep into the arm. "I think it's part of her nanobomb but it's either shorting or has a second function. Get me light, get me room and let me work." THEN there's the Witch. That forces Ivy to look up. "Can you make the thing in her arm really cold. Slow it down and give me the time to extract."

Regan nearly gags against Taskmaster's fingers, but nothing's there. Jolting and weakly kicking, she's rolled back onto her back and her teeth bite down only the leather offered by Ravager. The return of the Enchantress? Regan doesn't seem to notice at all, but once her arm is poisoned and the muscles slacken, her eyes snap open as the knife cuts in and she muffles a scream against the bit. Her arm stops glowing that pale, yellow color as blood streaks down her arm for some impromptu surgery.

The Witch looks down at Ivy, and nods. Words fall from her lips, as shadows wind around Regan's arm, moving to chill any foreign matter in there. She also pulls loose from the grip, to relieve any electricity running into her.

The metal gauntlet wrapped in leather lacing that Regan bits down upon is slipped from Rose's finger, left in Regan's clutch of teeth with the force of mandible.

Free of the clutch, Rose is stepping back, the lacework of leather strappings making a vest lining her torso and a mmakeshift bustier at the same time is a belonging of 'SLAYER'. Enchantress is stares at carefully, more alike a predator sizing up another, Ivy, like a Hentai waiting to happen. task is warily skirted past and harley is joined in the bed of Hyenidae and moping self. "I know of stuff that will take them handles of love away." Or cares… Whatever?

Rose just plops down near the Clowned Queen and opens palms to Snicker/Doodles.

A look up from keeping Regan pinned and Taskmaster nods to Rose, "Hey, thanks was about to do that."

"If you poke that thing wrong she's gonna lose her arm and we might lose our faces."

Taskmaster locks his eyes on Enchantress, ready to see her pull anything that might invite a bullet. "Well, whats happening??"

Enchantress looks back to Taskmaster, her expression alien and impassive. "I was called." she states, simply. Her shadow tendrils continue to twine about Regan's arm, trying to shut down whatever odd electricity is happening, and return any possible explosive there to its normal "default" state.

"it's what we do." Rose states to taskmaster's thanks, not looking up, instead it is a murmur of placid neutrality.

"I had to go into a null zone this last time. Time before? Had to have a weird devil dude poof my shit into two different corners of the world so I didn't lose my head and turn a school into ground zero." Beat. "Just saying. Be careful what you play with when it comes to Satan. Might be old, might be new, might be borrowed, might be blue… green. But we all married death, don't push it." A flash of mismatched gaze towards them and Rose rocks back to just fall into cushions and be encumbered by BabiesPile.

Poison Ivy stops her work as she… suddenly sees whatever she was going for vanish. She scowls and says, "I know what I am doing Taskmaster. THis is her arm, not her heart. And it can be fixed." She shakes her head though. "I think her powers went wonky or something. Because suddenly there isn't a thing in her arm where they was." She shakes her head and motios to the woman. "This is meta stuff, or something smaller then I can see. Ball is in your court Enchantress. That or let her die." A worried glances goes to Harl before back to Regan.

"Listen, lady, you may know plenty about a woman's body and whatever else physiology biology bullshit you wanna fire up but I garauntee you know jack shit about bombs like I do." As Ivy explains some of his bite loses its venom, the object vanishing?

"Why… yeah, do your thing Witch. Eyes are on you though, we'll see what cold hard steel can do if we have to." A tap of one finger on his waist, where in lies a backsheathed dagger. Yeah, hes partial to Regan, theyre combat buddies, shes a student and they have their shared vices. All of these women have been growing on him the past few months. To his fortune and misfortune.

Cuddling with Doodle, Snicker having curled up behind her so that Harley is sandwiched between her 'boys', Harley moodily looks over at those helping Reggie. She heaves a heavy sigh, wanting to help but in too bad and sulky a mood to do so. Mood swings suck. Then, realizing her anger and unhelpfulness towards her friend is all because of a moodswing, Harley starts to cry.

