Suicide Squad: Madripoor Shuffle (pt. 2)

June 12, 2017:

(Backdated Scene: June 9th) The Squad 'ghostbusts' Baht Goh and escapes the Madripoor Pearl.


NPCs: China White, Baht Goh, Mister X



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Fade In…

Now that there are a total of 13 Harleys, they take a moment from sending bullets flying all over the room to look at themself. First they all look left. Then they all look right. Then they all lean back to look at the butt of the one on the right. "Huh! No wonder everyone's always slapping it!"


She puts the machine pistols back in their holsters and goes to grab her trusty bat. GOOD NIGHT written on the side, she twirls it around her as she starts walking forward. "Good evening. My name is Harley Quinn and I'll be your executioner tonight. Can I get you anything to drink to start?"


Bane emits a roar of frustration as Mr. X leaps over him and leaves him wanting, before the sweep kick slashes out behind him and loops his leg behind him before it can move forwards. Bane goes flying off his feet and careens to the ground, rolling along and kicking his legs into the air before he comes to a halt on his stomach, facing Mr. X. He presses his palms into the ground and rises to his feet, watching Mr. X in the brief respite and then surging forwards with an open handed slap from the right, swiping his hand down through Mr. X's prospective midsection.

"You may kill me, but I will break you first!" he bellows, his Venom-cranked senses and reflexes thrumming in his head. Mr. X is presented with an oddly distorted view of the world as Bane engages, Mr. X not viewed as a human being, merely a mannequin with all the aspects of a human except for the consciousness.

The VIP section of the Madripoor Pearl is now lit up like a Die Hard movie. Bullets are flying in all directions tearing through windows, ripping through leather coverings of booths, chairs, smashing open arcades, slotmachines, shredding their way through bodies of bystanders who rush and climb over eachother for exits.

China White vanished after Harley's initial assault. Hidden somewhere in the darkness of the VIP area this leaves Regan on the ground near Baht who is ignoring her, unaware shes even a threat nor caring, with the distraction of Harley checking out her own ass he is scrambling behind cover, fingers unclasping that crate.

Taskmaster just below the VIP lounge is making sure to handle crowd control as security forces, Chine White's soldiers and what men Baht Goh brought with him begin to exchange fire, they are at least coordinating with one another and pinning the skull-faced merc behind a run of craps tables.

Mister X is an impressive man, he can read Bane but can he react in time to those Venom-amped attacks? A grunt actually escapes the scar riddled fighter, his hip getting clipped by that punch to his midsection. He rolls with it, twirls like a dancer and exhales, pain? "You hit me? You great fuck.'
A leap forward follows, a knee to the face, a knife hand to the neck and a thumb going straight for the eye. It's fast, a dash of speed that closes the distance between himself and Bane. Mister X is going for crippling strikes, nerve hits, throat, eyes. Anything that will daze, slow or cause incumbering harm to the larger man.

Beyond the casino an unmarked stealth interceptor aims a dish, maintains contact on Madripoor Pearl's upperfloor, lights inside the structure begin to flicker and shut on and off. Machinery powering down. Task Force X at work in covering their rears.


"Here batty batty batty! Where'd ya go? Don't ya wanna play with ole Harley?" She knows where he was when she last saw him, so that's where she's heading. As she passes by Regan, she gives the blonde a wink. "Hey there, cutie. I'll get to you in a minute, 'k?" she says, blowing her a kiss.

"Come out. Come out, wherever you are!" Harley sings as she turns to where Baht should be. And if he is, Harley plays ball. With his head.


Bane slows a step as his arm pulls back, thrusting his chest out and laughing. "You have no idea!" The knee to the face snaps his head backwards, and his boot heel slides back a pace. As Mr. X smashes the knife hand into the side of the neck, Bane whips to the side it came from, growling and flexing, before the thumb in his eye elicits a howl from him, and then a teeth gnashing snarl. His arms whip out from the sides, as he attempts to grab Mr. X while his eye is being gouged.

"You will feel Bane's might!" he screams, laughing again, this time with animal pain wracking up through his chest, as his muscular pythons cross around the telepathic assassin and he wrenches him off the ground, leaping into the air. There's a brief exhale from Bane, as he pulls his body backwards and to the side, before he manipulates Mr. X downwards and slams him into the ground, as Bane lands beside him, slamming into the ground.


