First Impressions

April 17, 2015:

A few members of the New Justice Society gather to swap stories and The Wasp brings by Black Canary's new costume


An Old Dojo/Gym


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It was the old Dojo that Black Canary lived in/used as a meeting place, all of you had been here before except the Green Arrow who had just arrived from the rooftop entrance with Canary.

Not long ago she had sent a text out to several of the heroes that were part of this endeavour asking if they had a little time to meet up and swap a few stories so they could get to know each other better.

She had also invited Janet Van Dyne aka The Wasp and was anxious to get the chance to let her meet the others and hopefully, try on her new costume.

Smiling to the others she says, "This is the Green Arrow, not much of a team player but we'll get him warmed up to all of this." She introduces each of the others in turn, hopefully there wasn't much need for it at this point given each of their reputations.

"I was hoping we could all get to know each other a little bit. Swap a few war stories." A little smirk forming on her lips after the comment.

"Swap a few stories?" says POWER GIRL, a brilliant smile dancing upon her lips. The woman had brought sub sandwiches again from that famous chain store (you know the one), and while several were tastefully arranged at a center table, she had three balanced upon her lap at the moment. And was working on the first one with a crunch.

Chewing the bite kinda lopsidedly, Peej waggles a half of a ham sandwich at Green Arrow. "Hello, by the way. I'm Power Girl, as you probably knew already," she says, drawing a glove through her short-blonde hair.

"Friends call me Peej, so you can start there," she says, waggling her eyebrows at the archer. "/Anyways/, I have a story or two under my belt. As I'm sure we all do."

Green Arrow does not fold his arms in front of his chest. He does not pout. He doesn't do any of the obvious signs to suggest he does not want to be here. And yet still, he managers to convey a standoffishness. He stands there, perfectly postured, regarding each of the people he sees. He's working out what he knows about them, analysing for weaknesses, trying to figure out how to take them down. It's the way he thinks.

But he was invited, and he is here, so that's a start. When he's introduced, he gives a simple curt nod. His eyes becoming shrouded in even more darkness when his hood covers the lights. "It's good to meet you, Power Girl." Yep, there's that standoffishness. What does Dinah see in this guy anyway? Oh yeah, he's rich.

Did someone mention rich. Powergirl may have heard an insect buzz a little bit ago, but then insects ahm I right. Anyhow, Janet grows to her short 5'4" height losing the wings at around the four foot mark as she grows on past it now. "Of course everyone knows you Power Girl." she shoots a bright, if somewhat teasing smile to the heroine and then looks around the room. No mask on this one no sir. She also doesn't appear to be carrying anything, just wearing her usual costume.

Wasp nods to Green Arrow and then tilts her head studying him closely with a bit of a squint. There is probably zero chance that Mr. Queen doesn't recognize Janet van Dyne.

Tre is also living at the dojo now and so he didn't need to be texted along with teh other. He yawns and when people begin showing up, he watches everyone. This is his first time meeting Green Arrow, so this was an interesting turn of events. Still as the others came, Tre found himself with a sub in his lap sitting next to Power Girl. He eats his sub and as Power Girl speaks up after Black Canary speaks to them about all introducing themselves again.

Tre shoulder bumps Power Girl, "Alright Peej." he says to her. "I"m Nitro, real name is Tre." he says introducing himself. HE doesn't really care if people knew his name jsut as long as they didn't sell him out to their enemies. "NIce to se you all again and thanks for being able to meet up with us here." he smiles as he sits back down.

"I thought Robin was coming but you know how he is, he probably ended up stopping some muggers on the way or something." Canary opens the fridge, "Whatever you want to drink is inside, I can send Tre to grab a pizza or something if anyone is hungry."

Leaning against the counter with her arms crossed over her chest she smiled at the group that was here, "Well, since it was my suggestion. I'll start us off, Power Girl can go next."

She was about to tell a particularly awesome story about Ghana and then she looks in the direction of Arrow, probably better stories to tell.

"So this isn't exactly a glamorous story, but it goes to show that you never know who your allies might turn out to be." A nod is given to Tre as he starts to eat the sub and she continues, "I was in Paris, tracking down a man involved with the murder of my mother."

She points to a picture on the wall of the original Black Canary where old members of the original Justice Society were hung, "Got him cornered and he turned out to be a little bit much for me. He poisoned me with a nerve toxin, I'm pretty sure I would have died except.."

She laughs, "A member of the league of assassins saved me. I would have never guessed one of them would have shown compassion like that, to this day, I hope there wasn't an ulterior motive."

Yeah there were bugs around all the time. Made it weird to kinda filter out when one had Power Hearing, but…

Bugs were the background noise to Karen's life. It was a bit sad, really. Peej jumps a bit when the Wasp appears, but this time, she seemed more used to it, giving the fashionista a brilliant grin. "Well. I /try/ not to brag, but it just happens?" says POWER GIRL, her tone of voice demure.