She looks up when Rose approaches and pushes Doodle out of the way to let her friend join her on the mat of pet beds on the floor. "Don't want to get rid of the love handles. Just… don't like knowing. They can't do a paternity test till whoever is in there comes out to say hello. They could do it earlier, but it puts the baby at risk, so Satan won't do it. She says whoever the father is, it's too valuable." She hugs Rose tight, crying on her shoulder.

There's no longer a sense of any electricity or glow coming off of Regan's body. The screech of her bootheel against the floor and the writhing of her body comes now solely from the impromptu surgery of a cold arm and a deep cut into her tissue. White teeth bite down, hard as they can, about the bit of leather. Calming further, Regan snaps her eyes open. "I feel it moving," Regan hisses. "I'm hurting myself. My powers-" Regan blinks. "Knock me out. Just…knock me out." Regan reaches out for Poison Ivy.

Enchantress looks back to Taskmaster. "I have done what I can do. Short of taking her arm. Let the daughter of the Green do her work." Enchantress turns her head, looking over to Harley as if she's suddenly interesting. She starts over towards Harley, Rose, and the puppies.

That's easy enough for Ivy to do. She leans in and kisses Regan on the forehead. "Good night." And it should put the mutant out for several hours. "My plant should heal her arm up, not even a scar if she stays in there long enough. "Matador can carry her there for us."

Taskmaster was easily prepared to knock her out. His fist drawn back and then Ivy goes and kisses her. "No fun to be had." Straightening up to a stand he looks down at Regan, her cut open arm and then at Ivy, "I remember, if I'm right her saying shed rather die than end up in one of those. Maybe we should have NOT shove her in one… then again, I have a hunch. Maybe a small hunch here… " A low whisper, "Stupid girl." A boot clips the side of Regan's head. Not hard. Just enough to jostle her.
Maybe it is a little hard.

Regan sees Enchantress for all of two seconds before she's leaning up towards Ivy's lips. In her own chilled, mildly shocked, sweaty way, Regan would seem to beg for a kissed knockout with the way her eyes plead. The poison transfers and Regan's $1500 price tag Louboutin boots stop scraping the floor and the blonde goes limp. Eyes closed and head rolled to the side, she rocks at the tap of Taskmaster's boot…not waking.

"Task… Take her to bed." A muffled sound from beneath a baby, and the twine of Harley's arms while tears wet her bare shoulder, sliding down scarred bicep. "…please…"

A slow rise from the cushions that remind her of her own floor-mattress, comfort found there even though now, Harley cries and is clutched upon in a manner that seems protective, down to the curl of fingers that stroke through her blonde on colored ombre of locks. "It wont happen. None of this. Not if I can…"

nchantress' redirection stops Rose in her words while she nearly pulls Halrey into a cradled hold of consolation, a flash of bionic eye that registers nothing of her magics.

Narrow. There is challenge there, unseen hackles only seek to rise in a unch of Rose's shoulders, the holster at the small of her back not gone for just yet, but as leathers peel apart, it is revealed…

A flicker of gaze to Regan and his boot, an upper lip peeling away. by all posture and mien, Rose is about to go Tazmanian on people if Harley is under duress and T nudges Regan again, though she may have it coming!

Harley sighs deeply, hugging onto Rose tight. She looks over towards the kitchen, frowning. "You think she's gonna be alright? You think Satan is doing this to her?" She hiccups as she inhales, the crying causing her to snuffle her inhales. She wipes at her face, her make-up smearing.

"Don't you kick Reggie again, you ass! Or I`ll come over there and kick you in the ass so hard I`ll be able to paint my toes comin` out yer mouth!" Playful! Angry! Sad! Angry! Moodswings are da bomb!!

Enchantress keeps walking till she's about three feet from the sofa with Rose and Harley. "Calm yourself, child." The Witch tells the Clown Princess. "Your friend will be fine." Her eyes are aimed at Harley's midsection, though.

"Actually, no, maybe she does need the experience. I mean, if she is badly wounded… " A sadistic light behind his eyes, the no directed at Rose as she encouraged him. "People get better from it, we've watched. It won't hurt her." Not physically at least.

"Thinnk about it, the nanobombs don't just disappear. They don't move around, they're fixed. Right, Rose, you had two removed. TWO. I've seen others get them removed, its always in the same fuckin' spot."

