Clown Rollercoaster

June 15, 2017:

Harley bakes (poorly). Harley cries. Harley… is clearly nuts and having some emotional stuff happening.


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Harley is in a mood. A bad one. So bad, in fact, that her babies have come upstairs to hide. Things have calmed down downstairs, the yelling and crying has stopped. And not long after, Harley comes upstairs, all smiles and sunshine. And having baked cookies. "Sorry I was in such a mood! don't know what came over me! Anyone hungry?"

A day returned to civilian life and outside of Belle Reve. Harley looked to be feeling better, Waller wasn't in a great mood but she escorted them all out. Had a private conversation with Quinzel and then locked up the prison behind them.
Now they're back in Gotham, tired from the travel, Taskmaster hasn't even bothered to escape the Gotham Arms complex to go home he is sprawled on that couch in Regan's living room, or what was left of it. A wall used to be there somewhere and it looks like many of them have just been left down by Carpenter. Who is a floor below, hammering away at something. Just whistling happily as she works.

Taskmaster's mask is over his face but he is wearing a black turtleneck, slacks and dress shoes.
"Whats burning? Did you burn cookies? Where is the Doc… she is the only one of you women I trust in the kitchen." Yeah, hes crabby too! He isn't thinking Harley might be on the side of frazzled or short tempered right now.

Harley glares at Taskmaster. "They aren't burnt! They're… Cajun cookies! You know, if you like Junebug so much, why don't you marry her!" The plate of cookies is slammed down on the table and she snatches one before sitting down in a chair that isn't near the skull-faced merc.

Snicker and Doodle start to slink out of the apartment. This is why they are avoiding their fur mommy in the first place. She's crazier then usual.

Taskmaster sits upright as the cookies *slam* down and his mask slides further down his face, it was a bit high up because he wasn't paying attention, "Whoa, ease up there. I know you just about died from being in a coffin but shit, they're just cookies you wacky wench." His eyes darting from table to Harley's face. "Near death experiences for you make you want to cook? Also I dont want to marry the Doc, shes just the best cook out of all y'all pampered… " Silencing now.

For a moment there, Harley looks like she's about to throw something at Task, but an instant later, she turns to look away. She tries eating her cooking and…. is she crying? "I'm tryin' ta learn, okay! I know I ain't great at it, but ya gotta practice if ya wanna be good at anything. The least you could do is be supportive!"

"You just hafta read the box, toots." Taskmaster lays back down then its as if his conscience gets him and he stops half way between laid back and upright, a sigh exhales past the teeth of the mask and he is sitting up, walking over and rubbing the back of Harley's neck and shoulders, "Now now… you're going to make your cookie all soggy." SympathySkull.

"I didn't make 'em outta a box. I made 'em from scratch," Harley explains, moping. She nibbles at her cookie, still sniffling but at least not actually crying anymore. One hand starts to thrum on the arm of the comfy chair, the clown girl letting out a heavy sigh. She then gets up and is her usually bubbly self again, bouncing over to cuddle with Taskmaster. "Dumplin? You ever think of maybe givin' up this life'a crime and settlin' down?"

"Might be part of your whole problem right there. Cookies from scratch… " A bit more rubbing of Harley's shoulders then his hands recoil like she just became a leper, "Quit this life? Haha, you're funny. You realize the life right now is being a puppet for Satan. Outside of that, why the hell would anyone wanna quit? Make so much bank and the thrills… " He carries on.
Taskmaster chuckles low. She cannot be serious?

Harley Quinn says, "Well, what about after Satan? Ya know, we can't do this forever. It's all fun and games till ya start getting a little slower, or the muscle and joint aches get too much. Don't ya ever think about a nice little home? Just you and someone that's real sweet on ya? Raising a couple of kids?" She starts to massage Task's shoulders, smiling at him sweetly"

"The hell you going on about?" Taskmaster goes rigid, his head leans back and he just stares at Harley Quinn. "Almost dying really shook you up, huh? That cant have been your first time. I don't got a memory for shit and I know thats not your first time." He won't stop the massage though, shes not the only one who was flown over seas in a coffin he is also much larger than any of the women. Not Bane sized but hes not a small man.