Play the role? Play the element? If Regan's continued foray into being the dumb, blonde groupie has any value, it's with a second attempt, should the first fail. Then again, the less the VIP gunfight is looking at her, the better chance she has of surviving it. Thus, when Regan crawls after Baht Goh, backside in the air, she looks up with gawking lips at Harley's taunt. Her only reply is a sweep of eyes down the front of Harley's body, then a sudden reversion back into 'dumb blonde' mode as she crouches low and screams her way over to the bodies of dead guards…and a 9mm pistol.

"Somebody FUCKING kill her!!!" Regan screams out, controlling the hallucinatory HarleyDoubles to weave around Harley, making the real Harley difficult to spot. "FUCK! THIS! Fuck MADRIPOOR." Regan huffs and crawls with her pistol for the top of the stairs, guarding the exit point.

The cries for people to kill Harley get just the response Regan is wanting, they shoot at the Harley dupes. The VIP section around Harley Quinn and Lady Mastermind is lit up with a hailstorm of gunfire. Richochetes bouncing here and there, lightbulbs bursting, a speaker exploding, a bullet punching through the floor next to Regan's left knee tearing up through fabrics. Harley can feel on of her ponytails get zinged. It's madness.

China White is weaving across the VIP area like a serpent, zig-zagging as if dodging bullets, leaping a table like a Wire-Fu actress she lands just near the blonde.

Baht Goh is hiding, a brick-like shape falls out of the case, hits the ground and the many lights on it change colors, he curses to himself in and out of English to Chinese before pushing a button.

There is a noise. A noise that sounds like a foghorn being blown through a loudspeaker while also undergoing autotune. From the central point of that block a blue light erupts out, blasts a wave of concussive force outwards that launches everything within a 5 meter radius away from Baht Goh and then freezes it in place, even if they're mid-air. A gravity globe, chairs, tables, people, guns, bullets, all of it frozen in place in a lock of 'anti-gravity' just hovering and floating in place"

Mr. X is almost satisfied with his attacks until Bane wraps him up in to a bearhug, his forehead will slam several times forth to strike Bane in the face while his toes crush down at instep, inside of thigh and at knee. This will not stop the big man in time though who plants Mister X in to the ground of the Pearl's lower levels, a crack sound has a shoulder dislocating and Mister X cries out, a first sign of pain. He kip-ups, spins instantly in a high heeled roundhouse and will use its momentum to carry himself in a leap back while his arm dangles uselessly at one side.


The woman dressed all in white lands near Harley, but Harl has a job to do. She is going to see this man's head splattered on the wall, maybe even get some of him on that chick in the white. At least that was the plan. Instead, just before the bat is about to hit his head and fly through the air like a homerun ball, Harley gets pushed through the air by a wall of force and then… stops. What the hell? She goes to reach for a gun but can't. Frozen in place, she tries to figure out what to do now. Dammit!


Bane nary cares at the repeated abuse to his head as Mr. X slams his skull into Bane's nose, the cartilidge and bone crunching beneath his mask as he brings Bane down. Bane slowly climbs to his feet as the roundhouse doesn't even pull the faintest bit of reaction, Bane apparently having been willing to take the shot.

"You are fast, but you are punching a pillar of steel. Little man, do you understand respect?"

Bane bends his knees, his hands balling into fists, before he leaps up into the air. He goes flying through the air and swings his legs out in a sliding drop kick through the air, aiming to smash into Mr. X and then brace himself on his outstretched left arm when he falls, to recover and push himself to his feet once more.


Regan Wyngarde slides across the carpet, past bulletholes and scraping knees on tiny flecks of glass that leave thin rivulets of blood streaking down her legs. Fixing in behind cover, she pulls back on the slide of the gun, counting at least one bullet, and that's when everything goes white and concussive. Mouthing 'fuck' to herself, she peeks out of cover to see Harley suspended in the air, helpless.

Regan's eyes flutter.


Metal grates slide into place on every door, window, and opening to the VIP room. An illusion, one everyone but herself and Harley will see, creates the very real illusion of the room quickly filling with blood to drown all of the occupants. Even Harley and Regan, who Lady Mastermind makes sure China White will see drowning with the others.

Regan Wyngarde rises from behind her cover and walks over to Harley, wrapping her slender fingers around the Clown Queen's wrist to tug her, floating along, dispassionately pumping a bullet towards Baht Goh's face.

