Laura has a sister!

June 14, 2017:

Nate and Illyana find a mini-Laura in the Xavier compound.



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Early morning and Nate is again outside. Just where he shouldn’t be, really. But he is not good at staying still for long. He keeps his cap down, wears a grey and black outfit, instead his usually navy blue. There are plenty of people coming and going from the Mansion, and Darcy is sure there are not surveillance satellites spying on the grounds. Well, except SHIELD’s. Nate is sure.
Still, it is better to take precautions. Maybe he could get his hands in an Image Inducer. Couldn’t hurt. Mental note to ask one of the techies about it.
Who else is outside so early, lets see… he stops a few people, and then a few more minds. And then a familiar, close one. “Laura!” He greets.

Early morning isn't usually the time to spot Illyana in the wild. This morning, however, seems to be the exception to the rule. A point of white light appears on the grounds of the Xavier estate, floating unsupported in mid air. The point swiftly swells into a vertical disc of energy, and then the familiar form of the black-clad sorceress steps through, stifling a yawn.
Wherever she's been, evidently it was a long night.
She looks around, apparently satisfied that she's avoided setting off any of the alarms that Scott's so fond of on this occasion, then zeros in on Nate, and his attempt at camouflage. Illyana smiles thinly to herself. She can crash later.
Starting walking, she takes a curving path that brings her up alongside him, and greets him with a cheerful, "You get no points for disguise."

The small figure is crouched in the forested back area of Xavier's, having wandered out against wishes for secrecy and for her to 'stay inside', but she still wanted to explore, and a tiny creature is held in her grip, speaking to it in a low murmur that suddenly freezes as she is called to. The massive black hoody (on her!) hunches, and in a sudden burst of speed "Laura" is running through the forest and away from Nate and the new arrival without a look back! Feet bearing tennis shoes and mismatched socks are now visible, and not at all Laura.

Nate smirks at Illyana, about to comment something about how hard to please is she. Then Laura bolts. What? Wait… it is not her, despite the black hair and size, and way of moving and… “the hell?”
Laura-but-not-Laura is giving a few seconds of consideration. “Weird things are afoot, so business as usual. Do you fancy a race through the forest, blondie? You look like you could use the exercise.” Because look, he is bolting after the not-Laura.

Illyana looks where Nate's looking, since something's distracted him from answering her little jab, and sees the small figure in black flee into the trees.
"If that was a crack about my weight I'm not rising to it." Illyana tells Nate sniffily, but he's already haring off in pursuit. "Wait, Nate…!" Illyana calls after him, then sighs and stops walking. "Great. She's running, so you're chasing. You're chasing, so she's running. It'd serve you right if I just left you to it!" Illyana shakes her head, now wishing she'd teleported in close enough to trigger the alarms after all. That way she could dump the situation on Scott and get some rest. She looks around hopefully, but it's not to be. Another sigh, and she vanishes in a flash of light.
Illyana reappears in the forest itself, having aimed to put herself ahead of whoever Nate's chasing.

The slighter form of Laura hits the brakes, clutching the tiny furred creature to her chest, eyes a similar green widening at Illyana, staring up at her befor they are sealed off by the hoody cap in a owering that sets her in another direction that Nate is following up on!
Her heart is racing while 'Jonathan' is clutched to her chest and feeling the panic, those tiny feral growls omitting from the fold of protective arms laden in Laura's hoody that falls over hands in the fumble. "I just…!" A bolt that has her suddenly aloft and into trees when the actual Laura descend in her wake, covering her path in a descending leap that has her hitting the forested turf. A plant of herself between Nate, Illy, and Gabby…. (Jonathan too?), those dual claws extended in preparations, the red of freshly unsheathed descending down the blades' backs as the virescent gaze shifts between the two.
A feral crouch of protectiveness, rights, and slowly the claws rescind back beneath the skin at the knuckles lain in fisted fury.
"No chasing her…" A pause. Breath. "Please."
In the backdrop the shadow of the smaller X turns and juggles wit the ferally diminutive growls of a tiny, baby, wolverine.

Nate skids a stop, eyes widening in surprise as the real Laura makes her appearance. Looks atk, one, blinks. Blink, two. Then he smacks his hand on his temple. “Oh… you found one of the…” hmm. He looks at the smaller girl. “You found a sister, that is great,” he grins.
Step back, and a smile to the mini-Laura. “Hey there, I am Nate. This is Illyana,” he offers. “We are friends of Laura. Sorry about the chasing, I was just curious.”

Illyana was on target with her portal - that's good. However, the small individual Nate's determined to chase is a lot faster than Illyana expected - that's… less good. Illyana steps out of her portal almost on top of the smaller individual, gets a split second glimpse of a mini-Laura beneath the hoodie, and surprise makes her a fraction slow.
"Hey, wait…!" Illyana begins, plastering a friendly smile on her face and raising her hands in an attempt to look unthreatening, but by then mini-Laura has changed directions like a pinball and is sprinting away again. Illyana's hands drop to her sides and the smile drops off her face too. "Great." Illyana begins picking her way through the undergrowth, angling toward the sound of Nate's pursuit.
Illyana's only taken a few steps before Laura - the full size version - makes her appearance. Illyana adopts the hands-up pose again, but doesn't feel the need to add the fake smile. "She's all yours." Illyana says, apparently all too pleased with this development.
"Naaate…" Illyana says under her breath. Maybe a charm offensive right after chasing the girl isn't the smartest move? Too late now, in any case. "Hi." Illyana offers, with a small wave, before turning her attention back to Laura. "Just the one this time?" She asks.