Nodding her head, Harley smiles weakly. "Yeah, the nearly dyin' sorta shook me up. Made me think about what's important in life." Her arms slide around Task to hug him from behind, nuzzling him. "And I was thinkin' a nice little place, maybe in Maine? You an me? No more need for masks or mallets or guns. Wouldn't that be nice? I could learn ta cook. You could work on the engine of the car… "

Poison Ivy hasn't been around as much as she would like. She knew the others mostly got called in to the swamp, and she made plans to level the prison if need be. But it didn't come to that, and so Ivy's attention got drawn… elsewhere. Something is at the edge of her awareness and she can't quite pin it down yet. But that doesn't mean she's forgotten her new human teammates all together. She has a canvas bag, in it is some 'healthy' high sugar cereal, some fruit, fresh coffee, corndogs she made herself, and cupcakes. Waling into the apartment she shakes that red hair free of the bun it was in and uses her plants to find the others, "Who's hungry?"

Taskmaster goes all stiff again hands curled in as he looks confused at what to do while she hugs up on him, this is not usual. "Did you get in to some of Ivy's plants again? Look, you're talking normal people crazy stuff." The mercenary grabs her arms and slides them down so he can turn around and stare at her, "We are not normal, remember? We are killers. How long would you last in suburbia playing house while your neighbors piss on your petunias? You wouldn't. Youd chop that guys dangler off and then go beat his wife. You're in fantasy land right now, snap out of it." Hearing Ivy's voice Taskmaster looks up, "Red, whats up gorgeous? Maybe you should talk to Harl, shes acting… goofy and lovey, talking about giving up on a life of violence and crime."

Harley frowns at Task, giving him a kick as she moves away. "There is no reason a person can't want a nice, normal life." She says. She goes over to Ivy and hugs her. "I'm famished," she tells her friend. She points down to the cookies she made from scratch, looking a bit like hockey pucks. "

Poison Ivy looks from one to the other, and then hugs Harl back. "I take it the doctors and prison wasn't so good for you then, Harl? Did they not give you a good shock treatment?" Her voice a touch softer and more gentle then normal. Stroking the blonde's hair. "I got you that cereal we both like, and I'll heat up some corndogs and a side salad and corn. Cupcakes for desert." She looks at Task, "You going to eat my cooking or should I just feed Harl? And don't worry about our Harl she'll be fine. I have confidence in her strength."

"I don't know. How terrible is your cooking and if I look about to die one or both of y'all is giving me mouth to mouth. Just warning." A wave in the air and he is walking around the living room table to push a piece of knocked wall to the side. Floors are swept up, much of the place is coming together quickly. Carpenter is magical like that.

"Shes almost as tough a cookie as her own cookies." A grin inside the grin.

Listens to what Ivy has to offer and then suddenly bursts into tears. "I can't have any of that stuff! It's all full of sugar and sulfides and all sorts of other things I can't eat no more!!" So much for her strength

Poison Ivy points out, "I'm a world renowned biochemist and grow the best ingredients. What do you think my cooking is like?" She can bake awesome, when she wants to. "I see Carpenter is still working and trying to fix this place up." Then Harl is bursting into tears. She is honestly a bit surprised and knows just how to stop that up. Two things help snap Harl out of hysterics. Kissing, and slapping. She goes with the former first. She can breath air into Harl's lips as she plants one(ahem) on the blonde's lips. Trying to hold it til Harl calms down. "Sugar… is good Harl. REAL sugar. Not that HFCS crap. I always feed you right, and you know I wouldn't poison you. Besides your immune." See. A joke.

"I dunno, Olive Garden-y?" Taskmaster says blankly, he really hasn't thought about it. "She'll be at it a bit. The League of Losers did a lot of damage." The kissing has his attention briefly before hes walking in to the kitchen, coming back out with a bottle of whiskey, the top uncapped. Looking at them again he starts to pour himself more in to his earlier glass. "We can always turn on Animaniacs for you, Harley. That'll make you grin."

Harley takes a moment before she starts kissing back and slowly pulls away. She strokes at Ivy's hair, looking at her with a sappy grin. "You'll take care of me, woncha Red? You and me? We could be like one of those couples you see on HBO." She wipes at her tears and sniffles. "I'm sorry. I guess that whole nearly dying thing really shook me up," she says. She wraps her arms around herself and heads over to the other side of the apartment.

