Getting the Tour

June 06, 2017:

Cassie Sandsmark swings by the Hall of Justice to meet up with Caitlin Fairchild to see what the League has to offer.

Hall of Justice


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Caitlin finally /does/ come outside to look for Cassie, a few minutes after her 'I'm almost here!' text arrives. The big redhead grins to herself when she sees Cassie's awestruck gazing, and she suppresses a giggle.

"Cassie! CASSIE!" Caitlin calls, standing in the entrace to the Hall of Justice. She's dressed smartly— a knee-length pencil fit business skirt in navy blue, with a high waist and a demi-sleeved white blouse tucked into the waistline. She stands up on her toes (redundantly) while she waves, before settling back on her slingback white and black pumps. She looks like she's headed into an office or something, rather than lounging around today.

"C'mon in!" she calls. Notably, Caitlin's holding open not the main access doors, but a side-door that's unmarked and has no doorknob on the exterior of the building.


"Who what?" Cassie snaps out of it after hearing her name, only to end up getting double-whammied by Caitlin's attire- A pretty massive change from when they'd first met, that's for sure! "H- Hi!" follows with a grin and a wave of her own as she moves on over with hurried pacing. "Hey, sorry about that; I guess I got a little distracted. I mean the details of the architecture, up close, it's crazy!"

Though at that moment she realizes where her new friend is standing is, indeed, unmarked- which makes things a triple whammy. There's only a couple seconds of silence before she asks. "'Come on in'? Is this really ok? I don't have a badge or anything.." Though the question is more for politeness sake; there's something very VIP about taking a separate entrance that she can't really resist.


"Hey it's okay! I still fall over sometimes," Caitlin explains, holding the door and beckoning Cassie in. "I see myself looking at something new up near the ceiling and don't watch where I'm going, and just kind of…" she flips a hand over, and makes a *thud* sound.

"It's really okay, this is just a back access," Caitlin assures Cassie. "We'll go to the reception area and get you a visitor's pass," she tells the blonde girl, leading her down a carpeted, well-lit corridor that looks like the back of an office area. "That way you don't have to mingle with the tourists if you want to come in and check things out. I mean, unless you WANT the guided tour," she adds. "Which is totally worth the $5, if you ask me. C'mon! Are you hungry?" she asks, walking with an easy, leggy step down the hallway.


"Yeowch." A cringe follows the crashing demonstration and, following the permission, she follows right along with as cheerful an expression as usual. Her attention is mostly focused on Caitlin of course, with the occassional thoughtful glance upward. "Hmn, I'm not in any rush for a guided tour today but I'll add it to my 'to-do' list for sure! Will I get anything if I tell the guide 'Caitlin sent me'?" a somewhat clumsy attempt at a joke.

As for her company's pace, it doesn't seem difficult for Cassie to keep up. As for the mention of foodage, her brows raise. "Famished! By the way, you look absolutely amazing. I totally was not expecting you to be so.. Like.. Dressed up. What do they have you do here?"


"Huh?" Caitlin looks down at herself, then laughs self-consciously and puts her hand to her head, adjusting the black headback holding back her wealth of ginger hair. It's hard to do much with -that- much thick, curling ginger hair, but it's teased back into some semblance of control. "Oh, gosh, I forgot," she laughs. "I work at Starr Labs," she explains. "My boss has me on the 'PR Warpath'," she says, making airquotes. "We're promoting a new product design so I'm doing press releases and interviews and stuff, and Kare— Miss Starr said I needed to dress up a little. She took me shopping and helped me pick it out!" she remarks. "D'you really like it?" It's a smart looking affair— a bit on the girlish side, but the sensible navy colors, the tight fit and the modest heels make it a professional ensemble.

"Let's go get some food first, I'm hungry too," Caitlin tells Cassie, pushing open a door ahead of the blonde girl. They emerge into the Hall of Justice, the main entrance wing of the larger facility. Statues, artwork, and monuments and trophies adorn the place, but Caitlin makes a beeline for the Hall's cantina, flashing her badge to bypass a low barrier that keeps the tourists from accessing the work area. She signs Cassie through, too.


Cassie can't help but smirk at the name slip-up, but otherwise doesn't draw any attention toward it. It's a little difficult for her to follow only in the sense that she doesn't really keep up on Starr Labs' products, but the basic idea comes across easily enough. "Oh wow, I had no idea things like that were so involved- I thought you just, I don't know, show a commercial on TV and then everyone wants to buy it." she notes with a raised brow. "That's really cool of her though, and yeah I do like it! I mean, I wouldn't wear it myself, but that's mostly because I'm not a statuesque hottie so.." she waves her hand as if finishing the sentence while also passing a glance at the art and such, and gives a 'thanks!' as she's signed in. "What's on the menu today?"


