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June 22, 2017:

Tony and Nathaniel have a brainstorming session and Spoiler is getting new armor

Avenger's Mansion



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It is a nice day in New York and it looks like even the super-villains have decided to behave. Nathaniel did a routine patrol and all he could do is notify the police about a couple stolen cars he spotted. Patrols are somewhat silly, but he considers them part of his training and sometimes he meets interesting people.
Also, he is usually going on auto-pilot, so he can work in some other project through the neural interface. It is not cheating, it is science.
He lands by the main door, automatically checking with HOMER if anyone else is around.

"Mister Stark said he was on his way over, sir." HOMER calls pleasantly at the querry.
That prophecy comes true only moments later as the roar of a set of jet repulsors echos though the city as Stark approaches. The suit he's wearing is not quite the same model that most are used too, blue and orange are odd color choices, but the styling is there. The helmet, the glowing ARC reactor in the center of his chest.
Definitely Iron Man.
He comes arching towards the front of the building pulling himself to a stop in a practiced and easy maneuver as he steps forwards. Before he even hits the ground the suit opens for him. Metal pieces sliding against each other like a living thing to reveal the man inside as he steps down to touch solid ground. Even as the suit drops to the ground right behind him.
It's flashy and servers no real purpose, but that really sums up half of Starks inventions.
"Hey! Nathan! Just who I wanted to see!"

Nathaniel waits at the door until Iron Man arrives in his new armor. There must be a story behind that color scheme. The young man removes his helmet when Stark steps out of the suit. “Mr. Stark, a pleasure to see you, sir.” He steps inside the mansion, inviting the older man to follow him. Because there is always people watching outside, and he is not blocking the surveillance because they are the good guys and have nothing to hide.
Inside the mansion, of course, it is another question. There are sonic walls and image disruptors and even rudimentary psychic screens. Easily to justify because the Avenger handle some classified information. “Sure, what can I do for you?” He offers once the door is closed.

Tony grins wide as he glances back towards his new armor. "Hideous isn't it?" He asks conversationally. "New polymer system on the outside of the armor, and thats the natural colors. But…"
He waves a hand and the suit itself shimmers slightly before disappearing from view. Still there, the cloak isn't perfect. The shimmer can be seen at the right angle. The shear fact that it can cloak though is more than a touch useful.
"Figured the color was worth that." He adds as the suit fades back into view and he strolls inside. Along with the suit.
JARVIS must be driving for a little bit.
"Right! So a few things! First off I have some plans I want you to take a look at, making something for Spoiler so she doesn't end up with a concussion every time we have to fight someone who can fling cars. Which for us is like what? Every tuesday."
The door closes, the security of the mansion closes around them as he pulls up one of his holoscrees to shoot the specs over towards Nathaniel.
Its a smaller suit, sleek and fast. No flight system, no energy weapons, still tough though, and no ARC reactor. Looks like a highly advanced battery system powers the whole thing instead of a dedicated generator. There are several integrated weapon system, taser knuckles and a rifle firing what looks like a variant of SHIELD's famed ICER rounds. A grenade launcher. The styling is vaguely bat-like, and it even seems to have a utility belt.
"Since her bat-dad seems to think giving out concussions in fights is kinda like training I figured I might as well upgrade her a bit. All non-lethal weapons of course."
A longer pause.
"…oh yeah. There is one other thing." A beatpause. "I might have a dimensional portal in my basement."

Oh, so that explains the color. Nathaniel’s mind automatically goes looking for solutions for the problem, and he has to stop himself from blurting something. It is not important! The stealth system is interesting, though. “I wonder if we could use something like that on the Avenger One. I am not completely happy with the current holo-cloak. Too much ultraviolet leaking.” It was a sloppy, hurried job, when the Avengers didn’t have enough resources.
Then he laughs when he sees the designs. “You want Spoiler joining the armor club. Nice. What are you using for the armor. Carbon nanotubes are not feasible yet, but I am sure layered graphene is possible with the current industrial tech. We could brainstorm something, if you want. I have been thinking in those armors SHIELD agents use and…”
Dimensional portal in the basement. “A /technological/ D-Portal?” As opposed to those mystical… things, he means.