Poison Ivy winks over at Taskmaster and his suggestion of Animaniacs. "It has Maniac in the title after all." She enjoys the touches and smiles over at Harl. "Please, like a single show on HBO could contain us." Using her fingers to stroke at any stray tears on Harl's cheek. "You know I won't let you die, and if someone ever dare kill you then there is no reason to keep humans around, at al." She sounds like she means it. "I'll get you both food. Give me fifteen minutes. Find some vine fails on Youtube or something."'

"YouTube and Vine together are the worst things I've ever heard out of your mouth, Red but I get it. Your little puns are almost as cute as your ass." WHICH he will openly admire when she departs. He can't help it. He's that sort of guy even if Harley is an emotional rolllercoaster right now hes still just Task. Their resident meangirlskullyperosnwhichever. "Just… Harley, hang and pick something out. We'll watch something to put an edge back in to you. HEY, look its the news! They're talking about that Scorcher guy! He was in that other movie too, the one I actually liked. Dodgethis? Dodgethis. I think yeah." different world, different strokes.

Harley seems unduly down. She frowns and keeps her arms crossed over her stomach and looks out the window. She looks at Ivy and Task and debates letting them know what Waller told her. She shakes her head, knowing she can't. It would change everything. And so, she puts up the act of happy Harley. "He was in something you liked? You just sayin' that or you tryin' ta make me feel bad about killin' him. Cause I ain't gonna. You didn't hear what he said."

Poison Ivy grins at Task and rolls her hips, "nothing is as cute as my ass." Flipping her hair and then into the kitchen to get to work. "Feel bad about killing who?" Cuz she really isn't up to date on things, and sadly is headed for the kitchen to cook for a bit so misses any chance to read that something is wrong with Harley.

"Fft, that doesn't mean you should feel bad. More street cred, right? Besides rich people don't go to Madripoor if they ain't dirty scumbags in some way or another. All the shiny Disney rubs off there." A low whistle sound as Ivy struts her stuff, Taskmaster takes a big drink. Ice and glass clinking as it sets back down. "I probably don't wanna hear what he said." Speaking up, "The actor from Scorcher! I swear I keep forgetting his name."

Sitting with her knees curled up against her chest and her arms hugging around them, Harley goes into what seems to be a fugue state. She doesn't even seem to see the tv that is on, let alone what is on it. She sits there, moping, deep in her own thoughts.

Poison Ivy comes back after a bit with three plates. There's a few corn dogs on each, a sampling of brown mustard and spicy ketchup, corn on the cob, and a side salad as well. Harl gets a big glass of milk, Task has a class with ice since she knows he can get a beer or whatever. "I don't watch TV really," reminding Taskmaster. "Here you both are. Now eat. No nasty stuff in my food." She looks at Task, "Or tricks." She eyes Harl all curled up like that and a note of worry comes to her features. "Harl?" Sitting next to her and holding out the food.

Taskaster doesn't need told twice to eat. The lower portion of his mask is pushed up and off to the side as he begins to dig in, Taskmaster is now finally eating something that Ivy has prepared or produced. Good or bad. At least it is delicious food. "Tricks?" He pauses, wiping his mouth with a glove and swallowing before he speaks, "What tricks would I pull?" His eyes trained on the two of them. He really is clueless about what Harley could be going through, its his assumption shes just being… well… a Gothamite. Nuts.

Coming out of her reverie, Harley looks to Red and takes the plate that is offered to her. She looks like a sad, sad thoughtful clown. She noshes on the corndog, just watching the tv as Wacko, Yacko and Dot cavort on the screen. Snicker and Doodle come up, whimpering and snuggle up to Harley, looking up at her with worried eyes.

Poison Ivy says, "I was trying to assure you that I was not going to trick you Taskmaster." But Harl's continued sullenness has her worried. She reaces out to touch one of Harl's arms, seeming to hold, but in truth she is testing the blonde's pulse and temperature as best she can. "Taskmaster, what happened on this mission or on the swamp?" This is what happens when she isnt' there to do things right. Humans are so unreliable, and if Satan broke Harley… Ivy will just have to break America.

"Ah, right, well that makes sense." Taskmaster studies Harley then Ivy as he speaks on, "We got blown up, shot at, chased for an entire day… " A tip of his head towards the Clown Princess, "Little miss decided she was going to carry Regan around that entire time." A piece of food placed between teeth, munched and downed again before he carries on, "Ended up getting drugged and or shot again, sedated, stuffed in coffins and shipped over seas. Shes been on and off since Satan took her away for the medlab. She popped out dead looking… "
And Taskmaster almost killed a some people but she wasn't dead so that crisis averted.

