Alleyway Cheetos

June 15, 2017:

Rogue meets a new friend in an alleyway! (that doesn't sound weird at all!)


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Aesh has had a difficult day. He spent all his morning doing the same he's been doing for the last two weeks: Locked up in meetings, explaining the same thing over and over to middle-aged buziness men. His stay in New York has been.. Nerve-indulssing, to say the least. After a pause for lunch the meetings continued, the youth almost losing his temper several times, having to answer, several times, question such as "Why won't we offer the same technology that you use to other countries?" "Why won't you show us more of what you can do?" So on. When the end of the day came, Aesh felt thankful for it. He ate his dinner quietly, changed into more confortable clothes and decided to check out New York. So now he walks seemingly aimlessly, eager to find something interesting. His Hud feeds him information, from nearby phone numbers to passing Internet datapackets. The youth ignores such information, separating what is relevant from whats just trivial. He looks up at the sky for a moment, just letting his feet guide him…

Rogue was in the city to see some friends, but she'd already parted ways with them after going to the park to hang out for a bit. Now she was here, well… sort of here… she was really off to the side of 'here' and was in one of the alleyways between tall buildings. There she was arguing with some people, two men actually who looked nefarious in nature… middle aged (at least 20 years older than yer) one of them was entirely bald and pretty portley while th eother was tougher looking and had a big bushy black beard.

Rogue was wearing some black denim shorts, a green mesh top with a white tanktop on beneath it, she had on some leather boots and dark green stockings that went up under her shorts, and her brown and white hair made her stick out even more than her clothing.

It looked like the men were shaking Rogue down for something, money or 'who knows' what else… it definitely looked like the makings of something bad though.

Aesh had been walking around for some time, until he heard a commotion, thanks to his enhance audictory systems. The sounds he detected indicated that whatever was happening would soon turn sour. So he quickly made his way closer to the situation. When he spotted the 3 figures, he kept his distancy. Despit the darkness, his Hud showed things clearly: He could see a young woman being cornered by two other men. As one of them reared his arm back probably to punch the woman, Aesh acted. He closed his eyes for a brief moment, two tentacle-like appendages springing from his chest. They quickly found their target, their flexible tips wrapping around the thug's throats. They struggled in a vain effort to free themselves, the tentacle's grips thightening. "Are you ok?" The youth asked the brown-haired woman, his voice being soft and calm, the two men held firmly away from her. His eyes glowed red for a moment as he scanned the girl to check if she was (or not) injured.

Rogue took a step back when the sudden presence of strange tentacles came into play? With green eyes wide open and a sudden look over toward the source of where they'd come from, she sees Aesh and hears his question. "I'm fine…" She tells him in a thickly accented voice.

Rogue motioned to the two men he was holding captive with his strange power. "They're lookin' for a friend'a mine, is all… they think I'm hidin' him, but…" Rogue glared then. "I'm NOT!" She shouted at the two thugs.

Rogue would look back to Aesh then. "You should probably let'em go though, they couldn't have hurt me anyhow. Even if they wanted to."

Aesh nods at Rogue, understanding flashing in his eyes for the briefest of second. "Still, violence isn't the answer." He repplies. With a quick movement of his metalic tentacles, the two thug's heads are smalled against each other with a loud *thud*. They are released, falling to the ground unconssious. "Well now they won't be hurting anybody for a while.. At least until they wake up." With the main problem averted, the metalic-looking tentacles retract, going back to widin Aesh. The youth sighs. "Sorry if I intruded.. Just looked like you would need some help." He says in an apologetic tone, now making himself fully visible. "Oh, I almost forgot.." Almost as an after thought, Aesh points a hand to the two prone forms on the ground. His hand starts to change, quickly morphing into a slim, small device. With a loud *rip* a net is fired from the device, the net quickly wrapping and binding the two men, Aesh's hand going back to its previous, normal shape soon after.

Rogue watched all of this unfold in front of her and she just released a sharp and quick sigh. She flapped her gloved hands against her shorts-covered thighs and then just shook her head. "These two Cheetos couldn't do a damn thing t'me, even if they had all day." Rogue told Aesh after the net was shot out and bound the men up.