"I could upscale it," Stark replies. "We could work on the color to get it somewhere we agree on. I'm still going for hot rod red, but you know thats just me. I like that. And yeah…"
A smirk at that.
"Jane Foster actually came up with some pretty nice ideas for a nanotube substution that could be doable, espicially if I use the hardoned armor out of it. I've got most of it pre-fabbed. Let Spoiler tool around in one of my old suits for a little bit to get her a better biometric data for something fitted for her."
A beatpause.
"Hey HOMER! Can I get some snacks?" He calls to thin air as he strolls futher into the room, not even coming close to remaining still for more than a few seconds.
"On a side note they don't really think little domino masks actually prevent people from figuring out their secret identity do they? I mean biometric and vitals data alone could figure that out." A shake of his head. "Ah well, I guess let em have their masks."
As a bowl of some fruit is placed on a table nearby Tony just swipes an apple and crunches into it.
"Yup. Technological D-Portal. Some jerk from a alternate Earth put it there, not quite sure what he was trying to do either. Its a long story, but…well its just a long story. Only found out about it myself a few days ago, went down there stopped whatever he was doing. But now I have a deactivated D-Portal, and SHILED has a whole bunch of dimensional refugees." A beatpause. "I bought them a hotel to stay at, they seem fine."

“I would like to see that substitution,” replies Nathaniel, curious. Maybe a little skeptic. “Graphene scales were… will be the base for basic infantry armor in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. Not powered armor, I mean. Still virtually impenetrable for current hand-held weapons. Even sniper rifles.”
Biometrics. Yes. “She did not even have lenses over the eyes first time I saw her. To be honest, no one has biometric readings of normal people. Except maybe us. Even retinal scans are rare. Domino masks are usually enough for fighting gangsters and most super-criminals. Still, maybe we should give biometric disruptors to those who like to have secret identities. AIM has technology that is starting to worry me.”
Oh, yes. He definitely wants to see that portal. It might be a way around the chrono-mines Kang has used to cage him. “What kind of power source uses that portal? Is it anchored to the Bleed?” Pause. “Er… I mean, Hyperspace.”

Speak her name…
Spoiler steps into the room, catching the tail end of the conversation.
"Mucking with hyperspace never sounds like a good idea," she quips as she wants in, head tilting faintly.

"AIM is always starting to worry someone. They are totally what happens when someone tries to be as smart as I am without being me." Did Tony mention he's full of himself. Yes. He's totally full of himself.
"Drop by the tower though and I'll show ya, the stuff is light as ballistic weave and strong enough to stop a close range .45. I like it." The man smirks at that before the smirk fades into an annoyed look. "I mean its not as good as Wakanda uses, but they /cheat/." Annoyance marks that last work as he crunches down on the apple.
"As for the portal…I have no idea really. I can guess and theorize till the cows come home and like she said…" A point at Steph like she had been here all along. "…messing with hyperspace sounds bad. But I'm not really sure until I have an expert come look at it. No way I want to reactivate it until then. SHIELD wants to send a recon team though, but you know how bad that can go."
Then a smirk towards Steph as she strolls in.
"And you. Just who I needed to see."
He reaches out as the hologram controls in the room map to his fingers and yanks the visual specs direct from the design plans of his new suit idea.
A flick of his fingers enlarges them to full size to leave them hanging in the air on Spoiler's left. Its not nearly as big as the Nightclub that she piloted last time. No traditional Iron Man styling or ARC reactor in the middle of the chest. But it just looks…sleek. Faster. More manuverable than the last one.
"Shouldn't move like…what did you say? Feet made of concrete and a iron corset anymore? Lost your flight systems, you have a hovercycle for that. And the energy weapons. Added a grenade launcher for those fun little grenades you have, upscale versions of the ones you usually use, a auto-rifle with nonleathal rounds and stunning fists. Because everyone likes stunning fists."
The suit itself features a featureless faceplate with a pair of bat-like sensor ears and the sleek styling not typical of a Iron Man suit.
…and it even has a utility belt already attached.
"…should be able to fabricate it in a week. Once Nathan and I get the material for the armor knocked out."

Nathaniel turns and offers Spoiler a smile when she arrives, “hello, Spoiler.” Tony and he are nerd-chatting at the living room. His helmet is on the table. Holographic screens float around. One of them is the layered scales graphene configuration that (theoretically) should be 8+ times tougher than the best military ballistic armor and barely 1 millimeter thick.
“Hyperspace is the source of all energy,” comments the young man blandly, as if quoting a famous physicist that is not going to be born for a while. “The philosophical Prime Mover. How do you think all those divergent universes form without violating the energy conservation laws?” Not to mention all the other cool things you can do within Hyperspace, like faster than light travel, time travel and, yes, dimensional travel. But there are other weirder and more dangerous ways of doing dimensional travel, which is why he wants to see that portal.
Did Tony say one week? That sounds very optimistic. Or maybe many sleepless nights. Ah well, who needed the sleep anyway?