Harley smiles up at Ivy and then to Task and her babies. "I'll be okay. I've just been really tired since Madripoor. I think I just overdid it. Maybe it`s a side effect of that fancy bring of Baht`s." She keeps eating the food offered, eyeing the glass of milk suspiciously. She then looks up to Ivy, wondering if the biologist has figured it out. Damn smart people. Mind you, in another month or so, the secret is going to be out. Harley isn`t exactly known for wearing baggy clothing.

Poison Ivy frowns at the results. "I think I'm going to track down Satan and have a…. chat with her." Because if Ivy is going to work with these people she has to keep informed. That and she would like to see that fat woman sweat through her clothes. "You sure," she asks Harl, stroking the blonde's arm some. No she hasn't figured it out, she just knows milk can be good for you and she wants Harl to be healthier then most people. She's always pushing 'better' foods on Harl, on them all if we're honest. "Well if you want to come to my garden for private time and quiet Harleen, you know my flowers are always open for you." Eyes back to Taskmaster, "So how is the food, any comments?"

"Good luck, Ivy. If you think Satan owes you or any one of us here a damned thing you're going to learn otherwise." A bite again and he is pushing his mask down sliding it away to just occupy himself with his alcohol again, "It is good, much better than I expected. Just cannot eat a lot after our adventure, the prison food isn't sitting well either."
"Flowers always open?"

"Told you, Regan can carry her on boney ass around but you insisted. Never put yourself in a situation where you're suffering more than one of us." Taskmaster tells the jester-ette. Some levity in his voice. Maybe this s how he comes across trying to be sympathetic or concerned.

"YOu think Satan's gonna tell you anything? She only talked ta me cause… YOu know, don't worry about it." She brightens up, smiling again. "I'm just being a silly goose. You know me! Takes a while for the medications they give me in Belle Reve ta wear off. I'll be right as rain in a day or two!" she says, lying. She pets her babies, offering them little bits of her corndog.

Poison Ivy says, "I"m sure that woman thinks she's holding all the cards. I think she also aware that some fights are not worth doing. If not, then fine. I have my own ways." Maybe it is time for Ivy to test how strong Waller's defenses are. "You should know by now Taskmaster, Harl likes playmates and doens't have as much fun playing alone." Ivy looks at Harl as she perks up and isn't sure, especially given the dodge to not worry about things. "Okay Harleen. I'm just glad that in Arkham at least the STOPPED trying to give me drugs." Wrinking her nose at some less then good attempts. "Though that cell Batman and the others helped them come up with is far from enjoyable."

Taskmaster doesn't say anything he just takes a long drink again. A very long one. It actually kills the glass and he gets up to go fill himself up with another.

Harley looks to Red, arching a brow as she mentions the many playmates that Harley has had. That would be part of the problem. She looks to Taskmaster and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Batman is far too inventive for our own good, ifn ya ask me. Glad we got ya out of that cell." She takes up the glass of milk, sipping it slowly.

Poison Ivy lets Task drink and won't poke the skull faced guy enjoy his alcohol. "I am too Harl. They dont' ever dare let me out, so there is no 'yard time' for me. I also notice they rotate the guards to at least once a month." She sighs at those memories and the dull dull times. "Still, there have been worse cages used on me." She pauses then and getsan introspective look for a moment, lips pursing together. "At least this home is starting to shape up. Worth the money if I do say so myself."

New full glass and he is walking back in, just in time to see the introspective look on Ivy's face, "Hold that. I got to get this… " His phone flips up and snaps a shot of her with her lips pursed, "Nice. Can't touch right but I can still enjoy." What a sleaze. The phone slides away and he'll share the image with the others when he finds it again, likely he'll forget it and stumble across it later. "Not even for good behaviour?" He sits down this time not on the couch but on the edge of the recliner, nearer the two women. Maybe Harley just needs some close proximity. "Snap out of it wouldja, you're worrying me." A nudge of one foot against Harley's hip. "Softy talk has me thinking you want out."

Harley looks at the two that are here as she sips at her milk and takes a deep breath. "It is gettin' kinda nice," she says. "Soon, we'll have the top two floors of this place looking like a regular ole' palace." She reaches down to rub the smooth dome of Taskmaster's head. "I'm fine Dumplin'. I'm just a little out of sorts. I'll be right as rain in no time."