The southern girl strut her way over to a large metal trash bim of the dumpster variety and she reached out to grab it where city trucks latch onto it with a machine. "See?" Rogue said, glancing back at Aesh as she just lifted it up off the ground and then tossed it about ten feet down the alley where it lounded with a loudn *BANG* and then rolled on its wheels until it stopped against the fence further down inside the alley.

"These douches didn't stand a chance." Rogue said then with a little smirk.

She nodded toward Aesh. "Whats your name?" She asked him. "I'm Marie… though most call me Rogue."

Aesh nodded at Rogue, watching the dumpster be tossed around. "I see, so we are similar, in some respects.." He comments, grinning. He takes a step closer towards the girl, extending a hand toward her. "Its nice to meet you, Marie. I'm Aesh." He introduces himself cheerfully, gazing at the girl for a brief moment. "Its good to know you could have tacken care of them." He says casually.

Rogue accepted the extended hand with a gloved one of her own, which might seem odd for her to be wearing gloves in June when its like 80 degrees outside.

"Hah." Rogue said back at him and nodded her head. "Yeah… I take care'a myself just fine. BUT, still… its cool that you're out on the streets, protectin' folks'n all." She showed a faint smile. "Make sure t'watch your own ass though, don't wanna get yourself inta stuff thats ove'ah your own damn head… There's a lotta people out here who have powers that ain't as nice as I am."

Rogue looked at the two sleeping lovebirds on the ground. "These two lumps, just weren't those variety."

Aesh nods, hmming for a moment. "Oh yes, I'm aware of that.. If I ever run into one of these people, I'll be sure to take care of myself.. But I don't think I could just not act if someone was being hurt." He says honestly, saying nothing about Rogue's gloves. Glancing at the two men, he comments. "These two just took on someone who was too much for them, thats all." He moves to lean against a wall. "I've got to admite.. My visite to this city is really being interesting." He says, his lips turning upward faintly.

Rogue watched the other just lean against a wall and she shook her head and grinned, glancing out at the busy city street to her left. "Manhattan, yo." She said at him then in her huskky southern voice. "Its a happenin' place. Probably the most 'happenin' place on the whole damn planet." She looked back at him then. "So you're a tourist?" She asked him then, looking him over. "Here for a short time, gone to save girls in alleys some othe'ah place soon?" She tilted her head then out of curiosity aimed at him.

"I ain't from around here neithe'ah, but I've relocated here… now its home. Can't imagine livin' anywhere else." She paused then for a second, smirking. "Cept maybe somewhere in Paris."

Aesh laughs, nodding. "Well, who wouldn't want to live in Paris?" He returns Rogue's look, his eyes openly making contact with hers. His posture and expression seem friendly and open. He shakes his head. "No, I'm not from New York.. I was born and raised in Metropolis.. Well, unfortunately I can't stay for long.. I came here to take care of buziness.. I own a small company.." He grins. "As for me saving girls well, if theres one thing life has taught me is that no matter where I'm, there are always girls to be saved. I can see why this place is your home.." Curiosity glints in his eyes as he asks. "And you? What is it that you do here?"

Rogue grinned at the question asked to her then at the end of his words and she placed her gloved hands together interlocking her fingers in front of her chest with her elbows gently bent. "Certaines plus que dautres, Hros." She said in response to him, in flawless French, accent and all.

Rogue then let her hands go back down to her hips and she just grinned at him. "I'm a French language teache'ah at a school a bit north'a here, in upstate New York." She vaguely explained. "You own a company? You look like you're barely outta highschool." She grinned at him soime more. "That mean you're a rich kid?" She asked.

"Cause if you give me a few minutes, I can find a stretch'a metal t'craft me up a shovel t'do me some gold diggin'…" She sent her green eyes around their immediate area, looking for the appropriate crafting materials perhaps?

Aesh continued to grin, his eyes sparkling. "She speaks French.. What a refined girl!" He exclaimed happilly, nodding. "Yes, I own a company.. Its a really long history.. Lets just say the company is giving me some problems.." He morphs his right hand into a large shovel. "Would you like a hand with your digging?" He smiles broadly, his eyes sparkling with amusement.

Rogue looked back at him when his hand turned into a shovel and she just responded by gawking a little. "You got quite the ability there, don't ya, Miste'ah." She said at him then with a single shake of her head side to side. "I've seen shapeshiftin' people before, but I ain't neve'ah seen shapeshiftin' hands… At least not quite like those'a yours anyhow."