Moving further into the living room, Spoiler settles herself near an arm-chair, arms folding over his chest. Being agreed with by Tony Stark is one of those things that could be good or bad, so Spoiler doesn't comment on it. She just tilts her head as he says she was who he wanted to see. She turns her head to peer at the hologram. Hearing that she lost her flight systems has her purple lips pressing together faintly.
Flying was one of those things. But, he had a point. She has a bike, and this suit does look sleeker. And is that a utility belt?
"What sorts of materials are you considering?" she asks of Tony as she eyes the hologram of scales. Though the talk about hyperspace has her frowning more deeply.
"Really, guys. I don't think poking anything like this is generally a good idea at all."

"I was pretty sure at some point energy conservation laws just stopped applying to things." The inventor replies with a smirk as he takes one more bite of his apple. "But yeah, honestly it could be something a bit more esoteric. Apparently it was created by some kind of machine god on the other side of it. So he might just keep sending people here till we stop him, or at least shut down his mode of travel."
A smirk again.
"Third god I've met this month. Fancy that. Technically three gods and an avatar, if you count Black Panther as an acolyte of Bast." A shake of his head. "I just need to get Constantine to ward my whole damn tower at some point. That'll fix it I'm thinking. Mostly because I'm getting slightly annoyed with people dropping by to visit unannounced."
A deep breath before he glances back towards Spoiler. "Graphene composites for the outside, nonofiber mesh for the undersuit. And if your lucky I might see if the thrust-to-weight ratio will support a jetpack. It'll still do assisted leaps up to three stories, just not sustained flight."
"And no its prolly not a good idea to poke at hyperspace, but we should to it before they do."

Nathaniel will skip the part about his neurokinetic suit drawing power directly from the Deep Bleed. That is realistically too advanced even for 30th century technology. It is the kind of thing he shouldn’t mention around Tony Stark.
“This reminds me we need some kind of ‘mystic’ wards for the mansion,” he dislikes the concept, but “right now it is one of the Avenger’s major weaknesses. If you know someone reliable?” As Wanda is a magical powerhouse, but her ‘mystic utility skills’ are somewhat lacking.
“It will certainly support a jetpack,” he adds as sidenote. Just jetpacks are kind of bulky right now. But maybe… no, he has more important projects. “Ah, Spoiler. Welcome to the armored-people club,” he adds with a small grin.

Spoiler lets Tony ramble about meeting gods, focusing on the part of the conversation that's about the suit. She nods at the suit materials, though she doesn't understand them, and again when the jetpack is commented on. Bulky and heavy are not things the batling likes. But the usefulness can't be denied, so she finally just shrugs lightly.
"I dont' plan on wearing it all the time, but I'll accept a partial membership."

"You're totally thinking like some classic sci-fi jet pack thing, arn't ya?" Tony replies with a grin towards the batling. "Something more like…"
And he starts imputing invoramtion into the holoarray, building the picture of a little backpack attached to the suit. Low profile. High power jets. Deployable wings.
He squints at the wings.
"No no no, too bird…" He mutters as he erases those and rebuilds them, this time looking a bit more bat-like. "…that should be doable…"

"It will be fun," promises Nathaniel, still smiling at Spoiler. Then he grabs his helmet and dons it. "I would love to see that D-Portal, but it is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I need to fly up to the Peak to do a battery of sensor sweeps. I am almost sure I know where AIM has their space habitat."
He pauses only to check the jet pack designs. Yes, they are neat. Nod of approval. "Should be back tonight," he adds, in his way out.

Spoiler's chin dips down a bit as she cants her head toward Tony.
"Yes," she replies, brow quirking under the cowl before she's watching the inventor at work. It's… disconcerting. That grin, the slight manic energy. The invention and tinkering and engineering.
And she's lost for a moment in her own memories. Of her father in the garage. tinkering, building, muttering to himself. He'd gone mad. So mad. And went after the Bat. It's Nathaniel's voice that pulls her back to the moment, body giving a little shudder. "I'll run through your data, see if our sensors in Gotham have anything I can add fo ryou," she says, voice a tough course.