"/What/," says the princess of Power as she is shoulder-bumped by Nitro. "You don't have to give your real name, I think," says Peej, heaving a crazy sigh. Peej, of course, who looked nothing like Karen Starr, the amazonian blonde ceo with an updo. Karen Starr wore glasses! Power Girl didn't! How could Peej see if she needed glasses!

ok she looked really similar too but no one here could know that except maybe janet or maybe someone else who knows

"/Well/," says Peej. "I did buy these sandwiches, everyone can chow down if they wanna," says Peej. "But that's quite a story, Black Canary," says Peej, her voice and features sobering. "Is that guy the guy from the league of assassins?" she asks, pointing to Ollie.

A beat.

Peej clears her throat. "Okay, so my story," she says. "There was once, when I was brand new - there was this guy - Metal Mania or something, I don't know - he was a college kid, went to the same place I did - except he was a supergeek and built robots and magnets and things."

"Turns out, he went on a bank stealing rampage to kinda try to propose to this one superheroine that he really liked, cuz otherwise he wouldn't get a chance to talk to her," says Peej, grinning wider. "But he got me instead. I /almost/ felt bad about that one," she says, rubbing the side of her jaw. "But he electrocuted me, so not that bad."

Already Green Arrow is convinced that he isn't a fan of Power Girl. What a motor mouth. He listens, but she just goes on, and on, and on. Oliver is so out of his element here. He barely knows these people, and he isn't the kind of guy who warms easily. Preferably, he likes to have known you for days, weeks, or months, before he decides to welcome you into his circle. Years would be ideal.

Taking a step back, Oliver takes in the locale, noting the possible exits. He could fire a quick zipline arrow there, or he could break that window on the left, there's probably a sewer access under that panel, there's always the front door, though he's usually not that bold.

He remains quiet, listening, observing, but not contributing to the stories that are being told. Instead, he's an observer, and if he has his way, he'll quickly become a silent observer. Would Dinah be really mad if he bailed and then put a cheque in the mail? And didn't he have that hockey game on PVR to watch?

Well Janet isn't talking past the good natured jab to Power Girl she gave when she grew into view there. She shakes her head lightly as she watches Green Arrow. "Hm." is all she says then she turns her attention to Dinah "Got the prototype costume for you." she reaches down to her belt and pulls something off and tosses it onto the counter clear of any of the sandwhiches. Well it looked like a small pill but it rapidly grows to a canister the size of a carry on luggage piece.

Janet pops the latches and reaches inside and pulls out a costume, it looks to be greens, blacks, and yellows. She shakes it out and then lays it out on the counter showing it off to Dinah and anyone else looking. "There we go. Unstable molecules with a armored nanoweave. I even got the fishnet look over the 'tights' and added some modern armor accents." oh right, by day she also is a Fashion Designer and Chair of van Dyne Industries, which is not a fashion company, but one of the larger pure science and technology conglomerates.

Canary laughs just a little at Power Girls story and shoots the Arrow a look, "Come on, you can at least pretend to be a little friendly, you don't have to be all grim and silent like Batman." She had been in the same area as Batman before, no words had been exchanged.

The new costume, that has her breathless as she moves to pick it up and look over the pieces, "Thank you Wasp, it's beautiful." She picks up the pieces of the costume and presses it against her body with a girlish grin, "I'll be back. I think this is begging to be tried on."

Several Minutes Later

Black Canary returns wearing her new costume and twirls around like a fashion model, "Protective, Comfortable and stylish, you are a genius." She's beaming in Wasp's direction.

It definitely beat her 'ragamuffin' body armor she had worked on herself.

And Power Girl was already certain that she didn't like Green Arrow. For a variety of reasons - needless to say, she was glad he wasn't warming to her.

But outside of Karen's head…

"No one else has a story? Anyone?" says Power Girl, tilting her head a bit to one side. A bit of a pause, and she casts a grin at what Janet produces. "Oh no. Are we going to be getting matching uniforms or something for this deal?" says Peej.

And when Canary comes out - Karen lifts her fingers to her mouth and wolf-whistles. In a non-serious playful manner. "Lookin' good, though!" she says, goodnaturedly.

Even Green Arrow has to agree, "I like it," and if he hadn't admitted to it, his body language surely did. The new costume really did agree with the Black Canary. Though as to the stories, he doesn't appear willing to share, not at this stage. Most of his stories are too personal. You had to be there, and if you weren't, then he'd prefer to keep it on a need to know basis.

"It would work for you, Power Girl. Does it come in white," he asks Janet. "But I don't think I'll be making a change." He is the Green Arrow after all, and his costume has sentimental value, at least parts of it do.

Janet van Dyne shakes her head "It's nanofabricated unstable molecules… it can be in any color and appearance. I just need to do a scan and then spend some time designing something awesome." she smiles amused "I doubt I will ever do matching team outfits.. that is super lame. I mean maybe if someone asks me very nicely to do it .. but I doubt it."