Rogue smirked at him and reached a hand up to brush some of her white bangs out of her face from the wind in the alleyway. "So you're here on a business trip and the trip ain't goin' so hot? Thats no fun."

Aesh nods at Rogue. "Its not just shape shifting.. My powers don't come from my DNA.. They come from my cybernetics.." He explaims, the shovel morphing back into a hand. "Its not just my hands." The tentacles appear again, now with another shovel held on their tip before they vanish once again. "But to answer your question no, my trip isn't going so well.. There are things in the company that I'm trying to change.. Pluz some people there aren't happy with me being their boss.." He just shakes his head. "The main problem is that people care too much about how many they earn.. Most of them aren't willing to give their money to others without receiving something back." He's giving Rogue most if not all of his atention, his head tilting forward ever so slightly

The southern girl with the two-toned hair would gently dip her chin two quick times in succession, nodding at the young man's words about his job. "Old farts love their monies." She told him with a little grin that faded pretty quick there-after. "They need t'get out there 'nd buy them some giant boats and slooty ho's. They can't bein' doin' any'a that if they got some young hot shotboss with 'shovel hands' taken all their monies away from'em cause he's got some 'idealistic idea' on how their money machine should be more properly run…"

Rogue grinned at him and then shrugged her shoulders inside of that sheer mesh shirt she had on over her tanktop. "But, what the hell do I know about any'a that kinda stuff."

"It appears you know a lot about 'that stuff'." Aesh says appreciativelly. "The problem goes a bit deeper then just shock of generations.. But things will hopefully end, one way or the other." He takes a step closer to Rogue. "So, what about you? What helce can you tell me about yourself? I only know that you are a super strong french teacher. Would you be so kind as to indulge my curiosity about a girl thats not only nice but that alsso has good looks?" His words are said in his usual soft tone, tough now there is a touch of shiness to them, even tough his posture doesn't changes.

Rogue hooked her gloved thumbs into the pockets of her denim shorts and she just smiled faintly at him and tilted her head toward her right shoulder for a moment. "Ah… I ain't all that interestin'." She told him. "Just a girl who grew up in the south, had a shitty home life when her parents were killed, or… kidnapped… or somethin'…" She shook her head then. "Found out a few years late'ah that she was a mutant, who sucked the life outta anyone she touched with her bare skin. Ended up out on the road as a teenage runaway, hidin' from people wantin' to hurt mutants. It all got t'be a little too much and I sought out some help here in the New York area, and, well.. here we are."

Rogue gave the other a grin and she reached up to brush some of her white hair out of her face again. "I may'a glossed ove'ah a few minor bullet points here'n there." She said in a near-whisper pitched voice.

Aesh nods, listenning intently to Rogue's words. He moved one step closer to her. "I'm not too interesting myself.. If its of any confort, I can simpathise with you in a few points.. My home life wasn't exactly easy.. I've never known my mother, my father was too buzy working to give me too much atention.. I spent most of my time playing video games and stuff.. Started to work alongside my father.. I think the most interesting was when me and my father were about to go have lunch one day.. I started our car.. The car blew up. My body was blown to bits.. Now I'm here with only a few organic components remaining, atempting to do a difference.. Oh another thing worth mentioning is that my father seems to view me more as a weapon then a person." Despit his words, he says them in a neutral tone, a hand reaching out to softly touch Rogue's.

Rogue didn't budge her ground. She could lift a city bus over her head, so she wasn't easily intimidated by a young man approaching her, even if he did display some pretty impressive powers… Rogue had a big ego and a big belief she could punch her way out of almost anything, but… she also wasn't threatened by this young 'CEO' either.

"Sounds like we both have a pretty messed up childhood." She said quietly with a little smirk. But when he reached over to touch her hand she lifted it up and held it in the air. "I wear gloves so I don't hurt nobody." She told him. "Like I said, skin on skin contact and I'll drain your soul right outta your body, and likely take whateve'ah these abilities of yours are, and your thoughts n'memories too." She said all of this in a quiet tone.