No mistake about it. Tony Stark /is/ mad. There are many ways to channel madness, and he channels his into his work. Into his genius. Into…even though he would never admit it…helping people. Which is how he gets to points like this. As he steps back from the finished sketch of the design just in time to see Spoiler shake herself out of whatever memories had hold on her.
His head tilts just slightly to the side, curiousity in his eyes. "…you alright there?"

"Fine." How good are Tony's bullshit detectors?
Spoiler regards the new design, head tilted.
"My cape is similar. Goes rigid so I can glide. Looks like these would function much the same way?" she's asking, redirecting back to 'work'.

They are pretty well honed really. They have to be when he's 'friends' with Bucky Barnes and knows Natasha.
So he just stares at her for a moment before he just shrugs. "You Gothamites have really strange ideas of fine, but sure. We'll go with that."
Then its back to the design and he nods.
"Yeah, the wings should let you glide or function as a control surface when the pack is active."

Spoiler turns her face to Tony, meeting his gaze with her flat AR lenses. He shrugs and she looks away. Yes, back to the design.
"Fine," she intones again, this time of the design. "I wn't be wearing all the time, you realize?"

"If it made you feel better I could rework the design into a cape…" A smirk comes to Tony's face. "Cape wearing suit, never thought I'd design that but hey. I'm flexible. Its what I do."
A glance again towards Spoiler. What caused that he still wonders.
…but if she feels like opening up to him well. She will.
Most likely not though. Gothamites make New Yorkers seem cheerfully open in comparison. And thats saying something.
"So whats happening in Gotham, anything the Avengers need to know about or is it still all 'Stay Out Batman got this'."

"The suit does not need a cape. That would… look weird," Spoiler replies, lips managing a little grin at it. The ghosts of the past are fading as Tony offers something to her instead of looking at her and harshly yelling at her to get out, girls shouldn't ever tinker, go back to your dolls. At the question, Spoiler looks up from the design, leveling a Look at the billionaire.
"If the Avengers were needed to deal with anything in Gotham, I'd be saying so, so.. still a stay out," she quips lightly.

Stark laughs as he steps away from the hologram. "Yeah, it would totally look weird. But you Batpeople have this gothic thing going, I didn't know what you wanted…" Then he pauses a moment. "…well you're gonna be wearing it…"
A longer pause.
"HOMER! Map Spoilers hands to current project and give her modding rights!" He calls to the house AI before he steps back.
"Come on then. What do you think it needs now. Tinker and poke to your hearts content. You're the one thats gonna be wearing it."

"Sometimes, S- Tony. I'll be wearing it sometimes. It might look sleeker, but for true infiltration, it's likely still going to be too loud," Sploier counters before his request to te AI has her blinking in confuseion. And then he tells her to tinker and she backs a step away, head shaking.
"No. I'm not good at this stuff," she says way too quickly, voice tight once more.

Well thats not the reaction that Stark expected. A quriked eyebrow is aimed at her before he slowly shrugs. "Ah well. Suit yourself. Ha! See what I did there. But really some people just break things more than build things. I know plenty of those. Have you /met/ Thor? He's like a wrecking ball on legs, and thats when he's sober. You don't want to see him when he's drunk."

"No. I haven't," Spoiler replies, tucking her hands behind her back so the cape closes like curtains about her body. She eyes the holomodel again, seeking that calm detachment again.

Tony just eyes her a moment. A thoughtful look on her face.
That response was too quick. The sudden switch too abrupt to be anything but honest. A bit of trauma too. So he backs off.
"Well anyway! You will eventually I'm sure. If he ever visits. But just if you wanna poke at it, the designs will be here and HOMER can beam me any updates."
He still doesn't press though as he turns away to grab something to drink.
"I think I'm gonna have to get back to my Tower soon anyway. Gotta see a man about a jet." A beatpause. "And by man I mean me. I'm building a jet."

"Is it invisible?"
Where the hell? Steph! Really? come on, girl! Oh well. It's out and so Spoiler just stands there, as if it were a perfectly honest question and not a quip of a retort dredged up by her weird brain.

There is a wicked smile.
"Only to sensors. Though the speed is…well lets just say I'm breaking some records." He replies with a wink towards her as he starts towards the door. "See ya around Cheerleader." He calls over his shoulder as he starts on his way out. "I hope you'll like the suit!"

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