Team Building III

April 16, 2015:

Martian Manhunter and Star Sapphire meet to discuss an opportunity.

The Moon

The Moon


NPCs: Zamaroans


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1 hour ago

A critical malfunction in one of Virgin Media's Commercial Space Flights had almost cost over a dozen lives as the craft began atmospheric re-entry. Instead of utilizing the more expensive and reliable components sold by Ferris, an independent contractor who won a contest had been used; the irony was not lost on Carol Ferris.

Martian Manhunter may have seen the craft being guided back down to the atmosphere surrounded by a shimmering amethyst force-field before he could reach it.

As soon as the craft had safely broken through atmosphere, a streak of light darted away from the formerly doomed spacecraft and headed towards the Moon.


Star Sapphire was presently lounging with her legs tucked under her on a large outcropping of rock, looking at Earth from a lovely vantage point on the Moon's surface..

"Its beautiful, isn't it? To look upon your planet from so far away?" J'onn's voice now heard as if he had been speaking from behind her. A touch of telepathy to allow him to speak in the vacuum of space. "It is good to see you again." He offers next, as he stands just behind where Star Sapphire lounges, cape billowing in a non-existent wind.

"It is breathtaking." Star Sapphire stands from where she is and regards the Martian Manhunter with a discerning stare before smiling regally, "It is good to see you again as well, you've been making a name for yourself on this world."

Her ring began to scan Manhunter and fill her brain immediately with information about his people and his race, "«Would it be more comfortable for you to converse in your native tongue?»" There was no hint of an accent, thanks to the ring she was speaking the dead language fluently like she was a native.

"It is time to, as the humans say, put up or shut up." J'onn replies, "There are people who require protection on that fragile blue planet." The Martian nods as Star Sapphire speaks in Martian. "It has been a very long time since I heard anyone speak that language." he offers, her ring filling her mind- The Green Skinned Martian people were presumed extinct. They are naturally telepathic, and were a peaceful people despite their great power. The Manhunter looks quietly to Star Sapphire. "You, I am not so sure about- but your ability and heroism have been shown. Would you be willing to speak to me about the future?"

In the distance a small asteroid, one of many that hit the moon on a daily basis crashes into the surface, kicking up debris and particles of dust before becoming yet another crater on the pockmarked surface of the celestial body.

Turning her head slightly to look in the direction of the asteroid, her hair brushing over her shoulders before she looks back to manhunter, the sapphire ring focussing on him for a moment.

Her ring flares brightly as she focuses upon the Manhunter and she smiles brighter, "I sense great love in your heart for the people of Earth and so I would be delighted to speak to you further."

The Manhunter could sense she was sincere in her words, no hint of malice or avarice but deep within her psyche buried he could still sense whatever that primal force of emotion was.

"Thank you." J'onn begin, before continuing on. "There is a great beauty to the people who call Earth home. They, however, are at a more perilous junction in their joint adventure in this universe than they have at any previous point in their existence." J'onn's focus is on the planet below. "You have shown yourself to be willing to protect those who can not protect themselves. It is this kind of nobility that this world needs in these difficult times. They need heroes, they need symbols. They need hope. Hope of a bright and beautiful future, a future I know they can achieve if persons like ourselves are willing and ready to sacrifice. To that end, I see the need for a group of heroes that can be the symbol that will feed a love of justice, liberty, and bravery." He pauses to look at Star Sapphire.

"You could be such a symbol to the people of Earth." J'onn says softly, "Along with myself, and others whom I've extended this idea to."

Star Sapphire considers the words of Martian Manhunter carefully, reflecting upon them as she views Earth in the backdrop behind him. It made for a stunning sight, "I would be honoured to serve alongside you and your Champions."

There is a brief glance down towards her ring and then towards the asteroid that had crashed into the lunar surface, "My ring is alerting me to other life-forms here with us. Did you bring company?"

Manhunter would likely sense it with his psychic powers; a half dozen life-forms of a powerful alien psyche had moved out from the crash site of the asteroid.

"No." J'onn replies, as he looks over towards the Asteroid. "Strong minds." he begins, "That way." he points towards the crash site. "I suppose we should investigate." J'onn offers as he begins to fly off in the direction of the crash. "I will let you know if I sense more…" And the Manhunter scans quietly to those minds- curious and careful as he tries to sense just what, or who, has landed on the moon today.

Star Sapphire flies off behind Martian Manhunter using the power of her ring which seems to be giving her information on her own.

As the Manhunter reaches out he touches the mind of a group of humanoid aliens; all women curiously enough. They hail from a world known as Zamaron and they seem to be guided here with single minded purpose; to return their queen to their homeworld.