Aesh hmms for a moment. "Now things make a bit more of sense.. Thing is.. I'm not exactly human.. My brain has been enhanced with cybernetics.. I can do things like read radio signals, hack into wify just by using my brain.. Thing is all this is thanks to my cybernetics.. Would your powers be able to replicate it?" His tone is a bit more reflexive. "Without my cybernetics, I'm not a threat to nobody.. I wouldn't even be able to walk." He sighs, noticing he was starting to bable. "I apologise.. I'm a scientist and sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me." He took a step back, not wanting to give the wrong impression to the girl. "Well.. Theres a saying: If life gives you lemmons, do a lemonade.. Thats what I try to do.. I try to make the best of my situation.. See the good side of things." He comments quietly.

Rogue listened to these things from hin and she shook her head gently and smirked a little. her arms went to fold together across her stomach beneath her chest. "I wouldn't be able t'take any'a the artificial stuff outta you, obviously." She told him. "Buuuut… I'd definitely take whateve'ah ya got in there that is 'you'… ya know? The… uh… Ghost in the Shell?"

The southern belle would gently nod her head two times at him. "I know for a fact that I'd get that stuff outta you for sure. And, I imagine that you don't want t'have that happen." She said further adding a big grin at him "Though those folks at your job that don't like you so much? They might be okay with me puttin' your ass inta a lifeless coma." More grinning was had then..

Aesh chuckled, despit the situation. "Oh, they would really love that.. They would finally be able to sell my weaponized technology to the highest bidder.. It would be like christmass and two birthdays." He hmms. "I hope we never have to find out what would happen.. I'm not sure things would be that simple. I can manipulate several forms of energy.. From Plasma to Electricity.. I wonder if they would make a difference.." He seems to think about it for a moment, before he shrughs. "I sertainly don't wish to let go of my humanity." He returns Rogue's grin with one of his own.

Rogue kept her arms folded over her stomach and she grinned at what he said, then slowly nodded her head two times at him. "Yeah… few do." She told him. "Its why I don't have a lotta men stick around in my life longe'ah than finding out what I would do t'them if they tried t'get at my 'hot bod'." She laughed a little. "Trust me. I'm twenty five… I've been t'the bars… Once I explain 'why' they can't touch me, they pretty much pick up their drink 'nd head for the next girl on their radar."

She shrugged her shoulders again. "Its alright. I'm destined t'live alone with a hundred cats. Thankfully… I -like- cats… and my mutation don't work on animals. So… yeah. Meow." She said the 'meow' in a very drab and dry tone of sarcastic humor.

Aesh looks around, his eyes flashing red for a moment. "I'm sorry, the next girl is about a kilometer from here, so you'll have to do." The smile shows he's jocking, obviously. "Well there are always ways around it, you know." He says thoughtfully. "Every mutation or power has a weakness.. And sorry if I'm being too honest here but.. You don't deserve to be alone. You are the first person who's really been nice to me in a very long time." He keeps his distance, his eyes on the girl infront of him.

Rogue showed a smile at what he said there at the end after slowly nodding to some of the other parts. "Yeah, I know… there's some odd work arounds." She told him. "But people are pretty lazy, ya know? They don't wanna have t'think too much, or work too hard. Why bothe'ah when they can just go get somethin' thats easier and less… ya know… troublesome."

The young teacher would show a frown then at the other parts. "I'm sorry nobody's been nice t'ya… that seems a bit odd, I mean, ya seem like a decent type t'me. Even tryin' t'make some huge company a bette'ah place, thats pretty damn noble. Not even counting the 'save the damsel in distress in the alley part'." Rogue showed a little flashed grin then.

Aesh bows his head for a moment, before he smiles. "Well.. I spend most of my time taking care of my buziness.. I don't have much time to go out and socialize, you know.. Pluz well, lets just say I'm not a fan of crowds." He hmms. "Would you like to tell me more about the workarounds? I'm a scientist.. I happen to like to think about things, specially important things like another person's confort. And for the record.. You aren't troublesome.. I'm enjoying your company."

Rogue laughed softly at what he said then. "For science?" She asked him with a grin and softly shook he rhead. "Well a lotta that kinda 'work around' stuff is bedroom talk." Rogue told him with a sly grin at him. "Thats the kinda thing a lady don't just throw out on the first meetin' in a dark alley with a stack a unconscious Crispy Creme Consumers a few feet away." She motioned to the two men in the net on the concrete not but a few feet to her right.