"I draw the line and floating my second best bitch." Regan smirks and tries to tug Harley along like she's a balloon. "Time to go."


"You're a fool if you think my hands cannot break steel. You are oafish and clumsy compared to those I have fought in the past. Your drugged body is a disgusting temple of sludge full of weakness just waiting to pour out. " Mr. X wildly jumps forward in to the sliding kick, his own legs scissoring, twisting in the air to try and pin both feet in to Bane's face. He'll come down with him and attempt to repeatedly, violently snap his heel up and down on the bigman, a gunshot rings out followed by more and while X is midair he releases a noise, a bullet tearing through a meaty shoulder.

Madripoor Police, they've arrived and are opening fire on the two fighters. No care for anyone around them. Just simply unloading with semi-automatics. So much for an honorable duel.

Above VIP… Oddly enough China White appears entirely unaffected by the illusion, that mental discipline somehow just that impressive or perhaps she had greater distractions, "You are not fit for the new Triad, Goh." A look at Regan and Harley Quinn, "I will remember both of you, consider this a mercy I do not kill you now." if she could? Maybe. Maybe not. She is leaping down off the stairs, evading shots fired below and escaping with men swarming up around her to act as shields.

Baht Goh's barrier field sucks back in to that 'brick' like object while Regan's bullet zips through the air, as the globe of null-gravity pulls in on itself like the device just became a drain the bullet is sucked in as well, Harley likewise finds herself being drug in to it, a gravity well. It just flipped itself. Baht Goh releases a cry as it looks like it tried to suck in half of his arm, he manages to angle it, pointing it away from him at the two girls. It's not drawing them in immediately but it's definitely a danger scenari as it pulls against them. Ripping and tearing at the air, objects around, PEOPLE too close suck in with muted cries. Just vanishing, Baht Goh is pouring blood out of his devoured arm and crying and gibbering yet holding it aloft in the other hand, trying to keep it aimed to the attackers.

Taskmaster is climbing a toppled stack of dance-dance machines and other debris, blown away by a dropped grenade (not his own), trying to take aim on Baht, a trigger squeeze and his bullet likewise disappears in the well.
Also notes bystandards, guards, everyone around them is flopping around on the ground gasping for air, glub-glubbing in a state of drownining. As is Baht Goh.


Harley can't even say thank you to Regan for trying to carry her away like a balloon. How long is this frozen in place thing going to last? Cause this is going to seriously hamper her fun times! And then suddenly she can move again. But, not where she wants to go. There is a slow pull towards the brick that Baht has. This is not good. Harley tries to pull away from the gravitational force, grabbing at anything that she can.

With all the blood that Baht is losing, with it being drawn into the brick, he's a deadman. So right now, the order of the day is to not get drawn into that damn brick.


Bane's dropkick slides beneath the jumping assassin, and he finds both of Mr. X's feet atop his face, the heel slamming down into his skull and face with a downward slap of his skull against the floor as he's repeatedly pummelled into it. And then, Mr. X relents, and before Bane can realize what has just happened, bullets slice into his engorged flesh. He pushes to a full standing position, and turns about, running. He dashes away from the Madripoor Police troopers, bullets following him. And then, as he mentally deliberates just how much longer he can take advantage of the Venom, he leaps upwards and smashes forward through the broad palais window above the 700 foot drop to the ocean below the casino.

Bane spreads his arms in a cross as he hangs over the tropical blue ocean waters, his broad frame surging with artificial stamina and durability, before he begins to drop forward. The luchador tips himself downwards, arms at his sides as he stares at the incoming water. With a twist, he adjusts his Venom bracer, and flicks the switch to engage the negation chemical just as he nears the sea. And then, finally, he snaps his arms forward and ahead of him, hands together, in perfect diving position. He slices into the water, diving deep, as the Venom deactivates and his body shudders back to the normal proportions he is used to.

Bane surfaces with a gasp for air in the harbor, giving the Madripoor Police in the casino seven hundred feet above the option of following him on the dive, or breaking off direct pursuit.

Regan is sliding towards Goh. This is not in her illusion. Regan, with sudden alarm, whips her head around and throws the pistol at Goh, then slaps out to get a hold of Harley around her belt. "I'm gonna remember that bitch, too. Hang ON!" Regan yells into Harley's ear as she hooks an ankle around a bolted-down rung in the bar and dropping low. What strength Regan has, which isn't much, clings to Harley, teeth gritting through the painful squeal and ache in her ankle as its tendons are stretched.

