A Redhead Returns

June 19, 2017:

After a long time abroad Rachel Summers returns to Xavier's. Illyana and Nate are there to greet her.

Xavier's Mansion


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Fade In…

A lone taxi cab idly makes the turn to the front gates, pausing there just long enough for a red-head to get out, pay the amount, and collect her bags, before the cabby spins off again. The red-head? Rachel Summers. And it has been, well, even Rachel is not sure how long it has been since she last stood outside the gates to this impressive school, this home.
She carries light, always has, always will, just a couple bags to her name currently. Both of which rest beside her, as her hand lifts upwards, shielding her eyes from the sun's rays, allowing her to get a better look at the estate.
Perhaps Kitty or Kurt will be there, or at least someone she knows, someone she can immediately connect with, rather than feeling like a stranger.
A twist of Rachel's lips to one side, and her mind works its way through the occupants, attempting to seek out a friend, a fellow team-mate, and she comes across another familiar mind, someone that draws a slight grin to her features.
Certainly that individual would feel the probe, and the warmth attached to it. « Nate? I don't suppose you'd mind letting me in? »

Nate is down in the bunker, working out in the gym, punching and kicking a bag. The Danger Room is currently occupied, as it happens all the time lately due to the incoming Genosha operation. So this is as far as it goes as workout for him.
The telepathic message stops him cold. Familiar/not-familiar. Rachel. Ray.
There is a few seconds pause before his response; he needs to struggle with some issues. «Yes. Right away. Give me a minute to get to the computers» telepathic voice carries a surprising amount of emotion and Nate is still pretty bad at controlling those details.
But a minute (or two) afterwards Rachel has her identify confirmed by the computers and the gate opens to her. He restored her permissions for the compound too. Well, as far as his security clearance allows. She will have to ask Scott or some other senior X-Men for her full privileges.
«I will meet you at the living room, give me ten for a shower, please.» He adds.

A slight arching of Rachel's left brow is given to the emotion felt behind Nate's words, at least what she can feel from the slight brush of her mind with his. She doesn't ask, nor inquire, it's their business, and Rachel is one that fully believes if someone needs to talk, they will, nosing into things is simply not her way.
«Thanks!» The chipper note may sound a bit too chipper, really, as Rachel's just thankful the 'family' member she's running into currently is not Jean or Scott! That might be a bit too much for her, right now.
Waiting until some permissions are returned, Rachel's swift to collect up her bags and head on towards the mansion itself. « Take your time. »
With a deep breath of fresh air, and the warmth of the sun beating down on her head, Rachel takes her time going from the gates to the manor. She isn't stopping to smell the roses, but she is reacquainting herself with the current layout, feel and smells around her.
Leaving her bags in a small pile in the entryway, Rachel makes her way towards the living area, and once there, settles into one of the chairs, letting out a deep rush of air from her lungs. Rest. No more public cars, or airplanes, or bus terminals! Public transportation is draining, public transportation as a telepath is even more so.

Nate appears roughly ten minutes later, giving Rachel a long glance, as if he had never seen her. Nate has been around Xavier’s for three years, though. “Hey, Ray,” he manages, at last. “It is great to see you.”
He has changed a bit. He is taller, more scarred, and his hair is cut very short instead of going all the way to his shoulders. There are some fading burns in Nate’s face. Apparently he got into a fight and got injured. Again. He is very careless.
Sighing he walks closer to the redhead, to offer a huge. Or to sit down at her side if that is too presumptuous. “How… have you been? Was Europe nice to you?”

Rachel's happy to return the hug, standing up to offer the warmth of an embrace, though fleeting as it may be, to her 'brother'. She takes a moment to examine Nate's current 'look', her mouth twisted into a slight grimace. "Looks like you've kept yourself busy."
Returning to the comfortable confines of the chair, Rachel's leg cross, left over right, bent at the knee, as she swivels about to face Nate. "It was nice." She begins, not revealing too much more than that, at least currently. Her emerald eyes scan Nate's face a bit, taking in the sigh with another raise of her left brow.
"I needed some alone time, me time, all things considered." She reveals a bit more, "But, it felt like running away, so here I am." There's a slight beat, and pause, as Rachel continues. "If they'll have me, at least."
"I imagine things have been…hectic as usual?" She inquires, the slight grin to her features is offered, as she continues. "At least I didn't return to another destroyed mansion."

Nate runs a hand through his buzzcut of a hair and smirks without humor. “Sentinel with a flamethrower,” he half-explains. Yes, his telekinetic shields must still be so-so and the heat got through.
Why wouldn’t they want her? Some story there, obviously. Probably he should know what, but he doesn’t. “We were having a peaceful beginning of the year, and then there was this… reality shift. The Omega Shift they call it now. I got kicked out of the world and took me three days to return. And I found things… changed. People changed. My memories do not match, Ray. I am afraid I don’t know much about you, the Rachel I remember was different. Younger.” Sad smile. So many reasons to hate Alfie O’Meagan.
“But hey, I am the little brother again. No responsibility, uh?” He teases. “And peace time is over. The X-Men are going to Genosha and put an end to the mutant slavery. Scott has a plan and I am pretty sure he will have a place for you.”