"Sides." Rogue said with another smile. "How do I know you're even a real scientist, or how this knowledge would really even benefit science?" She seemed to be amused by this conversation though.

Aesh laughs softly for a few moments. "All knowledge benefits science.. Autough the reazon I asked was so I could try to think of better ways to help you.." He grins. "But if its -that- perssonal, I'll just hope that one day, you will tell me.. Besides, you are right.. Our friends here don't need to know this sort of thing." He points to the two men. "Science is only a mean for an end.. I use it to benefit others, mostly.. As for how you can know I'm a scientist.. Well, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.. Is he or is he not? Mistery." He says teasingly, smilling at the girl.

Rogue laughed a little and she gently shook her head. "I believe ya, I believe ya." She told him. "I've met quite a few science types since comin' t'New York. I've learned quite a lot about how my mutation works, and yeah, they say there are ways to deactivate the mutation… but thats its dangerous and it could have unforeseen consequences. So I haven't dared t'risk it. I mean, why bothe'ah anyhow? Just so I can go out t'a bar and get a mediocre snog from some douchebag?" Rogue continued to shake her head again. "No thanks. Sides… I'm a school teache'ah, I got mutant kids who look up t'me and I gotta be a good role model for'em. Show'em that we need t'a be proud'a who God made us t'be."

Aesh nods as Rogue speaks. "Yes, I agree with you, Rogue. Not just mutants but anybody who has super powers has to show to others that we aren't threats.. We shouldn't be achamed of what we are.. And the reazon why I was oging to try and help you was well.. Its not just so you can get a 'snogh'.. Love and companionship are important.. To all beings. We all need it or will need it at some point.." He hmms for a moment. "I wasn't thinking of deactivating your powers permanently.. Just something temporary, for you to touch others.." He speaks calmly, his tone even. "This is more for you as a person then for others.. I believe such a thing would make your life easier, even if slightly."

Rogue listened and she showed a slight smile, her arms unfolded from her stomach and she reached around behind her back to pull a wallet out of the back pocket of her jean shorts. "Well here." She said to him then, opening the leather fold and pulling out a card with her contact information on it. "This is me." She said to him. "If ya want me t'come by wherever it is ya work, maybe something more official than this urine-stench-filled-alley we can talk about stuff." She grinned at him.

"But yeah… I'm kinda scared'a messin' with my mutant genetics, I've seen what that shit can do t'people 'nad I've heard'a even worse stories in the past."

Aesh nods, receiving and pocketting the card. "Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.. It was the same with my implants.." He moves to once more lean against a wall. "When I first started to weaponize my cybernetics, I had to make a choice: I could eiter not weaponize them and keep the cybernetics I had.. If I had done it I wouldn't be able to jump, to run and my movements would have been way slower.. Or I could have tried to upgrade my cybernetics and potentially have been killed due to my brain not being able to deal with all the signals.." He sighs, noticing he has started to ramble again. "What I'm trying to say is sometimes, we have to take risks. If not for others, then for our selves.." He pulls his own card from his pocket, handing it to Rogue. The card has his name, a number for contact along with the picture of a brain with some circuitry. "Here's my number. Call me anytime."

Rogue accepted the card from him and she smiled after looking it over. Rogue reached out then and she would pat a gloved hand a few times against the side of his arm if he allowed it. "Should my mutation turn inta a life'an'death thing, then I'll be all for takin risks… And I'll be sure t'look you up lickity split t'see if you're able to dream up some fancy ways'a helpin me like you helped yourself, cause it sounds like you did some pretty awesome shit… all things considered." She flashed him a grin.

"Well, its pretty late, I bette'ah start on my trip back home…"

Aesh nods at Rogue, smilling broadly. "Well, I'll sertainly do my best.. I'll give you a call when I have time.. Hopefully we'll talk furter.. I should be going too.. I'll have to wake early tomorrow. Well, thanks for the chat, Rogue. Stay safe and I hope to see you again." He allows his arm to be touched, his hand touching her gloved hand for a moment. With that he steps back and with a loud humming sound first starts to levitate, then, very quickly, he flies away, his form becoming just a small spot in the night sky


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