Caitlin turns a bright pink on her high cheekbones at the offhand praise. "I … thanks," she laughs, trying not to titter, and covering her face a little by pretending to pull her hair back from her face. "It's probably a little easier to shop for /you/, though, you can probably pull anything off the rack and it'll fit," she tells Cassie, clearly trying to return the compliment.

"Uh… let's see, today's Saturday, so that's usually pasta," she tells her. "But the chefs here are REALLY good, I mean, they'll make almost anything," she adds, picking up a tray. "The buffet's faster, though, and it's still pretty good eats. I'm just gonna grab a light snack— go ahead and get whatever you like, it's all-you-can-eat," Caitlin tells Cassie. With a practiced purpose, she heads directly for the main buffet line and starts ladelling tremendous piles of food onto her tray.


"Uh.." Ooooh yeah, now that she thinks about it, it does have to be pretty hard to get clothing for someone of her size. Upon that realization it's as if a lightbulb went off right then and there as she points at Caitlin. "Aaah! I get what you're saying; I guess we'll have to seriously co-ordinate if we go for a 'twinsies' day."

A beat.

"Oh, right, I never told you that I'd been thinking about what you said about the gym.. I was hoping I could join you for a session sometime, learn a bit about the gym culture." That's when Caitlin's piling on the food again, and this time it seems to be more than before. Cassie's portions are quite modest in comparison, but she also wants to try a little of everything. "So.. Are you in the gym like, forever burning calories?"


"-That- would be awesome," Caitlin tells Cassie, sincerely. "I only started doing the whole… y'know, clothing/outfit thing after I got outta college and started making real money, so it's fun having someone to compare fashion notes with," she confesses.

She piles her tray with at least two thousand calories of food, most of it fried and covered in butter, and leads Cassie towards a table with steel chairs that are large enough for Caitlin to sit comfortably. She hooks one ankle behind the other, hunching just a little so she's not looming across from Cassie.

"We can definitely go to the gym, though," Caitlin assures Cassie, clearly pleased by the other girl's enthusiasm. "I work out twice a day— usually sparring or training in the mornings, and then weightlifting at night," she explains. "But I gotta eat basically nonstop during the day or I won't maintain muscle mass, either," she says, digging into her food hungrily. She at least has some table manners— but the girl can put food away with appalling speed. It's a wonder if she even tastes it. "Even a few days and I'll start losing pounds. That slows me down, and like Carol says, 'there's no second prize in a fight'," she remarks.

"So— like, tell me more about you," she tells Cassie, inquisitively. "I know you're really keen on Wonder Woman, and I mean— who isn't right? But I don't know a whole lot about ya except for your website stuff."


Cassie takes her seat, appearing attentive all the while, as well as pleased with the agreements. Again she doesn't appear the slightest bit put off with how quickly her company proceeds to chow down, though the factoid behind it sheds enough light upon the mystery to satisfy her.

Once the subject shifts to her, that's when she starts to suddenly look a little flustered, "Wh- Who, me? Oh, geez, well, I mean.. Where do I even start, my mom is curator at the Gateway City Museum of Antiquitie- Well, no that's not about me.." There's another pause as she tries to get her thoughts together. "So, I'm studying to be an archaeologist like my mom. I mean, that's what I've wanted to do since I was little, and I figured I could make a difference by studying and spreading knowledge about other cultures- you know, like, people connect to others more once they understand them."


"Ooh! I didn't know… gosh, I mean, I guess I /knew/ people were archaeologists, but I've never /met/ one," Caitlin says, looking surprised. "That's not… oh, wait, gosh, I'm dumb," she says. "I keep thinking /paleontologist/, and that's like… Dinosaurs. Archaeology, that's Indiana Jones. I gotta get my movie heroes right," she says, rolling her eyes.

"So— that makes sense, then, Wonder Woman," she says, wiggling her fork in the air. "I mean, it's a perfectly preserved living culture that's older than anything else on Earth. Language, traditions, customs, they're all there. Heck," she blinks, "Some of them were alive before they even /got/ to the Island— though Diana doesn't talk about that much, and it seems… y'know… kinda rude to ask."


