Iceberg Lounge Shakedown: Lights Out (pt.1)

March 29, 2015:

Catwoman and Two-Face tangle with the Penguin in a continuation of Iceberg Lounge Shakedown: Bird Cage (Bat emits, backdated)

Iceberg Lounge, Diamond District, Gotham

The Iceberg Casino and Lounge


NPCs: Penguin Jay Lark Raven


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Fade In…

The casino, restaurant and lounge once lit up and vibrant with life now a darkness shrouded cage for it's occupants. NVDs the fancy sort with Infra-Red Illuminators spark to life and the Penguin's laughter echoes throughout the silent lightless coliseum of his own making.

"Marvelous isn't it, Harvey? I see you. I see our friend the pussy cat too… can you see me?" A chuckle and he spins his umbrella letting it fan out in a protective spread before him.

"Give 'em some light boys."

On that mark all hell breaks loose. The Iceberg Lounge has just become a symphony of gunshots from behind the bar, the curtains by the dais, flanking each side of the VIP section and near the front door. Close to them.

"I don't want either of them dead! Just kill his mooks!" This is shouted to the mohawked redhead beside the puffed up bird-theme gangster. That man known as Thomas Alliatto he's a for hire goon who has run circles with the major Gotham criminals, a half-Irish half-Sicilian mutt who didn't fit in with either mob family he was born in to. He's possibly even had a tour working under Two-Face himself. With Lark, Jay and Raven acting as guards for the Penguin it would appear Tommy is the field captain overseeing the shooters.

Lights out. But this does not seem to end the ease at which 'Leonne' carries herself. Yes, penguin /knows/, but lately she has not been doing a very good job in hiding, in fact she has been showing herself wherever she damn well pleased - /begging/ for trouble and making it just as well. Unflinching with her arm in Harvey's until the command to kill their people is given by The Penguin.

"Now, now Cobblepot. That is not what the visit is for, but if you insist." And as she speaks that gloved hand covered in netting is sliding from Harvey's like a serpent, slow at first..,

Lights on in gunfire-strobe.

A few steps forward and she is suddenly in motion, both hands flexing and diamons studded claws are backed by the diamond tipped razors, fingertips gripping the duet of zippers at the front of the pencil skirt and slides them higher, open…

A spring and a banister is gripped, one of those steel sharpened stilletto'd heels aiming for a gunman's face with the acrobatic move that seeks to have her landing upon the banister and heading for Oswald.

Two-Face doesn't move in any rush, casually reaching into his pocket as his partner springs into action, as his In-Betweeners and the Penguin's aviary prepare to draw down on one another. He draws out his coin and flicks it skyward with a snap of his thumb, but he doesn't watch it, though, simply leveling his mis-matched gaze towards the umbrella shielding the Penguin from fire.

"Oswald," he says simply. "Doesn't have to be like this. You know me. I never offer only one option. If I'd have just wanted you dead, I'd have blown this place to the ground, not gotten all dressed up," he says, catching the coin and holding it in his palm for a moment as he reaches into his pocket and draws out his revolver.

"Some motherfuckers always gotta iceskate uphill.:"

"You both came with an entourage. You know I'm a businessman, you both been welcome here in the past without need of armed guards and not to mention one of yours fired the first shots." Their people? An obvious intelligence flub in that regards. Bluebird is after all the first one to fire a shot followed off by Fox's conjured phantom beasts.

"But, you won't underestimate me. Won't insult me. Not this time, I'm ready for it, I'm more than happy to show each and every one of you, Cats, Bats, Two-Faced lunatics, I'm the wrong bird to fuck with. Weh weh… " The umbrella waves two and fro as the Penguin back-peddles and wards off Catwoman motioning the trio of bodyguards forward. "Get her away from me."

"With pleasure. Girls, lets tear this pussy cat apart." Lark taunts while pausing just long enough to pop her knuckles as Jay and Raven both lunge forward to engage Catwoman Those pleated skirts each of them wear not giving any obstruction to shapely legs as they both lash out in Tae Kwan Do kicks at Selina as she draws close. Jay going high and Raven going low.
Tommy is steadily walking down the stairs as if he is about to duel Two-Face himself. The automatic shotgun he is holding primed and aimed towards the coin flipping mob lord. "No offense. The Penguin has nice tech and he is payin' me damned good. Plus, I never liked that whole monochrome thing… needed a little more color in my life."

"None of mine fire shots without reason or command." Catwoman states as she lands upon the banister and already has her whip in hand, the ascent up the slender metal and woodwork a stead stroll that is being handled with ease, only pausing when the trio is placed between herself and the Penguin.

Red painted lips curl into a smile that a deviant would wear in a position such as hers. Balancing pristine-ly, zippered teeth spread like a broken predatorial maw and that whip cracking out in an arch to form an 'x' with every resounding snap of the multi'tailed tip against the air. "I do hope you prefer your birds with clipped wings." A rise of her hand and those claws flashed, a 'pinching' motion to click them together and it was on.

Leaping from the banister her body moves parallel to the floor, spiraling like a boomerang with no return, though as one kicks high the whip is snapped upward to try and lasso her leg while the one that went low is sought to be a landing pad, Catwoman anchoring down on her face claws first.