Currently, Nate and Rachel are located in the living room. Rachel is seated upon a chair, Nate next to her. Rachel's bags (two of them) are situated in the entryway, hopefully out of the way but who knows.
At the moment, Rachel is learning new things <tm>, and has an expression of both disbelief as well as 'what the bleep' to her face.
That's a lot to take in. In fact. Rachel is left to digest everything that Nate just said with a slightly askew mouth, and both eyes raised upwards in mild disbelief. Though, really, Rachel believes everything Nate says, it's just even for everything that she's gone through in her life, that's a lot to take in. "Wha.. I.." And finally the red-head just shrugs up her shoulders in whatever. "Life as an X-Man just never gets boring, I guess."
Her brows furrow together, as that would explain Nate's response when Rachel first contacted him. A wry, "Nothing wrong with being the younger sibling, Nate. It just means you get spoiled more than the older one, and I become the middle child, which just seems to fit." She's, of course, referring to Cable being the 'oldest' of the 'Summers' children. What a dysfunctional, confusing family.
At the mention of Genosha? Rachel's brows arch upwards again. "I'll..ask." Though the thought of addressing Scott any time soon is quickly dismissed, she'd hoped she'd at least have a day.. two..?

Damn right. The misadventures of the not-quite children of Scott Summers and Jean Grey are ridiculous and impossible from an outsider viewpoint. But usually the three reality-jumpers manage with barely the occasional facepalm. Cable probably does not even do the facepalm thing anymore. Jaded old bastard he is.
“Sometimes I could do with a few boring weeks,” grumbles Nate. Liar, he likes the crazy living. “Hah, no fair. I never get spoiled. I think Scott is this,” he gestures with a hand, “close to kick me out. Which is okay. I don’t quite fit here, and I usually live in New York.”

Without any particular warning, a bright disc of light forms in the doorway of the living room. Hopefully out of the way, but… someone inconsiderately left their luggage right where Magik had intended to appear. From the point of view of the people in the room, Rachel's luggage seems to drop right through the floor. A moment later, there's the muffled sound of a double thud from the glowing portal, and a voice faintly floats out, sounding a little like the owner is down a well.
"What the hell…?"
All goes silent for a moment or two, and then a figure rises out of the portal, as smoothly as if it were riding its own private elevator. Illyana Rasputina has returned, the unnatural light from her stepping disc lighting her from below in a manner that would probably seem more unearthly if she were wearing anything more unusual than a black crop top and black denim shorts. Evidently she's trying for summer goth. "OK, whose luggage am I storing in Limbo?" She asks, but there's really only one likely culprit.
"Hey, Rachel. Welcome back to the madhouse." She lets her eyes slide sideways to Nate with a smirk, as if he's what puts the 'mad' in the house. "Don't get kicked out, Nate. I hate commuting."

It's easy for Rachel to understand, a long time ago she was in a bad place in her life. She was abusing her mutant powers, and was going almost mad with her desire for revenge. If she were to look at it from a more logical point of view, her mind was still adjusting to this time, versus her own. She was not in a good place, and she did things she shouldn't have, nearly killing someone in the process. Yet, that's in the past, and the past is the past, and hopefully Rachel's words might help with that. "I don't know what happened, Nate, but the X-Men, they are family. You show that you're willing to work with them, and do your part for the good of all? I can't seem them kicking you …out."
And then Rachel has to pause and cringe at the sound of the luggage going through a familiar bright disc of light. "Wa…" Watch out? Well, that might have been nice a few seconds before Illyana got hit by two old suitcases filled with clothing, unmentionables and a gift for Kitty.
Standing upwards, Rachel offers Illyana a grin. "Good to be back, Illyana." The next question is given with a wry, "And sorry about the luggage."

She hates commuting? ‘Bullshit’ he subvocalizes. “Hello, Yana. Feel free to insert here a Scott-sounding scowling about using doors and all that,” and thanks for the visuals of having the luggage dropped on her. “Nice outfit,” he adds. Possibly illegal in some states, but he is not complaining.
And of course Illyana knows this version of Rachel. Ugh. Some day he should go over Illyana’s memories of him, and vice-versa. She is probably used to weirder.
Amusingly (or un-amusingly) Rachel’s old situation is very like to Nate’s right now. Including the ‘almost murdered someone’. He has lost his anchor into peace of mind and he has not been this angry since he was seventeen. He is eager to vent his rage on the Genoshans and their sentinels. Anger therapy.