The mix-up and the references gets a blank stare from Cassie and, for a moment, it's almost impossible to gauge what could be going through her mind. If there's any tension that follows, it's abruptly broken by a sudden giggle behind her hand. "*Wow*, that is the first time I've ever heard someone make a mistake like that; most people in my circle don't even use the word 'palentologist'!"

"And.. Well, that's part of it," she adds once the dots are connected. "Wonder Woman is, like.. I want to be like her; to be as eloquent, and wise and uplifting as her while being able to protect others. Like, as soon as possible." Cassie continues. "So.. Just between you and me.. Uh, I kind of unwisely lifted some artifacts and used them to masquarade as a superhero."


"Hey, I'm an engineer," Caitlin says, defensively. "Not a liberal arts major!"

She digs into her food, listening, and both brows climb towards her bangs at Cassie's quiet confession. "I … I mean, I get the whole part about wanting to be Wonder Woman— everyone does, she's amazing," Caitlin agrees, as an aside, "but using artifacts for superpowers? Isn't that… isn't that kind of dangerous?" she asks. She glances down at her left hand and promptly hides it under the table.

"I mean, I -have- seen The Mummy. Ancient artifacts never work out well," she advises Cassie. "and the Amazons are… really protective of their cultural heritage. They might take it really badly if it turns out you're using stolen relics," she says, concern in her voice.


"'Kind of' is an understatement;" Cassie replies with far too wide a grin, but after a moment manages to weaken it. But only a little. "Because when my mom found out, she completely *flipped-*. At the time, though, it wasn't really something I thought about because.. Well, I guess I was more 'determined' and less 'rational'."

The reaction from Caitlin, though, ends up making her feel even more connected with the redhead.

"I've been digging up artifacts with my mom even since I was a kid, though; I'd like to think I had a little more knowledge on the matter than your average teen- Either way, I don't use them anymore; the Sandals of Hermes and the Gauntlets of Atlas are incredibly difficult to build a costume around with an allowance budge-"

Wait, left hand? Did she miss something? "What was that?"



Caitlin avoids Cassie's probing look.

"No, it's nothing!"

The blonde heroine's supicious eye narrowing makes Caitlin pink high on her cheekbones, and she jitters one heel with a grumble.

"Fiiiine, it's… my flight ring," she says, moving her left hand back up. Sure enough, a small, silver-grey ring with a stylized logo is around her middle finger. "It's how I fly. Carol requisitioned it for me from the Vault when I took over the Metropolis patrol. It was either that or I needed a private hovercar to get around in an emergency."


That… Went even better than expected! The look doesn't work too well on Tim, whom probably is one of the people she gives it to the most. Unfortunately he's mastered the 'jangling keys' method of getting her off his back. .. She really should do something about it! That said, the reveal is only responded to with a 'tch' and a wag of a finger. "Well, well well.. If it isn't Miss Pot." she teases.

"But.. I wouldn't say that's really the same thing- I doesn't *look* like its hundreds of thousands of years old anyway.. It does look cool though!" Cassie leans in for a moment to get a better look. "Not to mention far more compact. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there's a vault for that kind of stuff. I'd like a hovercar though! One that could turn invisible!"

But then she gets sidetracked, realizing Caitlin isn't a natural flyer. "Wait.. So you're an expert, right? How long did it take you to get good at it? Like, really good?"


"It's from the future, actually," Caitlin tells Cassie, brightening at the relatively lack of castigation. "That's what Carol says, anyway." She wags her chin along energetically when Cassie talks about invisible vehicles (mental note) and then at Cassie's pointed question, blinks at her in startlement.

"I… well… I mean, I /guess/… you… erm," she says, squirming a little. On the one hand, Caitlin's clearly a very humble person and not given to false modesty. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious that she doesn't want to lie about it, either.

"I mean, I guess it's been… two… three years?" she hazards, counting on her fingers. "I did the solo thing for a couple of years. Then Carol and I met and she kinda took me under her wing. An' then I met Diana, and Superman, and some others, and after this nasty blowup with Apokalips, I got invited to the Reserve team. I've been… gosh, I've been active team for a while now," she realizes.

"But it was hard, you know? I train combatives almost every day. Work outs at night. And that's on top of missions and my day job," she adds. "I spent some time with the Avengers— Steve Rogers taught me some cool stuff. He's a -really- nice guy," she tells Cassie, sincerely. "Like, he's as nice as Superman."