The women when Manhunter and Star Sapphire spot them appear to be extremely beautiful statuesque human women who would have felt right at home in Themyscira with the Amazons. They appear to be wearing high tech armor and wield weapons that resemble lances.

They do not appear to be hostile but none-the-less they have their weapons at the ready, mostly pointed in the direction of Martian Manhunter. One of the women intones to Star Sapphire, "My Queen, we have searched the known sectors of space for you. It is time for you to return home." It was not an offer, it was a demand.

Star Sapphire glared at the women, this was not her first time encountering them. It was better left unsaid what had happened to the lone warrior who had pursued her on Earth, "My answer remains the same, I have no des—-" Carol's words are cut-off mid-sentence as she begins gasping for air.

The Zamaron woman who had spoken motions one of her comrades to Star Sapphire, "Her ring is disabled. Take her and kill the Martian. It's time his species was truly extinct."

The Manhunter is given little time to react as four of the warrior women are immediately firing beams of energy from their weapons at him.

Except that J'onn needs little time to react as his form turns fluid and he seems to melt into the ground, disappearing. He's phased for a moment, before appearing behind the group of Warrior Women. His eyes flash as powerful concussive beams of force shoot out in a returning of fire. "You're going to kill her!" he shouts at them telepathically- attacking with his mind as well as his physical abilities- a psionic blast that might just overload the senses of those its used against.

Several of the Zamaronians fall to the ground clutching their heads at the psychic assault of manhunter including the woman that had been trying to take Star Sapphire back to their craft; cleverly disguised as an asteroid.

The leader declares to Martian Manhunter, "Our Queen will not die, only you shall on this day Martian!" She's flying into the air whether through technology or more likely her own powers and swinging at Manhunter with the lance, charging it with her own powers, "This insignificant world will burn if we cannot have her."

Star Sapphire was still struggling to breathe, re-asserting control over her ring as the threat was made against Earth.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that." J'onn states, "This planet is under my protection." J'onn continues as he jumps back and away from the woman and her swinging lance. He blasts at her with his eyebeams again, a distraction to pull away from his true attack- a telepathic attack on the sleep centers of the woman warrior's brain- trying to set them into overdrive. Exhausting her, making her tired and sluggish as she would struggle then against her need to rest.

The women fall to the ground asleep as Star Sapphire regains control of her ring. She looks towards the Manhunter and instinctively rubs her throat even though the ring had already repaired any damage, "Thank you. The last time, only one of them came. I let her go and she said they would be back."

A hand is gestured daintily towards the sleeping women, "What do you propose we do with them?"

"Take and break their weapons, load them on their ship and send them on their way." J'onn states simply. "As far as I'm concerned they are attempted murderers, and professed kidnappers." He looks down at them quietly. "I don't want them in this Solar System." he looks down to the sleeping aliens and quietly scan's minds, 'downloading' information- if there were more of these Aliens and they were aggressive, J'onn wanted to know what they knew. "I will see if any of them know how to reprogram the nav computer on the ship to make a one way jump, and then destroy itself so as to be unusable. Send them a year's time away from their planet, perhaps with a mental block. A false report. A fake memory of a dead world, and you having long disappeared. Force them to search elsewhere."

Martian Manhunter would indeed confirm upon his older galactic knowledge, there was an entire planet of these women on the other side of the galaxy. Their queen had died and they believed her to have been reincarnated as she always was, this time in the body of the woman that Manhunter knew as Star Sapphire.

"That sounds like a good plan. I'll start breaking the weapons and leave the rest to you then friend." She assumed Martian Manhunter would know how to better take care of these things, since she had almost been inclined to just trap them in crystalline prisons.

It doesn't take long, really. J'onn simply stands where he had been, his mind reaching out and changing information. Fear implanted- this is a dangerous place, there is no life. He takes what he learns of their abilities to explain what they've seen. He then begins to take them to their ship, and set it up to do as he explained- fly far from here with a story of only just escaping some natural disaster. He damages the ship slightly, just to make the story mesh. Then, away they go- the ship programmed to run off and not return any time soon. "I will contact you when it is time for us all to meet." he says over to Star Sapphire. "It has been an honor."

Star Sapphire watches the ship leave and she wonders how long it will be before those strange women returned again; she hoped it would be years but something told her that life was not that simple.

A dazzling smile is offered to Martian Manhunter and she half-bows to the man, "The honor has been all mine. I cannot wait to speak with you again and meet the Champions you have assembled."

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