A finger lifts up and points, "None of you fucking threaten me or tell me what to do. I'm the goddamned Taskmaster. This bitch is playing us, ya'll are playing a stupid game, each and every one of you in some way.. oh I'm pregnant its yours, oh, I'm a fucking witch and I'll make you all my bitches, oh I'm POison Ivy everyone bows to me and now this mindfuckery, no way. Thats not the end game, thats all just base killer design, each of us is a fucktard twisted psychopath. This is why we're in the situation we're in, now, not gonna complain, some of you girls can ride like fucking champions and kill with the best of 'em but come on… how much we gonna take from one another? Lets put her in a goddamn gross assed plantpod. See if she has a story when she wakes up." He looks at Ivy, "Every offense intended, your plant thing is wretchedly grotesque." Yeah, Taskmaster is spilling it all out tonight. Maybe its the whole being toyed with and accused of being a father!

This is why Ivy doesn't do humans. It always gets messy. She just doesn't -get- them most times. "If she didn't want to be in the plant she shouldn't ask for my help without letting us know what else to do." Regan is going into the plant most likely and Ivy, if she remembers, will take Regan OUT Of the plant before the mutant wakes up. She loosk over at Harl and the two women near her, not sure if she should approach or not. So she reaches up to her ear where some plants are always hidden. Some maple seeds with a sort of bird like shape of plant grow into her hand. Harl knows it's got a 'candy' inside that Ivy will give to her orphans in the park. With a blown kiss the item floats and 'flies' over toward Harly. "Taskmaster, we are not your minions. We are not your goons, or someone YOU pay like Sugar. I never asked anyoen to bow to me. If you think I've gone Queen of the Green you ain't seen shit yet. So don't you dare snap at me again Taskmaster. Ever." She picks up the gas can. "Because no skill will stop this from killing most of you. I'll remember your feelings about my pod. Don't worry you won't go in it." No matter what. She'll watch him die and smile at his corpse rather then put him into her bautiful plant. She turns to head for the door. "Fucking meat sack humans."



The door to the room swings open with a slam as a bare-chested man covered in tattoos, with hair in dreadlocks, kicks through the door. TattooGuy, as Regan has called him, arrives to the rescue with a nickel-plated M1911 .45 pistol in one hand and a lit joint in the other.

Taskmaster glares beyond the mask at Ivy, "Eat a dick, lady." He really can't come up with much, what she said has been truth and he didn't want to just say 'GOOD' because that would break this down to 12 year old levels of back and forth; which is likely to just make him look like even more of an asshat. Plus he likely upset Ivy more for insulting her plants than actually having anything to say to her.

TattooGuys presence is not a good one right now, "Can I kill him now? Seriously why didn't he die when the Losers attacked us?"
A weighted throwing knife is already in hand, slid in to his palm and ready to be released with but a flick. "Hey douchebag, you fucked Harley right? You might be a daddy now, bra."

The Witch walks over towards Harley and Rose and the hyenas. Rose's hackles are up figuratively, the Harley's babies have them up literally. All four of them have their eyes on Enchantress.

Harley follows her gaze down to her abdomen and rests a hand there as if to protectively guard the infant. She's about to say something, but Task and Ivy, her lover and her best friend, start to fight. This is just getting worse and worse! And then Abs shows up?! Could this day get any worse? She jumps off her bed on the floor and gets between Taskmaster and TattooGuy, holding out her arms and glaring at Task. "Don't you dare take it out on him, Dumplin. Or Joker won't be the only dead man on my list. It ain't his fault if he's the daddy any more then it's yours or Joker's." Interesting. Joker. Not Mr. J. Not Puddin. Well, that's a development.

The Witch turns to look at the agitated people. "Enough." She doesn't shout. She doesn't need to. "You have enough pitted against you to pit yourselves against one another. Be done with it." She looks at one member of the Squad after another.

Rose is still… Like a liness about to pounce on a gazelle from the brush. Harley is cradled and in a single motion Rose is drawing her Chiappa Rhinos', black on -orange- now, one eye open, the other a slit, but along side the draw of the woman upon the massive trio of pads, that is not the reality.

