June 12, 2017:

In which Wonder Girl confronts Spoiler about romantic Robin.


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It was just another night. Spoiler wasn't sure why she'd slipped into Metropolis tonight. It was just one of thos things. zSomething that felt like a needed to be done, so she was doing it. Maybe t was because she'd gotten use dto patrolling from on high, floating on her sky cycle that suddenly Gotham and new York just felt too small some nights.

Tonight, she was in Metropolis. And tonight she spotted a car jacking.

She dropped from her skycycle, leaving it floating high above, using her grapple to zip herself down to a safe to fall from distance.

"Spoiler Alert: Theft Auto isn't as profitable as you might think," she quips, and God does it feel good to quip. It'd been… months. She just hadn't had it in her. But she's feeling a little lighter than she has in a while. So, one-liner name dropping introduction was given just as she gives the theft a moment to realize that he's been caught by a batling. The blonde one.

Metropolis is a long way from NYC as well! However Cassie Sandsmark, currently Wonder Girl, had been visiting a new friend around these parts then stuck around to admire architecture- mostly of the Hall of Justice. It's kind of weird in a way, but there you have it, and now that it's late, it's about time for her to be headed home.

Of course it'd be odd to see a blonde college girl flying in the air, which is the reason she's currently in costume: wig, goggles, and all when she just so happens to catch sight of the ruckus below. Ruckus, and the coolest bike she has EVER seen. With a somewhat unfamiliar face in action, Wonder Girl decides to hang back to see how things play out-

The thief doesn't appear to be any older than twenty years of age, short, red-hair adorn in jeans, combat-boots and red vest, with black facepaint to spell 'C' over his left eye and 'J' over his right. Ok.. So he's been caught by a batling. "Screw *this*! You ain't who I'm lookin for; CJ is *out*!" he turns tail and makes a run for it.

The thug, having lived his whole live in Metropolis, knows little if anything about the vigilantes in Gotham. Which is why he brandishes his tire iron and tries for Spoiler.

The way she moves is smooth and its clear she's had training. A duck here, a dodge there, and Spoiler's in close enough to ram her knee into the guy's soft and squishy midsection. From there, the fight takes next to nothing, the black and purple batling having gotten him downed and zipped tied. She props him against the car, and snaps a photo to send to Metropolis PD. The thug is unconscious as Spoiler makes her way toward the alley nearby to be out of sight while she waits for hte cops. She walks and texts on her black phone at the same time.

"Whoa." Wonder Girl can't help but smile as she watches just how smoothly the vigilante works, from her point of view it looks like Spoiler had been fighting for years- Or maybe the opponent was just that bad? Either way it's pretty impressive. The way she skulks off is a pretty familiar move, though.. She's sure she's seen a certain someone move just the same way!

Not long after the text is sent, the colors of red and blue can be seen headed in the scene of the crime's direction, and that's when WG makes her presence known with a 'psst' from above- roughly six or seven feet in the air, where the young heroine hangs upside-down from nothing. "*psst* Hey, do you have a moment?"

If she's ever seen Red Robin in fisticuffs, nearly every motion was identical. The ony changes were to accomodate for the fact that Spoiler is slightly smaller and not as strong as that particular Robin. And there was a bounce to some of her moves that made it clear was was a bit more acrobatic and flashier than he was prone to being. Text sent to MetroPD, Spoiler replaces phone with grapple gun and is looking up to fire at her bike away when..


Spoiler controls the want to jump in surprise. Barely. Just barely.

"A little," replies the aubergine batline, after inhaling to calm her nerves.

Wonder Girl has her hands over her mouth, truly doing her best to keep her excitement under control- After all it's pretty premature considering everything going through her mind is all theory until Spoiler confirms it. But.. But how does she slip this into casual conversation actually? She can't just drop personal questions on the dime like that, can she? The sudden conflict in her expression can be read like a book as her gaze shifts from left to right, which is followed by a nervous chuckle, "O- Oh, um.. So.. That was really cool, how you handled that thug? It uh.. I mean, what I'm trying to say is.. Y- You know;"

"I'm Wonder Girl. What's your name?" Smooth.

Spoiler keeps her chin tilted up as she studies the upsidedown Wonder Girl, and under the mask the more the other girl flits her eyes about for what to say the more tense Spoiler becomes. Her lips, painted a puprle so dark it's almost black, press together faintly and beneath her cowl, her eyes narrow slightly.

"Spoiler. Nice to meet you," says the batling. Might as well get to the roof before zipping to the bike. So, grapple gun is put away, and Spoiler leaps up for a fire escape.

An utterly delighted expression follows the 'Nice to meet you' despite the possiblity that it's a mere formality rather than genuine if the narrowed eyes say anything. She draws her lips inward to supress a grin, then as the batling makes her way to the fire escape, she flips right-side up to follow along.

Aurgh she wants to ask SO BAD. There must be a logical, reasonable way she can segway into her question, and she fumbles almost desperately to steer the conversation (or lack therof) in the way she wants. "Thank you, the feeling's mutual!" though keeps her tone conversationally low. "Uh, so.. I *really* like your ride. I've never seen tech like that around these parts, you know? Are you borrowing it or did you buy it yourself?"