Cassie wasn't expecting Caitlin to get so flustered by a question like that, and she can't help but raise a brow a little for a moment- But afterward she finds herself unable to help but smile again as she ends up finding the reaction overall rather charming. The talk of her regime is a bit of a smack of reality though since she has her concerns of how she can balance her heroing with school.

It's almost enough to supress her appetite entirely.

"Oh; I.. Ahaha, I guess I should have clarified. I meant how expert are you at *flying*. But still, all of that sounds really crazy.. And kind of stressful! I guess I never really thought about just how time intensive and.. How invested one has to be for this line of work." For the moment, the coolness of how a ring from the future exists is put aside. She also doesn't seem incredibly impressed by the talk of Rogers. "Oh, uh, yeah. I'm sure he is." But neither of them are as cool as Superboy as far as she's concerned. "Gosh.. That's a lot of experience!"


"O-oh," Caitlin says, looking embarassed that she misread Cassie's intent. "A few months. It took me a while to learn how to keep my trim and yaw in check. Carol's a pilot though, and I've taken her plane up a few times with her supervising me. So I get the theory and stuff. Once you learn how to read wind shears and compensate for thermal slippage, you can actually ring a lotta performance out of these guys," she says, wiggling her finger.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was bragging," Caitlin says, apologizing as sincerely as she can. "I'm not… I mean, you know, you've got Sif and Diana and…. you know, -they're- really good at fighting, I've only stalemated Sif like… a few times in the ring. Bragging about what you can do is just silly, around here," she remarks, munching on a carrot.

"Unless you're a pilot, apparently, which is why it's bad to put Carol and Hal in the same room."


Cassie had her chin in her palm at one point, only to jolt upright following the apology. "Huh? Oh no way, I didn't think anything like that at all! It's super interesting for someone like me, I promise! .. But I admit, I've never flown a plane."

Before Cassie knows it, she's finished off her glass of ice water. "Um.. Hmn. Sif? That name doesn't really ring a bell.. Erm.. Hal? Like… 'I can't do that Dave' Hal?"

She squints again. "Are you jerking my chain?"


"What? No!" Caitlin laughs. "Hal's a pilot. He's human," she tells Cassie. "Sif's an Asgardian. You know, Thor?" she inquires.

"Anyway. If you hang out here enough, you'll meet all kinds of cool people. Space aliens, atlanteans, human heroes, you name it," she remarks, pushing more of her food into a pile and taking a big bite to polish off her meal. Where did she PUT all that food?!

"So— like, what all stuff DO You have? I heard Sandals, and gauntlets, and… what else? D'you have a lasso, too?"


"Ooh right, the goddess!" Cassie's expression brightens as she nods, though finds herself briefly taken aback upon realizing just what an opportunity she has. It's almost like she's at a convention when she thinks about it! "*Whoa*… That would be amazing!"

However she has to take a break from her mind being blown at that moment to answer the last question, which she does with a laugh as she scritches her cheek; "Oh.. I… Ah-hah, I tried a rope once or twice. It didn't go over too wel-" Then, just like that she SLAMS her hands on the table as she turns the subject right back onto Caitlin. It isn't on purpose! "YOU FOUGHT TO A *STALEMATE*?!"


Caitlin goes 'eep' at Cassie's explosive outburst, blinking in startlement at Cassie's wide-eyed demand.

"I— yes?" she asks. "I mean, Sif can beat me pretty consistently, but she's like, thousands of years old, or somethin'," she says, warily. "I don't think I'll ever match her with a sword and shield. She's as good as any Amazon I've ever met," she remarks.

"But y'know, I mean— I'm pretty strong, I guess? and I'm faster than people think, so sometimes I can get close enough to get Diana pinned down. I mean, we tap out so no one gets hurt, y'know, I'm sure she could, like, just throw me through a building?"


"Ok, sure you're beaten consistently but.. But that's still *amazing*! I mean I saw you pick that guy up like he was nothing last time, but this.. This is a whole 'nother level!" Cassie protests, seeming to completely gloss over the lack of sword and shield in battle. And following the mention of Diana, that's when Cassie cups her cheeks, her eyes sparkle, then there's a gleeful squeal that passes her lips. "You've… *wrestled* With *WONDER WOMAN*?! What was that like?? Was it in an arena? Oh- oh was it *training*??"


Caitlin's clearly very unsure on how to respond to Cassie's fangirling. On the one hand, the redhead's clearly a very humble and private person and not one given to bragging.

On the other hand, she's very much obviously wanting to just nerd the hell out right along with Cassie. A little sound like escaping steam emanates from her person.