Poison Ivy doesn't even notice the picture til it is too late. Those green eyes settling onto Taskmaster, "Just no posting it online," though her tone is light enough. "And no, doesn't matter 'how good' I would be. In my cell pretty much all the time." She does admit, "When we're done it will be nice to have a safe house as tricked out as this." She watches Harl and Task as they interact. "It's good to know someone else is here to cover your back if I have to go on a field strip and will be gone. Least til you are feeling more yourself."

"You haven't paid attention, gorgeous. I don't even let myself get posted its these ones that you have to look out for." A motion towards Harley and indicating the other two, Regan and Rose as the hand smooths the top of his skully mask. "Cover her back? I suppose." He says quietly, "As much as we can afford to." Thats a reminder, a casual one. A drink is taken again. "Soon, we'll have a palace in here yes, then some fucks will probably come and blow it up on us again. We need to consider defenses, I mean, you guys do." He hasn't left the couch again, hes in denial that he belongs of course.

Harley Quinn smirks and shrugs a shoulder at the mention of her bad habit for posting things on the internet. "Please, it's not like anyone actually believes that my instagram is actually mine. I'm just another fangirl. A convincing cosplayer. I can hide in plain sight as myself. And then when I do post something that might convince others, Satan makes sure no one really sees it."

Poison Ivy said it more out of jest then habit, she doesn't exactly 'follow' social media sites. "I've already got some plans on that. Especially once the building superintendent agrees to the new landscaping for the building. Should help things with me and give us means to 'deter' those when the need for an active protection is called." Ivy reaches out to hug at Harl with one arm and then moves to lay her head in the clown's lap, les danging over the edge of the couch as she stretches out. "Do we need to take you on a supermarket smash and grab shoping run Harl? Maybe get you a new bike and side cars for your babbies that runs on sugar and corn?"

Taskmaster swings his foot lazily back and forth thumping the heel of it off the bottom of his perch, "I suppose." is all he says about the media stuff, of all the teams once again he ends up the guy worrying about professionalism and security. It is Agency X allover again. As Ivy stretches out he watches her body elongate and relax on Harley, his eyes go wide behind that mask and he finds himself drinking heavily again, getting warm in the face now that booze is sinking in. "Superintendent still lives? I figured we'd have killed him by now. " Clearing his throat he stares down and watches ice knock around in his drink. "She seems to be doing better, maybe just needed that hug and some cartoons." A click sound escapes his skull, teeth on tongue.

Harley cuddles with Ivy on the couch, running her fingers through her red hair. She looks over to Taskmaster and offers him a smile. "Once all the repairs and upgrades to the living quarters are done, then we will work on the security. We will be fine. How stupid would those lot have to be to try and attack us again." She kisses one and then the other. "I'm going to go get some sleep." She pulls up to sit. "Come with me?" she asks Task, reaching out her hand to him.

Poison Ivy notes, "Definitely going to have to bring more 'normal' clothes for hang out around here. Just to keep things safer. And yeah the super is alive. They were hurt but had a 'restful night' where they blacked out and are doing better now." Meaning Ivy roofied him up and tended his boo-boos and now is firmly in her pocket. "I don't kill what I can use. She looks over at him with the click of the tongue, "Everything alright Task?" The stroking of the hair, makes Ivy close her eyes though. It isn't like she gets this everyday after all. "We still have that 'Matador' guy of theirs that we could send at them. Though he's not as useful as he may once have been." She sits up to let Harl go, turning in her seat to make room for the pair to escape.

"Keep things safer? not a word to use here, Red." Taskmaster remarks, "Or are you getting subconscious? Didn't take you as that sort of woman." A tilt of his head, indication he is grinning underneath. "I'll be in shortly Harley, more whiskey calling my name. Expect the unexpected and expect the stupid to live up to it. They'll be back. " Matador… he forgot about that guy. A low chuckle rolls through him, that'll teach them to attack 'em at least. "These idiots got some left still, they don't fear us enough yet."

The question about all right has him studying Ivy, "Yeah, I'll be alright." Maybe he should follow Harley to bed. He hasn't moved yet though, he knows where her room is, can't miss the big hyenas laying in the hallway outside of it anyways.

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