Two-Face grins crookedly, 'Hope you like red, then," he says to Tommy, opening up by firing at the thug, arm fully extended as he marches forward. He doesn't show any fear of the chaos around him - chaos is, after all, his milieu, his reason for being. He hears the snap of bone and the sound of gurgling, the pitter-patter of blood on the ground, and to him it sounds good. The world should end in a bang and a whimper, two roads converged in a crimson wood, and sorry he could not travel both.

Which doesn't mean he isn't planning to cheat like a bastard and take every liberty he can along the way.

"In-Betweeners…cut 'em in two!" he says, and his men each pull out secondary guns, training them to fire all at once, while his two molls, Samantha and Delilah, dive low beneath the tables, knives in their teeth, preparing to hamstring any unwary who meander their way.

Tommy is no slouch and his aim is good but there is just a calibre goons like him don't match up to and Two-Face is one such individual. The muzzle fire only gives so much light but it is just enough to allow more than Two-Face himself to train weapons on Tommy and lay him low. Tommy Alliatto goes down.

"Feh, not worth what I paid him." Penguin yells before firing the tip of his umbrella off at Harvey. The man is no stranger to the Penguin's tricks. That isn't going to be a normal umbrella cap.

Jay and Raven though graceful, quick and mean are not really on par in any of those fields with their adversary. A cry escapes one Jay as her leg gets ensnared. Raven releases an scream. It's Lark that should be the concern, the woman is a beast and she is not slowing for her two comrades a flying leap kick is landing her dead center of Selina's chest with a boot heel. "I've been wanting to test you out. Time to see who the biggest bitch on the block is." Yeah, this one means business.

"You think this is all I got? I've got plenty more in store for you two. Plenty plenty more. Come to my house and play the innocent route, we're too old for that. You're both getting sloppy. That little birdy out back lit up one of my boys and when I got you two sittin' pretty I'll make sure she squeals on which of you she works for." Yeah, he means Bluebird who used a gun. Not something that fits the Bat clans M.O. Maybe this is all just one big confused coincidence. Villains are a fickle and trigger happy lot after all.

The landing and anchor on Raven's face is lifted away savagely. Catwoman is outnumbered but this has not stopped her before, there is a fire in her that has been lit and no one has given her a reason to dull the searing burn, not when they are lighting up her people and trying to riddle them with holes.

Her grip on Raven's face is torn away with the landed kick upon her chest by Lark. White on black dread locks splay as she goes end over end across the floor, tucking a shoulder in that ungraceful display to end it into a flip that has her on all fours, the whip recoiled into one clawed hand to leave Jay loose.

"I don't think either of us bear the correct name for that title, but if you want to be a dog.. Fitting." Once more that whip cracks out, aiming to tether around Lark's neck as she lunges her way. trying to gather her in the whip and jerk her off balance to receive a return planted kick to her abdomen.

Two-Face casually grasps one of his own lieutenant's, a blowsy faced man who fills out his two-toned sit a little too well, gone to flab enough that Harvey considers him disposable. Or, in truth, he considers them all disposable - the man's flab will simply be a useful excuse if anyone questions the sacrifice. He hurtles the fatback into the path of the Penguin's tip, rolling himself to the side and sending a couple of bullets up towards the rotund rooster.

"Your problem, Penguin, is you think money buys quality. All money buys is greed. You find out what a man is worth not by how much money he takes…but by how much he refuses," he calls out. "I'd have given you the chance to refuse. Maybe even accepted it peacefully. You'd have had a fifty-fifty chance, at least," he says. "Now the only choice you'll be is between the knee-cap and the gut."

Raven's screams are shrill. Distracting. Jay is actually backing away from the fight now and watching as Lark snaps a forearm up and catches the whip on it, binding her forearm and fist up in it painfully only to double over to a kick to the abdomen. A heave escaping her that is accompanied with a coarse laugh. "Not bad."

The umbrella crown that hit the ground was the obvious explosive grenade. The concussive force from the explosion being absorbed by the L. Tee's body riddling the area around the man in smoke and distortion.

"Fah, I'm not afraid of you Harvey. You're only half the crook you think you are. Weh weh…. hah!" He is however getting low on men. Jay is running away. Raven is a disfigured mess and Lark well, Lark is Lark. She's going to do what she is going to do once she is set loose.

"What? No, who? What!? Not them?!" Apparently the bird is getting some information from somewhere else, an earpiece that is still functional. While deflecting bullets with that modified umbrella he starts to yell back towards Catwoman and Two-Face.
"Back off both of you! I'm not going to yield but just maybe there has been a misunderstanding here… maybe… and just maybe… I'll open the doors and let you escape… consider it a professional courtesy. A one time offer… otherwise. This is going to get real ugly." A finger snap and red lights flip on around the lounge one by one as they do buzz sounds ring out and small doors begin to open around the pools. Machine gun turrets stylishly operated by mechanized penguins begin to appear. "You like my renovations? I'm going to count down from 10… you leave or you stay and die. I got rodents to gas out once I get rid of you two… you should feel satisfied you were nothing more than a distraction." A small jab there from the Fancy Bird. It keeps him feeling smug and superior to his fellow 'super' villains.

To be continued…

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