"I have!" Caitlin squeaks, breathlessly, eyes wide and palms on the table. "She's UNREAL I have learned -so much- from her," she confesses, speaking quickly and with excitement. "I learned a lot of like weapons and stuff from Antiope, and I mean, you kinda realize why Diana doesn't really use swords too much. I kept breaking mine, and this one time, I threw a javelin clear across the island on a bet, but I mean— the Amazons are just -so hardcore- but they're so sweet, too, y'know," she says, starting to run a little low on air, "and they LOVE to feed people and hear stories, and I had my iPod with me so I was playing like, music the whole time. Sif's awesome, she really is, but she's like, a girl in a guy's world, but Themyscira it's all about being a woman among women, it was REALLY good for me, y'know, because, I mean, you're really learning about how to compete with YOURSELF, you know, and I don't have to be self conscious about anything, I mean, I'm still the tallest there but most of them are talll, I mean, Diana's tall, but you know?"

Realizing she' babbling, Caitlin snaps her jaw shut audibly and grips the table edge to calm herself the heck down!


Caitlin's energy behind her babble-mode is pretty infectious; though all she can really do is nod and appear more attentive as usual… Well, with a few 'so cool' and 'no way's thrown in. And on top of that she's learning! Needless to say, Cassie is doing absolutely nothing to curb Caitlin's rambling, so when she suddenly forces herself to go quiet, she ends up looking a little surprised.

After a moment of silence, there's a slightly awkward chuckle. "W- Well, there's plenty of time to talk more about that later, right? Besides, if you let me take an official statement, I'd be super stoked to have an *official* interview for the website? I completely understand if you can't though, and you don't have to answer right away so.. No pressure. Promise!"

She has enough visuals for her to daydream on for at least a week anyway.


"Oh, uh, right," Caitlin tells Cassie, sheepishly. Awkward Caitlin is Awkward. "I guess… I guess that'd be okay," she hedges. "I mean, I can't make any kind of statement for the League. But I don't mind talking a little about Diana. As long as she signs off on it before it's published," she hastens to add. "I know that they're kinda … y'know. Private."

She dithers a little. "I… d'you wanna hang out sometime?" she asks, a little hesitantly. "I mean, y'know, outside of…" she waves vaguely at the League. "I don't know what your long term goals are, but it'd be nice to y'know. Chill with someone outside of work," she says, fumbling through the plaintive request.


"Oooh right, sign off.. Good point." Cassie replies with a more thoughtful expression. But even if she couldn't gain that for whatever reason, that just leaves all the juicy details for herself and she's perfectly fine with that. "But yeah that's fine, no big either way."

As for being awkward? Cassie isn't bothered by it; as far as she's concerned, Caitlin appears to be about as 'normal' as she is herself and in a way that's far more relatable than the company she normally keeps with. So when the redhead asks about hanging out, she again appears absolutely delighted. "Of course I do! I mean.. Hehe, that was also why I asked to go to the gym with you. I was like… Uh, I dunno, I mean I'm eighteen years old and didn't know if I'd be embarrassing to hang around with or something since I can't go to bars or whatever?" a pause, then another awkward laugh, "A- Anyway I totally would. I'd *love* to. And I'm.. Long-term stuff.. I'll share that next time, ok?"


"I don't drink," Caitlin confides in Cassie, shyly. "My best friend… kinda had some trouble with booze, and I don't really like how it tastes anyway. And I can't get drunk. So, I mean— go to a club, spend five dollars on a coke, try not to step on anyone's feet, that's not really my idea of fun. I'm a nerd. I'd rather just stay at home, generally," she admits.

"But I'm only 22 this year," she tells Cassie, hastily. "Age isn't a big deal around here. I joined when I was 20. Kate Bishop was gosh, just eighteen when she joined, and I'm -pretty- sure Batman has some kids working for him," she tells Cassie. "So don't stress about age. No one here cares, as long as you do your thing."

She pushes her tray into a neat little pile and wriggles to get out of her chair carefully. "C'mon, let's go hit the gym," she suggests. "I can get you some spare workout gear and we can look at the training area. I don't know how much you like to work out, but there's everything you could possibly want here."


"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that." Cassie replies with her hands over her mouth for a moment. In her case, though, she's just incredibly curious what all manners of alcohol even tastes like, but she keeps that to herself for now. Several nods are the response to the factoids that follow, and there's a particularly noticable grin abour Cait's desire to stay at home if given the choice between that or a club. And as for not worrying about age; "Got it; I hear you loud and clear." she responds with a salute and simultaneously brushing off the sudden thought of Tim.