Rain will respond, eventually. And here Black Canary has an awesome new costume! Too bad the witch wanders in a bit late, with a shadowy tentacle draped over her shoulders. "Hey uh, Rain. You got a little something on your shoulder there-" Captain points out helpfully when they walk in. Rain pulls it off and chucks it over her shoulder with a sigh. She looks like she lost a fight to a lawn mower. Is her hair sticking up? "That is really pretty," She offers. There's a faint smile.

Captain is an orange tabby in a trenchcoat. "We really should've stopped and gotten you a spare jacket…" She looks between them, now a bit awkward.

Canary shakes her head, "God no, team outfits would very very lame and not at all suited. We're not the Justice League Avengers or X-Men. I just needed something that wasn't the remnants of my old Team 7 uniform."

Team 7? What the hell was that?

Internet conspiracy theorists had pegged it as a disbanded Government Hit-squad that targeted superhumans. Others had said Team 7 captured Aliens for Area 51. There was no end to the stories.

If you had heard any, you would know though; Team 7 had been serious business and definitely dark, the blackest of the black ops.

"Individualism is important, without it we wouldn't be who we are. " She picks up a bag of cat treats off the fridge and hands it to Rain, "Not sure if Captain likes these but here you go."

Lifting her chin to the archer in emerald, Power Girl purses her lips. The… silent archer in emerald. "Well. Alright then," says Peej, kinda sitting up a bit straighter. "I… wow, though. Nanofabrication? What kinda tech do you have to have to deal with that level of design, Wasp?" she asks, chewing on another bite of sandwich.

"Rain! Hi!" she says to the magic person, giving her a cheeky salute. "You… ok?" she asks then. A beat. A bite. And through a mouthful of sandwich, she says, speaking through the bite of food, "We were just swappin' stories. You can see we're a chatty crowd."

Janet wanders over to snag half a sandwich and examines it before taking a bite. She doesn't take the whole thing, who can eat whole sandwiches. "One of my scientists invented the materials and made me the fabricator. He knows I like making my designs into superhero costumes and hooked me up." she shrugs "He is pretty damn smart."

Rain is quiet, listening to invention chat. Her purple eyes reflect her turning ideas over, and she rubs the back of her head. "Wow. I only have a toaster that reads desires." That could end so, so badly. Rain looks to Canary. "Thank you. I am far too twiggy for spandex." She really is. Rain is also taller than average, giving her another disadvantage in the women's clothing department.

"I'll try 'em." Captain does like treats. Rain will hand one to the feline who nomfs. The archer gets a curious look. She looks to Janet, too. Rain is pretty polite. But then- "Oh. yeah, I'm okay. It's mostly scratches. I really hate closet demons," Sigh. Leave it to the witch to get up to the odd adventures. "I bet there's a lot of great stories, even if people are shy."

Laurel's phone begins to ring and she starts talking to someone on it, "Yeah. See you in a few." Putting the phone back away she explains, "I just got a call from one of my contacts, he might have a lead to give us on the next shipment of smooth coming in to the tri cities area. No need for backup, I'll keep you all updated. In the meantime, feel free to chat and get to know each other better."

She starts to head for the door and calls back, "It was great to see you all again!"

Yeah who can eat whole sandwiches. They have to be like great big ogres or something.

Karen balls up the first wrapper, and sets it down - opening the wrapper of sandwich number two. "I think that's what I like about scientists," says Peej. "You kinda just need to throw money and equipment at them, and they are happy just trying to break the laws of physics and everything," she says, a wide grin on her lips.

"I… uh… closet demons?" Peej says. "Well… that sounds like a story in and of itself." A beat. "So why not just sit down and take a sandwich for now?" she says. "We'll… do storytime later," she says. "Alright. Well, Dinah - if you need backup, just yell! I can hear you with my POWER HEARING!" she calls after her.

Janet calls after Canary "Tell me if the costume has any defects.. it shouldn't but let me know!" then she looks back to Rain and Peej "Wait.. closet demons." she tilts her head "Really. Like .. demon demons or parrelel dimensions." she seems to be adjusting to this and the talking cat well enough. "Did you find the cat in another dimension… also the costumes don't have to look like spandex. Mine looks like leather for instance… it just isn't."

Rain pauses. She waves to Canary. "Have a good evening!" Rain looks to Karen, and tilts her head. "That - makes sense," She smiles wryly. "And thanks, may we?" Rain moves to take one. "Yes, closet demons. I've been to Hell, too. It was awful." The witch gets into shenanigans. "I've… Seen Some Things." She really has. Rain shakes it off after a moment.

She nods. "Demons. Regular ones. Sometimes they gather where there's a lot of negative emotion. And this is my familiar, Captain. He's magically enhanced." Captain pffts. "I'm a cat. I neeeeeeeed no enhancements." Mwah! His voice is a rich, deep baritone.

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