"There was three of…" Gabby speaks up with eyes a more clear and pure version of Laura's muddied gaze, despite the flare of light in a potential battle. A knifing motion of Laura's hand, cuts Gabby off while she fights the Tazmanian swirl of the tiny creature in her arms, seeking it's own 'revenge'! on…
No idea…
Illyana is regarded carefully, as well while skin seals over the bladed expulsion of defensive weaponry. "That is all that is left after Death reaped the others." Laura murmurs, a look down in a form of defeat, but it only lasts a fraction of a second before she straightens and the younger figure leaps down from limb-to-limb of the tree she climbed to get away. A metaphor to a Skull Faced Mercenary… Hence why Laura has been so absent, so focused… Because despite the others left in Illyana and Nate's care, the loss of her father-figure, and the emptiness….
Gabby showed up and ate all her condiments from her fridge and left her a new trail she did not want to burden her friends with.
Even now, she remains stepping in time with their own position to keep herself placed between.
"Hi!" Gabby respnds to Illy while the tiny wolverine snarls and pants in her grip. "I am Ga-"
"I said, NO!" Gabby may have had a moment permitted to share with Echo, who helped the (second) rescue, but a third? Considering what is going on?
Even Jonathan stills and they both shrink back, a teddy in a chids arms…
"But if they are frien
"Do NOT argue this point with…" A low snarl.
"Okay, okay! But…" A breath from Gabby… "Your room is boring."
A derisive sort from Laura and her palm splays over her face, peering through to Nate and Illy. "Her name is Gabby." Shocked?

Nate smiles is quite genuine. Gabby is nothing like Laura, after all! It is amusing. "Yeah, Laura needs a hobby. I have been telling her for years."
Then again, his own room is the most boring ever. But that is because it is empty. Nate has (had) his theatre group and his stage magic. And a girlfriend with a far more interesting room.
A glance of consideration is given to Laura. Who is hiding stuff from him. Which is not fair because she is like a little sister to him and she should rely on him more (not that she ever did that much, even at the best times). "Well," he adds, "nice to meet you, Gabby. I gotta add Laura should have introduced you to us before now, hrmph," he mock glares the older brunette.

Blue eyes shift upward to the small figure perched in the tree when she speaks, Illyana's gaze leaving Laura even though the claws have been out recently. She trusts Laura not to actually use them on her… or maybe she's just overconfident. When Gabby's cut off, Illyana's eyes drop to meet Laura's - so very similar - once more. She doesn't say anything, just offers a sharp nod to show she understands. Someone else might speak words of sympathy, but Illyana's never appreciated meaningless platitudes, and doesn't offer any of her own.
Illyana's eyes slide away again as Gabby climbs down, and every time the younger version of Laura goes to speak and is cut off by the older, a bit more of a smile curves Illyana's lips, until at the declaration that Laura's room is boring, the blonde lets out a quiet chuckle. "You know that shushing her is only going to work for so long, right?" Illyana informs Laura, helpfully, finding a tree to lean against and kicking up a booted foot to brace herself against the trunk. Gabby gets a smirk. "Hi Gabby. Don't listen to Nate, her just likes to complain." She directs a sweet smile at Nate, before managing to muster a more serious expression for Laura. "If you need some time off I can show her MY room sometime. I guarantee she won't be bored." OK so maybe not that serious.

"South-west." All Laura says as a single foot sweeps back towards Gabby and her new-found 'pet'.
"But…!" Gabby protests as she might while pulling the 'wolverine' cap off her head to her cresr in a protective clasp - as best the creature would allow.
"No….Go…" Laura states with a slash of her hand in a knifing motion that ends the conversation. Her focus on Nate and Illyana, the history there something Gabby does not need to witness, due to recent Genoshan ploys it may not be soon enough. Strangers are best accompanied.
Gabby is aware, frowning she stares and steps back with a slow and sage nod, a glance to Nate. But earlier would have killed more.." A breath in and Jonathan is clutched like a 'Squishy, Who Shall Be Mine!':
An Elmira fashion before she is pivoting and disappearing into the woodline, heading South-West.
"I will not apologize for not making you look more dead." Laura states to Nate, the look over him one of disproval, slow, and assessing before it snaps towards Illyana with a tilted roll of her head.
Neck cranes lightly and for a moment between Nate and Illy, Laura thinks, things she has never considered, but this is not normal for her. No baby demons/surrogate X's, no broken girlfriends… Even broken-self is ignored like roadkill on Old 66.
"I never ment to hide truth. Only more of my personal… You have both done enough." Thank you?
Something like that.
"If not for your help… She may have been dead too." A look from them and quickly away in the direction Gabby went, nostrils flaring in scent and tracking.
A sudden push up of dead daisies/leaves and Laura is after Gabby, ensuring safe arrival to a new room, maybe less boring…
But help is needed…

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