She's following me. Why, in God's name, is she following me? Spoiler doesn't glances over her shoulder, no matter how badly she wants to. Instead, she keeps moving, padding up the fire scape. One foot in front of the other.

"Neither," says Spoiler, having to work to keep her tone cool and neutral because she recognizes the light heartedness she had, still does sometimes, when talking to Batdad about anything. It's… like a breath of air from those long ago days, when really all she had to worry about were selling cookies and that next cheer camp.

".. Oh. Right.. Right, of course,"

That sense of getting brushed off is even familiar; and rather than take the hint, Wonder Girl can't help but grow even more excited. Well, both excited and impressed, because the one-way conversation really does just feel incredibly similar like in the old days. In fact, that's more than enough for her to believe her theory is correct. "So, I was just wondering.."


She raises her hands to her cheeks as she hisses, "Are you Robin's *girlfriend*?!"

Spoiler gets to the roof, ready to just grapple up to her bike and see if that tech of Avengers tech has the power to shake a flier when Random question is random and smacks her like a ton of bricks. Spoiler's steps stumble out of pure shock and she turns to face Wonder Girl. Though the white-lavender AR lens of her cowl hide her eyes there's no mistaking that they are wide with surprise.


Because question does not compute!

Am I Robin's Girlfriend?

No…Yes.NO! Definitely a hard no. Because …I'm a rotten person and.. no. Not girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend. We used to… It's complicated, in the Facebook status sort of way and ..

"What?" There's a little bit less shock there. A little. Tiny… hardly can tell it's not there.

That would certainly be an interesting test, though Spoiler making an escape is absolutely the last thing on her mind right now. At the moment there's just a big grin on her face, though there's a hint of shyness because she's never.. Well.. Asked something like that to another girl before. Oh but that stumble says it all. The 'whats', to her, are also a dead giveaway, and she first slaps her hands over her mouth to fight back a squeal.

And succeeds.

"No, no! It's cool! He and I are totally friends! I'm Wonder Girl, he might have told you about me, we go way back! But that guy; he never says *anything*!" she babbles in excitement. "This is *SO* amazing! I mean, I get it, it's a down-low thing, my lips are sealed I *swear*!"
Spoiler knew girls like this in high school. Hell. She WAS one of these girls in high school. In many ways, Stephanie Brown still is one of these girls. Bright and bubbly and mouth-covering to fight squeals kind of girls. It's the question and the timing that has Spoiler's purple lips frowning.

"Friends?" Tone flat. "Way back." A punch in the gut. How way back, Tim? Really? A swallow and Spoiler turns away, grabbing for her grapple gun.

"It's a not-thing. Have at," she says, because if this isn't karma coming back and smacking her in the face, Steph doesn't know what is.


And practically at the snap of a finger, Cassie's momentum is brought to a complete screeching halt. Well then. This suddenly got awkward. With a dumbfounded stare she replies, ".. O- Oh.."

She rubs the back of her neck as she completely and utterly fails to figure a way to make things less akward. "W- Well.. I.. Geez, I, uh.. I could see that, I mean he's kind of a jerk and *you* seem pretty cool, so.." … "*Boys*, am I right? Ah ha ha.."
Grpple gun in hand, Spoiler aims up, at empty sky, and fires. The line tensions on something up there.

"Completely on me, WOnder Girl. I'mnot as cool as you think," she says because this didn't get awkward, this got painful. She click the gun's reel in and gets pulled up into the sky. Oh look, flying motorcycle.

"C- Come on, I mean, sure we just met but; you made a pretty awesome first impression to me.." Wonder Girl refutes with a a slightly forced smile. Not because she doesn't mean it, but because she's incredibly embarrassed.

So in a way, Spoiler making her exit is quite the out she thinks she needs. Still, she raises a hand to her mouth. "Seriously; there's a Jazz Band playing in the park this Friday night, we should hang!"

In costume, apparently.

Pulling herself up, Spoiler mounts the skycycle and looks down at Wonder Girl. Soft hum of engine and the purple batling lowers herself to no longer be at scouting distance from the other blone.

Didn't she say these very same things to Tim not so long ago? 'Come on! We should DO something. Call my friends and you call your friends and we'll just ..eat pizza or… what you play video games. I could try to play video games! Come on, Bird brain! It'll be fun!' His face had been hard enough to read.. It was either I don't have friends or.. I don't have friends I want to share with you, evil woman who broke my everything.

Tonight, it's clear it was the second option and not the first that Stephanie had assumed.

"You and Red Robin enjoy that." In costume. He deserves friends.

".. Whaaaaaaa? That isn't what I said!" Wonder Girl quickly blurts out, but finds herself lacking with a follow-up. She has a feeling that she's missing a significant amount of information, but isn't in the position to grill Spoiler.

…. YET.

So while her departure leaves her feeling a bit frustrated, that frustration also forms into determination. The determination to grill Tim until he can come up with a plan that will allow her to get Spoiler to chill with her whether he likes it or not. It's the PERFECT plan. Probably. Maybe. "You haven't heard the last of me, Spoil-Sport!"

Ugh. "It's Spoiler!"

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