"Oh! Oh, that'd be awesome! If it wouldn't be any trouble, I mean," Cassie agrees toward workout gear as she gets to her feet and eagerly starts cleaning up her space. "I've never worked out in my life actually; I'm mostly interested to impress a boy." beat, wait that's not broad enough. "Uh, boys?"


Caitlin catches the slip, and giggles a bit at Cassie, beckoning her towards the locker rooms. "Boys, right," Cassie laughs. "It's okay. I'm pretty sure most of the people who work out in the gym are just there to impress others," she assures Cassie, beckoning her along. She clicks along in her sensible, low heels to the locker room, and retrieves a set of League sweats from a spare cubby, handing them to Cassie. "Grab any locker you like and put your stuff in it. I'ma got get changed too. I'll meet you in the gym in a minute," she says, moving to find her own storage locker.


".. Awesome!" Cassie pumps her fist inward, then adds as she follows her far taller and classier-dressed friend. "Though if there's any, like, gym lingo? I need to be educated on that too."

Gear recieved, she nods with a firm, 'Aye-aye!'. From there it's just a simple quick-change after stuffing her bag inside, a glance at herself in the mirror (and can't help but feel she looks a little weird) then out to the gym where she ends up wandering around like a wide-eyed tourist.


Cassie's gym clothes are pretty generic, in pale grey, with the League logo on them. It's the same stuff available in the gift shop. Caitlin catches up to Cassie wearing sneakers and a matchet set of purple and green gym shorts and a sports bra, a loose, unzipped hoodie in Official Justice League Blue pulled hastily on.

"Hey, great! C'mon, let's go," she beckons, sneakers squeaking as she walks into the gym.

It's a hell of a facility, and Caitlin gestures around. "Okay, so it's all one gym, but it's broken down into sections. We've got a pool over there," she says, pointing at a tall enclosure. "And a running track, and treadmills," she adds. "Up there is the climbing wall and gymanstics gear," she says, pointing at the ceiling three stories up. People swing from trapeze and leap from ledge to ledge, some without any safety gear.

"We have a training room over there," she says, pointing at heavy double doors. "Robots, live ammo, you name it. You can really go full bore in there— I've seen Power Girl throwing Superman around."

"And this is the weight zone," she says, gestring at a series of things that look more like industrial preses than free weights. "Here's the deadlift and squat rack," she adds, gesturing at a massive machine looking like an MRI device, with a handlebar floating in the middle and a large dial on the wall. A chalkboard on the wall nearby has several names on it, and Caitlin's is close to the top out of the few dozen listed. "Superman and Power Girl have the deadlift record, but I'm still ahead of Supergirl," Caitlin says, proudly, looking at the heavy weightlifting machines.


And just like that, Caitlin looks completely natural! Cassie can't help but again appear impressed, but also has quite the urge to splurge on a hoodie. Cait is a walking advertisement! As she's given the tour, she of course makes impressed sounds along the way; particularly with the bit of Power Girl and Superman duking it out. Wild!

".. Uh wow, that's sounds like some really intense equipment. No visitor's managed to squirm their way into the training room, huh?"

Finally the weight zone. A lot of the equipment looks familiar enough with the chalkboard getting the most attention in the end. "Whoooooaa, Supergirl, seriously?" she looks closer to the board and uses her finger to point to Cait's name, then slowly gestures downward until, "No *way*! That's awesome, Caitlin, go *you*!" she then leans in to teasingly nudge her with her elbow. "You guys wouldn't happen to have eating contests too, huh?"


"Not anymore," Caitlin says, wryly. Dead seriously, too. "Wally and I both showed up to the same one. It wasn't even a contest. We ate all the pies that they had laid out and then some. And we were still hungry. And we went for ice cream afterwards."

"….dangit, now I want some pie," she frowns, jamming her hands in her hoodie.

"Er, anywhoo! No, we don't let visitors in here. This is escort only," she says. "Lots of this equipment is really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Mess with the wrong set of magnetic clamps, and boom, you're splatted on the ground."

"But this is my favorite place to be, really. I like working out. I've gotten hella buff in the last year," she says, looking down and making her quads pop a little. "And all my favorite people are here all the time. And — free food," she giggles.

"Anyway. Let's get a workout in, huh?" she suggests, setting aside her hoodie and pulling her hair back into a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. "And then see about getting you a permanent visitor's pass."

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