And while Regan isn't entirely sure why she's saving the life of another member of Task Force X, she's stuck with palms cutting indents into the patterned studs in Harley's belt, flying hair in her mouth, dress flowing in the wrong direction. It's just a bad day, altogether, but why not add saving lives to a mission to take a life?


Baht's body begins to waver back and forth a slow topple forward has him acutally 'swirl' in a fleshy milkshake drain into the gravity well, that well then starts to descend, drop from the top floor swallowing everything in it's path to the lower level where it clatters and clamps shut. The eerie blue glow and the vacuum of noise and 'reality' blanks out.
Objects being drawn in are roughly dropped, gravity no longer in question.

Taskmaster springs, leaps and hauls his way past drowning or drowned people to grab up up the closest of the two blondes and try to help right her.
"Target Eliminated?" Disguise long gone. A clothe skull mask covering his face. He's still wearing that hawaiian shit and shorts. Flipflops were kicked off somewhere, in one hand is an Uzi the other a 45.

Mister X is leaping and rolling in to cover, he looks like he wants to chase Bane but is forced to remain low as rounds bounce off of his blockade of cart and stairwell, "BANE!!!" He screams loudly, veins bulging from his neck. "YOU'RE A DEAD MAN! A DEAD MAN!" Turning, arm still clutched he runs the opposite direction, leap kicking a security guard in the neck *krak* landing behind him and running through a window. He will disappear in to Madripoor and regroup with China White.
Harley holds on to Regan for dear life. While death doesn't scare her, somehow being sucked up into a gravity well does. That's just all manners of wrong, dammit. The irony that, of the two women, that it is the one that doesn't have the enhanced strength that is having to strong arm the other to keep her safe. She'll remember that.

And then it's gone. Just like that, gravity returns to normal and the pair of women land on the floor with a thump. She smiles up to Task when he helps her up and gives him a kiss on the cheek, once again marking his mask with her affections. She then turns to help up Regan. "Were we supposta grab that toy of his too? If not, we probably should. Satan might give us extra credit." In other words, Harley wasn't really paying attention to what needed to be done other then 'Kill this guy'.


"Killed?!?! That motherfucker just got GhostBusted!" Regan hisses as she's dragged up, immediately forcing her weight onto one good leg, hobbled. Hair a mess, she hobbles, quickly, for the stairs. She points down to the first floor where the device fell. "He's soup, in that thing, and I'm getting to a car and getting the *eff* out of dodge before I end up in a caned-for-life prison." Regan hisses at the two, hopping down the stairs quickly, then rushing towards the doors to the parking garage.

On her way there, Regan's form seemingly morphs into that of a casino employee, a woman with a sport-jacket uniform and a torn skirt, hobbing along on one ankle.


Seeing that Reggie is injured and hobbling makes Harley frown. That injury is likely due to Harley's own unpredicable behaviour. "Reggie, stop. What's the point in bein' as strong as I am, ifn I can't do this?" she asks as she scoops up the other blond in her arms. She smiles as she carries Regan through the lobby. "So…. now that I've swept ya offa yer feet, how bout I take you to a nice little prison I know in Louisiana? Got us the honeymoon suite and everything!"


"Good. Target eliminated." Taskmaster confirms at Regan's words, finding his way to ground floor he peels off the mask and uses it to wrap around the 'alien device' tucking it under one arm. Lots of dead bodies to step over, people drowned in their own saliva, crushed by a gravity well or riddled with bullets. Guards, Triads, Tongs, Pearl Employees and Tourists alike. It is gruesome.

"Low Town within the next 72 hours or the boat will leave us." He reminds while following the two women out, wondering if Bane made it alright. Not out of concern just curiosity.
A grunt at Harley's crooning over Regan. "Y'all are fuckin' nutty."


"We'll be there, fucker. You get back there in once piece." Regan cracks a smirk as the illusion of her casino employee fades back into bloody legs and a short, backless dress. Regan throws an arm over Harley's shoulders, crooning her head against her collar, but finds the time to lift a middle finger to Taskmaster as she's carried along like a damsel rescued from a gunfight. Which, she is.

"We've got seventy two hours. Find us a night place with a ceiling fan and a shower and I'll make sure you don't get shanked next week." Regan offers to Harley as she goes relaxed, eyes drifting closed, expecting safety from her carry.

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