Bionic eye flashes, readjusted by Waller for the Squad and now activated to a subtle glow. This is some Smokin' Aces shit!..

While to the side she is blowing Ivy's seedlings away from Harley unless Harley draws them in.

"NO!" A rocks forward and Tattooed Guy is spoken for!

Enchantress is under one barrel, the other sweeping towards Iy, and Rose rises to her knees, but something in her structure and poise falters.

"Fuck YOU ALL! STOPPIT!" Safeties are clicked off and her hands shake. Harley leaving her lap has her sweeping her body in a pivot to clear a SPACE! "NOT OK-ay…."

A shimmy and slide towards Regan's prne form.

"I don't care whose baby it is! I like the Reggaeriffic asshat! task is right. Ivy is right… The Witch…. Bitch! I don't even, #canteven!. Harley? It's OUR baby, fuck a test, but this shit…."

Rose is about to have another breakdown, and when she does… It becomes ground zero… a Null Zone!

The butts of massive pistols rapping her temples…. "STOP!"

…SHockingly in tandem with Enchantress…
Long distance to Poison Ivy: Taskmaster nods, "GOod thing about Squad too is Waller can send us on solo missions or missions with other teammates (nonspoofed).

"Uh." The dreadlocked man replies, immediately lowering the pistol and taking a step back behind Harley. "That's…like…a really personal question, bro. I'm gonna." TattooGuy takes a slow, methodical step back through the threshold of the door. "Go back to my chi temple now…" The gun clatters to the floor and TattooGuy disappears.

The knife zips past TattooGuys head on his departure and thuds in to the wall with a vibrating 'twang'. "Sooner or later, I'm gonna kill your ass. Especially now that you're pulling up your britches and playing with guns." The mercenary's voice raises to a yell. "Seriously, ladies? Why… nevermind. This fuckin' madness."

A look at the Witch and her calm cease fire demand and Roses much less calm variant then hes staring down at Harley, "Don't worry sugartits. Not aiming for that list or any list with you right now."

"Whats your game? You're too calm. Too freaky." He says blatantly to the Witch.

Rose gets a cant of the head, his finger reaches ou and taps on the chiapa, "Put it down. No one is going to die tonight. Not here at least." A measured look given around the room as if making sure, especially where the Witch is concerned

Poison Ivy pauses at the door with the canister. "I am being calm Enchantress. The building stands and body is dead. I'm even tending to Regan." Matador will come in and carefully pick up the unconscious body. His skin has a bit more of a green tint to it then before. "Love to talk ancient plants with you sometime Enchantress." She looks at Harl and Rose, "Try not to get everyone killed." She waits til she is outside and downwind then cracks the canister for a face full of gas. She huffs it in and rolls it over her tongue before it fades away. She'll call out. "It is real." Making sure the half empty canister is sealed tight.

"Why would I not be calm?" The Witch addresses Taskmaster. "I have walked this earth a very long time. This is not the first time I have seen mortals in histrionics. Nor is it the first time I have been threatened by mortals. And those threats mean as little now as they did then. We are supposed to be teammates, are we not? Fighting one another serves no purpose."

Taskmaster's words hurt more then if he had shot her. She backs away, looking over her shoulder to where TattooGuy ran off to. "I need some time to think." She looks to Rose and smiles, tears pooling in her eyes. "At least I know that someone around here other then me is happy about the baby." She turns to leave, heading down the stairs, still barefoot and in a t-shirt and skintight leather pants that don't fit

"Teammates, right." Taskmaster says cautiously, "Matador, put her down. The other ladies up here don't really care for the plant call. Whether I say she deserves it or not." Other ladies being Harley and Rose which take priority to him over Ivy.
Thats all he offers, everyone is departing their own directions, let Ravager handle her girlfriend. He'll go shoot at some things but has collected confirmation the Smilex is at least real. Business to attend. Those canisters are scooped up and dropped in to a dufflebag, "I'll be in touch."

Enchantress looks over as Taskmaster departs, and Ivy already has. Harley's left, which just leaves the two who wanted the fighting to stop; herself and Rose. She watches the others depart, and looks to Rose. "See to the madwoman. She needs your support."

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