Did Nate say that loudly enough for Illyana to hear? Maybe not. And she certainly can't read his mind. But from the evil grin that flashes across her face, she seems happy with the reaction she provoked. "Hi Nate." She returns his greeting, her face screwing up in a grimace when he fills in for Scott. "It's just not the same when he's not here." She seems faintly surprised to get a comment on her outfit, and shrugs. "Thanks."
The wicked grin is then turned on Rachel, as Illyana airily replies, "No problem. I'll even waive the storage fee if your bags come back chewed." Illyana finds a convenient chair arm to perch herself on, feet dangling. "Is this a visit or are you back for good?" She smirks. "If you'd given it a few more days you might have found the place empty." She pauses, tilting her head to one side. "Or did Nate cover our vacation plans already?"

Kitty is one of the closest friends that Rachel has, and given that Illyana is right there with Rachel on being close to Kitty? The two have met before, at least in passing and general knowledge of the other.
With a smirk that rides across Rachel's expression, she offers a wry, "Thanks, although it may be difficult to tell the difference between demon chewing, and what's on there from Mojo's warwolves."
Settling back into her chair, to once again cross her legs, Rachel swivels enough to speak to Illyana and Nate, without having her back to either.
"Oh yes. Genosha. The land of slavers, slaves, mutant haters, and mutates. It sounds like a delightful vacation." A pause, a beat, and Rachel's smile fades. "Though with all seriousness, is it really getting bad down there again?" Given that Scott's working at doing something there, that much really should be obvious.

Nate nods, looking serious. Then explains to Rachel. “They are buying mutants, also nuhumans, captured by slavers all over Africa and Asia. And raiding neighbor countries. They have gone fascist, they are building a high-tech army, and Scott told me there is something called the Human Council behind the government. This group has Trask, Striker, Creed and all that scum, the people behind the Purifiers a couple years ago.” Before the US Government finally labeled them a terrorist group. But hundreds of mutants were killed. “Somehow they migrated Genosha with the Sentinel blueprints,” he adds.
“Secret government weapons, to use against criminal super-humans,” he mutters. “Not as secret as not to share them with Genosha. I bet no one has investigated too deeply in that particular ‘information leak’.”

There's a flicker of interest in Illyana's cold blue eyes when Warwolves are mentioned. She's heard about them but never seen one. "Are they still after you?" She asks, sounding almost… hopeful. She seems to realise, and adds a smile. "All we get here are N'Garai. Warwolves could be fun." Illyana has a strange definition of fun, but this probably isn't news to either of those present with her.
Illyana lets the smile fade from her face as Nate brings Rachel up to speed. She DID give him an opening to talk business, after all. "In other words, yes. It's bad. Nate tried to start a war with them on his own already." Illyana makes a quiet snorting noise as a thought strikes her. "Good thing you're back, now I have someone else to keep him out of trouble." Illyana shrugs. "I'm sure Scott can find something for you to do if you want in on knocking a government over." A sneaky smile creeps across Illyana's lips. "But if you want to come back next week and miss all the fun, I won't tell him I saw you."

To the first question, Rachel's brows furrow slightly. "I don't think so. But with Mojo? It's difficult to ever say for certain."
As for the last..? Well, Rachel really didn't expect to just lounge around the pool at the mansion, she did come back for a reason! Listening to Nate, her expression hardens, becoming a thin line about her mouth, nose wrinkling upwards in disgust. "Glad d…I'm glad that the X-Men are doing something about it, then." She stumbles over the words, and recovers a bit, trying not to be phased about her near stumble.
"What? And let you and Nate have all the fun?" Rachel's words are designed to be mirthful, though the intensity about her eyes show she's in. If Scott needs her, at least.
"I'm going to find a spare guest room, or see if my old one still exists." She smirks at that, knowing full well that doesn't happen, or hell, maybe it does. Who knows.
"It was good to catch up. We'll have to do more later." To this, Rachel speaks to both, after all, it sounds like maybe Nate could use a good sounding board? And it's always fun to catch up with the demon sorceress. And then she's starting to move, before pausing, "Oh and — if you could put my luggage in a more safer, non-destructive to teleporters spot..?" And with that Rachel heads out the door.

"I just hit a few raiding parties, until they brought some sentinels," explains Nate. No mention he would likely be dead if Illyana and Scott had not showed up during the fight. Because hey, he could have handled it!
For sure.
"I got a sentinel CPU for Kitty, I gotta ask her if she got anything useful out of it," he stands up too. He would help Rachel with the luggage. Except it is in Limbo! Oh, well. "See you for dinner, Ray," he decides, smiling again.

Illyana's chatting so very casually… and still doesn't miss Rachel's small verbal stumble. "Can't promise it'll be fun." Illyana tells the redhead lightly, but the look on the blonde demoness' face can best be described as predatory. Another telepath/telekinetic of Rachel's power potentially added to the mix? That can only improve their odds.
Under the circumstances, Illyana decides she can forgive Rachel for her falling luggage. She won't even let her demons nibble at it, for good measure.
"I'll see what I can do." Illyana says, slipping down from her perch as Rachel moves to leave, opening a portal to Limbo once the redhead has cleared the area. She glances back at Nate before she steps through. "Looks like you have another reason not to get kicked out, Nate." She tells him, and vanishes.

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